GH Transcript Tuesday 8/8/06

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 8/8/06


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All: Happy birthday!

Bobbie: Happy birthday!

[Bobbie laughs]

Tracy: Are you stunned speechless? Your family went to a great deal of trouble. "Thank you" would be appropriate.

Bobbie: Oh, the look on your face is thanks enough. Oh, look at you.

Elizabeth: We really got you, didn't we?

Lulu: Yeah, you sure did.

Lucky: Happy birthday, sis. You don't look a day over 17.

Lulu: Oh, thank you. Guys, this is so unexpected.

Bobbie: I can tell you were surprised. Happy birthday, honey. Ooh! And you look beautiful.

Lulu: Oh, thank you.

Jason: Hey.

Emily: Hey. You got here fast.

Jason: Yeah. I was just glad you called, and I just kind of want to get back to normal.

Emily: Yeah.

Jason: You know?

Emily: I feel the same.

Jason: Are you -- are you okay?

Emily: Um -- in other words, how am I handling the breakup with Sonny? Well, I've accepted it as the best choice, and other than that, it's a day-to-day thing.

Jason: Yeah. I know what you mean. You want to get a table?

Emily: Actually, you're not having dinner with me.

Jason: You -- uh -- you set me up with Sam, didn't you?

Carly: Alexis wants to be the most important person in your life, and if you let her, she's going to control every move you make.

Sam: This may come as a shock to you, but I control my own life.

Alexis: She doesn't need to protect herself from me. She doesn't even need to listen if she doesn't want to. I just hope that she understands that I just want her to be happy.

Carly: You want Sam to do whatever you want Sam to do. You want her to live by your standards. Haven't you figured out what happens when you don't let people be who they are? They rebel, and that's exactly what's going to happen. It's going to take Kristina and Molly a little longer than Sam, but the end result is going to be the same. They are going to resent you so much that they are going to heave a huge sigh of relief when you finally do everyone a favor and drop dead Alexis.

Alexis: That was tasteless and cruel, even for you, Carly. I can't believe she just said that she wished that I would drop dead.

Carly: I didn't. I was just pointing out the fact that your daughters are going to resent your being such a dominating control freak. If Sam had any sense, she'd be there already.

Sam: Look, I realize that in some twisted way, no one comprehends except you that you're putting up some sort of a fight for Jason, but now is not the time. I wish you would just leave, please.

Carly: Well, I'm sorry. I thought you wanted what you had back. I guess that was my mistake.

Sam: Excuse me? No, I did not break up with Jason. I did everything except get on my hands and knees and beg for him to come back to me. He made it clear, more than once, he does not want me.

Carly: Because he didn't want to hurt you. And if you weren't completely under Alexis' thumb, I wouldn't have to tell you that. Don't live for your mother. It's never going to be good enough.

Ric: Oh --

Alexis: That's it. Out. Get out, Carly. Out, before I charge you with trespassing.

Carly: Calm down, Alexis! You might have another coughing fit.

Alexis: Get out.

Sam: All right, a "coughing fit"?

Alexis: It -- she's exaggerating. It was nothing. I got into an issue with her this afternoon. I coughed because I was choking on my anger.

Sam: Please, don't tell me you were fighting over me.

[Alexis sighs]

Alexis: You look very beautiful.

Sam: Thank you.

Alexis: Are you going someplace special?

Sam: Yeah -- um -- I mean, I think so. I'm -- I'm celebrating my first paycheck by taking myself out to dinner.

Alexis: Do you want some company?

Sam: No. Oh, gosh, no. No. I'm just going to -- I'm going to sit at the table and -- and have some wine and actually hear my thoughts for once.

Alexis: I guess you're missing your solitude.

Sam: Yeah. Yeah, a little bit. Okay. All right, my -- my table's waiting.

Alexis: All right. Listen, you go have fun.

Sam: I will.

Alexis: Okay.

Sam: Bye.

Ric: Listen, why don't -- why don't you sit down and tell me all about this. You seem a little edgy and --

Alexis: I don't want to sit down, and maybe I'm edgy because that shrew just verbally attacked me in my own home, tried to turn my daughter against me, while my husband just stood there and didn't bother to open his mouth to log in a protest.

Lucky: Well, this is a rare moment -- you're not usually at a loss for words.

Lulu: I -- I didn't think that anyone would remember.

Bobbie: Oh, honey. You may have managed to keep us all away from your graduation, but we are all very well aware of the fact you came into the world 18 years ago today, and we're not going to let a special occasion like this go by without a celebration.

Lucky: Are you all right?

Lulu: Yeah -- no, why? Why wouldn't I be?

Lucky: Well, you seem a little jumpy. You're not about to bounce out of here, are you?

Lulu: No, no, I -- um -- I was just going to grab -- this.

Bobbie: Oh, thank you.

Lucky: Uh -- since when did you start fixing your face?

Lulu: I resent that. I am a girl and I know my aunt, and Bobbie's going to take, like, a zillion pictures, so I'd like to look halfway decent in them.

Bobbie: Well, I might as well live up to my reputation.

Lucky: Trapped.

Bobbie: All right, Lucky, put your arm around your sister --

Lucky: Okay.

Bobbie: Line up here --

Lucky: Fine.

Bobbie: And I want a big smile from both of you.

Lucky: Smile.

Bobbie: Smile, smile, and give me one more.

Elizabeth: Oh, that was cute! Do it again. Do it again.

Lulu: Hey. You're here.

Nikolas: Hi.

Lulu: Hi.

Nikolas: Happy birthday.

Lulu: Thank you.

Nikolas: You think I'd miss my only sister's 18th birthday party? I'm late because I haven't quite got the hang of my new schedule yet. With a new baby, it takes four times as long to go anywhere.

Lulu: Oh, no, I'm glad to see you and Little John, too.

Nikolas: Well, it's good to see you, except his name's not John anymore.

Lulu: What, did I miss something major?

Nikolas: No, no, no. I mean, there's nothing wrong with the name John. It's just I wanted my son's name to have resonance for my family.

Lucky: Hey.

Nikolas: Hey. How are you?

Lucky: Good.

Nikolas: So, I wanted to honor my brother and sister by giving my son their name.

Lulu: Well -- oh. Don't tell me you named the poor kid Lucky Lulu.


Nikolas: No, no, no, no. Spencer.

Lulu: Spencer Cassadine?

Nikolas: Yeah. It kind of has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

Lucky: Oh --

Lulu: I -- I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm really touched, but my dad's going to hate it.

Nikolas: Well, Luke hates that I breathe air. So what's new if he gets mad, right?

Lucky: Yeah, I got a feeling Helena won't be thrilled, either.

Nikolas: Well, then I definitely made the right choice.

Lulu: Hey, did you hear that? Your daddy named you after us.

Lucky: Oh, it's an honor. Thank you.

Lulu: Oh, come here.

Nikolas: Watch your head.

Lucky: Oh.

Lulu: Oh, hi. Hi. Look how big you're getting.

Emily: Sorry to disappoint you, but I set you up with Grandfather, not Sam.

Jason: I don't know why you would set me up with anybody.

Edward: Because I asked her to. I assumed that after our last conversation, I had every good reason to believe that you would refuse to see me.

Jason: I'm still not sure why I should.

Emily: Because I'm asking.

Emily: Hey, try to listen to each other. I've learned from experience that no matter how far off the rails you go with family, there's always a second chance.

Jason: Go ahead.

Edward: Well, I'd like to -- to begin by thanking you for your support --

[Edward chuckles]

Edward: However inadvertent. Emily informed me that you were very much against her unfortunate liaison with Sonny.

Jason: I don't want to -- I don't want to discuss Sonny and Emily.

Edward: Jason, where are your manners? Damn it. You were so well-bred. All right, I -- I'm sorry. I'll get to the point. I want you to kill Lorenzo Alcazar.

Lulu: Okay -- um -- nobody here but Tracy knows that I lied about Georgie to get with you. So if you leave now, it's going to be really weird, and I'm not ready to be interrogated by my family. They are going to break me, and I will never be able to get out of my room.

Dillon: Well, we can't have that, can we? You know, I actually -- I didn't forget about your birthday. I -- your present is on back order. I'm sorry.

Lulu: What is it?

Dillon: It's a surprise.

Lulu: Oh. I have had plenty of surprises today. Why don't you just tell me?

Dillon: Um -- okay, it's an Alfred Hitchcock box set, actually.

Lulu: Wow. Thanks to Dillon, I have my own appreciation for classic films.

Bobbie: Very good, because if you're home watching movies, we'll know you're staying out of trouble.


Lucky: Lulu's officially an adult -- way too mature to get into trouble, right?

Lulu: Absolutely. The word isn't even a part of my vocabulary. See? I can't even say it.

Maxie: Sorry I'm late.

Bobbie: It's okay. I'm glad you made it. And I'm also a little surprised.

Maxie: How come?

Bobbie: Because you haven't always been reliable lately.

Maxie: I am capable of setting priorities -- I brought a present.

Lucky: God -- another brownout.

Elizabeth: Okay, I hate it when this happens.

Lucky: The heat wave is overheating the power supply.

Elizabeth: God, this makes me feel so helpless and trapped. Oh, that's better. I think I need a brownie.

Maxie: Hey. I brought your sister a present. I hope she likes it. I just don't really know Lulu that well.

Lucky: I'm sure she'll be fine with it. Excuse me.

Patrick: Hey.

Elizabeth: Patrick.

Patrick: I'm sorry, I -- I didn't realize it was booked.

Elizabeth: Don't go. You're more than welcome to join us.

Ric: I have witnessed countless altercations between you and Carly, and they always follow the same patterns -- she rants and raves, usually about Sonny and Jason, you're able to keep your cool. You tell her how unreasonable she's being and you hold your ground. She gets frustrated, she storms off. Then you go back to business as usual. Why is this so different? Why are you letting her get to you?

Alexis: Maybe I object to constantly having my maternal abilities called into question.

Ric: Oh, Alexis --

Alexis: Or maybe I find it hurtful to hear that my good intentions and efforts on behalf of my children will inevitably drive them away. Maybe it just makes me furious to be criticized by a woman that I have absolutely no respect for. I don't know, maybe I'm just overcomplicating the whole thing. Maybe it's just really very simple. Maybe I'm just human and I don't want to hear that my children will be happier once I'm dead.

[Door opens and closes]

Edward: You are a gifted young man, and you are capable of enormous success at anything you set your mind to. And my greatest regret in life is that you were stolen by Corinthos. All your talent and potential, just channeled into a life of crime. Of course, I have every reason to believe that you are as successful in your chosen profession as you would've been as a doctor.

Jason: What are you getting at?

Edward: What I'm getting at is that Skye has gone into hiding. She's disappeared from view. It's the only way that she can ensure the safety of her child away from his father, Lorenzo Alcazar, and that is wrong, Jason. Skye should be able to have her baby where she lives, surrounded by the people who love her. She should be able to raise her child without any fear, and you can make that happen.

Jason: Are you asking me to kill Alcazar?

Edward: I am asking you to save Skye from a life of fear and uncertainty.

Jason: I'm -- I'm sorry that Skye's gone. Okay? You know, but she knew who Alcazar was when she slept with him. I guess she realized she got in over her head, so she got out. Now, if she's smart, if she's got people helping her, she's going to be in the clear. Alcazar will never find them, which means he loses a child that he desperately wanted. Isn't that punishment enough?

Edward: Why the hell are you protecting Lorenzo Alcazar?

Jason: I'm -- I'm protecting you.

Patrick: There's really no reason for me to be here.

Elizabeth: Oh. Well, it may not be the most glamorous party -- I mean, the food is homemade, the punch isn't spiked -- but there is plenty to go around.

Patrick: I wasn't commenting on the glamour factor. I don't know anyone here.

Elizabeth: Well, you know me, and -- well, Bobbie. Don't you like her?

Patrick: I like Bobbie.

Elizabeth: Okay. Then it's settled.

Patrick: You don't have to do this.

Elizabeth: Do what?

Patrick: Well, I've been exposed to end-stage AIDS, and you feel sorry for me and you don't know what to do with it. So you're trying to overcompensate by making me feel comfortable in a room full of strangers and you don't have to.

Elizabeth: You're not always right, you know.

Patrick: Tell me where I'm wrong.

Elizabeth: Well, I've been watching you since the accident, and I've noticed that you're not as outgoing as you used to be. It's almost like you're anticipating rejection. So I'm not going to let you isolate yourself when you need all the support and normalcy you can get. And everyone in this room has nothing but the highest regard for you, and I'm sure they would like to get to know you better. And who knows? You might even have a good time.

Patrick: Well, when you're bossy like that, how do I say no?

Bobbie: Change --

Nikolas: Right. Right.

Bobbie: That to that.

Lucky: Want to tell me again how Elizabeth's not flirting with Patrick?

Nikolas: Lucky, Elizabeth and Patrick are friends, okay? But friendship's a long way from an affair. You're acting like you don't even know Elizabeth or that you've -- you've forgotten what you know to be true. I -- she would never cheat on you, unless you make her feel so guilty about something that she didn't do, she figures she has nothing to lose. You might want to think about that.

Maxie: You look like a happy camper.

Lucky: I owe you an apology. I felt I was a little short with you earlier.

Maxie: It's okay. I understand. You didn't want Elizabeth to suspect anything. Too bad she's not giving you the same courtesy. Could she be more all over him?

Lulu: I can't believe everyone remembered my birthday.

Dillon: Well, that's what families do -- at least the good ones.

Lulu: Yeah, do you see my dad anywhere?

Dillon: Yeah, but Luke is Luke. I mean, just try not to have any expectations, and then you won't be let down so much.

Lulu: That's pretty warped advice. You're great. I really wish I hadn't ruined things between us.

Dillon: Me, too.

Dillon: Let me take -- whoa, whoa, whoa -- no, no, wait, wait, wait. I need to run something by you.

Georgie: Yeah? What's going on?

Dillon: Um -- surprise birthday party, it's Lulu's 18th, and her family doesn't know that we hooked up, and she's trying to cover, and I know this is a horrible thing to ask of you --

Georgie: No, no, I'm onboard. The last thing anyone here needs is to have Lulu's entire family dragged into our drama.

Dillon: I don't need to say it, but you're being incredibly cool about this.

Georgie: People do dumb, selfish things. It doesn't mean that they're malicious. I think I'm going to go say hi to my sister, okay? Hey, Lucky, can I speak to Maxie just for a second? Thanks.

Maxie: What are you doing? We were having a conversation.

Georgie: Are you an idiot? Elizabeth is right there. Why don't you just wear a sign that says "I'm sleeping with your husband"?

Maxie: Lucky and I could have sex on the counter, and Elizabeth wouldn't notice. She's too busy flirting with Patrick.

Elizabeth: Hey. How's it going?

Lucky: Well, I haven't taken any pills, if that's what you're asking.

Elizabeth: Okay, don't be like that.

Lucky: What, you don't like my attitude? Well, maybe you should stop hanging all over Patrick Drake.

Elizabeth: Lucky, I told you -- Patrick was exposed to AIDS during an operation. He is struggling.

Lucky: Oh.

Elizabeth: I am just being his friend.

Lucky: Yeah, right.

Carly: Hello. Happy, happy birthday.

Lulu: Thank you.

Carly: Happy 18th. Wow, you know what? You have your whole world ahead of you. The world is your oyster and you haven't irretrievably screwed anything up yet. Here you go.

Lulu: Um -- I'm not so sure about the "irretrievably screw-up" part.

Bobbie: Oh, nonsense. You've had your crosses to bear, but you have done it with grace and savvy, and I think your mother would be very proud.

Ric: Hey, pumpkin, what's wrong? You have trouble sleeping? Have a bad dream? Come here -- up you go.

Kristina: I want mommy.

Ric: Uh -- I'm sorry, sweetheart, mommy is -- mommy's got to work late. But I'll be happy to read you a bedtime story if that helps you get to sleep.

Kristina: Mommy always works now. When is she going to be home?

Mayor Floyd: Working late again?

Alexis: Apparently, I'm not the only one.

Mayor Floyd: Hmm. I get more work done at night -- fewer distractions.

Alexis: That was the plan.

Mayor Floyd: I'll leave you alone, then, but first, I would like to have a frank conversation with you about your performance so far as D.A.

Alexis: As it happens, I've been meaning to call you. There's something important that we need to discuss. 

Dillon: No, no -- wait, wait, wait, wait, no. You've already gone above and beyond by even remotely helping with cleanup.

Georgie: Dillon, you don't have to say nice things to me, it's okay.

Dillon: Even if I mean them? I mean, honestly, you should be hating Lulu and me right now. You have no reason to stick your neck out for either of us, much less cover for us, after what we've done.

Georgie: Don't think for a minute that what happened is okay with me, but we're all -- we're all intertwined -- my family, your family, Lulu's. It was unrealistic of me to think that I could cut either of you out of my life, or that you guys wouldn't see each other. Listen, I'm trying to look at this from another perspective -- objectively. We made mistakes, all of us, including me.

Carly: Hey. Why was Patrick here, and how come you're all of a sudden his best friend?

Elizabeth: He had a little accident in the operating room and I'm just being supportive.

Carly: What kind of accident?

Elizabeth: He was exposed to end-stage AIDS.

Carly: Oh, God, that's awful.

Elizabeth: But he's doing okay. So far, he's tested negative for HIV, and he'll have to get retested in another six months.

Lucky: You really take good care of me.

Maxie: Well, somebody has to.

Lucky: I'm really sorry about before. I -- you deserve better than the way I'm treating you.

Maxie: I know you need me, and that's all that matters. I really care about you, Lucky.

Lucky: We can't. Not here.

Maxie: Well, we could go to our room, we could go up the back way. Come on.

Jason: It's one thing to wish a man dead. It's another to make it happen. I mean, to give the order, to carry his death with you forever, no matter how much he deserved it.

Edward: Oh, I have -- I've walked this earth a very long time, and done things I'm not proud of. One more on my conscience won't matter.

Jason: I'm your grandson. Do you really want me to commit murder in your name?

Edward: Well, I -- I thought I did. I -- I thought it -- it would be justified. But -- but your eyes -- oh, God. They're so much like Lila's. I -- I can almost hear her telling me that I should be trying to get you to move back home where you belong, instead of just adding another to your list of crimes that you've already committed. You see, Lila loved Skye very much, she treated her just like family. She would want her to be safe and happy, not running from some man with no more integrity than to drag a woman along in his dangerous, violent way of life.

Sam: Hi.

Maitre d': Hi.

Sam: A table for one, please.

Waitress: Will anyone be joining you?

Sam: No, it's -- it's just me. I'm celebrating my first paycheck.

Edward: Thank you for -- for hearing me out, Jason. Oh, and -- and by the way, son, I regret those things I said to you the night we found out about Justus. They grew out of grief.

Lucky: It's locked.

Maxie: I swiped a key from behind the counter.

Lucky: Okay, what about the party?

Maxie: No one's even going to notice, and Elizabeth's not going to care -- she's probably on her way to meet Patrick.

Carly: Have you seen my mom?

Elizabeth: She left, and I'm about to do the same once I finish up here. Hey, did you see Lucky out there?

Carly: I haven't seen him. Thanks for helping with the party for Lulu. Thanks a lot.

Elizabeth: Could you help me with this?

Carly: Sure.

Elizabeth: Bobbie said that she would set up if Lucky and I cleaned up. I don't understand why he left me to do all this heavy work.

Carly: Maybe he was called into the station.

Elizabeth: No, he would've told me.

Carly: Maybe you should give him a call.

Elizabeth: I tried, but he won't answer his cell. I hope nothing's wrong. You know, I am going to call the station.

Carly: I wouldn't do that, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Why not? Do you know something? Carly, if you know where my husband is, just tell me.

Carly: Well, you know, I guess if it were me, I would want to know, but I --

Elizabeth: What? Know what?

Carly: Lucky's upstairs having sex with Maxie.

Georgie: Bummer -- we missed the Italian-ice man.

Dillon: Well, not necessarily. I mean, there's another one in the park. We could, you know, head on over.

Georgie: That's okay.

Dillon: So you thought that I should just leave it at that, right there? I should respect your wishes, be grateful that you don't hate my guts. I should be happy that you can stand to spend more than, you know, 10 minutes with me. But I want more. Now, I've never been happier than the time when I loved you and you loved me back, and it's kind of hard for me to accept that -- that we'll never have those feelings for each other again. I'm just -- I'm so not like -- I'm not like Bogart -- you know what I mean? In "Casablanca." I'm not like that. It's not enough to "always have Paris," it's not enough to be your friend. I want to make new memories with you and -- I don't know. I just got to find a way to get you to love me again.

Georgie: What makes you think I've ever stopped?

Lulu: Hi. I'm Lulu Spencer.

Woman: Oh, Laura's daughter.

Lulu: The woman at reception said it was okay if I went in.

Woman: Oh, absolutely.

Lulu: Um -- do you take care of her a lot?

Woman: Every day for the past two years.

Lulu: Have you noticed any change, any indication that my mom might understand? I -- I know what the doctors say, but usually the people who do day-to-day care seem to feel differently.

Woman: I'm sorry, but I've never seen Laura respond to anything. But that can be a blessing. She never seems agitated or upset or angry. She's at peace.

Lulu: I hope so.

Woman: Okay. If you hadn't said you were Laura's daughter, I would've known it. You look like her.

Lulu: Hi, Mommy. I know it's been a while -- not that you care about time -- but a lot has happened. I went to the Markham islands on an adventure with Dad -- well, not exactly with him. I sort of chased him down and rescued him against his own will. But for a minute, I actually felt like we were getting close. Of course, that didn't last; it never does. He's gone again, and today's my birthday. And I know that you don't remember that, either, but you're here, and I can celebrate my birthday with one of my parents.

Elizabeth: Are you bored tonight, Carly? Is that why you're trying to undermine my marriage?

Carly: I have no reason to lie to you, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Because you don't need a reason. But I'll tell you what, I'm going to call your bluff. I'm going to go upstairs and I'm going to prove to you that whoever Maxie is with is not Lucky.

Carly: Don't do it, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Are you going to retract your story?

Carly: I'm not going to retract anything because I'm not lying to you, okay? I'm telling the truth. But you don't want to go up there and see that. That image will be seared in your brain for the rest of your life.

Elizabeth: I know my husband. He would never cheat on me. So I guess I have nothing to fear.

Lucky: This isn't fair -- stealing time in a vacant room.

Maxie: Lucky, I know your life is complicated, and I'm not asking for forever or promises or anything like that. I just want what we can have.

Sam: I know what you're thinking. I mean, you must be thinking that I -- I followed you out here -- or even here.

[Music plays]

Jason: Run to me.

Sam: What?

Jason: Just run into my arms like you did that night. Just run to me!

Singer: How beautiful you are as we get older

Jason: This is where you were shot, in your lower back. It went through your abdomen.

Singer: And time makes everything

Jason: If I'd been holding you three inches lower, the bullet would've hit you here, and it would've severed your spine, and gone through your heart. You would've died in my arms that night.

Jason: Do you really understand that your life could be over? That you could be dead just because you ran into my arms?

Singer: All of the feeling

Jason: I'm sorry, I can't let that happen. If I continue to love you, it could. So I can't.

Singer: Take every part of the story

Jason: I can't love you anymore.

Sam: No.

Singer: Growing up

Jason: Oh.

Singer: Well, we were younger then we were everything we needed the way that we lived when we were younger then

Mayor Floyd: Whew.

Singer: Love didn't seem to change so fast

Georgie: I fell in love with you our first summer together, and nothing that's happened since -- not the stops, the starts, the stupid fights, even the really big, important ones -- have changed that.

Dillon: Well, what about Diego?

Georgie: I care about him. That's why I stopped seeing him.

Dillon: That makes no sense.

Georgie: I knew that I couldn't return Diego's feelings because my heart still has your name on it. Dillon, loving you is not the problem; maturity is. I get angry or hurt or jealous, and then I do something stupid.

Dillon: Yeah, so, I mean, so do I. I should've trusted you, you know? I should've -- I should've had faith in you. I think what it was, was that I was so afraid of losing you that I just blew up and -- and I made it happen. You know, talk about immature. Huh. I think maybe we love each other more than we're ready to handle, a little bit. But what's wrong with, you know, trusting it? What's -- what's wrong with, like, letting it take us for the ride and maybe finding a way of growing up together?

Georgie: The only thing I know right now, I don't want to miss you anymore.

Lulu: It was really great. Bobbie planned the whole party and invited everyone -- Lucky and Elizabeth and Nikolas and Carly and even Tracy, and Dillon. I really blew it with Dillon. He was the only guy who ever appreciated and understood me, and he laughs at my jokes, and he thinks that I'm smart and fun. Well, he used to. And then I told this big lie to trick Dillon into sleeping with me. And, of course, it blew up in my face. Of course, Dillon found out and he wants nothing to do with me. And that would be okay. No, that wouldn't -- it's not that it would be okay, but I could live with it because I brought it on myself. But the problem is we used protection, condoms, and maybe one of them -- or maybe we -- we were just in too much of a hurry or maybe it's a statistical thing. I mean, the box of the condoms said that they're 95% effective. What about the other 5%? I mean, it really hurt when Dillon dumped me. But I told myself that it's over. Everything. The lies and the deception -- it's over. But it's not over. It'll never be over. Because I'm pregnant. And I don't know what to do.

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Lorenzo: The meds must be working today.

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Lorenzo: How high a dosage do they have you on, anyway?

Carly: What brings you here?

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Lucky: I was on a stakeout.

Elizabeth: You're such a liar.

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