GH Transcript Tuesday 7/4/06

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 7/4/06


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Tracy: Where's my husband?

Robert: Well, judging by the look in his beady eyes, I'd say he's headed to all four points of the compass.

Tracy: Really? Can we narrow that down to a specific continent?

Robert: Not this one -- my best guess.

Tracy: Good. Then you can consider yourself fired from your job at the Haunted Star and evicted from the house as of tonight.

Waitress: Can I help you with something?

Anna: Oh, no. Uh -- I found it. Thank you.

Lorenzo: Thank you. Oh!

Anna: Oh, sorry.

Lorenzo: Sorry.

Anna: Wow.

Lorenzo: Excuse me.

Anna: Sorry, I'm not usually that clumsy.

Lorenzo: Huh. That's twice in one day, no less.

Elizabeth: Manny Ruiz has Sam somewhere in this building. Let Jason find them.

Lucky: If I don't call for backup, there's a good chance that Sam and Jason could both wind up dead.

Elizabeth: Manny has nothing to lose. If the police go anywhere near this building, Manny's going to get spooked, he'll kill Sam, and that will kill Jason. Please, Lucky. Don't call this in.

Manny: Now I have to improvise. Put down your gun or I'm going to put a bullet in her.

Robert: I see. So I accomplish what Edward hired me for -- to get your husband out of the house -- and I'm just cast aside like a disposable diaper?

Tracy: Good riddance to you both.

Robert: You don't mean that, Sparky -- oh, maybe about me, but you're going to miss Luke like all hell.

Tracy: I'm not going to have to miss Luke for very long because he keeps turning up like a bad penny.

Robert: That could be wishful thinking this time.

Tracy: No, actually, it's a pattern that Luke has developed.

Robert: Nobody is more familiar with your husband's quirks than I am. He's a freedom junkie. You put him on a road, you never know where he's going to turn up. It's going to take a good reason to bring him back this time.

Tracy: My bank account is reason enough.

Robert: But why risk that when you have a much more accessible asset? I mean, if he knows that I'm smoking his cigars, drinking his booze, running his casino, and romancing his wife -- well, isn't that incentive enough?

[Tracy laughs]

Tracy: Ooh. You do think highly of yourself.

Robert: Ask yourself this question. What motivates Luke Spencer? Good-looking women, fast money, and getting the better of yours truly. I mean, it's all here, staring you in the face. If he knows I'm stealing what's his, he'll be back fast enough. On the other hand, you could be right. You don't care anyway, so good riddance to him. Yeah.

Tracy: Did you think I was going to fall for this?

Anna: I'm sorry. Have we met before?

Lorenzo: Not exactly. We ran into each other outside of Kellyís. I'm afraid I was the clumsy one.

Anna: Oh. Hmm. I should've remembered. Must be the jet lag.

Lorenzo: I'm judging by your accent that you're visiting our fair city?

Anna: Yes, I am. My daughter, she's a doctor at General Hospital.

Lorenzo: Oh, great.

Anna: Hmm. Oh -- Anna Devane.

Lorenzo: Lorenzo Alcazar. "Devane" -- that sounds familiar.

Anna: Uh, yeah. Well, I used to live here in Port Charles, but now I'm based in London. My daughter, she's decided to return here to practice --

Lorenzo: London is absolutely one of my favorite cities -- sorry for interrupting.

Anna: That's okay.

Lorenzo: It's just exciting and just seems alive -- the art, the culture, and the people. It's subtle but beautiful.

Anna: Uh-huh.

Lorenzo: I can see why you'd want to live there.

Anna: Huh. Wow. Are you normally this charming to someone who tried to knock you flat?

Lorenzo: Oh. No, actually, I'm not.

Anna: Well, that's good to know. Well, um, it's nice to meet you, Mr. --

Lorenzo: Alcazar.

Anna: Oh, yeah. "Alcazar" -- I'll remember that.

Lorenzo: Pleasure.

Anna: Yeah.

Lainey: If I had a life waiting for me in Paris, I'd be there in a heartbeat.

Robin: Oh, who said I had a life waiting?


Kelly: Sorry I started without you. I haven't eaten since half a stale muffin at breakfast. Does that even count?

Robin: No.

Kelly: Hmm.

Robin: But I'm glad you took my advice and ordered the coconut shrimp.

Lainey: Ooh.

Kelly: Well, since you're so full of advice, any idea where I can live? My building's being renovated, and I'm out on the street next month.

Robin: I'll think about it. Do you know what you want to order, Lainey?

Lainey: Um, I'm suddenly not hungry. Last time I was here, I sat right there with Justus. Last of the good guys. I blew it.

Elizabeth: Manny is heartless. He kills for sport. You know he didn't hesitate when he shot Justus.

Lucky: Why don't you just say what you mean, Elizabeth. You don't think I can cut it against Manny. You want me to sit down while Jason takes care of business --

Elizabeth: No, no!

Lucky: And Jason plays hero and --

Elizabeth: Lucky, I was going to ask you if you could help Jason without calling this in.

Lucky: You think Jason needs my help?

Elizabeth: Honey, I believe in you. If the police come stampeding through here, it's going to set Manny off. Now, I know that, god, I am asking you to do something dangerous --

Lucky: I am okay. Just -- you don't have to worry about a thing. I'll be fine.

[Pager beeps]

Elizabeth: Oh, gee, what now?

Lucky: No, no, no, no, go. Listen, I'll be fine. I'll be fine. I promise.

Elizabeth: Here. Be careful. I love you.

Lucky: I love you.

Alexis: I can't sit here and cry. I'm supposed to be supervising.

Ric: Okay. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. You're using every resource available to you. Why are you being so hard on yourself?

Alexis: I can't help it. What she said to me on the stand, all the things that he did to her. If I make one mistake, one mistake, he's going to kill her.

Ric: No, you are not a woman who is shaken by fear, Alexis. You're too practical, right? You're too focused. You know what you have to do.

Alexis: I don't --

Ric: First -- first, you need to call off the hunt for Jason, okay? That's going to be a waste of manpower now.

Alexis: I know.

Ric: You need to be focused on Manny. That's your priority, all right?

Alexis: Do you know what she said to me?

Ric: Second, stop punishing yourself.

Alexis: Do you know what she said to me when Manny was set free? She said that "I hope you are the first person that he comes to," me or somebody in my family. Little did she know --

Ric: Oh, okay. Hindsight is not going to do us any good at this point.

Alexis: I want him punished. I want him punished for everything that he did!

Ric: Okay.

Alexis: I want him to pay for his inhumanity!

Ric: Okay. You -- you use that, then, all right? That's where you draw your strength from. You feel betrayed, you use it against this bastard. You make him pay, and I will be right there with you.

Alexis: I love you.

Ric: Okay? It's all right. It's going to be okay.

Alexis: Thank you.

Ric: What do you say we get out of here?

Alexis: Okay. Let's go.

Mac: We got roadblocks on every artery out of this city.

Ric: Uh, Mac, listen. I -- I got an idea.

Mac: Wait a minute. I can't waste more of my department's valuable resources. Manny wants Jason -- nothing else will end this. We have to find them, so we spread our net wide and work our way in.

Ric: No, no, that's going to take too much time. Just hear me out, all right? When Manny was wearing an ankle bracelet, he was confined to a radius from PCPD here, right --

Mac: Mm-hmm.

Ric: To Kellyís to General Hospital. This is familiar territory. He knows it like the back of his hand.

Alexis: He's right. He's going to take Sam someplace that he can hide and someplace that is safe.

Ric: Right.

Mac: It's limiting us. There's a whole city out there!

Alexis: Mac, like it or not, I'm the D.A. I want the hunt for Jason stopped. I want every man focused on finding Manny!

Mac: Alexis, it's not your call.

Alexis: I'm not going to argue about this right now. We're not going to have an argument about jurisdiction. My daughter's life is at stake.

Manny: You know what happens next, Jason, right? Sure you do, because great minds think alike.

Sam: Jason is nothing like you.

Manny: You keep telling yourself that, little girl. You keep telling yourself that he's not a stone killer. Yeah, he knows better, right? He knows this is all about who blinks first, right, Jason? Right?

Sam: Jason doesn't have to hide behind women.


Sam: Jason!


Sam: No! No!

Jason: He's getting away!

Lucky: Not this time.

Sam: Agh. Oh, Jason.

Jason: Are you okay?

Sam: I love you.

Robert: You -- you're probably right. I mean, he's just gone off somewhere to clear his head. I mean, being the devoted family man that he is, he'll be on your doorstep before you know it.

Tracy: Yeah, that's one scenario.

Robert: And he knows, I mean, that you couldn't have any interest in -- in the likes of a person like me. So, I'll be packed and out of here before you make your first martini. Thanks for the hospitality.

Tracy: Stop. Go to the Haunted Star.

Robert: I've just been fired!

Tracy: I just unfired you, okay?

Robert: This is a public humiliation. My price has gone up.

Tracy: That's extortion.

Robert: That's a renegotiation. Now, three times the salary, 10% of the gross.

Tracy: Same salary, 5% of the net.

Robert: Twice the salary, 5% of the gross -- and the negotiations have now terminated.

Tracy: Done. Just -- prove yourself this time!

Robert: Be specific. The last time, I was hired to look after your husband. Well, now he's gone.

Tracy: I expect your total allegiance.

Robert: You're getting the best allegiance money can buy.

Tracy: If I find out that you are standing around on my dime waiting for a better offer, if you double-deal me again, I will make you cry.

Lainey: I always kept Justus at arm's length, you know? I figured he had to prove to me that he was worth the trouble, but that wasn't it. I -- I was just too uptight, too much of a coward to let him get close.

Kelly: Wow. I just figured you weren't that into him.

Lainey: No, I was very into him. Oh, no, oh, no. Once again, I'm bringing down everybody. I'm sorry.


Lainey: Um -- tell me why you need a new place to live, Kelly.

Kelly: They're turning my building into a multi-use condo. My perfectly serviceable, funky little apartment is about to become a high-priced condo, so I'm looking for a new one.

Lainey: Oh -- I know a nice little apartment on the St. Germain du Pres.

Robin: I told you I'm not going back to Paris, okay?

Kelly: Well, why would you when you have Dr. Adorable in your bed?

Robin: Because -- uh -- I don't have him. Patrick and I are done.

Lainey: You're not.

Kelly: You are?

Robin: My bed is now empty, very empty. Depressingly, endlessly empty.

Kelly: I wondered why you were suddenly free for dinner with the girls.

Robin: Oh, I would've come, anyway.

Kelly: Hmm.

Robin: I've never been one to stay home and wait for the phone to ring, and I'm sure as hell not going to stay home and wait for the phone not to ring.

Kelly: I thought you and Patrick were headed for something kind of serious.

Robin: Never use the word "serious" or "commitment" or "feelings" around Patrick.

Kelly: Hmm.

Robin: He will run, not walk, in the opposite direction.

Lainey: So what was the attraction?

Kelly: Hello? He's hot in bed. I mean, that's what you told me.

Robin: Yes, that's what I said -- very hot in bed -- but you know what? Sometimes that's not enough.

Kelly: Sounds like a lot to me.

Lainey: Huh.

Kelly: Sorry.


Kelly: I haven't had a decent guy in months, so --

Robin: This is what I learned about myself. I'm old-fashioned, you know? I mean, my idea of a date is "What are you doing on Friday night?" Patrick's idea is "Can you meet me in my room in half an hour?" Who knew I was romantic?

Lainey: So he dumped you?

Robin: Well, we decided that since we didn't have a future together, why bother with the present?

Lainey: Aw.

Robin: Oh, stop. No pity party for me, please. I should've learned about the promise of love a long time ago -- from my parents.

Anna: Anna Devane. Yes, I made contact with Alcazar. I lifted his mobile, and I duplicated the memory chip and I'm forwarding it to the agency. So then I have to return the phone. That'll mean further contact with him. No, I think I've handled more difficult men than him. Besides, I'm looking forward to the challenge. Bye.

Robert: I knew it. You're on assignment, Agent Devane.

Robin: What was I thinking?

Kelly: Pretty much what every woman thinks when they look at Patrick Drake.

Robin: I talk a good game, but I have absolutely no follow-through.

Kelly: So, is it really over?

Robin: It never really began.

Lainey: Do you ever feel like you are on the outside of your life looking in, wondering if it's ever going to live up to your expectations? Because I'm convinced that I was sick the day they passed out the rules.

Robin: I mean, who wrote those rules, anyway? Why can't we just feel what we feel and trust that that is right?

Kelly: I'm just freaked that a shrink is more neurotic than me.

Robin: Oh, wait -- that's like a gynecologist not having sex for months.

Lainey: Ha.

Kelly: Hey!

Lainey: Do you want to know what upsets me the most? It's that I'm sitting here just thinking about what might've been, and I have no one but myself to blame for not going for it.

Kelly: Going for it is essential.

Lainey: Yeah. Well, maybe tomorrow. Tonight I have to get back to work.

Kelly: Okay, not that I'm keeping track, but how many hours do you plan to work?

Robin: She's right. Ever since Justus died, you've been at the hospital nonstop. I mean, Kelly could move into your apartment and you wouldn't even know she was there.

Kelly: Don't make fun of my homelessness.


Lainey: So, do you have any apartments in your building, Robin?

Robin: I -- I don't know.

Kelly: I thought you liked it there.

Robin: I did. I -- okay, the truth is, I hate going home into an empty apartment every night.

Lainey: Yeah, which is your excuse for picking up never-ending shifts.

Kelly: So, I'm serious. Why are we wasting a ton of money on three apartments we hardly ever see? We could pool our resources, get one very cool apartment, and never have to spend another evening talking to ourselves. No, really.

Robin: Wait a minute, the three of us sharing popcorn for dinner and pizza for breakfast?

Kelly: I'll change your life. I love to cook, but I hate to eat alone. You buy the groceries; I'll be the chef.

Robin: Hmm.

Lainey: One thing -- I hang my shingle up when I leave the office. I can't be fixing everybody else's problems.

Kelly: I'm liking the sound of this.

Robin: And we could have girls' night in whenever we wanted, and -- ooh -- it would solve the parental problem.

Lainey: What parental problem?

Robin: I've been having these nightmares that one or both of my parents will start crashing on my couch. Having roommates would help me to avoid that disaster. So what the heck -- I'm in.

Kelly: She's in.


Anna: It has been my experience that when you are sporting that insufferable grin, you absolutely have no clue. And then you underscore your ignorance by calling me -- [Australian accent] Agent Devane.

Robert: If the shoe fits --

Anna: [Normal voice] I mean, I feel like I should be wearing some kind of decoder ring or something.

Robert: Look, it's been my experience where you're concerned, when I'm this close, then you're a little discomforted by it -- and that call sounded suspiciously like a status report.

Anna: It is truly none of your business who I speak to. And just for the record, that was a woman called Charlotte, and she takes care of my plants while I'm out of the country.

Robert: You don't give a black thumb about plants.

Anna: It just so happens I have a very temperamental Dieffenbachia, and it would really break my heart if it died.

Robert: You haven't been assigned to me, have you?

Anna: Oh --

Robert: That first double cross was enough to last me a lifetime.

Anna: I'm here for our daughter. I know that is a foreign concept to you.

Robert: If I figure out who's been around here for the last few months, I'll know what the assignment is.

Anna: You know what? If you are so hell-bent on playing superspy and reliving your past with your friend Luke Spencer, be my guest. I am here to be a proper parent to Robin. That is something that we've both failed miserably at, but I was never as bad as you.

Robert: Yeah, but I've never been as bad as you.

Jason: Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Sam.

Sam: Hey. Manny had me in the basement.

Jason: Can you look after her, please?

Sam: He got shot, he needs help.

Jason: No,no, no, no, no, I can't, I canít. Manny's getting away.

Elizabeth: So did Lucky find you? Where is he?

Sam: He's not hurt; he went after Manny.

Elizabeth: By himself?

Jason: Look, get security to seal off the hospital.

Patrick: We will, but you need to let me look at this.

Jason: Look, I can't!

Sam: Please do it; you're hurt!

Jason: I canít. Manny admitted that I caught him by surprise. He said he had to improvise.

Elizabeth: When he kidnapped me, he took me up, not down.

Jason: Okay. Thanks.

Sam: No -- Jason, no! No! God.

Lucky: Sam's shaken, but she's fine. Manny is on the loose, so put out an A.P.B., armed and dangerous.

Mac: We'll seal off the immediate area. I can't believe he was holed up in the hospital.

Lucky: I'll cover here until backup arrives.

Mac: All right. Hey, that was Lucky. Sam is okay. Manny had her at G.H., so she's there now; she's safe.

Alexis: Well, I got to go.

Ric: Yeah, yeah, what about Jason?

Mac: He didn't say, he didn't say.

Ric: All right, I'm going to go with you.

Mac: Wait a minute. Manny is still on the loose somewhere in the vicinity of the hospital.

Manny: Okay, Jason, you have two choices. You can run for help while I get away, or you can stand here and use your last breath while I get away. Either way, I'm a free man.

Robert: No wonder the child is such a mess -- I mean, look at the role model standing in front of me here. I mean, you're -- you're cold, you're detached, you're removed from the whole situation, and you could never, never admit you're wrong.

Anna: I've always admitted when I was wrong -- both times.

Robert: And just for the record, egomania definitely comes from your side of the family.

Anna: You know, you might want to explain to your daughter that there is simply no return in trying to win the affections of a self-centered, emotionally unavailable, oversexed bum.

Robert: I was never a bum, and as for oversexed, well, somebody had to rise to --

Robin: Excuse me! Haven't you had this fight already?

Robert: We've had all our fights already.

Anna: Yeah, I'm just waiting for him to say something rational.

Robert: And you can never, never admit, never at any --

Robin: Oh! Agh!

Anna: Huh?

Robin: I haven't had a tantrum since I was 9 years old. But since you two have showed up, I've had several.

Anna: Doesn't it feel good, darling?

Robin: Yes, actually, it feels pretty damn good. Now that I have your attention, I want you both to know something. I forgive you. Don't you think it's time you forgive each other?

Sam: Don't worry about me. Jason is the one who's hurt.

Elizabeth: You've been through a traumatic situation. Let Patrick make sure you're okay.

Patrick: Security is looking for Manny. What did he do to you?

Sam: He's a pig.

Patrick: You need me to contact a rape counselor?

Sam: Look, it was nothing like that. Manny -- he -- he wanted to mark me.

Elizabeth: What?

Sam: He was ready to tattoo something on my stomach when Jason walked in. He said it was some sort of a message.

Elizabeth: Oh, Sam --

Sam: He -- he wanted to mark me, he wanted to brand me, to make me his. It was payback. It was payback to Jason. I have to find Jason.

Elizabeth: No, that's the last thing he would want you --

Sam: No, look, I am sick of doing what everyone else wants me to do. This is what I want. I want to find Jason. We didn't go through all of this for nothing, so he could go off and get himself killed. I need to find Jason, please.

Patrick: Then what? You find Jason, he's with Manny. Don't distract him, let him come back to the hospital for you.

Alexis: Oh, my god. You're all right.

Manny: Listen to me! Jason, listen to me. You're the same as me; you're a killer, okay? The only difference is you're ashamed of who you are. I'm not. I'm proud; I wear it for everyone to see. You have to accept it, brother. We're the same, and we'll both end up the same -- dead or alone.

Jason: I'm nothing like you.


[Manny screams]

Jason: Ugh.

Lorenzo: Excuse me, I was sitting at this bar earlier and seem to have lost something.

[Tracy laughs]

Tracy: Skye's a little on the large side these days, isn't she, to misplace her.

Lorenzo: What are you doing here, Tracy?

Tracy: I'm rationing for a rainy day. You can't ever have too many olives, I always say. In fact, you probably ought to be saving yours, considering Skye dumped you.

Lorenzo: How has Skye been?

Tracy: Besides bloated with your love child? She is -- um -- craving chocolate, dark chocolate, hard-boiled eggs -- gack -- and olives, of course.

Lorenzo: You're exceedingly bitter this evening.

Tracy: Hmm. And isn't that a good excuse to push us all away? You men are all alike. Can any one of you handle a real woman?

Lorenzo: You know what? I just came to get my cell phone. You're clearly having a moment.

Tracy: I am having a moment. And if you had an ounce of sense, so would you. But you don't have any sense or sensitivity -- just like all men. It's take, take, take, take off. And if a woman says "Where you going?," it's about space and freedom and the open road. Well, you can kiss my asters goodbye!

Lorenzo: You know what? I am prepared to make allowances for the fact that you have clearly imbibed a lot of alcohol.

Tracy: Donít. I'm not afraid to put you in your place -- or any man, for that matter.

Lorenzo: Illustrated by the fact that you're sitting here drinking all by yourself.

Tracy: Don't you feel sorry for me?

Lorenzo: No. Hardly. Just wondering what would make a woman like you so afraid.

Tracy: Huh. One thing. The only thing that strikes fear in my heart is that any man would think I need him. I came this close. But I snapped out of it. Not going to happen. And the next man that tries to con me is in for a really big surprise.

Robin: All right, you two need to stop fighting over who's responsible for making me such a disaster -- because I'm not.

Anna: Well, you're brilliant and gorgeous, but you're nursing a broken heart.

Robin: People get over broken hearts every day, Mom.

Robert: What about you?

Robin: What about me? I'm a grown woman. I have my own career and my own set of problems, no bigger or smaller than anyone elseís. And if I am "messed up," it's not because you two were spies; it's because I'm human.

Anna: But if your father had been a better spy, then you wouldn't have had to fend for yourself for the last 15 years, feeling abandoned and unloved.

Robert: Well, wait a minute, what great lessons have --

[Robin stammers]

Robin: Stop right now. Okay? I am here to tell you both something very important. You were, in fact, really good parents.

Anna: We were?

Robin: Yes. Because no matter what, through all of it, I knew that I was loved.

Robert: You did?

Anna: You were.

Robin: And you taught me two very valuable lessons -- one, to be self-sufficient, and two -- by shining example -- that when happily-ever-after falls apart, you pick yourself up and you keep on going, even if it hurts like hell.

Robert: Hey, that's our girl.

Anna: Oh, shut up.

Robin: Oh Ė

Sam: Your plan worked.

Alexis: What do you mean?

Sam: Well, Manny said that you and Jason would find a way to work together, and you did. He was about to tattoo a message on my stomach to get your attention.

[Alexis sighs]

Alexis: I am so glad that you are all right.

Sam: I mean, it was brilliant. It was brilliant -- to pretend to have Jason arrested so Manny thought he was locked up and then secretly have him released.

Alexis: Sam, there was no pretense. I had Jason arrested for real, and I didn't release him.

Sam: Why not?

Alexis: Because I believed if he was in custody, that Manny would realize that there was no one to play his game with and that I would be able to negotiate with him.

Sam: Because you have a history with him? You set him free -- do you really think Manny cares about that?

Alexis: I don't know, Sam. We'll never know. But Jason escaped and he is the one that found Manny --

Sam: This is your pattern, isn't it -- finding reasons to have Jason arrested and setting freaks like Manny Ruiz free?

Alexis: That's a terrible thing to say.

Sam: I could've been killed. I could've been killed! Jason is probably fighting for his life right this second! Or maybe -- I don't know, maybe that was your plan all along.


Lucky: You won't be charged for this.

Jason: I don't care. As long as he's dead.

Lucky: I killed him, not you. He went over the edge because I shot him.

Lorenzo: Excuse me.

Waitress: Hmm?

Lorenzo: Did someone turn in a cell phone? I left mine here earlier.

Waitress: I'll check for you. Sorry, it may have been picked up by accident or something.

Lorenzo: Well, tell you what -- see what you can do about finding it. It has quite a few private numbers. Wouldn't want to miss an important call.

Waitress: Well, I'll ask around.

Lorenzo: Thank you. May I use your bar phone?

Robin: Look, I think it's great that you're both here. I do. But what's done is done. We can't go shopping for my prom dress. I'm sorry that you missed that, but it's okay. I'm okay. And I don't know who looks more pathetic when you corner one of my boyfriends, you or me. But when I was 18, I'd barely listen to uncle Mac, so I don't know why I would let you now give the third degree to me or anyone that I'm dating. You both need to stop trying so hard. I love you. I want you to be happy. So stop obsessing over me and go back to what you're good at -- spying.

Robert: Oh, I gave all that up.

Anna: Oh, I haven't done that for years, darling.

Robert: Well, on that subject, did you -- did you hit town from a commercial flight, or did you parachute onto Kellyís roof and store your grenade launcher in a garbage can somewhere?

Anna: Oh, my god, you have got no imagination -- my grenade launcher?

Robin: Look, I am your daughter, and I respect the fact that you are dedicated professionals. I think that it's great.

Anna: We're your parents, and we are here to support you -- well, I am, at least -- and I can't tell you how much I am enjoying that.

[Phone rings]

Anna: You know, I'm -- I'm really -- it's --

Robert: Answer the bloody thing.

Anna: Oh. Sorry. Hold on for just a second. Hello?


Anna: Hello? Oh. Uh -- it doesn't matter, never mind. Anyway, what -- what I'm trying to say here is that you must believe me. And -- and I think that in his own sort of horrid, selfish way, I think that your father sort of means it, too.

Robert: Whatever your mother says.

Anna: Uh-huh.

Robert: And what about the phone call here? Was that -- was that the Dahlia having a panic attack?

Anna: No, it's my Dieffenbachia, and it doesn't matter.

[Phone rings]


Mac: Lucky?

Lucky: Hey. I know the drill. The ME will find a bullet from my gun in Manny when they do the autopsy.

Mac: How'd he go over?

Lucky: The impact from my shot. It'll be in my report.

Mac: You didn't have time to call for backup?

Lucky: No. I called you as soon as I knew Manny was here. I -- I couldn't wait. He would've killed Jason.

Mac: Nice work. Congratulations.

Sam: Maybe you were looking for a two-for-one out of this -- Jason kills Manny, and then Jason gets arrested for murder, and then Mannyís --

Ric: Okay, okay, enough, Sam.

Sam: And there you go -- right on cue, coming to her defense! Does he get charged by the hour for his services?

Ric: She's publicly appealed to Manny to let you go. She did everything in her power to save you.

Sam: And you would be overjoyed, and so would you, if something happened to Jason.

Alexis: Everything I did was to help you, Sam.

Sam: What's wrong?

Elizabeth: Is it Lucky?

Officer: D.A. Davis, Commissioner Scorpio wanted me to let you know that Manny Ruiz is dead.

Sam: Oh, god. It's over.

Ric: What happened?

Officer: He fell off the roof.

Alexis: He fell?

Elizabeth: I have to find Lucky.

Sam: What about Jason Morgan?

Officer: All I know is that Officer Spencer shot Manny Ruiz. I didn't see anyone else.

Sam: I have to find Jason.

Det. Rodriguez: Dude's finally dead.

Jason: I had to see for myself.

Det. Rodriguez: I'll -- I'll take care of this. Why don't you go section off that area over there?

Elizabeth: Jason? Jason --

Jason: I -- I shoved him off the roof. He's dead. Everyone is safe now.

Elizabeth: Help. Somebody help me!

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Sonny: I just wanted to say goodbye.

Carly: "Good-bye"? Where you going?

Alexis: Was Manny dead before he hit the pavement?

Mac: You really care how he died?

Elizabeth: We think he's bleeding internally.

Patrick: Get him to OR 4.

Sam: No, Jason -- Jason, no!

Alexis: Is he in surgery?

Sam: Oh, come on. Neither of you care if he dies

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