GH Transcript Friday 6/30/06

General Hospital Transcript Friday 6/30/06


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Manny: Come on, baby, smile.

Sam: Go away.

Manny: Come on -- I got to take another one so Jason will think you're already dead. Come on, say "Cheese."

Jason: I want the entire waterfront covered. Well, keep asking questions! Somebody must have seen Sam and Manny; come on. All right, I'll call you back. Did you remember something?

Elizabeth: Well, I kept running that moment when Manny grabbed me over and over in my head, and I came up with a timeline.

Jason: Thank you.

Elizabeth: I don't know how much good it'll be. I was so scared when I left the hospital. I mostly just remember Manny telling me to be quiet.

Jason: He hasn't made contact.

Det. Rodriguez: Jason Morgan, you're under arrest.

Jason: For what?

Det. Rodriguez: District attorney Davis will explain it all.

Dillon: Damn it!

Georgie: Dillon!

Dillon: So Lulu was right? You're sleeping with Diego? Good.

Georgie: No, Diego and I just went for a swim!

Dillon: You went for a swim in the middle of the night, Georgie!

Georgie: Dillon, you know what -- nothing happened.

Dillon: Tell them what you told me. Lulu, tell them what you told me.

Lulu: I saw you and Diego having sex.

Sonny: What are you waiting for, Carly? What do you think I'm going to do, scream at you? Call you names?

Carly: It wouldn't be the first time.

Sonny: It's true. I get -- I get -- I get ugly with you. The worst part of me comes out. Why do you want to see it?

Carly: I don't.

Sonny: Good. Then leave, for both our sakes. Do what you should have done the first time you found me. Walk away.

Carly: It was a hot day back then. Do you remember? I remember. I remember I thought that someone had tried to kill you. Because the place was a mess, and there was glass everywhere. But that didn't make sense because the guards were still standing outside. And then I saw you sitting there. You were a wreck. And that stood out to me because you were always so nicely dressed and clean, and you looked like hell.

Sonny: Like hell.

Carly: Yeah. And then I realized that it wasn't because you were unshaven or because your clothes were a mess. It was your eyes. And they weren't just black; they were bottomless. And there was no light at all, and that's why I couldn't leave you.

Sonny: Big mistake.

Carly: Maybe not. It was definitely a life-altering moment. Let's say I left. What would have happened to you? What would have happened to me, for that matter? I doubt we'd have gotten together. You wouldn't be Michael's father. We wouldn't have made Morgan. Maybe your life would have been better, but you know what? Maybe it would have been worse. And we're never going to know. Because I didn't leave you all those years ago, and I'm not leaving you now.

Georgie: You're lying. I never had sex with Diego. Now, why would you say that?

Lulu: I saw you.

Diego: Look, I don't know what you think you saw, but all we did was go swimming, okay? I dared her to go skinny-dipping.

Georgie: We were in the water, Dillon. We never got --

Dillon: You expect me to believe that?

Diego: Don't blame her! It was my idea!

Dillon: Shut up!

Georgie: Nothing happened, Dillon! Nothing happened!

Diego: What -- what was it? What, did you see us take our clothes off? Is that what it is? Is that what's getting you so upset? I didn't see her!

Lulu: He's lying! I know what I saw. I saw you two having sex.

Georgie: I -- I don't know why she's doing this. She's lying. I have no idea why she's saying this. But, please, I've never had sex with Diego. Please, you have to believe me.

Man: Here's your assignment. Level five, as usual. Your target is extremely dangerous. Proceed with caution. Do not, for any reason, become personally involved.

Anna: No problem. I can handle it.

Robert: Something compelling about this view?

Luke: Huh. It's the open water. It holds such possibility. I've always seen open water as an escape route.

Robert: You need one?

Luke: I went to visit Laura today. I needed to tell her that Justus Ward had died. His grandmother, Mary Mae, was a dear friend of hers. She's the one that inspired Laura to put down roots here.

Robert: You aren't thinking about cashing in a few frequent flyer miles, are you?

Luke: You would leave this town tonight if somebody made the right offer, and you know it.

Robert: It does get awfully small, doesn't it?

Luke: Awful small. Awful small. What do you say we blow this pop stand? Just leave the chuckles in the rear view mirror?

Robert: I'd love nothing better.

Luke: Okay. I'll meet you here in half an hour.

Robert: But I can't do it.

Luke: Why not?

Robert: I got a second chance at being a dad. I don't want to screw it up.

Robin: What is wrong with you? You can't break up with me, remember? We're not together.

Patrick: Well, then stop accusing me of being jealous.

Robin: Oh, come on. I was teasing. Calm down.

Patrick: Look, now you're setting rules for us. You're telling me how to treat my father. Now you're flirting with Nikolas in front of me. I don't want to deal with it.

Robin: Okay, okay, okay. Try and grasp the concept that my conversation with Nikolas had nothing to do with you.

Patrick: Look, Robin, I don't want to argue. You're nice. You're a great doctor. We had a good time. But it's going to a place that I don't want it to go, so I'm out, as of now.

Jason: No, all I want to do is look for Sam.

Det. Rodriguez: Tell that to D.A. Davis. She wants you in custody, you're in custody.

Elizabeth: I understand that Alexis is pressuring you, but this arrest is never going to hold up in court. You haven't even stated the charges.

Det. Rodriguez: D.A. Davis will take care of it personally.

Elizabeth: Can I call a lawyer for you?

Jason: Bernie's going to take care of it. You just go to work. Let's go. Let's get this over with.

Det. Rodriguez: Let's go.

Elizabeth: Wait. Let me just call someone.

Jason: Okay, the best thing you can do for me is just try to remember something, anything.

Manny: Do you have a message for Jason?

Sam: Yeah, call him. Let me speak to him.

Manny: Oh, you might slip him a clue before I'm ready.

Sam: He'll find me.

Manny: Last chance, Sam. Do you have a message for Jason?

Sam: No.

Manny: You'll play along soon enough. Because I'm about to send Jason his first clue.

Manny: I'll see you later. Don't go anywhere. 

Sonny: What are you doing?

Carly: I'm straightening up.

Sonny: Since when?

Carly: I'm not a slob anymore, you know? I have kids. I pick up after them all the time.

Sonny: I like the way the place looks.

Carly: Well, I decorated this place, and I don't want to see it trashed.

Sonny: Why did you decorate this place when I bought it? Did -- did you think that -- that we were going to get back together, and then when you -- you know, you moved in here, then the house would look the way you want it to look?

Carly: If I decorated this place for myself, it wouldn't look like this. These are your colors. They're dark and they're rich. Like the inside of a wallet. That's how I described your old penthouse to someone once.

Sonny: Before I destroyed it.

Carly: That was a bad time, Sonny.

Sonny: We've had many of those.

Carly: You feel like that now, but when your mood changes --

Sonny: What happened to "hate me," Carly? What happened to "never forgive me because of what I did to Jason"?

Carly: I'll hate you later.

Sonny: No, do it now because it's better than pity.

Carly: That's not what this is about.

Sonny: Well, what -- what is this about? I mean, you're straightening up, you're trying to keep me talking. I know that.

[Carly sighs]

Sonny: Because you think it's going to heal me. It's going to make me well. Why would you want me to be well? I'm -- I'm a selfish bastard. I fight with you, I make you cry. And I got to tell you, half the time, I'm not even sorry.

Carly: Oh, yes, you are.

Sonny: Uh-huh.

Carly: I know you are. Sonny, you get this look on your face -- when you realize you've done or said something that you can't take back. And it's more than regret.

Sonny: It doesn't matter if I'm sorry. I'm just going to do it again. I promise that I'm not, and then I keep doing it again, you know. I've hurt you more than you've ever been hurt in your life. Am I right?

Carly: Sometimes.

Sonny: Well, that's my greatest talent, hurting people. You should know better than anybody. So why are you here? What do you expect to get from this?

Luke: I hate to tell you, pal, but you missed the daddy train. Not that you tried that hard to catch it. But your daughter's a grown woman. She doesn't need you.

Robert: Au contraire.

Luke: I bet she would disagree.

Robert: Look, I would love nothing better than to be able to turn back the clock, to protect my little girl from hanging out with what's his name. What kind of a parent calls their kid "Stone"?

Luke: It was ugly, what happened to that kid.

Robert: Yeah, and she's got to live with that for the rest of her life. But you've got a solid chance with your daughter.

Luke: Hey, don't start that.

Robert: You know, it would be so much easier going back to the old spy game. Tracking down Holly.

Luke: Have you heard from her?

Robert: No. But clearly, you haven't, either.

Luke: Well, I'm not sitting by the phone. Oh, god, remember when people used to sit by the phone? I miss those days.

Robert: Look, you leave town, you leave the Quartermaines, you leave Sparky Butt, and you leave them all to me.

Luke: I have left Sparky Butt plenty of times before, and she's always there when I get back because she loves to make me pay.

Robert: Don't bet on it.

Robin: If you don't want a commitment, then why do you keep going on and on?

Patrick: Is this about my case?

Nurse: Yes.

Patrick: Thanks.

Nurse: Mm-hmm.

Robin: And you accuse me of hiding in my work.

Patrick: This patient might be a good candidate for your drug therapy.

Robin: Oh, god. I have a diagnosis for you, Dr. Drake. You know those foreign sensations that you're having? They're called feelings or emotions. Now, I know you don't want to admit it, but I will. There's something going on between us that's more than sex.

Patrick: Speak for yourself.

Robin: You're starting to have feelings for me, aren't you, doctor? That's why you're freaking out.

Patrick: Look, I'm trying to end this cleanly and nicely, so nobody gets hurt.

Robin: In other words, you're running away because things are starting to get messy.

Patrick: Are you going to take this patient, or should I call somebody else for a consult?

Robin: Oh, god -- I can't believe I actually thought that you could be a decent guy.

Patrick: Robin, please skip the lectures, okay? I have done nothing but been honest with you. Now, I am not looking for an emotional bond.

Robin: It's kind of funny in a way. All of your lectures about how I live my small life. How I play things safe. You're the one that turned out to be a coward. Congratulations. You got what you wanted. We're done.

Dillon: It's the oldest movie plot in the book, Georgie.

Georgie: This is not a movie, Dillon.

Dillon: Listen to me, listen to me. You take any James Dean film, you take any Bogart classic, you take the entire "Godfather" series. The good girl always goes for the bad boy. And if there's a husband, he's the last to know.

Georgie: That isn't what happened here.

Dillon: You have taken our entire marriage and you have turned it into a movie cliché. You -- you keep buying into his -- his reformed convict act. Don't -- time and time again. And your sister and Brook Lynn and God knows who else. You have lied to me --

Georgie: I didn't --

Dillon: About -- you've lied to me about your relationship with him, the secret letters and the really bad excuses. And when I find you two together at the prom -- is that when it started? Was it at the prom?

Georgie: No.

Dillon: Did you sleep with him because I was -- because I was away in the Markham Islands?

Georgie: You were being a jerk then, and you're being one now.

Dillon: So you slept with him because you were angry with me.

Georgie: No.

Dillon: Don't -- don't -- don't expect me to believe that this is the first time this has happened.

Georgie: You are being completely unfair.

Dillon: I am not being unfair right now! I am not being unfair! Why don't you show some respect to yourself, and show some respect to me? And admit to me that you have been sleeping with him?

Georgie: Look at me.

Dillon: It's not like you have anything to lose, anyway.

Georgie: Look at me. Look at me, Dillon. Look at me. I -- look at me -- I have never slept with Diego -- not now, not ever!

Dillon: I guess the truth is too much to ask for.

Georgie: You lying, poisonous witch. Do you realize what you've done? Do you really know? That's my husband. The love of my life. Do you realize what this means to me? No, maybe you don't. And maybe that's why you did it -- because nobody loves you. But I do know one thing. I do know that this will come back to you. If there is any justice in this entire world, you will feel like I do right now!

Lulu: You're supposed to go chase after her.

Diego: I didn't think you could go through with this.

Lulu: Yeah, well, I did.

Alexis: This is a workup on Manny Ruiz, done by an FBI profiler. It says that you were right, that Manny is using Sam as bait against you. He's treating the whole thing like a game.

Jason: Okay, so why am I under arrest?

Alexis: Because the game is over. I am announcing that you're being charged for the murder of Juan Escobar.

Jason: You don't have any evidence.

Alexis: Manny doesn't know that. I'm going to say that the case is airtight and -- and that you were -- you're being held without bail.

Jason: Why -- why would you do that?

Alexis: Because if I take you out of the game, he'll let Sam go.

Jason: No, he'll just kill her, instead.

Alexis: I'm giving Manny a way out.

Jason: Manny doesn't want a way out. If he doesn't kill her, he's going to hurt her! Who knows what he's going to do to her?

Alexis: You're the target, Jason. You are. Sam is just incidental.

Jason: Alexis, this has been -- this has been planned for a long time. He's just getting started. If you take me out of the game, Manny has no reason to keep Sam alive.

Alexis: We'll force him to make contact. It'll give me an opportunity to negotiate with him.

Jason: This is ridiculous! I want a lawyer!

Alexis: 48 hours, Jason. You're being held without bail for 48 hours. Mayor Floyd, what a surprise.

Mayor Floyd: I just heard you're calling a press conference. What for?

Alexis: To save my daughter.


Lulu: Dad?

Luke: Oh. Hey, gumdrop.

Lulu: Are you okay?

Luke: There's something in the air.

Lulu: Can we skip the metaphors? Summer school is bad enough.

Luke: No, baby, I'm not talking poetic here. I mean it. There's something in the air. I can feel it. It's like a mist.

Lulu: I believe it's called fog.

Luke: No, that's weather. I'm talking about something else. Something strange. I remember this weird mist moving into town many years ago.

Lulu: What happened?

[Phone rings]

Luke: Oh. Hang on. Spencer.

Holly: Luke. Thank god.

Luke: English, is that you?

Holly: Please, you have to get me out of here.

Luke: Oh, yeah. Okay, so how does that old saying go that "what's-his-name" screwed up so bad? "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, and I'm an idiot"? Is that it?

Holly: Oh, god! They're here! No! No, please!

Luke: English?

[Loud clatter]

Luke: English?

[Phone disconnects]

Lulu: Well, is everything okay?

Luke: I got to run.

Lulu: You -- you're leaving tonight?

Luke: Duty calls.

Lulu: Was that Holly again? Did she say that she was in trouble or some --

Luke: I'll be in touch, baby.

Lulu: No, Dad -- Dad, please -- um -- have you ever done something that you really, really regretted, something that you're really sorry about?

Luke: Are you kidding? All the time. But, listen, sorry is a total waste of time.

Lulu: Dad -- um -- what were you saying about the -- something in the air, the -- the fog?

Luke: Be careful, Lulu.

Lulu: Of what?

Luke: Your heart.

Sonny: What happened to being on your own? Being independent? Jax is gone, what, five minutes, and, you know --

Carly: Oh, do not bring Jax into this.

Sonny: Well, I thought he treated you well. When did -- when did that start? When he, you know, got you to lie for him? Got you in bed, then he split on you?

Carly: I'm not going to fight with you.

Sonny: I'm not fighting, I'm just trying to get things straight in my head. It's kind of confusing right now. I thought that Jax was, you know -- he's so wonderful and all. I guess I missed it.

Carly: You know why I'm here?

Sonny: No.

Carly: Because Jason asked me to be. Or otherwise, there's no way I'd be in the same room with you right now. Because you're right -- Jax left me. He took off, and I feel unwanted and worthless right now, and I'm stuck in the same room with the only person I know who is more self-destructive than I am. And you are ready to wreck yourself, and so am I, and this is a really bad combination.

Sonny: There's an easy solution to that.

Carly: What's that? And don't say for me to leave, because we both know that's not going to happen. And down deep, you don't want me to. Because you know you need me.

Sonny: Then we're both fools.

Alexis: Thank you. I am very grateful for the opportunity to speak on behalf of my daughter. My daughter, Sam McCall, was abducted from our home 36 hours ago. The strongest suspect at this point we believe is Manny Ruiz. If anyone has seen Mr. Ruiz or has any information on the whereabouts of my daughter, Sam McCall, please contact the PCPD immediately. I would also like to announce at this time that Jason Morgan has been arrested for the murder of Juan Escobar. He is being held without bail. Mr. Ruiz, Jason Morgan will not be coming to rescue my daughter, so there's nothing to gain by keeping her. You've already won. The game is over. Manny, please -- let her go. You owe me. Please let my daughter come home. Thank you. I'll take more questions when we get more information. Thank you.

Manny: There's hardly any patients on this floor today. I know because I washed the floor and scrubbed it this morning, you know? Because a janitor has access to all kinds of useful information.

Sonny: I actually -- I don't even remember the first time I met you. You were some trashy girl that just used to hang around with Jason, and -- uh --

Carly: And I thought highly of you, too.

Sonny: Well, you might've thought I was garbage, but I was rich and I know how much you respect money. Whew.

Carly: If you're asking if I'd rather be rich than poor, absolutely. Would I use someone to pay my way? We both know the answer to that one, Sonny. But you needed money. It made you feel powerful. It made you feel like you were in control. You couldn't stand for people to think that they were better than you. And I knew that from the first time I saw you in your perfect suit with your perfect manners. I knew that, man, there is a man who has clawed his way out of the gutter.

Sonny: It doesn't matter how high you climb -- you always know where you came from, and you always know how easy it is to fall. Ahh.

Carly: Yeah, well, I guess that's what we always had in common.

Carly: Maybe that's -- maybe that's why you never liked me -- because I was about where you came from, not about where you wanted to be.

Sonny: Hey. What do you mean I never liked you? I've married you three times.

[Carly chuckles]

Carly: Yeah, which means I married you, too, so you're right. I guess we're both fools.

Sonny: I just didn't -- I didn't -- I never really knew you. I -- I just thought that you would -- you know, you were just some -- some girl who loved herself. And then you'd, you know, you'd turn around and you surprise me. You would -- you would stand up, you would be loyal. And then, you would do something, you know, like tell some vicious lie and I'm, like, "wait, wait, wait, wait, wait," you know? I didn't -- I -- I didn't get it and I still kind of don't get it. I mean, look, here -- here -- you lost your mind because of me.

Carly: Sonny --

Sonny: Wait. You lost your mind because of me, and here you are back for more. I am falling into this hole that's so dark and deep that I'm not sure if I can get out of it. And if you're not careful, I'm going to drag you with me.

Carly: Did you talk to my doctors while I was sick? Did they tell you anything that was going on with me? You didn't drive me crazy, Sonny. It was the kidnapping. It was thinking Michael was dead and getting him back and having him blame me. I was hit with one thing after another, and I couldn't get my legs underneath me, and I finally broke, which I have to admit was pretty terrifying because the one thing I could always count on was myself. I may screw things up royally, but I will always bounce back.

Sonny: I took that away from you.

Carly: No, you didn't.

Sonny: Yes, I did.

Carly: No -- when?

Sonny: I, okay, that --

Carly: When did you take it away from me? All the times you yelled at me? All the times you were unfair to me? How about the times I was unfair to you? Sonny, what about all the things that I said and did to you? I'm not saying it's right the way we treat each other and the way we talk to each other. We should be ashamed, and I think we are ashamed. But it is just as much my fault as it is yours. Don't stand there and blame yourself for my breakdown because I want to tell you, I don't blame myself for what's going on with you right now.

Sonny: I knew it was coming! I knew it! I felt it! I couldn't -- I couldn't cover! I couldn't cover!

Carly: Let me tell you something -- this is not your fault. Okay, what's happening with you right now is just something that happens, Sonny. It's not your fault.

Sonny: I didn't -- I didn't mean to frighten Emily. She made me happy. I was happy. What the hell's wrong with being happy? I stopped worrying. I bought a new car, I wasn't angry at Jason anymore. I wasn't angry at you. Everything seemed fine! But inside I knew something was coming. I'd be laughing. The next second, everything's broken on the floor. It's like -- it's like -- it's like a rip tide. It's like being in a rip tide, you know? The -- the current is so strong, the water is coming at you. You try to swim and you try to get out. By the time you know it, you can't get back to shore! And the water pulls you under and then you drown.

Carly: You're not going to drown, Sonny, because I'm not going to let you.

Sonny: That's always been your problem. You don't know when to cut your losses.

Lulu: What are you doing?

Dillon: I hate this place! That's what I'm doing. Tell me. Tell me everything you saw, everything. Tell me. Tell me right now.

Lulu: I wish I could start this night over.

Dillon: Well, you can't. You can't do that, Lulu, so just --

Lulu: Why --

Dillon: Just tell me --

Lulu: Put yourself through that? Let's just go!

Dillon: Because my life has just fallen apart! And -- I got to know how it happened. I got to know, all right?

Lulu: I didn't exactly watch, you know?

Dillon: But you're sure? I mean, you're --

Lulu: Yes. You shouldn't be surprised. Diego's been after Georgie for a long time now.

Dillon: Yes, I know that, but I didn't think that she would give in.

Lulu: Things end. People you love leave you when you need them the most. That's just how life is.

Dillon: How could she do this to me? I mean, she -- yeah, we're too young to be married, okay. But I loved that girl. I mean, I loved that girl. I thought that she loved me, too.

Lulu: Georgie doesn't deserve you.

Dillon: I am an idiot! I am an idiot. I kept making up excuses for her. I kept wanting to believe her when she was lying to my face.

Lulu: But now you don't have to do that anymore, so this is a good thing, right?

Dillon: Oh, I don't know. I kept telling myself that -- that, you know, that's just how Georgie is. She likes to -- to help out the underdog, the people who need someone to believe in them, and I -- I get that maybe we weren't going to -- maybe we weren't going to be together our entire lives, but I -- I did not expect her to do this.

Lulu: I'm so sorry.

Mayor Floyd: That "Mother Courage" song and dance might play to the public, but you just undercut the credibility of your own office, including the police department.

Alexis: It's a solid tactic. I'm hoping that it works.

Mayor Floyd: You know, I can see why you need to believe that. You're the one who got Manny that suspended sentence, right? You're the one who put him back out on the street.

Alexis: Thanks for reminding me. Do you honestly think there's a remote possibility that I might've forgotten the role that I played in this?

Mayor Floyd: Okay, you are missing the point here. You ran with the Ruiz defense, and now it's come back to bite you. But making a public appeal for your daughter just might persuade the voters to forget that you actually set that psycho free because you couldn't pass up a win.

Alexis: Ohh.

Jason: Elizabeth, you shouldn't be here.

Elizabeth: I remembered something. 

Manny: You know, your mother's trying to spoil my game.

Sam: What did she do?

Manny: She arrested Jason. He's being held without bail. And you're going to convince your mother to let Jason go.

Sam: Okay, okay. I'm sure I can -- I can talk her into it.

Manny: Oh, that's all right, Sam. You won't have to talk. I'll just write the message on your skin.

Elizabeth: Manny had full run of the hospital for months. He told me he knew everything that happened and no one ever saw him because janitors are invisible.

Jason: So Manny probably has Sam somewhere in General Hospital.

Elizabeth: Yeah. I'm going to tell --

Jason: No, no, no. I got to get out of here.

Robert: What's wrong?

[Robin sighs]

Robin: Nothing. I just -- I had a bad day at work.

Robert: Hmm. It wouldn't be something more than that, would it?

Robin: No. You know, I just want to go home, okay? I'll call you later.

Robert: Had a spat with the boyfriend, huh?

Robin: He's not my boyfriend! Why do you keep calling him that? Why don't you just leave me alone?

Robert: Hey, look, it's Daddy here. I'm just trying to help.

Anna: Ugh. Ugh. Doing such a good job of it as usual.

Robin: Mom!

Anna: Hi.

Diego: Hey, hey.

Georgie: Hmm.

Diego: You okay?

Georgie: You know, I bet Dillon's back at the boathouse right now. I bet he's waiting for me to come there and show up --

Diego: Well, I'll take you over there.

Georgie: Why? I'm not tracking him down. I looked my husband square in the eye and I told him the truth. He just chose not to believe me.

Diego: Well, I could've been more help.

Georgie: You were fine.

Diego: No, I -- I wasn't, okay? I shouldn't have gone to the Quartermaines' in the first place.

Georgie: You helped me realize that my husband doesn't trust me.

Diego: It's not that, Georgie. He was just upset.

Georgie: You know, if Dillon wants to break up from me for something I didn't even do, then I'm free to do whatever I want.

Diego: Wait. Wait. You don't want to sleep with me.

Dillon: No, no, no, no. This is not --

Lulu: What, what -- do you want to wait?

Dillon: No, this -- this is not going to -- come here.

Dillon: Uh -- do you want to wait? I mean, I don't want to -- I don't want you to be sorry.

Lulu: My dad says sorry's just a waste of time.

Dillon: Hey, can we leave your dad out of this?

Carly: What are you doing?

Sonny: Hallelujah. What does it look like I'm doing?

Carly: Max said there was no more liquor in the house, Sonny.

Sonny: I don't care what Max says! Max doesn't know everything, does he? I get to do whatever I want in my house whenever I want.

Carly: You shouldn't be drinking.

Sonny: Why? Because it's going to mess with my head? It's going to -- I don't care.

Carly: Getting drunk is only going to make a bad situation worse, Sonny.

Sonny: How much -- how much --

[Sonny laughs]

Sonny: How much worse can it get, Carly? I mean, here we are, back where we started. How many years, how many -- how many children? One baby that wasn't even born? We break up, we make up. You've got to be smarter than this, Carly. You've got to know -- you've got to just know when to walk away!

Carly: I'm going to make you something.

Sonny: Wait, wait, wait! I don't want any food! I don't want any -- I don't want to be helped. I don't want to be saved.

Carly: Well, that's just too bad because I'm going to save you.

Sonny: Oh.

Carly: I'm going to save you because you're the father of my children. I'm going to save you because I need you in my life. So you can get so drunk that you can't even stand, but you're not driving me away.

Sonny: Wait, wait!

Sonny: I got to do this on my own.

[Carly sighs]

Carly: But you can't do it on your own.

Sonny: If I kiss you, will you go?

Carly: That's not going to make me leave.

Sonny: Well, I mean, I know, but it's worth a try. Just, I mean -- you know what I mean?

Sonny: Hey, hey. It's all right.

[Sonny chuckles]

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

[Lulu chuckles]

Dillon: What?

Sam: You're not going to mark me.

Manny: I think it needs to be someplace intimate.

Elizabeth: If you think you're going to get out of here without my help, think again.

Jason: What are you going to do?

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