GH Transcript Wednesday 8/30/06

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 8/30/06


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Carly: I thought you were in trouble. Can you believe that? I dragged my kids all the way to Casablanca to help you.

Jax: You know, I can't believe you turned the boys loose on Jemma. That was very interesting.

Carly: The poor woman didn't deserve to have peanuts thrown at her! She was posing as your girlfriend as a favor to you.

Jax: I would -- I can explain if you'd let me.

Carly: You wanted to see if I'd fight for you. As if flying all the way to Africa wasn't enough. You knew I was waiting for you in the hotel lobby. Why couldn't you just show up?

Jax: You know, when I left Port Charles, I was giving you an out, Carly, a chance for whatever we had to end quickly.

Carly: You left Port Charles to see if I would come chasing after you.

Jax: You're damn right.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Nikolas: Oh, hey.

Elizabeth: Oh, I'm sorry to interrupt.

Nikolas: It's okay. I thought you'd be at home with Lucky.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, I wanted to speak to you first. He just blew up at Lulu and she was so upset she called me.

Nikolas: Yeah, I -- I ran into Lucky at Kelly's. He told me what happened. It was just before he turned around and went off on Dillon.

Elizabeth: Oh, you see -- I knew we shouldn't have let him leave the apartment. I knew it was a mistake.

Nikolas: Hey, you're not responsible anymore, Liz. You've done everything you can to help Lucky and it's not working. He needs to check into a rehab.

Lucky: Lulu -- she's in a bad place. I need the pills to stay level so I can help her.

Maxie: I understand.

Lucky: I'm only going to take the pills until I know Lulu's okay and -- and then I'm going to quit for good.

Maxie: You're going to be a good brother. That's all you're trying to do.

Lucky: It's only temporary.

Maxie: Lucky, you're going to quit when you're ready.

Lucky: Listen, we have to be careful. No one can know that you're giving me more pills.

Maxie: Hey, you don't need to worry. Everything is going to be fine, as long as we're together.

Lulu: What I regret is that you found out. What I regret is getting pregnant in the first place so that you all feel entitled to tell me how to run my life.

Dillon: Would you leave Lulu alone? She's absolutely right -- this baby is mine and hers and we make the decisions.

Edward: Don't tell me you agree with this abortion business.

Dillon: Abortion? Well, you -- I mean, you can't.

Lulu: I haven't made any decisions yet, but you guys don't get to make the decisions for me. This is my body.

Dillon: My baby.

Carly: You wanted to see if I'd chase after you? I did. You win. Get out.

Jax: No -- not like this.

Carly: Oh, do you want to have sex first? Leave in the middle of the night? Not very practical with my kids in the next room, but at least you won't have to say goodbye.

Jax: Carly, I did that because I wanted to save us both a lot of pain.

Carly: You took the coward's way out and you know it. You had no good reason to leave me.

Jax: I wanted to see how invested you were.

Carly: So you set up a test to make sure I'd fail?

Jax: Oh, come on. I've seen you crawl through broken glass for Sonny. Okay, you've taken him back time and time again. You keep finding a reason to be in his life and I wanted to see if you could find a reason to be in mine.

Carly: I have two kids with Sonny. This isn't about Sonny --

Jax: Oh, come on.

Carly: And you know it.

Jax: I mean, how long did it take between the time I left and the time you found a reason to go running back to Sonny?

Carly: Thank you for your vote of confidence. You know how hard I worked to have a life away from Sonny and I thought you respected that.

Jax: I do respect you. I respect you immensely. But I wanted to know if there was a reason to fight for what we had.

Carly: I did the fighting. I showed up. Now it's your turn.

Nikolas: Lucky has all kinds of reasons why he doesn't want to go to rehab. He's afraid it'll hurt his career, it's too expensive. He's afraid that someone will move in on you while he's gone.

Elizabeth: They're just excuses.

Nikolas: I -- I know. Of course they are. Lucky knows in his heart that you would never cheat on him. Yet he's still obsessed with Patrick Drake, just like he's obsessed all of the sudden with Lulu.

Elizabeth: You know he feels responsible for her getting pregnant?

Nikolas: Yeah.

Elizabeth: That if he were paying attention, that somehow he could've stopped her from acting out.

Nikolas: We all feel terrible for Lulu. But we aren't yelling at her. And the only reason he is, is because he's -- he's just not thinking clearly right now. Going through this -- this withdrawal on his own -- it's too much for him.

Elizabeth: It's not like I can force him into rehab.

Nikolas: Well, have you tried?

Elizabeth: Well, every time I talk to him about it, he -- he says that he can do this on his own as long -- as long as I stand by him.

Nikolas: Look how well that's worked so far. I mean, we -- we caught him trying to skip out on a meeting. He was -- he was rude and disrespectful to you when -- when Emily and I brought over dinner. He went off on Lulu. I mean, your son has to stay at his grandmother's house, because Lucky is too volatile to be around a child right now.

Elizabeth: If I give up on him -- he already feels like everybody is against him.

Nikolas: But he's been lying to you for months. He's jeopardized his career, he jeopardized his health. He cheated on you. I mean, you have every right to leave him, whether he goes to rehab or not.

Elizabeth: It's not that simple.

Nikolas: Why are you being so calm about your husband cheating on you? You know, you are allowed to be furious, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: No. No, I'm not.

Lucky: I can't do this.

Maxie: You're right, not out here. Let's go upstairs.

Lucky: No, no, no. Elizabeth and I are working things out and she's been faithful to me.

Maxie: You're absolutely sure about that?

Lucky: Yeah. All that Patrick Drake stuff was just in my head.

Maxie: Even if that is the truth, it doesn't really matter. What we have is separate from Elizabeth.

Lucky: Whoa, whoa, whoa. "What we have"?

Maxie: When we're together in our room here, it's like nothing else exists.

Lucky: That can never happen again. I'm just trying to save what's left of my marriage.

Maxie: Lucky, Elizabeth doesn't understand you. She doesn't even realize why you still need to take these pills.

Lucky: But I am only taking these pills so I can help Lulu. I'm sticking to the original dose prescribed by my doctor.

Maxie: No, those are street pills, Lucky. They're Oxys. They are not prescription Hydrocodone.

Lucky: I am not taking them like candy -- that's my point. I've got this all under control.

Maxie: Okay, fine. So you're taking the pills so you can stay calm to help your sister. You're monitoring your dosage so you don't become addicted -- that's fine. You're trying to be a responsible brother, but where does that leave us?

Edward: Why don't you have a chair, my dear. You know, this -- this child that you're carrying may well be the last hope of the Quartermaines. We lost Justus this year and -- and A.J. before that. And little Michael is as much a Corinthos in his heart as well as his name. But this child, the one you're carrying, is my last chance.

Tracy: Daddy's being dramatic. We will support you and your baby. The child will grow up with every advantage.

Lulu: So you want me to carry this baby for nine months and then just hand it over to you guys to raise as a Quartermaine?

Edward: Well, there are worse things you could inflict upon a child.

Tracy: Please don't make this unpleasant.

Lulu: See? You're already making threats. And aren't you the reason why those defective condoms were on the market in the first place?

Tracy: You have no way of knowing it was the condom's fault.

Edward: I should never have let you anywhere near E.L.Q. You are running the business and the family right into the ground.

Tracy: Oh, Daddy, please. I told them to stay away from the boat house.

Dillon: Stop. Just stop -- stop right now. This is between Lulu and me. Just -- stop.

Dillon: Look, you've both stated your cases, okay? Grandfather wants marriage and a baby, Mom wants a baby -- I'm clear on that, I get it. Lulu and I, though, are the ones who make the decisions.

Edward: Do you know that you've treated that little girl like a scullery maid from the moment she arrived?

Tracy: Oh, please. You don't even notice she's here unless she's stealing your Bentley.

Edward: Oh. The Bentley -- speaking of the Bentley, if you want it, it's yours, Lulu dear, provided you make the sensible choice about the Quartermaine heir.

Lulu: You cannot buy me or my baby or my future, and you cannot force me into anything.

Edward: What?

Dillon: Out, come on.

Edward: Listen --

Dillon: Come on, out.

Edward: Don't -- don't let her talk you into going along with this. You be a man about it --

Dillon: Go, go, go. Go.

Edward: And protect your child. We're counting on you.

Dillon: Go! Go, go, go! Go! Thank you.

Lulu: I already know what you're going to say. I've heard it from Lucky, so go ahead. I'm an awful person. I'm selfish and impulsive. I'm a Spencer through and through and I want to wreck myself and anyone else --

Dillon: Lulu?

Lulu: Who goes down with me. What?

Dillon: I didn't mean to jump on you, okay? I just didn't expect -- abortion, man. That -- wow. That sounds final.

Lulu: Well, don't tell me that you haven't thought about it.

Dillon: Of course I've thought about it, Lulu, but I'm trying to do the right thing here and I don't -- I know I'm not the one who's pregnant, okay? I know what happens from here on out doesn't affect me, at least not physically. I know that.

Lulu: Well, I'm glad that you understand that.

Dillon: No, I -- but I need you to explain it to me, okay? I need you to make me understand why you're considering what you're considering.

Nikolas: Really, why aren't you angrier about Lucky's drug problem? You didn't cause it; you've done nothing wrong.

Elizabeth: I did deny it for months.

Nikolas: That doesn't mean you're to blame. And you don't need to -- to manage Lucky's recovery single-handedly. I mean, people who go through withdrawal like Lucky -- they need an entire medical team, not a nurse working at home with no backup.

Elizabeth: I do understand why he wants to keep his addiction a secret.

Nikolas: Yeah. Yeah, because it's easier to take pills. Sorry. Sorry, that was a little cynical.

Elizabeth: It's comments like that that make Lucky feel so alone. If I bail on him right now, he's going to start using again. And if he starts using again, I'm going to have to leave him.

Nikolas: It's just you've turned your life inside out for Lucky, and I don't see how it's helped either one of you.

Elizabeth: I told him we can't live like this for too much longer, okay? But he needs me, and I did promise to love him for better or for worse, and this just happens to be the "for worse" part. But he wants to be a good husband, he wants to be a good father, and he wants to be a good brother.

Nikolas: Maybe rehab can help him do that.

Elizabeth: I will talk to him again.

Nikolas: Okay. Come here. Come here. Listen, all I want is for my brother to get the help he needs, all right, so he can get back in control of his life, that's all.

Lucky: You know there could never be an -- an "us." I mean, it was wrong for me to let you believe that we could be more than what we are.

Maxie: Which is what? I mean, you told me I was the one person that was holding your life together, that I was the one who understood you. And then you get your drugs and I am nothing?

Lucky: That's not true.

Maxie: The only person you really care about is Elizabeth.

Lucky: Elizabeth is my wife.

Maxie: What would Elizabeth think if she knew you had these drugs? Lucky, we have been as close as two people can be. How can you just forget that?

Lucky: I'm hurting you. And that's the last thing that I would ever want to do.

Maxie: Well, I have a simple solution for that -- next time you want your drugs, get them yourself.

Jax: Look, I admit that our first partnership in Club 101 was about me getting one up on Sonny. Okay, that -- that was another life. That was before John happened.

Carly: He's not John. He's Spencer.

Jax: Oh. Nikolas changed his name?

Carly: Spencer Alexi Nikolasovich Cassadine -- a mouthful.

Jax: Well, yeah. Well, at least they're calling him Spencer,  you know? "Alexi Nikolasovich" would be -- well, it would probably get him teased in school. That's if Nikolas, you know, sends him to school.

[Carly sighs]

Carly: Nikolas let me see him. He's getting so big.

Jax: Does he sleep through the night yet?

Carly: I don't know -- Nikolas didn't say. He looks like Nikolas. And if it's any consolation, no one would ever believe that you and Courtney would've had a baby with dark eyes.

Jax: People see what they want to see.

Carly: You regret it?

Jax: Yes and no. I'll always love John. You know, he'll -- he'll always be "John" to me. And I -- I really believe that I could've given him a great life -- you know, the kind of life that Courtney wanted for him, but that doesn't excuse taking away another man's child, so John is -- I mean, Spencer -- Spencer is where he belongs. He's with his father.

Carly: When you left, I thought it meant that he was the only thing keeping us together.

Jax: Well, I thought if we were real, you'd let me know. Or at least you'd wait.

Carly: You left without saying goodbye and you expected me to wait for you? Cry in my pillow every night, stare at your picture, check my messages every five seconds?

Jax: Did you see anyone while I was gone?

Carly: Did you?

Jax: I was waiting to hear from you, remember?

Carly: I had some fun with Patrick Drake.

Jax: Really? How much fun?

Carly: Not that much fun.

Jax: Guess there's no chance you were staying faithful because of me?

Carly: Why should I, when you don't give a damn about me?

Jax: That's not true.

Carly: Then why did you leave?

Jax: I already told you why.

Carly: Doesn't make sense.

Jax: Does guilt make sense?

Carly: No. No, it doesn't.

Jax: Look at what I did, Carly. I took another man's child. Okay, I convinced you to go along with the lie. And I made you believe that you and I and John could have a life together when I -- I knew very well that I couldn't go through with it. And then after all the compromises you made, I told the truth. It was completely unfair to you. So I left because I wanted to give you a chance to be on your own, to figure things out, to figure out if you wanted me to be a part of your life.

Carly: Well, you know what? That's very noble -- if I believed a word of it, and I don't.

Jax: Carly, I really regret what I did to you. And I kept trying to think of ways to undo what I did, okay? I didn't know how to take the first step. When I -- when I saw you walk through those doors in that cute little maid's uniform, I -- I thought -- you know, I mean, I realized that you had actually come after me and I thought that I'd finally -- I'd finally got it right.

Georgie: Hey, Maxie. Don't tell me this is about Lucky.

Maxie: He's using me. I just didn't want to admit it.

Georgie: I know you're hurting and I'm sorry for that, but I'm really happy that you found out now. Lucky and Elizabeth are married, Maxie.

Maxie: Marriage doesn't last forever, Georgie. I mean, look at Mom and Mac or you and Dillon.

Georgie: I know. But Lucky and Elizabeth have been together since they were younger than you and me.

Maxie: Yeah, but they're only staying together because that's what everyone expects them to do.

Georgie: Did Lucky tell you that?

Maxie: It's so obvious. I mean, Lucky and Elizabeth have grown apart. They don't even want the same things anymore.

Georgie: Maxie, they love each other.

Maxie: Elizabeth will never care about Lucky as much as I do.

Georgie: Okay, so even if that's true, Lucky doesn't know it. Maxie, he was sneaking around to sleep with you. He was cheating on Elizabeth, which tells me he wants to be with Elizabeth.

Maxie: You're right.

Georgie: Okay.

Maxie: I can't let Lucky use me anymore. I mean, if he really wants me, he has to come and get me.

Patrick: Couldn't stay away from me -- is that it?

Elizabeth: Someone's feeling better.

Patrick: I am, actually.

Elizabeth: I'm really sorry to hear about April Gilbert.

Patrick: Thank you. What, did you get called in?

Elizabeth: No. I'm checking out information on rehab facilities.

Patrick: Oh, great.

Elizabeth: Lucky finally admitted to having a problem, but he thinks he can do this on his own and now we've had a family crisis, so --

Patrick: Yeah, but Lucky's lying to himself if he thinks he can do this on his own, which means he's probably still lying to you.

Lulu: You don't love me. We didn't plan this pregnancy. I don't want to be a mother, and if you are honest with yourself, you don't want to be a father.

Dillon: It doesn't matter what we want. Lulu, we made a baby.

Lulu: Which we don't want. As messed up as that night was, we still used protection.

Dillon: Yeah, and it didn't work. And now you're pregnant and I'm going to be a father and I -- excuse me, but I want to be a good one.

Lulu: Okay. I get that. I get that. Your dad left you when you were a baby, your mom dragged you all over the world when she wasn't dumping you in boarding schools. Of course you're going to want a better life for your baby. But you are not ready to be a father, not even close. And if you want this baby now, you are asking for history to repeat itself.

Dillon: Yeah, well, I know what not to do, okay? I -- I lived my whole life with my father not giving a damn about me.

Lulu: Okay --

Dillon: I --

Lulu: Okay. All right, fine. Picture this, all right? It's a year from now, the baby is growing up here and it needs love and affection, and Tracy's ignoring it and Edward is hiring and firing nannies left and right, and you're feeling pretty close to the kid. And then you get backing for a movie, and all you have to do is go to California for six months -- what are you going to do? Huh? Are you going to pack up the kid? Are you going to ask Georgie to baby-sit? Huh? And let's say that works out and you get another deal, but this time, it's Europe, and the child is starting to walk. What are you going to do, fly away? Are you going to bring the baby with you? What about school? What if you're in the middle of finals when the baby says "Da-da"? What if you're featured in a New York film festival on the baby's second birthday? What about all the children that you wanted to have with Georgie? How is this baby going to factor into that?

Dillon: Wow. Okay. Obviously, you've given this a lot of thought.

Lulu: Dillon -- I have never been anybody's priority, not like Spencer is to Nikolas, not like Cameron is to Lucky and Elizabeth. This baby is not going to be anyone's priority, except for the nanny, whoever she turns out to be. That is not fair. I refuse to let my child grow up believing that it is a mistake.

Dillon: Don't call it a mistake, Lulu.

Lulu: You -- Dillon, the condom failed. That means it's a mistake. So, what about all your dreams? Are you willing to give them up just because you had sex with me a few times?

Dillon: Lulu, would you -- listen to me. Listen to me. I'm willing to make sacrifices.

Lulu: A lot of important things are going to happen in your career in the next few years. Those next few years are also one of the most important things in a baby's life. Which one do you want to miss out on? Because you can't have them both, so why don't we just let this be over?

Dillon: Because you'd be killing our baby.

Carly: If you thought you finally got it right, then why did you mess things up? And why are you saying all these wonderful things now?

Jax: You know -- you know I meant every word.

Carly: I believed you once, before you left. I'm just a game to you, Jax. I'm just a diversion.

Jax: No, Carly, you are so much more --

Carly: You wanted --

Jax: Carly -- Carly.

Carly: To see how far I would go to be with you. You wanted me to put my heart on the line, okay, and I did it. I did it. But now I'm making a choice. I don't want you enough. I don't want anyone enough to throw away my self-respect, so have a nice life and stay the hell away from mine.

Elizabeth: Lucky is going to meetings and he's trying to get clean, but we just found out his little sister is pregnant.

Patrick: So let me guess -- Lucky's blaming himself. He feels guilty. He thinks he's the only one who can help because he's not helping at all, right? So he's storming around making everything worse, and you're trying to fix it.

Elizabeth: How do you know so much about this?

Patrick: For many years, longer than I care to admit, I thought if I was smart enough, my dad would stop drinking, so I aced every test, got into the hardest classes, got into the hardest schools.

Elizabeth: So your dad was drinking when you were growing up?

Patrick: No. He was a social drinker -- no more, no less -- until my mother died.

Elizabeth: Oh, my God. I'm so sorry.

Patrick: Don't apologize. You had nothing to do with my father drinking, just like you have nothing to do with Lucky doing drugs. Addiction is a chronic, progressive, sometimes fatal disease. The addict has the only active part. Well, the people who love the addict are just as sick if not sicker. They spend so many years trying to control the addict that they lose control of their own lives, lied to so much they forget how to trust. They'll do anything, give up anything to try and help the addict quit, not realizing who else they're hurting, so used to surviving from crisis to crisis that they forget to take care of themselves.

Elizabeth: Where did you learn all this?

Patrick: Al-anon. I went to my first meeting after a 30-hour shift at the hospital when I was an intern. That night, looked for my dad, couldn't find him, went back to work, worked a double at the E.R. The attending shoved a schedule into my hand and told me not to come back until I went to a meeting. And it didn't take away the pain or the fear, it didn't make my father and our relationship perfect, but it saved my life. That's the least it could do for you.

Lucky: Is everything okay?

Lulu: Spencer is a life. He has eyes, a nose, and a goofey little smile.

Dillon: Spencer wasn't planned, either, Lulu.

Lulu: And you know what? Nikolas ran, like, nine paternity tests, and Jax rigged them all, and Carly lied, and Robin told the truth, and there was a huge fight about it, but they all wanted the baby and they were not teenagers.

Dillon: So what -- so what? We made a mistake and now we have the right to take away a life?

Lulu: Spencer is a life. What is inside of me are a bunch of cells that are just dividing really fast, a lot of genetic code that could one day be a baby, eight months from now. And I can stop that genetic code before it becomes a baby, before it's even close to being a person.

Dillon: No, no, Lulu. It's not that simple. I'm sorry.

Lulu: There are two people in this room -- you and me. The baby is an idea. It is a "maybe." I can say yes or I can say no, and I don't know what I want to say, but the more that I think about it, the more I think for everyone involved, I want to say no. 

Elizabeth: I was just telling Patrick you're in recovery.

Patrick: Yeah, I was just mentioning to Elizabeth that I know how tough withdrawal can be.

Lucky: Yeah, well, I have my wife to help me through it.

Patrick: Okay.

Lucky: You told him.

Elizabeth: He's just trying to be supportive.

Lucky: Well, I thought we agreed that we'd keep my recovery between us.

Elizabeth: He's not going to say anything, and I'm just proud of you even though I know I'm not supposed to say that.

Lucky: I love you and I trust you. I just -- I want us to be the way we were.

Elizabeth: Yeah, me, too.

Lucky: You mind if I wait for you downstairs?

Elizabeth: No, not at all. I won't be long.

[Knock on door]

Jane: Jax?

Jax: Hey, Mom. Glad you stopped by. You know, perhaps you can explain to me how instead of ending up in Australia on that nature hike that you were so keen on, you ended up in Port Charles telling Carly that I was being taken advantage of by a nonexistent gold digger.

Jane: Well, I got tired of watching you make yourself miserable and decided to take action, and don't bother complaining. I saw you with Carly and the boys. You are head over heels.

Jax: Well, she's not. She kicked me out.

Jane: After you told her you loved her?

Jax: I didn't tell her that.

Jane: After you said you were thrilled and honored to see her?

Jax: She already knows that.

Jane: After you said you were sorry for leaving her so dreadfully and -- and for disappearing out of her life?

Jax: I told her that I wanted to see if she gave a damn and that I wanted her to come after me.

Jane: Which she did. So what do you expect -- she's going to leap through hoops of fire in her nurses uniform? That she's going to fall down to your feet out of gratitude for the opportunity to prove herself?

Jax: You know, maybe I could've handled it -- handled it a little better.

Jane: Your brother, Jerry, on his worst day, surrounded by rabid wildebeests, could've handled it better.

Jax: Damn it. I love Carly. It scares the hell out of me.

Jane: Oh -- why on earth are you telling me this? Tell Carly.

Leticia: Oh --

Morgan: Yeah.

Carly: Good job.

Flight attendant: Flight 493 --

Carly: Ooh, not too tight.

Flight attendant: To London Heathrow will be departing momentarily. Please check your seat belts, turn off all electronic devices, and enjoy your flight.

Carly: Whew.

Lulu: We have no right to bring a child into this world that neither of us wants, so maybe the best option for us is to stop this process right now.

Dillon: Okay, I understand what you're saying, okay? I really do, but the fact of the matter is if you don't have this procedure, in eight months, you're going to have a baby -- not DNA or cells or whatever you said. You're going to have a baby. Like, it could have your nose or that -- that little pout that you do or my shoulders or my hair -- not that I'd wish that on anyone -- but the point is if you do this, if you have this procedure, I'm going to spend the rest of my life thinking about the fact that I created a child and never gave it a chance to live.

Lulu: But what kind of life can we give it?

Dillon: Okay. Well, don't you think that -- that a less-than-perfect life is better than no life at all? I mean, even if you and I don't want the baby, the Quartermaines do, and isn't giving it to them better than terminating a pregnancy?

Lulu: I honestly -- I don't know!

Dillon: Well -- Lulu, I -- I've listened to your side. I -- I -- hear it. Can you just -- can you just listen to mine --

Lulu: Yes.

Dillon: For a --

Lulu: Yes.

Dillon: Okay. I know that it's your body and I know that it's your choice and I respect that, but -- but I am -- I am the father and I would, I would raise this baby, I really would, so that's an option. Giving it to me is an option.

Lulu: But what kind of life could you give it?

Dillon: I'm rich, Lulu. That helps.

Lulu: But you hate living in this house.

Dillon: It doesn't mean -- it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter -- I still live here, and you know what? They're not -- they're not that bad. I mean, Quartermaines make mistakes, but we -- we've learned from them.

Lulu: But what if we haven't?

Dillon: Well, I'm not going to lie to you. I mean, my career is really important to me, but I would make sacrifices. I'm not going to -- I'm not going to abandon the kid like my father did, and I'm not going to drag him all around the world like my mom did. I can't provide a perfect life, but -- but I can do pretty damn good.

Lulu: By giving up or postponing all of your dreams?

Dillon: I will -- I would spend as much time as I could with the child. Yes, there will be a nanny, but, hey, you know, that's how all Quartermaines grow up. It's not a perfect life, Lulu, but it's a life and it's the best I can do. So I know -- you're considering the other thing, I know that, but consider this. Please?

Lulu: I haven't been thinking about anything else. 

Jane: Carly bought into that ridiculous story about a gold digger because she was looking for an excuse to come after you, which she did. She forgave you; she gave you a second chance. Why can't you appreciate that?

Jax: I more than appreciate that. I -- I missed Carly the whole time we were apart.

Jane: Why did she kick you out? She obviously loves you, you love her. You know, my advice is for you to quit playing games and tell each other.

Jax: I just hope it's not too late.

Jane: Well, it's going to take every ounce of charm you have, but I am certain you can win Carly's heart.

Jax: It's Jax. Get the jet fueled and ready. We're heading back to Port Charles.

Elizabeth: Hey. I thought you were waiting downstairs.

Lucky: Yeah, I just needed some fresh air.

Elizabeth: Well, are you feeling okay?

Lucky: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm feeling okay. It's getting easier. So, why -- why were you at the hospital?

Elizabeth: I was picking up some information on rehab facilities.

Lucky: Huh. Drake wants me to go to rehab.

Elizabeth: We all do, including Emily and Nikolas.

Lucky: Oh, they're all trying to get rid of me.

Elizabeth: Oh, come on, Lucky.

Lucky: No. I'm kidding.

Elizabeth: Withdrawal has turned out to be a little more difficult than we had anticipated, and I just don't think I'm helping you.

Lucky: No, you are. You know what? I'm -- I'm sure the worst is over. Besides, Lulu needs me and I can't disappear on her.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but you can't help her if you're still going through this.

Lucky: I will keep getting better as long as I know you'll stay with me.

Elizabeth: I'm not going anywhere.

Tracy: You get through to Lulu?

Dillon: I don't know. I don't know.

Tracy: You know, there is a way to stop her if you want.

Dillon: Huh. Why do I feel like a lawyer's involved?

Tracy: Our attorney has advised us that you could ask for a paternity test, file an injunction to stop the abortion, and then ask the court to take custody of the unborn child.

Dillon: What? Mom, that's ridiculous. How can you have a custody battle? She's, like, one month pregnant. I mean, it would get thrown right out of court.

Tracy: That's possible, but then it'll be too late to have an abortion.

Dillon: No, I can't force her to have a baby.

Tracy: Dillon, Lulu is scared. She wants the problem to go away. If we force her to slow down and think about it, she'll realize she has options. And once she realizes that, she'll fall in love with the baby and want it as much as you do.

Lulu: Dillon wants the baby. Even if the situation isn't totally perfect, he's still opposed to ending the pregnancy.

Georgie: There are worse things in this world than being brought up a Quartermaine.

Lulu: No child should grow up unwanted.

Georgie: But they do. My father vanished years ago, Lulu. I wouldn't recognize him if I saw him walking down the street. And my mom? She's in Texas taking care of my great-grandmother and sometimes I'm shocked that she's not begging myself or Maxie to move down there with her. But that doesn't mean that I hate her or that I hate my life.

Lulu: See, I can't stop thinking about the day that my grandma Lesley dropped me off at the Quartermaines'. We had had a huge fight and she said that I was acting out for attention and she would see to it that attention was paid. And we arrived at the Quartermaines' and she and my dad went into the living room to talk alone. And I naturally listened at the door because that's the only way I found out about anything. And I heard my dad's voice. And he said that I was my mother's project, that he did not want another baby, that he never wanted me.

Georgie: Lulu, I am so sorry you had to hear that.

Lulu: Something inside of me shut down that day. I can't explain it, but something just disappeared, and I can't get it back. And I will never be that person that I was before I heard my dad say that he didn't want me. And I will never do that to a child.

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Sonny: What happened?

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