GH Transcript Wednesday 5/24/06

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 5/24/06


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Edward: Skye, why don't you come in and join us, dear?

Skye: Morning, everyone.

Edward: Whoa, and a glorious morning it is, too -- my family all here in peace and harmony. I tell you, nothing could make me any happier.

Monica: Except a good stock manipulation.

Lulu: I don't understand why this morning is so special.

Edward: Because I read that mercury is in retrograde and mars is in centigrade --

monica: Oh.

Edward: Or something. How do you feel about that, skye, huh?

Lulu: Like she's in a loony bin?

Alan: Why are you so grumpy, lulu?

Alice: Who can blame her?

Edward: Well, you can grump away, young lady. Nothing is going to ruin this day for me.

Tracy: Hello. I'm home!

Alan: Tracy. Back so soon?

Tracy: The third world is brutal.

Alice: Did you bring anyone home with you?

[Tracy grunts]

Luke: I'll get your bags right up to your room, my preous passion flower.

Maxie: Oh.

Robin: How are you?

Maxie: Great. It was just a long night.

Robin: How long?

Maxie: Well, lucky came here and we hung out and talked for a while. You know, he really misses jesse, too.

Robin: That's good.

Maxie: Yeah. Then he left and I didn't want to be alone, so I went out.

Robin: Hmm. Maxie, I know that you're grieving for jesse. And it's really hard -- nobody knows that better than I do, but I'm not sure partying all night is the solution.

Maxie: Robin, I am fine. I just needed the distraction. Anyway, did you go through with it? Did you tell nikolas hwas john's father?

Robin: Carly was pushing all my buttons and, I mean, it was all I could do to keep from blurting it out. I'm not sure how long I can keep this secret.

Carly: Yeah, I think white flowers would be perfect. No, I want to do it in the afternoon. It's the perfe time of year. Ok. Yes, yes, I will email you, jane, the tentative guest list. Well, I have to talk to jax first. Oh! Ok. Bye. Hey.

Jax: Hi. So, what's up? Are you and jane going ahead with the wedding plans?

Jason: We need to deal with juan escobar.

Bernie: Yeah, but it wouldn't hurt to wait a few days. You've had a lot on your mind, all th t time at the hospiL. Hmm?

Stan: Bernie's right. We can regroup.

Jason: They think I'm vulnerable? There is no better time to move than now. It'll send a message.

[Phone rings]

Jason: Yeah?

Sam: Jason? Hey, it's me. Please just talk to me.

Lulu: You're home.

Alice: Mr. Luke.

Tracy: Whoa!

Luke: Hey, now. Hey. Alice, easy. Don't break the luggage.

Alice: Oh, sorry, sorry.

Luke: Easy. Well, hello, family. Look at all the bright, shining faces. I feel the love. Huh.

Lulu: So, wait, how did you get home from the islands?

Luke: Oh, I'll explain all that later. Right now, I first need to make sure that my wife is well taken care of.

Alice: Have -- have you been hitting the martinis already?

Edward: Why did you bring him back? Oh, god, there goes my acid reflux.

Alan: Tracy, as long as you were on the islands, couldn't you have sold him to some local tribesmen?

Monica: Obviously, they didn't want him, either.

Tracy: My husband and I have come to an understanding. From now on, things are going to be very different around here.

Lulu: Oh, great. What does she have on you now?

Luke: Nothing, not a thing, sweetheart. We're cool. Tracy is my jungle queen.

Tracy: Oh.

[Luke growls]

Skye: Ok, I've had enough. I'm meeting lorenzo and if I weren't, I'd pretend that I was. Oh, escape while you can. Oh. Oh. You found out about georgie's prom date.

Dillon yeah -- the harday.

Skye: I'm sorry.

[Tracy gasps]

Tracy: My angel. You have come to your senses and returned to the nest. I'm so glad because I really need someone on my side.

Dillon: Oh, selfless as always.

Skye: Hang in there.

Tracy: So, will you help me keep an eye on luke and help me figure out what's he up to?

Carly: You are so adorable -- you and jane and your one-track minds. You know, she hears wedding bells, too.

Jax: Well, what were you guys talking about?

Carly: We're planning your son's christening, but thanks for obsessing over me.

Jax: Christening?

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Jax: Why?

Carly: Because you have secured little john's place in your life in every other way possible. Now, you need to stand up before god and all of your friends and promise to nurture and protect that little boy as your -- am I wrong here or do you want to set me straight?

Jax: No, no, no. My son needs to be christened.

Carly: Like I said.

Jax: Don't I need to pick godparen before the big event?

Carly: Yeah, two.

X: Well, I wanted mike to be john's godfather because that's the only blood connection to courtney that john will have, and I think it would make courtney happy.

Carly: Yeah. And since mike is john's grandfather, he'll be thrilled.

Jax: Right. Then let's go pick a godmother.

Carly: Hmm.

Jax: It's going to be tough. I mean, skye would be great, don't you think? I mean, you know, her kid and john -- they could be great friends.

Carly: Yeah, she's great.

Jax: Right. Right. And then there's alexis, of course --lexis and robin, who I'm both devoted to. It's going to be tough. Oh. I'm just going to have to make a choice. Yep, I'm just going to have to make a decision. It's done.

Carly: You can't seriously think about picking robin or alexis --

jax: Carly --

carly: To be that little --

jax: Would you be the godmother to my son?

Carly: That wasn't funny.

Jax: Sorry.

Robin: Having a meltdown at jax's expense because of carly would be a huge mistake.

Maxie: But at least the truth would be out.

Robin: But, maxie, there is so much about this situation that we don't know.

Maxie: You're right. Maybe carly doesn't even know that nikolas is john's father. We can't just automatically jump to the worst-case scenario.

Robin: Come on, please. It's carly.

Maxie: Right she knows.

Robin: Yes, and she's probably the one that talked him into it to begin with.

Maxie: Oh, my god. Do you think courtney knew that nikolas was john's father?

Robin: I don't know. You know what? No, she couldn't have known. She loved nikolas too much to keep that secret from him.

Maxie: Do you believe in signs?

Nikolas: Hello.

Robin: Hi.

Nikolas: Hi.

Robin: You know, are you free for lunch later? I don't think we finished our conversation from the other night.

Nikolas: I would've thought you had enough of me going on about courtney and her son.

Robin: No, not at all. That I important stuff you're dealing with.

Nikolas: Care to join us?

Maxie: No, thanks. Have plans.

Nikolas: Ok. Metro court?

Robin: Yes -- uh, 1:00?

Nikolas: Yeah.

Robin: Ok.

Nikolas: Ok.

Maxie: You're going to tell him, aren't you?

Robin: I think courtney would want nikolas to know.

Maxie: Ugh. I know, I know. I forgot to check in with my keeper.

Robin: Hi.

Mac: Nice to see you, maxie -- hi. College has been out for three days. We aeed you'd move home for the summer.

Maxie: They're letting us stay in the dorms.

Mac: That's not what I hear.

Maxie: Did he give you this much grief when you lived at home?

Robin: Yes, I believe so, but in retrospect, I am very grateful.

Georgie: Ooh.

Mac: Georgie?

Georgie: Is it ok if I move back home?

Mac: I have one thing to say.

Georgie: If this sounds anything like "I told you so," I'm going back upstairs.

Mac: No. More like you'll always have a home with your family. But since both you girls are going to be living at home now, I think we should revisit some ground rules.

Maxie: In case you've forgotten, I'm in college.

Georgie: I'm married.

Robin: Oh, come on, you guys -- be nice to him. Just be grateful that you have a father around when you need him.

Robert: Words to live by. You'll never go wrong by respecting your dad. Oh, isn't this quaint -- a family reunion.

Jason: Please don't call back.

Sam: We -- we have to talk. I need to see you and it -- it'll only be a couple of minutes. If you can just give me, like, five minutes --

stan: Oh. This can wait.

Jason: No, no. It needs to happen fast.

Bernie: I'll make the arrangements.

Jason: Thank you, bernie. Just call me when everything's ready.

Bernie: Yeah.

Alexis: Jason?

Sam: Hung up on me.

Alexis: Sam, what are you going to do?

Sam: I don't know. He told me not to call him again.

Alexis: Oh, I'm so sorry. I can't imagine how much this hurts you.

Sam: No, you can'T. If I could just talk to him, you know? I just -- I need a couple of minutes to talk to him. I know that he would be able to hear me. I don't even know who I am without jason.

Alexis: Then that's what we're going to figure out. And I promise to keep it rant-free.

Sam: You keeping anything about jason rant-free? I'd like to see that.

Alexis: It's because I understand why you can love him. Jason is an easy man to love. It's just living in his world is another story. You said something to me, that you didn't know who you were without jason. I want to know who you were before jason. What did you want, sam? Did you have any dreams at all?

Sam: Yeah. I wanted to make a big score and retire. Because I always thought that if I had enough money, that I would feel safe. But it's not about the money and I -- I feel safe with jason. Jason makes me happy.

Alexis: You, you, you. I want to know about you. I want to know about you, what you want. You said you wanted your G.E.D., That you wanted to go to college, that you even wanted to go to law school.

Sam: Jason said I was just doing that because of you.

Alexis: Well, so what?

Sam: No, I mean, I think -- I think I would've liked it. I think I would've been really good at it. You know, I spent so much of my time on the wrong side of the law. It would've been -- it would've been nice to be on the right side of the law.

Alexis: You are focused and you are determined and you can do whatever you want.

Det. Rodriguez: M sorry to bother you, ms. Davis. Ballistics got back to us on the durant murder.

Alexis: It's ok. It's ok, you can talk.

Det. Rodriguez: The strike marks matched the bullet that shot ms. Mccall. As the D.A., I thought you'd want to know.

Alexis: Thank you.

Sam: Durant is dead and you're the new D.A.?

Robin: Dad, that's a really nice gesture. But I happen to be a grown woman with, believe it or not, a life of my own.

Robert: Exactly how long do you intend to remain angry with me? I mean, just so that I can, you know, make a note on my calendar.

Robin: Well, you know, that's the thing -- I'm not angry with you anymore.

Robert: Oh.

Robin: I have come to realize some basics. Number one, you cannot change who you are no more than I can. So now I just find you mildly amusing. So now that I'm all grown up, I don't really need a father, but thanks for volunteering.

Maxie: Wait, robin, weren't you just telling georgie and me that we should appreciate the father that we have?

Robin: Actually, I said appreciate that you have a father around when you need him, and we can all be grateful to uncle mac for that.

Mac: Maybe we should cut robert a little slack.

Georgie: I'm sorry I ruined your plans by moving home, uncle robert.

Robin: Better luck next time. But you know what? I'm sure some agency will call you any minute and tell you that they desperately need you to go on a mission.

Robert: Fortunately, I have plan B. I have this standing invitation at a place that, unlike yourself, they just can't get enough of me.

Luke: Mmm. Island life has its advantages, but, alice, I'll tell you, nothing compares to the high-class joint you run. You make married life tolerable.

Tracy: I heard that.

Luke: Oh, wife, come, sit your spanky buns down here. Papa's made this spot right here nice and warm for you.

Lulu: I thought you would ditch the stepmonster over the pacific.

Tracy: Oh, you are a chip off the old block. Do you want me to tell her or should you?

Luke: Well, I'd rather not relive it, wife.

Tracy: I understand. Holly, darling daddy's dream girl, ditched him and ran off with the jewels -- or so she thought -- proving what I knew all along -- she's just not that into you.

Lulu: Sorry, dad.

Luke: Ah, it's ok, daughter. It's true the english crumpet did do me wrong, but c'est la vie. I always have the bosom of my extended family to return home to. Hey, pop, what do you say? Would you extend me a small loan?

Edward: Not on your best day.

Tracy: Oh, thank you, daddy. You're absolutely right, luke deserves nothing.

Oh, wait a minute. From now on, I am the center of your universe, not mr. Luke, and should you defy me, I'll put him hind bars.

Lulu: For what?

Tracy: Do you remember the jewels he was so desperate to get his hands on? Well, it turns out he was highly motivated. Yosee, he's been skimming off my accounts. In fact, he's racked up so much debt that he could be in prison for decades.

Luke: But my wife has seen fit to reach into her heart and generously decided to take it out on my hide instead.

Edward: I say toss him behind bars.

Tracy: Maybe, but for now I like him right where I've got him -- firmly under my thumb.

Luke: Ouch.

Lorenzo: I'm returning this in person so there will be no mistake. With all due respect, juan, you're wasting your money and my time. I have no interest in going into business with you.

Diego: I would rethink that, dad.

Jason: I have a lot of respect for you, ms. Johnson. I am so grateful to you for the way you helped with sam's recovery, ateful for the way you helped when manny ruiz grabbed elizabeth.

Epiphany: You're going to turn me down. You're not going to fire my son.

Jason: If stan wanted to quit, I would respect that, but I can't fire him. He's done nothing wrong.

Epiphany: Except spit in the face of his talent and his future.

Jason: I promise you I will do my best to see that nothing bad happens to your son.

Epiphany: I suppose that's the best I can hope for.

Jason: I wouldn't blame you if you refused this, ok, but I have to ask. Will you keep me updated on sam's progress, at least for the next couple of days?

Epiphany: What you did for sam, it obviously cost you a lot. I guess you're one of those men that can handle a broken heart. You don't even realize that not everyone is like you.

Alexis: Thank you. A lot happened while you were unconscious. John durant was killed. He was caught in between carly and two snipers. And from what we just heard, it turns out that those were the same snipers who shot at jason when you got in the way.

Sam: So you get the big job?

Alexis: Reluctantly, mayor floyd offered me the job and I took it. But I've spent most of my time here and this is where my focus has been, so I wouldn't be surprised at all if he took the job away as quickly as he offered it.

Sam: Well, that would be good because, I don't know, I don't really like the idea of you being the D.A. Of port charles.

Alexis: I get that. I hope you understand, too, that it's a bss ring for anyone involved in the law.

Sam: Right, and I hope you understand that you are going to make it your mission to prosecute the man I love, and I just -- I have a feeling that might put a damper on the whole mother-daughter bonding.

[Knock on door]

Ric: Excuse me?

Alexis: Hi.

Ric: Bad time?

Sam: Not at all. I should be resting, anyway.

Robin: Hey.

Jax: Hey.

Robin: I was supposed to meet nikolas for lunch, but I don't see him. Have you seen him?

Jax: Well, no, but I'm sure he'll be here.

Robin: What's this all about?

Jax: Planning john's christening, so I'm just -- I'm trying to learn this.

Robin: That's great.

Jax: You know, I've been sitting here thinking about how close I came to losing him and, you know, how amazing it is that he lived. This is my way to give thanks for my son and ask for god's help and guidance in his future.

Robin: Could all use a little of that.

Jax: You know, I'm a little intimidated to be that boy's father. John and I are getting closer every day. I'm incredibly humbled at the prospect of shaping his life.

Alexis: I've been waiting for you.

Oy! Oh, my goodness. Hello there. Hello. Thank you for bringing them so quickly. Will you do me a favor and go have lunch with molly, and I need to talk to kristina alone for a little bit?

Viola: Oh, absolutely. Mm-hmm.

Alexis: And then I'll call you when we're finished.

Viola: Ok.

Alexis: Thanks. Do you mind having a talk with mom? Ok?

Kristina: Don't mind at all.

Alexis: Ok. I'm going to have to tell you some things that I really don't think you're going to be able to understand all of it, and I just want you to know it's ok, you don't have to. You just listen because mom always wants to tell you the truth. Ok? Do you remember your friend lori?

Kristina: Yeah.

Alexis: Ok? You know she's adopted and you know what that means? Ok. Now, the same thing happened to mommy. When mommy was 16 years old, mommy had a baby, and mommy wasn't old enough to take care of the baby, so she gave it to a family that could. Well, it turns out now that that baby is not a baby anymore. The baby is a big, grown, beautiful woman who's your sister. Do you know who that is? It's sam.

Kristina: So sam's my big sister?

Alexis: Is that ok with you?

Kristina: Are you going to give me and molly away like you di--

alexis: Never. Never, never. Mommy waed till a long time so I could be a good mother and I would know how to take care of you, so you came right at the perfect time. And we will always be together, all of us, ok -- you, molly, me, and sam.

Sam: Not long ago, you thought I was a deluded stalker. You were going to get a restraining order put on me. Remember?

Ric: I didn't know the circumstances.

Sam: Wow. You must've been thrilled when you found out I was the dead daughter.

Ric: No, I was happy for my wife. See, sam, I was there when alexis opened up the file and read that her little girl had been killed. And I held her in my arms and she cried, and even though she didn't believe me, I tried to convince her that it wasn't her fault. Now, as far as things being what they are, the only thing I was thrilled about was that alexis had received a miracle, and those are kind of rare tse days. Now it's not just up to alexis or fate, it's up to you. You have a say in this. So I'm asking you, as your stepfather, don't blow it. Make your own relationship with your mother, ok, apart from jason or anyone else.

Alexis: I brought a couple of people I thought might make you feel better.

Kristina: Sam, you're my big sister.

Sam: Well, your mom isn't very subtle, now, is she? Should I say "our mom"?

Alexis: Ah.

Lorenzo: I have no quarrel with you, morgan. Whatever business dealings you have with escobar, they have nothing to do with me. I'm merely here to protect my family.

Jason: If you really want out of this, you and your son should leave now. Any future discussion with escobar will only be interpreted one way.

Diego: Look, you don't give orders to lorenzo alcazar.

Lorenzo: Try to remember what it was like to be young and hotheaded. Gentlemen.

Juan: You and I need to talk in private.

Jason: You do the talking. Call your people. They'll all tell you as of five minutes ago, your entire operation belongs to me.

Tracy: Tell me, why does the haunted star always do better when you're out of the country?

Luke: Because I was smart enough to hire a partner who has his finger on the pulse of port charles' nightlife.

Tracy: Yeah, uh-huh, but he's still not going to give the place any class.

Luke: I beg to differ. I think this crowd he's pulling in are going to drop a bundle. I will pay you back by the weekend.


Alice: In here, mr. Luke.

Luke: My martini.

Robert: Just the way I like it, too.

Luke: Alice, what are you doing?

Alice: Well, mr. Robert was just telling us how he saved your life.

Luke: That's my massage, alice!

Edward: Welcome to my world, spencer. Oh, by the way, I've just hired scorpio. Mm-hmm. His fee is quite reasonable and I anticipate a brief but very fruitful relationship.

Tracy: Hired him for what?

Edward: Pest control. He's promised to fumigate luke right out of our home.

Robert: It was the least I could do. I mean, edward and I, well, we go way back.

Edward: Mm-hmm.

Robert: Oh, by the way, he's also invited me to move in. Cheers.

Georgie: I'm sorry.

Dillon: No, me, I am. I made a mistake.

Georgie: Can we just forget about this and move on?

Dillon: No.

Georgie: Dillon, I screwed up. I really screwed up. I want --

dillon: Don'T. Just stop. Please, just let me -- ok? Me first? I shouldn't have gone and left you. If I had thought about it, I would've realized that that would hurt you, and the last thing that I want to do is hurt you.

Georgie: We both made mistakes, dillon, we both did, and it doesn't matter anymore because I love you.

Dillon: I ve you, too, but it's not that simple.

Robin: Well, I can't wait to see little john.

Jax: Yeah.

Robin: Oh, there's nikolas.

Jax: Take care.

Robin: You, too. Hey.

Nikolas: Hey.

Carly: What kind of trash was she talking about me this time?

Jax: No, she was actually saying that she would do her part to ensure john's welfare. She's a good friend.

Nikolas: I'm so sorry I kept you waiting.

Robin: Is everything ok?

Nikolas: No, my grandmother's on the loose again. Apparently she confronted some people that I do business with, so I need to find her before things get out of hand.

Robin: Do you really think she'd hurt you?

Nikolas: She certainly wouldn't hesitate to hurt people I care about. I mean, thank god that is public knowledge that jax is the father of courtney's son.

Robin: I'm sorry, I just can't believe that helena would hurt an innocent little baby.

Nikolas: If I ever give her an heir, she will do whatever's necessary to take over that child's life and try and mold him into her idea of what a perfect cassadine should be. I know this is all very exciting for you.

Robin: --

Nikolas: Anyway, what about you? You said -- on the phone, I mean, it sounded like something specific you wanted to talk about.

Lorenzo: Hey! Have you lost your mind?

Diego: Leave me alone.

Lorenzo: You don't mess with men like that, they will kill you. Morgan doesn't care that you're my son.

Diego: That's because he doesn't respect you. Ok? He walked all over you and you let M.

Lorenzo: My goals have changed.

Diego: Dad, they're supposed to bafraid of us, not the other way around.

Lorenzo: I told you that's over.

Diego: Oh, man. See, even I can tell that this is your chance. This is your chance to take over everything, get rid of jason, and I can help you!

Lorenzo: You know what? It's like my brother's voice coming out of your mouth.

Diego: Then -- then what's the problem? You always told me that my uncle was tough and smart and he wasn't afraid of anyone.

Lorenzo: Your uncle is rotting in the ground, and you will be, too, if you don't listen to me.

[Music plays]

Lorenzo: I used to be jason morgan -- cold, relentless. That ino way to live. You think the business gives you power, but it takes away everything else. You have no world outside the world you run. No wife, no kids, just a bunch of meaningless relationships. No real love. Olly coughs]

Alexis: Oh.

Lorenzo: You're always a single heartbeat away from being killed. And you look around --

singer: Takes its toll

lorenzo: And all you see is emptiness. That's not a life I want. It's certainly not one I would wish for my son.

Singer: Staring at the sun

lorenzo: The life I used to live, the one that morgan lives now, is not worth the sacrifices.

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luke: You let this deadbeat move in here and he'll lay claim to everything in sight.

Robert: It'll be just like the old days.

Robin: John could've been your son. What would you have done if he were?

Elizabeth: I know what you've done.

Sam: Jason's left me. I am begging you to help

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