GH Transcript Friday 7/7/06

General Hospital Transcript Friday 7/7/06


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Elizabeth: I can see your suspicion. Lucky was taking the pills and now those same pills are missing. So tell me, who's the thief in your eyes? Lucky or me?

Patrick: I'm not making accusations, Elizabeth. This is a big hospital. There are a lot of patients. Somebody could've easily swiped a couple of bottles off the med cart. It would've only took a second, or it could be some of our staff.

Elizabeth: Well, it certainly wasn't me. And it wasn't Lucky, either. I already confronted him.

Patrick: About his meds?

[Elizabeth sighs]

Elizabeth: He didn't tell me until he had to, but apparently, he was in an awful lot of pain even when everybody else thought he shouldn't be, so he got a second prescription from another doctor. I told him it concerned me and that if he wasn't careful, he could become dependent. He saw my point and he stopped right on the spot.

Patrick: And you're sure about that?

Sam: When you got me away from Manny, you admitted that you still loved me. And now suddenly after a visit from my mother, we have no life together, no future. Jason, it -- it doesn't track. It doesn't make sense. Manny is dead. All of the reasons that you pushed me away are off the table. We still love each other more than ever. So tell me exactly -- what did Alexis say to convince you to throw me away again?

Carly: What's wrong with this picture?

Sonny: Where do I start?

Carly: You were the one who was supposed to be getting some sleep. You know that.

Sonny: I did.

Carly: Yeah?

Sonny: Turns out it was a really good idea. What -- do I look better?

Carly: You do. You feel better enough to eat something, even if it's prepared by me?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah. Go ahead and burn what you like.

Carly: That shouldn't take long.

[Sonny sighs]

Sonny: What? I'm not going to trash the place. It's just -- nothing left to break.

Carly: How do eggs sound?

Sonny: Eggs are great.

Carly: Okay.

Elizabeth: My husband wouldn't lie about taking pills, and I resent the implication that he would.

Patrick: Well, it's not a stretch. I mean, he lied about the level of pain he was in -- he lied about the other prescription.

Elizabeth: You know, must be so nice living a charmed life, never having to worry about how you're going to pay your bills or how you're going to keep up with your child who outgrows his clothes daily. I'm just a nurse. Lucky's a cop recovering from a spinal injury. He didn't want to go back on disability. That extra prescription was just a cautionary measure.

Patrick: Is that his excuse or yours?

Elizabeth: The night I confronted him, he took those pills and he tossed them off the pier into the water. I was there. I saw it.

Patrick: I mean, how well do you know your husband anyway?

Elizabeth: Wow, you know what? You are really starting to tick me off. I know my husband very well, thank you, and I also know you. You're blowing things out of proportion, trying to make me doubt my husband so that you can, what -- be there with a strong, sympathetic shoulder to catch my tears? Don't waste your time. It's not going to happen.

Patrick: It wasn't my intention, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: You know what, and another thing -- your blatant come-ons are one thing, and yes, sometimes I even find them amusing, but you start attacking my husband or try to undermine my faith in him and you've gone too far.

Carly: Okay, we've got some toast, jelly. You know, these eggs actually look good. I don't know how they're going to taste, but -- what did you do?

Carly: Sonny, open your hand. Open your hand. Oh.

Sonny: It's that broken frame on the -- I didn't want the boys to be hurt.

Carly: All right, that's all right. You know what? I think it looks a lot worse than it is. You just were holding on to the glass too tight, that's all. But you're going to need a bandage.

Sonny: I've always had blood on my hands -- you know that. You can wash it away, and the scab will come. But there's always going to be more blood.

Carly: I'm going to go get Max, all right?

Carly: Max?

Max: What's up, Mrs. C?

Carly: Sonny cut his hand.

Max: Yeah. I'll go get the first-aid kit.

Carly: Okay. I need to go out. You cannot leave him alone -- do you understand?

Max: Yeah, no problem.

Carly: I don't care what he says. Wherever he goes, do not let him out of your sight. Do you get it?

Max: Yes, I won't leave him.

Carly: Okay.

Sonny: Don't -- you don't have to give him orders. He's got a lot going on. I thought -- why, where are you going? I thought you were staying.

Carly: I just have to go touch base with Jason. I'm just going to go see how he's doing, and I don't want you throwing the dishes when you taste my breakfast, so Max is going to hang with you.

Max: Are you okay?

Carly: I'm okay. I just need you to take care of Sonny.

Max: What?

Sonny: You want her, don't you?

Alexis: Thank you.

Ric: You're welcome.

Alexis: You're a thoughtful husband.

Ric: Thanks.

Alexis: The coffee here is awful.

Ric: Yeah, I remember.

Alexis: You know what? I'm going to use the money out of my own pocket and buy a big old cappuccino machine and get rid of this antique.

Ric: Yeah, you know, I had an inspiration on the way over here.

Alexis: Hmm.

Ric: Well, Manny's dead and we all agree that that is a very good thing, but I think I found a way to make the scenario be even better.

Alexis: How so?

Ric: Add Jason to the equation.

Alexis: I'm not sure what you're getting at.

Ric: Well, you've read Manny's autopsy report. Would the bullet have killed him if he hadn't fallen off the roof? Because it occurs to me if Lucky's bullet wasn't fatal, then you would have a very good case against Jason for manslaughter, at least.

Alexis: Why would I want to do that?

Ric: To put Jason away for a very long time and also create a mandatory separation from Sam.

Alexis: Do you think that would ensure my daughter's enmity?

Ric: Well, she'd be safe.

Alexis: It would also conveniently make Jason disappear, giving you the long-awaited opportunity to stand by Sonny as he resumes his position as kingpin of Port Charles.

Ric: Well, when did you become so opposed to sending Jason to prison?

Jason: My decision has nothing to do with Alexis.

Sam: Come on, Jason. I am not stupid, because I know you better than anyone because we are in love. You know that.

Jason: I'm not denying that I don't love you. It's the reason I want to keep you safe.

Sam: You took care of that the night you killed Manny. That's right, Jason -- I know. You're letting Lucky take credit because he could use the praise and you really don't need the attention right now, but it was you.

Jason: Sam, how Manny died doesn't matter.

Sam: It does if it's the reason that it's keeping us apart!

Jason: This is -- this is the reason. I'm lying here with a bullet wound. Two months ago, it was you lying here shot because of me. I'm not going to let it happen again.

Sam: Alexis offered you a deal. Didn't she? She promised to let everyone think that Lucky shot Manny in the line of duty and leave you out of it and all you have to do in return is to promise to stay away from me. Right? 

Alexis: I'm not sending Jason to prison. He didn't kill Manny; Lucky did. In fact, he's getting a medal and a promotion for it.

Ric: What harm would it do if you just looked over the autopsy report one more time?

Alexis: I'm not going to prosecute people so you can rack up quality time with your brother.

Ric: Okay, which brings me back to my original question -- when did you start considering Jason innocent of anything?

Alexis: Lucky killed Manny; that's a fact. We're stuck with it.

Ric: Oh, I see. You're not fooling anybody. You're twisting the law to your own end, as well. You want to keep Jason free to run the organization so that the fathers of your children don't.

Alexis: Oh. You and Sonny as -- as co-mob kingpins? Have you run that fantasy by him?

Ric: Okay, you know what? This is going nowhere.

Alexis: Now, don't go away mad. Spoilsport. I want every scrap of paper on the Ruiz case in the file morgue ASAP.

Carly: Thank you. Thanks for seeing me like this.

Lainey: What can I do?

Carly: Listen to me. Sonny needs help.

Lainey: Okay. Well, last I heard, he didn't want it. Has Sonny changed his mind?

Carly: No, he hasn't.

Lainey: Then you can't force him unless he represents a clear and present danger to himself and others. Are you saying he does? You and Sonny share a complicated history. It's a tangled web of invisible boundaries you don't like to cross with each other, but if you believe Sonny's in trouble and it's not a betrayal to help him, it could end up saving his life.

Carly: Sonny freaked out completely last night. He put himself in a situation where he knew he'd be gunned down. I mean, luckily, I was able to get him out of there, then this morning, he cut himself. He'd never admit to doing it, but I know he did it on purpose. I think he wants to die and I am terrified, Lainey.

Lainey: Then there's no question. You have to have him committed.

Carly: It's not that simple.

Lainey: If Sonny is trying to commit suicide consciously or unconsciously --

Carly: Listen to me. Sonny was beaten as a child. He was locked in the closet for hours as punishment. He's claustrophobic. I cannot lock this man up.

Lainey: Can you live with what happens if you don't? It was hell for him, but Sonny found the courage and the love to put you in Rose Lawn when you needed to be there. Maybe it's your turn to do the same for him.

Georgie: Mike, hey. I'm sorry I'm late! There's -- what are you doing here?

Lulu: Working.

Georgie: Get out.

Mike: Hey, hey, hey. What's -- what's going on here?

Georgie: I will not work with this tramp.

Lulu: Oh, I'm sorry -- you're calling me a tramp when you're the one that cheated on Dillon with Diego?

Georgie: That is a filthy lie and you know it. I want her fired.

Lulu: Oh, get over yourself. My family owns this place. Fire her.

Mike: Okay, ladies. We got a problem here. Now, you are my best waitress, and Bobbie wants you here for the summer, so work it out outside. Outside.

Georgie: Right.

Lulu: Oh.

Georgie: Are you coming? Or are you ready to admit you're a liar?

Lulu: You are making a fool of yourself.

Georgie: No, Lulu, that would be you, and eventually everyone's going to know. Everyone's going to know that you lied, including Dillon. He's going to know that you did it so you could have your shot at him. How long did you wait, by the way, before you threw yourself at my man, you conniving, pathetic little slut?

Dillon: Hey, hey. Stop that. Don't -- don't blame Lulu for something that you did.

Georgie: Diego and I went for a swim -- that's it. Nothing else happened, so you threw us away over a lie. Or, you know, maybe that's the excuse you needed to do what you've always wanted.

Dillon: Wow, this is so interesting to hear you blame this on everybody else but yourself, but guess what -- I didn't want to see you and Diego having sex, and Lulu has no reason to lie to me.

Georgie: Are you really that dense? Lulu wants you all for herself! Hello? She's a Spencer. That's what they do -- they lie. It's in the D.N.A. Look at Luke. He's the biggest scam artist of all time, and what about -- let's not forget Carly now. I mean, she's turned lying and, you know, sleeping around into -- into an art form. You know, when Bobbie was your age, she was turning tricks, so maybe you really can't help yourself.

Lulu: Oh, you need to shut your mouth.

Dillon: I'm starting to second that.

Georgie: Wait. No, maybe you're going to tell me that you really didn't know what you were doing because you have a couple of screws loose like your mother.

Lulu: You bitch.

Dillon: What the hell is wrong with you? What is wrong with you?

Georgie: Oh, wait, I'm sorry. Was I too mean to your stepsister? I -- again, I'm sorry. I mean, your slut? How sick and twisted is this, the two of you sleeping together? It puts a whole new meaning to "family togetherness."

Max: There we go. How's the hand?

Sonny: You think about her, don't you? I mean, it's -- it's only natural. You're guarding her, you're driving her around. You probably figure she may look at you at times in the rearview mirror and think about you.

Max: That's crazy, Boss.

Sonny: I get it, I understand. I've been there. She gives you those eyes, right, and that smile. It's kind of naughty underneath, kind of -- kind of makes your heart melt. You probably take that smile home with you and -- and wait for that oh, happy day Carly admits she has the same feelings for you, too.

Max: You know what? You haven't even eaten breakfast yet. I can flip a mean pancake, so why don't you --

Sonny: Hey, you know what, Max? Max, Max? I'm a man. I get it.

Max: Boss, I'm here to do my job. Once in a while, Carly's a part of it.

Sonny: She's a beautiful woman. You admit that, right?

Max: Yes, sir. Carly's a looker.

Sonny: One of a kind; tough as nails. Right?

Max: Yeah.

Sonny: She looks at you and she makes you feel like you're the only one.

Max: I know the boundaries.

Sonny: Don't lie to me. I've seen your eyes all over her. I just did.

Max: Oh. Okay. Yeah, Carly is amazing, and what guy wouldn't wonder what his chances were with her? Even me.

Jason: You want someone to blame for this? Look at me because I'm -- I'm the one at fault. This whole thing is my fault.

Sam: Why are you lying to me?

Jason: Why won't you believe me, Sam? I am not going to be the reason you die.

Carly: Jason, I'm sorry. I need to talk to you --

Sam: Too bad, Carly. Please, get out! Jason and I -- we don't care about whatever crisis you're having this hour.

Jason: I do. There's nothing left to say.

Sam: You can still say that you didn't mean that. Okay, Jason, I'm -- this is your last chance to be sure because if I walk out that door, I'm never coming back. 

Sam: Don't make the mistake and think that I'm going to make this easy for you, because you are not going to lie there in silence while I take the action. You are going to say it to my face. Tell me to go, and I'm out.

Jason: Just go.

Sam: You once said that you wished that I hate you, that hating you would make this easier for me. Well, guess what, Jason -- I hate you. You're going to regret tossing us aside like garbage. And if it takes my last dying breath, I will make sure Alexis pays.

Carly: I'm sorry.

Georgie: My mom is in Texas. She sent me a hair clip that she found in an old jewelry box. She said it was her favorite when she was my age. I left it at the boathouse. And when I went back to get it, I found you there, half-dressed, leaving her a message about how much it meant to you that you slept with her and how concerned you were for her feelings.

Dillon: Yeah, well, maybe I didn't want to hurt her as much as you hurt me.

Georgie: I loved you, Dillon.

Dillon: Yeah.

Georgie: I sat by your bedside terrified that you were going to die. I married you thinking we wouldn't make it to our one-day anniversary. I stood up to your shrew of a mother when she threw us out on the street, Dillon. We had to live in a one-bedroom over -- over a diner across the hall from a psycho killer. Sure, I -- I did -- I made mistakes. I kept things from you and that was wrong of me. But you made mistakes, too. You didn't believe me when I told you that I didn't sleep with Diego. But the worst of all was hooking up with Lulu without even giving us the respect to try and work things through.

Dillon: You know what? You have -- you have no right to try to make me feel guilty after what you've done.

Georgie: I did nothing. How was it, by the way? Was it worth it?

Dillon: Oh.

Georgie: Was she good in bed? Was she better than me because she has so much more experience?

Lulu: You don't know me well enough to make those assumptions.

Georgie: I know that you are a lying snake and you know that I know that. So you know what? You keep your job at Kelly's and I'm going to do the same thing. I hope we even work the same shifts so that way every time you look into my eyes, you will know. You will know the truth about your lying self.

Dillon: Wow. I hope you're happy.

Georgie: No. No, I was happy with you.

Dillon: Well, now you have Diego, Georgie, after all these months of pining, so go ahead. Enjoy him or don't, you know? Get bored with him, dump him. I don't care. Just leave Lulu alone.

Georgie: I can't believe he would believe Lulu over me.

Diego: He's got nothing better to do, Georgie. Look, if Dillon believes you now, he's going to have to face how badly he's been treating you. It may not mean much coming from a guy like me, but you don't deserve the way he's treating you.

Georgie: It means a lot more than you think.

Ric: Hey. Could you use another one of these?

Lucky: I think I can manage it.

Ric: Congratulations. On behalf of Alexis, I just want to say thanks for saving Sam and finally ridding this town of the menace that was Manny Ruiz.

Lucky: Just part of the job.

Ric: Yeah. Must've been pretty intense, though, you know -- two guys as lethal as Manny and Jason going after each other.

Lucky: I really didn't have time to think about it, everything happened so fast.

Ric: I just got a question, though -- how were you sure that you were going to hit Manny and not Jason?

Lucky: I waited till I had a clear shot. Manny pushed Jason away and I took my chance and hit Manny.

Ric: Yeah. Oh, so you made sure that you hit Manny first and that would give Jason the advantage so that he could throw him over the roof, right?

Lucky: Jason didn't have enough strength to stand up --

Ric: Oh, I see.

Lucky: Let alone throw somebody over the roof, so my shot took Manny over the edge. 

Dillon's voice: This is your first time? Why didn't you tell me? Lulu, if I had known, I would--

Lulu's voice: What? What would you have done? Violins, champagne, a room at the Metro Court?

Dillon: I don't know, but your first time should not be a quickie on the floor of a boathouse.

Lulu: Why not? Maybe this is exactly what I wanted. Maybe I don't have one single regret.

Lulu's voice: But you do.

Dillon: Hey. I thought I'd find you here. Um -- Lulu, I'm so sorry. I am. I didn't know that Georgie could be so hateful, and -- and you don't deserve to be punished for something that's not your fault.

Lulu: Wasn't it?

[Music plays]

Georgie: You don't have to say it, Mike. I'm going to cover Lulu's shift.

Mike: All right. Okay, I just want to make one thing clear here -- no one is getting fired, so you and Lulu have to find a way to co-exist because I will not have you running off my customers with this nonsense, okay?

Georgie: It won't happen again; I promise. Thank you. How much do you want to bet that Dillon's going to her right now?

Diego: Who -- who cares? Stop thinking about them.

Georgie: You know what, you're right. You're right, if Dillon wants to treat me this way, then I'm happy that I found out now, instead of spending years with a cheating pig. Thank you for being so supportive.

Diego: Yeah. I'm just returning the favor. You stood by me through the worst months in my life, and I meant it when I told you that your letters saved my life when I was locked up.

Georgie: You're free now. And so am I. Do you want to go out?

Diego: Are you serious?

Georgie: Yeah, I am.

Diego: Yeah. There's a concert in the park tonight.

Georgie: Great.

Diego: All right.

Georgie: Maybe we could go to your place after?

Diego: I don't think that's a good idea.

Georgie: Why?

Diego: Look, Georgie -- um -- you mean -- you mean a lot to me. More -- more than you think, okay? Too much to take advantage. You're -- look, you're still upset from getting betrayed. I don't -- I don't want to be the rebound guy. Okay? I don't want to be the bridge between your last time with Dillon and the next. If you and I ever get close like that, I want to be the only guy going through your head. That a deal?

Georgie: It's a deal.

Diego: Yeah.

Sing: Take every part of the story

Sam: Hi.

Alexis: Hi.

Sam: Sorry. Do you have a minute?

Alexis: Sure, come on in.

Sam: I am so sorry to bother you at work. I just -- I wanted to talk to you before we both got home.

Alexis: Sam, I'm always glad to see you. I was at the hospital. I -- I talked to Jason. I'm glad that he's recovering.

Sam: Yeah, he's going to be okay. I'm just not so sure that I will.

Alexis: What's wrong? Did he say something to hurt you?

Sam: Well, yeah, more than say, with the best of intentions, of course. Even with the danger removed, and Manny dead, Jason -- he doesn't want us to be together.

Alexis: I'm sorry, Sam. But I believe what he did was right.

Sam: Yeah, well, you know, there's nothing left to be done -- except somehow try -- try to move on with my life. And -- whatever that is. Huh. But my first order of business is the apology that I owe you.

Det. Rodriguez: May I help you?

Carly: God, Jason, you're hurting. And this whole situation with Sam is just killing you.

Jason: You didn't come here to talk about me and Sam. Sonny's bad, isn't he?

Carly: Yeah. He's bad. I mean, you can't deal with this right now --

Jason: No, no, no, no, no. Just -- just tell me what happened.

Carly: Sonny thought you were dead. And he blamed Alcazar, and he went after him, alone and armed, meaning to kill him, even though Sonny knew he'd be dead before Alcazar's heart even stopped. I managed to get him out of there, Jason, but it didn't stop there. This morning, he cut himself.

Jason: On purpose?

Carly: Yeah. I mean, he would never admit it, but I know that it was on purpose. I just -- I just talked with Lainey Winters, and she thinks that we should commit Sonny to Rose Lawn.

Jason: Oh, no, no -- you know that's not -- that's not an option.

Carly: It may be the only option we have, Jason. Sonny is a loose cannon right now, and I am really afraid that he's going to hurt himself.

Jason: But you know why we can't send Sonny away.

Carly: Look, when I went crazy, I fought it, but I got better. Rose Lawn helped me.

Jason: Sonny is not going to get better. He's going to get worse. He's claustrophobic. He'll start thinking crazy things like he's a kid locked in the closet by his step-- who knows what could happen, Carly? I got to go. I got to get to him before --

Carly: No, no, no -- okay. Listen, you can't. You just had surgery.

Jason: You can't -- you can't handle this alone.

Carly: I can handle Sonny. I only came by here just to -- to get a perspective and talk to you. I'm okay. I'm okay. I can handle Sonny. It's funny, you know, it -- you can look back and almost trace the path that led to this. Maybe saving Sonny's been my destiny all along, Jason.

Lulu: I had no business ratting out Georgie. Your problems should have stayed between you and her to work out or not, without any interference from me.

Dillon: No, but that's -- it's so much better to know that somebody you're with is -- is hooking up with somebody else.

Lulu: That's not why you guys aren't together; it's because you slept with me. And if you hadn't, you guys might have been able to work it out.

Dillon: After her sleeping with Diego? Are you kidding me? And, Lulu, I don't regret being with you.

Lulu: Okay, you don't have to lie to make me feel better.

Dillon: I'm not lying to you. Do you regret it? I mean, is that why you've been so hard to reach lately?

Lulu: I -- well, I just didn't want to bug you or make you think that I had expectations.

Dillon: You get to have expectations.

Lulu: Really? I don't -- I'm new at this. I don't --

Dillon: Lulu -- huh -- just -- just know that I didn't -- didn't take sleeping with you lightly, okay? I happen to care about you, a lot.

Lulu: Ditto.

Dillon: Okay. So now we have somewhere to go. I mean, I like you and you like me, and we trust each other, and that's a good --

Dillon: Wow.

Lulu: Does that give you idea about where I want to go from here?

Dillon: Um -- I think you're loud and clear.

Elizabeth: Here's Mrs. Hamilton's lab work.

Patrick: Can I get a side of forgiveness with that? I apologize. I didn't mean to offend you.

Elizabeth: Then back off Lucky. He's not a pill thief.

Patrick: Look, you can't get mad at me for being objective. I'm a doctor. I know how easily drug addiction can happen to the most unlikely people.

Elizabeth: What, are you going to start this all over again?

Patrick: No. What I'm trying to say is I trust your instincts. If you say Lucky's clean, then I believe you.

P.A. Announcer: Environmental services, 2714.

Elizabeth: Apology accepted.

Patrick: Good. What?

Elizabeth: You care to apologize for anything else?

Patrick: Such as?

Elizabeth: Shamelessly hitting on me every chance you get?

Patrick: Absolutely not.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Patrick: No apologies and no empty promises to change.

Elizabeth: Oh, god, you are incorrigible.

Patrick: Yeah, and that's why you like me.

Elizabeth: Oh. What a jerk.

[Patrick and Elizabeth chuckle]

Ric: I was just looking for a piece of paper. I'd like to write my wife a note. Can I use this desk?

Det. Rodriguez: Go ahead. Hey, Baker -- do you mind top-shelving this for me?

Ofc. Baker: No problem.

Det. Rodriguez: Thanks.

Ofc. Baker: You got it.

Sam: I blamed you for my breakup with Jason, and I realize now that I was being unfair. Nobody tells Jason what to do. And I -- I know that better than anybody. I just -- I couldn't face the fact that he didn't love me enough to fight for me, so I used you as a scapegoat, and I am so sorry.

Alexis: Well, that's what mothers are for. It's a little late, but we can consider it our first bonding experience.

Sam: Well -- so, does that mean you forgive me?

Alexis: There's nothing to forgive you for. You're my daughter, Sam. You've been put through a horrible ordeal and you're in a lot of pain. And I want you to know that I am going to be here for you, and I'm going to help you through it, all right?

Sonny: What did you think, I was going to stand by while you try to make time with my wife? Cheer you on while you do the mother of my children?

Carly: What are you doing?

Sonny: There she is. Tell her what you think of her. Tell her what you think about when you see her through the rearview mirror and she's in the backseat, Max.

Carly: Okay, listen to me. You got to stop. All right? You got to stop, because Max is doing nothing but trying to help you, okay?

Sonny: You defending Max now? Maybe it doesn't go, you know, one way. Maybe you came on to Max and you guys have been doing it behind my back.

Carly: Sonny, come on.

Sonny: Why am I not surprised? I mean, where -- you know, where's the -- where does it start? I mean, with A.J. and then Jason and then Alcazar, then Tony Jones? Was he the last man in Port Charles you could sleep with?

Jason: Sonny -- this has to stop.

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Sam: If that's okay with you.

Sonny: Take Jason back to the hospital.

Jason: I'll agree to go back if you agree to get help.

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