GH Transcript Tuesday 7/11/06

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 7/11/06


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[Foghorn blows]

Patrick: Does your wife know where you are tonight?

†Elizabeth: Jason could reopen the wound and not even realize it until it's too late.

Carly: When Jason has made up his mind, there's no convincing him. I have done everything I can.

Elizabeth: Well, I guess it's not good enough, is it? Look, just take me back to Sonny's and tell Max that I need to speak to Jason.

Carly: I can't do that. And I'm sorry, Elizabeth -- why the sudden renewed interest in Jason?

Alexis: I know that you wanted to get your GED.

Sam: Yeah, I got kind of sidetracked.

Alexis: Technically, you got shot, then kidnapped.

Sam: Yeah. Um -- you guys have lives. I think the last thing you have time for is helping me study for my G.E.D.

Alexis: Well, that's ridiculous. We'd -- we'd like to help you get back on track.

Ric: Yeah, look, I'll be happy to clear my schedule, but right now I need to take care of something that I've been neglecting.

Alexis: Oh.

Ric: Okay?

Alexis: Okay.

Ric: See you later.

Alexis: All right. Are you going to -- okay, bye.

Sam: Why do I get the feeling he's not really comfortable with the idea?

Alexis: He's comfortable. He's just distracted. It has nothing to do with you or me. It must be about Sonny.

Jason: I was wrong to take the business. I kept -- I kept telling myself that it was worth it if Emily was safe, and I was trying to force you guys to make that choice.

Sonny: And I was trying to keep her safe, and I was -- I was -- I couldn't take care of the business!

Jason: Sonny, you were sick. I knew exactly what I was doing, and I knew how much it would hurt you, and I did it, anyway. So whatever happened, it's on my head. I didn't -- I didn't mean to. I didn't mean to, but I drove you to this breakdown. And I am truly -- I'm sorry.

Sonny: There's enough blame to go around. I pushed you; you pushed me. You -- you thought you were doing what was best for Emily. Does Manny's death change things for you? Can you accept me being with your sister?

Maxie: I'm so sorry. This is all my fault. Lucky was just being nice --

Lucky: Maxie, donít. It's okay.

Maxie: No, you can't tell Elizabeth. She's going to hate me.

Lucky: You don't owe this guy any explanation.

Maxie: I just want him to understand I had a few beers, I was missing my boyfriend, I acted like an idiot. It's not going to happen again.

Lucky: Listen, Maxie. I think you should go. This is between me and Patrick.

Maxie: I'm really sorry, Lucky.

Patrick: It's amazing how she's willing to take the blame. I know what I saw, and she wasn't alone.

Lucky: Yeah, I bet you're enjoying every minute of this, huh? I bet I know why. This is your shot, isn't it? So say hello to my wife for me.

Elizabeth: I have always cared about Jason.

Carly: Oh, really? What about when you were with that psycho Ric and you wouldn't give Jason the time of day?

Elizabeth: Oh. You are really reaching, Carly.

Carly: I'm just trying to figure out how all of a sudden you're into someone that you blew off a long time ago.

Elizabeth: Jason's a patient. He's in no condition to be running around Port Charles rescuing Sonny or anyone else.

Carly: A patient? I think you're going above and beyond the call of duty for a nurse, don't you think?

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, I owe him.

Carly: For what?

Elizabeth: Oh. Aside from rescuing me from Manny and saving my life? That's none of your business.

Carly: No one protects Jason like I do.

Elizabeth: Great. Great, then if you know him so well and you care about him like no one else, then why instead of saving his life are you standing here acting like a jealous shrew?

Carly: You have no idea what's going on here.

Elizabeth: He could be out there bleeding to death right now, Carly, and all you're worried about is making sure that no other woman gets close to him? If you really love him, you'll make sure he gets back into the hospital. That's what a best friend would do.

Tracy: Your stunned silence speaks volumes. But I need to hear it from your lips. Do you love Lulu or don't you?

Robert: Which begs the question -- are you in love with Dillon?

Dillon: What goes on between Lulu and me is between Lulu and me.

Tracy: Well, that's all well and good, but there is the question of that pesky little wife you haven't divorced yet.

Lulu: Georgie and Dillon are over. Their marriage is on paper only, so don't get all judgmental on me.

Robert: Then don't you go getting defensive on me. Dillon's got a broken heart, Lulu. You wouldn't be the first one to get a guy on the rebound.

Lulu: So what?

Robert: "So what?" You have no emotional investment in this man at all?

Tracy: If you use Lulu to ease the pain of losing Georgie, you are asking for a world of trouble. Does Lulu think this relationship is going anywhere?

Dillon: Mom, let me ask you something -- why would I confide in you about any of this? I loved Georgie with my whole heart, and the whole time you did nothing but try to tear us apart from each other. That's not a great foundation for trust, okay?

Tracy: Well, you didn't need my help. You're clearly on the rebound.

Robert: Look, trust me on this one. Rebound relationships never work. They just stick around long enough until everyone figures out they're in love with someone else.

Lulu: Okay, I'm sorry. This -- this is crazy, okay? I am turning 18 in a month, it is 2006, and you are lecturing me on your archaic notion of a relationship. Dillon and I hooked up. Do I need to explain to you what that means?

Robert: No.

Lulu: No?

Robert: I -- I created this concept.

Lulu: Okay. Well, that's what we did and we're okay with it, so thanks for stepping in for my absentee dad, but I'm fine.

Alexis: The truth is, Ric is determined to be a part of Sonny's life. I understand that. I think it's a family connection that he wants -- he never had that. I think he also thinks that he can make a difference in Sonny's business.

Sam: Well, Sonny doesn't have a business, so it shouldn't be an issue, right?

Alexis: As long as it's legit, I can give Ric my blessings to do whatever he wants with his brother, but if Sonny goes back to the mob, Ric and I are going to end up on opposite sides of the law. That's a problem.

Sam: Have you spoken to Ric about this?

Alexis: A lot. I'm lucky. I know how lucky I am -- I have a good husband. He loves me, he's understanding, he's patient, and I have absolutely no trouble reciprocating that. But on this particular issue, we don't seem to be able to compromise.

Sam: Have you ever considered quitting your job? I mean, if it's -- you know, if it's such a conflict of interest.

Alexis: You mean quit my job -- my career, actually -- so that Ric can get more involved in illegal activities and not feel threatened? No. I've never considered that. I don't see where that has any integrity.

Sam: Well, how about loyalty? That must count for something.

Alexis: At what price? I can see doing something like that possibly for a noble cause, but certainly not to accommodate a man's ego or become a gun moll.

Sam: Like me.

Alexis: I didn't say that.

Sam: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry -- that was really unfair. I'm just trying to come up with a way to alleviate the tension. That's all.

Alexis: I didn't realize it was that obvious.

Sam: No, look, I really -- I really shouldn't have said anything. It's not my place.

Alexis: Yes, you have every right, Sam. You live in this house with us. You're bound to see things, and you have every right to say -- I want you to say something. I'm not going to lie to you. I'm -- I'm glad Sonny went legit, and I pray every night that he stays that way. And the fact that you and Jason broke up, it -- it means perhaps that Jason is going to stay where he is, which means that Sonny will stay legit.

Sam: And that's good for Ric.

Alexis: It's good for everybody. Everybody's safer.

Sam: Yeah. And -- and I'm safe, too, because I'm not with Jason anymore.

Alexis: Are you not with him anymore? I know how painful this is for you, Sam. I know how much you hurt, and I know how hard you fought for Jason. Have you really given all that up?

Jason: The thing I was afraid of already happened. You were having a breakdown, and Emily had to take care of you. But I -- I was so sure that she wouldn't be able to handle it. You know, I thought it would -- I thought it would mess her up, but it didnít.

Sonny: It's not that clean and simple. I tore that dress off.

Jason: You -- yeah, you mentioned that. What -- what is that about?

Sonny: Oh. I bought Emily a dress. I don't know what was going on. I don't know -- I don't even remember where I got it. I just wanted to give her something special. And it was -- it was a white dress, looked like Lily's.

Jason: Like Lily's? What does that -- what does that mean?

Sonny: Emily came down the stairs, and it looked like the dress was very similar to Lily's and I -- and it brought back memories about, you know, what happened. And so it kind of made me feel scared for her. Like you said, I lost it. I tore that dress -- bap, dap, bap, dap -- just tearing it right off her. And afterwards, I said, you know, "I'm sorry," and she said, "Oh, it's okay. It's okay. I'm fine, I'm fine," but I knew she -- she wasnít.

Jason: You don't remember where you bought the dress?

[Sonny sighs]

Sonny: I don't remember. I don't remember.

Jason: You don't -- you don't remember because, you know, we've been through these before and you've never really had that kind of lapse. I'm just trying to figure out what -- what's making this time different.

[Door opens]

Lucky: You couldn't take no for an answer, so you're just trying to find a way to bury us?

Patrick: You don't need help with that.

Lucky: Well, it's nice to know you've never had a weak moment.

Patrick: Right. I find you in a lip lock with a girl that's barely out of high school and you want to make this about me?

Lucky: No, no, not at all. Yeah, why don't you go ahead. Why don't you go tell my wife? I think you'll find that she's not as shallow as you, but what the hell. You hurt her deep enough; maybe she will leave me for you.

Patrick: You're unbelievable. You know what? Whatever I tell Elizabeth will be for her best interests, not yours. And you know what? Another thing -- if another bottle of Hydrocodone goes missing, I am coming after you.

Robin: Hey.

Maxie: Hi.

Robin: I just got your page. What's up?

Maxie: I've done something really stupid, and I need your help.

Robin: What happened?

Maxie: Patrick Drake is about to lie his head off, and you have to stop him.

Sam: If you're asking if I'm over Jason, I -- I'm not, no. And I don't know if I ever will be, but I do realize that we don't have a future anymore.

Alexis: Jason's been telling you that for weeks, how dangerous his life is, and you fought him all along. What changed?

Sam: I finally heard him. You know, I had no choice. I went to the hospital to see Jason and I wanted to convince him that it was okay for us to be together, that -- that that danger element was gone. Manny's dead, there's no risk for us being together, at least not to me anymore, and I really do believe that, but I just -- I don't think Jason does, so I was -- was trying to talk to him and get through to him, and then Carly shows up.

Alexis: She always shows up, doesn't she?

Sam: Yeah. And there I was, standing there pleading to Jason, and I was expecting him to throw Carly out, but he didnít. He didn't throw her out. He didn't tell her that I was more important to him. Jason looked at me, and he told me to leave. I'm sorry. It just hit me, you know? It hit me and I knew -- he's over me.

Ric: I'm sorry I haven't been around, Sonny. Alexis needed me. I'm sure you already heard about what happened. How you feeling?

Sonny: I feel better, and I slept. I'm just hungry; I'm going to eat.

Ric: Good.

Jason: I'll have Milo fix you something.

Sonny: Well, Miloís a vegetarian, and whatever he makes is not worth eating. But I'll get him anyway because -- just in case I fall and cut myself.

Ric: How are you, Jason?

Jason: Good enough, Ric.

Ric: Oh, good. You had some substantial injuries there, pretty major surgery. I'm not really sure you should've left the hospital.

Jason: I'll manage.

Ric: Come on, you really should take care of yourself. You don't have to worry about what's going on here. I'll watch Sonny.

Jason: No, you wonít.

Ric: It's a new day, Jason -- see, while you were otherwise occupied, my brother and I reached an understanding.

Jason: That's finished now.

Ric: Okay. Here's a headline -- you're pretty much responsible for Sonny's current state of mind, so your presence here is not something that I really think we should celebrate.

Jason: You're not needed anymore.

Ric: It's not your decision. See, while you were -- you were busy with Manny and rightly so with Sam, I took care of Sonny.

Jason: Yeah. Now you can leave.

Ric: Because you know what's right for Sonny, huh? You know what's good for him? You betrayed a man that you called your best friend. You stole his business, you stole his life from him, and then you walked away. I'm not really sure why you are here, Jason. What's your agenda? What'd you forget to steal from him the first time that you want to try to get this time around? Because I don't believe for one second that you've got my brother's best interests at heart.

Jason: Believe what you want. Just believe it somewhere else.

Ric: Okay. I don't see how you can help him because it's pretty clear to me that you're the reason that he's in this state right now. He is living inside a nightmare inside of his mind because of you, and you're the one who put him there. And I'm guessing that you just came back --

Carly: Why don't you shut your mouth, Ric.

Tracy: Do you think it's fair to take advantage of Lulu to ease your pain?

Dillon: What? Nobody -- Mom, nobody's taking advantage, okay? We have -- we have an agreement. And it'd be nice if you gave us a little more credit.

Tracy: Well, is it possible that Lulu is telling you what you want to hear? You know, women do do that.

Dillon: What are you do -- Mom, you're making my head spin. One minute, I'm damaging Lulu, and then the next, she's -- she's a scheming predator. Make up your mind. You can't have it both ways.

Tracy: Dillon, maybe she's just a young girl that shouldn't be having sex with anybody, much less her rebounding stepbrother!

Dillon: Okay -- all right, all right. You know -- okay, you know what? Do you want me to spill my guts? Is that what you're trying to get me to do? Would that make you happy? Fine. I love Georgie. I always will. I don't love Lulu -- not in that way -- and she knows that. We're good friends. We have a relationship with each other, and we hooked up once. And it's -- it's something that happened, but we wanted it to happen. Okay? No big deal. And -- and after everything that's happened with Georgie, the last thing that I want right now is another involvement. And that's the last time that I'm ever discussing my sex life with you again, ever -- ever.

Maxie: I was at this party, and I saw this guy from behind, and I thought it was Jesse. I mean, obviously, it wasnít. But you know what it's like when the sudden reality hits you that the guy you've been in love with is going to be gone forever?

Robin: Uh --

Maxie: Of course you do.

Robin: Look, I'm sorry. It is -- it's a tough one.

Maxie: I had to leave the party. I mean, obviously, I couldn't stay. I'm no good at pretending that everything is fine. So I went to the docks. I was just going to look at the water, stare at the stars -- that sort of thing. And then Lucky showed up -- which was good, because he was Jesseís partner, so he knows how I feel. And he -- he just put his arms around me. He saw what a mess I was.

Robin: Okay, how does Patrick fit into this?

Maxie: He just showed up out of nowhere and took the whole situation out of context. And he said he was going to tell Elizabeth that we were making out.

Robin: Why would he say that?

Maxie: I just explained to you why.

Robin: Okay, Patrick -- yes, he's a jerk. But he would not make up something to deliberately hurt someone.

Maxie: I couldn't believe it, either, but he's been hitting on Elizabeth forever. I mean, I didn't think he was going to try and sabotage Elizabethís marriage just to get in her pants. I'm sorry, but isn't that the only reason a guy would tell a huge lie like that?

Robin: I don't know, it just doesn't make any sense.

Maxie: Patrick is going to tell a big, fat lie, and Lucky and Elizabeth are going to be destroyed, unless you get to her first --

Robin: What?

Maxie: And warn her. Look, she needs to know what a huge liar Patrick is.

Robin: Maxie, I'm at work. I can't deal with this drama right now. We'll talk about it later.

Maxie: No, no -- Robin, look, this is not about me, okay? I -- I know how good Patrick is at manipulating, especially when he wants to get a woman in bed. I mean, he -- he pretends to be all sympathetic, and -- and he -- he lets that person think he's the only one who cares about them. Lucky and I are just friends. Nothing happened. And Elizabethís marriage is going to be ruined unless you do something.

Sam: I think with time I'll start to get perspective on what Jason and I had together. But I am starting to realize that you were right. He is the one who makes all the decisions, and I just went along with it, no debate. He decides what risks are acceptable, where I fit into his life, where I don't, when it's supposed to end.

Alexis: I think that Jason gave you the best that he knew how to give.

Sam: I don't regret a single moment -- not a single moment that Jason and I had together. But I do realize that -- time to move on.

Alexis: I'll help you in any way that I can. But you need to be clear about something, Sam. I'm the D.A., and Jason is -- he runs a mob operation. And there's going to be -- there may be some point where I'm going to come up against him. Now, if I ever have to prosecute him, are you going to be okay with that?

Carly: Don't you dare question Jasonís motives. And who are you to pronounce judgment on anyone?

Ric: I'm Sonny's brother.

Carly: You're scum.

Ric: And you're his ex-wife. Carly, I want him to get better. I can't really make the same claim about you. You know, Sonny's been living with these episodes for years, and neither one of you have done a damn thing to help him!

Carly: We have protected Sonny and helped him through it every time, Ric!

Ric: Protected him? Here's a novel idea. How about something like a diagnosis, a treatment? You know, some real help? Instead of Jason managing the situation in his own special way and you following him around like some pathetic puppy dog. What, when Sonny's at his most vulnerable, Jason swoops in. He can save him. You need a hired assassin, hire Jason. You need a mental health expert, you know, go for Jason. He's your guy. The idea of the two of you protecting Sonny is a joke!

Carly: And the idea of you lecturing anyone on mental health is beyond a joke, Ric.

Ric: What's the matter, Carly? Did you just get tired of bedding Jax? You came to play with your ex-husband?

Carly: Get the hell out. You're not welcome here.

Ric: You know what's -- you know what's really a crime here? Jason doesn't want Sonny to get better. You don't want to give him back his power. You don't want to give him back his business. You just want to keep things the way they are.

Carly: Jason is the reason Sonny is alive! Jason should be in the hospital right now, and he's here because Sonny needs him.

Ric: Yeah, or secretly Jason wants to keep Sonny under his thumb.

Carly: I don't know. Maybe you're the one who wants to manipulate Sonny. You're ready to exploit Sonny's illness. And you know there is no way Sonny would let you in the same room, much less his life, if he weren't crazy.

Ric: Okay --

Carly: And you want to keep him that way.

Ric: Well, why don't we see what Sonny has to say about that, huh?

Carly: Why don't we not?

Jason: No -- no, Carly --

Carly: No, you know, I'm sick of this!

Jason: Carly!

Carly: I'm sick of this!

Ric: What are you going to do?

Carly: You don't have the strength to get him out of here?

Ric: Oh, come on, Carly!

Carly: Get the hell out!

Ric: You talking to me about mental health? What is this?

Carly: Get the hell out, Ric, now!

Sonny: Carly, hey! Leave him alone!

Patrick: Is Elizabeth Spencer back yet?

Robin: You really can't wait to tell her, can you?

Patrick: Tell whom what?

Robin: So you're going to pretend you don't know? Fine. Lucky and Maxie?

Patrick: What are you talking about?

Robin: This idea that you have that Lucky and Maxie were making out on the docks -- do you really think it's going to help Elizabeth to tell her?

Patrick: Gee, I don't know. I mean, you're the one who perfected "You're not the baby's daddy." Why don't you tell me if there's value to the truth?

Robin: Well, for starters, it has to be the truth.

Patrick: Who said it wasn't?

Robin: Maxie told me the whole story -- the real story.

Patrick: Well, tell me. What's Maxie's story?

Robin: Fine. She was out on the docks. She was missing her dead boyfriend. Lucky came along. He was comforting her, as a friend. And then you decided there was something else going on.

Patrick: What's your point, Robin?

Robin: I'm trying to give you the benefit of the doubt. I want to believe that you're not malicious enough to try and destroy Elizabethís marriage just to get into her pants. I want to believe that you simply misinterpreted what you saw.

Patrick: What I saw were two people kissing. And it was more than friends. Believe me, I know the difference. This was hot, heavy. Definitely tongues involved. Why would I lie about this?

Robin: Shame on me. I actually believed that you were better than this.

Patrick: Shame on you, indeed.

[Music plays]

Georgie: Don't stop.

Diego: I don't -- I don't want to rush you. Okay? I've waited too long for this.

Georgie: You don't have to wait.

Diego: I know, but you're not over Dillon, all right? And I don't want us to start like that.

Georgie: How long are you willing to wait?

Diego: I'm going to wait as long as it takes.

Georgie: You really care about me that much?

Singer: Sunday afternoon

Tracy: Oh! Ugh. I never thought I'd see the day that I would wish Dillon was back with Georgie. How did it go with Lulu?

Robert: Well, she's just like her dad. Talks up a ton, but it's all a crock.

Tracy: Oh, did she tell you it's okay? It's just a "hookup"?

Robert: Yeah. Well, we're all real cool with the whole thing. Yeah, Lulu's fallen hard for your boy. Any chance he's ever going to return those feelings?

Tracy: Ha, ha! No. I'm afraid he's still in love with Little Miss ďwhat's her nameĒ in the other room. It hasn't registered with him that he's about to break Lulu's heart.

Robert: Oh, Sparks, who'd have thought you are such a romantic?

Tracy: I'm just trying to protect my family. The last thing we need is another nasty scandal.

Sam: I don't plan to interfere with your job. If you have to prosecute Jason, I -- I mean, I'll guess I'll -- I'll stay out of it. But I seriously don't see that happening.

Alexis: Why not?

Sam: Well -- I'm sorry. Look, I -- I think that you are probably a brilliant D.A., and wonderful. I just don't -- I don't ever see Jason getting caught.

Alexis: Do you think that Jason shouldn't have to pay for the things that he does? That he shouldn't have to pay the debt to society?

Sam: I just -- I think that there are a lot worse out there. And those are the people that you should be going after. Look, if you want to know if I want Jason to pay for what he did to me -- I want Jason to miss me until it hurts. I want him to feel everything that I feel right now. But I -- I don't need you to make that happen for me. I'll -- I'll deal with that on my own.

Alexis: You know what I want? I want you to just stop hurting.

Sam: That's sweet of you. I -- you and I -- we're -- we're still trying to find our way. We don't need to deal with that right now. And I -- I just want to let you know that I'm not going to bring any of that -- Jason and -- and my business -- into this house or into our family. Okay?

Alexis: Okay.

Carly: You should know Ric's been trying to get rid of me and Jason.

Sonny: Ric's trying to help.

Carly: No, Ric doesn't help anyone but himself, and you know that.

Sonny: You have to understand that you haven't been around lately. Jason hasn't been around. Ric has. He's helped me. He's been great.

Carly: You must be loving this, and you must be worse off than I thought.

Ric: Oh, that's great, Carly. Yeah, attack Sonny because he disagrees with you. Way to look out for him.

Jason: I'm not going to leave you with him.

Ric: Sonny -- you are both doing more harm to Sonny than good.

Carly: Look, you know Jason'll take care of you.

Ric: Sonny, tell them. It's up to you.

Georgie: Hi. I forgot this here. Diego had already dropped me off at home when I realized that -- "Hey, I need a cell phone."

Dillon: You and Diego -- wow. You guys are moving fast.

Georgie: Well, we did learn from the experts. We don't quite chalk up to you and Lulu with hopping in the sack, but --

Dillon: You know what? I think we have a ways to go before we catch up to you and Diego in the boathouse.

Georgie: You honestly believe I had sex with Diego? Honestly? That I would really do something like that to you? It just proves you don't know me at all.

Patrick: I'm amazed at how low an opinion you have of me.

Robin: It's not like it's news to anyone. Everyone knows that it's all about sex for you.

Patrick: And I'm supposed to apologize for that?

Robin: Huh. I believe it's called Patrickís rules. First you start with the witty banter, switch to the charm, segue into Mr. Sensitive, right before you go in for the kill. Once you score, you're done. That way, you don't ever have to deal with an actual feeling. Stop me if I'm wrong.

Patrick: No, you've pretty much nailed it.

Robin: You have to admit, your ultimate goal is to get the ungettable, which would be Elizabeth, because she's married.

Patrick: You're right. Elizabeth would be a challenge, and I'm pretty sure I'm up to it.

Robin: Wow. Too bad I'm a slow learner. Hopefully, Elizabeth will be smart enough to see right through you.

Patrick: You're actually not a slow learner at all. I mean, you decided very early that I was a shallow, self-obsessed dog. Made it easy for you to walk away.

Robin: Don't blame that on me.

Patrick: No, really, Robin, it was a perfect excuse for you to just live in your safe, little lonely world.

Robin: Well, here's the good news. You're never going to be my excuse for anything ever again.

P.A. Announcer: Dr. Quartermaine, 3-4-0-5.

Elizabeth: Hey. I heard you were asking about me?

Diego: Wait, wait, wait, wait. What did Dillon do to you now?

Lulu: Nothing. Why aren't you with Georgie? Isn't it time for the full-court press?

Diego: Would you stop worrying about me? Just swear to me that he's not giving you a hard time.

Lulu: Everything is going to according to plan. We should be very proud of ourselves.

Diego: Look, I care a lot about Georgie, okay? And all I wanted was a chance to show her. I never, never wanted you to get hurt, okay? I don't want Dillon using you like that.

Lulu: If I get hurt, it is my own fault.

Diego: Well, then don't! Just end things with him right now.

Lulu: What? You don't get it. Diego, I am in love with Dillon. And it's obvious that he doesn't love me back, but why should that stop me?

Diego: You're not serious. I don't believe you.

Lulu: I have never known anyone like Dillon. He has such a kind heart. And he is smart, and he is funny, and he is sweet. And he likes me, too, but not the way that I want, so, you know, it's better than nothing. And if sex is what works for us, then I'll just take it.

Sonny: I know you don't like my brother. You don't trust him. I didn't, either, once, but when I was going through this, he was here for me, and I can count on him. Thanks for, you know, doing that. I think we got beyond our past, in a way.

Ric: Well, that's all I've ever wanted, Sonny. And for you to get help.

Sonny: But you got to understand something, okay? I'm very grateful for what you did. But Jason and Carly -- they know how it goes from here on. They know how to get me through this.

Ric: And it always happens again.

Sonny: But I'm -- I'm in control now. I'm feeling much better. My hands aren't shaking. I'm going to be okay.

Ric: Sonny, I'm not so sure with these two, okay? You need professional help. Carly and Jason do not want to do that.

Sonny: I can't go to the hospital!

Ric: I'm not saying that. But their way hasn't worked, either. Sonny, you have managed to control these episodes for years, and it has wrecked your life. And they just keep getting worse. Look -- look what happened. You had to send Emily out of the country, for God's sakes. What's going to happen next? Is it really worth all of that to not get professional help? I mean, don't you want to try something different, a different way?

Sonny: You don't understand, Ric.

Ric: Sonny, know that now is not the time for you to shut me out. I am here to help you.

Sonny: I know that, but I just -- it's my decision. I'm going to be okay.

Ric: This isn't over, Jason. I'm not going to let you keep him isolated and sick so you can manipulate him.

Jason: That's how your mind works, not mine.

Ric: Save me your self-righteous crap, Jason, all right? My brother may forgive you, but I donít.

Jason: If your brother needs you, he'll call you. Otherwise, don't show your face here again.

[Door closes]

Carly: Ok, Milo says this is good for you, so -- excuse me. There you go. Yeah.

Sonny: Do you think that's tofu?

Carly: Hmm.

Sonny: Tofu salami?

Carly: Yeah.

Sonny: He's -- he's -- Miloís insane.

Carly: I put these on the plate when he wasn't looking.

Sonny: It's loaded with preservatives, some salt and oil, and --

Carly: But really, really yummy.

Sonny: Yeah?

Carly: Who says I don't have your best interests at heart?

Sonny: Get over here.

Patrick: I was wondering if you happened to track down Jason.

Elizabeth: Well, I found Carly. And I tried to convince her to get Jason back into the hospital, but I don't know if that's going to happen. Please don't tell Lucky I was looking for Jason.

Patrick: Why? Would there be something wrong with that?

Elizabeth: No. No, it's -- Jasonís helped us out a lot, and I'm just trying to repay the favor. I just don't think Lucky would understand.

Patrick: It's nice of you to worry about your husband's feelings.

Elizabeth: Well, things are going so well for him right now. I just want to keep it that way.

Lucky: Hey, is everything okay?

Elizabeth: Hey. Yeah, I'm just missing you. Are you coming to take me home?

Lucky: Yeah.

Maxie: Looks like you really got to him. He decided not to say anything.

Lucky: Are you sure you want to go home?

Elizabeth: Yeah, we can order a pizza. You know, sit in front of the TV.

Lucky: Well, what if I was to say I could get a table for us at Locanda Treviso?

Elizabeth: Really? Is this what it's like being married to the hometown hero?

Carly: He's resting. I think he's turned a corner.

Jason: That's -- that's good.

Carly: How are you? You don't look so good.

Jason: No. Just don't worry about me.

Carly: The only reason I came over here was to try to talk you into going back to the hospital. Elizabeth's running around town saying you're going to drop dead if I don't do something about it.

[Jason sighs]

Carly: And I'm glad I came.

Jason: Yeah, me, too.

Carly: Look, he's going to be tired for a few days, and then he's -- he's going to be back to his old self.

Jason: I don't know. This time, it feels worse than it's ever been. You know, it's different symptoms. He's saying things that don't make any sense.

Carly: I know. I know. I've never seen him this bad. But he's determined to get better.

Jason: I hate Ric. But that doesn't mean he isn't right about getting help.

Carly: You take care of Sonny. You always pull him back from the edge.

Jason: But maybe there's a better way.

Carly: If there's a better way, we're going to find it, okay? But I can tell you this. It's no accident that Sonny got this bad when Ric was the one holding his hand.

Ric: Fine.

[Ric sighs]

Sam: It's a beautiful night.

Ric: Yeah, it is.

Sam: Is something wrong?

Ric: No, I'm just -- just thinking.

Sam: No, you're upset. What, did you get into a fight with Alexis?

Ric: No.

Sam: No? Okay. Then who?

Ric: Look, Sam, I don't really think that we should be talking about this. Otherwise, all this progress we've made to being one big, happy family's going to go right down the toilet.

Sam: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa-ho. Did I do something wrong?

Ric: No, no, it's just your questionable taste in men, that's all.

Sam: Okay.

Ric: Sorry, sorry.

Sam: Yeah -- no, it -- that's okay. It's Jason. What did he do?

Ric: He's a selfish, controlling bastard.

Sam: Well, it's kind of nice. We actually finally agree on something.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Skye: I need you to sneak me out of the country.

Alfred: I trust your vacation was relaxing.

Nikolas: Very. Did you take care of the repairs?

Robin: I thought you would tell Elizabeth that Lucky and Maxie were having an affair. I guess I was wrong.

Carly: You've been trying to be Sonny.

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