GH Transcript Wednesday 5/17/06

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 5/17/06


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luke: Oh, holly -- oh, baby. Got to do something about that stubble, darling.

[Dillon gasps]

[Robin gasps]

Robert: What? Hmm.

Holly: I've been robbed.

Anna: Hmm?

Holly: I've been robbed. I was wearing all the jewelry when I went to sleep, and now it's gone!

Dillon: Ok, why were you wearing jewelry when you were asleep? Didn't that hurt?

Holly: Because I can't trust any of you. I have to wear it. I was sleeping on that couch, and now it's gone!

Luke: Are you sure it didn't just fall through the sofa cushions?

Holly: No. I didn't see any jewels anywhere. No. Which means one of you is a thief.

Jax: You were such a good boy on such a long trip.

Woman: I'll heat up a bottle and then put him to bed.

Jax: Thanks, norma.

Jax: Oh. Ok.

Mike: So, how are you dealing with the news that sam is suddenly your stepdaughter?

Ric: Hmm. It's going to take some getting used to.

Mike: Yeah.

Carly: How lucky am I to find you here.

Ric: Since when?

Carly: Since you owe me. Remember that time you kidnapped me and chained me to a panic room wall pregnant? Well, it's payback time. Frankly, I think you're getting off easy.

Ric: What do you want, carly?

Carly: I want you to tell me where alexis took sam.

Alexis: If it's all right, I'd like an update on my daughter every hour.

Woman: That's not a problem, ms. Davis.

Alexis: Thank you. I'm expecting repercussions from jason morgan. You do have a picture of him?

Woman: Yes. We've distributed it to the staff here. You don't need to worry. He won't be allowed access to the patient.

Alexis: Thank U.U.

Jason: Where'd you take her?

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Holly: I was asleep on that couch, and one of you pinched the jewels right off my body.

Robin: Now, wouldn't that wake you up?

Holly: Well, clearly, I was drugged first. This was all planned.

Luke: Hold on a minute. What do you mean, your jewels?

Robert: Yeah, once we've found them, we'll revisit that concept.

Luke: We will.

Dillon: Yeah -- can I just say, you were kind of wasted last night?

Holly: I don't get wasted. It's unattractive and indiscrete and -- and you obviously still have a lot --

dillon: What?

Holly: To learn about women.

Dillon: No, I'm just -- I'm just saying, you had a little bit of wine, that's all.

Holly: You're the thief. The first to offer an explanation is always the guilty party.

Dillon: Uh -- ok, yeah, that may have been true in 1930s classic film noir, but ever since the cinema verite movement of the 1970s, don't think so.

Lulu: Ok, don't defend yourself, dillon. She's grasping at straws.

Holly: Unless you're the thief. I caught you trying to steal the jewels before.

Robert: Defend your daughter, man. Otherwise, we've got to listen to the "deadbeat dad" lecture all over again.

Ke: Oh, god, you're right. Now, sweetheart, I'm very proud of my little larcenous lulu. But give daddy the jewels so we can all go back to sleep.

Lulu: I didn't steal anything.

Holly: Well, they didn't just walk away on their own, did they?

Anna: Oh, holly, this is ridiculous. Stop making all these false accusations. Let a professional take over.

Patrick: Hey.

Elizabeth: Good morning.

Patrick: Do you want to back out of tonight?

Elizabeth: Why would I?

Patrick: I just thought after getting arrested, you might not want to deal with it.

Elizabeth: No, not at all. I want to do it. Right here, after my shift is over, ok?

Patrick: You're on.

Elizabeth: Oh --

patrick: Sorry.

Elizabeth: Mm-hmm.

Jax: This is jax. I think I'm about to be blackmailed. I need you to track someone down for me. No, no, I don't want you to make contact yet. I just need a confirmation so I can get control of the situation.

Nikolas: Hello.

Emily: Hi.

Nikolas: I got your message. What's up?

Emily: Are you on your way to a board meeting?

Nikolas: I am, but I always haveime for you.

Emily: Listen, I hate to put you in the middle of this, but I thought you might know where alexis moved sam. Jason's out of his mind with worry.

Nikolas: No. No, I wish I could help, but I -- I have no idea where she took her.

Emily: Ok. Thanks, anyway.

Nikolas: Listen, I -- I know you hate this distance that jason has created between the two of you, and it would be great if you could be the one to fix this. But jason knows what he's doing. He'll find sam.

Emily: You always know the right thing to say.

Maxie: Nikolas, I made something for you. I know you always like background information on the guests at the board meeting, so I made kind of like a mini file of everyone.

Nikolas: Ok -- wow. Thank you. That's -- at's a lot of hard work. Thank you.

Maxie: I can help you go over it if you want.

Nikolas: Yeah, I'll -- I'll take a look at it right after emily and I finish.

Maxie: Sorry, I didn't realize --

nikolas: That's ok.

Emily: Ahem.

Nikolas: What? What?

Emily: Nikolas, maxie's interested in a lot more than your gratitude.

Ric: I'll take mine to go, mike.

Mike: You got it.

Ric: Thank you.

Carly: I come back from my trip, I go straight to the hospital to see jason, and I find out sam's been spirited away in the dark of the night.

Ric: Oh, spirited away? That sounds awful dramatic, carly. Why don't you just say she was simply moved?

Carly: She just had brain surgery. She's not out of the woods, and no one will tell her fiance where she is, ric. Come on.

Ric: Well, did it ever occur to you that she's in the hospital because of jason? And then he ignores a court order and he subjects her to a dangerous surgery.

Carly: She survived!

Ric: And if she wakes up, we're not going to know what r condition is until then.

Carly: You know what? I find it really hard to believe that you care.

Ric: Wait. Sais my wife's daughter. She is sister to both of my children. While we're being honest here, carly, I haven't been half as combative to her as you have. So why don't we cut to the chase? This is really about you -- you scoring points with jason, right?

Carly: I don't need to score points with jason. I'm trying to support my best friend here, ric.

Ric: Yes, and alexis is trying to protect her daughter. I would expect nothing less from you.

Carly: Oh, you want to go there? Try this one on. Let's say it's alexis lying there unconscious, and sam, her daughter of five minutes, comes in and takes her away god knows where. What would you do, ric?

Alexis: In about 15 seconds, the police will arrive. I suggest you consider that before you say or do anything further.

Det. Rodriguez: Ms. Davis.

Alexis: Thank you. That was faster than I even promised. I was just about to give mr. Morgan a choice. You can either sit calmly and we can discuss this, or these gentlemen will escort you to lockup.

Alexis: Thank you. That'll be all.

Jason: Why?

Patrick: You ok?

Elizabeth: Graceful as ever.

Epiphany: Hey, hey, I saw everything. We can finally nail dr. Mc-full-of-himself for groping nurses in public. I do believe the man is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

Elizabeth: I could never sue a man who's been so good to me.

[Epiphany snickers]

Lucky: I'm here for my followup.

Patrick: Really? I thought you wanted my father to take over your case after you almost bit my head off last night.

Anna: It is possible that holly uncovered the culprit in her first try. Dillon does have all the motives to steal the jewels. He's a newlywed with all the inherent financial problems that that incurs. And from what I understand, his family has cut him off essentially without a dime. And you do have this sort of encyclopedic knowledge of crime dramas, any one of which could have been the blueprint for this little heist. And it is possible that the lovely young lady that sort of leapt to your defense so quickly and eagerly could be a willing accomplice. I mean, it was a long, exhausting day yesterday. We were all tired, right? No one would have any trouble sleeping. Or so we thought. Still, we're not an easy group to evade, so dillon would have to be extremely careful. That's where the girl comes in. There's always a girl, you know.

Anna: This was a very delicate operation. Dillon had to stay laser-focused. No distractions. He used every one of his ninja-like instincts for success.

Dillon: Come on!

Robin: Ok, then why didn't they just take the stuff and run?

Anna: Well, they knew that we would be right on their heels, so they wanted to just bide their time, maybe while we accused bigger fish.

Lulu: Ok, no, this is absurd. I may be no saint, but everyone who knows dillon knows that he would never be able to steal anything.

Dillon: Hey.

Luke: Easy, daughter. Don't cast the light off him. You could throw it on yourself -- or worse, me.

Dillon: Ok, can I just -- this -- this is a really cool little theory, and actually, I'm very flattered by it. Um -- but in order to get to holly, I'd have to step over robin and robert and you. And robin may sleep soundly at night, but you guys are world-class spies with built-in radar, so it'd be nearly impossible to pull that off without waking up at least one of you.

Robin: He has a point.

Anna: Yeah. No, he does. Very good, actually. The proximity is crucial, see? And you were sleeping very close to your other ex-wife and her jewels last night. Weren't you, ex-husband?

Nikolas: You can't be serious. You think maxie has a crush on me? Come on.

Emily: Men are so oblivious. Nikolas, she gazed at you --

nikolas: Oh --

emily: With hope in her eyes. She wants so badly to impress you.

Nikolas: Really, you think?

Emily: Yeah.

Nikolas: That's --

[Emily laughs]

Nikolas: Well, I mean, I don't want to lead her on. Maybe I've been sending the wrong signals. I don't know -- if I -- if I did, it certainly didn't occur to me.

Emily: Ok, what signals?

Nikolas: Well, when jesse died, she was obviously unhappy, vulnerable, needed someone to talk to, so I tried to support her. But I'd -- I'd hate for her to read more into that.

Emily: Well, don't worry. She'll get over it.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Emily: Or not.

Nikolas: Don't say that.

Emily: What? Once upon a time, I was a gawky teenager with a crush on an older guy who looked an awful lot like you. And here I am now, with another older man. Look what you started.

[Emily chuckles]

Nikolas: Big difference. Maxie's just a sweet girl with a crush. You're in love with sonny.

Mike: There you go.

Ric: Thanks.

Mike: Sure.

Carly: Kind of leaves you breathless, doesn't it? The thought of someone you barely know and you don't trust, taking alexis somewhere. Can't hold her hand, can't tell her that you love her. You would do whatever it took to find her.

Ric: Look, it's very convenient for you to ignore the fact that jason forced alexis' hand. That surgery could have killed sam.

Carly: Alexis is incapable of seeing anyone else's position but her own. What I'm asking you, ric, is what you would do in jason's place. Sam isn't a helpless little baby like molly. She's not even a little girl like kristina. She's a grown woman who has chosen to be with the man she loves, and that man happens to be jason. And sam does not want alexis, her mother of five minutes, taking her away from him. So I'm not asking you for jason's sake. I'm asking you for sam'S. Where the hell did alexis take her?

[Phone rings]

Carly: Hello?

Jax: I have a problem, carly. It's big. I need to see you right away.

Alexis: Sam was shot in your arms. I think we can both agree that that bullet was meant for you.

Jason: Yes.

Alexis: Then you subjected her to illegal and life-threatening surgery.

Jason: Oh, come on, alexis. We have been over this a million times. Patrick drake said it was the only way to save her!

Alexis: And there were doctors who didn't agree with you, jason. Yet you did what you wanted, anyway. So now what we have is a staff placating you instead of taking care of sam.

Jason: Oh, and so you take her someplace where the people are paid to listen to you?

Alexis: I took her to a facility where she would get excellent and objective care. And I would think that you would want that for her.

Jason: Do you honestly think sam would want any of this?

Alexis: When sam wakes up, she will tell us exactly what she wants. But if she doesn't wake up, jason, or if she has any lasting damage from that operation that you had performed illegay, I will use the law to come after you every way that I kw w how.

Robert: You see, sweetheart, this is why people preferred me as police commissioner --

anna: Says who?

Robert: Rather than you. Because I would never accuse anyone out of spite.

Anna: No, right, just like you would never pretend to be dead all these years, causing great anguish to your wife and daughter and brother. And the same way that you wouldn't just resurface in robin's life without so much as a phone call to me. Oh, no, you're a standup guy, robert, with a solid moral center who'd never do anything unethical.

Robin: I think this just stopped being about the jewels.

Anna: You're a simple man with simple tastes, like travel, adventure, female companionship -- all of which costs a lot of money. And since you're not on any kind of agency expense account anymore, these jewels would come in really handy.

Robert: Mm-hmm. I was right. She's using this stupid jewel theft to blame me for the faison debacle.

Anna: No, I'm not.

Robin: Dillon, lulu, pay attention. You know how they say that parents should stay together for the sake of the children? Right -- play this moment over and over again in your mind and be grateful for no-fault divorce.

Robert: I'm sorry, sweetheart, but your mom thinks life's so black and white, just like one of dillon's movies. I didn't take holly's jewelry.

Holly: Why would we believe you?

Anna: Hmm.

Robert: There was a chill in the air last night as I recall. And I was warm. I was so warm that you moved in real close and threw a leg over mine when you thought I was asleep.

Anna: That was a moment of weakness. Doesn't mean anything.

Robert: My innocence, it does. Now, let's go back here for a second. For me to disentangle myself from you, get up, steal the jewels, nd a place to hide them, and get back in, and re-entangle myself around you -- well, you'd have to have completely lost your touch.

Anna: All right. I stand corrected. You're innocent of this crime. You're getting very resourceful in your old age. And of course, you'd have to be to associate with this crook.

Patrick: It's obvious we don't see eye to eye. If you can wait till friday, I'll get another doctor to take your case.

Lucky: I can't wait till friday. Listen, I probably overreacted last night. I was worried about elizabeth. I was a little hot, so I said some things. Frankly, I'm surprised that you haven't told her about it.

Patrick: I don't need to get in the middle of your domestic dispute.

Lucky: There's no --

patrick: Hey, have you been doing something to aggravate your injury?

Lucky: It's possible.

Patrick: Ouldn't be in this much pain at this point. Come on, go in the exam room. Come on.

Epiphany: Your husband's here for his appointment.

Elizabeth: Good. I can handle anything as long as I know lucky's getting better.

Alexis: I want you to try to see this from my perspective. I know all too well the way your world works. It got sam shot. And it will continue to put her in danger, because you trade in violence. It makes you a target, as well as everyone else around you.

Jason: Sam knows the risks, and she chose to be with me.

Alexis: Sam is incapable of making a choice right now, which means that I'm legally responsible to make it for her.

Jason: You gave up your rights when you gave sam away.

Alexis: I don't expect you to understand this, jason, and I don't need you to understand it. I'm a mother. It's very difficult. I don't know that you know how difficult it is to give away something that you love because it's better for them.

Jason: I do know.

Alexis: Ok. Well, we're going in circles. I have no doubt that you have been --

[Jason sighs]

Alexis: Scanning the tri-state area looking for sam.

Jason: Just make it easy and just tell me. Tell me where she is!

Alexis: You have a reputation for telling the truth. I want you to look me in the eye and I want you to tell me that sam is safe with you. That you will never put her in physical danger again.

Carly: Hey.

Jax: Hey.

Carly: Is john ok?

Jax: Yeah. No, he's fine, he's fine. He's -- he's asleep.

Carly: Well, then what's the problem?

Jax: This was waiting for me when I got home. No return address.

Carly: A paternity test.

Jax: Yeah.

Carly: Was there a note with it?

Jax: Oh, I think it's pretty obvious that someone's planning to blackmail me again.

Carly: Ok, it's that lab tech.

Jax: No. I already checked him out. He hasn't left new zealand. Plus, this had a port charles postmark on it.

Carly: Well, who could it be, jax?

Jax: I don't know, I don't know, but it seems like everyone can get ahold of this. It's like you can print them off on the internet. I won't live like this, waiting for the other shoe to drop. You know, I've kept the truth about john from everyone but you. Even my own mother. I'm not out to let somebody else spill it.

Carly: Calm down. Ok, you just need to calm down. We just need to wait for whoever sent this to contact you, and we'll figure out what we do from that point on.

Jax: No. No. I can take away their power to extort me -- by telling nikolas that he's john's father.

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Luke: Me, a crook?

Anna: Mm-hmm.

Luke: You wound me to the quick. And that's a shame. Because I was just starting to think you and I had real potential.

Anna: That's sweet -- I think. But I know you by reputation, you see, luke, and I know that you are a sucker for the chase. Enough so that you would allow your competition to set himself up next to holly because it fit kind of perfectly into this little plan you had going. You are a loose cannon, luke. But you know when to play it cautious.

Anna: You spiked our drinks with something. And then you made your move. I understand that given a choice between a woman and her rubies, you'll pick the rocks every time. It may be the only time you have the willpower to resist that kind of temptation.

Holly: Mmm. Oh, robert.

Luke: "Oh, robert"? That's not the way it happened.

Holly: It was you.

Luke: I had snaked your bling the way anna says, you wouldn't be calling out this guy's name.

Holly: Stop explaining and give mmy jewels.

Luke: Why -- why me? Why -- why notobert?

Robert: Because there's not a shred of evidence against me.

Dillon: Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey. Yo. I got it. Keyser soze.

Lulu: What, who? What?

Dillon: Cut. May I, please?

Anna: Yeah, yeah, be my guest.

Dillon: Thank you. Kevin spacey, "the usual suspects." "Nothing is what it seems."

Robin: In english, dillon.

Dillon: Oh, come -- a gang of thieves is brought in for questioning about a particular heist. Now, kevin spacey's character completely diverts attention. Except it turns out that he's the mastermind behind the entire thing. His name is keyser soze. She, you, holly, are keyser soze.

Holly: Oh, that's ridiculous.

Robin: No.

Lulu: It's beautiful, this whole victim act thing you got going on.

Robin: Hold on a sec. Right movie, dillon. Ong suspect.

Robin: Where are the jewels, mom?

Elizabeth: Hey. So, how'd it go?

Lucky: Couldn't be better.

Patrick: We'll know more when we get the test results back tomorrow, but he seems to be healing. Physically, he's progressing faster than I would have thought.

Elizabeth: Oh, good. That's fantastic, lucky. I got to get this to the lab --

lucky: Ok.

Elizabeth: But I'm going to call you later, ok? Thanks.

Patrick: Yeah.

Lucky: So, don't forget my refill.

Patrick: Hydrocodone? Lucky, that prescription was supposed to last you through the rest of the week.

Lucky: Well, I guess there were a couple of times I had to push myself, so I had to take an extra, you know, pill or two to get through it. You know, I'm still learning my limits.

Patrick: Yeah, well, we warned you about this. It's effective, but it's highly addictive.

Lucky: I know, doc. I'm married to a nurse. She's monitoring my every move.

Patrick: Are you completely out?

Lucky: Almost.

Patrick: Well, you're going to have to make do until the prescription date's up on those.

Lucky: But I told you, elizabeth's on it.

Patrick: Ah, well, elizabeth has a lot on her mind, and I'm your doctor, so 's my call.

P.A. Announcer: Dr. Patrick drake --

patrick: I don't want to risk it.

P.A. Announcer: Call 3406.

Patrick: Look, I got to take this, but just keep doing what you're doing. You're getting stronger every day.

Diego: Maxie.

Maxie: Diego, go away. I'm waiting for someone.

Ego:O: Ththat's me.

Maxie: Not even close.

Diego: Coleman couldn't make it, so he sent me over.

Maxie: You work for coleman?

Diego: Sometimes.

Maxie: Does georgie know that?

Diego: Does georgie know that you have coleman on speed dial?

Maxie: She doesn't need to know.

Diego: My feelings exactly.

Maxie: God. What did coleman tell you?

Diego: That he needed to make a phone call. Untraceable.

Maxie: And you're that someone.

Dieg look, I would gladly go away. But I have the voice distorter. You need me, baby.

Jax: I can't handle blackmail, anonymous or otherwise. I need to take this person's power away.

Carly: By going to nikolas and telling him everything?

Jax: What other choice do I have?

Carly: I don't know, jax, but, hell, we can come up with something! I've had experience with extortion. Need I remind you how you and I became partners?

Jax: I remember.

Carly: You rolled over when luke blackiled you with the hotel, and noyoyou're about to roll over again!

Jax: I know. I know. I roll over all the time. I roll over with the lab tech. Hell, the whole town of port charles is going to come. Jax is just going to roll over. He'll pay off everybody. I'm not doing it again!

Carly: You have no idea who this is?

Jax: Look, dr. Meadows had something to do with the initial coverup, but this just doesn't feel like her.

Carly: Ok, I'm going to go talk to dr. Meadows.

Jax: No, no, no, you --

carly: You stay here. Look, if it's cash they want, you have plenty, ok?

Jax: Huh. In the world of blackmail, plenty is never enough.

Emily: There you are. I picked up a few groceries. I'm not sure if you even realize, but your fridge is completely empty except for hot sauce and a piece of cheese. I made a casserole, too. I know how you get when you're preoccupied. You forget to eat.

Jason: You shouldn't have.

Emily: No, like I said, it wasn't any trouble.

Emily: I wanted to do something, jason. Sonny told me what happened at the station last night. I'm glad that you two were at least able to talk to each other.

Jason: Yeah, well, I -- I know you're trying to help, but nothing's changed.

Emily: Please, jason. Can't you just accept that I love sonny the same way that you love sam?

anna: Robin, no, that is absurd. I resent the implication, darling.

Robert: Nothing implied about it, dear. Our daughter said you are the thief.

Dillon: Way to go, robin. Good third-act twist. I'm proud of you.

Robin: Thanks.

Anna: Hey, well, I came here to ensure your safety, and -- and punish your father. I didn't come here to steal jewels.

Lulu: Ok, hold on a second. Wasn't anna devane once the police chief of port charles?

Anna: Yes.

Robin: After she was new york's most respected fence. My mother wrote the book on how to move stolen goods. Oh, and I believe holly mentioned that she was drugged -- that's one of your signature moves, mom. Knockout drops. It's a good bet she drugged holly and my dad, then waited for all of us to fall asleep.

Robin's voice: This would be like taking candy from a baby. Not that she ever would. Candy doesn't get you much on the black market.

Robis voice: Once you had what you came for, mom, you slipped ba I into position and waited out the sunrise.

Robert: That is a beautiful piece of detective work. So astute. She gets that from me.

Luke: But knockout drugs? That's so old school.

Anna: Oh, shut up. You know, you're too clever by half, darling.

Robin: Anyway, it doesn't matter. It worked, didn't it? Would you hold this for me?

Luke: Sure.

Robin: Thank you.


Luke: There they are.

Lulu: Aha.



Holly: I'll take those now. I've got a plane to catch. And I'm sorry, but the rest of you are going to be all tied up.

Luke: One question, english. Just how do you expect to tie all of us up and still hold on to that gun? I'm afraid you need a --

lulu: A what?

Robert: Partner in crime.

Elizabeth: Hey, sorry. I got stuck.

Patrick: It's ok. I don't mind waiting for a beautiful woman.

Elizabeth: I don't know how much longer I can keep this up. I got a weird vibe from lucky earlier.

Patrick: Why don't you tell him?

Elizabeth: I can'T. I can'T. He's in a lot of pn right now, and it's not just physical. He can't work, he can't move. He lost his partner, which he blames himself for. Financially, we're -- god, we're such a mess. He feels horrible about himself. And if I tell him the truth about what's going on, it'll really hurt him.

Patrick: Well, that macho stuff gets you every time. Why don't we just call it quits? It's --

elizabeth: No, I don't want to. It's too important to me.

Lucky: It's me. My wife is just leaving the hospital with him.

Jason: I am not going to have the same fight every time I see you. You know why I don't want you with sonny.

Emily: Sam just got the worst kind of reminder that there are dangers to being with you. But she didn't blame you, jason. She knows better. Sam accepts the danger, because her love for you overrides anytng else. And you obviously accept that on some level, or you wouldn't stay with her.

Jason: It's not t same. Don't even compare the situations, emily.

Emily: Because sonny's been known to be unstable?

Jason: You have no idea.

Emily: What is more dgerous than a bullet, jason? What is worse than going to a party, running to the man you love, knowing his arms are the safest place in the world, and getting shot instead? Do you think sam blames you? Because I know she doesn'T. Just like she doesn't resent the things that you can't tell her, or the guards that are all around. Sam accepts you and the life you live. She wants to live it with you. The dangers are hers to face. The risks are hers to take. You wouldn't ask sam to leave you for her own safety. So how can you ask me to leave sonny?

Jason: Thanks for the food.

Emily: I reserve the right to hope, jason. No matter what happens, I love you.

Lulu: This is low, even for you.

Luke: This is a valuable life lesson, gumdrop. Trust no one. You'll thank me one day. And if you don't, you'll still gain very valuable experience wiggling out of the ropes.

Dillon: Any plans for food and water?

Luke: Oh, don't worry. The australian's a master at this. He'll have you free in no time.

Holly: Luke, you finished yet?

Luke: Yeah.

Anna: I hate to mention it, but you won't get away with this.

Robert: I intend to track you down like the two canines you are.

Anna: If I don't get there first.

Robin: Could you please gag them before you leave?

Luke: I was counting on them talking each other to death.

Holly: Ttfn.

Luke: That's "-ta for now."

All: We know!

Luke: English, this is a new beginning for a beautil friendship.

Tracy: Step away from my husband.

Luke: Spanky!

Tracy: Put me down, boots.

Luke: You came all this way to see me. I'm so touched. You know ms. Sutton.

[Phone rings]

Lucky: Yeah?

Det. Rodriguez: Sorry, buddy, but no big surprise. They just walked into the hotel.

Lucky: I just want to know how long they stay tre.

Det. Rodriguez: You sure about that?

Lucky: Just do it.

[Phone rings]

Jax: Hello?

Diego: [Distorted voice] Ahem -- did you get the test results that I sent you?

Jax: What do you want from me?

Carly: Well, this is a surprise.

P.A. Announcer: Code white 64, room 612. Code white 64, room 612.

Nikolas: Hey there.

Emily: Hey.

Nikolas: What's wrong?

Emily: Oh, I miss my brother.

Nikolas: Well, why don't you go see him?

Emily: Well, that's when I miss him most of all. He's in pain and he's alone, and I know he'd never admit it, but he's afraid he's going to lose sam, and he needs me now more than ever, but he won't let me help. As long as I'm with sonny, jason keeps pushing me away.

Nikolas: Maybe he has a point.

Emily: Ok. So you're going to be like everyone else, after all, huh?

Nikolas: Yep.

Emily: You suddenly think I should give up sonny and, what, come back to you?

Nikolas: Yeah.

Alexis: Oh, hi, dr. Reilly. Is there any improvement?

Dr. Reilly: There's no change, but we're monitoring your dghter around the clock.

Alexis: Thank you. Would it be l right if I go see her?

Dr. Reilly: Of course. I'll be back in a few minutes.

Ric: Exis, we need to tK.

Alexis: What are you doing here? I told you, jason's going to follow you.

Ric: Look, I don't think you're being fair to sam.

Monica: Oh, hi.

Jason: Hi.

Monica: Well, I found sam.

Jason: How -- how is she?

Monica: Well, she's still unconscious, but her vitals are strong.

Jason: That's -- that's great. I want to go get her. Where -- where did alexis take her?

Monica: Jason, I am sorry. I'm sorry, I just -- I can't tell you.

>> Stay tuned for scenes from the next "general hospital."

>> On the next "general hospital" --

luke: What brings you to this side of the world?

Tracy: Just reclaiming what's mine.

Jax: Hello?

Carly: So, what's going on?

Jason: Why can't you tell me where alexis sent sam?

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