GH Transcript Wednesday 5/3/06

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 5/3/06


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Holly: That's it, that's enough!

Luke: Oh!

Robert: Oh, God!

Luke: What the -- duck and cover!

Robert: What the devil --

Luke: Oh.

Robert: Never make me talk.

Luke: Oh, I was having such a hot dream. You snore, man.

Carly: So, John gets to come home?

Jax: First thing tomorrow.

Carly: Oh.

Jax: I thought we could bring him home together.

Carly: Great! You're going to need all the help you can get.

Jax: I didn't -- I didn't say I needed help.

Carly: Oh, are you all of a sudden an expert on babies?

Jax: Picked up a few things in the last few weeks, yeah.

Carly: Really?

Jax: Yep.

Carly: Ok. So what are you going to do when John spits up? Or when he wakes up at 2:00 in the morning or when he gets a fever or when he develops a rash, Mr. Expert? What are you going to do then?

Jax: I hired a baby nurse.

Carly: Baby nurse?

Jax: Yeah. I hired a baby nurse.

Carly: So you have all this faith in this woman that you just met?

Jax: No, no, no, no. Norma came highly recommended.

Carly: Norma? Well, good for Norma. Ok.

Jax: Oh, well, hey, hey, well, hold on a second. That's why I'm suggesting we should bring him home together -- because it'd be nice for John to have somebody there that he can relate to.

Carly: You can have me 24/7 for the next few days, and you better accept because it's a one-time offer.

Jax: I accept. What about Michael and Morgan?

Carly: They're with their grandmother through the weekend.

Jax: Oh, Bobbie? Why?

Carly: Well, because they're not going back to Sonny's and he's going to freak when he finds out and he won't take them from Bobbie --

[Phone rings]

Carly: Hold on.

Jax: All right.

Carly: Hello?

Man: Mrs. Corinthos? My name's Adam Chase. I'm the realtor for the 609 Braidwood Trace -- the house next to yours? I believe you're interested in buying?

Carly: Yeah. I think we're ready to make an offer.

Adam: Unfortunately, a problem's come up that may make that impossible.

Patrick: Surgery's going to be intricate. I'll need the somatosensory evoked potential monitor on hand.

Robin: There's something that you should know.

Patrick: Don't talk to me about my father doing the surgery. The decision has been made. I'm the one operating on Mrs. Dixon.

Noah: Patrick, don't attempt this operation.

Patrick: Look, I know why you want me off the case. You're afraid I'll lose the patient just like you lost mom.

Sam: Hey.

Jason: Hey.

Sam: How'd the surgery go?

Jason: No complications. You're going to be ok.

Alexis: Jason Morgan, you're under arrest for murder.

Sam: But you canít. It's a conflict of interest. You're my mother.

Alexis: My daughter's alive? Oh, Sam, I wish I had known sooner. It's wonderful.
Sam: I'm so glad I found you. I am so glad. So glad. Oh.

Jason: Sam?

Sam: Hey. What happened?

Jason: You were dreaming about your mother.

Sam: She said she wanted me.

Alexis: You were at the charity event where Sam got shot, right?

Nikolas: I was, as well as your husband.

Alexis: Yes, I know, and I think it's possible his personal bias may be affecting his memory, so I'd like to hear your version.

Nikolas: In all honesty, I think Sonny was responsible.

Alexis: Did you hear something or did you witness something that makes you think that?

Nikolas: No, I have no proof of anything.

Alexis: Well, then why?

Nikolas: Well, it's just a feeling that I have based on the way Jason and Carly and, well, Emily reacted after the shooting. As much as I hate to say it, Ric didn't look too surprised.

Noah: Look, forget about your mother. Think about yourself. You're a brilliant surgeon. You got a great career ahead of you.

Patrick: Which is why I'm performing the surgery. If I'm successful, I'll be elevated to the top tier of surgeons.

Noah: But if you attempt it and fail, it could be a big mark on your career.

Patrick: I don't plan on failing, but thank you for the concern.

Noah: Look, Mrs. Dixon's condition is inoperable! No amount of gamma knife dissection or coil embolization can save her.

Patrick: Of course, unless you were cutting.

Noah: Ok, well -- well, that's -- that's right. Her condition is the same as your mother's, but trying to save Mrs. Dixon won't bring your mother back.

Robin: All right. I'm leaving you two alone.

Patrick: No, stay. I want you to hear this. I don't blame you for mom's death. I never did. She was terminal. There was a 1-in-1,000 chance that you or any other surgeon could've saved her. But when the operation failed and she died, you were too self-absorbed to find me and tell me. Mom was gone and I heard from an assistant surgeon. You were only worried about your own grief, so you went on a drinking binge that lasted for years until your liver failed. And that is what I blame you for -- the way you threw away your life.

Noah: So, what, you want to follow in my footsteps?

Patrick: Mrs. Dixon may very well die. I think I can save her. But I'm also humble enough to know that I could be mistaken.

Noah: So why attempt it in the first place?

Patrick: Because if I don't, she'll die for certain, and I don't want that on my conscience. I might start to spiral down just like you.

Robert: Oh. This bench is murder on the back.

Luke: Oh, tention cells have really gone downhill.

Robert: You wouldn't have any ibuprofen on you, would you?

Luke: Ibuprofen? I need demerol.

Holly: I don't know what you're complaining about. At least you got some sleep.
Luke: Did you have trouble sleeping, English?

Holly: No. I didn't sleep.

Luke: Oh, it was probably the close proximity. All that sexual tension kept her awake.

Holly: The snoring was unbearable. I guess you were tired out by yesterday's events. You slept like you were drunk.

Robert: Anything's possible with Spencer.

Holly: Oh, don't blame Luke.

Luke: That's right. Don't blame Luke.

Holly: We wouldn't be here to begin with if you in your brilliance hadn't had us put on Markham Islands' most-wanted list.

Luke: She's right. You're slipping, Scorpio.

Robert: Who was it that decided to use the Montrťal scheme? Now, let me give you a word of advice -- the next time you come up with an escape plan, try to use one that's worked.

Holly: It would've worked if we'd have knocked out all the guards, which I suggested.

Luke: Yeah, well, we'd also be free if you and Romeo here hadn't been sucking face for so long.

Robert: Ooh, the jealousy is just suffocating.

Luke: I'm not jealous. I'm a married man.

Holly: Oh, I'll remember that next time you get all amorous.

[Robert laughs]

Luke: There is a time for romance and there's a time for getting the hell out of Dodge and the trouble with you is you've never known the difference. That's why you botched the Prometheus Disk.

Robert: I'll have you know I was absolutely brilliant on that op.

Luke: "Brilliant"? You were ridiculous. If I hadn't switched sides at the last --

Holly: Quiet! There's only one way out of here. BogotŠ.

Robert: Now, that's crazy.

Luke: BogotŠ! That'll never work!

Holly: It'll work as long as you two stop bickering and follow instructions.

Carly: What's all that noise?

Adam: My briefcase fell. As I was saying, the listing agent's gotten an offer. They need to respond quickly but I wanted to give you a chance to counter. Could you come to the property right away?

Carly: Yes, yeah. Can be right there. Thanks for letting me know.

Jax: Yeah, no.

Adam: What was that?

Carly: Just don't sell the house.

Adam: I'm sorry. Could you repeat that?

Carly: Don't accept the offer.

[Phone beeps]

Carly: My phone just died.

Jax: Well, yeah. See, the battery dying -- it's a sign.

Carly: Someone is trying to steal your dream house.

Jax: It's -- it's not my dream house. It's --

Carly: Oh, come on. You've got to let me make a counter offer.

Jax: Oh. Look, it'd be nice to -- to have you next door and it's got a nice backyard and everything. To tell you the truth, I'm just -- I'm not the suburban type. I like apartments.

Carly: Tell that to John when he is old enough to play in that nice backyard.
Jax: Tell that to John. Ok. You know -- ok, fine.

[Carly squeals]

Jax: Ok, fine.

Carly: You're not going to regret it; you're not going to regret it.

Jax: I'm not making any promises, ok? It'll be nice to have you guys next door, but we'll just -- you know, we'll just see. We'll see.

Carly: I am not going to let anyone steal that house from us.

Jax: Ok.

Adam: She's on her way.

Manny: Yes! Good job. Everything's ready; there's no way out. So, remember -- you just keep her pinned down. I'm the one who gets to kill her. Maybe next time for you. Pop.

Luke: BogotŠ is like asking to get caught, and in case you've forgotten, they flog people's feet around here with a strap full of rusty nails.

Holly: You have a better plan?

Robert: Well, yeah, I hate to agree that he's right about anything, but he's right. I mean, with BogotŠ, we've got to have 10 feet of rope and three peasant costumes.

Holly: All right, fine. We'll just wait here, then, until our feet are flogged or we're eaten alive by rats, which-- whichever comes first.

Luke: Hey, you know, some of these bars look pretty flimsy.

Robert: Well, why don't you punch them out?

Luke: Punch them out?

Robert: Well, yeah. We don't have a crowbar or a file.

Luke: So break a fist?

Robert: Oh, man, come on. What kind of meat are you made of -- chicken?

Luke: Yeah. I'm a chicken-livered jellyfish with the hands of a concert pianist, so if you want somebody to punch these out, you punch them out!

Holly: You guys are hopeless.

Robert: Wait, da-da-da-da-da. This is -- this is strategizing. Mean, this is all part of the process here.

Luke: That's right.

Robert: Yeah.

Luke: It is. So, little lady, just leave this to the men.

Robert: Yeah.

Holly: Not bloody likely. Help! Help!

Luke: Help?

Robert: Hey! Help!

[Holly gasps]

Holly: Oh!

Guard: What happened?

Robert: Uh -- quick. She just collapsed here.

Guard: Is -- is she still breathing?

Luke: No, no. See, she's got a heart condition --

Robert: Yeah.

Luke: And she needs help.

Robert: Yeah. Come -- come on, man, get in there.

Luke: Put your head down there and listen. See if she's got a heartbeat.

Guard: Well, why don't you?

Robert: Oh, for crying out --

Luke: I'm sorry -- what'd you say? I'm a little hard of hearing. What did you say?

Robert: Get down there. Come on, hurry. She could be dying.

Luke: Put your head right on her chest.

Robert: Now, where's your humanity?

Luke: That's it.

Robert: Now, get --

Luke: Put your head --

Robert: That's it.

Luke: Right there on her chest.

Robert: Yeah.

Emily: Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Hey.

Emily: How's Lucky?

Elizabeth: Just trying to convince me he's feeling better.

Emily: But you don't believe him?

Elizabeth: I know he's in a lot of pain, but he just -- he keeps snapping at me.
Emily: Well, probably the pain and maybe the medication.

Elizabeth: I know. He's just not himself lately, and I'm trying to be sympathetic and just love him through this, but I'm telling you, it is wearing me down.

Emily: You need to take it easy on yourself, you know? Take -- take breaks. You know, take a walk or maybe buy yourself an ice cream cone. Do something to revive yourself.

Elizabeth: Well, I don't know if this counts, but today I'll be too busy to think about it because I am assisting in the O.R. for the first time.

Emily: What, Patrick Drake's surgery? The Dixon case?

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Emily: Oh, I'm supposed to observe. It sounds really interesting. Are you thinking of becoming a surgical nurse?

Elizabeth: Well, if I can get enough rotation credits. Bobbie and Gram have always told me how rewarding it is and Lord knows Lucky and I could use the money.

Emily: Hmm. That's terrific, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Thanks. It should be a good first surgery for the both of us because you know Patrickís an all-mighty surgeon and everybody keeps saying he's the best of the best.

Emily: Hmm.

[Door closes]

Epiphany: Dr. Drake the younger needs to learn some humility. I pity the surgical team who's with him when he finally gets taken to school.

Patrick: Morning.

Woman: Dr. Drake, Dr. Scorpio, I don't believe you've met my son William.

William: Nice to meet you.

Patrick: You, too.

Robin: Hello. So you're keeping your mom company today?

William: Yeah. I brought my homework so I could stay all day.

Robin: Oh, that's great. I'm sure she's glad that you're here.

Woman: I don't know what I'd do without him.

Patrick: Mrs. Dixon, your condition is deteriorating faster than we expected. I'd like to perform surgery this afternoon.

Mrs. Dixon: That's a lot sooner than we talked about. But maybe that's good.

William: It's going to be ok, mom. This will make you all better. Right, Dr. Drake?

Alexis: Is that your subtle way of telling me that you think my husband's involved with the shooting?

Nikolas: I -- I don't know, Alexis. I'm no detective, I could be wrong.

Alexis: Well, in my new and highly awkward position, I work with a lot of detectives who happen to agree with you. They think Jason was the target and Sonny has the strongest motive for wanting him dead, and since my husband and Sonny are thick as thieves again -- I hate that expression, hate it -- it's possible that maybe Ric knew what Sonny was planning to do and didn't lift a finger to stop it.

Nikolas: Sonny was conveniently absent when Sam was shot despite the fact that he was scheduled to participate in the charity lottery. Emily took the first opportunity to leave, which leads me to the assumption that she went right to Sonny to find out for herself if he was responsible.

Alexis: Thank you. You've been very helpful.

Nikolas: So isn't this case a conflict of interest?

Alexis: It would be if Sonny were charged. But then I'd recuse myself because Durant promised me that I would never, ever have to prosecute Sonny, which is a huge relief. But I tell you, I pity the person who has the burden of proving that Sonny tried to kill his best friend and shot an innocent girl instead.

Nikolas: Hmm.

Jason: you were shot. They operated on you last night.

Sam: You're worried. Did they say I need more surgery?

Jason: They don't know yet.

Sam: Don't worry. I'm tough.

Jason: I know. You proved it by pulling through last night. Just try to get some rest, ok? I'll be right here.

Carly: Hello? Mr. Chase, it's Carly Corinthos. I'm supposed to meet you here? Mr. Chase? Phone is dead. Darn it. Ok, I'm going to go.


Holly: The BogotŠ maneuver was my idea. I get to carry the gun.

Luke: I thought you were uncomfortable with firearms.

Holly: Oh, that was a long, long time ago. Circumstances have required me to cultivate the art of self-defense. I'm actually quite a good shot now.

Luke: Even if you do say so yourself. No, let's face it -- I'm the marksman here.

Holly: Well, you take pot shots at anything that moves. No, it's safer for me to have the gun.

Robert: Whoa -- ok. I think you're all forgetting that I am the only trained professional in the group, so I will take the gun.

Luke: No way!

Holly: Absolutely not!

Robert: Oh -- all right. We'll -- we'll ask Tessio here. He's an impartial sort of a bloke. Tess, now who do you think should carry the gun, hmm?

Guard: Her.

Robert: Ay.

Holly: Wise choice.

Luke: Oh, you're just trying to get your head back on her chest.

Holly: And he's halfway there. Thanks.

Robert: Come on, let's go.

Luke: Let's get her out of here. She's probably got a date wherever she goes.
Robert: A disgrace to the order.

Luke: It's disgusting. Regards to your family, Tess.

[Elizabeth sighs]

Elizabeth: Do I look as nervous as I feel?

Emily: Oh, please. You're super nurse. If you hadn't gone into medicine, you could've been a fighter pilot.

Epiphany: This is where the doctors justify the grief they give us. Dr. Drake is trying to save a life so don't expect him to be nice about it.

Robin: Patrick's people skills, such as they are, deteriorate even further in O.R. He's all about himself and his scary brilliance.

Epiphany: So if you can't keep up, head for the nearest exit.

Elizabeth: That's reassuring.

Emily: You'll be fine.

Epiphany: I'm worried about you. You may be smart, but you're not nearly arrogant enough to be a doctor. Drake the Younger, on the other hand, has attitude to spare. He wants it all just the way he wants it, and he's good enough to make it worth the effort.

Robin: Or so we tell ourselves.

Patrick: Hold the music. I'm in a room full of ladies -- that's all the inspiration I need. Ok, people, stay sharp. This is going to get tricky. I only want to say things once.

Alexis: Jason, I'm going to have to ask you some questions about Samís shooting.
Jason: Sam's too weak. I don't want to leave her.

Alexis: Then why don't we talk about it out in the hall?

Jason: Not now.

Alexis: Or we're going to have to talk about it at the PCPD. Please don't be difficult. I don't want to have to arrest you.

Sam: You canít. It's a conflict of interest.

Carly: Help! Help! Somebody. Help! I'm being shot at here!



[Knocking on door]

Luke: I think we're almost there.

Robert: Exactly -- exactly where is there?

Luke: Hang on a minute. Let me get my bearings.

Holly: You don't have a clue, do you?

Luke: Sure I do. Oh, yeah, I think it's over this way.

Robert: Give it up, will you? You're up the creek without a paddle.

Holly: Oh, we're going in circles!

Luke: Will you two be quiet and let me concentrate?

Robert: On what -- leading us further in the wrong direction?

Luke: Hey, listen, if you don't like this, if you want to go back, do a 180, go back and sit it out with Tessio. We could use the privacy -- you know what I'm saying?

Robert: You are overestimating your charm, as usual. Uh -- you might not have noticed, but Holly here is not too happy. She doesn't like tramping around in the bush -- never has, do you, pumpkin?

Holly: I detest nature.

Luke: Well, now, that's not true. Come on. We met on a camping trip. You love nature, remember? All the skinny-dipping and the wolf?

Holly: How could I forget?

Luke: You know, there's a lake not far from here, and we could -- uh, we could go over there and do a little swimming maybe and, you know, reminisce?

Holly: Need I remind you, you're a married man?

Luke: Oh, that's all right. Spanky buns is used to infidelity, believe me. And so it's -- ah! I knew it. It's here. We found it. I knew it was here. Yes! Ha-ha. See here? All the comforts of home.

Holly: Really? Where's the spa, the masseuse, the champagne?

Robert: Single malt scotch.

Luke: Hey, that I've got. And a sleeping bag. It may be a little small for two, but I'm a generous host.

[Luke chuckles]

Jason: Sam hemorrhaged last night. She needs to stay calm.

Alexis: I didn't realize that. I need to ask you some questions about the shooting, but I can do that later.

Sam: It's ok. I'd -- I'd rather get it over with.

Alexis: Are you sure? All right. I'll be brief. Sam, and just so you know, it isn't a conflict of interest. Sonny and I share child, but it doesn't preclude me from asking questions to people who are connected to him about the shooting. Can you tell me anything that you remember about last night?

Sam: No.

Alexis: What happened? Why were you out on the terrace?

Sam: Jason had given me a note and it said to meet him out on the terrace and I went out and I saw him. And that's all I remember.

Alexis: Do you have any idea if there's anyone out there that would have any reason to want to shoot you?

Jason: Sam wasn't the target. Alexis, I was. She was in my arms; I spun her around. I turned her in to the line of fire.

Sam: Jason, you couldn't have known.

Alexis: You see, I worried that this would happen. I worried that if you stayed with Jason, that you would get caught in the crossfire, and now it's happened.

[Monitor beeps]

Patrick: I'm about to embolize the aneurysm stem. See there? The aneurysm has a huge friable venous component. Give me some pressure. There. Ok. This is too big and fragile to coil embolize. I'm going to have to ligate it at the base.

Robin: With no blood, you significantly shrink it which depressurizes the vessel walls. Nice work, Dr. Drake.

Patrick: We're still at risk for post-op vasospasm, but at least that we can take care of.


Elizabeth: E.E.G. is flattening.

[Monitor flatlines]

Patrick: Come on, just hold on. Increase the FIO2 to 90%. Hyperventilate the patient. We have to reduce intracranial pressure. Get me some mannitol. We need to osmotically diurese her.

Robin: Patrick, she's gone. You have to call it.

Patrick: Time of death, 4:57.

[Banging on door]

John: Carly?

Carly: Get down.

John: Carly, what's wrong? What the hell --

Carly: Dad, there's a shooter outside! Oh!

John: Damn it.

Carly: Are you ok? Are you wounded?

John: Yeah, no, no, I'm fine. What the hell is going on here?

Carly: I don't know. I was supposed to meet a realtor here. Nobody was here when I showed up. The shooting just started.

John: How long ago?

Carly: I don't know, not long, not long at all.

John: I don't understand. Why did he let me inside?

Carly: I don't know. Well, he wants to trap you here. This is some kind of game to them.

John: So you're saying the sniper wants to torture us?

Holly: You thought of everything except a waterproof container.

Luke: Oh. What are you talking about? That thing is airtight.

Holly: If that were true, the matches wouldn't be wet.

Robert: Smells of scotch. Good one, Spencer.

Luke: Oh, rub two sticks together, Scorpio!

Holly: Sunblock?

Luke: Yes. I brought plenty. I didn't want one millimeter of that porcelain skin of yours to get damaged. Do you remember that day on the mountain when we slathered the suntan lotion --?

Robert: Oh, will you give it up? That was all part of that con! You remember -- the oil scam she suckered you into? She hates camping; she hates the great outdoors and always has.

Luke: Or maybe, just maybe, I know something about her you donít.

Robert: You were together for five minutes. We were married for years.

Holly: Perhaps my tastes have changed in the 15 years you pretended to be dead?
Robert: Who pretended to be dead first? I mean, outback, plane crash -- ring a bell?

Holly: I said I was sorry.

Robert: Yeah, oh, I'm sorry, too, but we can't turn the clock back, so just shut up about it.

Luke: Oh, well, so much for your warm, fuzzy memories.

Robert: Yeah, well, mine aren't delusional.

Luke: Yeah, well, that's one man's opinion. By the way, you make a terrible fire.

Holly: Well, Robertís completely hopeless in the wild without his secret agent toys and contraptions.

Robert: Toys?

Luke: Ouch.

Robert: Jane of the Jungle, why don't you hop into the sleeping bag and Spencer and I will stand guard.

Luke: Hey, forget it. I'm beat. I'm going to sleep. Wake me in the morning.

Robert: Yeah. Yeah -- uh, "chivalry" never quite made it into your vocabulary, did it?

Holly: Oh, let him take it. I don't care.

Robert: Speak for yourself. It's going to be cold tonight. He hasn't packed a bloody thing of any use. Are there any ponchos or blankets in there?

Holly: Paper towels.

Robert: Great. One night of the year it's going to be truly cold and we're stuck out in the open. Spencer, move over.

Luke: Oh, there's no room for you in here.

Robert: Ha-ha -- you didn't say that about Holly?

Luke: Duh!

Robert: Yeah --

Luke: Good -- take your shoes off!

Robert: Ah.

Luke: Don't -- you're -- stop it. Don't kick me now.

Robert: You deserve to be kicked.

Luke: And don't even think about touching me.

Robert: That ain't going to be a problem.

Luke: You know, Holly, there's plenty of room here in the middle.

Holly: Nothing on earth could compel me to sleep between the two of you.

Robert: That's your loss.

Luke: Mm-hmm.

Holly: I'm going to go and find some proper wood since you've both failed so miserably at starting the fire.


John: Carly, give me your cell phone. I left mine in the car.

Carly: My battery's dead and this house isn't wired for phones yet. What are you doing here?

John: I went over to your house to ask you a few questions about what happened at the Metro Court last night. I heard some screaming so I came over.

Carly: You didn't see anyone outside?

John: No. Carly, I got to ask you -- do you think Sonny has anything to do with this sniper?

Carly: No, absolutely not.

John: All right, look, Jason and Sonny are at war. If your ex has any doubts about where your loyalties lie, if he wants to avoid any future child-custody disputes --

Carly: No, can you just let go of this vendetta against Sonny just long enough to get us out of here? Could you please do that?

John: Fine, fine! All right, look, I think we should make our way to a part of the house that isn't being covered.

Carly: No, wait. The shots aren't only coming from the front. They're coming from the back windows, too.

John: All right. All right, so there could be two of them. Look, I want you to stay right here and I want you to follow my lead. I want you to stay down and do exactly what I do.

John: Take off your coat. Hurry! Take it off! There's a stick behind you. Grab the stick. Put your coat on the stick like this. That's right. Now, I want you to go over to the door -- stay low. Go to the door, stay low. All right, Carly, I want you to do exactly what I do on the count of three. One, two -- three.

John: Stay down, stay down.

Carly: They're everywhere.

[Monitor flatlines]

Epiphany: Shut off the machines and unhook the body from the patches and leads while I wrap Dr. Drake's point of entry.

[Monitor shuts off]

Epiphany: Quartermaine? Help Nurse Spencer bag the instruments.

Robin: The size of the abnormality along with the intracranial edema made it impossible from the start. I'll go tell her son.

Patrick: No. I'll do it.

Sam: It wasn't Jasonís fault that I was shot.

Alexis: I know that he didn't intend for you to be the target, but if you were standing on the terrace with anyone else, you wouldn't be lying here right now.
Kelly: What's going on here? I need to see you outside.

Alexis: Excuse me.

Kelly: You cannot come into the hospital and question a woman in critical condition.

Alexis: I should've left. She asked me to stay.

Kelly: No, it's not her call, it's mine. And if I see you upsetting my patient again, I will go to the D.A. or the mayor --

Alexis: You won't need to. Please accept my apologies if I've overstepped.

Jason: Sam's getting weaker.

Kelly: I have her latest test results. I'm very sorry.

Holly: Luke?

Luke: Yes, English?

Holly: That was the most pathetic wolf call I've ever heard.

Robert: Worked, didn't it?

Elizabeth: I need a beer.

Emily: Me, too.

Kelly: Forget beer. I want tequila.

Robin: Shots, please.

Patrick: How did surgery go?

Doctor: I'm sorry. There were complications. Your mother died. We did our best to save her, but there was nothing more we could do.

Patrick: Where's my dad?

Doctor: I don't know. I thought he'd come to tell you himself. He walked out of O.R. and he didn't tell us where he was going.

William: So, how's my mom? Is she all better now?

Patrick: I'm sorry, William. There were complications and your mother died. We tried to save her, but we couldnít. I'm sorry.

Sam: Jason? Did my test results come back?

Jason: I talked to Dr. Lee and she said that your blood is not clotting properly, but they're doing everything they can to treat it.

Sam: You're scared.

Jason: Maybe a little.

Sam: Don't be. Don't be because I'm going to beat this. We're going to have our whole lives together.

Jason: I want you to save your strength. And don't -- don't let Alexis get to you, ok?

Sam: When I woke up and heard her, it was so much like my dream. I almost told Alexis she was my mother.


Carly: Oh.

John: Well, like father, like daughter.

Carly: Where'd that come from?

John: Well, you're cool in a crisis, just like me. We get that from my father. He was in the Army Air Corps, flew planes in World War II. I like to think if I hadn't become a lawyer, I might have made a pretty good pilot myself.

Carly: We're not that much alike. A first-class cabin is as close as I want to get to a cockpit.

John: Yeah? Well, all the same, I think you would've made a hell of a good pilot. You see, that's our advantage. We're not panicking. We're going to wait these bastards out.

Carly: Trust me, I'd make a run for it if I could.

John: Yeah, well, that's exactly what they're expecting us to try. But don't worry -- there must be some people out there that are missing us by now.

Carly: Jax knows I'm here.

John: Well, good, good. Then hopefully, he'll call the police.

Carly: What if the shooter doesn't want to wait? You know, what if they just want to come in here and we're sitting here like a couple of sitting ducks and we have no way to defend ourselves?

John: Slow down, slow down, slow down. It's us. We ambush them. There's got to be something around here we can use. All right, look, there's a pipe in the corner. I'm going to go get it. I want you to stay right here. Don't move, ok? Be right back.


Carly: Dad!

John: Ow. Ah.

Carly: John! John!

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Kelly: Tequila!

All: Tequila!

Carly: Are you ok?


John: Ah!

Sonny: Jason is going through a lot over this business with Sam.

Ric: What are you going to do?

Jason: If you want Alexis to know that she's your mother, you should tell her.

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