GH Transcript Wednesday 8/23/06

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 8/23/06


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Tracy: Daddy, you're overreacting, as usual.

Edward: These things are a miserable failure. And coming from an ELQ subsidiary that manufactures and distributes the Enduro brand of condom, it's our failure. These condoms are a class-action lawsuit just waiting to happen. Who knows how many unplanned pregnancies ELQ will have laid at its door?

Patrick: Well, I can see why you miss this place. The view of the park, the sun on the trees --

Robin: April would have really liked it here. Hmm.

[Doorknob rattles]

Robin: Oh.

Anna: Hi. Am I interrupting?

Robin: I believe the correct term is "breaking and entering." What are you doing?

Elizabeth: Lucky?

Lucky: Freeze! You're under arrest.

Man: I'm just standing here.

Lucky: Shut up! Turn around!

Lucky: What's this, huh? What do you got? Possession with intent, huh?

Man: It was an illegal search.

Lucky: I know you sell. I can say you solicited me.

Man: Come on, man. Work with me. Let me go, and the pills are all yours.

Anna: Um -- hi. Well, you know, I was driving past your apartment last night, and I noticed that Patrick's car was outside. You know --

Robin: Oh.

Patrick: What kind of car do I drive?

Anna: Oh, what kind of -- you know, you got to check your front tire.

Robin: It's preliminary reconnaissance. You know, just one of the basics. Kind of like picking locks, or rappelling from helicopters, or hacking into government computers. Yes, this is my mother, and she is very talented.

Anna: Well, thank you. Anyway, I drove past again this morning and I noticed that the car was still here, so --

Robin: Mom, mom, I love you, but I don't really feel like being under surveillance.

Anna: Oh, let's not get bogged down in semantics. Anyway, I just -- I'm very happy that the two of you are -- so, I thought I'd bring a basket with scones and jam --

Robin: Okay --

Anna: And there's some cheese in here, and --

Robin: Great. Mom?

Anna: There's a note -- there's a note that I wrote about how happy I am for both of you.

Robin: Thank you. There is a doorbell.

Anna: Yeah, but -- but it's way too early. That would just be rude.

Robin: Okay -- excuse me.

Anna: That's all right.

Robin: It's time for me to talk to my mother alone, so --

Patrick: Yeah.

Robin: Could you please just --

Patrick: I'm going to go make plans for April. Bye.

Robin: Thank you. Bye.

Anna: He should check his tire.

Robin: Okay -- you are taking overcompensation to a whole new level, Mom.

Anna: Yeah, I know.

Robin: Yeah.

Anna: Sorry. Is April -- that's the patient -- the AIDS patient that he was working on? Is she leaving the hospital?

Robin: No, he went to go make arrangements for her because -- she died last night.

Man: Take a pill.

Lucky: You have the right to remain silent, and you'd better use it.

Det. Rodriguez: What's going on?

Lucky: Got some garbage to get off the streets. Possession. I'll be in later doing a report.

Man: You got nothing.

Det. Rodriguez: Get out of here.

Man: It's a waste of taxpayers' money.

Lucky: Wait! Evidence.

Det. Rodriguez: Thanks. You okay?

Lucky: Absolutely.

Det. Rodriguez: You look like hell.

Lucky: I'm just getting over the flu.

Det. Rodriguez: All right. See you at the station.

Lucky: Elizabeth, what are you doing here?

Elizabeth: Well, I woke up and you weren't there, so I was worried. But why did -- why did you just lie to Rodriguez about having the flu?

Lucky: What was I supposed to say? That I needed a fix? I had the -- I had the pills in my hand. I could have kept them, but I gave them up. I'm doing okay.

Elizabeth: I know you promised that you wouldn't lie to me anymore, but where do you stand on lying to yourself?

Alfred: Your 4:00 meeting with the shipping company canceled. Your overseas conference call rescheduled for tomorrow. And I plan to serve chilled salmon for dinner.

Nikolas: Well, what a coincidence. Chilled salmon, Emily's favorite.

Alfred: Is it, sir?

Nikolas: Yes. And I'm wondering how you knew that.

Alfred: I confess. I've had several conversations with a delightful woman who happens to be employed in the Quartermaine household. Her name is Alice Gunderson. We met in the condiment aisle. And she's very fond of Ms. Emily -- as are we all.

Nikolas: I -- I get the picture --

Alfred: Ahem.

Nikolas: Alfred.

Alfred: The salmon fillet is quite generous.

Nikolas: Oh, yes. Enough to feed two, I assume.

Alfred: Now that you mention it --

Nikolas: I'll invite Emily to dinner, but I can't promise that she'll come.

Alfred: You underestimate yourself -- and Ms. Emily, sir.

Colleen: Excuse me, but I'm worried about Spencer.

Nikolas: What, another ear ache?

Colleen: It's the humidity. I've been fending off heat rashes all week, but the poor little guy is getting so cranky and uncomfortable. Do you think we could take him away for a while?

Tracy: Daddy, you're an alarmist.

Edward: I am simply facing facts.

Emily: What facts?

Edward: The facts that ELQ has riddled the northeast with substandard sexual protection.

Tracy: Daddy, it was one batch. The problem has been corrected. And if we keep our mouths shut, it will all go away.

Emily: It's called negligence.

Edward: Exactly. And it's all on your head.

Tracy: Oh, don't be absurd.

Edward: You wanted to downsize the company. You hired inadequate people. And now you have a shoddy product.

Tracy: Daddy, it was one defective batch of condoms. What would you have me do? Issue a recall? They've probably all been used.

Edward: Mm-hmm. It's mismanagement, pure and simple.

Dillon: What -- what are you doing?

Lulu: Shh. Give me your wallet.

Dillon: Ahem -- is this a mugging? You want money?

Lulu: Just let me see it.

Dillon: All right, okay. Fine.

Lulu: Huh -- Enduro brand, I knew it. This is what you used with me, right?

Dillon: Well, yeah, because it's a subdivision of ELQ and so I wanted to, like, support the family business. Why?

Lulu: Oh, yeah. Well, it looks like your family made a defective batch, and you got some.

Dillon: Are you telling me that you're pregnant because my family manufactured faulty condoms? Is that what --

[Tracy gasps]

Tracy: You're pregnant?

Anna: What happened with April?

Robin: Well, we thought that she had recovered. She was doing quite well, actually. I was going to give her my apartment --

Anna: Oh.

Robin: When I moved out. But she ruptured a blood vessel.

Anna: You couldn't fix it?

Robin: Well, if she had been healthy, we could have repaired it surgically, but because of AIDS-related complications, she bled out.

Anna: I'm sorry. This must be so hard for you.

Robin: I just feel so helpless. You know? The reason I became a doctor was so that I could save people's lives, but sometimes, this disease wins. Sometimes, it doesn't matter how you treat an AIDS patient or how many different medicines you try. Sometimes, that doesn't make a damn bit of difference. And I'm just -- I'm so tired of fighting it, you know? Both inside and out. Sometimes, it just makes me want to scream.

Anna: God, I -- I wish I could do something.

Robin: It's not like we thought April would live a long, happy, healthy life, you know? I just wanted to show her that someone cared. I guess maybe fend off a little bit of the fear that I could end up like her.

Anna: There's scones and jam. I don't know what I was thinking.

Robin: I don't mean to sound ungrateful. I really am. I'm so happy that you're here. And you're my mom, and I just love you so much.

Anna: I love you, too. Don't you ever be afraid to lean on me.

Tracy: Okay -- tell me I didn't hear what I heard.

Lulu: Okay -- you misunderstood what Dillon and I were --

Dillon: Lulu, what are you doing? The truth is out. It's no use.

Lulu: What are you doing?

Dillon: Are you -- are you really planning on hiding this forever?

Edward: Would you two stop speaking in code and tell us what the hell is going on?

Dillon: Oh, fine, all right. Um -- Lulu's pregnant. I'm the father.

Tracy: Did you do this on purpose?

Lulu: Huh -- right, it's every girl's dream to start off her 18th year blowing up like a Christmas ham and barfing her guts out.

Emily: I think we're approaching this wrong.

Edward: But listen, there's a very simple solution. Now, you two will get married. You did divorce that Georgie, didn't you?

Dillon: Yes, but that is not --

Lulu: I -- I'm sorry, can we just slow down here?

Edward: Young lady, we are discussing the next Quartermaine heir. And the child must have the family name.

Tracy: Daddy, the baby is a Quartermaine, but marriage is absolutely out of the question.

Edward: Listen, far too many members of this family have been born out of wedlock --

Dillon: Please.

Edward: And this child --

Dillon: Don't -- just stop. Don't speak about us as if we're not standing here in the room with you.

Tracy: We have more life experience than you, sweetheart.

Dillon: Well, guess what -- you're not pregnant, she is.

Edward: Listen, there is a silver lining.

Emily: Why don't we let Dillon and Lulu talk this over?

Edward: They're both children. They will do what they're told.

Lulu: Stop! This is my life, and you guys are not my family.

Edward: Well, we will be.

Lulu: And I will do whatever I want.

Dillon: Yeah, nice. Real nice. You should be proud of yourselves. That was sensitive.

Edward: You, young man, are in no position to criticize.

Tracy: Oh, I don't believe you are, either, Daddy. Do the names Bradley Ward or Jimmy Lee Holt ring a bell?

Edward: Why don't you go see if you can find her and -- and calm her down?

Dillon: Fine. Oh, hey -- for the record, I used one of those.

Tracy: Marriage is out of the question.

Edward: But Dillon will do the right thing.

Tracy: Dillon has a very bright future ahead of him. The last thing he needs is an insta-family.

Edward: So? What do you propose? Luke Spencer was born litigious, and if he finds out that his daughter got impregnated by some substandard ELQ product, he'll have a field day.

Tracy: Maybe this is a way for me and Luke to find a common ground.

Edward: Oh, my God. Love has turned your brains to mush.

Emily: Will you two listen to yourselves?

Tracy: Are you still here?

Emily: No, Lulu deserves your compassion. She got pregnant by mistake. She's feeling alone --

Edward: Listen --

Emily: And scared.

Edward: Lulu is a lovely young girl. And it will be this family's privilege to support her and her child -- the next Quartermaine heir.

Colleen: Spencer fusses when it's hot and sticky. And the constant air conditioning's not good for a baby, either. He's woken up crying every night this week.

Nikolas: So you're concerned about his health?

Colleen: It's not serious, but I think it would do Spencer a world of good to go someplace sunny, with fresh air. Perhaps a nice breeze.

Nikolas: I'm just not sure where I could take him right now.

Colleen: Well, why not take him home to the Greek islands? Introduce him to his heritage. Or is the weather bad this time of year?

Nikolas: No, no, it's -- it's warm, but dry in the summer. Balmy at night. It's --

Colleen: You could take Spencer to the place where your uncle taught you to swim.

Nikolas: It's -- it sounds like a really nice idea, Colleen, but I have a lot of things to attend to here. Right now, my brother's going through a difficult time.

Colleen: Of course. I -- I would have thought --

Nikolas: What? Tell me.

Colleen: Spencer's already been through so much. A baby picks up on trauma. The best thing for his health and sense of security is to bond with you as much as possible.

Nikolas: Okay, okay. I might be able to swing it for a few days. Um -- I'll tell you what. Go get Spencer ready. We'll leave for Greece tonight, the three of us.

Colleen: I'll have our bags packed in half an hour.

Nikolas: Okay. Alfred, you can manage things here, right? Alfred, is there a problem?

Alfred: If there is, I'll see to it that you're the first to know.

Elizabeth: You're warm.

Lucky: Yeah, I just feel like I'm crawling under my skin.

Elizabeth: But you're strong. You're going to get through this.

Lucky: You know, I guess this is the worst part of it. I barely slept.

Elizabeth: I know. And when I woke up this morning and you weren't here, I kind of thought you were --

Lucky: Out scoring pills?

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Lucky: Yeah.

Elizabeth: I was relieved to see you were just doing your job, but do you think it's kind of soon for you to be back at work?

Lucky: I needed the distraction. I didn't want to wake you.

Elizabeth: I don't think you need to be on the streets, Lucky.

Lucky: I can judge for myself.

Elizabeth: Okay, but what if you ran into a bad situation and you have to draw your gun? 

Emily: Nikolas --

Nikolas: Oh. I am so sorry. I --

Emily: No, for what?

Nikolas: I mean, obviously, Alfred didn't waste any time. I suppose when he realized that his dinner plans weren't going to succeed, he invited you over for brunch.

Emily: No, no, no, no. I -- I came on my own. Um -- listen, it's about Lulu. You might want to sit down for this.

Nikolas: What is it?

Emily: She's pregnant.

Nikolas: Dillon?

Emily: Yeah. Listen, it's complicated, but Tracy and Grandfather found out, and they were already all over her.

Nikolas: I -- I can imagine.

Emily: Most of her family is scattered. Lulu's going to need you.

Nikolas: Well, I'm glad you told me now, because I was just about to take Spencer to Greece for a visit. That'll have to wait. I'm going to have to stay and do whatever I can to help Lucky and Lulu.

Elizabeth: What if somebody in the building reports gunfire?

Lucky: We'll just say it was the TV.

Elizabeth: Well, the lies come so easily.

Lucky: God, I've had a lot of practice lately.

Elizabeth: Lucky, don't make light of this. What if Cameron had been in the house?

Lucky: Well, it's the roughest part of withdrawal. We won't bring cam home until I'm through with it.

Elizabeth: Okay, you need to reconsider going into a rehab facility.

Lucky: No, no.

Elizabeth: Lucky, you need help.

Lucky: That's why I'm going to the N.A. meetings.

Elizabeth: Maybe it's not enough.

Lucky: If I go to a local rehab, then the whole department will find out. I have to tough it out.

[Knock on door]

Elizabeth: Oh, God.

Edward: So before this gets out of hand, I want you to know that my family accepts full responsibility for the child. And we want it understood, of course, that he or she will be raised a Quartermaine, and not a Spencer.

Lucky: "Child"?

Edward: Oh, I thought you knew. Dillon got your sister pregnant.

Lulu: Just thought you should know -- the Quartermaines found out that I'm pregnant, and they're already arguing about whether or not Dillon and I should get married, like we're pawns on a chessboard or something. Anyhow, they want the baby to be raised as a Quartermaine, which is no surprise.

Georgie: Thanks for the update.

Lulu: That's it?

Georgie: What do you want me to say?

Lulu: I don't know. Maybe "I hate this," or "I hate you." Something.

Georgie: Yeah, Lulu, I hate you sometimes. I really do. But I also know that it could have just as easily been me in your situation.

Lulu: Yeah, but Dillon loves you.

Georgie: Dillon, hi. I just heard about the situation with your family and Lulu. And I think you guys have a lot to talk about.

Dillon: Yeah. Hi. Um -- sorry about my -- my family. I get why you're freaked out.

Lulu: Yeah, because they weren't even listening, they were arranging our lives like we weren't even in the room.

Dillon: I know that. I know that. That's how they deal with a crisis. That's my family. Just don't -- don't let it bother you, okay? I mean, you and I get to decide what's right for the baby.

Lulu: What about what's right for us?

Dillon: Well, I mean, if you want to be honest -- I mean, what's -- like -- okay, we're obviously not getting married. We don't love each other. I mean, the important thing is the baby, is that we make the right choices for this kid's future, and all that.

Lulu: Okay, yeah, that -- you're getting ahead of me there.

Dillon: Lulu, I don't know what you mean, okay? I really don't.

Lulu: Maybe I don't want this baby.

Nikolas: I wish Lulu felt she could confide in me.

Emily: What would you have done?

Nikolas: Just talked to her. I should have helped her to come up with some kind of a plan, you know? I should have made her go to that prep school. That's what I should have done.

Emily: If I were Lulu, being shipped off to school might make me feel like nobody wanted me around. I mean, hasn't she been through enough of that in her life already?

Nikolas: Well, so the alternative is she stayed in town and now she's pregnant?

Emily: Instead of blaming yourself for something that isn't even remotely your fault, let's think about ways that we can support Lulu.

Colleen: Excuse me, but Spencer and I are all packed.

Nikolas: I'm sorry, Colleen, but we won't be going to Greece, after all. I'm having a family situation.

Colleen: Are you sure it can't wait a few days?

Nikolas: Yes. My sister is pregnant. And I need to do whatever I can to help her.

Colleen: Of course, sir.

Nikolas: Thank you.

Emily: Whew -- I think I racked up some more negative points with Colleen.

Nikolas: No, she's just focusing on taking care of Spencer right now. We need to think about Lulu at the moment.

Emily: Yeah, my grandfather and Tracy found out, and they are already trying to control the situation.

Nikolas: You know what, I don't want her under that kind of pressure. She needs to come stay with me here.

Emily: So you can pressure her instead?

Nikolas: What? Emily, I just want her to be safe. What's wrong with that?

Emily: Nothing, Nikolas, but you also need to give her some room.

Nikolas: I need -- I need to take a little bit more of an active role than that.

Emily: You know your sister. She's going to resent it if you start trying to make decisions for her.

Nikolas: Well, who -- who else can help her? Leslie can't do it. Our mother's in Shady Brook. Luke's God knows where. And Lucky's dealing with a drug problem right now. What other options does she have?

Dillon: Okay, yeah. You -- you can put the child up for adoption. I'm just -- I'm just saying, though, wouldn't you -- don't you think you would wonder -- I mean, what he or she is like? And if they're happy and healthy?

Lulu: I -- I just think that we need to look at all of the options.

Dillon: I know, I get -- I get that you're saying that. It's just with -- with the adoption thing, it's like there's this person, and they're running around out there somewhere, and you don't know them, and they don't know you. And you can't do that. You can't just create life and then just hand it off to somebody else. I would -- I'd feel weird about that, and my family would flip out.

Lulu: I -- oh, my -- I thought we agreed that whatever happens would be our decision and not your family's.

Dillon: I know. I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, okay? I'm just -- I'm just trying to tell you that this doesn't have to be a disaster. All right? Money's not an issue. You're healthy. I'm doing everything I can for you, and my family will pitch in, too.

Lulu: Oh, so I just pop this kid out and let the Quartermaines take care of the rest?

[Phone rings]

Dillon: I'm being summoned. My -- my mom and grandfather have obviously come to a consensus, now they're ready to work on me, so --

Lulu: Have fun.

Dillon: Don't freak out yet, okay? We're going to find a solution that works for everyone.

Lulu: Even Georgie?

Dillon: I hope so. Hey, I got to -- I got to get home.

Georgie: Let me guess. Your mom and your grandfather have found a solution on how to deal with you getting Lulu pregnant, and now they're going to tell you.

Dillon: Yeah, probably. They can try, but I'm not going to agree to anything that's not good for the baby.

Georgie: And what is good for the baby?

Dillon: I have no idea.

Georgie: You know the Quartermaines will never let you put the baby up for adoption.

Lulu: Who says there even has to be a baby?

Edward: Now obviously, Dillon and Lulu are too young to be parents. That's why we're going to provide for the child. And we'll be sure that --

Elizabeth: Mr. Quartermaine, this is the first we've heard of Lulu, so we just need a little time to process.

Edward: But you see, we need to present a united front. Dillon and Lulu will get married, of course. We don't want the child to be a bastard. And after that, it's a very simple matter. We can have our attorneys draw up a prenup and --

Lucky: Nothing about this is simple!

Edward: What's wrong with you?

Lucky: I need to speak to Lulu. No decision's going to be made unless she agrees to it.

Edward: There is no sense in being defensive, Lucky. Now, I don't think either of us wants any more friction between the Quartermaines and the Spencers than already exists with Luke and Tracy's marriage. We all have Lulu and her child's best interests at heart.

Lucky: Nobody is going to take my sister's baby!

Edward: Your attitude, young man, is really counterproductive.

Elizabeth: Lucky and I are going to discuss this, and then we will get back to you.

Edward: Oh, all right. Thank you. Thank you, my dear. I'll -- I'll look forward to speaking with you.

Lucky: I cannot believe this. I have been so distracted by chasing drugs, I -- I had no idea about Lulu. I have to talk to my sister.

Elizabeth: Okay, not now. You just need to take care of yourself first.

Lucky: You know what? I have to have my own conversation with my sister.

Elizabeth: Lucky, you're on edge. Just give it a few days.

Lucky: Why? So she thinks that I don't give a damn?

Elizabeth: That's not what I'm saying.

Lucky: This is my family! Stay out of it!

Elizabeth: I don't care if you're in withdrawal or not. You have no right to speak to me like that.

Robin: Again, I apologize for my mother.

Patrick: Well, it's nice that she cares about you. I think on some level, you like it.

Robin: Yeah, you're right. I missed a lot of years with my mom, and it is nice that she's here -- even if her timing leaves a lot to be desired.

Patrick: So did you dish about me?

Robin: No, we didn't talk about you.

Patrick: Well, what'd you talk about?

Robin: Well, she pulled back on the meddling once I told her what happened with April.

Patrick: Hmm.

Robin: My mother is obviously a very courageous woman. But she's really scared for me. I could see it in her eyes when I was telling her about April. The fact that someone like my mother, who is the strongest woman that -- the strongest person that I know -- that it can make her scared -- I mean, that's the reason that I hate this disease so much.

Patrick: Um -- do you -- do you want to talk about April?

Robin: Sure. Did you make the arrangements?

Patrick: Yeah. I was thinking maybe we could cremate her and scatter her ashes.

Robin: That's what I did with Stone. I would have no idea where to do that.

Patrick: Well, one night I was up talking to her, and she mentioned this place in Arizona -- this stone archway, called Heaven's Gate. It was sacred to the local Indians, and she said she'd always wanted to walk through, so --

Robin: Sounds like a good idea.

Patrick: Yeah.

[Pager beeps]

Patrick: That's the E.R. Do you want to come and consult?

Robin: No, no. You don't need me. I'm not a surgeon. I'd just be in the way.

Patrick: Come on. Robin Scorpio, diagnostic genius. Look, if you don't come with me, I'm just going to wheel this person straight into surgery without even thinking of your precious drug protocol.

Robin: I'm going to go to the lab and focus on what I do best -- even if it doesn't make a difference.

Lulu: I don't want to be pregnant. It was an accident. I'm supposed to start college in the fall, and that freaks me out. I am light-years away from being a responsible adult who's ready for motherhood.

Georgie: Lulu, I know that you're in shock about the whole thing. But it happened. It's time you deal with it.

Lulu: No, no! It didn't just happen, Georgie. I lied, Dillon slept with me, and this is the end result. I'm pregnant. It is a medical condition that can be solved by a safe and legal medical procedure.

Georgie: Do you really think you could go through with it?

Lulu: I want this to be over. I don't want people fighting over me or telling me what to do, and I don't want Dillon thinking that he has to marry me, or even be nice to me because he's in love with you.

Georgie: That's not the point, Lulu.

Lulu: No, Georgie, the point is, if Dillon marries me, he's not the type of guy to leave me and the baby at home alone while he has an affair with you. Your relationship is going to be over.

Georgie: Whatever you decide to do, you need to be sure.

Lulu: The only thing I am sure about is how much I hate this.

Dillon: Hi.

Tracy: I'm glad you came home.

Dillon: Yeah, well, it was either that, or you send Alice to roll me up in a little rug and drag me back, so --

Tracy: I'm sorry. I didn't think when I heard. I just reacted in the moment.

Dillon: Ah.

Tracy: Daddy and I never should have made demands. We weren't thinking about how you must feel. You must have been stunned. And I want you to know that whatever you decide, I'm here to help.

Dillon: I'm sorry, who are you, and what have you done with Tracy Quartermaine?

Tracy: I love you, Dillon. And I want what's best for you.

Dillon: Yeah, in your own controlling way, of course you do.

Tracy: You have control, as well. You have the entire family resources at your disposal to help you make a decision about Lulu and -- the baby.

Dillon: I'm -- I'm sorry. I know you're doing something here. I -- just -- can you just tell me where you're going with this? Please?

Tracy: If you don't want to make the legal binding commitment to Lulu --

Dillon: Oh.

Tracy: You don't need to.

Dillon: Okay, got it. So in other words, you don't want me to marry --

Edward: Of course you'll marry the girl.

Dillon: Oh -- huh --

Tracy: Daddy, I'm trying to have a private conversation with my son.

[Edward chuckles]

Edward: You know something? You have the maternal instincts of a shark. Dillon, you ought to watch the wildlife channel sometimes. Sharks eat their young.

Tracy: Why don't you shut up? Your needs are the polar opposite of my son's.

Edward: Dillon is a fine young man, and he knows that there is nothing more important than family.

Tracy: Which means you want this heir at the expense of my son's future.

Dillon: Okay -- okay, stop, stop! Just stop, please. This is my baby, it's not yours. You guys can argue all you want. I really don't care. You can bicker 'til the cows come home. But in the end, Lulu and I are going to make the choices about the baby's future, because we're the parents, and you're bystanders, okay? You're bystanders.

Tracy: Are you happy now?

Edward: You hear that boy? He's finally starting to talk like a Quartermaine. Which means we'd both better watch out.

Lucky: I'm sorry I yelled.

Elizabeth: Where are you going?

Lucky: I am going to go find Lulu.

Elizabeth: Maybe I should speak with her.

Lucky: Why?

Elizabeth: It might be easier for her to open up to a woman.

Lucky: God, why don't you just say what you mean? You don't think an addict can be trusted to talk to his own sister.

Elizabeth: Don't put words in my mouth, Lucky. And I read the pamphlets, too. I know you're just trying to -- to create something so that you can make an excuse to take your pills.

Lucky: Lulu needs me. You just don't think I can handle it.

Elizabeth: That right, I don't. But I think your sister would understand.

Lucky: I'm going to go find Lulu.

Lucky: Hey, it's me. I need some help.

Patrick: I'm heading for the OR. Closed head injury. You want to reconsider and scrub in?

Robin: I just saw Dr. Sullivan in x-ray. I'll call him for you.

Patrick: I don't want Dr. Sullivan, I want you.

Robin: You don't need me. And neither does that patient. You're just trying to help me get over April's death. Save one patient, and the loss of the other gets put into perspective.

Patrick: You said it, not me.

Robin: Well, don't patronize me, okay? I don't need that, especially from you, right now.

Patrick: You're annoying as hell. But you're invaluable in the O.R. It's not patronizing, it's the truth. We both know you make me look good, and it's all about me looking good.

Robin: Well, here's your chance to go and look good without me.

Nikolas: Is Lucky home?

Elizabeth: He went out for a while.

Emily: How are you doing?

Elizabeth: Between his addiction and infidelity? Not so well.

Emily: You have us, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: I know. Thanks.

Emily: I know Lucky's focusing on his recovery. He's going to NA meetings.

Elizabeth: Well, he's focusing on something else right now. We just found out Lulu's pregnant.

Nikolas: Yeah. Did -- did she come by here?

Elizabeth: No, Edward Quartermaine brought the happy news. And he launched into some speech about doing what's right for the baby, and so of course, Lucky took off to look for Lulu to make sure she's okay and to see how she's feeling.

Nikolas: Do you think he's up to it?

Elizabeth: I tried to convince him to hold off for a couple days until he's feeling stronger, but you know your brother.

Nikolas: Yeah, well -- I mean, Lucky's own life's out of control. How is he supposed to help Lulu?

Elizabeth: He promised he wouldn't go back on his pills. But there's only so much he can do on his own. He needs to be able to look into our eyes and know that we trust him.

Nikolas: Do you?

Maxie: Lucky? Hey, I didn't expect to hear from you again.

Lucky: Listen, Lulu -- Lulu's in trouble, and I'm just -- I'm too messed up to help her.

Maxie: Yeah, I hear withdrawals are terrible. I mean, the shakes, cramping, chills.

Lucky: I just -- I just need a few pills so I can just even out long enough to help Lulu. Can you -- can you just do that for me?

Maxie: Well, it's getting really hard to score pills, so I probably won't be able to get some 'til maybe, like, tomorrow.

Dillon: Well, you were right. My mother and grandfather have deliberated and decided they're going to run Lulu's life while she's pregnant and take care of the baby and do all that stuff -- even though I told them that, you know, the choice is kind of ours, not theirs. But everything I say goes in one ear and out the other.

Georgie: What else is new?

Dillon: Well, they could be a little sympathetic to the fact that it's their fault Lulu is pregnant. Thank you.

Georgie: Excuse me?

Dillon: Yeah, didn't you hear? ELQ made the faulty batch of condoms that Lulu and I used. And now, guess what. I'm going to be a father.

Georgie: So it's the condom's fault you slept with her?

Dillon: Georgie -- Georgie, I never -- I never should have believed Lulu over you. I know that, okay? I'm sorry. And I should have trusted that you wouldn't sleep with Diego. I shouldn't have gone to bed with Lulu, but I can't -- I can't change any of that. You know that.

Georgie: What about doing what's right for Lulu?

Dillon: What do you mean?

Georgie: Give her a little space. Let Lulu decide what she wants to do.

Lulu: Dillon wants to marry me, even though Tracy hates the idea. But Tracy wants the baby, though. Huh. This is so messed up, Mom. I don't know what to do. I wish that we could talk this over. I could really use your advice right about now.

Lulu: Oh. But you can't help me. The truth is, you probably thought that I was an accident as much as Dad did. And now, I'm pregnant. But how can I bring a baby into this world whose parents don't want it? Any more than you and Dad wanted me?

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Emily: Hey, Lulu.

Alexis: I walked in on my husband and my daughter having sex.

Lainey: Do they know that you know?

Alexis: I can't tell them.

Elizabeth: I need to protect Lucky, but I don't need to be protected from what we had. I don't feel guilty.

Jason: Neither do I.

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