GH Transcript Wednesday 6/7/06

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 6/7/06


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Robert: Thank you, alice.

Alice: Mm-hmm.

Alan: What are you doing?

Alice: Well, he saved mr. Luke's life. The least we could do is give him some dessert.

Edward: We were never offered any dessert.

Tracy: Well, that's because the help is too busy catering to your newest house guest.

Alice: Raspberry sauce?

Robert: Alice, you remembered. Oh, yeah.

Luke: Who's cooking? I'm starved.

Tracy: Oh.

Monica: Well, you're too late. Your very best friend just ate the last of the cheesecake.

Robert: Tough break, pal.

Edward: Spencer, you've been robbed again. First it's your casino and then my lunch table. Let's face it -- you've lost your touch. I think it's time to move on.

Luke: Is your father speaking?

Robert: Hey, I did you a favor. You look terrible. Try some seltzer, maybe saltine crackers.

Alice: I'll talk to cook right away.

Luke: Yeah. Alice, I'll take a rib-eye steak, blood rare, with fries.

Alice: You've got it.

Luke: You're an angel.

Alice: Thank you.

Edward: That man is eating us out of house and home.

Luke: Pour me a seltzer, will you, pops?

Edward: I want that reprobate out of my house immediately.

Tracy: Luke's not going anywhere until we get to the bottom of this so-called robbery. The timing was too convenient. Less than 24 hours after I slapped a lien on the profits of the haunted star, said profits and all the rest of the cash suddenly stolen. Oops.

Alice: I found this letter slipped under the front door.

Edward: Yeah, I'll take it.

Alice: It's for mr. Luke.

Luke: Oh. Thanks, alice.

Lulu: What'd I tell you? It's going to work.

Diego: Yeah, ok, shh. Keep it down.

Dillon: Diego? Get away from lulu.

Carly: The queen of angels wouldn't be appropriate because you're not catholic.

Jax: I -- I know, but I considered st. Timothy's, but it's loaded with brenda memories, so I don't want to have it there.

Carly: Not there -- ok. How about the gazebo? That's where you married courtney.

Jax: Well -- and we should decide soon before the kid's old enough to drive himself to the christening.

Carly: I think so.

[Carly chuckles]

Carly: Hey.

Jax: Hey.

Nikolas: I'm here about john.

Emily: Hey.

Lainey: Hi.

Emily: Hi, lainey.

Lainey: Hi.

Emily: Thanks for agreeing to do this.

Lainey: Ok. I'm not exactly sure how you expect this to work.

Emily: Ok. Um -- we'll sit down to lunch, my phone will ring, I'll fake a family emergency -- sonny's used to quartermaine drama -- and then I'll leave you and sonny alone.

Lainey: This isn't the best way to evaluate someone.

Emily: I know. I'm not looking for a diagnosis, lainey. I just need to know what you think. You spent a lot of time with sonny when you were treating carly. You'll see how different he is now.

Lainey: Ok. Well, he's going to wonder how come we didn't have lunch together, you know, somewhere in town.

Emily: Yeah, I know. I told him you were an avid gardener.

Lainey: Why did you say that? I don't know anything about gardening.

Emily: Oh --

lainey: I don't know anything about gardening.

Sonny: Dr. Winters, what are you doing here?

Georgie: So dillon and I don't want tracy to be involved. If mac has to show up as a witness, then --

justus: Why don't we hold off on the details until dillon gets here?

Georgie: He's already late.

Justus: Do you think there's a problem?

Georgie: With the way thinks are going, dillon could be anywhere.

Justus: Well, maybe he's not showing up because he doesn't want to go through with the divorce.

Georgie: Trust me -- dillon can't wait for this marriage to be over.

Lulu: Diego is my guest and he happens to be helping me out with something very important.

Dillon: Yeah, like what?

Diego: Last time I checked, you don't run her life, quartermaine.

Dillon: Last time I checked, I actually cared about her, which is more than I can say for you.

Diego: Ooh.

Dillon: You know, you're trespassing. Why am I -- I'm calling the cops.

Lulu: Oh -- ok. All right, you know what? Maybe you should leave.

Diego: You're kidding, right?

Lulu: If dillon's going to be like this, I don't --

diego: Dillon's going to be like that. I'll call you later, lulu.

Dillon: Oh, come on.

[As diego] "I'll call you -- I'll call you later. Here. Come on. Give me -- give me a little --"

[Normal voice] What do you see in him?

Lulu: We're just friends.

Dillon: You're -- what is it about diego alcazar that makes otherwise intelligent girls forget that he's a convicted stalker?

Robert: More bad news, par, hmm?

Luke: Oh, no. It's -- it's a letter from waldo, my pilot.

Robert: Won back the plane, did he?

Luke: He's just looking for work.

Alan: Why don't you let him fly you and scorpio someplace -- any place but here?

Robert: You see? There's the problem when you have hired help -- they don't always come through for you.

Monica: Look, could we just have this conversation someplace else?

Robert: I mean, you just never quite know when they're going to double-cross you and leave you hanging in the middle of nowhere.

Edward: Well, the middle of nowhere works for me.

Tracy: What are you two plotting?

Luke: Forward my calls to the haunted star.

Edward: That freeloader is up to something.

Tracy: I agree and you, mr. Scorpio, know exactly what it is.

Nikolas: I just wanted to apologize again for helena's intrusion yesterday.

Carly: No harm done.

Nikolas: Well, still, the -- the thought of having her back in town is unsettling to say the least, but I also wanted to tell you that I was honored that you even considered asking me to be john's godfather.

Carly: Courtney would've wanted that.

Jax: Right.

Nikolas: Yeah. She would also understand why you needed to rescind the offer. But I -- I have an idea that might interest the two of you. I want to discuss it with you in person.

Jax: Sure.

Nikolas: Well, you're welcome to have the ceremony in wyndemere gardens if you like.

Jax: Wow. Well, we really appreciate the offer.

Carly: We've already reserved the gazebo in the park.

Nikolas: Oh. Ok, well, that will be lovely, too. How is john? You mind if I say hello to him?

Jax: No, go ahead.

Carly: Yeah, he just woke up from his nap.

Nikolas: Hey, bud, how you doing? We're about to have your christening -- you know that? Hmm? Your mom would be really proud of you. Yeah.

[Knock on door]

Man: Mr. Jacks, I need to speak with you and mrs. Corinthos immediately.

Emily: Lainey and I were out with the girls last night and she happened to mention that she's really into gardening.

Sonny: Oh. You want to talk about gardening with me.

[Emily chuckles]

Lainey: Yeah, I thought I might get some ideas for when I finally move out of my tiny apartment.

Emily: She wants to see your plans for the garden you're designing and I'm sure she'd love a tour of the grounds, as well. Um -- I invited her for lunch. I hope that's all right.

Sonny: Oh, well, any friend of yours is a friend of mine. Welcome anytime.

Emily: Ok. Ok, well, let's go outside.

Lainey: This looks like a pretty serious lunch.

Emily: Yeah. Sonny's a pretty serious cook. Um -- I'll grab another plate.

Sonny: I'm going to grab a chair and --

[Phone rings]

Emily: Hello? Oh, we're just sitting down to lunch. You know, tell grandfather that he's being completely unreasonable. Oh? Ok, I'll be right there. Um -- tracy just created another crisis at E.L.Q., So I've got to go over --

sonny: You can't go after lunch?

Emily: I think the sooner, the better, so I'm going to go. Um -- I'm so sorry to leave you here, lainey. I'll be back, ok?

Lainey: Are you sure I'm not imposing?

Sonny: No, no, no, not at all. Have a seat.

Lainey: Thanks. You know, it's -- it's really good to see you again.

Sonny: Yeah. I just -- well, I want to make one thing clear just before we get into anything. I didn't appreciate you giving emily the pamphlets and scaring her into thinking that I'm going crazy.

Diego: Hey!

Coleman: Where the hell is luke's money?

Diego: I don't have it.

Coleman: Why not?

Diego: I got robbed.

Coleman: Yeah? You got robbed by who?

Lulu: Why did you chase diego away? We were working on something important.

Dillon: Why are you wasting your time with that guy?

Lulu: It is personal.

Dillon: Oh, it's personal? It's personal? Did you take your clothes off? Does it involve cameras or anything?

Lulu: No! It's nothing like that.

Dillon: Let me ask you a question. When diego turns on you -- and he will -- how am I supposed to help you when you won't even --

lulu: Ok, concentrate on georgie right now. I can handle my own adventure.

Dillon: Georgie and I are getting a divorce, lulu.

Lulu: Ok. You guys are still in love and you swore off capers, remember? I don't blame you. Georgie has a right to slow you down.

Dillon: Ok, all right. You know what? Did I not have your back in the markham islands? Did I not look after you? Me, not diego -- me. You can trust me and you know that, so what's really going on?

Lulu: I robbed my dad and now I'm blackmailing him.

Robert: Spencer is definitely up to something. He's desperate to win you back.

All: Oh.

Monica: Well, how can luke win tracy back if tracy never goes anywhere?

Robert: Ah, but you see, you've no idea how far tracy has wandered. Now, luke realizes this. He realizes that he's losing tracy to me.

Alan: I seriously doubt that.

Robert: Luke knows there's a lot of heat between us. That night in the markham islands, when he caught us in the sack together, he finally realizes that he cannot live without you, or any of this good stuff, for that matter.

Tracy: Well, you do have a certain -- aboriginal magnetism to you.

[Robert roars]

Monica: Oh, please.

Alan: This is like watching a bad traffic accident.

Edward: All right, everyone -- out.

Monica: Fine.

Alan: Good.

Monica: Come on, alan.

Alan: "Come on, alan." I know shortcut.

Tracy: Ok, fool, game over. What's really happening?

Robert: You underestimate yourself, my little love machine.

Tracy: Luke robbed himself, didn't he?

Man: And then the cosmopolitan canceled and I have 400 dentists yelling at me. I need the metro court now.

Jax: So contact the hotel manager. Why'd you come here?

Man: Can the hotel handle a last-minute convention of dentists?

Carly: I'm sure the hotel staff can tell you that. That's what we pay them for.

Jax: Please don't come to my home again.

Man: I'm sorry. I panicked.

Jax: Wow.

Nikolas: John seems very happy here.

Carly: He is.

Nikolas: Yeah. I suppose I should go ahead and apologize again for showing up with no warning.

Carly: You know, it does make it a little awkward.

Nikolas: Oh, yeah. Well, I should go ahead and ask the awkward question -- would it be ok if I came to the christening regardless?

Jax: Sure. Of course.

Carly: Yeah, I think courtney would really have wanted that.

Nikolas: Ok. Thank you. Thank you both. You're very generous. And again, sorry for barging in.

Nikolas: Thank you.

Carly: Ok, so he obviously feels entitled to show up whenever the hell he wants to.

Jax: Yeah, I agree.

Carly: That was a weird visit, right? I mean, wasn't that weird?

Jax: Maybe it's time to set some boundaries.

Carly: Set some boundaries? I think we need to come up with a way to keep nikolas out of john's life for good.

Robert: You make a great spy, my dear. I came to the same conclusion myself that he may well have staged his own robbery.

Tracy: You in on it?

Robert: Oh, you give me too much credit. Besides, you saw him today. That hangover suggests he's very agitated about something.

Tracy: He could be faking.

Robert: Look, if he'd done it himself, why isn't he out there declaring his independence for you? In fact, why is he here at all unless, of course, he just can't tear himself away, and I can understand that.

Tracy: Stop. The pseudo-flirting is getting on my nerves. You and I both know that luke is trying to throw us off. He obviously robbed the haunted star, which means he robbed me and if you expect to stay on my payroll, you're going to help me get that money back.

Robert: We're dealing with one really oily character here, toots.

Tracy: Well, I have faith that the secret agent can outwit the con man, because if you don't, I'll just have to have a little chat with daddy and we'll both cut you off.

Robert: You know, I've always appreciated a woman with an ice cube for a heart.

Tracy: Good, because if I don't get my money back, you'll be out on the street.

Diego: This is your cut.

Coleman: From lulu spencer?

Diego: Yes. She doesn't want you to suffer just because she's turning the tables on her father.

Coleman: Sweet. See, her father's never going to believe that his daughter was able to rob four professional thieves.

Diego: Yeah, well, I wouldn't be so sure about that.

Coleman: Really? You know, I don't know exactly what's going on around here, but luke's not going to take it and if I end up with a gun to my head, I'm sending him after you.

[Diego sighs]

Diego: Hey, how's it going?

Justus: So, call me when you and dillon want to reschedule, ok?

Georgie: Thanks, justus.

Diego: How's that going -- the divorce?

Georgie: Dillon just couldn't be bothered enough to show up. What's going on with coleman?

Diego: You saw that?

Georgie: Yeah.

Diego: Don't worry about it.

Georgie: You're working for him, aren't you? Which means you're probably breaking the law.

Dillon: Lulu, if your dad wasn't happy about you showing up at the markham islands and trying to save him, somehow I'll doubt he'll appreciate you stealing money from him and then blackmailing him.

Lulu: I will eventually give the money back after I've made him suffer a little and earned his respect for my ability to plan and execute a spencer-worthy scam.

Dillon: I'm serious. If this is about you trying to stop your dad from leaving again --

diego: You have nothing to worry about.

Luke: It's a little bit early to be propping up the bar, ain't it, cowboy?

Lucky: Never thought I'd hear that from you.

Luke: Well, I never thought I'd say it, but I'm a well-hungover gambling man and you are a fine, upstanding cop who I think is supposed to be on-duty.

Lucky: Well, nobody else wanted to investigate this brilliant heist. Couldn't you stop an inside job? I mean, the man who raised me -- he would've never rolled over for a couple of two-bit thugs.

Luke: Well, the kid I raised would've known it was a scam.

Lucky: Excuse me?

Luke: You're slipping, son. I robbed myself.

Lucky: Huh. Why?

Luke: Because tracy is trying to keep me in debt for the rest of my life, so I managed to, you know, counterstrike.

Lucky: Oh, ok. You reported a robbery but kept the money?

Luke: Well, that was the plan, but there was a twist.

Lucky: Oh, why didn't I see this coming?

Luke: See, the people I hired to rob me got robbed, and now whoever did that is blackmailing me.

Jax: We've agreed to keep the truth from nikolas. Why does it still feel so unresolved?

Carly: Because we're worried about helena -- that's why.

Jax: You know, my heart stops every time she looks at john.

Carly: Why did nikolas offer wyndemere for the christening? Why? Isn't that strange to you?

Jax: Yeah, totally. I mean, it's the last place that john should be, especially with helena around. What if she -- she thinks that nikolas might be john's father?

Carly: No. Wait, we -- we're both getting way too paranoid here, ok? We need to have a reality check. Helena has no idea. Nikolas had his doubts at first, but that makes perfect sense. Look, he doesn't have a shred of evidence. Nikolas has given up on the idea that john is his son for good.

Nikolas: Yes, the dental convention was a nice touch. Just go ahead and call the number on the card there and you'll be paid in full. Ok.

Kelly: Hi.

Nikolas: Hi.

Kelly: I just got your message. Do we need to review those numbers from the board meeting?

Nikolas: No, no. It's actually more personal than that. I need your help with something.

Kelly: What's the problem?

Nikolas: Oh. Well, it's -- it's kind of embarrassing. I don't --

kelly: Oh. I'm a doctor. I've heard everything, believe me.

Nikolas: Ok. Um -- I think that I may be a father, and I need you to help me prove it.

Emily: Hey.

Max: Hey.

Emily: How's lunch going?

Max: I'm not sure. Uh -- I tried to ask sonny if he needed anything. He told me to leave him alone and wait out here for you.

Emily: Have you heard any noises or --

max: No, it's been quiet, you know, which could be good. Or not.

Sonny: So I -- I tell the guy it's a tomato plant, all right? And he -- you know, I said it -- it grows in the earth and you get your tomatoes from that, right.

Lainey: Right.

Sonny: And so he looks at me with this big head, right?

[Lainey laughs]

Sonny: And he says, "who cares about a tomato plant when you got a grocery store, like, down the street?"

Lainey: Right. I can see this is the type of gardener who's after my own heart.

Sonny: No, only in bensonhurst.

Lainey: Yes.

Sonny: Oh, I didn't know you were there.

Lainey: Hey.

Emily: How's it going?

Sonny: You back already?

Emily: Yeah.

Sonny: What's going on?

Emily: Nothing.

Sonny: Huh? Have a seat.

Emily: Ok. Thanks.

Sonny: Here you go. So we saved you some prosciutto and a big melon.

Emily: A big melon?

Lainey: We have been having the best time together.

Luke: But it ain't a problem. I got a pretty good idea who's trying to put the screws to me, so once I turn the tables on scorpio, I'll --

lucky: When in the hell are you planning on growing up? I mean, don't you realize that your stupid schemes affect everybody around you? Don't you care that lulu saw her father get held up at gunpoint?

Luke: Oh, give me a break.

Lucky: What am I supposed to do? Keep this all to myself, pretend that there's yet another case that I have no idea how to solve?

Luke: Is your back still hurting you?

Lucky: No!

Luke: You having trouble at home?

Lucky: I'm tired of being a parent.

Luke: Well, I don't know why. You're doing a fine job of it, drinking before noon just like your old man and my old man before me.

Lucky: Oh, I can't believe --

luke: You're right on track.

Lucky: You're making a joke out of this.

Luke: This ain't a joke, cowboy.

Lucky: I'm not going to turn you in. You'll probably wind up in prison anyway. Maybe that's just as well. At least we'll know where to find you.

Robert: Well, that's one for the offspring.

Lulu: If you want a divorce, why should you care if georgie's with diego?

Dillon: Because he's a waste of life and we're not ending our relationship -- we're ending the marriage. Georgie? I would like to speak to you please, right now. Right now.

Diego: Wait, ok. Hey, relax. You get cranky when I speak to lulu and now when I speak to georgie? You -- you got to make up your mind, brother.

Dillon: You should iron your shirts more often.

Georgie: Lulu? You were with lulu?

Dillon: Uh, you realize he's hitting on you, right?

Georgie: Dillon, answer my question. Did you miss our meeting about the divorce today because you were with her?

Dillon: That was today?

Georgie: Justus waited here for over an hour, dillon!

Dillon: Ok, all right, yeah, ok, fine, yeah -- I blew off the meeting, but that's, you know, a lot better than hanging out with an ex-con.

Georgie: He went to prison, he did his time -- reformed.

Dillon: Uh, no, he's on parole and he hasn't changed and how many women does he need to hurt before you realize that?

Georgie: Don't trash diego just because he has the courage to grow up and reform himself.

Diego: This is building up to be a great, big fight. They're going to break up before they know it.

Lulu: Yeah. Who would've thought it would be so easy?

Nikolas: Back in europe I foolishly became involved with a woman on the house staff and -- well, now she claims that I'm the father of her child and wants a huge settlement. Of course, if I am the father of the child, I will support him or her, but if I'm not -- my point is, is there any way that you could run a D.N.A. Test on the child's hair and keep it confidential?

Kelly: I understand your concern. I've had my own doubts about who's really the father of little john jacks.

Jax: You know, I don't know if it's fair to build your life on a lie, but I hope you'll know that I'll always have your best interests at heart. That's right. I hope you'll always believe that.

Carly: You know, I have seen you with this child from practically the first day he was born, and all you've ever done was love and protect him.

Jax: Yeah, and keep him away from his biological father.

Carly: You are saving john's soul and possibly his life by claiming him as your son. That is something you need to be proud of. You need to let go of the guilt. You made your choices for good reasons and you need to remember that, jax.

Jax: You know, you're an amazing woman. You really are. You're not the person I thought you were at all.

Carly: Yeah, well, that goes for you, too.

Jax: You know, there's so many things I want to know about you.

Carly: Yeah, well, all you have to do is ask.

Jax: Really? You sure?

Carly: Yeah. Ask me anything you want.

Jax: Ok. How do you really feel about you and me?

Lainey: You just missed the best lunch I've had in years. Thank you.

Sonny: No, thank you.

Emily: But I got here in time for dessert, right?

Sonny: Yeah, I knew you would, so I'll go get it.

Emily: Ok. Sounds wonderful.

Sonny: Excuse me.

Emily: How's it really going?

Lainey: Why didn't you tell me that this man can cook? Why would you ever eat anywhere else?


Emily: I don't mean the food.

Lainey: Ok, well, yeah, we got off to a rough start, but sonny's completely rational. I didn't see any signs of manic behavior.

Emily: Are you sure?

Lainey: Well, it was just a lunch. I didn't get to do a complete workup, but --

emily: He -- he didn't seem different to you?

Lainey: Well, he seems good, you know, for obvious reasons, happy. Listen, he's out of his business, he loves his place -- which, who wouldn't? He didn't really appreciate the pamphlets that I gave you, but his questions were completely, you know, appropriate. I just think that sonny's truly content.

Emily: You didn't notice any change at all?

Lainey: If anything, he seems healthier than when he was looking after carly. Those two are completely toxic for one another, and with you he feels free and doesn't have to deal with any pressure and -- I don't know, I just think that sonny's kind of enjoying his new life.

Emily: He's done some really strange things, though, lainey.

Lainey: Well, you said that he was basically fired from his job, correct?

Emily: Yeah, right, in a way.

Lainey: Ok. Well, you know, that can trigger panic attacks and shopping sprees and mood swings and -- and he told me about the pickax, by the way.

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Lainey: You know what? Look, ok, it's a little bit much, but, honestly, if sonny goes a little crazy in a garden one night --

emily: Yeah.

Lainey: Doesn't mean he's having a breakdown.

Emily: Ok. I'm glad to hear it.

Lainey: Em --

emily: Oh, god.

Lainey: You're the one I can't figure out.

Emily: Why? What are you -- what are you talking about?

Lainey: What are you doing wasting nights at jake's? You've got this man and he is ridiculously charming --

emily: I know. I know.

Lainey: And the way he looks at you, and it's like he genuinely loves you.

Emily: I know. I love him, too.

Lainey: Ok, so then don't look for trouble where there isn't any.

Emily: Ok.

Lainey: Sonny's doing just fine.

Lulu: After you left the quartermaines', I told dillon about the plan to blackmail my dad, and he agreed to help. So once georgie finds out, she's all yours.

Diego: You're a genius.

Lulu: Then why do I feel so bad for hurting dillon?

Diego: Lulu, you're not having second thoughts, are you?

Lulu: No. No, no, no. They're -- they're better off with us than each other.

Diego: Right.

Georgie: We get to see each other for five minutes a day, and the time that we do spend together you spend yelling at me about diego!

Dillon: Well, you're with him 24/7.

Georgie: 20-- I didn't fly halfway around the world with diego like you did with lulu.

Dillon: Ok, see, that right there. Why are you jealous of lulu of all people?

Georgie: Why are you jealous of diego?

Dillon: Because lulu is my stepsister, while diego is on parole for crimes against women, georgie.

Georgie: Diego has changed. Why can't you see that?

Dillon: No, he hasn'T. He hasn't changed. He's walking trouble and you know that.

Georgie: Oh, and lulu's not?

Dillon: Dieg-- lulu needed my help, ok? She's in a big mess right now.

Georgie: Oh, really? What now? What is so terrible that poor little lulu spencer can't possibly survive without you?

[Dillon sighs]

Robert: Not every scam's destined to work out, you know?

Luke: I want my money, scorpio.

Robert: Tell you what -- let's drink to the criminal mind and the fools that inspire it.

Ah. You know what? I almost forgot why I dropped by.

Luke: You dropped by to give me my cash.

Robert: No, no, that wasn't it. It was --

luke: Well, then you dropped by to ask for a percentage.

Robert: No. That wasn't it, either. It was -- no, I got it. Here we go.

Luke: Oh.

Robert: Here.

Robert: "Leave 10,000 in small, unmarked bills by the dual lamppost near pier 17, or I go to the cops and spill it all."

Luke: You are really losing it.

Robert: I didn't write this note.

Luke: Ah, the hell you didn'T. You're caught now, admit it. You robbed me, and now you're trying to blackmail me.

Tracy: I knew it.

Nikolas: Why -- why are you so suspicious?

Kelly: There was a discrepancy with the paternity test in courtney's file. I mentioned it to jax, but he brushed me off.

Nikolas: Right. Well, if I am john's father, then -- then I need to know right now and this D.N.A. Test is the best way to find out. Will you help me, please?

Carly: Ok, so john is down for the count.

Jax: Mm-hmm.

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Jax: And you're avoiding my question.

Carly: Did you call the secretary?

Jax: Yes. She is having the invitations hand-delivered, now that we've decided where to have the christening.

Carly: Good.

Jax: You're still avoiding my question.

Carly: I don't know how to describe how I feel about you.

Jax: Ok.

Carly: It's like taking the ladder to the high dive, you know? It's -- it's like when I lived in florida and we would climb these rocks and dive down straight into the ocean.

Jax: Like rock climbing.

Carly: Hmm.

Jax: Or riding cross-country, going over high jumps. It's quite thrilling.

Carly: But you never look down.

Jax: Right. No, I never look down. Just keep looking ahead and don't think too much.

Carly: But hold on.

Jax: But not too tight.

Carly: I used to think I ruined everything I touched. And I did, you know? For the most part, I did. But I'm not that awful person anymore. You bring out the best in me.

Jax: You do the same for me.

Carly: I like you. The more time I spend with you I like you even more. I like myself when I'm with you. And you're easy to be with. I trust you. I don't know, I just want to enjoy this and see where it goes. It's that simple.

Jax: That's why I like being with you. Because we live in the present and we enjoy each and every moment, and that's all because of you.

Sonny: So, anyway, too bad, you know, lainey couldn't stay for coffee.

Emily: Yeah, she had to get back to the hospital.

Sonny: How'd it go at the quartermaines'?

Emily: Oh, you know, the same old family politics. Hey, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have left you alone with lainey.

Sonny: No, hey --

emily: I'm really sorry.

Sonny: You know what? We had lunch, right?

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: It was a little rough in the beginning because she started bringing up carly's breakdown, and it's just another shrink telling me one other thing I don't want to hear.

Emily: Yeah.

Sonny: But I got a little nervous when I thought she was going to start asking me personal questions.

Emily: Oh. I'm glad she didn'T.

Sonny: But, you know, once I -- I gave her a glass of wine, you know, and then we started lunch, she started relaxing a little bit. I could show her that, you know, I'm a normal guy.

Emily: You were putting her on. Is that what you're saying?

Luke: Oh, I get it. Pretty good, pretty damn good -- you set me up to admit to the robbery in front of spanky buns.

Robert: I didn't know she was out there.

Luke: Oh, come on!

Tracy: For all I know, the two of you set it up together, and now you're splitting the take.

Luke: I'm a victim here.

Tracy: How would that work? It was my money.

Luke: So you keep saying so often.

Tracy: Luke, you rented robbers to rob yourself, which means they were really robbing me, and then robert came along and robbed those robbers that robbed you and me, which means robert is the real robber and he's out to rob us both. Right?

Robert: Right.

Luke: Right.

Tracy: Right.

Dillon: I'm -- I'm sorry, I can't -- I can't tell you what's going on with lulu because that's her secret --

georgie: Forget it, forget it. Sorry I asked.

Dillon: Well, I love it when you walk away from me.

Georgie: Hey, look, it's lulu!

Diego: You all right?

Dillon: Just don't -- don't help, please.

Georgie: Do you see this? Dillon, do you see this, really? Diego can't ask me how I'm feeling, but you can build your entire life around lulu.

Lulu: I didn't even say anything.

Georgie: Maybe divorce is not enough for you. Maybe we just need to be permanently separated.

Dillon: Oh, yeah -- oh -- oh, ok, all right.

Diego: Georgie?

Jax: You know, if someone told me a year ago that I'd be sitting here with you, with my son in the next room, I would've -- I would've said that they were out of their mind.

Carly: It is pretty funny how life works, huh?

Jax: Yeah.

Carly: You want something so bad that you scheme and you scam to get it, and then someone unexpected shows up and changes everything.

Jax: Yeah, like you did for me.

Carly: And you did for me.

Jax: It's funny how that works.

Carly: Funny.

Jax: You know, I said that -- that I want to live in the present.

Carly: But -- you can't help but wonder what happens next.

Jax: If nikolas finds out the truth, I'll lose john. I'm just wondering, if that happens, if I'll lose you, too.

Kelly: What if the paternity test proves you are not the father?

Nikolas: Then I'll be out of john's life for good -- that's what jax and carly want anyway, and, frankly, I can't really blame them.

Kelly: And if john is your son?

Nikolas: If john is my son, then I'll give him a loving home and protect him just as any father would. He's -- he's just about to be christened, so I need to get this resolved as soon as possible.

Sonny: I always wanted to live in a house where people can just drop by, and I haven't had that until now. So when you feel comfortable enough to invite a friend over, why won't I be nice? Why wouldn't I -- I mean, why would you expect me to be any different?

Emily: You're a very charming man.

Sonny: Thank you, thank you.

[Emily chuckles]

Emily: And you don't even realize, but sometimes I have seen you --

sonny: Yeah?

Emily: Be charming to manipulate people -- mm-hmm -- especially women.

Sonny: Well, why would I -- hold on, hold, hold, hold -- why would I manipulate lainey winters? Unless she didn't come here for lunch or -- or gardening. Unless you set the whole thing up? Yeah, speaking of manipulation -- was this lunch really a social visit, or did you invite that shrink over here to evaluate me? You think I'm going crazy, don't you?

>> On the next "general hospital" --

nikolas: If the paternity test shows that john is mine, I want my son back.

Kelly: I'll put a rush on it.

Elizabeth: Jason, why don't you just call her?

Sonny: You think I'm sick, mentally ill?

Emily: I don't know. But you need to find out.

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