GH Transcript Thursday 6/22/06

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 6/22/06


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Sam: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Sam: I was hoping you could help me.

Elizabeth: I can certainly try. What can I do for you and your friends?

Sam: Oh, them? You can try to ignore. I -- I do. Me? I would like a job application.

Elizabeth: For here? I thought I heard you wanted to be a lawyer.

Sam: Yes, I do, but unfortunately, ambition doesn't pay the bills. And since I'm not taking Jasonís generous buyout, I certainly have to figure out a legitimate way to support myself.

Elizabeth: I'm sorry. I thought if anyone could get through to Jason, it would be you.

Sam: I came close, but close doesn't count. He basically threw me out of his apartment last night.

 [Door opens]

Stan: I'm sorry -- I'm about to be the bearer of really bad news.

Jason: It's Justus.

Stan: The police found his body at the coffee warehouse.

Jason: He was -- he was dumped?

Carly: Jason, I need to talk to you.

Jason: Carly, I -- I am in the middle of --

Carly: I really need to talk to you.

Jason: I'll call you later, okay?

Carly: Look, Jax is gone and he left me the hotel. And the boys have soccer practice, and Leticia has the day off. And I really need you to help me --

Jason: I canít.

Carly: Pick up the slack here. Jax left for good. And I lost John. And I'm barely hanging on here, so please don't turn your back on me this time, okay, please?

Emily: Hi. I guess you know why I'm calling. How's Sonny?

Max: Good. He's asleep.

Emily: Good. Yeah, rest is probably the best thing for him.

Max: Hey, do you know what Nikolas plans to do about what happened last night?

Emily: I'm pretty sure I talked him out of pressing charges, so --

Max: Oh, good, that's a relief. You know, the last thing the boss needs right now is to be thrown in jail. That could be the last straw. You want me to have him call you when he gets up?

Emily: Yeah -- uh -- that would be great.

Max: Hey, don't worry; I'm watching him.

Emily: Thank you, Max. Um -- when we come out on the other side of this, I'll make sure that Sonny knows how invaluable you've been.

Max: Yeah, I care about him, too. I'll see you later.

Emily: Ok. Thanks.


Sonny: No!

Carly: Nikolas refuses to let Jax have any contact with John. And I've been banned, too. So Jax couldn't stand it, so he decided to take himself out of the situation. And of course, I tried to make him stay. And I thought I convinced him, but he left anyway. I feel so stupid.

Jason: For trusting Jax?

Carly: For trusting that my life could go to a good place and stay there. I thought it was real, you know? I thought it was real this time. But if it were real, you know, how could Jax just walk away so easily?

Jason: Maybe it wasn't easy.

Carly: Yeah. Huh. I'm beginning to think this whole relationship was about the baby, instead of any genuine feelings for me.

Jason: Because that's what you do. Carly, for all your talk, a part of you still doesn't believe you deserve to be loved. But you do. Hey. Just stop, ok? Don't do something you can't take back. Don't lash out. Stand still. I know it's hard, but just take this hit.

Carly: Why should I? I didn't cause this. Robin did this!

Jason: This -- this is exactly what I'm -- what I'm talking about, Carly.

[Knock on door]

Jason: This is -- what?

Carly: Ugh!

Richie: Detective Rodriguez and Officer Spencer to see you.

Jason: Let them in.

Det. Rodriguez: Got a minute?

Lucky: It's about the murder of Justus Ward.

Elizabeth: Are you sure about this? Hospitals can be a pretty depressing place to work if you don't have a desire to be here.

Sam: You know, I can't deny I'm not responding to a calling, but I have to do something, and there isn't much of a call out there for salvage operators. And despite my 500-pound handicap, I'm willing to do whatever it takes that puts a roof over my head that doesn't involve going to my mother or taking a payoff from Jason.

Elizabeth: I understand why throwing money at such an emotional situation can make you mad. But Jasonís heart is in the right place. Clearly, he loves you --

Sam: Look, I know --

Elizabeth: And he wants you safe and secure --

Sam: Haven't you noticed it's always about what Jason wants? I mean, what about what I want?

Elizabeth: I know, but you were shot in his arms with a bullet that was meant for him. That weighs heavy on a person like Jason.

Sam: No --

Elizabeth: And perhaps when the shooter gets caught, the two of you will be able to work things out.

Sam: No, I am tired of begging. I am tired of throwing myself at him to remind him of what he's giving up. Jason still loves me. I can see it in his eyes. He even admitted to me that he misses me, but -- I don't know. I don't know -- I feel like I was this -- I was this close. I -- almost there. We were almost back.

Elizabeth: What happened?

Sam: Jason found out about Justus.

Emily: What about Justus?

Sam: Haven't you heard?

Emily: No.

Sam: Oh. Justus went on a meeting for Jason, and he never came back. Jason thinks that he could have been murdered.

Alexis: You're no stranger to procedure, so why don't we just get to it? What do you know about Justus Ward's murder?

Lorenzo: It's the first I'm hearing of it.

Alexis: Does that look familiar?

Lorenzo: I had one similar to that. I lost it a while back.

Alexis: It's yours -- at least according to the initials "L.A."

Lorenzo: Well, it could be a souvenir from someone's good time in Los Angeles.

Alexis: When was the last time you were at warehouse 29?

Lorenzo: I don't make it a practice to hang out on the docks.

Alexis: That's not an answer.

Lorenzo: I don't recall.

Alexis: That's where your bracelet was found, along with a spent shell casing and Justus' blood. It also happens to be the location where the murder took place.

Lorenzo: Well, that's very interesting. I wasn't there.

Alexis: I don't suppose you were at the Corinthos-Morgan warehouse either, which is where they dumped Justus' body later?

Lorenzo: That's correct. I'll be leaving now.

Alexis: Not until I say so. Sit down.

Lorenzo: Feeling newfound power, are you? The new D.A., charging in on your moral high horse, determined to clean up this town once and for all. Well, I suggest you harass someone else. I did not murder Justus Ward, all right? You, on the other hand, you did murder my brother, and the good citizens of this town have managed to forget that inconvenient fact. I never will. How you have the audacity to walk into a courtroom, representing truth and justice, is beyond my comprehension, counselor! If you have any further questions, I suggest you contact my attorney, because, like I said, we are done.

Ric: You look like you could use a drink.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah.

Ric: You know, I was looking at the site for the new gardens, about to call the contractor. I heard you yell. Must've been some dream.

Sonny: Yeah, I've had it before.

Ric: You remember it?

Sonny: Always. I wish I could forget it.

[Sonny sighs]

Ric: Care to share?

Sonny: I don't want to talk about it right now. I just don't want to get into it.

Ric: Ok, it's up -- yeah; it's up to you.

Sonny: It's about Lily's death. Actually, the last seconds of her life. Um -- she walks to the car, she turns back to me, she smiles. She gets in, and my whole world blows up in a flame.

Ric: Do you have the dream often?

Sonny: What's that?

Ric: Do you have the dream often?

Sonny: Ah -- depends on what's going on in my life.

Ric: I try to get a sense of her -- Lily.

Sonny: You saw pictures.

Ric: Yeah, I know, but, I mean not what she looks like, more of her personality. She strikes me as -- strikes me as somebody who's very much like Emily and -- and our mother.

Sonny: More like Emily -- kind and strong, generous and brave.

Ric: Here.

Sonny: Yeah, just go ahead. Lily was the happiest I've ever seen her that night. She -- uh -- it hadn't been easy because she knew about Brenda and how I felt about Brenda. But she never wavered. She just loved me, until I started to love her back. Everything started to turn around -- Lily was pregnant and we were starting to take steps into being the real husband and wife we were going to be. Everybody was there to celebrate us, to see the family we were going to become. Lily had a smile that was like the sun coming out. And when she laughed, it sounded like music. And before she died, she let that sun shine on me one last time.

[Lily laughs]

Sonny: And that smile has haunted me for the rest of my life.

Ric: You're quite a resilient man.

Ric: I don't know -- huh -- if I could ever risk having a relationship like that, especially with somebody who's so much like Lily. Not that what happened to Lily could ever happen to Emily.


Carly: Why didn't you say something? Because I didn't shut up? I never shut up. I'm so sorry. I know how much Justus meant to you. Justus and Jason were like family, so don't come in here and suggest that he had anything to do with this.

Jason: I didnít. But I intend to find out who did.

Lucky: So does D.A. Davis.

Det. Rodriguez: You can help by joining her downtown for a few questions.

Carly: See, no, you don't have to do that.

Jason: Carly -- I know my rights. I'll go downtown. Listen, you can help me, ok? There's something you can do for me.

Carly: Anything.

Jason: All right, I put Sam up at the Metro Court last night under guard. They say that she's fine -- I'm sure she is, but if you could just check on her for me.

Carly: Absolutely. Yeah, I will. Jason? I'm so sorry. This shouldn't have happened.

Jason: You're right about that.

Sonny: Oh. Whew.

Ric: The odds of history repeating itself in such a random and awful way, Sonny, are slim to none -- especially since you're probably much more diligent by now -- if only by benefit of the experience. Look, I've seen it. You can practically smell a threat coming.

Sonny: Yeah, well, I didn't the night the gunman busted in on Emily and me at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. I -- I stopped thinking, I dropped the ball. If Jason hadn't been there, I don't know what --

Ric: Oh, you know what, Sonny? It's one slip-up, ok? Nobody got hurt. You're out of the business, thanks to Jason.

Sonny: I'm -- uh --

Ric: You're with the woman you love. You're safe and sound.

[Door slams]

Edward: You get out of my way. I need to see him. I need to see him now!

Sonny: What the hell -- you can't -- what the hell's going on? Max?

Edward: That's what you're going to tell me. Why is my grandson dead?

Sonny: Jas-- Jasonís dead?

Edward: Oh, God, no. Jason's too soulless to die. The grandson I lost was Justus.

Lainey: Thank you.

Emily: I heard about Justus. I'm so sorry.

Lainey: Me, too -- for your loss. He was family.

Emily: Are you all right?

Lainey: I'm better now that they found the body.

[Lainey sighs]

Lainey: Speculation was worse than knowing. He was such a gentleman. A gentle man. Didn't you think so?

Emily: Yeah.

Lainey: It was frustrating sometimes, you know? I -- I knew if I didn't make the first move, we'd never get anywhere. And I wanted him. He was coming over for dinner last night and I had every intention of seducing him. I had the whole stage set, right down to the lingerie, and -- so, last night, he gets a call from Jason and had to take a meeting. Damn him.

Emily: Lainey, I know for a fact that Jason had nothing to do with this.

Lainey: No, I -- not Jason, Justus. I mean, damn him for being so well-bred. And where the hell have I been all these past few months? Just letting life pass me right by, my head and my heart stuck in the sand, just -- just wasting so much time. Just -- we should never be so wasteful of time.

Skye: Lainey. I just heard about Justus. I'm so sorry.

Lainey: What are you doing here? Is the baby okay?

Skye: Oh, the baby's fine. I was just here for a checkup. Um -- are there any leads?

Lainey: The last time I talked to Justus, he was calling to confirm our dinner, and he told me he was going to a warehouse on the waterfront -- to meet with your baby's father.

Robin: What are you doing?

Patrick: Are you free?

Robin: Dare I ask for what?

Patrick: Oh, I say can we start with lunch and then go back to my room to work it off?

Robin: Why? Supply closet booked?

Patrick: I think weíll try something different.

Robin: Hmm.

Patrick: You want to play?

Robin: Sure. I just have to pick up some lab results real quick.

Patrick: Eat. Metro court, half-hour.

Robin: Hello.

Kelly: There's bad news.

Robin: Lainey's dad?

Kelly: Justus Ward was murdered.

Robin: Oh, my God. What happened?

Kelly: That's really all I know. Was he a friend of yours?

Robin: A long time ago he was -- he was really good to someone that I loved -- who also deserved a better death.

Alexis: Jason, help me out. What can you tell me?

Jason: Justus went to a meeting in my place.

Alexis: In warehouse 29? Ahem. Who were you supposed to meet?

Jason: I -- I didn't talk to the people who arranged it. Justus did. They said they were acting on Alcazar's behalf.

Alexis: Why didn't you go?

Jason: Because I had other business.

Alexis: They found that at the crime scene. We think it belongs to Lorenzo Alcazar.

Jason: It looks like something he'd wear, but I can't positively I.D. it.

Alexis: It speaks for itself -- his initials engraved. Can you think of any reason why Alcazar would want to murder your lawyer and dump him at in your warehouse?

Jason: No. There's no reason that anyone would want to kill Justus.

Alexis: Oh, Jason, there's always a reason in your business. Do you think it was a warning? Do you think that he wanted to -- to make some sort of a statement? Everybody knows that you're -- that you're running the organization. Maybe he wanted to send you some kind of a message, wanted you to -- tell you to back off. He wants to let the world know that he doesn't think that you're up to taking over Sonny's job.

Edward: Now, well, I wasn't particularly thrilled that my brilliant grandson chose to -- to hide away in a monastery; at least he was alive. No, you -- you and Jason couldn't let him be. You brought Justus back into your chaos and your violence, and now he's dead!

Ric: Edward, you're understandably upset and you have our condolences, but Sonny is not responsible for Justus. He's out of the business.

Edward: Sonny is the core of all the rot that has been spreading in this town since the first day he opened that sleazy strip club, and he drugged those teenage girls into taking off all their clothes. And he stole Jason, and he turned a caring, ambitious young man into a cold-blooded killer. And Justus had character and morals, too. Oh, his -- his grandmother, Mary Mae -- oh, she saw to that. But you ruined Justus, just like you ruined Karen Wexler and Brenda Barrett and -- and now Emily. I've lost enough of my family to you. So help me God, if anything happens to Emily because of her mistake of being here with you, I swear to God I will kill you with my own hands!

Ric: Edward, you're not hearing me. Sonny's a legitimate businessman now; he's a coffee importer. He's not the reason that Justus was killed. As far as Emily is concerned, she's never been safer. He's not a target anymore. She's completely protected. I know -- I see it every day.

Edward: Oh, please. Sonny's protection is less than worthless. You want to know what happened to his first wife, huh? She was blown to bits right up in front of his face -- oh, guards all around, car bomb in the parking lot of -- of Luke Spencerís supper club. And she was pregnant with --

Sonny: Shut up -- now, old man!

Edward: Agh!

Sonny: You understand that? I'm tired of taking this from you!

Edward: Agh --

Sonny: You spit accusations at me about Lily again, I'll have you crawling out of here on broken legs. And don't you talk about Emily. You understand what I'm saying? Don't you talk about Emily! Say you will not talk about Emily!

Max: Boss --

Sonny: Or else I'll rip your heart out and put you outside with the rest of the garbage! Get him out of here! I don't want to see him again. Close that door!

Edward: That man is certifiable. He -- he should be committed. Better yet -- he should be taken out and shot like the rabid animal that he is!

Sonny: Whew!

Ric: Hey, look, don't let Edward rattle you, ok?

Sonny: Huh?

Ric: He's just a scared old man who -- whose lost his grandson.

Sonny: Whew. No.

Ric: Sonny, listen to me. I can help you get through this, all right?

[Sonny chuckles]

Ric: I can help keep everything contained, but you're going to have to do your part. Listen to me.

Sonny: Huh. I got --

Ric: You got to keep telling yourself that Lily's death was not your responsibility; it wasn't your fault. And Emilyís protected, okay?

Sonny: Yeah.

Ric: Hey -- you're going to be okay.

Sam: Well, you know what? I happen to be free all afternoon if you want to have tea with me, just us sisters. Hmm? Hey, what's -- what's wrong?

Viola: Molly lost Muzzy Bear.

Sam: Again?

Viola: She's always dropping it somewhere. Excuse me.

Kristina: Why don't you live with us anymore?

Manny: Huh -- it's all about the love.

Coleman: My favorite ladies are back. Huh?


Kelly: I bet you say that to all the girls.

Coleman: Well, I only say what I mean. So tell me this -- is going to be the start of a beautiful tradition, huh?

Elizabeth: As long as you don't start a tradition of hitting on us.


Coleman: I'm not making any promises I can't keep, girl. Come on, now. Huh?

Kelly: Keep it coming.

Coleman: I'll keep it coming.

Lainey: So, I want to make a toast. To Robin, Emily, and Elizabeth.

Kelly: Hello? What about me?

Lainey: I'm sorry, you got to sit this one out -- you're not in love.

Emily: Oh. Guilty.

Robin: Yo, whoa. I am not in love.

Lainey: Close enough.

Kelly: I could be in love if I wanted to. It's not like I haven't had the chance.

Elizabeth: Just let her make the toast to whomever she wants.

Kelly: Ok, fine. But I deserve one of my very own before we leave.

Lainey: You three are the bravest women I know. You decided to risk your heart and take the plunge, and somehow you decided that the reward was worth the gamble. And if by some awful twist of fate or God's will or some unlucky number, one of your guys was suddenly taken from you, you wouldn't be left with a bunch of ďwhat ifsĒ, and you wouldn't have to be left with an empty bed wondering what it would be like to share it with -- with somebody you love. So -- ahem -- to my girls for going for it.

Kelly: Going for it.

Jason: What do you got?

Stan: I've been hitting the phones. There's not a whisper out there about what happened to Justus.

Jason: Oh, man, none of this makes any sense.

Stan: What -- what are the police thinking?

Jason: Alcazar. They have circumstantial evidence -- you know, one of those cheap bracelets he wears.

Richie: Skye Quartermaine.

Jason: Yeah, send -- send her in.

Skye: Thanks for seeing me.

Jason: Uh -- what can I do for you?

Skye: This is extremely awkward for me, Jason, but I need your help. Do you think that we could maybe have a moment alone?

Stan: Excuse me.

[Door closes]

Skye: I came to you because you don't spare people with a lie and you always tell the truth.

Jason: What do you want to know?

Skye: Did Alcazar kill Justus?

Sonny: It shouldn't have happenned.

Ric: Look, forget about it. Hey, if Edward goes to the police, I'll just tell them that he provoked you.

Sonny: I mean Justus. He was just an innocent guy.

Ric: I'll be right back.

Ric: Max, do us a favor -- get another bottle of scotch.

Max: What's wrong with you, Ric?

Ric: Excuse me?

Max: Mr. C shouldn't be drinking so much, especially now. And why didn't you do anything today when he -- when he was attacking Mr. Quartermaine? Huh? What were you going to do? You were just going to stand there and watch the boss beat that poor old man into the ground?

Ric: Oh, I'm sorry, Max. I thought that was your job.

Max: Is that right?

Ric: Excuse me a minute. Hey, Sonny? Come here a minute?

Sonny: What?

Ric: Well, it seems your bodyguard has a problem with me. All I asked him to do was get a bottle of scotch and he's throwing me all kinds of attitude. You know, if it's going to be this way around here, I don't have to hang around.

Sonny: Ok, ok, hold, hold -- all right, Ric's my brother. He's one of the few things that I got going right now that are good. You need to show him respect, right? So think about -- if he tells you to do something, just think like I'm giving you the order. You understand what's happening here?

Max: Yeah. Yeah, I get it, all right.

Sonny: It's all right.

Ric: Listen, I'm sorry about that. The last thing I want to do for you is create any more unrest. Thanks for sticking up for me.

Sonny: I'm the one who's grateful, you standing up for me and -- let's just not fool anybody. There's something wrong with me. And I don't think I can help myself through this. I'm going to need you, and I'm glad you're around. I still love looking at her.

Carly: Can I get a glass of red wine? And don't make it skimpy.

Bartender: Have you seen Jax? We need his signature.

Carly: I guess you didn't get the email. Jax is gone. I'm running this place solo.

Bartender: Did he take a vacation?

Carly: Yeah -- from life. Can I get that wine?

Bartender: Right away.

Jax: I love you.

Carly: I love you, too.

Patrick: Carly?

Carly: Hey. Patrick. How's it going?

Patrick: Sorry to intrude on your thoughts. I --

[Carly sighs]

Patrick: I just want to say I'm sorry about your loss.

Carly: Which one? There's been quite a few lately.

Patrick: Well, pick one. Whichever one hurts the most.

Carly: You'd think I would develop a tougher skin, you know, with all the failures and disappointments.

Patrick: Well, it doesn't always get easier, but it helps you get off the ground a little sooner. That's got to count for something.

Carly: You're a good man -- too good for Robin. Thank you for caring. Thanks.

Kristina: Sam's home!

Sam: Kristina --

Alexis: Is it true? You came back?

Sam: Kristina persuaded me -- if, of course, it's okay with you.

Jason: I don't know who killed Justus.

Skye: Could it have been Lorenzo?

Jason: It could've been anyone.

Skye: Ok, maybe I'm coming at this the wrong way. I guess what I don't hear you saying is that it couldn't be Lorenzo because he's -- retired. That's not the case, is it? All that talk about Lorenzo leaving the mob to ensure the safety of me and my child -- that was just a bunch of hot air, wasn't it? He's in deep as he ever was.

[Door opens]

Lorenzo: I got your message. What are you doing here?

Skye: I have a few questions for Jason. So far, he hasn't answered me. So tell me, is Lorenzo back in the mob or not?

Ric: Thanks.

Milo: Who you now calling?

Max: The boss is out of control. He went after Nikolas last night; he almost choked Edward Quartermaine today. I want to call Jason, but I canít.

[Sonny sighs]

Ric: Hey, Sonny, Edwardís grieving, you know? He doesn't know what he's saying. You know better than anybody what it's like to lose somebody you love to violence.

[Lily laughs]

Ric: To tell you the truth, though, I am shocked. I mean, you know there's no love lost between me and Jason, but I thought he was at least competent.

Sonny: What do you mean?

Ric: Well, Justus was killed on his watch. Just another person has been cut down because Jason can't keep a lid on things. Maybe he's not capable of running the organization after all. You know, Sonny, he was working as your enforcer --

[Lily laughs]

Ric: Which means a lot of people out there would like to take revenge on him. I don't know what you want to do. Maybe you should have Max and Milo keep an eye on him.

[Lily laughs]


Sonny: Max -- max. Get in here.

Max: What's wrong?

Sonny: You got to find -- you got to find her. You got to find her right now.

Max: Who?

Sonny: Lily.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Skye: Is Lorenzo back in the mob?

Jason: Yeah, I think so.

Alexis: You will always be welcome here.

Sam: You may not want me to move back in after you hear what I have to say.

Ric: Why do you want Max to find Lily?

Max: You meant Emily, right?

Sonny: "Emily"?

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