GH Transcript Tuesday 5/30/06

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 5/30/06


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Jax: Hey.

Carly: Hey.

Jax: Well, you look like you're in a good mood.

Carly: Yeah. Well, you know what? Life's been pretty good lately.

Jax: Any particular reason?

Carly: Mm-hmm. Are you fishing for compliments?

Jax: Do you have one available?

Carly: Oh, maybe -- when you least expect it.

Jax: What are you doing here, anyway?

Carly: Being lady bountiful, dropping off the proceeds from the charity benefit.

Jax: Well, that explains the smile on your face.

Carly: Yes. Feels good to be complimented for your generosity. Even better that I'm free for whatever surprise you have in store for me.

Robin: I knew this would happen. I was hoping it wouldn't, but it did.

Patrick: What are you talking about?

Robin: It just hit you like a bolt of lightning. You just had sex with someone who's H.I.V.-Positive. And no matter what precautions you take or how much you tell yourself not to worry, the truth is that you're freaked out right now.

Nikolas: I'm -- oh --

emily: Ow!

Nikolas: Sorry.

[Emily laughs]

Nikolas: Are you all right?

Emily: Yeah, I'm just a little clumsy.

Nikolas: No, it's my fault. Here, I'll get it.

Emily: Oh, thank you.

Nikolas: There you go.

Max: Boss? Uh -- want me to open that up for you?

Nikolas: Ahem.

Sam: I forgot my keys.

Jason: What are you -- what are you doing out of the --

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Sam: I'm all right. I'm all right, jason. I'm just a little unsteady on my feet, that's all.

Jason: Ok, I'm going to call a doctor.

Sam: No, no, no, no, no, no. I don't want you to call a doctor, jason. I want you to listen.

Jason: Going over this again isn't going to do either of us any good.

Sam: If that's how you feel, then too bad. I'm not going to be passively accepting while you walk out on me.

Jason: You think I want -- you think I want things this way? That I don't miss you every second, or lie awake all night because you're not in bed with me?

Sam: Then let me come back.

Jason: I am trying --

sam: To protect me, I know. Jason, I don't need protection from you. I am not afraid of you, I'm not afraid of your life. I took it on as my own a long time ago. Freely, without reservation. My choice -- something that used to mean something to you.

[Phone rings]

Sam: No, no, don't -- don't you --

jason: Yeah.

Alexis: Jason, sam is missing. Is she over there?

Jason: Yeah, she is.

Alexis: I'll be there with an ambulance as soon as I can.

Jason: No, stay put. I'll bring sam back to the hospital myself.

Max: Well, go and tend to your guests. I'll take care of this. Boss?

Emily: You all right?

Sonny: Why would you ask that? I'm fine. I was going to make dinner, nikolas, if you want to join us.

Nikolas: No, no. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to intrude on your evening.

Sonny: No, no, it's not a problem. You know, cooking for three is just as easy as cooking for two.

Nikolas: Thank you for the offer, but I'm -- I'm going to go ahead and get out of your way. My business with emily is finished. Sorry about the head-butt.

Emily: Yeah, no problem. Ok, so it's just you and me. Tell me the truth. What is wrong with you?

Emily: What are you doing?

Lucky: Oh, this isn't right. Right? We've had way too much to -- to drink. We're both grieving jesse and we're not thinking straight.

Maxie: I am mortified.

Lucky: No, no. There's no reason to be.

Maxie: I'm sorry, lucky. I'm sorry. I shouldn't have kissed you. You have been wonderful to me. You have been a friend when I really needed one, when I don't have very many. I have this pattern of ruining everything that's good in my life.

Patrick: Ahem. I'm not going to deny it would freak me out if I contracted H.I.V., But I'm not a pre-worry kind of guy. Whatever happens happens and I'll deal with it then.

Robin: That's a pretty casual attitude towards something that could potentially end your life.

Patrick: Well, I know the statistics and -- and the risks. I know your viral load is undetectable, we took the necessary precautions. Me contracting H.I.V. Is almost nonexistent.

Robin: All right. I may have been wrong about the reason, but something is bothering you. If it's not the risk factor -- you know, it just started to happen after we had sex.

Patrick: Do you always have to manufacture problems? After mind-bending sex, can you just enjoy the moment instead of thinking about what comes next?

Robin: Oh, please. Do not turn this around on me. You're the one that's thinking about what comes next. You're afraid I want a commitment, aren't you?

Patrick: Don't you?

Robin: You are the most arrogant, egotistical blowhard I have ever met.

Patrick: "Blowhard"?

Robin: Yes.

Patrick: You can do better than that.

Robin: Well, you flatter yourself way too much. Anything that I said here -- or any other time, for that matter -- that makes you think that I want a commitment?

Patrick: You just had sex with me. Now, believe it or not, I pay attention. Over the last couple of months of getting to know you, I know you don't take things lightly. It means something to you that we just slept together.

Robin: Oh, so it doesn't mean anything to you that we did? That's what you're saying now?

Patrick: Let me finish the thought. Look, I'm just worried that you're going to want or need something that I don't think I can give you.

Robin: Like I said, arrogant. You know what? Not to swell your head any more than it already is, but, yes, I admit I'm attracted to you, ok? I wouldn't be here if I wasn'T. But as for falling in love with you or wanting a commitment -- I mean, please. I might as well pursue a relationship with a high school senior, since you seem to have the same level of emotional maturity. Tonight was about sex for me, plain and simple. So if that hurts your feelings or bruises your ego, well, get over it.

Patrick: Maybe with a little bit of help.

[Robin giggles]

[Robin screams]

Jax: Oh! Uh --

maxie: You know it was a year ago that the doctors said my heart was failing and that I needed another transplant? I refused. I didn't want to give up B.J.'S heart. So I had to prepare myself for death. I thought about my life -- the good, the bad, the stupid. I imagined alternative endings, you know, those paths that I didn't take, where they might've led me.

Lucky: Did it make things easier?

Maxie: No. But it gave me a weird sense of peace, acceptance. And then I caught a miracle -- my second, but who's counting? I got another chance at life. And then I just wasted my time with jesse. I thought his loss would transform me, you know, that it would turn me into a good and noble person. I thought if my life meant something, that his death would, too. Nothing happened. I'm as far from good and noble as you can get. I'm a self-centered brat who just wants my own pain to go away.

Lucky: No --

maxie: I can't hurt anymore, lucky. I don't want to miss him with every breath that I take.

Lucky: No, you can't put judgment on grief. Let it take its course. All you can do is take the ride, and try not to self-destruct during the process.

[Maxie sighs]

Lucky: Hey, let me do what I should've done when I saw you at jake'S. Let's take you home.

Sam: You still love me.

Jason: Of course I do. That's not the point.

Sam: Jason, it's the only point. It is the only thing that matters. We are a team in love and in life. You can't arbitrarily decide that we're over.

Jason: It wasn't arbitrary. I watched you almost die because of me.

[Sam sighs]

Sam: I have had a ton of close calls in my life. I wasn't exactly an office worker when you met me. When it is my time, I'm going to die, whether I'm with you or not. I fell in love with you, and when that happened, everything changed. There is no going back. I need us, jason. I miss our ease. I miss our trust and our faith. When -- when did you lose faith?

Jason: When I held you in my arms helpless to stop a bullet that was meant for me. I can't go through that again, not ever.

Sam: No. It's not like you to be afraid.

Jason: I am. I'm afraid of being the reason that you lose your life. I'm afraid of being what I've always hated -- you know, a hypocrite, trying to force sonny to give up emily when I'm putting you in just as much danger, if not more.

Sam: Do you see there's a flaw in your logic? You running the business is no different than being second in command when it comes to your enemies --

jason: Sam --

sam: Making me a target. So with that said, jason, really, no, nothing has changed. So now why don't you tell me why you're refusing to be with me?

[Door opens]

Sonny: What?

Emily: Let's go upstairs.

Sonny: No, no. Right here, couch.

Emily: Hmm? Wait a minute, the terrace has french doors.

Sonny: So what?

Emily: Hmm, I -- but anybody could walk by and -- and see us. And what about max?

Sonny: No, listen to me, max knows not to barge in. The guards -- they -- they have orders not to go by the terrace doors. You know what I want? Here's what I want. I want you to forget about everything and everyone and be with me. Finish what we started.

Carly: Well, looks like we have trespassers.

Patrick: "We"?

Robin: This is your cabin, jax?

Carly: Now, why would you make that assumption? This could just as easily be mine.

Jax: No -- yeah, no it's my -- it's my cabin. I just -- yeah, I've owned it for -- for years. It's supposed to be rented out, but it's one of the things that fell through the cracks this year.

Patrick: It's very cozy.

Jax: Oh, thanks. Thanks. Glad you like it. You know, I don't mind you guys being here, I just would've appreciated a heads-up.

Robin: Yeah, I'm really sorry. We -- we were on a hike and we got caught in the rain and we just --

patrick: We just found the cabin.

Robin: Right. The rest is self-explanatory.

Carly: Painfully so, yeah. What are you doing?

Patrick: I assume that's rhetorical.

Carly: I know you're devastated that you lost me to jax, but to find such an inadequate replacement? I'm really disappointed --

robin: You know what? If you don't shut the hell up, you're going to be sorry.

Elizabeth: So what is this proposal you have for me and lucky?

Nikolas: Should we wait for him to get here?

Elizabeth: I don't know where he is.

Nikolas: All right. This is a property that emily and I purchased while we were married. We were going to turn it into a weekend retreat, but, as you know, fate had other plans, to say the least. But somehow we overlooked it in the divorce settlement. Anyway, long story short, neither of us have any use for it, so we decided that we'd just -- we'd sell the property and donate the proceeds to the hospital.

Elizabeth: Well, that sounds great. What does this have to do with us?

Nikolas: Well, don't you and lucky need a new home? Just hear me out, please, before you turn me down, ok? Please? The three of you, you live in this tiny apartment together. You and lucky sleep on this foldout couch so your son can sleep in the only bedroom, and that -- that can't be good for lucky's recovery. And this -- this couch, it's got to be terrible for his back. He just -- he needs more room for his physical therapy, and -- and you deserve a kitchen that is worthy of those brownies you make.

Elizabeth: Huh.

Nikolas: Just -- look, I -- I want to build a house for my brother and his family. No strings, my gift to you.

Elizabeth: Nikolas, this is beyond generous, and -- and you know that I would love to say yes, but lucky is a different story. There is no way he would agree.

Lucky: Agree to what?

Emily: I can't believe we just did that.

Sonny: Oh, you complaining or something?

Emily: No, hardly. Do you know what surprised me?

Sonny: What?

Emily: How excited I was at the prospect of getting caught.

Sonny: Yeah?

Emily: Is that completely perverted?

Sonny: No, there's nothing wrong with a little perversion every once in a while --

[Emily laughs]

Emily: You're so bad.

Sonny: And that's what makes me good.

Emily: Ok.

Sonny: What?

Emily: No --

sonny: Where you going?

[Emily laughs]

Emily: I'm going to get dressed.

Sonny: No. No, no, no --

emily: What? I don't want to press our luck or give max a heart attack if he does happen to walk in.

[Emily giggles]

Emily: Ok.

Sonny: Hey -- hey?

Emily: What?

Sonny: Is there something going on between you and nikolas?

Sam: What are you doing here? Didn't jason tell you he would take me to the hospital?

Alexis: I was concerned.

Sam: Please leave. Jason and I are in the middle of a very important, private conversation.

Alexis: Can't you even comprehend the one salient point? You are recovering from brain surgery, sam. How did you get here?

Sam: I walked.

Alexis: 10 blocks, in the rain? What is wrong with you? You didn't get yourself killed living with jason, so now you're going to die trying to get him back?

Jason: Leave her alone.

Carly: You think you have something against me? Go ahead, use it.

Robin: Oh, don't tempt me.

Carly: I want to tempt you, robin. I want patrick and jax to see you for the vindictive little shrew you are, so come on.

Robin: Fine.

Jax: Ok, well --

carly: What?

Jax: Carly and I are just going to wait outside, and then I wouldn't mind having a word with you. You can feel free to interrogate patrick. Ok.

[Door closes]

[Robin sighs]

Patrick: There's no need for you to be jealous about carly. I'm here with you -- tonight, anyway.

Lucky: What are you offering to pay for now?

Elizabeth: Lucky, don't jump down his throat, ok?

Lucky: No, no, no, this is between me and my brother. Well?

Nikolas: I have a piece of property standing idle.

Lucky: Mm-hmm.

Nikolas: I'd like to build a home on it -- for you and your family.

Lucky: Oh -- you're kidding, right?

Nikolas: No, I'm not.

Lucky: Why would you even make an offer? When you know that I won't even allow you to pay for my bills, why would I allow you to give us a house?

Nikolas: Because your family needs one. It will be no hardship for me to provide it for you.

Lucky: Ok, you have more money than I do, that's a fact of our lives. You know what? But there is no reason to be obnoxious about it. You know what? Speaking of which -- you know, we're on the conversation -- why did you pay for my rehab bills and my rent in advance without even speaking to me?

Nikolas: Sorry for that. I -- I apologize.

Lucky: And it won't happen again.

Nikolas: No, no, absolutely not. The last thing I want to do is make things more difficult for you right now, lucky. So I'll just -- I'll go ahead and stick with my original instinct and sell the property, give the proceeds to the hospital.

Lucky: Ok.

Elizabeth: But we really appreciate the thought. So thank you.

Nikolas: You're welcome.

[Door closes]

Lucky: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I was a jerk.

Elizabeth: Yeah. Yeah, you were, which isn't like you. So you need to tell me -- are you ok?

Emily: Why would you ask something like that? The only thing between me and nikolas is friendship and a broken romantic past.

Sonny: No, I'm just saying -- I just -- because he came here. You know, he wanted to talk to you in private.

Emily: A piece of property was left out of our divorce settlement, he didn't want it, and he came to see if I did.

Sonny: Did you?

Emily: No. He's going to sell it and donate the proceeds.

Sonny: Wait, that's what lawyers are for. He could've -- he didn't have to come do it himself.

Emily: That's just the way he is. Sonny, nikolas is unfailingly polite. He's had proper etiquette drilled into him since he was old enough to understand.

Sonny: Right.

Emily: His prince training.

Sonny: Oh, prince?

Emily: Yeah.

Sonny: Yeah?

Emily: I'm sure he felt that using lawyers would be disrespectful to our history.

Sonny: Ok. Yeah, I forgot about the prince thing, and good manners.

Emily: Yeah.

Sonny: So you don't think it had anything to do with wanting you back?

Emily: Not to my knowledge. Anyway, it wouldn't matter. This is exactly where I want to be.

Sonny: You sure about that?

Sam: Look, I -- I appreciate your concern, I really do, and I understand that you're coming from a place of caring. But jason is going to take me back to the hospital. I would like you to leave now.

Jason: Alexis is already here, she can take you, sam.

Sam: Why?

Jason: It'll be easier.

Sam: Easier for whom, jason? Certainly not me. Do not let alexis intimidate you!

Jason: I'm not doing anything because of alexis. I'm doing it because it's right and it's the only way I really know how to protect you.

Alexis: This is my daughter sam mccall, she is the transfer patient.

Sam: Oh, no, you -- you can turn around and go the other way because I am not going anywhere.

Alexis: If you don't put yourself back under a doctor's care, you are risking your life.

Sam: My life -- my life is exactly what I'm fighting for.

Jason: I'll leave.

Sam: Jason -- come on, this is so wrong. This is so wrong, and in your heart you know it.

Alexis: Let me get you -- sam, don't set your recovery back any more than you already have. Get your strength back, get healthy, and then you can see how things fall out with you and jason.

Paramedic: One, two, three --

sam: I'm not giving up on us, jason.

Emily: I don't understand. What are you asking me?

Sonny: I was just -- no, I was -- I was just wondering, you know, since you and nikolas had loved each other for a long time that -- that maybe when you see him, you have second thoughts about --

emily: Never.

Sonny: Being with me or something, I don't know.

Emily: Never.

Sonny: Something like that.

Emily: Not one. I still feel bad about the way the people we love are being hurt by our relationship, especially jason --

sonny: Right.

Emily: And now sam since he left her, but it doesn't mean that I don't want to be with you.

Sonny: I mean, we shouldn't have to be blamed for jason's choices.

Emily: Maybe not, but it still makes me sad that my brother's pushing away the woman he loves.

Sonny: I never want to see you sad. Go ahead, get dressed, ok?

Emily: Ok.

[Door closes]

Max: Make sure it gets done.

Sonny: I'm going out.

Max: Want me to drive?

Sonny: Why'd you take that bottle away from me?

Max: I was -- look, I just thought --

sonny: You thought I would take that bottle upside the prince's head, didn't you? Can I be honest with you? For a second, I thought the same thing.

Jax: You need to back off robin.

Carly: Oh, ok. Sure.

Jax: No, I'm serious. Can't you just extend her a little kindness?

Carly: Why should I? When did she ever extend me any?

Jax: Because I think she's going to need it.

Carly: I'm not following you.

Jax: She just slept with patrick, right?

Carly: Oh, that's right. Should I play the little violin?

Jax: Oh --

carly: Oh, come on.

Jax: The guy's a player, ok? I'm afraid that -- that he -- I'm afraid he's going to use robin, get bored with her, and dump her.

Carly: He's probably already bored.

Jax: Look, robin is not very experienced when it comes to relationships, ok? She hasn't built up any defenses --

robin: Ugh, you're such a pig!

Carly: Yeah, defenseless robin.

Robin: You know what? The bed is all warm, he's waiting for you. Go for it.

Carly: Thanks. Maybe I will.

Jax: Well, don't let me stop you.

[Robin sighs]

Jax: So, earlier you mentioned that carly would be sorry? That's not the first time you've hinted that you have something on her. You want to tell me what it is?

Lucky: Oh, god, this so-called healing process is driving me crazy. It isn't working fast enough. I try to do something ordinary, something so ordinary I wouldn't even think twice about it before -- I just feel like my back is on fire. Even so, you know what? I shouldn't even talk to you and nikolas like that.

Elizabeth: Who else if not the people you love the most?

Lucky: No, I'm so sorry. It's not fair.

Elizabeth: You're forgiven, and I speak for your brother, as well.

Lucky: I'd never, ever intentionally do anything to hurt you. I promise.

Elizabeth: I know.

Elizabeth: Is this ok?

Lucky: It's better than ok.

Elizabeth: You know I don't want to aggravate your injury.

Lucky: Mm-hmm. Then you better take it easy on me.

Elizabeth: Hmm.

[Cameron cries]

Elizabeth: Guess who's awake.

Lucky: You know what? Go. Go. You need to see about him.

Elizabeth: Where'd you get those pills?

[Knock on door]

Sonny: I came to apologize.

Robin: As far as having something concrete against carly, no, I don'T. But I know her, and I know when she is lying -- which is most of the time. But there's everyday lying, and then there's "dirty little secret" lying, and she has one. I'm just warning you, ok, whatever she says to do, do the opposite. If she says something is right, assume that it's wrong, because she will do or encourage any unconscionable thing if it gets her what she wants. I'm begging you, run, don't walk away, while you can still do it with some integrity.

Patrick: I know you think robin is as shallow as a mud puddle, but that's not entirely true.

Carly: You're only saying that because you just had sex with her.

Patrick: I know robin better than you do because I've actually taken the time to listen to what she has to say. Yeah, she's highhanded, moralistic, and judgmental, but on the rare occasions when she's not those things she's actually great.

Carly: Wow. So sad. You had such great potential. I am tempted, you know, to save you from losing your sense of fun and becoming a sanctimonious drone just like your sweet little bed puppy.

Patrick: How far are you willing to go to save me?

[Door opens]

Jax: So --

robin: Ahem.

Jax: You whip patrick in shape?

Carly: I'm working on it. I may have to sleep with him.

Jax: Not in my cabin. You ready to go?

Carly: Yeah.

Jax: Come on.

Carly: Just remember what I said, for your sake.

Robin: Goodbye, carly.

Carly: Goodbye, robin!

Jax: Hey, come on.

[Door closes]

Patrick: This would be the time where you slap me and storm out.

Robin: You know what? You're right.

Patrick: I'm joking.

Elizabeth: Lucky, where did you get those pills? I thought your prescription was out and you weren't going to get a refill until next week.

Lucky: Yeah. They -- they were from my original prescription. I just transferred them to this container and I forgot about them.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Lucky: I just found them.

Elizabeth: That's good. You're obviously weaning yourself off the way patrick wanted you to. Now that you have these, you might not even need your next prescription.

Lucky: Yeah, maybe not.

Elizabeth: Cameron and I baked a surprise for you.

Lucky: Yeah? What's that?

Elizabeth: They're your favorite.

Lucky: Not oatmeal raisin?

Elizabeth: Oh, you're going to have to wait and see.

Sam: You are my mother and I am grateful for the chance to know you and I want us to connect. But I think the only way we're going to have a chance of that happening is if you accept the fact that I love jason and we are going to be together.

Alexis: I'm not the one that you need to fight. However, I do think that you need to consider the possibility that jason is never going to give up his criminal activity for you.

Sam: Look, I am not asking jason to give up anything. It's not like he's greedy or -- or power-hungry. He only took over the organization to protect sonny.

Alexis: Which does nothing to ensure your safety. You need to face the facts. No matter how painful this is for you, sam, jason's actions suggest that his priority is protecting sonny and emily. It's not protecting you.

Emily: Where'd sonny go?

Max: Out. He didn't say where.

Emily: So, max, what do you think of this big renovation?

Max: It should be nice.

[Max sighs]

Emily: You know sonny pretty well, right?

Max: Yeah, I guess.

Emily: Do you think he's happy?

Max: Yeah, absolutely, I do.

Emily: I hope so. I don't know. Sometimes I worry.

Jason: Does apologizing mean ending things with emily?

Sonny: No. But I shouldn't have called you a hypocrite. That's where the apology comes in. I know you broke it off with sam, and I -- well, I think that what I said to you had something to do with it.

Jason: Some of it.

Sonny: It's not fair to you or sam to end a relationship, because you still love each other. And in the long run that's really the only thing that matters. I'm older than you, I've -- I've lived, you know, a lot, and I've learned a lot, and my advice to you is hold on to sam. Don't let her go for anything.

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carly: You're going to tell everyone what you have on big, bad carly? Speak up.

Ric: You're not going to make sam stop loving jason.

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