GH Transcript Monday 8/14/06

General Hospital Transcript Monday 8/14/06


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Sonny: Here. Have some water. Here.

Kristina: Are you ok, Mommy?

Sonny: Here.

Alexis: I'm ok, honey.

Sonny: Here. You know what? Come over here, sweetie. Come over here. Mommy's going to be fine. She's got to catch her breath.

Emily: Well, the prescription I brought should take care of Spencer's ear, and you are a good, responsible father to call in when you did. And I'm glad that I was nearby and I could bring it right over.

Nikolas: And I am very grateful. And so is Alfred, of course. He prepared dinner in a totally transparent attempt to keep you around.

Emily: Oh, my god. Wow. If I'd known, I would've worn my formal scrubs.

Nikolas: If you need to get back to the hospital, I understand. It's ok.

Emily: And hurt Alfred's feelings? I wouldn't dream of it.

Lucky: Damn it. Nikolas? Oh, you're here. Good. You're both here, even better. You have to do something very important for me.

Nikolas: What is it you need, lucky?

Lucky: Well, you need to take care of Elizabeth and Cameron because I've screwed up everything.

[Knock on door]

Elizabeth: I'm sorry for just showing up like this.

Jason: It's -- it's ok. What happened?

Elizabeth: I've got nowhere else to go.

Ric: Hey, you ok?

Sam: No, don't. Don't touch me.

Lulu: I can't believe you managed to find the only Italian Ice cart in the middle of a blackout.

Dillon: Um -- you're avoiding. You said you had something to tell me.

Lulu: I'm happy for you and Georgie. I really am. And I know that you guys were apart because of me, and I've had to live with that. But I just -- I hope that you realize, you know, with the lie that I told, the one thing that is still true, Dillon, is that I really care about you, and I can't imagine not having you somewhere in my life.

Dillon: I am in your life, Lulu. I mean, my mom and your dad are still married. You're still living with us. I'll never say never. I'm just not ready for us to be more than that. What is this? What else?

Lulu: Nothing else.

Dillon: Lulu -- Lulu --

Lulu: Actually, there is something else. I'm leaving Port Charles.

Emily: You're drunk.

Lucky: No. No. You know what? I haven't even had a drop all day, but it's early.

Nikolas: What happened? What -- what happened, Lucky?

Lucky: You know, I thought I could marry someone as perfect as Elizabeth and keep all my promises to her, but us Spencers? We can't make promises. We can't deal with it when it gets too tough.

Nikolas: That's just an excuse and you know it.

Lucky: Nikolas, you don't understand! You know what? You were taught manners, you have all the right answers. That's why I'm counting on you. I want you to promise me that you're going to take care of them.

Emily: What -- what is that supposed to mean?

Lucky: You know what? Buy Elizabeth that house she's always wanted, and get Cameron --

Nikolas: How many pills have you actually taken today? Is that why you and Elizabeth fought?

Lucky: You know what? Elizabeth walked out on me.

Nikolas: Well, maybe she needed a little space while you sobered up. I can't say I really blame her.

Emily: She loves you, Lucky. She would never leave you.

Lucky: Oh, like you and Nikolas loved each other?

Nikolas: That's different and you know it.

Lucky: No, no -- actually, no. Elizabeth, she -- well, she she walked out on me when she found out that I was having an affair with Maxie.

Elizabeth: I don't know what's wrong with me. I just can't stop crying.

Jason: Maybe this will help.

Elizabeth: What, tequila?

Jason: Ok, just be -- just be careful, ok?

Elizabeth: Jason, are you drunk?

Jason: No. Feeling it? But I can see that you're in pain. And you can tell me. Or not. Whatever you need.

Elizabeth: Lucky's having an affair with Maxie Jones.

Jan: I'm sorry. I know how bad that hurts.

Elizabeth: I don't think you possibly could.

Jason: Sam is sleeping with Ric.

Ric: I don't know where all this is coming from, Sam. You know? I'm not in this alone. We're both responsible for what happened.

Sam: I did the worst possible thing I could think of. I wanted to kill my last connection to Jason so it would all stop hurting so much, and you -- you were it.

Ric: Well, how's that working out for you?

Sam: I'm going to have to live with it. Don't think it's going to happen again. Once was more than enough.

Ric: Well, don't take this the wrong way, but I'm not asking for it. Sam, it's an interesting spin you're putting on the whole thing. I was there. You justify it however you need to for yourself, but what happened happened because we needed each other.

Sam: No, you needed me for one thing, Ric, and one thing only -- to finally get over on Jason. That must feel great, huh? Was it worth your marriage? Hmm? Do you feel any guilt about my mother? Do you feel -- do you feel any remorse at all?

Alexis: Good night, sweetheart. I love you.

Sonny: Good night, princess.

Alexis: You made her feel really safe. Thank you.

Sonny: That's the least I can do. Let's go over here for a second. So, how sick are you?

Alexis: They're checking it. It's -- believe me, it sounds a lot worse than it is.

Sonny: Enough to scare your own daughter.

Alexis: I certainly didn't mean to do that.

Sonny: Ok, Alexis, I'm in a business of fear, as you know. I know how to read people. Kids do, also, ok? So what I'm saying to you is, what's going on here, really?

Alexis: Don't make a big deal out of it.

Sonny: Ok, you said it was, what? You're just having a bad day? You got to tell me what you're covering up here.

Lulu: I'm so sick of this town. And I hate working at Kelly's and wondering if my dad's going to come home and taking orders from your mom and -- I don't know, I managed to finish summer school and I got my diploma, so I thinking maybe Nikolas might send me on a trip.

Dillon: Ok. Where would you go?

Lulu: I don't know. Where does someone go when you finish high school? Backpacking through Europe or to the Greek islands or maybe a semester in California. I don't know. I've never traveled before, but I'm thinking maybe if I get a little taste of it, I might be gone with the wind like my dad.

Dillon: Ok, yeah. Lulu -- I know what's really going on. You're trying to find your dad again.

Lulu: No, that's not -- you are too smart for me.

Dillon: Oh, shut up. Look, I'm just saying, if this is my cue to offer to help you find Luke, you know that I can't do that. Ok?

Lulu: No, I wouldn't ask you for help with anything, not after everything that happened.

Dillon: Ok. Also, one more thing -- I can't do this. I can't be the guy that you confide your secrets in. I mean, I'm not ready to start believing everything you say. And, also, it's not fair for me to ask Georgie to just --

Lulu: Yeah. No, you're right. Right. You know, it's not fair to anyone.

Dillon: Do you want me to see you home?

Lulu: No. I'm going to go home alone this time.

Dillon: Ok.

Lulu: Ok.

Alexis: Work is just a lot more difficult than I expected it to be. Not that I should be discussing my profession with you since our professions are, in fact, mutually incompatible.

Sonny: That's a fact.

Alexis: I just never really realized how stressful it would be. And no wonder Durant was such a pain in the ass, huh?

Sonny: It comes with the territory.

Alexis: It comes with the politics. Mayor Floyd's like a mosquito in my ear.

Sonny: Well, he's your boss, makes it twice as obnoxious.

Alexis: Nothing worse than a self-serving, ultraconservative, slick politician. Any chance he's in your pocket?

Sonny: No, that's Edward Quartermaine's style.

Alexis: Ah, yes, that's true. You're right. Never mind.

Sonny: You know, I'm having a lot of trouble with this, because you love your job, you thrive on conflict. You wouldn't be making such a big deal over the boss unless this is some kind of a diversion.

Alexis: That's just dumb.

Sonny: Well, it's not dumb. Maybe you don't hate him as much as you pretend.

Alexis: Have you met Garrett Floyd? He's insufferable.

Sonny: That's what you say about all the men you're attracted to.

Alexis: Ric seems to think so.

Sonny: Oh, Ric thinks you're hot for the mayor?

Alexis: I don't think that Ric is thinking about me at all.

Ric: Well, Alexis may be my wife, but she happens to be your mother, so why don't we talk about guilt and remorse here, Sam, huh?

Sam: Guilt -- you pretended to love her, I never did. Ric, I was drunk and messed up! You -- you took advantage of that!

Ric: So you're a victim now? Is that the whole thing?

Sam: No, no, I am not a vic-- I never said that. But you have been waiting for a chance like this. Every time Sonny picked Jason over you, every time Jason did something smart and courageous, you got pushed aside. You have desperately been looking for Jason's weakness, a way to punish him for being so much better than you, and you found it because I gave it to you!

Ric: Wow. That is one major self-esteem problem you got, sweetie.

Sam: "Self-esteem problem"? The only way you can nail Jason was by nailing his girlfriend.

Ric: Oh, I see. Listen, I don't mean to remind you of this, Sam, but Jason -- Jason's not in your life anymore. You're no longer his woman.

Sam: We both know the only reason why you slept with me was to get revenge on Jason. And I think Jason needs to know it, too.

Elizabeth: Wow. Sam and Ric? You win.

Jason: Look, I'm sorry for saying it, you know, like that. I know Ric's your ex-husband.

Elizabeth: That's ok. That's ok. I don't have any illusions. I loved Ric, but I guess I never really knew him. And the same goes for Lucky. What's wrong with me?

Jason: What are you talking about? What, you didn't push Lucky into bed with Maxie.

Elizabeth: Well, and you didn't -- well, you pushed Sam away, but you didn't know she was going to run to Ric.

Jason: Well, Carly actually warned me.

Elizabeth: That's funny because Carly's the one who told me Lucky's sleeping with Maxie.

Jason: Carly said when I broke up with Sam, it proved every bad thing Sam ever thought about herself was true. I honestly thought I was protecting her, that I had to, but all I did was hurt her. And now she found a way to hurt herself more. So I came home. I started drinking to try to relax and forget, and so far, it hasn't -- hasn't worked.

Elizabeth: There's nothing worse than seeing the person you love having sex with someone else.  I just realized I did that to you.

Lucky: The looks on your faces -- oh, my god, they're almost as good as the one Elizabeth had on hers when she walked in and she found me and Maxie together.

Nikolas: What?

Emily: Lucky --

Nikolas: Are you telling me Elizabeth saw --

lucky: Twice. Twice, yeah.

Nikolas: Have you lost it, Lucky?

Lucky: You know what? You're right. I probably should've come to you and figured out how to get away with it.

Emily: Stop it. That was different.

Lucky: You're right. I actually gave Elizabeth a reason. I mean, she's always been wanting to get in Drake's pants for months. I mean, all you ever did, Emily, was get raped and --

Nikolas: Hey, hey, watch it! Watch it!

Emily: Ok, stop it, Lucky!

Lucky: All I ever wanted her to do was stop. So I asked her in every way I knew how, and she -- I just figured maybe, just maybe, you know what, she had the right idea.

Nikolas: What? That is the biggest crock that I have ever heard in my life.

Lucky: Oh, God, not like yours, I know. I mean, you're just whining about your life when you have the Cassadine fortune to clean up your mess.

Nikolas: Hey, I'm telling you, your problem isn't about money.

Lucky: Oh, come on! Come on, this is where you always jump in, tell me how screwed up I am and fix it!

Nikolas: Not this time, Lucky. This time you have to fix it.

Lucky: You know what? It's too late. I'm not fixable. That's what it is.

Emily: No, you're stoned.

Lucky: Stoned? Stoned? I'm stoned. I am way beyond stoned. I've had so many pills that I can't even count them today.

Emily: You need help with this, Lucky. It's a sickness.

Lucky: I'm sick? I'm sick? I'm just following a long Spencer tradition, that's what I'm doing. I mean, my father is drunk. Everybody in this town thinks that Luke Spencer is a hero and he just can't live with the hype. Now I'm just good and sick of competing with Luke. You know what? That's my sickness. You know what? The kind they don't even make pills for, that's it.

Emily: No one asked you to be a hero, Lucky. You brought that on yourself.

Nikolas: Keep going on like this, see what happens.

Lucky: You know what? I'm just trying to get through one day after the next! You know what? So what's the problem if I'm trying to, you know, take something from under the counter just to get me through the -- hey!

Lulu: Lucky, what are you doing?

Alexis: Ric thinks that I'm controlling and disinterested, and I think that he is withholding and manipulative. Lately, he hasn't been able to end a fight without taking everybody else's side but mine.

Sonny: I thought you and Ric enjoyed your turmoil.

Alexis: This isn't the usual bicker. It's not about who put the cap on the toothpaste, it's about loyalty. I don't think that's too much to ask for, do you?

Sonny: Did you ever ask Ric or tell him exactly what you needed?

Alexis: I don't know. Call me crazy, but I thought that was implicit in our marriage vows. In any case, it's too late now.

Ric: You're not going to go to Jason with this.

Sam: What do you think, Ric? What, do you think that I'm not going to tell him? You think I'm -- I'm going to, what? I'm going to wait so you can hold it over me and tell him when you want?

Ric: You know what? You just went from low self-esteem to pure self-hatred. Sam, this is pathetic. What are you going to do? Are you going to run to Jason, a man who doesn't want you? You're going to warn him that I hate him. He knows. So what is it? Do you want forgiveness? Do you want absolution? You know you're not going to get it.

Sam: No, Jason needs to know the truth, and he also needs to know that you would do absolutely anything, including sleeping with your stepdaughter --

Ric: Oh.

Sam: Your -- your stepdaughter to -- to hurt him.

Ric: Oh, I see. And you were too drunk to know what you were doing, is that right?

Sam: No, I knew it was the wrong choice. It was crazy and self-destructive. And I did it. And yes, I will have to live with it.

Ric: Well, I can't wait to hear Jason's reaction when you go to him and you tell him that you got plastered and you slept with me. You're not going to tell him, Sam. He may hate me, but he'll despise you.

Sam: If it's the only way to stop you --

Elizabeth: I remember the night at Jake's when I thought Lucky was dead, and I was just so tired of missing him. I just -- I just wanted to trash myself. Then you wouldn't let me. I remember you listened without judging, and ever since that night I felt a special connection with you. Sometimes I thought there could be more than a connection. Then I slept with Zander.

Jason: That was a long time ago.

Elizabeth: Yeah. But I'm not sorry, because that night gave me my little boy.

Jason: You know, I've always liked how you do that, how you look back with no regrets.

Elizabeth: Well, when you first met me, all I did was look back and think of the "what ifs."

[Music plays]

Elizabeth: But then you taught me how to live in the present, and that gave me hope for the future. It was an amazing gift, Jason. I don't think you ever knew just how much I fell in love with you. And then you left.

Singer: Don't just stand there

Jason: Then I came back.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but everything was different. Life has a funny way of coming between us.

Jason: Yes. We're still friends.

Elizabeth: Yeah, friends. When I was leaving my house tonight, I didn't know -- I didn't know where I was going to go. I just started walking, and I ended up on your doorstep.

Singer: This could be

Elizabeth: I guess it's my instinct to find you when everything starts to fall apart.

Singer: Maybe tonight

Elizabeth: Don't worry, I'll be strong. Tomorrow I'm going to -- I'm going to figure out what to do.

Singer: Every time

Jason: I know it's tough, but try not to think about it.

Singer: Your skin to mine

Elizabeth: I don't want to think about anything tonight.

Singer: I can't take it

Elizabeth: I just want to be right here in this moment --

singer: How you want to feel

Elizabeth: With you.

Singer: Tonight that's right, baby

singer: Don't start talking keep moving on every time you touch your skin to mine I can't take it

Nikolas: Get out.

Lucky: I'm sorry.

Lulu: Shouldn't someone go after him?

Nikolas: Shouldn't someone grow up?

Lulu: I just -- I don't understand.

Nikolas: He's messed up, Lulu.

Lulu: Well, I get that much.

Emily: He started taking pain pills when he hurt his back and I guess he never stopped.

Lulu: He's addicted?

Emily: He's in pain.

Nikolas: And he's going to make sure that everyone who cares about him is in pain, as well.

Lulu: Ok, shouldn't we do something to help him?

Emily: There's nothing we can do. I went through this with my father. An addict has to decide to help himself.

Lulu: We need to call Elizabeth. What? What?

Nikolas: Might as well -- we might as well tell her. She's going to find out eventually.

Lulu: I'm standing right here. Tell me what is going on.

Emily: All right, all right. Elizabeth left him. Lucky cheated on her.

Lulu: Ok. Ok. All right. Nikolas, he was really messed up. He could fall off the docks or something. Could you --

Nikolas: What -- ok. If it makes you feel any better, I'll go make sure he got on the launch.

Lulu: Please. He really cheated on Elizabeth?

Emily: Hard to imagine.

Lulu: Huh. Well, I must be naive, but I thought if someone loved you, they'd never do anything to hurt you.

Sonny: You know, something happens when you've been with somebody for a long time. You start thinking they can read your mind. I mean, you know, marriage is the most intimate relationship there is. So how can your husband not know what you're thinking? But he doesn't. You got to tell him.

Alexis: Is that your wisdom from years of wedded bliss?

Sonny: No, that's my personal experience of somebody, you know, like, who's messed up a few times in his life and wants to get it right before he dies.

Alexis: Are you ok?

Sonny: Yeah. I'm working on getting better.

Alexis: That's introspective for you.

Sonny: I have been to hell, and I'm working my way up and trying to focus on the things that are important in my life, like my boys and Kristina, you know? They deserve the best father I can be.

Alexis: I hope you mean that. I know that Ric would be beside himself to know that you defended him.

Sonny: Well, I'm not defending Ric. And you're -- you know, you're not the least bit shy about what you want and how to get it. Ok? And I'm just saying to you, he's your husband. You got to be straight.

Alexis: It's not always easy for me to say what I need, how much that I need. Nothing worse than being vulnerable to the person that you care about the most.

Sonny: It's inconvenient, you know, needing somebody. But you know what? We all need somebody sometimes, even you.

Alexis: I may not have a choice.

Maitre d': Well, folks, the emergency power is up and running. The elevator's still aren't working. Now, the stairwell doors and the emergency lights are operational, so anybody who wants to go to their rooms is more than welcome to do so. Thanks for your help.

Sonny: Alexis? What'd you say about choice?

Alexis: I want to get Kristina back home.

Sonny: All right, let me do that for you. Hey, hey. Hey, sweetheart. I'm going to pick you up, ok? Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Alexis: She's a very special girl.

Sonny: You sure you're ok?

Alexis: I'm better than I was, thank you.

Sonny: All right.

Sam: I have to tell Jason the truth, not only for myself, but you, you are going to use it against us. You will try and manipulate and blackmail me, and God knows what you're going to do to Jason. It may be even -- even be enough that you just think about Jason and be all smug about the fact that we had sex.

Ric: Ok, where is all this animosity come from? Now, what have I ever done to you, except listen to you when you're hurt and tell you that you deserve better?

Sam: Are you kidding me, Ric? Are you kidding me? You're been working me from day one.

Ric: Wait a minute! Is this selective memory here, or is this a blanket rewrite of history?

Sam: Jason was right about you. You are a liar, you're a user, and this whole thing was your twisted agenda.

Ric: No, that's a lie that you're telling yourself, sweetie. Even if it were true, even if it were true, what's running to tell Jason going to do for you except make him hate you?

Sam: Consider this your warning -- you are a dead man. Start running.

Elizabeth: Thanks.

Jason: Are you ok?

Elizabeth: You know, all the pain and heartache, everything I know will be facing me seems so far away.

Jason: You're so beautiful. You always were. I just never expected this.

Elizabeth:  Well, neither did I. But I'm not sorry.

Jason: No regrets? Is that the lesson?

Elizabeth: But you know this is the only night we can ever spend together.

Ric: If you want to shoot me and call it trespassing, go right ahead. Better you than Jason.

Sonny: What'd you do, Ric?

Ric: Not what, actually, who -- Sam. It was mutual. Then she freaked out. She announced that she was going to go run, tell Jason about the whole thing. And I wish I could wrap my head around that brand of logic, but I'm sure Jason's going to just blow it off when he hears the truth about it.

Sonny: And you're telling me this because?

Ric: Either call him off or do it yourself because I'm not going to give in to that mindless thug. I don't want him to have the satisfaction.

Sonny: You're something else. What the Hell were you thinking, Ric?

Ric: There's a lot you don't understand, Sonny.

Sonny: Well, there's a lot I do. While you were sleeping with Sam, I was with Alexis and Kristina. You don't think she has anything cooking with the mayor. Did you even consider Alexis, or is this all retribution against Jason?

Ric: Oh, look out. He gets a couple of therapy sessions, all of a sudden he's Sigmund Freud.

Sonny: No, I'm just wiping off the cobwebs, because I can see clearly now. The white dress you bought Emily, Jason busted you on it, so now you're going to get back at him.

Ric: You going to help me out, or what?

Sonny: What is that you want me to do, Ric?

Ric: Call off your watchdog, all right? Don't make Alexis a widow. We'll all go into family counseling together.

Sonny: You know, you're thinking about all the wrong things. You should be taking care of your daughter with Alexis and mine. You should hope that Jason blows you away so you don't have to think of the fact that you trashed your life.

Alexis: No!

Elizabeth: There was a time when I let myself consider a future with you. At least, I would wonder what it would be like. But then all that ended when I had Cameron.

Jason: I can't say I blame you. You want your son to be safe.

Elizabeth: The funny thing is I thought he was. My little boy's world is about to be ripped apart, and thank God he won't understand why.

Jason: He's going to be ok. He's got you. You're such a great mother.

Elizabeth: I just wish -- I wish that he could get to know you better, you know, because you're so good with kids and you're so patient. But the world you live in, I just can't take that chance.

Jason: I totally understand.

Elizabeth: I will always be grateful that when I had no place else to go, you rescued me.

Jason: And I am really glad you found me.

Elizabeth: I should probably go.

Jason: Only if you want to.

Sonny: You slept with Sam to stick it to Jason because of me.

Ric: Oh, there we are. It's always about you, right?

Sonny: Well, this time it's about you, and the sad part is you think you got it over on Jason, but you're still not going to get what you want. If the clouds parted and the heavens sent down miracles and we were the greatest brothers in the world, you still wouldn't get what you want.

Ric: What the hell do you know about it?

Sonny: What I do know is our mother's not going to stand right here with tears in her eyes, begging your forgiveness because she chose me over you. She's dead! We got to get over it. You know how long it's taken me to admit that? You got to look in a mirror and you got to face it yourself. You got to stop chasing me and provoking Jason and take care of your family. Because that's the most important thing that you got. Now, you know, I had to hit rock bottom to figure out what I needed to do. This thing with Sam -- hey, whoa, you know? You've just bottomed out, brother. And you got to figure out what you really want.

Singer: When time touches my shore I'm broken up from the storm lost at sea but then you found me well, I can't afford to throw my heart on the floor I want to believe this is for real 'cause the tears will be all mine and if you walk away would you be fine? 'Cause it'll bleed and it'll hurt and it'll take everything to say that I'm yours it'll sink deep into my heart if you fall in love and fall right back out it'll crush it'll leave me blown away but I'll regret every single day if I don't try with you you're worth the pain I'm goin' through I give myself I give myself away and take this step of faith

Elizabeth: Cameron is staying at my gram's tonight, and -- well, I can't go back there because I promised her that I would try to work things out with Lucky. And Lucky and Maxie are probably still in my bed, so I'm pretty sure I'm not going to go home. I've got $10 in my wallet, two maxed-out credit cards -- even if I could find a hotel with power -- but I think I'm just going to go stay at the on-call room at the hospital and pray nobody asks me any questions.

Jason: Or you can just stay here with me.

Singer: It'll take everything to say that I'm yours it'll sink deep into my heart if you fall in love and fall right back out it'll crush it'll leave me blown away but I'll regret every single day if I don't try with you you're worth the pain I'm goin' through I give myself I give myself away and take this step of faith

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