GH Transcript Tuesday 6/27/06

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 6/27/06


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Jason: When Manny first grabbed you at the hospital, did he say where he was taking you?

Elizabeth: I don't think so, but I can't really remember.

Jason: Okay -- uh -- what about -- what about on the pier? Did he mention a town or a place where that boat might've been headed?

Elizabeth: Jason, it's all just such a blur. I -- I don't know.

Jason: Okay, it's okay. Hey, maybe if we go back to the hospital and we go through everything that happened that night, it might trigger something.

†Sam: You should've disappeared when you had the chance.

Manny: Yeah, well, the game wasn't over yet. I can't leave until it's finished.

Sam: Jason will find you. And when he does, he will make sure you pay.

Manny: Well, I hope he tries. It's going to make killing him a whole lot more fun.

Carly: Can I get another one?

Lulu: You're ordering another beer?

Carly: Yep -- this is a bar.

Lulu: Your ex-husband is losing it, and you're just going to stand here?

Carly: Thanks. I don't need a glass.

Coleman: My kind of gal.

Lulu: Okay, Sonny thought he saw his car explode in the parking lot. That is not normal behavior.

Carly: It's how Sonny's first wife, Lily, died -- in the parking lot of your dad's old club.

Lulu: Okay, so you agree. Your ex-husband, who is the father of your children, is flipping out and hallucinating. Shouldn't you be doing something to help?

Carly: This is what I'm doing.

Sonny: Get out of my life.

Ric: No. I'm not leaving!

Sonny: You have nothing to do with me! You're weak! That's why our mother chose me over you!

Ric: No.

Sonny: Even when she fell down the stairs --

Ric: That's a lie.

Sonny: She loved me, not you. She might be listening. You want to see -- you want to show her how strong you are? Huh? I'm sick, I'm crazy -- come on! Hit me, little brother! Come on; hit me with your best shot! Get me -- ow! Whoo! That was not --

Ric: No! Oh --

Sonny: Come on, you want to save me? You want to save me?

Ric: Agh!

Sonny: Come on, save me! Save me!

Emily: Sonny, stop!

Sonny: Get out of here!

Emily: Sonny --

[Phone rings]

[Answering machine beeps]

Alexis: Sonny, it's Alexis. Ric isn't picking up his phone and I know he's with you.

[Alexis sighs]

Alexis: Have him --

Max: Boss? How can I help you?

Sonny: Get them out of here right now.

Max: Let's go.

Emily: I'm not leaving you.

Lulu: What is the matter with you? You think Sonny's crazy, so you're just going to write him off? I mean, let him suffer, and he loses it like my mom? You're going to what, put in a rocking chair and leave him at Shadybrook?

Carly: I can't help Sonny.

Lulu: No, it sounds like you won't even try. You know what? If I loved someone as much as you supposedly love Sonny, I wouldn't be standing here downing a beer.

Carly: You know what? Don't you tell me how to act when it comes to Sonny. I have loved that man through more things than you couldn't possibly imagine. I loved him through the loss of a child, getting shot in the head, being thrown out of my house more times than I can count, and God knows how many affairs! I loved that man with everything I had Ďtil it broke me.

Lulu: There must've been a reason that you stayed with him through all of that.

Carly: Because I couldn't help myself, Lulu. Sonny may be the most selfish, arrogant, and uncompromising man, but then he breaks. And then you realize down deep there is a damaged little boy, and that's when your heart goes out to him, and that's when he sucks you right back in -- until you're drowning right along with him.

Emily: You can't be alone right now.

Sonny: You need to leave. Just go.

Ric: Sonny's right, Emily. This is between me and my brother. I'll handle it.

Max: No, that's a bad idea.

Sonny: I want you all gone.

Emily: I don't care what you want!

Sonny: You can't --

Emily: I am not leaving you like this. What are you going to do? You going to throw me out? You going to yell? Nothing you do is going to make me leave you.

Sonny: There's nothing left for you here. Jason was right when he said that I would wreck you.

Emily: Sonny, I'm going to help you through this, okay? You will get better.

Max: You heard him, Ric. It's time for you to leave.

Ric: Not going to happen.

Investigator: We've got a partial tire track out front that we're running, but it's not much to go on.

Det. Rodriguez: Even if you do match the tire, you won't be able to trace it to the car. Manny's too smart to let that happen.

Mac: Have you found any prints?

Investigator: We're going over every room again to be sure.

Mac: All right, keep looking until you find something that proves Manny Ruiz was in this house.

Alexis: Instead of wasting valuable time confirming something that we already know, shouldn't somebody be doing something else to look for Sam?

Det. Rodriguez: We're doing everything we can.

Alexis: What are you doing? Tell me, what are the steps you're taking? Anyone contact Lorenzo Alcazar? He was the last person to see Manny, isn't that correct?

Det. Rodriguez: We talked to all of his people and they know nothing.

Alexis: You can't talk to him, you have to call him in and -- and talk to him directly. I mean, if you don't want to do it, I'll do it -- I'm a D.A. -- If your department isn't going to do it.

Mac: You wouldn't need my department if you hadn't put Manny Ruiz back on the street to begin with.

Alexis: Hey, I didn't put him on there, the jury did.

Mac: Save the lecture on constitutional law. You knew Manny Ruiz was a psychopath, and you went above and beyond to set him free. You badgered every witness the prosecution put on the stand, including Sam, the daughter you're suddenly so desperate to save.

Alexis: Great. Thanks, Mac, because that really helps me a lot right now. You know very well that I was appointed to defend him, and I did that regardless of how I felt about him personally.

Mac: Alexis, you used the law to free a killer.

[Alexis sighs]

Mac: And now you stand here and criticize the people who are out on the streets risking their lives to clean up your mess. You're blaming the police for what you brought on yourself. You know what, Alexis? You wanted to win? Well, you got it and now your daughter is the one who has to pay the price.

Manny: You okay? I'm sorry I had to do this to you, Sam.

Sam: No, you're not.

Manny: Listen to me. None of this would be happening if Jason hadn't shot me in the park last summer.

Sam: This is about revenge? You've been coming after me and Jason for over a year. It's time to cut your losses -- call it even.

Manny: Jason has to pay for what he did to my brother. He put a bullet in Javierís back, so I had to put a bullet in yours. I could've taken a clean shot at Jason, but killing him wouldn't make him suffer the way he deserves. You know, I thought you were going to die in his arms. It was so poetic. But this is even better.

Sam: Jason doesn't love me. It's -- it's over between us. You can't use -- you can't use me to get to him.

Manny: Yeah, well, Jason doesn't deserve you. But you're still his biggest weakness. And you know what? Knowing that you're here with me is probably driving him out of his mind.

Jason: You told me the way Manny grabbed you reminded you of being raped. The last thing I want to make you do is relive it by retracing his steps, so this really has to be your decision.

Elizabeth: I would do it if I thought it would help. But I don't want to go back to the hospital and walk through every moment that happened, waiting for me to -- to remember something, anything. We would be wasting time that Sam doesn't have.

Jason: Elizabeth, it's worth a try because the only mistake Manny has ever made, he made around you.

Lulu: Do you still love Sonny?

Carly: It doesn't really matter how I feel about Sonny because we're poison for each other.

Lulu: But if you could help him now, you should do what --

Carly: I -- if I go to Sonny, we're going to hurt each other because that's what we do. That's what we're good at.

Lulu: But if that's true, then why did you marry him three times?

Carly: It wasn't a storybook romance, Lulu. Look, in the beginning, Sonny had no use for me, and the feeling was mutual. We became close by accident. Jason was out of town and I was desperate to find him, so I went to Sonnyís. And when I got to the penthouse, it looked like a war zone. Sonny was bleeding and he was holding a broken picture frame and talking about his dead wife.

Lulu: So what did you do?

Carly: I tried to call for help, but he didn't want me to. Sonny told me to get out of there, and I couldnít. I couldn't leave him. He certainly didn't like that, either.

Lulu: Well, at least you tried to help.

Carly: I helped because Sonny was Jasonís best friend. And I knew that Jason would never leave him. So I couldnít. So I stayed and I let Sonny yell at me and smash things around me, until he finally wanted to talk. So I listened, and that's when he told me that he destroyed the people that he loved. And I don't know, I -- I guess it was the way he blamed himself that just made me -- I don't know. It just got to me.

Lulu: So is that when you fell in love with Sonny?

Carly: No.

Ric: Sonny doesn't know what he wants. He's irrational, Max. He could hurt Emily, he could hurt himself, and I need to stay around to make sure that that doesn't happen.

Max: Ric, you'll only make Sonny worse.

Ric: Keep it down.

Max: At least Emily has got him calmed down to talk, all right? You go back in there, you're going to set him off again.

Ric: Sonny is my brother. I cannot desert him when he needs my help.

[Phone rings]

Ric: Yeah, what?

Alexis: Where were you? I've been calling you all over. Why didn't you answer your phone?

Ric: I had the phone turned off. Why?

Alexis: Manny Ruiz broke into the house. Sam's gone.

Ric: I'm on my way. Manny Ruiz is alive and he's in Port Charles. He kidnapped Sam; he's probably on his way here. I want you to double the guards, you understand me? And if he gets violent again, you call me on my cell, and I mean it.

Emily: You shouldn't be drinking.

Sonny: You always worry about me, Querida. But it's not good in your condition.

Jason: Okay, I want to re-create everything that happened that night, from the moment Manny grabbed you until he took you out of the hospital. Are you going to be okay with that?

Elizabeth: Yeah. I was working right over there at the desk, and Manny was pretty much right over here.

Jason: And what was he doing?

Elizabeth: He was pretending to mop the floors. And that's when Skye came off the elevator, and I noticed Manny pull a knife out of his pocket. And I knew that Skye didn't see him do that, so I -- I grabbed a fire extinguisher from behind the desk and I yelled for her to watch out, and then I -- I hit Manny over the head with the extinguisher. And that's when I -- I turned to run. He -- uh -- he grabbed the back of my shirt.

Jason: You know what? I'm sorry. You don't have to do this. I can figure out something else.

Elizabeth: No, I'm fine, I'm fine. I'll let you know if I'm not. I'm good.

Jason: Okay.

[Elizabeth sighs]

Jason: Can you tell me exactly how he grabbed you?

Elizabeth: Yeah, he -- um -- he put his left arm around my waist, and he kind of lifted me up so that my feet didn't touch the floor. And at first I tried to fight him off, until I -- until I could feel the, you know, cold knife up against my throat, and that's when Lucky showed up with a gun.

Jason: Did he say anything to you when he was -- when he was holding you?

Elizabeth: Lucky kept telling him to put me down, though obviously he wouldnít. He -- uh -- he kept saying that I was his ticket out of here and that he wouldn't hurt me unless he was forced to. Lucky said that he would give him his gun and that he would trade places with me, but he said that I was much easier to handle. And then -- then he really yanked on me and dragged me into the hall. And then he picked me up and he -- and he took me -- he took me into the stairwell. Okay -- no, that's good.

[Elizabeth sighs]

Jason: Are you all right?

Elizabeth: Yeah, yeah, I'm good.

Jason: Are you sure? We don't have --

Elizabeth: No, I can do this.

Jason: You're sure?

Elizabeth: Sam needs this. It's the only chance you have at saving her.

Manny: Oh, baby. I wouldn't do that if I were you. I still love looking at her.

Elizabeth: Manny used a gurney to take me out of the hospital.

Jason: Did he grab it in the moment or was it set up for him?

Elizabeth: It seemed to be waiting there for him. The was a body bag on top of it and he told me to climb inside. While he was strapping me down to the gurney, he -- he actually apologized for inconveniencing me -- as if that was going to make me feel better.

Jason: Did he -- did he say why he was putting you in the bag?

Elizabeth: He was going to take me out through the morgue. It was his only way of escaping the hospital without getting caught.

Jason: What happened next?

Elizabeth: I remember I desperately tried to get ahold of my cell phone, but I couldn't because he had my hands tied with some tape. And then I just remember trying not to lose it. I was just trying to keep my focus because I knew I was going to freak out as soon as he zipped that bag closed.

Elizabeth: Jason, Samís going to make it through this. She's a fighter.

Jason: That's what I'm afraid of. If she fights too hard, Manny might decide she's not worth the trouble.

Manny: You have to be more careful, baby. You could cut your hand.

Sam: Why do you care if I bleed?

Manny: Because you're not the one I want hurt.

Sam: Then why did you shoot me in the back?

Manny: Sam, if I wanted you dead, you would be. The bullet was about Jason. I told you -- I had to remind him what he did to my family, make him think about what I'm going to keep doing to his. And now that you're here with me, that's all he's going to think about.

Sam: You are a sick freak.

Manny: Is it because of these? Is that why you can't stand to look at me?

Carly: When Jason came back in town, he was very grateful for what I had done, but Sonny wasnít. He was angry that I'd seen his weakness, and he continued to treat me like dirt.

Lulu: So you and Sonny hated each other's guts, and the only thing that you guys had in common was being friends with Jason? How did you guys end up together?

Carly: You don't have to like someone to sleep with them. Hate can be a very powerful attraction -- Sonny and I are living proof.

Lulu: Wait. So you slept with Sonny out of hatred?

Carly: Look, I told you we were poison together.

Lulu: Oh --

Carly: Jason -- oh, okay. One night, Jason was dancing with Elizabeth at Kellyís and I was jealous and I was angry. And I had to find out what was going on, so I went to Sonny's, and we started fighting. And one minute we were screaming at each other, and the next minute we were in bed.

Lulu: That doesn't sound like a bad way to end a fight to me.

Carly: There -- there's a lesson -- a lesson here. The first lesson is never sleep with a guy to prove that you hate him. And the second lesson -- never, ever sleep with the best friend of the guy you really, really want.

Lulu: You -- you're the last person that I expected to be telling me to save myself for Mr. Perfect.

Carly: You can be picky, Lulu. It's okay. Take it from someone who knows. Someone who traded her self-respect for meaningless sex. Someone who was pathetic and so desperate for attention. You get to have something that I didnít. Make falling in love a wonderful experience. Don't settle. Hold out for what you want.

Lulu: Do you regret falling in love with Sonny?

Carly: When it was good, when Sonny let me in, it was magic. But when it was bad, it was the worst.

Sonny: I got to warn you, I've never been a father before. So I may get a few things wrong, but I will -- I will take care of you the best I know how. And I'll cook for you, whatever you're craving, even if it's strange. I -- I will wait on you hand and foot. I got to tell you, by the time this baby's born, you're going to be tired of me asking you questions. You know? But we're going to be happy. You believe that?

Emily: Yes.

Sonny: Huh? Yeah? Yeah.

Emily: You're going to be -- um -- an amazing father to our baby. And -- um -- we're going to have a wonderful life together, the kind of life you've always dreamed of having.

Sonny: I've never been happier than I am right now with you. I love you so much, Lily. I cannot -- I cannot wait to meet our baby.

Manny: You know, when you look at me, all you can see are these. But what you don't realize, Sam, is that underneath all this ink, I'm just like Jason.

Sam: You are nothing, nothing like Jason.

Manny: I know it's hard for you to realize or see. I know you're afraid to see it, too, but you will.

Sam: Jason has a soul.

Manny: Hmm. Really? Have you ever seen him kill? No soul in sight.

Sam: Jason can control his -- his violence. He kills when he has to to protect people. You are -- you are a murdering bastard who gets off on torture.

Manny: Sam, I have a gift. Your boyfriend has the same gift. Jason and I can look someone dead in the eye and feel nothing when we end their life. That's a gift that should be honored. Jason chooses to hide his gift. He won't use it unless he's pushed. That's why I brought you here -- so he'll come after you. I'm going to teach Jason to honor his gift. And when he's tried his best and he's used all his talent, I'm going to kill him while you watch.

Elizabeth: I don't think Manny is going to hurt Sam. Think about all the times that he's gone after her before -- in your shower, at the courthouse. Has he done anything more than just threaten her? Manny is using Sam to get to you. It has nothing to do with wanting to hurt her.

Jason: I -- I want to believe that, Elizabeth. It's all I've been telling myself. But the problem is Manny knows how much Sam means to me, and he wants me scared enough to make a mistake. And the best way to make -- make that happen is to hurt her.

Elizabeth: She's not going to give up. She's going to stay strong and she's going to keep fighting because she knows you're coming for her. She's holding on for you, Jason, so you just have to find a way to get to her.

Jason: Okay, let's keep going.

Elizabeth: Okay.

Lulu: What is it about our family -- at least with the women? We're -- we say one thing and do the exact opposite. Like with my dad Ė I tell him that I don't care and I really do, more than anything.

Carly: It's okay to want your dad to love you.

Lulu: Yeah, but why can't I just be honest and tell him exactly how I feel, instead of bending over backwards just to get his approval? You would not believe some of the ridiculous things that I have done.

Carly: Oh, anything you've done, I'm sure I've done worse.

Lulu: I'm not so sure. When I want something, I will do anything to get it. Like -- there's -- there's this guy, and he's completely into another girl, and I know that he deserves better.

Carly: Like you.

Lulu: Like me.

[Carly laughs]

Lulu: Yeah, you sound exactly like my mom.

Carly: You miss her.

Lulu: There's no point because the doctors say she isn't getting out anytime soon.

Carly: Must really freak you out to hear people say how much you look like her. And then they think they're paying you a compliment but you wonder, "Am I going to end up sick like her?"

Lulu: My dad says that that's not going to happen because I think like a Spencer.

Carly: Your dad's right. And you're never going to hear me saying that very often, but it's true. Spencers are tough, and we're survivors, and from what I can see, you're one of them. Of course, it's easier to survive when you don't self-destruct and marry the same guy three times, when he thinks you're a liar and you know he's an arrogant pig.

Lulu: Well, maybe chasing after a lost cause just runs in the family.

Carly: Hmm. Speak for yourself. I don't want to do it anymore with Sonny. I canít. I can't help him this time because it would be the first step into falling in love with him again.

Lulu: Just an observation -- it sounds to me like you never stopped loving him.

Carly: I have two kids that I really need to build a life with. I can't help Sonny. I can't go back just to help. It would -- it would be like an alcoholic saying they can have just one drink. I know how Sonny and I are together. We're all or nothing.

Sonny: We can't -- we can't bring a baby into this.

Emily: Sonny, it -- it's okay. You don't --

Sonny: No, it's not. We got -- we -- look. We don't have a crib.

Emily: We have plenty of time for all of that.

Sonny: No, don't have plenty of time. What kind of father am I going to be if I don't have a -- a crib for my baby?

Emily: Sonny, you're going to be a wonderful father.

Sonny: How can you say that? Nothing's ready.

Emily: All a baby really needs is to be loved, and without that, nothing really matters. And I know you're going to be a wonderful father because I can see how much you love this baby already.

Sonny: Hey -- tell me what it's going to be like when -- when the baby comes.

Alexis: We need to get inside Manny's head and figure out what he did with my daughter. I want the best profilers that the F.B.I. -- yes. Call me directly on this phone. What happened to you?

Ric: How are the girls? Are they okay?

Alexis: They're all --

Ric: I got -- don't worry about it, I got into a fight with Sonny. We just -- we had some issues to work through, that's all.

Alexis: With your fist -- who threw the first punch?

Ric: Enough about Sonny, all right? I'm sorry you couldn't get ahold of me, but I'm here now, and we're going to find Sam. I promise.

Sam: It's not going to be hard for Jason to find you.

Manny: He hasn't yet.

Sam: Give it some time. It's not like you can blend in easy.

Manny: Sam, you'd be surprised. I've managed to move through the world practically invisible.

Sam: You know Alexis, my mother? She's the D.A., and I'm sure she's going to have every cop in the state looking for you.

Manny: Well, then it's good that this place has made me invisible. No one will think to ever look here, not even -- Jason.

Lulu: So you're going to lure Georgie to some isolated place, and then I will happen to find you in what will hopefully be a compromising position. I'll run to Dillon, have him drag it out of me that you and Georgie had sex.

Diego: That -- that won't work. She's going to deny it ever happened.

Lulu: So will you. You will deny it so believably; Dillon won't know who to believe.

Diego: That could work.

Lulu: It's a simple plan. If Dillon trusts Georgie, then he believes that you guys didn't have sex. But if Dillon believes that Georgie's lying, then it's proof that they don't belong together. You comfort Georgie, I comfort Dillon -- everyone gets what they want.

Dillon: Hey. You sounded weird on the phone. Everything okay?

Lulu: Um -- yeah, I -- I couldn't tell you at the house, not with all the people around.

Dillon: Tell me what?

Lulu: Have you ever felt like there was no one in your family who really understood you?

Dillon: I'm a Quartermaine -- what do you think?

Lulu: Okay, good point. Um -- it's just that I have felt that way my entire life until now.

Dillon: Yeah? What changed?

Lulu: When I was talking with Carly, it hit me. Carly is the only person that really understands me. She gets me because she and I are so alike in so many ways.

Dillon: Oh, Carly? You and Carly are so alike in so many ways? Okay. All right.

Lulu: Yeah -- what, you say that like it's a bad thing.

Dillon: No, I'm just -- I'm -- are you talking about the same person as I am -- blond, about 5'7", happens to associate herself with a gangster --

Lulu: Exactly. Carly and I like to take chances.

Dillon: Yeah, and Carly's "chances" include drugging people like my cousin A.J. and dumping them in laundry carts.

Lulu: Okay, exactly my point -- Carly and I both come up with crazy schemes because we want to get attention, and we sabotage ourselves by doing the wrong things because we think it's for all the right reasons. I don't want to do that anymore. I want to be honest, especially with you.

Dillon: Oh. I know what this is about.

Lulu: You do?

Dillon: Yeah, this is about you and Diego.

Max: Mrs. C? It's good to see you. I mean, it's -- I'm glad that you're here.

Carly: How bad is he?

Max: He's pretty bad. He's completely out of control. Trashed the living room, started working Ric over pretty good.

Carly: I'm sure you jumped in immediately to stop that one, huh?

Max: Emily was my first concern.

Carly: Right.

Max: Well, once Ric left, Emily was able to calm him down, and he seems fine now.

Carly: I'm going to go check.

Max: Okay.

Carly: I thought I was the only one who could reach Sonny when he got that bad. Emily is doing fine. He doesn't need me. I guess I should be happy about that, huh? Take care of him, please.

Max: I will.

Emily: I hope the baby's a boy -- hmm -- born with your dimples and dark hair.

Sonny: As long as he has your smile, because you've got such an incredible smile.

Emily: Yeah, when he's old enough, we'll take him to the ocean. You can play with him by the water and teach him how to swim.

Sonny: He'll be safe there, you know? We'll all be safe.

Emily: And happy. Sonny, you're never going to have to worry about losing him, okay? Ever.

Sonny: Yeah. You and the baby are, you know, everything to me -- my whole life.

Sonny: Ah.

Dillon: Look, I know that you don't really like Diego, and you're just hanging around him so that you can keep Georgie away from him.

Lulu: No, that's -- that's not what I --

Dillon: No, no, no. You know, I know you're going to try to deny it right now, and I know that you're going to do it. You don't have to, okay? Diego's not giving up on Georgie, and -- and for some reason, no matter how much he screws up, she is just going to keep on buying into his whole reformed act, and I -- you're running interference. I get that. I -- I appreciate that, but this is all on Georgie right now. And she keeps telling me, she keeps saying, you know, she only wants to be with me and me forever. But -- but if she cheats on me with Diego, there's no coming back from that. You know what I mean? We can't be together; we'd be over.

Alexis: Manny's been spying on Sam for weeks. Do you know that he actually talked to Kristina? He actually had a conversation with her, an entire conversation without you or I knowing about it.

Ric: Okay, what did he say to her?

Alexis: He wanted to know where Samís bedroom was. Then Mac was here telling me that it was all my fault that this happened because I got Manny a suspended sentence.

Ric: Okay, that's just -- that's not true. You were just doing your job.

Alexis: Yeah, well, goody for me. I did my job, and look what happened -- Durant is dead, Elizabethís been terrorized, Samís been shot; now she's missing.

Ric: Okay, Alexis, everything that Manny is doing is about his ongoing vendetta against Jason. It has nothing to do with you. We all would've been a lot better off if Jason had just killed Manny.

Jason: I know that was tough for you, but it showed me how methodical Manny is. He always has a plan; he never leaves anything to chance. But that can make him overconfident. And when you think you're one step ahead, that's when you make mistakes.

Elizabeth: Is there anything else I can do to help you?

Jason: Just keep going over what happened that night. I think Manny might've said something to you to lead us to where he's got Sam.

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Georgie: He still got murdered.

Dillon: Why are you acting like this is Justus' fault?

Carly: Sonny's in bad shape.

Lainey: At least Sonny's still alive.

Noah: It really is great to see you two together. Robin's a good influence on you.

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