GH Transcript Tuesday 6/20/06

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 6/20/06


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Georgie: He's so adorable.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Robin: He's so happy all the time.

Nikolas: Oh, except when he's tired, fussy, hungry --


Nikolas: Along with whatever else.

Elizabeth: Welcome to parenthood.

Lulu: I've got to run.

Georgie: Oh, me, too.

Lulu: But can I come by and see him again tomorrow?

Nikolas: Yeah, anytime. I hope you'll be seeing a lot of your nephew.

Lulu: Count on it. I'm not big on babies or childcare, but when it comes to John or Cam, I can make an exception.

Nikolas: Ok.

Lulu: Ok. Bye, guys.

Nikolas: Bye.

Elizabeth: Bye.

Robin: Bye.

Jax: Ooh!

Carly: Ok, one snack and then we're going home, and you guys are going straight to bed.

Jax: What do you guys want to eat?

Michael: Ok. Ice cream.

Jax: Ice cream? Can't we have something more nutritious than ice cream?

Michael: No. No.

Carly: Ice cream is one of the five food groups. It's fine. Let's go. Yes.

Michael: It's dairy.

Jax: Really? Ok. Ok. You're the boss.

Michael: It's Johnny. Can I hold him?

Nikolas: I'm sorry, Michael, I don't think that's a very good idea.

Lucky: Oxycodone?

Fix: Don't turn me in, ok? Look, it's just a dumb mistake, man. I've never even been arrested for anything.

Lucky: I'm confiscating these drugs. I have your name and address, and if I ever see you dealing again, I'm going to bust you for possession with intent -- that's a mandatory prison sentence. You understand? I want to see your I.D. Yeah, you, give me your I.D. I'm calling your parents. What are you doing here? Get out of here!

Maxie: You were so good.

Sam: Maybe Alcazar -- or whoever -- took Justus. We'll call to negotiate, Jason.

Jason: You can't spin this, Sam. There's no way to change what happened. I sent Justus to the meeting in my place.

Sam: And he disappeared! That's all you know for sure.

[Knock on door]

Richie: Dr. Winters is here.

Lainey: I want you to tell me what happened to Justus.

Lorenzo: Why are we here? What's going on?

Diego: We got a problem.

[Car chirps]

Lainey: I called the police. I led them to the warehouse. There was blood on the floor and what appeared to be a shell casing.

Jason: I know. I was there right before you guys.

Lainey: Did you find Justus and move the body?

Jason: No.

Lainey: So -- then he could be alive? Maybe they took him as a hostage.

Jason: You know, it's -- it's possible, but it's unlikely. I mean, if they took him hostage, whoever -- whoever took him would've called me by now.

Lorenzo: How did this happen?

Diego: I don't know. I came to buy a case of champagne to take to a party at Kelly’s, I open the trunk, and there he was.

Lorenzo: Did you see anyone near the car after you parked?

Diego: No. No, no, no, and the trunk was empty, ok? I double-checked to make sure there was room.

Lorenzo: So whoever did this knew it was my car.

Diego: I guess.

Lorenzo: So if you're telling me the truth -- that someone dumped this body and disappeared in the small amount of time that you were in the liquor store -- then this was probably planned?

Diego: But, Dad, they were probably watching me the whole time, ok, and then they -- they took their chance.

Lorenzo: Look; you've made it no secret that you want me to go up against Jason Morgan. Justus is his attorney and his right-hand man. This would be a perfect way to start a war.

Diego: I didn't do this, Dad. I swear. Justus fought for me when I went to prison. Why would I want to have him killed?

Lorenzo: I wouldn't, either.

Diego: Look, maybe -- maybe someone's trying to make it look like you did it.

Lorenzo: Go home, I'll handle this. And don't say anything to anyone. Please?

Edward: E.L.Q. is going to rack and ruin. Our stock hit its lowest price in the last two years.

Skye: I say we're too bloated. We have to show the street that we're paring down, becoming more efficient.

Edward: That's an excellent suggestion, my dear. You know, you and I have always worked very well together. What say we -- we team up and try again, huh?

Skye: Edward, Tracy is C.E.O -- since when did she listen to either one of us?

Edward: Oh, Tracy is far too preoccupied with Scorpio and Spencer to give any mind to E.L.Q. You and I can take this company right out from under her. Say, why don't we -- why don't we discuss our strategy over dinner, huh?

[Phone rings]

Skye: Tonight I have plans.

Edward: Oh.

Skye: Hello?

Lorenzo: Skye, it's me.

Skye: Lorenzo.

Lorenzo: I'm sorry; I'm going to have to cancel our dinner plans tonight. Something's come up.

Skye: Business?

Lorenzo: Yes. We can do dinner tomorrow instead.

Skye: Ok. I'll see you later. Well, there's been a little change of plans.

Edward: Hmm? Let me guess -- your gangster boyfriend is out killing someone.

Maxie: Did you see that guy? He was terrified. He's probably still running, and you got his whole stash.

Lucky: Yeah, well, I don't know what I was thinking -- letting you score drugs for me?

Maxie: You need those drugs for your back. I mean, I couldn't get you Hydrocodone, but those should help.

Lucky: Yeah, and you could've been hurt -- or worse. That dealer was manhandling you.

Maxie: No, he wasn’t. He just grabbed me. I was going to push him away, and then you came.

Lucky: There's no excuse for my letting you do this.

Maxie: Lucky, what -- ok, stop, because this is my choice. I want to help you.

Lucky: And I know and I appreciate that, but it's never going to happen again.

Maxie: No, your -- your job is important to you. I know you're not going to turn them in as evidence; otherwise you would've arrested that guy. And you're not going to dump them; you're going to keep them. Don't worry; I'm not going to tell anyone.

Carly: Mike, do you have ice cream for the boys?

Mike: Oh, absolutely. Come on, guys, what are you in the mood for today? We got some double vanilla --

Carly: Michael and Morgan are John's cousins. Courtney adored them, ok? She'd want the boys to be close to John.

Robin: Come here, sweetie.

Nikolas: It's ok. Listen, I'm sorry if I hurt Michael’s feelings, but I don't want to mislead him. Because he and Morgan will not be a part of John's life.

Jax: Ok, no, you're -- he really loves those boys. You should see -- you should see the boys with John.

Nikolas: Oh, Jax --

Jax: He recognizes their voice, you know, it makes him smile.

Nikolas: You'll do just about anything to use your own kids to maneuver your way back into John's life, won't you?

Carly: What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Nikolas: Well, you'll say that they're missing their cousin, they want to visit him. And if I allow it, you'll accompany them.

Carly: And would that be so bad?

Nikolas: Carly, if you had it your way, I wouldn't even know that John was my son -- if Robin hadn't told me the truth. You and Jax are out of John's life -- for good.

Lucky: I am going to hold on to this bag of pills so I'm not tempted to ask you for any more.

Maxie: Ok, but if you need any more, just let me know.

Lucky: No, no, no. My back's getting better, I'm almost done.

Maxie: Ok, but, seriously, you can call me anytime.

Lucky: I never, never want to put you in a situation like this again.

Maxie: Lucky, you don't get it. I'm not like Elizabeth. I understand what you're going through. Patrick Drake cut you off from your medication way too soon. You're still in pain and he doesn't care. I do, because I believe in you, Lucky.

Jax: Now, Nikolas --

Nikolas: What?

Jax: I know you probably don't want to hear this from me, but no one fought harder than Carly to keep John alive. I mean, you really ought to be thanking her.

Nikolas: Thank her? For lying and -- and deceiving me, keeping me away from my own son? No.

Robin: Look, I know this is a loaded subject, but maybe you shouldn't fight about it right now.

Carly: What's the problem, Robin? You don't like the fallout of your good deed?

Nikolas: There's no reason to attack Robin --

Carly: There's a lot of reasons to attack Robin, and you are being selfish.

Nikolas: What -- me? Well, if that's not the pot calling the kettle black, then I don't know what is.

Jax: And if you would've stayed faithful to your wife, then none of this would've happened in the first place.

Robin: Emily is the one that ended the marriage, not Nikolas.

Jax: Look, for you to put yourself on a pedestal and criticize Carly, that's -- that gives new meaning to the word "hypocrite."

Nikolas: Well, finally the truth comes out. You took John away from me to punish me for being with Courtney.

Skye: Grandfather, we have been over this before. I am not naive about Lorenzo or his business.

Edward: Please, Skye, the man is a professional criminal.

Skye: He was. He's put all that behind him.

Edward: Or so he told you.

Skye: There's nothing more important to Lorenzo than keeping his family safe.

Edward: Oh, my god, Monica’s right -- those pregnancy hormones have turned your mind to mush.

Skye: I happen to trust the father of my child.

Edward: Oh, really? Well, I happen to have a bridge in Brooklyn that I can sell you at a discount. I swear, Skye, I do not understand how you can be so smart and perceptive in so many areas and so blind to Lorenzo Alcazar. The man is a criminal. He -- he comes from a criminal family, and running a crime syndicate is what he knows how to do.

Skye: He is a very capable businessman, ok? There's lots of other things that he can do.

Edward: Oh, please. The mob is how he made his money and his contacts and all of his connections.

Skye: Lorenzo told me that he's put all of that behind him, ok? And he wants to make a fresh start.

Edward: All right. Then let's assume that Mr. Alcazar has good intentions, hmm, and he may be able to put this behind him for a few weeks, a few months. But you mark my word, dear -- somewhere, somehow, he's going to be pulled right back in.

Skye: He has told me that he has put that life behind him, and I choose to believe him until it's proven otherwise.

Lainey: Justus was coming over for dinner tonight. He was just starting to open up to me. I'm using past tense.

Jason: I -- I'm sorry Justus went to that meeting for me.

Sam: Something must've gone terribly wrong. Jason would never deliberately put Justus in any danger.

Lainey: I know. I -- I just want to know what happened.

Jason: I'll find out who's responsible. I promise you that.

Lainey: Who should I call? His family needs to be told.

Jason: This is Stan Johnson. Stan, this is Dr. Winters. I want -- I want you to take her home, make sure she has everything she needs, and post somebody outside.

Lainey: That's not necessary.

Jason: It's ok. I just want to make sure you're safe until I know what we're dealing with.

Lainey: All right. Keep me informed?

Jason: Of course.

Sam: Jason, you can't blame yourself for anything that happened tonight.

Jason: Who else should I blame?

Jason: I knew someone was gunning for me, and I agreed to let Justus go to the meeting in my place, and it cost him -- his life.

Sam: Look, you couldn't have known what was going to happen.

Jason: I should've gone myself.

Sam: And you didn't, because you came to help me because somebody broke into my room. If you thought for one minute that this meeting was a setup, you would've never sent Justus.

Jason: There's no excuse. This happened because of me.

Sam: Where are you going?

Jason: To make things worse.

Lucky: You're just missing Jesse.

Maxie: I am, but it's more than that, Lucky. I've -- I've always liked you. Don't you remember years ago when I had that huge crush on you and you used to help me with my homework? All I could do was sit there and gaze at you. Even then we had a connection, and now it's turned into something more, and if you were honest, you would admit it.

Lucky: It doesn't matter how much I like you, or what would've happened even if things were different. I'm a married man.

Maxie: Fine. Call me if you need another fix.

Jax: I wanted to protect John from your psychotic family. I think you know that.

Robin: If you both care about John, why don't you not fight in front of him?

Carly: Why don't you shut up, please?

Nikolas: Hey.

Jax: You know, the way you're acting, I'm almost sorry that I told the truth.

Nikolas: You miss being a kidnapper?

Carly: That's not what he's saying, Nikolas, and you know it.

Nikolas: Carly, if you really care about John so much, then why don't you just graciously back out of his life, instead of trying to use your own children to force your way in? I just -- I can't believe that you would tell any lie, pull any scam, do anything to hold on to a child that's not even yours.

Michael: Don't talk to my mom like that.

[Diego yells]

Georgie: Hey -- whoa. Are you ok? What happened?

Diego: I can't -- I can't talk about it.

Georgie: Diego, if you're in some kind of trouble, then maybe I could help you.

Diego: Something -- something happened, and I don't -- I don't know how or why, but -- but I think I might've caused it somehow.

Georgie: Well, is there any way that maybe you could undo it or -- or fix it?

Diego: No, no, no. No, it's too late.

Georgie: Ok. Then just be careful and don't do anything to make it worse.

Diego: Why -- why do you care so much?

Georgie: I don't know, I just do. It's going to be ok.

Lainey: Thank you, Stan. I just have to pick up some patient files. I can see myself home.

Stan: Jason told me to see you back to your place.

Lainey: It's really not necessary.

Stan: Yes, it is.

Epiphany: What are you doing back at work?

Lainey: My -- my dinner plans fell through.

Epiphany: A doctor -- now, that's a step up, Stanford. Maybe your judgment isn't as impaired as I thought it was. Where'd you two meet?

Stan: Dr. Winters was dating Jason’s attorney, and I think he was murdered tonight.

Edward: Jason. To what do we owe this honor?

Jason: I -- I think Justus is dead.

Jax: Michael, I'm sorry. I'm the one who started the fight.

Nikolas: I apologize.

Michael: Apologize to my mom.

Nikolas: I apologize for raising my voice at you.

Carly: No problem. Come on, sweetie, let's go.

Michael: Grandpa Mike said that this was a party for John. We weren't invited, were we?

Carly: No, we weren’t.

Michael: Is that because Jax isn't John's father anymore?

Carly: You know what? It doesn't matter, because we're going to go home and have a party of our own, ok?

Jax: Yeah. Come on, guys, let's go. But you're not going to have any more ice cream because you've had enough ice cream already, haven't you?

Carly: You know, I hope you watched Jax tonight, because you have no clue how to be a good father.

Epiphany: That poor woman's boyfriend was just murdered?

Stan: Jason just asked me to get her home safely.

Epiphany: She needs protection because the killers might still come after her. Tell me again why it's so wonderful to work for a gangster.

Stan: Listen, I'm -- I'm careful, and -- and the pay is great.

Epiphany: I paid for a first-class education, and this is what you do with it. Where is your common sense?

Stan: Mom, we've gone through this time and time before, and all we do is go around in circles.

Epiphany: I can't believe the words that are coming out of your mouth. You are lost in the woods, son, and the birds have eaten the bread crumbs.

Lainey: You honestly don't have to do this. Jason's overreacting.

Stan: It's just a precaution.

Lainey: I mean, nobody would connect me to Justus. I didn't even really know him that well.

Stan: Then why are you shaking?

Diego: Look, thanks -- thanks for caring, ok, but there's nothing you can do.

Georgie: Try me. Just tell me what happened.

Diego: You don't get it, Georgie. You don’t. You -- you try to see the best in me, but there -- there's nothing there. Ok? Everyone thinks I'm this bad guy and they're right, all right?

Georgie: Diego, just stop talking like that.

Diego: Why? It's true, isn't it? Why don't you just stop wasting your time with me?

Georgie: Will you please, please start believing in yourself?

Diego: Ok, fine. I'll do one decent thing and tell you to stay away from me.

Georgie: Diego, what could be that bad?

Diego: I'm that bad, Georgie. Me.

Georgie: No.

Diego: Don't touch me, ok? Just leave me alone. I'm serious, go.

Georgie: Fine.

Lulu: Wow. That noble bad-boy thing is great. Georgie's going to eat it up.

Diego: Just shut up! You're chasing after Dillon, playing your stupid games, pumping up your little homemade dramas when, in the real world, people die!

Edward: You think Justus is dead?

Jason: Justus -- um -- went to a meeting in my place, and he was supposed to go to his girlfriend's afterward for dinner. When he didn't show, she came by to tell me. And then I went to the meeting place, and I found -- I found blood and evidence of gunfire.

Edward: And -- and that's all? No -- no body?

Jason: No.

Edward: Then you can't be sure that Justus is dead. He -- he could've been wounded and being held hostage, or -- or in hiding. And maybe the blood isn't -- isn't his and maybe he's escaped.

Jason: He would -- he would've called me.

Edward: You must be getting some perverse pleasure out of telling me. Otherwise, you wouldn't have come here --

Jason: The trap was meant for me. There's no way they would've let Justus walk away. I'm sorry.

Edward: I wish that it had been you instead of Justus.

Michael: So, why is John living with Nikolas?

Jax: Because Nikolas is John's real father.

Michael: Then why did you have him?

Jax: I was trying to protect John from some very bad people. I thought it was my job to keep him safe, but I was wrong.

Michael: You still love John, right?

Jax: Absolutely, and so does your mother. But John is with his father. That's where he should be.

Michael: I'm going to miss John.

Jax: Well, maybe Nikolas will let you see him in the future.

Michael: He didn't want us at the party.

Jax: The only reason he didn't want you guys at the party was because he's mad at me. And that's not fair, because John is Aunt Courtney’s child, ok? He's your family. No matter what anyone else says, he's your family.

Edward: For years, I've held on to the belief that you were a good man. Maybe it was because Lila loved you so much -- or maybe because you have her eyes. And I'd always hoped that someday you would come back to this family. Although, I don't know why. You've never shown us anything but contempt. Anyway, I -- I just never let go of that dream. I guess I was too blind to see the truth of what you are. You are a stone-cold killer, and death follows you wherever you go. You have chosen a life of crime, and nothing's going to change that. Not even the death of a fine young man like Justus.

Jason: I -- I am sorry.

Edward: No, you aren't sorry. If you were, you'd stop doing what you're doing. Do you know that -- that Justus was such a credit to his grandmother Mary Mae? He could've been anything he wanted to be. He could've had an upstanding career, made a name for himself, and built a fine reputation. But no. In one unparalleled act of selfishness, you asked him to come and work for you. You lured him in, and you got him killed. How many more have to -- to die because of you?

Skye: What happened?

Edward: Jason just got Justus killed.

Lainey: Justus and I, we used to flirt all the time. Seemed like we were always on the edge of getting involved but never doing it. I wasn't his girlfriend.

Stan: But you cared about him.

Lainey: Yeah. When we were together, something clicked, you know? He was -- he was smart, interesting, funny, and I wanted to get to know him better, and that's why I invited him to dinner.

Stan: After the meeting?

Lainey: And now he's dead because he went to the wrong warehouse. Number 29 -- he was so suspicious about that number, and I used to make fun of him all the time and tell him not to make such a big deal of it. I'm ready to go home.

Lucky: Hey, how'd you get stuck with clean up?

Elizabeth: Oh, the party stopped kind of abruptly.

Lucky: Hmm. Who hit who? Don't tell me my dad started something with Nikolas?

Elizabeth: No, your dad didn't stay long. I don't think babies are his thing.

Lucky: Well, this baby is my mother's grandchild, and I'm sure my dad isn't wild about the whole concept about being a step-grandpa.

Elizabeth: Which would explain why he spent a nanosecond with John and then left.

Lucky: Well, what happened to wreck the party?

Elizabeth: Carly showed up --

Lucky: Uh-huh?

Elizabeth: With Jax and her kids. Michael wanted to hold the baby; Nikolas told him no. Even though Michael and John are cousins, Nikolas is so upset, he doesn't want the boys to have any contact. Anyhow, Jax and Nikolas got into it, Michael got upset, Carly took her kids, and the party ended.

Lucky: Wow.

Elizabeth: Yeah, kind of an unexpected twist to our surprise party.

Lucky: You know, this is Jax and Carly's fault. I mean, they are the ones who lied about John's paternity test in the first place.

Elizabeth: Yeah. But, still, I feel kind of bad for Jax, because I could tell his heart was breaking.

Lucky: Yeah, I know the feeling.

Elizabeth: What?

Lucky: I'm just sorry that people got hurt. Hey, you know what? Now that everyone's gone, why don't we just concentrate on us?

Carly: Michael and Morgan were asleep before their heads even hit the pillow.

Jax: Yeah, it's been a long day.

Carly: Thank you. Thanks for explaining everything to them about Little John.

Jax: It's ok.

Carly: You were great. Do you know, I mean, I can't even talk about him without being so angry? And you -- you're not angry or bitter at all.

Jax: I have no right to be.

Carly: I keep thinking it can't be over. That I'm going to be able to stop by and see him, or spontaneously buy him a toy, be able to come by your place and have dinner and play with him.

Jax: Yeah, I know what you mean. I keep looking over, expecting to see him in his crib.

Carly: The only thing we can do is just hope and pray that Nikolas eventually gets over his anger and that he lets us see him. That's all we can do.

Jax: This isn't fair.

Carly: What's not fair?

Jax: I can't -- I can't keep doing this -- to John or to you.

Jax: If I'm not around, then Nikolas -- he will. He'll -- he'll soften and he'll let you and the boys see John.

Carly: Nikolas blames me. He thinks I'm the one that made you hide the truth.

Jax: No, Carly, he's -- he's angry at me, ok? And if I'm -- if I'm not around, then -- then he'll let you be a part of John's life. It's that simple.

Carly: What do you mean, if you're not around?

Jax: I mean, if I'm not -- you know, if I leave Port Charles -- for a while.

Carly: I know that our relationship started because of John, but it's way more than that now, Jax.

Jax: But the boys have already been dragged into this fight, ok? It's just -- it's better if I remove myself from the situation, just till things settle down a little bit.

Carly: Ok. Fine. You know, we'll take a break for a while.

Jax: Yeah. I just -- I -- I feel like I -- I have to do this. Mom? It's Jax. Listen, I'm thinking about taking you up on that offer. I can be in Botswana the day after tomorrow.

Lucky: Hey.

Elizabeth: I wish you could've seen your dad with the baby. Lulu said that if you look into John's face, you could see a little piece of your mom living through him. Your dad tried to cover, but I could tell he was affected.

Lucky: Yeah -- till he realized John is a Cassadine?

Elizabeth: Lulu also said that she'd never forgive him if he dared called John "the son of spawn."

Lucky: I'm so sorry I missed that.

Elizabeth: Yeah, what happened to you? Was it something to do with Sam’s shooting?

Lucky: No, just routine police business. Hey, you want to dance?

Elizabeth: That was sudden.

Lucky: Well, we are the original "Kelly’s closed" couple, right? Well, it's just the two of us, the night is young, the moon is out. What would be more romantic than a beautiful --

[Music plays]

Lucky: Woman dancing with her husband? And you are gorgeous, I have to say.

[Lucky laughs]

Elizabeth: Well, when you put it that way. Oh. Wow. Your back must really be feeling better.

Lucky: Yeah, like it never happened.

[Elizabeth giggles]

Singer: Every day you and me

Edward: Justus was the child of a son that -- that I barely knew, and the grandson of a woman that I dearly loved.

Skye: Edward, I'm so sorry.

Edward: Justus' father was killed by violence, and -- and now so was Justus. You know, if only -- if only I hadn't pressured him. If only I'd accepted Justus for who he was, instead of trying to groom him as my successor at E.L.Q. -- maybe I wouldn’t have driven him away into -- into business with his murdering cousin.

Skye: Edward --

Edward: No, listen. It's ugly, but it's true. There's no saving Jason. He's as dead to me as Justus. Gangsters are all alike, my dear. They start families and they swear they'll change, and -- and they never do. It doesn't happen. And if you really love that child that you are carrying, you will get away from Lorenzo Alcazar.

Lorenzo: Any problem, you get back to me. I had Justus' body dropped off at the Corinthos/Morgan warehouse where it'll be discovered in the morning. My car -- stolen, and it'll be wrecked and burned in an accident tonight.

Diego: Oh, wait, wait. Why dump the body in the Corinthos/Morgan warehouse?

Lorenzo: Because Justus worked for Jason. That way, there's no way to tie the murder to you and me.

Diego: It's kind of scary how good you are at this.

Lorenzo: Yeah. Well, I've had to be. The alternative is dying.

Diego: No wonder whoever cut a deal for my freedom wants to work with you.

Lorenzo: This is not the way I wanted my life. It's the way it's got to be right now.

Diego: Ok. So who do you think killed Justus?

Lorenzo: Manny Ruiz.

Diego: What? I thought that guy was dead.

Lorenzo: Not yet. What matters is that Justus' murder won't be pinned on us.

Det. Rodriguez: S 1021-M. S 1022-M.

Sam: What do you mean, a change of plans?

Bernie: I am taking you to a hotel. You're going to be safe there. You'll have guards around the clock.

Sam: No, I have all of that right here.

Bernie: These are Mr. Morgan's orders.

Sam: Hey, come on, Jason is blaming himself for Justus' death. You know as well as I do, this isn't his fault.

Bernie: I still have to take you to the hotel. Mr. Morgan doesn't want his enemies to see you as a target.

Sam: But I feel --

Bernie: Come, come.

Sam: Perfectly safe here. I don't have to go anywhere.

Bernie: Look, I don't care. It doesn't matter. These are Mr. Morgan's orders -- you can't stay.

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