GH Transcript Thursday 8/10/06

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 8/10/06


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Carly: I know how much you love our children, okay, and if you want the boys to stay here with you while I go to Africa --

Sonny: To chase down Jax in Africa?

Carly: Michael and Morgan like Jax.

Sonny: Okay, you know, I know I'm in therapy, and maybe I'm not thinking clearly, but don't you think I should be a little bit concerned that you're taking my children all the way across the world to chase down Jax?

Carly: Be honest with me.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Carly: Are you ready to take care of Michael and Morgan?

Sonny: No.

Ric: Yeah, the air conditioner's not going to be fixed 'til, I don't know, sometime tomorrow. I got rooms for all of us at the Metro Court, Viola. You just take the kids over there. It's under the name "Lansing." No, I haven't heard from Alexis. She's -- I've left her three messages. Yeah, just tell the girls that -- I'll just try to make sure that I'm there to tuck them in. Okay? Bye. What do you want?

Bernie: Mr. Morgan wanted me to return these documents to you and tell you that your services are no longer required.

Alexis: Jason, can I talk to you for a minute?

Jason: Not if it's about Sam.

Alexis: It's about Carly. Carly's trying to get you and Sam back together, and I'm hoping that you might be able to stop that.

Elizabeth: Don't let me interrupt. I just wanted you to know our marriage is over.

Lulu: Hi. Is Nikolas there? This is his sister. It's really important. I need to talk to him. Um -- no, no. That's okay, no message. Okay. Are you okay?

Elizabeth: Yeah. I didn't know you were -- you were down here.

Lulu: What happened?

Elizabeth: Uh -- it's nothing you can fix. I just need to -- I just need to calm down and think for a minute.

Lulu: Well, I mean, do you want to call Lucky?

Elizabeth: Your brother's the last person I'd want to call.

Maxie: Sometimes it's hard to face the truth, but maybe you're just better off without her.

Lucky: You know what? You need to leave.

Maxie: Please don't push me away.

Lucky: I'm protecting you from me.

Maxie: How can you say that?

Lucky: Look at me -- I'm stoned, I'm a train wreck. I'm sleeping with you in the bed that I share with my wife.

Maxie: But I care about you.

Lucky: You need to leave now before it gets worse.

Ric: Does my brother know about this?

Bernie: Mr. Morgan is running day-to-day operations.

Ric: Oh. I see. That means that Jason's giving the orders and Sonny's just a figurehead, right?

Bernie: No, Mr. Corinthos has been distracted lately, but he's well aware that your participation on any level would be detrimental --

Ric: These contracts are for the coffee business. These have been carefully negotiated, and they're completely legal, Bernie. They haven't even closed yet.

Bernie: Mr. Morgan has --

Ric: He could lose a great deal of money.

Bernie: Mr. Morgan has decided to end negotiations.

Ric: He blew the deals.

Bernie: He thinks they're ill-advised.

Ric: Right, because, of course, I'm the one who negotiated them on Sonny's behalf, and Sonny can't possibly owe me anything. Those deals could've made Sonny substantial, legitimate profits which he is in desperate need of, and Jason's throwing them away just out of spite.

Bernie: Well, let's put it this way -- he thinks that you're not operating in the best interests of the company.

Ric: Really? Is that right? What about you, Bernie? What do you think? I mean, you're the numbers guy; you do the math. Please, just forget for one second that I'm the hated interloper and Jason is the favorite son, and you tell me those deals didn't make financial sense.

Bernie: I think numbers don't lie. I think everything you did since you were running Mr. Corinthos' affairs was designed to put you in charge, and I think it's fortunate that Mr. Morgan intervened before you could cause permanent damage.

Alexis: I have no idea what Carly's motive is. I don't know if it's -- if it's loyalty to you or what kind of game she's playing, but I'm concerned that she's going to hurt Sam. She's on a mission.

Jason: Carly doesn't listen to anyone. You know that.

Alexis: I think she listens to you. Jason, Sam is really starting to make peace with this breakup, and I'm -- I'm concerned that Carly is going to undermine that.

Jason: What exactly did she do?

Alexis: She came over to the house, she was lobbying for Sam to go to you. Sam asked her to stop, but she was absolutely relentless.

Jason: Is Sam okay?

Alexis: I think she will be if Carly leaves her alone.

[Jason sighs]

Sam: What a surprise, finding you two together.

Alexis: Jason and I were talking about --

Sam: No, wait, wait. Let -- let me guess, please. I mean, this has got to be about your new goal in life -- keeping Jason away from me.

Sonny: I'm just not feeling up to it right now to have the kids stay with me.

Carly: How did your last session with Lainey go?

Sonny: It's going great. It's going great. Everything's good.

Carly: Taking your medication?

Sonny: Yeah, taking the pills, the medication -- the whole, you know, the therapy -- it's just the process of talking about the past, talking about you. Sometimes I -- I get home, I'm on edge, and I don't want anything to set me off -- like Ric coming over here or something -- and I start yelling. I don't want my children to be afraid of me.

Carly: They're not afraid of you, Sonny. They love you and they want you to get well.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, but they've seen me when I'm not. Sometimes I see -- I see them, and they're wondering what mood I'm in, and they're hoping they don't want to, you know, say something wrong, do something wrong to get me angry or shut me down. A kid should be able to count on his father.

Carly: They know they can count on you. You've never hurt them. You never will, and they know that, okay?

Sonny: It's just not the right time right now to have them here, you know -- as much as I want them here.

Carly: All right. I'll take them to Africa with me.

Sonny: Nope.

Carly: You just now sat there and said --

Sonny: No, but it's just not a good time to be dragging the children across to -- to Africa to see Jax.

Carly: What's the problem here?

Sonny: Uh --

Carly: You worried about Jax bonding with the boys -- or with me?

Sonny: You want to be with Jax? That's your business. I'm in no situation to criticize.

Carly: You're allowed to have an opinion. I just don't have to agree with you.

Sonny: You know what? You made a great life for yourself, and -- and you absolutely deserve it, but I'm telling you right now, Jax is going to break your heart.

Carly: You don't know that.

Sonny: He got you to lie for him for, you know, Courtney's baby, and then he left you right after the paternity stuff hit the fan. Now you're going to feed the guy's ego by chasing after him, when he should be begging for you.

Carly: There's only one man I ever begged for.

[Sonny sighs]

Carly: And that was enough for one lifetime.

Sonny: Let Jax come to you.

Carly: Look, he's going to have to do plenty of groveling if I let him back in my life, okay?

Sonny: So I guess I can't stop you.

Carly: What do you think?

Sonny: Okay. Well, then go ahead, go. Have a good trip.

Carly: Thank you. I'll send you a post card.

Sonny: No, you know what? Forget the post card. Here's what I want you to do. While you're on that plane, you know, I want you to think real hard on whether you think Jax -- Jax -- is worth it.

Ric: Let me tell you something about your precious Mr. Morgan. He's a liar and he's a thief. I mean, he used his own sister as an excuse to steal Sonny's business, Bernie. He abused his position of -- of trust in order to rob his best friend. This is somebody that --

Bernie: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. I was there day to day, remember? I was the guy moving the money. I was the guy answering the phones. I know what Mr. Morgan did, and I know what he did not do. And I know that he did not take one dime of Mr. Corinthos' money, and I know he did not say one word against him to any of our associates, just as I know you took advantage of your brother's unfortunate mental lapse, and Mr. Morgan saw right through you and stopped you cold.

Ric: Be very, very careful, Bernie. I am a dangerous enemy to have.

Bernie: Hmm. I'm sure you are. But I am Mr. Morgan's trusted employee, and he just handed you your ass, so I guess I backed the winning side. Oh -- one thing. Mr. Morgan wanted me to tell you that you are going to be paid in full for your work, and don't set foot in the warehouse anymore.

Ric: Son of a bitch!

Sam: Well, Carly was right -- you are relentless. You never miss a chance to remind Jason that he was the reason that I was shot.

Alexis: That really wasn't what I --

Sam: You keep working his guilt because it's the only weapon you've got. You claim that you want to keep me safe, but --

Jason: Sam, come on, don't --

Sam: No, Jason, why are you defending her?

Jason: Alexis didn't make me break up with you. I made the choice to try to protect you.

Sam: No, you'd like to think that it was your choice. You would like to believe that it was your choice because you are too proud to admit the truth.

Jason: The truth is it's over. I told you -- I can't love you anymore. What we had ended on the terrace last night.

Alexis: I know how painful that was for you to do, but I think it was a gift to Sam.

Jason: I hope you're right. 

Lainey: So, I'll see you next week.

Lorenzo: Thank you, doctor. Have a good weekend.

Lainey: Did you forget something?

Sonny: What's Alcazar doing here?

Lainey: Look, Sonny --

Sonny: And don't give me that doctor/patient confidentiality, because I don't want to hear that right now.

Lainey: Mr. Alcazar's visit had nothing to do with you.

Sonny: Okay, so he suddenly shows up to see you when I -- when I start therapy? You think that's just a coincidence?

Lainey: Sonny, believe me, I know what Mr. Alcazar is up to, and it's not going to work, I promise. He won't get access to your file.

Sonny: Not that the man doesn't need help, because, you know, he's got a god complex the size of the empire state building, but let me tell you something. He doesn't need you, he doesn't want anything from you except information on me.

Lainey: Yes, and he won't get it. Now, if you don't believe me, you've got the perfect excuse not to come back to therapy, huh?

Sonny: I don't want to quit right now -- at all, actually -- so --

Lainey: So now you're working me?

Sonny: Hold on. Okay, here's the thing. Carly went on a trip across the world with my sons to chase Jax down, and I know she's going to end up with a broken heart. I could've told her, "You're not going." I could've stopped her by using the children. I didn't do that. So you tell me -- isn't that progress?

Elizabeth: Gram, do you think you can keep Cameron for another few days?

Audrey: Well, uh, is something the matter?

Elizabeth: Yeah, Lucky and I have -- we've been having some problems lately, and tonight it just got a lot worse.

Audrey: Oh. So you need a few days to work things out, hmm?

Elizabeth: No -- I don't need time. Our marriage is over.

Audrey: Oh, Elizabeth, you don't mean that.

Elizabeth: Yeah. Yeah, I do.

Audrey: Well, look, can you -- can you tell me what happened?

Elizabeth: You know what? The details aren't really important. I just can't be with him anymore.

Audrey: Uh -- darling, all marriages go through difficult times. Believe me, I know, and when you spend a lifetime with someone, you have to expect a little wear and tear.

Elizabeth: Yeah, but some damage just can't be repaired.

Audrey: But you do still love him, don't you?

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Audrey: Now, listen, Elizabeth. You've known Lucky a long time. Do you think you could put yourself in his shoes and see his side of the story?

Elizabeth: He's been going through a really hard time lately.

Audrey: Yeah, well, then can you understand his feelings and -- and the pressures that he's facing, huh?

Elizabeth: I thought I understood, but for it to come to this, I --

Audrey: Oh, dear. Well, my advice, for what it's worth, is just don't walk away without trying every possible way to keep your marriage together. Otherwise, maybe you will look back in a day or a month, a year, 10 years, and you'll wish that you made that last-ditch effort.

Elizabeth: I don't know.

Audrey: Well, of course -- of course I'll keep Cam, but would you just promise me, please, love? Promise me that you'll try to work things out with Lucky.

[Knock on door]

Lulu: Oh, my god. Lucky, what's happened to you?

Lucky: I showed my true Spencer colors.

Lulu: I saw Elizabeth crying on the docks. What is going on?

Lucky: Well, she saw her husband for who he really is.

Lulu: Lucky --

Lucky: I'm no hero. I can't save anyone. I -- I wrecked myself. I -- I wrecked my wife.

Lulu: Lucky, stop. You're starting to sound like dad.

Lucky: You know, for the first time, I think I finally understand dad now.

Lulu: Lucky --

[Lucky chuckles]

Lulu: Stop it! Get it together! I really need you, right now.

Carly: I know, Jane. Yes. We're all in the same hotel. Are you sure Jax is in that hotel? Okay. Yes, we're leaving tonight. See you then.

[Door opens]

Jason: Carly --

Carly: Hey. Any chance you can take me and the boys to the airport?

Jason: Where are you going?

Carly: Cairo.

Jason: Why?

Carly: Jax is there, and his mom says he needs help.

[Jason sighs]

Jason: So what?

Carly: I know, I know. I thought the same thing, too. He walked out on me, why should I go chase after him? Why should I care if some gold digger is trying to take advantage of his grief and rob him blind?

Jason: What -- what grief are you talking about?

Carly: Oh, come on, Jason. How did you feel when you lost Michael? You don't think Jax feels the same way over losing John? He's made some mistakes, but all the wrong things he did, he did for the right reason. Everything has blown up in his face, and his life's a mess right now.

Jason: He walked out -- he walked out on you!

Carly: And you walked out on Sam! Doesn't mean you don't love her. It means you're confused and you're wrong, and you need to go fix everything.

Jason: Okay, just stop!

Carly: Are you going to disagree with anything just said to you?

Jason: You know what? Just have a good trip, okay? Ask the hotel to book you a private guide when you take the boys to see the pyramids, okay?

Carly: No, you came here for a reason. What?

Jason: It doesn't -- it doesn't matter!

Carly: It matters to me. Could this have anything to do with me going by and talking to Sam last night? Don't tell me Alexis had the nerve to complain to you because I'm trying to get Sam to go back to you.

Jason: Why would you do that to Sam? She's been hurt enough. Just leave her alone.

Carly: I'm not going to leave her alone. I'm not going to leave her alone because you love her and you need to stop this before you lose the only person who's really made you happy.

Sam: What's all this?

Ric: It's garbage, courtesy of your boyfriend -- excuse me, your fiancÚ. What is Jason -- just your ex now?

Sam: Ric, please don't. Don't talk about Jason right now.

Ric: Oh, that's fine with me. Hey, I won't if you won't. Deal?

Sam: But I need a drink.

Ric: Be my guest.

Sam: Ooh.

Ric: So what's got you diving into a bottle?

Sam: My mother is a controlling bitch. Oh, did you hear that or do I need to say it again, maybe a little bit louder this time?

Alexis: I know that you're angry, but you need to show some respect, Sam.

Sam: Oh. Res-- respect? I am supposed to respect a liar who's trying to control my life? You kept hammering away at Jason, working him, working his guilt until he finally shut me out. I am miserable, he is miserable, but you don't give a damn as long as you get your own way!

Alexis: It was Jason's choice.

Sam: Oh, his choice -- oh, no, no, no, no. Hold on, right. Jason chose to leave me, but that still wasn't enough for you. I am not allowed to talk to him! You will not let me talk to him! That is sick! You are sick! But you are not in control of my life! You don't tell me where I can go, what I can do, or who I can sleep with! Stay the hell out of it!

Alexis: Fine. You want to be with Jason, go ahead. Be my guest.

Sam: No, no, no, no. That's right because it's not your fault. Nothing is ever your fault, not -- not you. This was Jason's choice. I -- his choice.

Alexis: I'm done, Sam. I'm done fighting for you. I am done trying to save you, and the interesting thing is, is that you never asked me to, and it's evident that you don't want me to, so you win. I'm done. You want to spend the rest of your life with Jason, being his plaything, being his appendage, taking orders from him and getting shot at, that is entirely up to you. I'm not going to do anything to stop you because it is clear to me that you have absolutely no self-respect. You have no identity of your own, so being with Jason is really your only option, isn't it? If I were you, I wouldn't go to school. I wouldn't go to college. I wouldn't go to law school. Why don't you just let Jason take care of you for the rest of your life because that way you don't have to think? Wouldn't that be great? Get out! Get out of my house -- I don't want you poisoning your sisters' minds with your pathetic, degraded attitude!

Ric: Wait! Wait a minute! What the hell's wrong with you?

Lucky: You know, I'm starting to understand Dad, about why he screwed up, because I'm starting to do the same.

Lulu: Okay, Lucky, when I was growing up, you were reliable and responsible and everything that Dad wasn't. And when I needed to talk to someone or confide in someone, you were there. You have kept your promises. You' never let me down. And whenever we would get in trouble, you would tell me that it wasn't my fault. And I really need to hear that from you right now.

Lucky: You want my help because I did something noble? Well, you know what? I got a shiny little medal, and I got a promotion to prove it.

Lulu: I want your help because you're my brother!

Lucky: You know, Dad did something noble once -- then the people expected him to be the hero. Well, he couldn't handle it, and he left!

Lulu: Well, you're different than that! You don't pick up and leave any time you feel like it! You're committed to your family and you --

Lucky: I screwed up! I can never make it right again! That is a Spencer for you! Yeah. Dad, Carly, Bobbie -- they're all alone. It is something you and I can never, ever get away from. It runs in our blood. We just crash and burn.

Lulu: I don't know what's going on with you right now, but I can't deal with this.

Lucky: Then leave. There's the door.

[Lulu sighs]

Sonny: But, you know, I did agree to all the medication, all the therapy that you want me to do. I'm not going to fight you on this. I -- I rely need to do this for my children.

Lainey: Sonny, you're making a lot of progress. From what I understand, you didn't blow up at Carly for suggesting that you're not ready to care for your children.

Sonny: Well, it doesn't mean I'm happy that she went chasing after Jax, but I'm in no position to criticize.

Lainey: Exactly. I mean, you're keeping a level head; you're being reasonable.

Sonny: Right.

Lainey: You know, I mean, that kind of emotional trigger, Carly pursuing another man -- that would've set you off before. And today you seem calm, level.

[Lainey chuckles]

Sonny: Yeah, I'm all right. You know, don't give me too much credit because there's no use in fighting Carly because she's going to do what she wants.

Lainey: Right. What about the medication? Now, you said before that you didn't want to feel like a drugged-out zombie.

Sonny: I feel pretty normal.

Lainey: Good. I think we might have found the right dosage. Sonny, you're doing really well.

Sonny: Yeah? I'm glad you think so because I'll tell you the truth. Right now I kind of wish I would've fought Carly. We'd have screamed, called each other names, but you know what? It beats being alone.

Ric: Look, I don't care how mad you get. You don't call your child "pathetic" and "degraded."

Sam: No, no. Ric, at least she's being honest. The loving mother act is finally over. Alexis finally admits that she thinks I'm trash.

Alexis: I didn't say that.

Sam: You didn't have to! It showed on your face from day one.

Alexis: We need to just take a -- a step back --

Sam: "A step back"? For what, exactly? So you can pretend that you are happy that I'm your daughter? Fess up, mother. You think that I am trash. You are humiliated that I'm your daughter. You were hoping to find a child that was accomplished and -- and educated, maybe, just maybe with a white-collar job. You would've liked that, wouldn't you? But, no, instead you found me, and you tried to cover. You tried to cover. You gave -- you gave me a makeover, you got rid of Jason. You even gave me a new job. You tried to make me into a respectable woman, somebody worthy of you. But it didn't work. No. It didn't work, so now you have to finally admit the truth. You think I'm dirt. You are sorry. You are sorry that I am your daughter.

Alexis: I want desperately to have a relationship with you, Sam. But you didn't want to have a relationship with me.

Sam: No, you wanted desperately to mold me --

Alexis: No, I didn't --

Sam: Into what you wanted!

Alexis: You are determined to hate me! What am I supposed to do? I don't want you spreading your malice to your sisters because --

Sam: My --

Alexis: Kristina and Molly need their mother right now, and I don't want you undermining me with them!

Sam: Oh.

Alexis: I don't care where you go. You want to go with Jason, go with Jason. You go wherever you want, but you get the hell out of my house!

Ric: No, no, Sam isn't going anywhere.

Alexis: I can't believe that you're not siding --

Ric: This isn't about Sam! This is about you lashing out because you -- you're hiding the fact that -- that you're hiding the truth!

Alexis: What?

Ric: It's a smokescreen. She's just a smokescreen. This is all about you. You are having a problem!

Alexis: I -- I thought I could count on you --

Ric: Yeah.

Alexis: At least to support me.

Ric: Okay.

Alexis: Oh, forget it. I'm -- oh, my mistake.

Ric: Go ahead. Go ahead. Say hi to the mayor for me.

Sam: What does the mayor have to do with this?

Ric: Nothing. Doesn't matter.

Sam: Oh. Oh. No, nothing really matters anymore.

Ric: Yeah, you got that right.

Carly: Believe me, it is painful for me to admit that Sam has made you happier than I ever did. I never really had a chance --

Jason: I -- I got Sam shot. She almost died because of me. Why can't anybody understand that? Why can't you, why can't she?

Carly: How many times have you been shot?

Jason: What -- what does that have to --

Carly: And it's been Sonny's fault every single time, right?

Jason: No!

Carly: Yeah, it has. You were working for him. I mean, that first night Sonny and I got together, you went to a meeting in his place and there was an ambush, right?

Jason: Come on, Carly. That's not the same thing.

Carly: No, and you never quit working for Sonny, did you? And as I recall, you were mad as hell because he tried to fire you for your own good, but you didn't want protection, Jason. No, you wanted to live the life that you chose to lead. And Sonny was just your friend. Sam's in love with you. Why doesn't she get to make the same choices you did?

Jason: Because I don't want her to die.

Carly: Nobody wants the person they love to die. But you can't break Sam's heart just to keep her safe. She loves you and she needs you, and you need to go to her right now and tell her you were wrong.

Jason: I can't, I can't. I told her that I can't love her anymore. I can't keep going back and forth.

Carly: God, I cannot believe that you let Alexis do this to you. What did she give you, some song-and-dance about how you're keeping Sam's hopes alive and you need to tell Sam "I can't love you" so she'll let go?

Jason: Alexis didn't make me do anything!

Carly: She's played on your guilt! And I can tell you right now she's wrong. This is not going to help Sam. It's going to destroy her.

Carly: Does Sam like herself, Jason?

Jason: What?

Carly: Does she think she's good, loving, or worthwhile? Or does she think she's trash who always got left and always will? Does she think she deserves you? Or are you some unexplained miracle that just showed up in her life and she always knew it was just too good to last? Because if that's the case, you've proved her right. You've proved every bad thing that Sam has ever thought about herself to be true.

Jason: No.

Carly: Yeah, you have. And, see, the difference is I have a secret weapon. That's why no matter how many times I fall, I can always get back up. That's why I can get on a plane and chase halfway around the world a guy who may not even love me -- because I have you. And I know no matter how bad things get, or how wrong I am or how badly I screw up, you're always going to come find me, and you're always going to catch me when I fall. So I have you. Who does Sam have? Who is she if you don't love her, Jason?

Jason: I'm just trying to save her life.

Carly: Don't try. Do it. You go to her and you tell her that you're sorry, that you made a mistake, and that you want to live a life with her. However long that life may be -- 15 minutes, 15 years -- it doesn't matter because you two love each other. And you're lucky if you have that because people don't always get it. And you're too smart to waste it.

Jason: You know, this might be the first time you're right about something. Okay. Maybe, you know, I should just go talk to her.

Carly: Maybe you should. You know -- uh -- even if you and Sam end up being married for 10 years and having 10 kids, and if Jax and I live happily ever after, I'm still going to need you to catch me when I fall.

Jason: You know I'll be there for you.

Carly: I know.

Sam: Where is everyone?

Ric: In case you hadn't noticed, the air conditioning is out. I got rooms for everybody over at the Metro Court. Viola and the kids are already there if you want to go.

Sam: What are you doing here?

Ric: I just thought I'd stick around and just do some work, and then I'll head over.

Sam: And I -- maybe I should -- I should start packing, you know? Maybe Alexis is right and I should just leave, and not this house but this town, because I just -- I don't really think that I have anything to stay for. What do I have to stay for?

Ric: Yeah, yeah, go ahead, run away. You know, out of sight, out of mind. What a gift that would be to Jason and Alexis. That way, Jason doesn't have to deal with the fact that he's the one who dumped you and Alexis doesn't have to deal with a daughter who doesn't live up to her almighty standard. Yep, great plan.

Sam: I mean, I -- I could start over. No baggage.

Ric: I've always found that it's much more rewarding to get even by proving that you're a survivor and that nobody can knock you down.

Sam: Well, I'm not so sure about that.

Ric: Yeah? You ought to try it. You might surprise yourself.

Sam: All right. Where are you going with this? And what was that -- that crack to Alexis about the mayor?

Ric: I got a better question. What happened between you and Jason?

Sam: He made it official. He says that he doesn't love me anymore.

Ric: How stupid is he? 

Carly: Michael, I'm just going to set the alarm, okay? Please stop pushing your brother.

Carly: Okay.

[Alarm sounds]

Sonny: Lulu, right?

Lulu: Mr. Corinthos.

Sonny: No, Sonny, please. What are you doing out here alone?

Lulu: Nothing. I'm just walking.

Sonny: There are safer places to walk.

Lulu: I'm not really concerned about my safety right now. Um -- I called Carly and I left her a message, but I haven't heard back from her.

Sonny: Carly's leaving to Africa tonight.

Lulu: Okay. All right, well, I guess that's it, then.

Sonny: I'm -- I'm a friend of your father's, you know. I mean, if Carly's not around, if you want to bounce something off me, you can. Or not.

[Music plays]

Lulu: I think this is something I just need to deal with myself.

Sonny: Well, I'm not going to let you just, you know, wander around out here by yourself.

Lulu: You're by yourself.

Sonny: Yeah, but I'm a lot older than you are and I have a gun in my back pocket. Actually, you'd be doing me a favor by letting me help you, because that way I don't have to go home to an empty house.

Lulu: Okay, the truth is I made a huge mistake, and it would be fine if I was the only one, but I'm not the only one involved.

Singer: Wake up right in front of you

Woman: Lucky?

Lucky: Elizabeth.

Singer: And I still believe in what we had

Lucky: Elizabeth, hey --

Singer: More than just a dream

Lucky: Maxie, you shouldn't --

Maxie: Look, the power went out, I was worried about you, and I felt really bad. I just wanted to make sure you were okay.

Lucky: Thanks for coming by.

Singer: Can I hold on tight

Lucky: I don't feel like I can talk to anyone except for you.

Singer: To the memory of you and I? Can I hold on to you tonight and say goodbye?

[Phone rings]

Jason: Yeah? Hey, Bernie, what's up? You know what? I'm sorry, that's -- that's going to have to wait because I'm on my way to see Sam. All right, thanks.

Singer: Following your ghost times I turn around and you're gone and I still believe in what we wanted but my heart is crumbling can I hold on to you tonight

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Patrick: Am I too late for dinner?

Robin: Not at all.

Elizabeth: How long have you known your sister has been sleeping with my husband?

Lulu: You cannot tell anyone.

Sonny: I won't say anything.

Lulu: Swear.

Jason: Where is she?

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