GH Transcript Friday 5/5/06

General Hospital Transcript Friday 5/5/06


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Luke: Ah!

Robert: Ah!

Holly: Good morning. I brought the paper.

Luke: Ooh.

Robert: Ahem.

Jax: Dr. Meadows. Nice to see you up and about. How are you feeling?

Dr. Meadows: Oh. Much better, thank you.

Jax: You're back at work.

Dr. Meadows: No, actually, I've decided to retire. I'm just here to clear out my office.

Jax: Oh. Then congratulations.

Dr. Meadows: I suppose. I was very sorry to hear about Courtneyís death, but I understand her son is doing well.

Jax: Yes, he is.

Dr. Meadows: You know, I have wondered if you thought this baby was yours, why you would have to bribe me to fake a paternity test.

Emily: Wait, what is that?

Sonny: Trust me, tequila woman. You need to drink this, badly.

Elizabeth: How long did it take you to crawl out of bed this morning?

Kelly: Are you kidding? I barely made it to the couch last night.

Elizabeth: Yeah. I think I have tequila oozing out of my pores.

Kelly: Don't say "ooze" or "tequila."

Elizabeth: You're right. Hey, there's fresh coffee in the break room.

Kelly: All the coffee in the world won't help me with what I have to do next.

Elizabeth: Is it about Sam McCall?

Kelly: If her blood counts haven't changed, I have to tell her fiancť she's dying.

Jason: How's she doing?

Kelly: Sam's not getting any better.

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Luke: Where'd you get this?

Holly: They're plastered all over the village.

Robert: Why would you want to go into the village?

Luke: To get coffee. Please tell me "to get coffee."

Holly: I couldn't risk the coffee shack.

Robert: "The coffee shack"?

Holly: Tracking us down has become the national sport on this island.

Luke: Really? Well, then I say play that sport and turn him in.

Robert: Oh. Here we go again.

Luke: You know, all we did was, you know, bust out of jail to avoid a couple of questions -- we can talk our way out of that. Scorpio is a terrorist.

Robert: I'm a suspected terrorist and only because you set me up with the police.

Luke: So we turn him in, we collect the bounty, and maybe they'll give us a medal -- or at least some coffee.

Holly: I am desperate for a cup of coffee.

Robert: I do see two flaws to this scenario. I'm not a terrorist -- and it won't take much for the police to figure that out -- but you two did a lot more than just bust out.

Luke: Well, all I did was impersonate a doctor a couple of times and dress up like a priest. That's no big deal.

Robert: You spread a deadly virus that could've wiped out half the free world.

Luke: Nobody's perfect.

Robert: And you abducted a chimp.

Luke: Well, that was to save the chimp's life.

Robert: Look, we turn him in, we collect the bounty. We could be on a booze cruise by sunset.

Holly: I like cocktails even more than I like coffee.

Robert: Yeah.

Luke: Yeah, but there's a big problem with that.

Robert: And what's that?

Luke: She'd end up with you instead of me!

Robert: Yeah.

Jax: As I told you at the time, there was a good chance that Nikolas would be the father and I wanted to protect the baby from the Cassadines. It turns out I didn't have to -- I really am John's father.

Dr. Meadows: So I guess all's well that ends well, hmm?

Jax: If you'll excuse me. Enjoy your retirement.

Dr. Meadows: Hmm.

Jax: Hey.

Carly: Hey.

Jax: What are you doing here?

Carly: Um -- I need to meet my mother here. You know, she doesn't know about John yet.

Jax: Yeah, yeah, I was surprised that there wasn't anything on the news about him.

Carly: No, no. For some reason the mayor's office -- they wanted to keep it quiet.

Jax: Oh.

Dr. Meadows: My last official act as doctor at General Hospital.

Epiphany: A paternity test?

Dr. Meadows: Mm-hmm -- on Baby John Jacks. I just want to know the truth.

Jax: So did you -- where'd you sleep last night?

Carly: Jasonís. I -- I was going to go to the hotel, but my dad used to stay there. Did I tell you he once bought me a house and he helped me move in, just so he could go through my things and try to find evidence against Sonny?

Jax: I'm sorry.

Carly: I'm sorry, but I don't know what I'm sorry for. I sat up all night long trying to come up with some really great memories of my father, and I came up with about 10. I mean, we both like junk food.

[Carly sighs]

Carly: And then once he showed me this family album, and that was great because it turned out that I looked a lot like my grandmother, and that made me really happy and I felt really connected. But then it turned out that he was just trying to play me, so --

Jax: It doesn't mean that -- that he didn't love you. I mean, you can have an ulterior motive and still have genuine feelings for someone.

Carly: You know, the sad part is that when I tell Michael and Morgan that Grandpa John is dead, Morganís not even going to know who he is. Michael's going say he's sorry because he knows that's what he should do, but they're never going to remember their grandfather.

Jax: Well, maybe you can just wait to tell the boys.

Carly: I can't do that. My mom is going to be here any --

Jax: Well, you know what? I can -- I can take the boys to go see Little John.

Ric: I got a better idea. Why don't you just let me take Michael and Morgan home to see their father?

[Emily groans]

Sonny: So just drink it --

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: And then we can have sex.

Emily: What --

Sonny: What?

Emily: What?

Sonny: Well, that's what you told me last night, see.

Emily: I did?

Sonny: Yeah, you -- sex or nothing, because love causes problems.

Emily: I didn't say that.

Sonny: It kind of hurt my feelings, but that's all right because, you know, I care about you so much and I want to make you happy. So if you -- if you really need to bang me then, whew --

Emily: What?

Sonny: Yeah, you said that last night. You don't member saying that last night?

Emily: I've never said anything like that in my life. What, did I? Ah --

Sonny: Ok, listen to me.

Emily: Oh, my God --

Sonny: No, no, no, listen -- hey, there's no need to be embarrassed. Look, if you really have this need, right, to -- to bang me, who am I to say no?

Emily: Oh, my God.

Alexis: D.A. Durant didn't show up for our meeting last night.

Woman: I'm sorry?

Alexis: He didn't return any of my phone calls. How am I supposed to work with him if he just disappears at whim?

Man: Working for John Durant won't be a problem anymore, Ms. Davis.

Alexis: Mayor Floyd.

Mayor Floyd: Would you please give us the room for a moment? Thank you. John Durant was murdered last night. We don't have all the details, but I'm assuming organized crime, and I am offering you the job of Interim District Attorney.

Alexis: What? Wait, wait -- no, you can't do that. I -- I just started as the A.D.A.

Mayor Floyd: I agree you're underqualified, but the city charter requires that the D.A. choose a replacement in case a situation like this comes up, and John Durant chose you.

Jason: Do the tests show any improvement?

Kelly: Unfortunately, Samís blood still isn't clotting properly. Did she sleep through the night?

Jason: I mean, she, you know, wakes up and she very tired, and when she does sleep she's very restless.

Kelly: The blood and plasma transfusions aren't helping. Sam is getting weaker by the hour.

Jason: Well, can you try something else?

Kelly: I'll order more tests.

Sam: Hey. How am I doing?

Jason: You're doing great.

Carly: I will decide if my boys go see Sonny, not you. And for the record, Michael and Morgan will never go anywhere with you, ever.

Ric: Carly, this has nothing to do with you or me. Sonny wants to see his children, all right? Why don't you just let them come with their uncle?

Jax: You know, Ric, I have no quarrel with you. You're married to one of my best friends. But if you or Sonny try to take the boys from Carly, I'll do what I said -- I'll crush you both.

Ric: Jax, Carlyís understandably combative with me. Why don't you be the voice of reason and help her out?

Jax: What is reasonable about wanting those boys to go back to a man who tried to kill their uncle?

Ric: Oh, "their uncle"? Right, of course -- St. Jason. Do you know what Jason was doing last night when he took a break from standing vigil with Sam? He put a gun to my head and threatened to blow it off.

Carly: I don't want to hear anything about Jason.

Ric: That's St. Jason.

Carly: Get out of here, Ric!

Jax: Why don't you have the good sense to leave before you take on more trouble -- more trouble than you can handle?

Ric: Don't lose this one.

Carly: I hate him.

Jax: Oh, look, hey. Take it easy

Carly: I don't want to take it easy.

Jax: Take it --

Carly: I don't want to take it easy, ok? I want to be mad.

Jax: Sit down.

Carly: I just want to be mad because I understand that. Ric is a snake and I loathe him, and it's that simple.

Jax: Unlike your father's death.

Carly: I don't know -- I don't know how to grieve for a man that I barely knew and I didn't trust. I mean, there are no childhood memories, but I can't blame him for that because he didn't even know I was around. I just have to believe that John Durant wanted to be my father. He just wanted to lock up Sonny more.

Jax: Well, he was very goal-oriented, just like his daughter.

Carly: You know, when I first found my father, I was thrilled and I was so happy, and I wanted to know all the ways that John Durant was like me, and it just turned out that those were all the reasons why we couldn't have anything real.

Jax: You had something real with your father, you know? You held him -- you held him when he died. It doesn't get more real than that.

Sonny: Hey.

Emily: Oh. What's that smell?

Sonny: This is the best hangover remedy in the whole world --

Emily: Mm-hmm?

Sonny: Bacon-cheeseburger and fries, right?

Emily: Why?

Sonny: Why? I'll tell you why -- because the carbs --

Emily: Mm-hmm?

Sonny: And the grease absorb whatever alcohol's left in your body --

Emily: Uh-uh.

Sonny: And then you wash it down with a soda.

Emily: I don't think so.

Sonny: Just try it, will you. Just for me, please?

Emily: What? I canít.

Sonny: Just give it -- just give it a try.

Emily: Wait -- it's going to make me sick. It's making me sick.

Sonny: All right, you know what?

Emily: Ugh.

Sonny: Just --

Emily: Oh.

Sonny: Slam it, lick it, and suck it.

Emily: Excuse me?

Sonny: That's what you told -- that's what you wanted to do last night.

Emily: Shut up. No, what are you talking -- tell me --

Sonny: No --

Emily: I didn't say that to you.

Sonny: No -- well, you just wanted to let loose a little bit and it was cute, and I thought it was cute and, you know, no big deal. I saw a different side to you.

[Emily laughs]

Emily: Ok.

Sonny: What?

Emily: To sex. We all said that, I vaguely remember.

Sonny: Who's "they"?

Emily: Um -- Kelly, Robin, Elizabeth -- Lainey. We had a terrible night in the O.R. -- Patrick Drake lost a patient. He may have shown up at Jakeís -- I hardly remember -- but Kelly was upset, I know that. Oh, my God.

Sonny: Hmm?

Emily: Kelly said Samís dying.

Alexis: Wait a second. This is -- this is a lot to process right now. You can't expect me to just take this. I have a lot to consider before I accept an offer like that.

Mayor Floyd: Time is a luxury we don't have right now, Ms. Davis. I don't want to go public with Durantís death until I can announce the Interim D.A.

Alexis: Well, what's the rush?

Mayor Floyd: I do not want the Office of the District Attorney to appear unstable with a mob war brewing, but you know what? That really doesn't concern you. I am bound by the law to offer you the job and I did, but I have a much better candidate lined up.

Alexis: What? Hold -- hold on. I didn't turn this job down.

Mayor Floyd: I would seriously advise you to do so. You are the very last person who should represent law and order, not to mention high moral values in Port Charles.

Alexis: And why is that?

Mayor Floyd: Well, let's see -- you are the mother of Sonny Corinthos' illegitimate child?

Alexis: Hmm.

Mayor Floyd: You also abused the criminal justice system to get away with murder. And you're far too liberal. Look, everyone knows female D.A.ís are soft on crime -- only a woman would've let Manny Ruiz back out on the street. Look, we both know that you're not right for this job. So, I will be very happy to accept your offer to refuse this position of D.A. as soon as you can draft it.

Alexis: One, I don't respond to bullies. I suggest you keep that in mind. Two, you are bound by law to give me this job if I want it, and I want it. Three, if you don't set up a press conference within an hour announcing that I'm the Interim District Attorney, I will charge you with sexual discrimination to show you just how tough on crime I can be. That'll be all, thank you.

Holly: My husband -- may he rest in peace -- spent a lot of time on this island. He was from old money.

Luke: So you know the area?

Holly: His family had a villa here. We used to spend the evening sitting out on the porch or strolling through the gardens. The servants were always really nice to me -- they'll hide us.

Luke: Where?

Holly: I just told you -- the villa. It's not far from here.

Robert: Wait, wait. We had to spend the night here on adventure land, and -- and you've got a villa?

Luke: You might've mentioned this.

Holly: I've been trying my best to allow you the opportunity to rescue me. It hasn't been going very well, but I'm keeping an open mind. However, in the meantime, why suffer?

Luke: Well --

Robert: Well --

Luke: Hey, well --

Robert: Hey --

Luke: Wait!

Robert: Hey, Holly --

Luke: Hang on!

Robert: Yeah!

Luke: Holly, we don't know where this villa is.

Robert: Hey, Holly!

Bobbie: It's ok. You just go like that, and then we're not.

Carly: Oh --

Bobbie: Hey!

Carly: You know, it would be a really, really big favor to me if you and Morgan could -- uh -- go with Jax for a minute. I need to talk to your grandmother.

Michael: Ok.

Jax: Little John's going to come home today, so I appreciate the help. Come on, let's go.

Bobbie: Ok. Have fun. What's wrong?

Carly: Um -- uh -- John Durant, my dad, died last night.

Bobbie: Oh, my God.

Carly: Yeah. There was an ambush in the house next to mine, and he was shot and killed.

Bobbie: Oh -- were you with him?

Carly: Yes, I was. It was a setup, and he was there trying to help me and he was shot in the leg and he bled to death.

Bobbie: What's going on? Sam gets shot at your fundraiser dinner, and now you get ambushed in your own neighborhood?

Carly: It was awful. I mean, there was no escaping that house.

Bobbie: Oh, it must've been terrible for you.

Carly: Yeah, the worst part was when we were dodging bullets literally; we had the best conversation that we've ever had. We agreed to start over. I didn't realize he was that hurt and -- he said, "Carly, I love you, and that's never going to change," and then he just died.

Bobbie: I am sorry.

Carly: We wasted so much time, you know, just so much time, and now he's gone.

Bobbie: But you got to see the good in your dad before he went, and you will always know he loved you very much. I'm sorry, honey.

Sam: My engagement ring -- where is it? Did someone steal it?

Jason: No, it's right here. It's ok. You took it off fore you went into surgery. Do you want me to put it back on?

Sam: Please.

Jason: You've been so good to me. You stayed with me through so much. Oh, man. I just wish I'd given you more to smile about.

Sam: Hey. You make me smile just knowing we're together. That's all.

Jason: Look, I know I'm not -- no good at giving presents or knowing the right thing to say, but --

Sam: Hey. You're the most generous man that I have ever met.

Jason: Thank you for making me a better person.

Sam: Thank you, Jason, for loving me.

Jason: I always will.

Emily: Sam's blood isn't clotting and her pressure is dropping.

Sonny: Jason must've known last night.

Emily: What, you saw him?

Sonny: Yeah, he came by.

Emily: Why?

Sonny: Just business.

Emily: But business is the last thing that Jason needs to be thinking about right now. Sam is all he has.

Sonny: I just -- I knew Sam was in bad shape. I didn't know she was dying.

Emily: If she does, Jason is going to be devastated. I don't know how he's going to go on.

Sonny: She was shot in his arms. If she dies, he's going to blame himself. I would hate to live in that hell.

Emily: I'm so glad that you can still feel for Jason and that anger hasn't destroyed everything.

Sonny: Anger fades. I still don't like what Jason did. But he's my friend, and he's -- he's like a brother, and that will always be.

Ric: Hi. Sorry to interrupt. Emily, I need to speak with Sonny.

Emily: Yeah, it's -- it's ok. I -- I need a rest.

Sonny: You all right?

Emily: Yeah, I'm fine.

Ric: So, Jasonís still your brother, huh? Even though he dragged me here last night at gunpoint; offered to blow my head off?

Sonny: I'm glad he didnít.

Ric: And that makes it ok?

Sonny: You're not stupid, Ric. You know why he did it.

Ric: Jason is a stone killer, Sonny. He hates my guts.

Sonny: You know, I -- look, even though I had good intentions, I tried to take advantage of Sam being hurt to make a business move.

Ric: Oh.

Sonny: It made Jason furious. If the tables were reversed, I'd have done the same thing.

Ric: So you're saying he followed by your example and that's ok with you? Do you realize he could've killed me?

Sonny: But he didn't! Let's just calm it down now.

Ric: Your brotherly affection for me is just amazing.

Sonny: What do you want -- what do you want to hear? That I screwed up? Is that what you want to hear? I should've never let you talk me into making that move against Jason. It didn't go any further. I'm sorry that you're disappointed in me. I'm grateful for everything that you've done. The fact that I have a brother who I believe I can count on is -- is a positive, but I don't hate Jason. And no matter what happened last night, I just thank God that it didn't go any further.

Ric: Ok. Well, while you're taking stock of everything, you might want to consider that Carly came into this house and took your children in the middle of the night because of Jason. And she just informed me that she's planning on keeping Michael and Morgan away from you permanently.

[Michael laughs]

Michael: He smiled at me. Did you see that?

Carly: Yeah. I think he likes you.

Jax: It doesn't get any better than this -- spending time with your kids.

Carly: No. It doesnít.

Alexis: If you just tell the press that my first order of business is to track down whoever killed John Durant, bring them to justice. Good. That's it. Hi. Will you do me a favor and just hold on one second, ok? I need those.

Viola: Here we are.

Alexis: Hi. What time is it?

Viola: Well, we've been trying to call all morning. We couldn't get through.

Alexis: Will you pick up that call for me, and -- hold on one second -- take this one, and we'll deal with the rest of it later, ok? Hi.

Kristina: You forgot about me and Molly.

Alexis: I would never forget about you and Molly. I know I'm supposed to take you guys for ice cream. Hey, listen, mommy has got a big job right now that's going to keep me extra-special busy for a little bit. Can you handle that?

Kristina: But won't you get to spend any time with me and Molly?

Alexis: Of course I'm going to spend time with you and Molly, because nothing is more important to me than you and Molly. You're my girls. Hmm? I love ya.

Viola: Mommy.

Sam: I always thought you were really cute. I can remember the first time I saw you. We were at Jakeís. Coleman told me to stay away, and we ended up together. How lucky can one girl get?

Jason: I'm the lucky one.

Sam: I wouldn't change anything -- even the bad parts -- if it means that we could spend the rest of our lives together. I'm going to marry you.

Monica: I need to talk to you. I asked Dr. Lee if I could go over Samís chart with you.

Jason: She's dying, isn't she?

Monica: I'm sorry. Her pressure just continues to drop and her -- and her blood is not clotting. I'm so sorry.

Jason: Will she be in pain?

Monica: No. No. She won't be in any pain. She's just going to get weaker and weaker, and eventually she'll just -- she'll just go to sleep.

Jason: How long?

Monica: There's no way to predict, Jason. The transfusions have helped and we're going to keep giving them to her as long as we can. I'm just -- I guess I'm saying that you should probably assume that there isn't too much time you have left together.

Jason: I understand.

Monica: I am so sorry. I know -- I know how much you love Sam.

Jason: I need to do something for her. Can you stay with her?

Monica: Sure. I'll do anything you want me to do.

Jason: Just talk to her. And don't let her go. Thank you. I know -- um -- I know I'm lucky that you're my mother. I have to leave, take care of something. I need you to hold on for me. Please. Just hold on.

Holly: Thank you.

Luke: You're welcome.

Robert: Well, I guess it's the servants' day off.

Holly: My husband was so proud of this room.

Luke: Well, first things first. Is there a wine cellar?

Holly: There was a very extensive one. We used to have some fantastic house parties here. It's so sad it's come to this.

Robert: Well, it's a step up from the jungle.

Luke: Well, this calls for Waldo.

Holly: I know I'll regret this, but who is Waldo?

Luke: My pilot.

Holly: You have a pilot?

Luke: He's been standing by the whole time.

Holly: You have a cell phone?

Luke: Doesn't everyone?

Robert: You could've got us out of here yesterday.

Luke: What, and miss that slumber party?

Holly: I'll order us a nice buffet, some fruits and artichokes. Ossobuco, chocolate.

Robert: And stick some ibuprofen and a heating pad on that, too, will you? You don't suppose there's a bottle of scotch in the wine cellar?

Holly: I'll have one sent to the airport -- Waldo can fly it.

Robert: All right.

Luke: Maybe and maybe not.

Max: Mrs. C.

Carly: Is Sonny here?

Max: It's been a tough couple of days. He's not in the best of moods right now.

Sonny: Ric told me you'd be over. Whatever you have to say about the kids, I don't want to hear it.

Carly: Did he tell you that I never wanted the boys back in this house again?

Sonny: I don't want to fight with you. But I will not be kept away from my children.

Carly: My father's dead.

Jason: Excuse me.

Woman: Excuse me, sir, you can't go in there!

Jason: Where's Alexis? I was told she was here.

Ric: She isnít.

Son: When's she going to be back?

Ric: She'll be here soon, Jason, which would make it an extremely inconvenient time for you to blow my head off.

Alexis: What are you doing here besides terrorizing my secretary?

Jason: Ok, I need, I just -- I need to speak to you -- alone.

Luke: And make it fast, man. My face is on every "Wanted" poster on this island, and foot-flogging is the national pastime. No, no, no, don't do that, Waldo. You stick with five-card stud, that's your best game. And whatever you do, don't bet the -- Waldo? Hello, Waldo? Ah.

Robert: Is there a problem?

Luke: Uh -- he'll be here -- as soon as the game's over.

Holly: What game?

Luke: Waldo's a great poker player. But he'll be here -- he'll be -- we'll see him soon.

Robert: He's about to bet the farm, but in this case, it's a plane.

Luke: Uh -- no, I'm telling you -- he tells me that this time he's golden. Besides, he always gets the plane back -- eventually.

Robert: Sounds like we could be here for a while. I better scare us up some food and water.

Luke: I'm going to find that wine cellar.

Holly: The first thing I'm going to do is have a bath -- and you're both going to help me.

Jax: Ah. He's watching you.

Michael: Yeah.

Jax: It's like he --

[John fusses]

Jax: Oh. It's like he knows you, huh?

Michael: Yeah, you like being a dad, don't you?

Jax: More than you ever imagined.

Sonny: It was a sniper?

Carly: Yeah, there were two shooters, maybe even three.

Sonny: You went to the house alone?

Carly: Yes. Look, the real estate agent wanted me to meet him there -- it was a setup, ok? It was a setup. My father heard me screaming, he came over to help, he was shot in the leg. Thank God Jax showed up, he called the police.

Sonny: Why didn't Jason arrange protection?

Carly: You're really going to blame this on Jason?

Sonny: He should be looking out for you and the kids. I mean, I --

Carly: Is that what you were thinking when you put a hit on his life? What would've happened if Jason were dead, Sonny? Who would look out for us then? Jason hasn't left Samís side, ok, not that you care.

Sonny: So -- um -- the house was next door to you?

Carly: Yes.

Sonny: You going to move?

Carly: I don't know. I haven't really thought that far ahead.

Sonny: I don't care what that document says. I'm not going to let you keep me from my children -- even if I have to fight you in court for the rest of our lives.

[Sonny sighs]

Carly: The best conversation I will ever have with my father happened while he was bleeding to death. And he said that he regretted the time wasted and the opportunity to be a really good father. My father couldn't give up his vendetta against you, and I couldn't stop hating him for it. And I squandered my one chance to have a relationship with my father. I'm not going to do that to Michael and Morgan. You and I are finished. But I will not keep your children out of your life.

Sam: Where's Jason?

Monica: Oh, he'll be back soon. How do you feel?

Sam: I'm really tired.

Monica: Yeah, but try -- try, Sam, try to stay awake, ok?

Sam: Where did Jason go?

Monica: Well, I don't know, but he -- he said he had to do something for you.

Sam: He's so generous. Always helping me.

Monica: Sam? Sam? Come on, Sam, try to stay awake. Come on. Sam, please. Please fight.

Ric: Whatever you have to say to my wife, you can say to me.

Jason: Can you just -- can you get him out of here? There isn't much time.

Ric: What's that supposed to mean, Jason?

Alexis: Ric, I'll hear him out.

Ric: No, I'm not leaving you alone here with this man.

Alexis: What's he going to do to me in the D.A.'s office? It's ok.

Ric: I'll be back.

Alexis: By the way, I heard you threaten to kill my husband last night.

Jason: Sam -- Sam is dying.

Alexis: I'm terribly sorry. I -- I don't understand. Why are you here, Jason?

Jason: Sam only wants one thing, and I have to give it to her so she can let go. So you need to understand how important this is to Sam.

Alexis: Why are you here?

Jason: Sam -- she's your daughter.

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Holly: Ready?

Luke: Come get it while it's hot!

Sonny: What do we do about the situation between you and me?

Alexis: You've made a mistake. Sam is not my daughter.

Jason: Sam's your daughter, and she needs you right now!

Monica: Pressure's dropping. Sam, you stay with us. Sam?

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