GH Transcript Wednesday 5/31/06

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 5/31/06


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Patrick: Is this an amazing day or is it just me?

Epiphany: It's you. Room 1014.

Patrick: Dr. Scorpio in yet?

Epiphany: Not yet.

Kelly: Have you noticed anyone suspicious hanging around my office?

Patrick: You'll have to be re specific than that.

Kelly: Someone swiped at least three sheets off my prescription pad.

Patrick: Are you sure?

Kelly: I'll have to report them stolen, give the pharmacy a heads-up for any script with my I.D.

Patrick: Yeah.

Maxie: Lucky? Um, if you're thinking about using those sheets to fill your prescription, don'T.

Sam: I've been thinking about what you told me -- that when jason is acting out of love and concern, it's difficult to change his mind.

Elizabeth: Yeah, well, he's very determined when it comes to people he cares about.

Sam: What exactly do you mean by that?

Coleman: Hey, good to see you, jason. What -- what can I get you to drink, man?

Jason: Ahem.

Coleman: Look, I'm not really open for business just yet, but --

jason: You're doing all kind of business -- in my territory which means you're going to pay for protection on this place plus a percentage of your chop shop operation.

Diego: Forget it. We're not paying you a dime.

Georgie: Here you go, nikolas. Let me know if you need anything.

Nikolas: Thank you.

Lulu: Um -- wait a second. I -- I asked for honey mustard dressing. This is -- bleu cheese.

Nikolas: I'm -- I'm sure mike can get you another salad.

Lulu: No, no, that's ok. Salad dressing isn't exactly my worst problem on my list.

Nikolas: No? What is?

Lulu: Well, when I went to the markham islands to go rescue my dad, who didn't even want to be rescued, I missed all my finals, so that means I d't graduate unless I go to summer school.

Nikolas: Well, maybe that won't be necessary.

Lulu: Really? You can get me out of it? Oh, you are the best.

Nikolas: No. There's a good prep school that I want to send you to.

Carly: Wow. Back from the cabin so soon. Guess you couldn't keep patrick interested, could you?

Robin: Oh, don't start.

Carly: Or what? You're going to tell everyone what you have on big, bad carly?

Robin: I don't have time for this.

Carly: Well, come on, robin. Let's hear it. I mean, everyone's listeng, so speak up.

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Robin: Not that I wouldn't really enjoy seeing you embarrassed --

carly: When have you ever enjoyed anything?

Lulu: Back off.

Nikolas: Lulu, wait.

Carly: What?

Lulu: Robin doesn't deserve this.

Carly: Let me give you another heads-up, little cousin, and maybe you'll catch on this time. Your pal robin has incredibly high standards for everyone except herself and the first time you do something wrong, she will make your life hell. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Robin: Oh. Thank you for your concern, but do not deal with carly.

Lulu: No, she has no right to be so awful to you.

Robin: I can take care of myself, but thank you.

Lulu: Yeah, you're welcome.

Nikolas: Hey. You need to concentrate on school, not other people's drama.

Lulu: I hate school.

Nikolas: You'll like stanhope, ok? It's close enough to manhattan for the culture and far enough to keep you out of trouble. It's just a couple of hours from here.

Lulu: I can't wait until you meet a girl and you get married.

Nikolas: What -- where did that come from?

Lulu: And then you can have the kid and stop worrying about me.

Nikolas: I'm your big brother. I get to worry about you. And I'm telling you, get your grades up, you start thinking about college.

Lulu: Ok, wait, hang on. Stop. You are the "buy me a car" kind of big brother. Lucky is the straight and narrow one, remember?

Maxie: Honestly, I didn't think anyone would notice those missing pages.

Lucky: It's ok.

Maxie: I just don't want you to get busted because I forged your prescription.

Cky: I wasn't planning on getting any more anyway. I've had enough of these pain meds.

Maxie: Does your back still hurt?

Lucky: Well, I'm not dwelling on it. Patrick, he might refill my prescription today. Who knows?

Maxie: I thought he said you would have to wait.

Lucky: It's no big deal.

Maxie: Maybe I can buy you some time.

Lucky: How would you do that?

Maxie: I could steal some hydrocodone for you.

Elizabeth: It'so big secret that jason and I dated once in another lifetime. And we helped each other out through some difficult times, but obviously it didn't work out.

Sam: Do you ever ask yourself why?

Elizabeth: He left town, and when he came back, he was worried about his work putting me in danger. So we went back and forth a couple of times, but our lives just went in different directions.

Sam: But were you ever afraid of jason?

Elizabeth: No. No. But the way he lives and the risks he took were too much for me to handle and he knew that.

Sam: Well, I can -- I can deal with jason's work. It's never bothered me, and it never will. I just -- I think I need to just remind him of that.

Diego: Coleman's under my father's protection.

[Coleman chuckles]

Coleman: Hold on a second.

Diego: You know, you're risking serious trouble messing with lorenzo alcazar.

Coleman: Ahem. Don't listen to the kid, man. I pay him to boost a car now and then, but I've got no arrangement with his father, I don't want one. Get lost, diego.

Diego: You're smarter than this. Why are you going to give away good money without a fight?

Coleman: I'm taking care of business! Now get out of my bar! Get out of my bar. Now, about this protection fee -- you know, mean no disrespect, but sonny never showed up in person to, you know, deal with small-timers like me, man.

Jason: I run things differently than sonny does.

Coleman: How differently?

Jason: Sonny cut you a lot of slack. I won'T.

Ric: Oh. Hi.

Alexis: Hi! I'm glad you're here.

Ric: Yeah?

Alexis: I am so glad you're here. I'm taking pictures of the house. Kristina's already picked out her room.

Ric: Oh.

Alexis: She wants the one next to molly and then I thought maybe sam could have the room if she wants in the back by those whiterees.

Ric: Mm-hmm, yeah.

Alexis: Smile.

Ric: Hi. The birch trees -- I know. I saw them.

Alexis: Mm-hmm. I'm so glad that you talked me into doing this.

Ric: You got it.

Alexis: I should -- oh, ok.

Ric: Yeah.

Alexis: I should -- I'm not very good with this. I should've done this a long time ago. Our place is so cramped.

Ric: Do you know who owns this house?

Alexis: I do -- skye quartermaine.

Ric: Yeah, well, skye has appointed a representative to sell the place for her.

Alexis: I know. I'm not surprised about that, either, because she's pregnant.

Ric: Alexis, lorenzo alcazar is handling the sale. You're the D.A. -- You see a problem here?

Alexis: I'm not buying it from him. I'm buying it from her.

Ric: Yes. But you can't afford the appearance of impropriety.

Alexis: Honey, my buying a house from lorenzo alcazar's fiancee pales in comparison to my giving birth to sonny corinthos' child.

Ric: Ok, with one major difference here -- you're buying a house from a known criminal after you've been appointed the D.A. Do you not see a conflict of interest?

Alexis: You don't like this house?

Ric: So far, I love it.

Alexis: Then why are you trying to find a problem where it doesn't exist?

Ric: Because you are taking an enormous step here, both career-wise and emotionally, to accommodate sam, which she has made it very clear that she doesn't want to live with you. (Male announcer)

alexis: You're the one who's been pushing me for months to get a bigger house. You, me, kristina, molly, viola -- we're all on top of each other. And if sam gets a room out of it that she can use if she wants to, so much the better.

Ric: Ok. Sam's a grown woman who's been fending for herself for years now, so what makes you think she's going to all of a sudden start relying on you?

Alexis: I just want her to have the option.

Ric: You want her to leave jason?

Alexis: I want her to find herself.

Ric: Ok. Point taken. As parents, we all want what's best for our children. 'S part of the job description, alexis, which is fine if you're trying to put molly down for a nap or getting kristina to brush her teeth. You're not going to make -- you're not going to make sam stop loving jason.

Alexis: I know that. You don't think I know that? I can't make jason do something that he doesn't want to do, either. Look, whether sam moves in or not, we need a bigger place. The kids are going to have their own wing when they go to bed. You and I are actually going to be able to act like married people?

Ric: Oh, you mean we get to lie around in our bathrobes and watch television?

Alexis: No. We get to do this. And we get to make a lot of noise when we do it.

Ric: Oh, you're a shame-- oh, you're a shameless manipulator, you know that?

Alexis: I hope so. Is it working?

Ric: Yeah, you know what? I'm just -- your motivations are a little suspect, that's all.

Alexis: They always are.

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: Now, smile.

Ric: Yeah.

Alexis: Hmm -- cheese. I love you. You're not going to regret this.

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: Oh -- take that.

Jason: 15% of the bar receipts, 20% of the chop shop or any other action you got going on.

Coleman: Not a problem.

Jason: Sonny didn't allow drugs in his territory. Neither do I. No underage girls.

Coleman: Understood.

Jason: Because I remember what you put courtney through.

Coleman: Hey. I'm way out of that business, man. In fact, if I had to do it over again, I'd just have --

jason: Stay clear of anyone I care about. One slip and you will be out of commission in every way.

Coleman: Got it. You know, I never pictured you as an in-charge kind of guy. I mean, you always seemed content to let sonny, you know, take the -- the main cut and the power and the glory and everything. But now, I mean, maybe -- maybe you were running the whole show all along, you know, behind the scenes. Or maybe you just discovered what you do best, but word on the street is you'll be running things for a very long time.

Georgie: Hey, mike?

Mike: Yeah?

Georgie: I -- I just got done with my shift and I was wonderg if it would be ok if I went upstairs to wash up? I'm meeting dillon.

Mike: You know, I was afraid you guys wouldn't last too long on your own.

Georgie: Marriage was a lot more than we expected. But we still love each other, a lot.

Mike: Honey, that's all that matters -- I mean, being able to fall in love like a couple of kids no matter how old you are.

Georgie: I'll keep that in mind. Thanks, mike.

Mike: Sure, baby.

Lulu: Georgie went to go fix her face for dillon.

Diego: Uh -- I'm not here for georgie.

Lulu: Hmm.

[Lulu chuckles]

Lulu: And I'm not reading the paper when I should be signing up for summer school.

Diego: Ugh.

[Diego speaks spanish]

Lulu: Ok. If you're having a bad day, could you just go take it someplace else? Thanks.

Diego: Do you want to have some fun?

Lulu: Doing what?

Diego: No questions. It'll be an adventure. Yeah? Maybe on the way there, we can discuss how we can break up dillon and georgie.

Lulu: Hey, thank you.

Diego: Mm-hmm.

Maxie: I see bottles of hydrocodone just sitting around all the time. I could just grab one for you.

Lucky: Maxie, you've already done too much.

Maxie: Lucky, you are obviously in pain.

Lucky: Listen, I got a couple left. Hey.

Elizabeth: Lucky, what are you doing here?

Lucky: Well, I made an appointment with patrick to get clearance to go back to work.

Elizabeth: Oh. Well, I'm glad you're feeling better. Let me know what he says, ok?

Lucky: Why wouldn't I?

Maxie: She doesn't want you going back to work.

Lucky: Well, it's not her call to make.

Patrick: Be with you in two minutes.

Lucky: Ok.

Patrick: If you can get through a standard series of tests without any pain, I'll let you get back to work.

Maxie: Oh. And how are you going to pull that off?

Lucky: I'll find a way.

Georgie: Hey. Thank you for meeting me.

Dillon: No, thank you for my birthday. It was great. It was really great. I want to apologize to you, um, for the candle thing. I should -- I should've just blown them out, and I made everyone wait for lulu. It was --

georgie: Dillon, it's your birthday. You should have who you want around you.

Dillon: Well, you're who I want around me -- married, annulled, whatever.

Georgie: That's actually what I want to talk to you about. I did some research on the internet and, dillon, we don't qualify for an annulment.

Dillon: Oh. So what do we do now? Do we just -- we stay married? I mean --

lulu: Ok. Look, if your idea of fun is creeping around in an alley, I could easily --

diego: Shh.

Lulu: What?

Diego: Check it out.

Lulu: It's a car.

Diego: Yeah. Now, listen -- just keep a lookout and if anyone comes, let me know. Give me, like, some sort of a signal.

Lulu: What are you -- what are you doing?

Diego: Don't look at me! Look out.

Lulu: Do you know what you're doing? Don't set off the car alarm.

Diego: Ha-ha. Get in.

Lulu: What, get in a stolen car and become an accessory?

Diego: Are you in or out? Yeah, let's go.

[Car starts]

Nikolas: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Nikolas: I obviously couldn't discuss this in front of lucky, but why does he think I paid for his physical therapy? I told you when you called I had nothing to do with it.

Elizabeth: Because jason paid for his physical therapy and covered all of our expenses for the next six months.

P.A. Announcer: Dr. Quartermaine, 3405. Dr. Monica quartermaine, call 3405.

Robin: Hello. It's a beautiful day, isn't it?

Epiphany: So iear.

Robin: Oh -- has dr. Drake checked in yet?

Epiphany: He was barely f the elevator before he was asking about you.

Robin: Hmm.

Elizabeth: I assisted on sam's surgery even though alexis got a court order to stop it and this is just jason's way of paying me back.

Nikolas: Well, is there any way you can tell lucky that?

Elizabeth: What do you think?

Nikolas: Oh. He's still upset because jason saved you from manny.

Elizabeth: Yeah, and if he found out that jason was helping us out financially --

nikolas: No, I know, I know, I know. I see what you mean.

Elizabeth: So you'll let him believe that you paid the bills?

Nikolas: Oh. I don't like the lie, but I'll go along with it until lucky gets better, but don't -- don't take any more money from jason, please.

Elizabeth: No, I won'T. I told him it was a one-time thing.

Nikolas: And I know you consider him a friend, but your husband is a cop, ok? And apparently, jason has taken sonny's place as the most powerful criminal in port charles.

Ric: Here's the paperwork on the house.

Lorenzo: Here are the keys.

Ric: Thank you.

Lorenzo: I hope you and your family will be happy there.

Ric: And I hope we don't find any skeletons in the closet or any bodies at the bottom of the lake.

Lorenzo: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Ric: It'd be very awkward for alexis if you were to get busted out of town.

Lorenzo: I'm out of the business.

Ric: Hmm.

Lorenzo: But just to be clear -- there are no panic rooms in this house, so if you're planning to chain a woman to the wall and try to steal her unborn child, you might want to call your realtor.

Ric: Well, just as long as we're being clear, alcazar, I believe you had the opportunity to let carly out of that room, as well, and you didn'T. In fact, you kidnapped her from me and somehow you became her hero. Anyway, a lot's changed over the past few years.

Lorenzo: At least on the surface.

Ric: Hmm -- my point exactly. I mean, look at you -- you appear to be a family man, got completely out of the business.

Lorenzo: Just like your brother.

Ric: Sonny didn't have any choice. Jason betrayed him, took everything he had.

Lorenzo: But jan has certainly opened a few doors for you, hasn't he? Always on the outside, finally allowed in. Congratulations, little brother. You're part of the corinthos family.

Jason: You need to get your son under control.

Lorenzo: What's the problem?

Jason: Diego's making threats in your name, implying that you're still in the business.

Lorenzo: My son isn't a threat to you, so leave him alone.

Jason: I'm just saying if he continues to be a problem, he'll be dealt with.

Lorenzo: Why would you even bother with diego? You're the boss of all the bosses now. No one can touch you. You're after me, not diego, and you're constantly looking for a reason to take me out.

Alexis: Hi. How you feeling?

Sam: Oh, I'll feel better when I get out of here.

Alexis: Ok. Listen, um, I brought this -- oh, there it is. If you scroll down, you'll see some pictures. You might findt interesting.

Sam: What is it?

Alexis: It's the house ric and I just bought, and -- I think it's the next one after that. It's -- it's your room if you want it, whenever you want it. It's got birch trees all out the window. It's really beautiful out there, and the deck is a lot larger than it looks. And the lake is beautiful, the view of it.

Sam: Thank you.

Alexis: Mm-hmm.

Sam: I mean, I -- I'll visit when I can, but I'm going home with jason.

Alexis: Sam, jason has told you in every way possible that he doesn't want you in his life.

Sam: I'll change his mind.

Alexis: I -- I don't want to upset you.

Sam: Then stop trying to convince me that jason and I are over. We love each other, we're going to get married, and if that is going to be a problem for you, then too bad.

Sam: You want to believe that jason and I are really over, but I know better. I was about to get through to him last night when you showed up at the penthouse.

Alexis: I heard everything he said to you. He loves you. I know that he loves you -- there's no question about that -- but his life has changed and it's not safe for you.

Sam: You never thought my life with jason was ever, ever safe.

Alexis: No, I didn't, but it's gotten worse.

Sam: I used to think that I was unlucky, that nothing good could ever last for me, until I met jason. He makes me happy, he loves me, he accepts me for who I . I don't care about the danger. I have been taking risks my entire life.

Alexis: Is jason worth losing your life over?

Sam: That's not going to happen.

Alexis: It almost did. You're an intelligent woman. You are beautiful, you're articulate. You can have anything in this world that you choose. Surely you must want more out of life than waiting inside jason's penthouse to see which one of you gets shot first.

Sam: Is that how you picture my le with jason?

Alexis: You don't have to live through him or for him. I just want you to live for yourself, that's all.

Sam: And then what? I can be a daughter you could be proud of? I mean, should that be my goal, an independent career woman like you? I'm sorry, alexis. I'm 26. I am way too old for you to mold into your image. I love jason, I am proud of the life I have with him, and I'm getting it back.

Alexis: I'm sorry. I don't think that I'm helping. Sorry.

Sam: I hope you and your family enjoy your new home.

Alexis: I just want you to know if you ever want to, you have a place to stay.

Sam: Thank you, but I'm -- I'm going to go to my home -- with jason.

Jason: When I'm ready for you to be gone, I'm not going to need your son as an excuse.

Lorenzo: What is it? Is it the suit? Takes more than a wardrobe to run an organization. It must be nice to get out of that cheap leather jacket and into some real italian silk, to be off sonny's leash after all these years. I suggest you enjoy it while you can.

Jason: Did you get all that?

Carly: No, not even close. Could you speak up next time, please? Come on. That used to make you smile. Maybe even a little.

Jason: Things have changed.

Patrick: I find no reason to not let you go back to work.

Lucky: That's great.

Elizabeth: Really? I -- I can't believe that.

Patrick: At the first sign of pain, I want you back on disability.

Lucky: I'm fine.

Patrick: Ok. Take it easy. No running through back alleys, jumping fences to bust drug dealers. Hand out parking tickets until further notice. Let somebody else be the hero. Epiphany, is robin in yet?

Epiphany: Yes, and she's having one big, beautiful day, too.

Patrick: She -- she said that? Could you tell her that I need her for a consult on the andrews case as soon as possible?

Elizabeth: Well, congratulations. I know how badly you wanted to go back to work.

Lucky: Yeah, and now I can start paying you back.

Nikolas: Hey, there's no rush.

Lucky: But I will pay you back when I can and what I can, so no arguments. I won't be like my father. I'm taking care of my family.

Diego: Wait here a second.

Coleman: What are you doing back in here?

Diego: I got you another car. It's parked outside by the dumpster, but you need to put a rush on this one, ok? I hear the parts are top dollar.

Coleman: Yeah, well, after what you said to jason morgan, you should be laying low, heading for canada.

Diego: Look, I just made you a ton of money, ok? Pay up.

Coleman: Ok.

Diego: Thank you.

Coleman: Now, from now on, you do what I say, when I say. You don't go off on your own just to impress your little chickadee, ok? And keep your mouth shut in front of jason morg, because maybe you don't care about getting whacked, but I do.

Diego: Why don't you fire me?

Coleman: I would fire you, you little rat.

Diego: Yeah? I'm too good at this.

Coleman: Nobody's that good. Now, you watch yourself, sweetheart.

Lulu: So, wait -- so what happens now?

Diego: Well, I bring in the cars, and colemanets a couple of guys to break th up and I get a cut.

Lulu: But stealing cars is dangerous and illegal and -- profitable. Whoa, you don't even need this money.

Diego: I don't live off my father.

Lulu: What is this?

Diego: That's your cut. Hey, maybe we can do it again sometime.

Georgie: You go.

Dillon: No, you. So why don't we qualify for an annulment?

Georgie: Because we -- dillon, we consummated the --

dillon: Oh. Oh.

Georgie: Yeah.

Dillon: Um -- wow. Well, we're too young to be married. I mean --

georgie: I like living at home.

Dillon: And I will like living at home -- for once. I mean, I won't have to worry about bills.

Georgie: There's always food in the refrigerator, there's a place to put my books.

Dillon: Yeah, I can -- I can see a movie anytime I want, I can go out, I can -- I can party.

Georgie: Yeah, what were we thinking, you know, wanting to move out and pay our own way?

Dillon: I think we took a wrong turn somewhere.

Georgie: We should've been out being wild and crazy.

Dillon: And irresponsible.

Georgie: Hmm.

Dillon: Hmm.

Georgie: But divorce? Dillon, it sounds so cold. Like -- like we made a mistake, like we failed each other.

Dillon: I think, in a way, we did.

Georgie: How do you even go about getting a divorce?

Dillon: I don't know, actually. I'll ask my mom --

georgie: No.

Dillon: She's the expert. "No" -- "no" what? No to my mom, or no to getting a divorce? Want fresh, soft, glowing skin,

robin: Hello, epiphany. So I -- I --

epiphany: Yes, patrick checked in. Yes, he asked about you -- twice. And, yes, it's a wonderful, beautiful day, and you're both just thrilled, and you're not fooling anybody.

Robin: Whatever you're implying -- if you're implying there's a romance going on at the workplace, you're wrong, whatever your imagination is conjuring up now.

[Epiphany laughs]

Epiphany: That doesn't take much imagination.

Robin: Ok, fine. But you should know that patrick and I are both adults. We're not going to sneak off and make out during code blue or throw things at each other in the O.R. Because we're in a fight. We know what to expect and what not to expect from each other. We both understand the rewards and limitations of this kind of relationship. Satisfied?

Epiphany: If you break that boy's heart, I'll break your neck.

Lorenzo: Hi. When you get a chance, would you pass on a message to your best friend, jason? Will you tell him I don't like to be pushed, that I'm more than capable of pushing back?

Carly: Oh, come on, lorenzo. Jason hates you. He's always going to hate you. But I can guarantee you every time he looks at you and skye, he sees the baby that he and courtney lost because of you.

Lorenzo: I seriously doubt that.

Carly: If jason wants you gone, you will be. Now, look, you keep saying that you're out of the business. I hope you mean it this time, or this may be your last chance -- literally.

Elizabeth: Sorry, about that. Oh, these are going to have to be redone. Sorry.


Jason: Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Hey.

Jason: How is sam?

Elizabeth: She's finally going to sleep.

Jason: How's lucky?

Elizabeth: He's going back to work.

Jason: Isn't that what you want?

Elizabeth: I don't know. I didn't -- I didn't tell him that you're the one who paid for his rehab and all of our expenses for the next six months. I let him believe that it was nikolas.

Jason: You know, like I said before, you helped save sam's life with the surgery. I'm just trying to pay you back.

Elizabeth: I know, but he's not going to see it like that. He's still upset that you're the one who saved me from manny.

Jason: Ok. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cause more problems. I was just trying to help out.

Elizabeth: No, no, don't -- please, don't apologize. Lucky and I are just -- just not connecting right now. But as soon as he starts feeling better, I'll get my husband back.

Jason: Then I'm happy for you.

Elizabeth: Thank you. Now, let me be happy for you. Please go in there, and when sam wakes up, tell her that you love her and that you were wrong, that you want to spend the rest of your lives together.

Alexis: Hey. Sam is determined to get back with jason.

Ric: Does that surprise you?

Alexis: No. It just frustrates me. It's daunting. It's depressing.

Ric: Well, you know that jason is as much family to sam as you and I are to kristina or molly.

Alexis: Why do I get the feeling that you're about to turn on me?

Ric: No, our family has needed to move out of that apartment for months, and you wouldn't even consider it until sam came into the picture. Now, all of a sudden, you're falling all over yourself to make sure that she has the perfect home before she gets out of the hospital.

Alexis: You're exaggerating.

Ric: I don't think so.

Alexis: No, I think you are. How many times have I begged you to come home from sonny's because whatever crisis he was going through would take precedence over me and the girls?

Ric: I thought we were past all of that.

Alexis: Ok. Then stop providing him with professional assistance.

Ric: You're being arbitrary.

Alexis: Compromises my work as district attorney.

Ric: Really? But buying a house from lorenzo alcazar is much better than --

alexis: Do you know that sonny threatened to kill me yesterday? I try to do whatever I can

Georgie: If your mom gets involved, dillon, we're going to end up a million miles apart.

Dillon: Yeah, I know. Well, we got into this together. We'll get out of it together.

Georgie: It feels so strange.

Dillon: You'll be my -- ugh. You'll be my ex-wife.

Georgie: You'll be my ex-husband.

Dillon: I hate that.

Lulu: Oh, those first few seconds that you got in the car, and right before we went screeching out of the alley -- total high.

Diego: I don't mind telling you, it's like a rush when you grab what you want in life. By the way, you were a really good lookout.

Lulu: Thank you.

Diego: Yeah, I could use you again sometime.

Lulu: Oh, wait, wait, wait. We -- we haven't even talked about the plan to break up georgie and dillon.

Diego: So talk, and we'll also discuss our next car.

Dillon: What up with that?

Georgie: I don't know, but they left here earlier today. Does that bother you?

Dillon: Me? No. Why? No.

Georgie: No? Oh.

Dillon: Does it bother you?

Georgie: No. No. Why would it?

Lulu: Oh, my gosh, no, but I was --

patrick: Dr. Scorpio, do you have time for a quick consult?

Robin: Sure. Where's the chart?

Patrick: I don't know. I -- I must've left it somewhere.

Robin: Would you like me to help you find it?

Patrick: That'd be very considerate of you.

Nikolas: Do you have a moment, carly?

Carly: Well, that depends.

Nikolas: So what's going on between you and robin? You practically come to blows every time you see one another.

Carly: I won't forget or forgive what she did to me.

Nikolas: This is more than just your old fight over michael.

Carly: Yeah, you're right. Ron hates me. She's spiteful and she's petty, and if she doesn't have anything to hold over my head, she's just going to make something up.

Nikolas: I don't think she's making anything up. I think you're hiding something about jax.

Patrick: I think I left the chart in one of these rooms.

Robin: Um -- what about -- was it this one?

Patrick: Yeah, I think that one looks familiar.

Robin: Uh-uh. I don't believe there's any charts in here.

Patrick: Good.

Kelly: Where do you think you're going with that?

Alexis: I went to sonny's to discuss juan escobar with him. He completely flipped out. Now, I've seen him in a rage before, but not like this. He said he didn't care if I was the mother of his kid. If I didn't shut up and stay out of his business, he would -- among other things -- make me disappear.

Ric: Sonny said he'd make you disappear?

Alexis: And we both know in sonny's world, that means murder.

Elizabeth: It must've been hell for you to send sam back to the hospital last night.

Jason: How's she doing?

Elizabeth: She picked up a slight fever after sneaking out to find you. But all in all, she's making progress and she'll be able to go home soon.

Jason: Will you keep me informed on her condition?

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Sam: Why not ask me yourself?

>> Stay tuned for scenes from the next "general hospital."

>> On the next "general hospital" --

jax: What's going on?

Nikolas: Robin keeps insinuating that she's in possession of this explosive knowledge. I've never known robin to lie, have you?

Ric: Where do you get off threatening my wife?

Sonny: Hey, hey, hey, whoa. Who says I threatened alexis?

Sam: Did you stop loving me?

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