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General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 8/22/06


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Robin: Stone would've been celebrating another birthday if he'd lived to be older than 19 today. But he didn't. And now April's gone. This must be the real God, as opposed to us, you know, the medical ones, slapping us back to reality, showing us how wrong we were.

Patrick: Wrong about what?

Robin: Wrong about encouraging her, trying to give her hope in a future that she never had.

Patrick: Robin, we're trying to be optimistic.

Robin: But when does that turn into full-fledged denial? April had end-stage AIDS. She was dying from the second that we met her. I don't know how we can stand here and act surprised that she's gone.

Elizabeth: You really don't want to be here with me.

Maxie: Elizabeth, we need to talk.

Elizabeth: I take it Lucky's not coming.

Maxie: Well, I knew you wouldn't meet me --

Elizabeth: Add another lie to your rather impressive resume. I have to admit, I underestimated you. You really are a piece of work.

Maxie: I know I'm in the wrong, okay? And you have every reason to hate me. I slept with your husband. But I didn't seduce Lucky. He told me he needed me because you didn't understand him.

Alexis: I know that you want to be supportive.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: And I appreciate that. I do. And I want you to know that my intention is to fight this with as positive an attitude as I can muster, and to use every available resource that I have. But I have two daughters, and I need to be practical. If I die, arrangements need to be made. You of all people should understand that.

Sonny: You can go ahead and make whatever arrangements you think you need to make, but you need to focus on getting better. That's what Kristina and Molly need, is their mother to be alive and well.

Alexis: You're preaching to the choir. I lost my mother when I was very young. I grew up without her, so I know the damage that that can do to a little girl. I don't want that for my daughters.

Jason: I mean, your mother is very sick. That's where you need to put your energy right now.

Sam: Lung cancer is so far beyond being sick. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do this.

Jason: Sam, it's okay. It's okay to cry.

Sam: Jason, it's not your job to comfort me.

Jason: I know, but you're hurting. And I am, I'm sorry.

Jason: Can I -- can I get you anything?

[Sam sighs]

Jason: We can just, you know, sit here. You can cry, you can talk to me. That's fine. Whatever you -- whatever you want.

Sam: I was so out of here, Jason. My head was gone. And my heart. All I needed to do was get on that boat and I could put everything behind me, and the pain -- eventually it would just go away. And I would have a new slate to write on, new mistakes to make. I mean, I was -- I was literally packing my bags when Rodriguez showed up to bring me to Alexis, and I was furious. I was furious. I went into her office and I started with her. From the second I walked in there, I was being so selfish. And all I kept thinking was I wanted to take the cancer for myself. I mean, for a split second I just -- I felt this slicing pain in my chest, and I wanted it because I deserved it. She doesn't deserve it.

Sam: I had never felt more like her daughter than I did in that moment. And Alexis was calm, you know, she was calm and practical because she's always practical. She wasn't thinking about herself. She was thinking about Molly and Kristina and how they would need me. And I kept thinking to myself, how ironic -- when my mother needs me the most, I am holding a secret that could rip her world apart.

Alexis: Nothing has been more life-defining for me than when my mother died. I was still young enough at that time to remember her -- her smile, her -- her touch, the sound of her voice. Her assurance that -- that I would never be all alone in this life. All of those things are acutely remembered and missed. Every choice that I've made since she died has been colored by that loss. I'm independent to a fault. I never had many friends. I shied away from relationships, and even when I had them, I remained detached because I was afraid that I would love them and they would leave me. Her whole life is centered around me from the time that she wakes up in the morning 'til I kiss her good night. We have special secrets, we have special play time. We go to all these fancy restaurants and have fancy dinners because I don't know how to cook. I know what kind of clothes she likes. I know just how she likes her hair, and she counts on me to know those things because I'm her security. I'm her place in this world, and if I die, all of that goes with me. I don't want her to feel that loss the way that I did with my mother. It's not even the cancer that I'm afraid of. It's that she'll have the pain that I had, and I don't want her to have that.

Sonny: You didn't have the kind of father that would help you through the trauma. Kristina does.

Alexis: Sonny, I know how much you love her. But you need to honor me and honor my wishes.

Sonny: Okay, I know -- I know where this is going. If something happens to you, you want Kristina to stay with Ric.

Elizabeth: "My wife doesn't understand me"? Did it ever occur to you that Lucky would be smart enough to use something other than a hackneyed cliché if he were in his right mind? He was on pills, Maxie. He's been addicted to pain killers. And he would say anything to anyone to keep his habit a secret and active.

Maxie: I didn't know he was addicted.

Elizabeth: Oh, please.

Maxie: No, he said he needed the pills to keep working, and -- I just wanted to help him. He didn't have anyone.

Elizabeth: He had a wife!

Maxie: Well, he told me you didn't care about him and that you were involved with Patrick Drake and he was free to be with me. I was under the impression that your marriage was all but over.

Elizabeth: And you're going to make sure you push it all the way.

[Maxie sighs]

Elizabeth: You're not sorry, and you're not some wounded little deer, either. You're just a manipulative, wannabe, husband-stealing tramp.

Alan: April died from complications caused by AIDS. Once the blood vessel ruptured, there was no way to control it because of the kaposi sarcoma. Unfortunately, when the disease progresses this far, there's very little we can do about it.

Sonny: Is he asleep? Robin? He's dead?

Robin: Yeah.

Sonny: He's dead.

Robin: Don't you ever get tired of that? I mean, you're always so kind and --

Alan: Hmm.

Robin: So level when you have to break the bad news and give all the awful details. I mean, how many times have you actually given that speech since the AIDS crisis started? We tried this medicine, we tried that one, but in the end, it doesn't matter. Because the truth is AIDS kills people.

Sonny: I want to do whatever I can to support you. You know that.

Alexis: Kristina and Molly are sisters.

Sonny: Yes.

Alexis: And Sam is their sister, as well, and I know that she'll be there to look after them, but Ric is Molly's father, and he loves Kristina as if she were his own. I just don't want Kristina uprooted from everything that she knows. You can see her whenever you want. But this way her day-to-day experience will still be stable and it won't be disrupted.

Sonny: Okay, do you really think Ric is a better father than I am?

Alexis: It's not a question of "better." He's an attorney. If he has two children of his own to raise, my guess is that he won't be involved with the mob. Sonny, they're sisters. They need to be together. You could see her whenever you want.

Sonny: I'm not going to fight you on this, but I'm not going to lie to you, either. If, God forbid, anything happened to you, I'm going to do what I think is best for my daughter, and that is not being raised by Ric.

[Phone rings]

Maxie's voice: Hey, it's Maxie. Leave a message.

[Answering machine beeps]

Maxie: I have known Lucky most of my life. And, yeah, it's no secret that I had a huge crush on him. So all I heard or cared about was that he needed me. And whether you like it or not, he did. I mean, the loneliness and isolation came off of him in waves, and he said you didn't care about him. Why wouldn't I believe that?

Elizabeth: Are you done making excuses for your inexcusable behavior?

Maxie: I know sleeping with Lucky was wrong. But I care about him. I wasn't just trying to break up your marriage.

Elizabeth: Oh. Well, you'll be glad to know that you didn't. Because Lucky begged me not to leave him. And by the way, he's getting clean.

Maxie: But if he's still in pain --

Elizabeth: His back has been healed for months. Lucky's been taking the pills because -- and try to understand this -- he's addicted. Look, I would -- I would really like to give you the benefit of the doubt, but I know you're still reeling over Jesse's death and I know firsthand that grief can make you -- well, stupid and do self-destructive things. But I don't know. I just have this feeling that it's more deliberate than that. That you -- you took advantage of my husband's chemical dependency to get him into bed to fulfill some teenage fantasy. You don't really care about him.

Maxie: I'm sorry, but that's not true.

Elizabeth: If you want to do something to help him, pretend he doesn't exist. All you are is a reminder of how close he came to throwing away his life.

Sam: The part of me that likes to blow up my life wants to tell Alexis that I was with Ric that night.

Jason: How would that help Alexis?

Sam: Because she has every right to reject me, Jason.

Jason: You know Alexis could die. And it was probably really hard for her, but she admitted she needs to count on you. And if you tell her what happened with -- with Ric, she'll be losing you at the exact same time she needs you the most.

Sam: So you think I should keep it a secret?

Jason: I can't tell you what to do. I should have never tried.

[Sam sighs]

Patrick: So is this what it's like to be in a relationship?

Robin: What?

Patrick: Well, when you took off, I figured you went to one of two places. The hospital roof -- I know you go there to let yourself hurt -- or here. I went to the roof first. You weren't there. Then I remembered you brought me out here the day that I was exposed to AIDS, told me to look past the water at the horizon, try and see the bigger picture.

Robin: That sure sounds like me -- full of unsolicited advice and positive aphorisms. You know, why don't you just tell me to shut up, that no perspective is going to change the truth, that AIDS kills -- millions and millions of people every day and there is still no cure. I mean, maybe it's not even possible.

Patrick: You don't believe that.

Robin: You can throw more money at it, you can develop new drugs. The drugs are working, but no one knows how well really or for how long. The doctors tell me that if I stay on the cocktail, that I could live a long and healthy life, but nobody knows for sure. The only thing that's for sure is that if and when the drugs stop working, that AIDS is going to ravage my body and kill me just like it killed Stone and just like it killed April.

Alexis: I know that you have issues with Ric.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: I have issues with Ric. Ahem -- I concede that he is not a perfect person, but then again, none of us can claim to be. But the fact remains is that he is a good parent, not only to Molly but to Kristina, and she thinks that he hung the moon.

Sonny: I'm not trying to take that away from him.

Alexis: But you want to take Kristina. What do you want to do -- you want to keep repeating the same cycle? You grew up without your brother, I grew up without my sister. You and Ric should have this lifelong bond and instead, you can't stand to be in the same room with each other. Is that what you want? If the girls are going to lose their mother, I at least want them to have each other, and you can ensure that, Sonny.

Sonny: Okay. First of all, you've just been diagnosed. You haven't even started treatment. This is way too early to start making these decisions.

Alexis: You have been incredibly supportive. Please don't blow it now.

Sonny: Okay, just -- look, have your surgery, go through the chemo, and if the doctor says at that point that, you know, it's -- it's terminal or whatever, we'll revisit this subject.

Alexis: I don't want to revisit it. I'm telling you what I want now.

Sonny: Hey, don't fight me. Fight the cancer. Make up your mind you're going to live, because that's the best thing you can do for all your daughters.

Sam: I know Alexis needs my support more than she needs the truth, and my impulse to tell her is just -- it's completely selfish.

Jason: What do you mean?

Sam: It's the screwed-up way I think, Jason. If I were to tell Alexis the truth, she would -- she would hate me. She would disown me. And I would know that she would have every right to. And I would take my punishment because I would deserve it. I would leave town, I would put it behind me, and it would be over. It would be done with. On the other hand, keeping the secret means living with it. It means waking up in the morning with it over a cup of coffee. It means taking it into work, taking it into every single interaction that I have with my mother, bringing it home at night, and never knowing when it would blow up -- only knowing that at some point, it would have to.

[Knock on door]

Elizabeth: I didn't realize you'd be here. 

Sam: Thanks for listening.

Jason: Anytime.

Jason: Whew.

Elizabeth: Jason, I am so sorry. I couldn't have come at a worse time if --

Jason: It's okay. It's okay. What's going on with you?

Elizabeth: Do you want to go after her?

Jason: No. She's fine. She -- she needs to be with Alexis right now. What's up?

Elizabeth: Well, I -- I had a little run-in on the docks with Maxie. She spouted all her justifications for enabling my husband's drug problem and taking him to bed, and wouldn't you know, it's all my fault. Apparently, Lucky's been extra-needy because his self-absorbed wife has been too busy flirting with Patrick to notice him.

Jason: What -- what did you expect her to say?

Elizabeth: I don't know. I didn't want to hear anything coming from her. Lucky's at his most vulnerable point right now. He needs me. He needs me to be the one person in this world he can trust. It's more important than ever. He can never know we slept together.

Ric: I assume you wanted to see me about Alexis.

Sonny: Yep. I just came from her office. I know she has lung cancer. 50% chance of survival. You have to maximize those odds.

Ric: I don't need instructions from you on how to treat my wife.

Sonny: Apparently you do, because she's geared up for the biggest fight of her life. She's going to need her family. That includes you and Sam.

Ric: Well, that won't be a problem, Sonny.

Sonny: It's not going to be a problem. No, not at all. As long as you keep your distance -- you don't get anywhere near Sam, you don't touch her.

Ric: Okay, wait, wait. Whoa, wait a minute. I -- I resent the fact that you're going to say something like that. I regret what I did. I'm not going to do it again.

Sonny: No -- well, unless you're mad enough or feel sorry for yourself. Then you know what? You'd be all over it, because that's what you do. It's who you are. Alexis doesn't see it, but I do. Now, Alexis loves you, for whatever reason. So you need to be the man she thinks you are. You need to give the greatest performance of your life. You're going to take care of her while she's battling this cancer, and you're going to love her. Because if she dies, I can't help -- I can't -- you're not under my protection anymore.

Ric: Here we go -- why does it always got to be about threats? Why can't you just be a brother for once?

Sonny: Because threats is what you understand, and this is way too important for mixed signals. Alexis' life is at stake.

Kristina: Mommy?

Alexis: Hi. Hi. You want me to read to you? All right. I'll read to you in a minute, okay? But first, I want to talk to you about something, okay?

Kristina: Okay.

Alexis: Okay. You paying attention? Good. You know that cough Mommy has? It's getting worse. And so you know what? I went to General Hospital. And I asked them to look at it, and they looked at it, and they found a spot right in my chest, right there. And they're going to take it out.

Kristina: How?

Alexis: Well, they're going to perform an operation. And the reason that I'm telling you this is because I didn't want you to worry or get scared, because I really believe they're going to make it all better. They're going to do this in a couple of weeks. And then I'm going to come home and be with you and Molly and the family that I love more than anything in the whole world. It'll be okay.

Robin: Thanks for the escort. I think I can take it from here.

Patrick: Oh, you're not going to invite me in?

Robin: I don't really feel like having company right now.

Patrick: I thought we were past "company."

Robin: Fine, come in. You can watch me unpack.

Patrick: Unpack? You're not moving?

Robin: Well, it's not like April needs the apartment anymore.

Patrick: No, but I thought you promised Lainey and Kelly.

Robin: I changed my mind. And you know what? They're both doctors. I'm sure they can cover my share of the rent. And if not, they can find someone else to live there.

Patrick: What happened to your not wanting to live alone?

Robin: I am alone. I've been alone since the day Stone died, and I will be alone until the day that I finally die of AIDS.

Patrick: Stop. Listen to me. You don't get to give up. Okay? I'm not going to let you.

Man: Always a pleasure doing business with you. You're turning into one of my best customers.

Elizabeth: Oh. Baby, it's bad, isn't it? Oh, honey, I'm glad you came home. I'm going to try to help you, okay?

Lucky: I feel like I'm coming out of my skin.

Elizabeth: I know.

Lucky: I didn't realize I needed those pills so badly.

Elizabeth: I know, I -- I know. Listen, you're just going through withdrawal right now. This will pass. You just have to stick it out.

Lucky: Oh, I don't think I can do it.

Elizabeth: I know you can do it. Hold on.

Elizabeth: Here you go. Put this on you. You're going to be okay, all right?

Lucky: Please -- just don't -- don't leave me.

Sonny: I spoke with Alexis. It's confirmed. She -- she has lung cancer.

Jason: How is she holding up?

Sonny: She's terrified, and the way she covers up is by just controlling everybody.

Jason: Sounds like Alexis.

Sonny: She's trying to map out Molly and Kristina's lives, instead of focusing on holding on to her own.

Jason: Well, like you said, you know, she's scared. People deal with things in all different ways.

Sonny: I know, I know, but it frustrates me. She just -- she frustrates me, even though I feel sympathy for her. Listen to this. She wants Ric to keep Kristina if she dies --

Jason: Oh --

Sonny: Look, it's not -- I'm not going to let that happen. We don't have to deal with the custody just yet. What we need to concentrate on is that Alexis survives. You know, that's why I told Ric, because she's going to need his love and support. But I'll tell you what. Anything less than that, he's not under my protection.

Jason: Well, something tells me you didn't just come here to talk about Ric.

Sonny: No, no, no -- Sam.

Jason: Yeah --

Sonny: Look, Alexis is going to need her daughter's strength and resilience. And like I told you before, in order for Sam to step up, she's going to need you.

Kristina: Will the operation hurt?

Alexis: I don't think so. You know that the doctors at General Hospital are the best. And they're going to make it all better.

Kristina: Can I be there?

Alexis: I don't think that's possible.

Kristina: But I want to be with you.

Sam: Kristina, I am so glad that you're up. Guess what -- I have, like, a zillion things I need to take care of, and I need your help. Do you think you can help me? I need to bake some cookies, I need to make some cards and signs so we can put them in Mommy's hospital room. And I was thinking we can take some new pictures, because we don't have any new pictures of us, and Mommy needs them for when she wakes up. Oh, yeah, one more thing. The most important thing of all. You need to practice your swimming, young lady. Because I think you can get really, really, really good. And we can take some video of it and show Mom. How does that sound?

Kristina: Yeah!

Sam: Yeah? Good.

Alexis: Thank you.

Patrick: I don't know where this defeatist attitude came from, but it's unacceptable.

Robin: Gee, sorry I'm not cheerful enough for you.

Patrick: Look, I don't need you to dance the jig. But you've conditioned me to expect a certain something from you. Positive reinforcement, optimism in the face of adversity. Look, when I was exposed to HIV in the operating room, you were right there for me, pushing me to get immediate treatment, quoting statistics, endorsing other protocol. Assuring me that I was going to be okay.

Robin: Because your chances are excellent. My case is a little bit different. I have HIV and yes, thanks to the cocktail, my viral load is zero. But this disease is still inside of me. It's like a time bomb waiting to go off. I have tried not to dwell on it. I've tried not to be fatalistic. But maybe I'm just in denial. Maybe I just can't face the truth.

Patrick: You want truth? April died. That doesn't mean you will.

Robin: We can't assume that. And it's arrogant to think that we can. Just like it was arrogant of us to paint all these pretty pictures for April of a life that she never had any chance of experiencing. I mean, her defenses were already up. She had accepted the fact that she was going to die. And then you and I came along spinning all this nonsense about the future and her happiness.

Patrick: We saved April's life. We gave her two more weeks that she would have never had. Now, that's got to count for something. Look, time is the most precious commodity we have, and I learned that from you. You could live with HIV for the next 30 years, walk out of this apartment and get hit by a bus. Or if you still live in Port Charles, stray bullets. None of us know how much time we have left. But the only thing we can do is make the most of it. And that's what I plan on doing with you. So you can be as mad and angry as you feel you need to be, but I am not going to let you give up. I'm not going away.

Robin: Ugh. You picked a lousy time to start being wonderful.

Patrick: Come here.

Elizabeth: Can I call the hospital or a rehab facility?

Lucky: No, no. Because if I check into rehab, it'll -- it'll go on my record at work.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Lucky: I need to get through this with as few people knowing as possible.

Elizabeth: Well, Lucky, I'm -- I'm going to do everything I can for you, but I'm not a doctor. I'm not a drug counselor.

Lucky: You're my wife. You know me better than anyone.

Elizabeth: I don't think that's going to be enough.

Lucky: You know, just tonight, before you came home, the urge -- it hit bad. Hit so bad that I -- I started tearing the pillows off the couch, honey, even set up a score to get some pills. But I didn't. I didn't. You know why? Because I thought of you. You're my inspiration. You're all I need.

Elizabeth: Okay. Come here. All right. We're going to be okay. We'll make it through this.

[Elizabeth sighs]

Jason: I mean, just with everything that's happened, it's just -- this whole situation sucks. Okay, I -- I understand that Sam needs me, and I am trying to help her by listening and not telling her what to do.

Sonny: Trust me, I wouldn't want to be in your position if you paid me, but you know what? I'm worried. 50/50 odds aren't great, and Alexis seems to be focusing on the worst-case scenario. She's -- you know, she's not fighting to live, she's planning to die. And I'll tell you what. In her -- in her world, that may -- that may sound like it's realistic, but I think she's just giving up.

Jason: You know Sam is a fighter. She's not going to let her mother give up.

Sonny: I hope not. I know Alexis can be difficult, but there is another side to her. She's a good and loving mother, and Kristina needs her. So does Molly, but that's Ric's daughter. I have to take care of my own. But you know as well as I do, if Alexis dies, Kristina's going to suffer. That's why I got to do everything in my power to make sure she stays alive.

Alexis: It's somebody's bedtime. Who do you want to tuck you in, Mommy or Sam?

Kristina: Mommy.

Alexis: Okay. All right, give Sam a hug.

Sam: Give me a hug. Mmm. Sweet dreams, honey.

Alexis: Come on, sweetie.

Sam: Okay.

[Sam giggles]

Sam: Good night.

Sam: Whew.

Ric: Hey. How's Alexis?

Sam: She's kind of shaky. She just told Kristina about the operation, and I know it was really difficult for her.

Ric: How'd she react?

Sam: I don't really think she understood, so I -- I made it sound like we were going to have this adventure and we had to show her how much we loved her. So Kristina -- she seemed to spark up a little bit. Hopefully, it worked.

Ric: So I guess you decided to stay?

Sam: Alexis is my mother. She could die of cancer. Where else would I be, Ric?

Ric: Pull back on the hostility, Sam, okay? Or Alexis is going to pick up on it.

Sam: Since we're on the subject -- I think you should know that I told Jason.

Ric: That we slept together? Hmm. I thought you weren't going to do that.

Sam: I had to. For me but you know what? It really doesn't matter, because it turns out Jason already knew. He was here that night.

[Alexis sighs]

Ric: You want to play games? That's fine. You want to stay? All right --

Sam: Because I love her. No, I wouldn't tell her.

Ric: Okay.

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