GH Transcript Tuesday 5/16/06

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 5/16/06


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Carly: You want us to get married? On tuesday?

Jane: I rtainly do.

Carly: You like me. That's so sweet. You really like me -- oh! Isn't that sweet?

Jax: Yes!

Carly: That's so sweet!

Jax: Ll say, uncharacteristically so.

Jane: Well, I don't suffer fools gladly -- there's no secret to that -- but carly is no fool.

Jax: Ok.

Carly: I'm not done with that!

Jax: For the time being. Lady jane.

Jane: Oh --

jax: Dearest mother, I love you with all my heart, and I can pretty much admit to being smitten by carly, but --

jane: "Smitten?"

Carly: Pretty much.

Jax: But there's absolutely no way, no matter how compatible you think we are, that we are getting married.

Anna: Oh, robin. Of course we are, sweetheart. I mean, we were horrible parents. Robert and I as role models were complete disasters.

Robert: Speak for yourself.

Anna: We made horribly selfish choices that hurt you, and it -- it shapeyour little psyche in negative ways, and for that -- and I will speak for you here -- we are truly sorry.

Robert: She's doing fine. She's not in therapy.

Robin: Huh. What -- ve you conveniently forgot my medical status?

Robert: Well, it -- a pothole in the highway of life, influenced, I might add, by your deadbeat parents. Look, reprehensible as we may be, we created you to be tough, resilient, and independent.

Robin: Hmm.

Robert: Look at the amazing career you've carved for yourself. You've got this extended family of people around you that love and adore you and that more than filled the slack that you and I created. And you've got this new doctor boyfriend.

[Anna gasps]

Anna: You do? Oh. Honey --

robin: Oh -- no.

Anna: You have a boyfriend.

Emily: Vegas with ric? That's the surprise you mentioned?

Sonny: Well, it -- I guess it worked because you both look pretty surprised.

Emily: You could say that.

Sonny: Right?

Ric: I don't know what's stranger -- you wanting to take off to vegas for sun and fun while the world is falling around you or you wanting me to come along. Why?

Emily: I'd like to hear the answer to that myself.

Elizabeth: Look. Finally, alexis is here to drop the charges.

Epiphany: Hallelujah.

Jason: Well, maybe against you, but she's got it in for me.

Epiphany: Well, there's only one way to find out.

Mac: D.A. Davis has decided to drop the charges. You're free to go -- all of you.

Anna: You have a boyfriend? Why didn't I hear about this immediately?

Robin: A, because ever since you dropped out of your helicopter with your machine gun, you've been too busy punching out dad for me to warrant your attention.

Anna: Sorry.

Robin: And, b, there's nothing to tell. Patrick drake is not my boyfriend! Dad is just yanking my chain because, well, that seems to be the only way he knows how to communicate.

Robert: That's not true. I mean, you should've seen them together. I thought I was at an afternoon matinee.

Anna: Oh, stop it!

Robin: No, sorry! That was a performance, thank you, to distract the bounty hunters from hauling you and your freaky friends to jail.

Robert: And convincing it was, at that. This guy's a talented neurosurgeon, and good-looking, too.

Anna: Really? My little girl nabbed a neurosurgeon?

Robin: No --

anna: Oh, you know, it is so good when two people have a career in common. It's just -- it's so good.

Robin: Right, because that worked out really well for you two.

Anna: Oh, your father and I are not an example of anything. So, how serious is it?

Robert: Very.

Anna: Really?

[Robin sighs]

Anna: I mean, what -- really? Like wedding bells or something?

Robin: You guys! You will not listen to me! Patrick drake is not and will never be my boyfriend. Honestly, I can't stand him!

Luke: You're right, sweetheart. You missed out on something very special -- to see your mother in action. Oh, she was amazing. Talk about a treasure. She was smart and sexy, resourceful. And if you were lucky enough to be one of the people she loved, she'd fight like a tiger for you. The cruelest, ugliest reality of my life is that laura ended up --

lulu: In the loony bin?

Luke: Yeah.

Lulu: Do you think that she would like me -- not love me, but like me?

Luke: There is no doubt in my mind.

Lulu: Really?

Luke: Well, sure. What's not to like? You are the perfect combo plate of both the best and the worst of me and your mother with enough originality thrown in that you are a very unique creation, lesley lu spencer. You're a miracle of genetics, and I know your mother would be as proud of you as I am.

Luke: But the days of the spencer family christmas cards are long gone, my dear. And there's no point in yearning for something that will never be. The smartest thing you can do is get on with living in the now because that is all we have, and that is the best you can do.

Holly: Most men are completely mystified when it comes to women. They don't have a clue what women need or how they should be treated. Luke's one of those rare men who knows. So is robert. You could be in their league.

Lucas: You look like hell.

Maxie: That's sweet of you. Can I borrow your car?

Lucas: Well, what happened to the one mac lets you drive?

Maxie: It got impounded.

Lucas: All by itself?

Maxie: Ok, maybe I left it in a no-parking zone, which is how my dad found o I was at jake'S. He took it away from me, like that's going to stop me from having fun. Look, lucas, I just need your car for a couple of days, and then I'm going to have my own.

Lucas: Ok, I hate to break it to you, maxie, but cars are expensive, and unless you've come into an unexpected inheritance, last time I checked, you were broke.

Maxie: Yeah, well, things change. I happeno be in possession of some information that someone will pay me a lot of money to keep to myself.

Lucas: That sounds like a roundabout way of saying "blackmail."

Carly: You don't want to marry me?

Jax: Whoa! Whoa, hold on a second -- don't put this on me. You're the one that retracted your proposal.

Carly: Maybe because I wanted to clear the way for you to propose on your own -- did you think about that?

Jax: Um -- ok. What about the independent -- you know, you said you wanted to be more independent.

Carly: A good husband doesn't strip his wife of her independence.

Jax: Well --

jane: Carly has a point, jax!

Carly: Thank you, jane!

Jax: Yes.

Carly: Hmm!

Jax: Thank -- thank you, ma. When did the two of you get so chummy? Huh?

Carly: Right about here.

Jax: Oh.

[Jane snickers]

Carly: Why? Don't you think we're compatible?

Jane: Well, of course we are.

Carly: I don't mean me and you -- I mean me and jax!

Jax: Give me your hand.

Jane: Oh -- oh, please, I am perfectly steady on my feet. What are you doing? That's my engagement ring. Your father gave me that!

Jax: And now I'm giving it to my bride-to-be. You want a proposal? I'll give you a proposal. Exasperating lady, beautiful woman, would you do me the honor of being my wife?

Sonny: I haven't always treated you well, ric -- for good -- for -- you know, I mean, I didn't trust you for good reason, but that's not the point. Let's let bygones be bygones. Regardless of what's happened in the past, you've stepped up for me when no one else did, and -- and how did I thank you? By putting you through the ringer, so this is just my way of making up for that. We go to -- we go to vegas, we go dancing, we gamble with people. We have a good time.

Ric: Uh -- ok, well --

sonny: Right?

Ric: Well --

sonny: Yeah.

Ric: Well, the invitation is definitely appreciated, and it -- and it warrants more discussion. I can't leave right now, sonny. I got to be with alexis, everything that's going on with sam and especially what she just did.

Sonny: What did she just do?

Ric: It's -- don't worry. I'll take care of it.

Sonny: What has alexis done?

Ric: She arrested patrick, elizabeth, and jason.

Alexis: You all broke the law by aiding and performing in a rogue surgery. Your actions may have been well-intended, but they were irresponsible. Even still, I have no intention of being petty or vindictive.

Patrick: That surgery saved sam's life whether my father agrees or not.

Alexis: Your father believed that she would recover without that surgery and then changed his mind when he saw that you were being charged with criminal charges.

Jason: Seriously, do you not get if he hadn't operated, sam would be dead by now?

Alexis: Do you understand that sam hasn't regained consciousness yet? And until she does, we won't know if this surry was successful or not.

Jason: What -- what are you talking about?

Alexis: I'm saying that because you took things into your own hands, you may have caused your fiancee irreparable damage. I still love looking at her,

Anna: Ignore your father -- I do. Sit down. I want you to tell me about your young man. Come on.

Robin: All right, fine. I'll tell you about patrick.

Anna: Ok.

Robin: All right. I mean, he's attractive -- I'll give him that.

Anna: Mm-hmm.

Robin: But not as devastatingly handsome as he thinks he is.

Anna: Yeah, well, he's a man.

Robin: Right. He's a brilliant surgeon -- um, actually there's no one better than him. On a human level, he has brief flashes of depth, but they happen, let's say, as often as a solar eclipse, but you know, you take what you can get. Otherwise, he's a pig.

Robert: Three out of five -- at's not bad.

Robin: Patrick is the most conceited man I think I have ever met --

anna: Uh-huh.

Robin: With the exception of you. I mean, he's -- oh -- he's arrogant, he's pushy. He think that his insensitive behavior can be erased with a sexy smile and a sleazy joke. He's a challenge junkie -- I mean, whether it's acing the latest medical procedure or winning a bet so he can get the attending nurse into bed. I mean, it's quite disgusting.

Anna: Oh.

Robert: See? He's not a bad guy.

Anna: Oh.

Robin: You know what? That's another thing -- he thinks that he is god's gift to women. He thinks that he's entitled to anyone that moves practically. I mean, he almost nailed holly on the dining room table, remember that?

Robert: That was to get a reaction from you, and it -- it worked.

Robin: Whatever. It doesn't matter, none of it matters. I mean, even if I was stupid enough to like him, I could never trust him.

Robert: Ah! What --

anna: Oh.

Robert: What'd I do?

Anna: You made our daughter fall in love with you!

Robert: Ahem.

Anna: Oh.

Luke: It was sweet of you to come out here and try and help me, and I got to tell you, you really surprised me. You held your own here more than once, and I'll give you that.

Lulu: Oh, and here comes the big old "but."

Luke: Yeah, well, the "but" is you never should've come. Out here in the world with me is nowhere for you.

Lulu: Hmm. Well, sorry to be such a burden.

Luke: Oh. Now here you go again, see? You're making this all about you and your unrealistic expectations. I think that you think that if you hound me enough, somehow I'm going to magically transform into the kind of father you want me to be, and, sweetheart, it ain't going to happen. Give it up.

Carly: Look at you down there. Are you really proposing?

Jax: No. I just like the view from down here.

Jane: Oh, how romantic.

Carly: I am loving this moment, except you're stone-cold sober and I'm dead drunk.

Jax: Oh, details.

Carly: Important details.

Jax: Well, I'll take that as a no.

Carly: Oh, wait. Wait -- oh! Ooh.

Jax: You ok?

Carly: Where was I?

Jax: You were about to turn me down.

Carly: Right.

Jax: Right.

Carly: Right, not because I don't want to marry you -- that's not it. I mean, I'm an old-fashioned girl, I'm old-fashioned about those kind of things. I like marriage. Marriage is great, you know -- the whole you and me against the world, united front as a family, and you? You would be the best paner -- you would -- because you're fun and you're romantic and you're capable. It's just -- it's just not the right time.

Jax: I know. I understand. Well -- wait, hold on. You're not doubting my sincety, are you?

Carly: No! No, I just don't want you to feel backed into a corner for some reason or subtly pressured by me or your mom.

Jax: Yeah.

Carly: And -- and even if that wasn't our intention, it would just spoil everything if you woke up tomorrow and you were having regrets, and then there's the whole independent thing. You know, I've only had it for such a short time, and I'm not really ready to give it up, even for someone as wonderful and as amazing as you.

Jane: Oh, bravo! What a woman! Carly is dead-on on all counts. Not only is she a beauty, but she has a sensible head on her shoulders. Oh, looks fade, dumb is forever. Oh, you better stay vigilant, jax. When carly is ready to commit, she could get somebody even better than you.

Carly: Oh!

[Jane laughs]

[Carly giggles]

Alexis: Is it all right if I usehe interrogation room? I'd like a word private with jason.

Mac: Be my guest.

Mac: You're free to go.

Epiphany: Not that it hasn't been swell.

Patrick: I just wanted to say thank you.

Epiphany: What took you so long?

Patrick: You heading back to the hospital?

Lucky: She's coming home with me.

Elizabeth: Honey, I can'T. My shift isn't over. I have patient obligations.

Lucky: And where does your husband fit in your oh-so-busy schedule?

Elizabeth: Please don't be like this, ok? I have to get back to work.

Lucky: Ok.

Alexis: This hasn't been easy on either one of us. It's been enormously stressful, not to mention having to spend so much concentrated time in each other's company. Sincerely believe that you and I want the same thing. We just go about getting it very differently. I was adamant about having that surgery performed so soon. What i didn't take into consideration is your unorthodox way of problem-solng. As long as her long-term prognosis isn't affected adversely, I am willing to put what's happened behind us and move on.

Jason: In return for what?

Alexis: I'm responsible for sam's care from now on.

Jason: I knew that you would pull something like this.

Ric: Well, alexis got an injunction to stop sam's surgery, but jason, of course, being the resourceful guy he is -- he got patrick to perform it anyway, so you can imagine alexis is fit to be tied.

Sonny: Who the hell does alexis think she is, stepping in, making decisions about sam's health care, ric?

Ric: Um, her mother?

Sonny: Yeah, but, you know, in name only.

Ric: Ok, that's an argument for another day. Sonny, I don't agree with alexis running off and arresting everybody in sight, so I'm going to try and get her to drop the charges.

Emily: Good luck.

Ric: Look, thanks for the invitation. I mean, vegas would've been a nice of change of pace, ok?

Sonny: Hey. You know what? It's always there.

Ric: See you later.

Emily: Do you think he means it?

Sonny: You mean getting her to back off?

Emily: Yeah.

Sonny: Yeah. She may listen to him, as far as everybody else is concerned, but when it comes to jason, that's not going to happen.

Emily: You know what? This isn't fair. Sam is incapacitated, you and jason are at war. That means my brother's left without anyone. I'm going to go to the station and --

sonny: Hey, hey, hey, hey. You're not going anywhere. There are more than 29 million americans without insurance,

[Robin coughs]

Robin: Ok. I think you need to explain that last statement.

Anna: Oh, robin, it's just -- it's textbook psychology. Most young girls, they tend to choose men that remind them of their fathers, which only becomes unfortunate when the father in question is a self-absorbed, emotionally void libertine who lies for a living.

Robin: Well, patrick is a doctor. That's about as far away as you can get from -- I don't know -- whatever you call yourself these days.

Anna: What do you call yourself these days?

Robert: Agent of the world.

Anna: Oh!

[Robin and anna laugh]

Anna: Ok, so, whatever. Ok, just -- let's just go down the list --

robin: Sure.

Anna: And then you tell me when I'm wrong, all right?

Robin: Mm-hmm.

Anna: So your patrick is, what -- arrogant?

Robin: Check.

Anna: Domineering?

Robin: Totally.

Anna: The attention span of a gnat, unless sex is involved?

[Robin gasps]

Robin: So true!

Anna: And the emotional depth of a teeny-weeny thimble, a little teeny --

robin: Oh, my god! You're right! I think I've found a stand-in for you.

Robert: And exactly what is wrong with loving me?

Lulu: I'm not holding my breath for father/daughter sack races, ok? You're your own creation. Well, guess what -- so am I, and the only reason that I came here was because I was bored, and I just needed to shake things up a bit, and you were a convenient excuse. Yeah.

Luke: Good for you. Good. You ok?

Dillon: Yeah. Holly wants to see you -- now.

Luke: Oh.

Luke: Well, it's about time, english.

Holly: Luke.

Luke: Dillon said you wanted to see me?

Holly: Not really, but I'll let the dear boy off the hook in return for more adult fare.

Jason: I told you sam was your daughter because I thought she was going to die. And I wanted sam to have the chance to know her mother for whatever time she had left, but i knew the second the words came out of my mouth, you would try to take over her life --

alexis: "Take care of," jason.

Jason: You don't even know her! I do. I love her, she loves me, and I'm not about to let you put yourself between us, so back off!

Alexis: I don't care what you have to do at this point. Keep him busy so I get a head start. Thanks, pal.

Mac: Whoa -- hold on! We're not done yet.

Jason: What are you talking abou she dropped the charges. What do I need to be here for?

Mac: The same shooter is still out there, there's unrest in your organization. I think there's a few things we can discuss.

Jason: Mac, you're doing this for alexis. What is she doing? Where's she going? What's she up to?

Sonny: Is there a problem?

If you have allergies,

Jason: What are you doing here?

Sonny: I'm here to bail you out.

Mac: That won't be necessary. Alexis dropped the charges. Jason will be released soon.

Sonny: Why not now, mac?

Mac: Because I'm the commissioner, and I say so. Now, you can eher go back in there voluntarily, jason, into the interrogation room, or we could all drag you back in. But that's just going to involve a lot of paperwork.

[Jason opens and closes door]

Mac: The same shooter is still out there. Now, I know this is a waste of time, but if you come up with anything --

sonny: You'll be the first to know, mac.

Mac: Y don't I believe that?

Sonny: Well, you can believe it or not believe it, but you -- you better find that freak before jason does.

Robert: I hardly think that loving me is a hanging offense. I mean, I have many exceptional qualities, and your mother knows that all too well.

Anna: What? Don'T. Please, leave me out of this.

Robert: All right. Look me in the eye and tell me that you didn't crave me --

robin: Oh --

robert: The very first second we met.

Anna: Oh --

robert: And that every other man in your life, including that toilet flush lavery, has come up woefully short.

Anna: Excuse me. As usual, you give yourself way too much credit. You were insufferable, robert. I mean, impossible to live with. Between you and this massive ego of yours, there was barely enough room for me in the bed. But don't even get me started on what a nightmare you were to work with. He had to win at all costs, even when we were working on the same side. Now, that is a true mark of a lousy spy.

Robert: That is a sucker punch and completely uncalled for.

Anna: Ok. Well, so, who got us blown up by faison?

Robert: Who got us caught up in that ambassador's porno closet?

Anna: Oh, shh. God, you're a spiteful toad, you know.

Robert: Ice sculpture!

Robin: Will you guys stop? I have a question for you. Did you two ever love each other, like normal people?

Robert: More than you'll ever know.

Georgie: I'm here to run interference. Please give maxie the car back. She needs to know that you trust her.

Mac: I can't do that, georgie. Look, right now, maxie is a runaway train barreling down the tracks at the moment before impact.

Georgie: I know, I know. But she came home, didn't she? She could have gone back to the dorms, slept it off, and just told you that she parked wrong and it got impounded. Please, try talking to her instead of punishing her. She's a little lost right now, and she needs some help. Cut her some slack, please?

Mac: Ok.

Georgie: Thank you.

Mac: How about you?

Georgie: I'm fine. I'm a happily married woman, remember? Thanks for the help with maxie.

[Door opens]

Sonny: I'm sorry about sam.

Jason: Yeah, thanks. After what I did to you, why would you even bail me out? Ink you know allthere is to know

Anna: Robert is right. I did want him from the moment I laid eyes on him. But it wasn't just physical. Look, I know. You asked, ok? 'S -- suck it up. I felt connected to someone else for the first time in my life -- deeply connected. Robert felt like roots for me, like home. And I would have to say that no other man has ever really affected me quite the same way. I would have to say that. But you know, I take great pride in my independence. And robert is the only man I've ever allowed to rescue me. Hes the only man I've ever needed. We had an incredle life. We shared adventures that most people can only just imagine. And I think we experienced a once-in-a-lifetime love. Right?

Robert: That's right.

Anna: Right. But I think what I would have to say the greatest thing that we've ever done together is to create our extraordinary daughter. And for that reason alone, I -- I'm really sort of thankful --

[Robert chuckles]

Anna: For the day that he walked into my life. Ok? So, there. Now you know.

Robert: Um -- i tend to disagree with your mother on principle. This time she's got me. Without question, you are our greatest achievement. Not a day goes by that I don't give thanks for that. You -- said before, how much did we love each other? I loved this woman beyond reason.

Robin: I can see it from both of you, so why --

robert: Why couldn't we get it together? Oh, I mean, your mother's independence, my need to compete. But I can say at this moment, at any time, anna devane still takes my breath away. Ok, enough soul-baring for one day. I'm out of here. You can pick over my bones, if you wish.

Anna: Well --

robin: You still love him.

Anna: Of course I do.

Lucas: Maxie?

Maxie: Awesome. You came through.

Lucas: Wait -- to an extent. I'll -- I'll take you wherever you want to go.

Maxie: No questions asked?

Lucas: None.

Maxie: No looking over my shoulder?

Lucas: I'll drop you off and pick you up.

Maxie: Fine, I'll take it. I just have to do something first.

Lucas: Should I be worried?

Maxie: Look, lucas, I have tried things the hard way. I've tried things everyone else's way. I'm doing things my way now.

Lucas: Hey, what could you possibly be mailing to jax?

Maxie: Give me that. Excuse me, could you mail that? Thanks.

Mailman: Sure.

Lucas: Wait, maxie, you're not thinking of blackmailing jax, are you?

Sonny: I've been thinking a lot about what's happened. The wall you put between us, the trust that was broken. And to my surprise, it doesn't matter anymore. I'm sorry that you can't accept what I feel for your sister. I miss you in my life. My sons miss you, to but I'm glad that it ended this way. By taking my business, you gave me my freedom. Unfortunately, you're the one holding the bag. Carrying the burden of pressure, cops, the constant danger. I think you're starting to find that out. By -- by being so determined to protect emily, sam got hit.

[Door opens]

Mac: You're free to go whenever you want.

[Jason sighs]

Sonny: Hey, jason? I hope sam gets better.

You do a lot to make sure your kids' bodies

Anna: I don't know -- it's kind of like a little bittersweet thing.

Robin: Hmm.

Anna: You know, to find that sort of inspirational love and -- and just to have to abandon it because you're incapable of being together. I guess it's one of life's mirthless joS. I love robert, but, oh, my god, I can't stand him. You know?

Robin: That's really sad.

Anna: It's not. It's -- it's -- it's just the coin toss that we pulled. And no doubt, my heart has been hardened because of all of that, so don't pay any attention to me. Because it doesn't mean that you're doomed to repeat your parents' mistakes. You know, you and patrick -- you're going to be just fine.

Robin: Oh, hold on. No, I'm not in love with patrick.

Anna: I know, I know you're not in love with him, I know. But I'm just saying that just in case things should change, I want you to be able to just give your heart freely. But hold on to your soul because you never know when you're going to need that.

Robin: Thanks, mom.

Anna: One other thing, all right? That -- for what it's worth, you know? Your father's not perfect. God knows he's not perfect. But he really adores you. And he wants you in his life. Ok?

[Robin sighs]

Anna: So if there's any way that you could be more -- more patient and compassionate than I was, perhaps you could find a place in your life for him. Do you think? Listen. You won't be sorry.

Lulu: It -- it was not fair of me dragging you down here to help me push myself on my dad. Ok? Georgie must be wondering what the heck is going on.

Dillon: Yeah, well, it's ok.

Lulu: No. No. You know what? It's not. I had a lame idea, and this is the lame ending that I deserved.

Dillon: Hey -- look, just listen. I think that there's a reason that things like this happen. I think there's a reason this happened. And -- and maybe it'll take us a while to figure out what it was, but one day we're going to look back on this and we're going to know.

Holly: I'm squarely on your side in the whole love debate. It's grossly overrated. Of course, companionship certainly has its place.

Luke: No argument from me there.

Holly: After all, matches for people like you and I don't show up every day.

Luke: They certainly don'T. And, on the other hand, every once in a while, the perfect match can just fall into your perfect lap.

Max: Yeah. So I just took it around the corner. It was awesome.

[Sonny sighs]

Sonny: Do the best you can.

Max: The new car? What happened? The front gate? A tree? How bad is she?

Sonny: I sideswiped a garbage can.

Max: What?

Sonny: Relax. It's a joke. My goodness gracious. Car's ne. Give me my keys.

[Sonny laughs]

Milo: He got you that time.

Max: No, this is worse than I thought. This is worse than it's ever been.

Milo: Relax, man. Mr. C was joking.

Max: That is just it -- he never jokes. I'm telling you, something bad is going down.

[Footsteps approach]

Emily: Did you bail jason out?

Sonny: Um -- I didn't -- I didn't have to because alexis did.

Emily: That's a relief.

Sonny: I thanked jason for leasing me.

Emily: So you mean it? You're happy?

Sonny: You know why?

[Music plays]

Sonny: Come here.

Emily: What?

Sonny: Because I can -- I can stand in front of a window with a beautul woman who loves me, and -- and not have -- have to worry.

Elizabeth: I saw you with lucky earlier. Does he suspect anything?

Patrick: Well, he's a little curious because I think you're such a lousy liar. That's a -- a compliment, by the way.

Elizabeth: Oh.

Patrick: Look, we don't have to go through with this if you don't want to.

Elizabeth: No, no, we just have to be more careful. There's no telling what lucky would do if he finds out.

Patrick: Hey, listen, there's been a development.

Jason: Where is she?

Patrick: Alexisad her moved.

Jason: Had -- what -- had her moved where?

Patrick: We don't know.

Jason: What do you mean, you don't know? She can't do that!

Elizabeth: Alexis is sam's next of kin. And until sam can speak for herself, ales can do whatever she wants.

Alexis: It's ok, sam. There's just too many agendas here. There's doctors with family issues. Nurses with biases. I'm taking you to a facility that is strictly focused on you. I'm devoted to getting you the best possible care that I can.

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Jax: I have a problem. I'm about to be blackmailed.

Carly: I want you to tell me where alexis took sam.

Jason: Where did you take her?

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