GH Transcript Monday 4/24/06

General Hospital Transcript Monday 4/24/06


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Carly: Were you ever going to tell me?

Jax: I wanted to on several occasions.

Carly: I really wish you would have.

Jax: I didn't think it would be fair on you, Carly, to keep such a secret, ok? It was my problem. It shouldn't be yours. And what about Nikolas? Are you going to tell him that he's John's biological father?

[Knock on door]

Nikolas: Bad time?

Carly: No, not at all. Jax and I were just talking about you.

Robin: I'm tired of hiding out from life. I'm going to start telling people what I think and what I want, and what I want is you -- right now.  Wait. This isn't fair. I'm just using you because I'm furious with my father.

Patrick: I'm not complaining.

Sonny: Jason can't be effective as long as I'm alive. Loyalties will be divided. Enemies will try to play Jason against me, me against him. Business is going to suffer. The only way to keep that from happening is to make sure that I'm eliminated.

Ric: You don't believe that Jason would really try to kill you.

Jason: Sonny has no power. He's no threat to anyone.

Miguel: I mean no disrespect, Mr. Morgan, but Sonny will always have the potential to cause trouble. I'm sure you'll agree that it's in all of our best interests -- especially yours -- for Sonny to die as soon as it can be arranged.

Sam: Hey. Sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt.

Jason: You weren’t. Everything's been settled.

Lulu: Get in here. What took you so long?

Dillon: I came as fast as I could. I don't know what you want --

Lulu: Ok, none of the Quartermaines can know about this.

Dillon: What? You moved the couch? I don't know what I'm -- whoa. What happened -- what happened to him? Is -- is he shot? Is he poisoned? Is it another virus? Why --

Lulu: I hit him.

Dillon: You what?

Lulu: With a vase.

Dillon: You hit an international super-spy with a vase?

Lulu: Well, he was going to the Markham Islands to go after my dad and turn him in for $50,000.

Dillon: Lulu, I'm sure your dad really appreciates the thought, but he's going to wake up in about two seconds and then charge you with assault and then go after your dad.

Lulu: Ok, ok, calm down, calm down.

Dillon: Why -- why am I here?

Lulu: Because you're good at capers.

Dillon: No, no, no. I -- no, I gave up capers. I told Georgie I'm done with --

Lulu: Ok, no -- then pretend that this isn't a caper. Just pretend that this is a movie, and what would we do if this were a movie?

Dillon: Romantic comedy or spy thriller?

Lulu: I don't care, as long as it means that we can stash --

[Door closes]

Alice: What's going on in here?

Robin: This is happening too fast.

Patrick: Well, don't worry, I have condoms, spermicidal jelly. I've done all the research on having sex with somebody with H.I.V.

Robin: Was this general research or did you have an H.I.V.-positive person in mind?

Patrick: I knew we'd be sleeping together sooner or later. I wanted to be ready.

Robin: Of all the egotistical, arrogant things to say right now --

Patrick: You just knocked on my door saying that we were going to have sex, and now you're angry because I'm willing to comply and responsible enough to take precautions?

Robin: Well, obviously I gave into a bad impulse. Fortunately, your true nature presented itself before I could do anything that I would regret.

Patrick: You're freezing up and running away. You're such a coward.

Jax: Sorry. Carly had no idea that I would be here when she asked you over.

Nikolas: Carly didn't invite me. I just -- I came here to thank her for convincing you to allow me to see Courtney’s baby.

Carly: I think Courtney would want you to be a part of John's life, and I get why you were so concerned about how Nikolas acted immediately after Courtney died, but I think he's pulling himself together. And I think in John's best interest, we need to sort this out.

Nikolas: Sort what out?

Miguel: We'll see you at the meeting later?

Jason: Yes.

Miguel: We'll all be looking forward to seeing you. I hope you'll be making arrangements to deal with the problem we discussed.

Jason: You'll have my confirmation at the meeting.  Hey, I'm sorry, I'm not going to be able to have dinner.

Sam: I was afraid you were going to say that.

Jason: I got to take care of something.

Sam: Jason -- just wait, ok? Please -- please don't think that I'm trying to interfere, because I'm not -- or maybe I am. Look, I love you and I'm really, really worried about you, so I'm going to say whatever it is that I need to say.

Jason: Ok. Go ahead, I'm listening.

Sam: I don't trust that -- that Escobar guy. I get a really, really bad vibe from him.

Jason: Well, he's been an associate for years.

Sam: Yeah, and he'd kill you in a second if he had half the chance.

Jason: You've always had good instincts. Escobar is treacherous. But what he's asking for isn't unreasonable. It might be necessary.

Sonny: Could you kill someone, Ric, to protect your daughter, or Alexis?

Ric: If it were between their lives and someone else’s.

Sonny: I don't mean just grabbing a gun and shooting, you know, an intruder in the heat of the moment. I mean planning a murder, ending someone's life.

Ric: Under the law, they call that "premeditation."

Sonny: Could you do it, Ric? Could you deliberately eliminate someone who's important to you, who's close to you, because you saw that person as a threat to your life?

Ric: Ok, I think I know where you're going with this. Jason sees you as a threat to Emily, and that's how he can justify killing you.

Sonny: I'm also a threat to his position. I was caught off-guard. Jason stole everything that I have. I created all this, Ric. What, he's got some respect now? He's not going to be secure until I'm dead. He's grown up the past year. He wants power; he wants respect. Why should I be surprised?

Ric: Well, just because he wants power and respect doesn't mean he's necessarily willing to kill you in order to get it.

Sonny: Jason has eliminated obstacles for me for years, right? He's the best in the business. Now I'm the obstacle.

Ric: Ok. Maybe I'm looking at this the wrong way. Since, as you say, Jason is capable of killing you, are you willing to protect yourself by killing him first?

Sonny: I've killed before to protect myself, to get what I want. Eliminating Jason does both. I get my business back; have a clear path to Emily.

Ric: You think she can deal with you killing her brother?

Sonny: Well, that's the risk I'm going to have to take. I mean, Emily knows that I have to protect myself.

Ric: Clearly, you don't have a choice.

Sonny: I got a lot of choices, Ric. I can give Emily up, cash out, move to the island, never be seen again. I can challenge Jason in the hopes that he doesn't have it in him to eliminate me. See, I have a lot of choices, Ric. But you -- you seem to be pushing one -- for me to kill Jason. So that tells me that this is more about your hatred for Jason than it is your concern for me.

Ric: You know, I don't disagree about your having choices, but correct me if I'm wrong -- you're the one who's been telling me there's only one way to deal with Jason. I'm here as your brother. I'm trying to help. Jason is a direct threat to my family, me and you. I think he should be dealt with. If my agreeing with your decisions upsets you or makes you mistrust me, I'm sorry, but you and I are blood. In the end, that matters a hell of a lot more to me than some so-called brotherhood that you have with Jason.

Lulu: Uh -- please -- please don't tell anyone, Alice. This is all my fault and not Dillon’s. He loves Georgie so much, but I -- I couldn't control myself.

[Robert groans]

[Dillon groans]

Alice: What was that?

Dillon: That was -- it was guilt. Georgie, what was I thinking? Oh --

Lulu: Please, just -- just go, Alice. Go on with your work, and don't tell anyone. Give Dillon and I a chance to work this out because we need to figure out how to control our passions.

Alice: Well, I will this one time, but don't ask me to do this again. Mrs. Georgie deserves better than this.

Lulu: Thank you.

[Robert groans]

Dillon: Oh, Georgie, Georgie, Georgie, Georgie.

Alice: You know, I don't know what you kids are trying to pull, but I do know for a fact you wouldn't cheat on Georgie -- - especially not with Lulu.

Lulu: Whoa, what is that supposed to mean?

Alice: Who moved that couch?

[Robert groans]

Alice: What did you do to him?

Lulu: Well, he was going to go to the Markham Islands and turn in my dad for $50,000, I had to stop him.

[Robert groans]

Robert: What -- what hap-- oh!

Alice: No way is he turning Mr. Luke over to those foot-floggers. We're going to have to find a place to stash him.

Robin: I just got this lecture from my father -- "I'm afraid to live. I'm cloistered and frigid --"

Patrick: Ouch.

Robin: "Old before my time."

Patrick: Sometimes the truth hurts.

Robin: But it's not the truth. I'm not afraid to live. I understand that my life is a gift every single day, and I try to make it worthwhile.

Patrick: When do you have fun?

Robin: I have fun.

Patrick: When?

Robin: When I'm helping people.

Patrick: Robin, we're doctors. Helping people is what we do and we're well-paid for it, but you don't even seem to enjoy that very much. You rarely laugh; you're cautious beyond belief. In the time I've known you, you've given into one impulse, one. You're afraid to leap before you look.

Robin: Because that's stupid.

Patrick: If you never take any chances, you never get to be surprised. No living in the moment, no appreciating what you might find -- a walk along the river, a good wine, a night of good sex. You never give up control just for the hell of it in the off chance that something wonderful might happen.

Robin: I can't afford to be spontaneous. I'm H.I.V.-positive.

Carly: Jax agrees in principle to let you see Little John, and so we don't have any more misunderstandings -- you know, why don't we just sit down for a minute?

Jax: Yeah.

Carly: I think we should set up a visitation schedule.

Nikolas: Well, is that really necessary?

Carly: Well, I think it works for me and Sonny so, yeah.

Nikolas: You and Sonny are parents who share custody. I'm not even a blood relative. Look, I -- I just want to visit John from time to time, that's -- that's all.

Carly: You think that's going to be enough for you?

Nikolas: Ok, why are you offering more than I asked for?

Carly: I just -- I just think that, you know, we should be a little more clear on how the visits are going to happen so we all are on the same page, so there won't be any misunderstandings, and you two won't have anything to argue about.

Nikolas: Yeah, that makes sense, I suppose.

Carly: That's great. What do you think?

Jax: I agree. Yeah, sure. I mean, I'd like to think about it so that when Nikolas and I discuss the details, I'm comfortable with any arrangement that we might make.

Nikolas: That -- that seems reasonable. Well, thank you for -- for helping sort this out. Thank you.

Carly: No problem. I just want to do what's best for everyone.

Nikolas: And I apologize for showing up without notice.

Carly: No problem.

Nikolas: Thanks.

Jax: Take care. Thank you for not telling him.

Carly: You need to give me a reason why I shouldn't tell him. You know, I can see the irony. When I lied about Michael’s paternity, a lot of people -- including you -- judged me pretty harshly, and now the positions are reversed.

Jax: I can tell that you're really enjoying this.

Carly: No. I know firsthand the damage a lie like this can cause. I'm trying to figure out what the hell you're doing. You are not the kind of man that would steal someone's child out of revenge, and you're not having a mental breakdown, so what is going on? I know you wanted a child for a long time and you are a great father to Little John, but you're not the person who would steal someone's child out of desperation, Jax. What is going on?

Jax: I don't think of it as theft.

Carly: Then what is it? A bad impulse? Did you get yourself caught in a lie that you can't get out of? Did you panic like me?

Jax: Carly -- Carly, you need to understand something. I thought about this very carefully, and I chose to lie about being John's father to protect him from the Cassadines. And if you love him as much as you say you do, then you'll help me keep this secret.

Robin: It's easy for you to dismiss my H.I.V. -- to buy the right kind of condoms, to study the statistics, take the necessary precautions.

Patrick: What part of that is dismissing H.I.V.?

Robin: To you, my H.I.V. is just an inconvenience.

Patrick: Did I say it was an inconvenience?

Robin: Am I supposed to be grateful to you that you didn't? To you, H.I.V. is just another hurdle to get past to get me into bed. To me, it's a fact of life -- the dedication, the careful monitoring of my viral load, the extra precautions I have to take at work. I can't afford to be spontaneous.

Patrick: Because you don't want to be.

Robin: When I was 18, I was completely spontaneous. I followed my heart, and I ended up with H.I.V. The virus has made me cautious. There's nothing I can do about that.

Patrick: Being cautious is one thing, shut down is another.

Robin: Ugh! So now I'm shut down?

Patrick: Robin, you refuse to believe that a man can be into you because of your H.I.V. It's just a good excuse for you to hide, the way you've been hiding from me since the day we met.

Lulu: I got it, I got it.

Alice: Watch it, watch it.

Lulu: Ok. Over there, in there. Ok.

Alice: Ok, got him. Push him down.

Lulu: Oh, my gosh.

Alice: Here, sweetie.

Lulu: This is some amount of rope. Ok. This is perfect. They won't even look in a basement that's not being used.

Dillon: This is not perfect. You can't lock Robert Scorpio in a freezer.

Lulu: Why not?

Dillon: Because he's a -- he's a super-spy. He's battled, you know, Goldfinger and Dr. No and -- and those guys.

Lulu: Those aren't even real!

Dillon: Yeah, but he is real, ok? That's my point -- he's really a super-spy and he's really lethal and he's going to be really, really pissed when he wakes up and finds himself in a freezer.

Alice: You both did the right thing.

Lulu: Thanks.

Alice: We have to do whatever it takes to protect Mr. Luke, so I need you to stay here and watch Mr. Scorpio, and I'm going to go cover everything with the rest of the Quartermaines.

Dillon: Oh. Oh, yeah. Oh -- oh, sure, take the easy job. So what do we do now?

Lulu: Whatever it takes to protect my dad.

Sonny: I want to believe that you're sincere, that your only concern is to encourage me to protect myself but, you know, there's always an agenda with you, Ric. You're not going to do something if something's not in it for you. You wouldn't even bother. Now, you know --

Ric: I'm sorry you feel that way.

Sonny: With Jason, what you see is what you get. He wanted me out of Emily’s life; he picked a stupid way to accomplish that. It's not going to work in the long run, but I know what I'm dealing with. I -- Jason can be handled.

Ric: You willing to bet your life on that, Sonny? See, because right now all I hear is that you're not willing to kill Jason, and you don't believe that Jason is capable of killing you now, even though he tried to throttle you in your own living room.

Sonny: I told you -- we were so angry we could not think straight.

Ric: Sonny, you and I both know Jason very well, and when has he ever been too angry to think straight? And you just got through telling me all the reasons why Jason has to kill you. What, were you wrong about those all of a sudden? All right, you know what? You don't like the way I think, I understand that, but I'm going to tell you something that you're not going to want to hear. I think, and I've always thought, that Jason is a stone killer who bided his time, who waited for years for the chance to turn against you. He has got the opportunity and he has taken it. He has made his move, and now you got to protect yourself however you need to for yourself, for your -- for Emily, for your children, all right, for me. Because the truth of the matter is, Sonny, you and I are real brothers, whether you choose to acknowledge that or not. I am the one who has your best interest at heart, not Jason.

Sonny: It's ok. We're finished. We're finished right now.

Ric: You know, you might want to decide where your loyalties lie -- with your brother or with Sonny -- because one of them isn't going to be around.

Robert: You're never going to make me talk.

Dillon: Uh -- no problem.

Lulu: We don't want you to talk.

Robert: What am I doing here?

Lulu: You're in the basement.

Dillon: Actually, you're in the freezer in the basement.

Robert: What?

Lulu: At the Quartermaines'.

Robert: What -- what am I doing in a freezer in a basement of the Quartermaines'?

Lulu: It can double as a prison cell.

Dillon: Yeah, don't make us turn it on.

Robert: You. You knocked me out.

Lulu: Well, what was I supposed to do, wave goodbye and wish you good luck while you sell out my dad?

Robert: This'll teach me to turn my back on a Spencer -- any Spencer. She must've conned you into helping her here. You must realize this is never going to work.

Lulu: It's already working.

Dillon: Yeah, dude, the only people that know about this are me, her, and Alice.

Lulu: And she'll never tell.

Dillon: And the Quartermaines never come down to the basement, so no one will ever find you.

Lulu: Oh, but don't worry. You know, we're only keeping you here long enough so that my dad can get away.

Robert: That could be just long enough to get your dad killed.

Robin: What do you mean, hiding? I've been in your face from the start.  I haven't backed down once.

Patrick: I'll give you that, you do confront me. And in fact, I think you actually kind of get off on it a little.

Robin: Oh, right, you would think that. Perfect.

Patrick: Badgering me about everything from my morals to my bedside manner to how I deal with my father. It's easy for you to criticize and yell at me because you never have to worry about getting too close. As soon as that happens, you get mad and stomp away.

Robin: Define "close." Do you mean sex, or an actual emotional connection?

Patrick: Either one. Both.

Robin: Liar. If I'm hiding behind H.I.V., you're hiding behind your --

Patrick: What?

Robin: Every time we start to form a bond, you chicken out. You go into your little horn-dog routine which you know will make me go screaming in the opposite direction. It's the perfect excuse to hide behind, which would make you the coward.

Patrick: What am I afraid of?

Robin: The biggest threat? The scariest monster of them all? Emotional intimacy.

Jax: I was heartbroken when Courtney left me for Nikolas. I mean, at first I wanted revenge, then I wanted to try again. I don't know, eventually we became, you know, friends. I started seeing her at the hospital all the time and she was talking to Dr. Meadows and --

Carly: You became suspicious.

Jax: Right. I mean, Courtney wasn't supposed to be able to have children, right? But the way she was acting, and she -- she kept talking to Dr. Meadows, I thought maybe there's a chance. So Dr. Meadows confirmed it. She also told me that Courtney was going to have a paternity test.

Carly: So much for doctor-patient confidentiality.

Jax: Well, Dr. Meadows -- she shared my concern for the -- for the child. And she knew that, you know -- that the odds weren't very good that I was the father, that the odds were good that Nikolas would be the father. So she never even ran the tests. She just put me on the report and told Courtney that I was the father.

Carly: Courtney wanted out of the marriage. Why didn't you just leave it alone?

Jax: Because I loved Courtney. I knew that if she were to give Nikolas a son, it could cost her her life. Even if Helena didn't kill her, the kid would be raised as a Cassadine, and I got a pretty good indication from Alexis what that was like. You know that Helena killed Alexis' mother, right?

Carly: I know -- I know that.

Jax: There's no way that I could allow that to happen to Courtney.

Carly: So you stepped in to become the baby's father.

Jax: That's right.

Carly: That's very noble, but it also gave you a permanent hold on Courtney.

Jax: No, that's not why I did it.

Carly: Did Courtney ever find out that Nikolas was really the baby's father?

Jax: Yeah. I told Courtney right before she died.

Carly: She wanted Nikolas to know the truth, didn't she?

Jason: I got to go out.

Sam: Just be careful.

Jason: I know you didn't sign up for any of this, and I never really planned to take over for Sonny, but things are going to change.

Sam: It doesn't have to change us or how we love each other. I just -- I want you to know whatever happens tonight or next, I'm -- I'm with you, and I believe in you.

Edward: Alice, where's my newspaper? And why isn't my cocktail ready yet?

Alice: Oh, I'll have your martini in a second, sir.

Edward: You haven't even chilled the glasses. What's gotten into you? You're usually beautifully organized.

Tracy: Where's my martini?

Edward: Well, something is going on with Alice, she's easily distracted. Oh, God -- I wonder if she might be falling in love again. You know, this household barely survived her other romantic debacle. One thing's for sure -- I'll never hire another butler, especially one with an accent.

Alice: There.

Edward: You never know who you're going to get.

Alice: Mr. Q, watch out!

Edward: What? What the hell is this doing here?

Alice: Oh, I -- I didn't replace it after vacuuming.

Edward: Please.

Alice: Sorry, sir. Here -- here's your paper.

Edward: Get me the drink, all right? Thank you.

Alice: Make yourself comfortable, and I'll get the drink.

Edward: Right, thank you.

Robert: Luke's in far greater danger from Holly than he ever was from me.

Lulu: My dad knows what he's doing.

Robert: Oh, she's probably turned him in for the 50 thou. already.

Lulu: No, she hasn’t. My dad is dressed up as Dr. Von Skimmerman, and she's probably a patient or something and --

Dillon: Ooh. He's doing the Von Skimmerman thing?

Lulu: Yeah, it could work.

Robe: Has it ever?

Dillon: Yeah. Plenty of times.

Robert: Yeah, well, I hope he's thinking clearly. He was always a sucker for a pretty face. I don't know whether you're up on your father's past with Holly.

Lulu: Yeah, yeah, she was in love with him, but everyone thought he was dead, so she settled for you.

[Robert sighs]

Robert: They met when she set a trap for him, and he just stumbled right into it. Well, now she's far more lethal, and he's a bigger patsy.

Dillon: Hey, hey, hey, hey. Luke Spencer is nobody's --

[Australian accent] Patsy.

Robert: Oh? Then why did he dash off to the Markhams to rescue my ex-wife?

Lulu: Because it's this competition thing he has with you.

[Robert sighs]

Robert: Any sensible person would've stayed as far away from Holly as possible. I mean, look, he could've got Tracy to get endless injunctions to force extradition from leaving this place, but no. She calls, and off he goes. He's going to lay his life on the line, and when she's done with him she'll stab him in the back and move on to the next one.

Lulu: No, no, she would never do that after my dad saved her.

Robert: Do I have to remind you that here's a woman that had an antidote that she put up for ransom? She was prepared to take out an endless number of people -- yourselves included -- for a fistful of dollars. Do you think for a second she's not going to hesitate in killing Luke?

Patrick: Call me arrogant, but I'd say asking for help to give 60% of my liver to my dying father is pretty damn intimate.

Robin: That's not what I mean and you know it.

Patrick: Fine. You want emotional honesty? You're only here because you're upset with your father. You told me yourself. Now, I'm not afraid of intimacy -- physical or emotional.

Robin: Prove it.

Patrick: Why should I? As soon as I make any kind of move, you're just going to get mad and run away.

Robin: Huh. I bet you run away before I do.

Patrick: Is that a dare?

Robin: Try me.

Patrick: Do you feel like running away?

Robin: No. Do you?

Patrick: I'm not going anywhere.

[Knock on door]

Gwen: Patrick, are you there? I've been looking forward to this all day.

Jax: I couldn't believe Courtney was so ill. You know, everything was happening so quickly, there was no time to think things through, and then when she said that she wanted to name the baby after my father, I just couldn't lie to her anymore.

Carly: You told her Nikolas is the father?

Jax: Yeah. She was furious at first, then I explained to her my reasons and she understood -- to some extent. I mean, at least she knew that I was trying to help. You know, in those last few moments, we were closer than ever.

Carly: Please don't expect me to believe that Courtney was ok with the lie.

Jax: No, no, no, no, she was -- you know, she asked to see Nikolas and she was going to tell him that he was John's father. She just never got the chance to.

Carly: You kept quiet.

Jax: Yeah, I did.

Carly: You denied Courtney her -- um -- dying wish.

Jax: Do you honestly believe that Courtney would want the truth to come out if she knew that it would hurt John? Do you think that she would want her son to be a pawn in Cassadine family politics? Or to grow up loved and safe -- with you and me?

Carly: Oh. That's a cheap shot.

Sonny: Good evening, gentlemen. Thank you for being here. I understand about your concerns about the recent unrest in my organization. But I can assure you that it is being dealt with. What I want to --

Miguel: It's unfortunate that you chose to be here tonight. We don't deal with you anymore. We deal with Mr. Morgan.

Lulu: Ok, what do we do? Robert is a professional spy. He could've been lying to us the whole time.

Dillon: Yes, but he's also a hero here in Port Charles. He's a legend. I mean, he and Luke go way back.

Lulu: But he was going to turn my dad in for a bounty.

Dillon: No, no, no, no, no, that's like a -- that's a guy thing. You know what I mean, trying to one-up each other? It's a Butch Cassidy, Sundance Kid --

Lulu: No -- oh, just forget the film theory for one second and deal with real life. What if I just made things worse? What are we going to do?

Dillon: Trust Robert.

Lulu: My dad wouldn’t.

Dillon: Are you -- well, are you sure about that? I mean, you know, Robert was married to Holly, and he obviously arrested her during the epidemic. I think he knows how to handle her a little better than Luke -- I hope.

Lulu: Ok. Think. Ok. We will let you go on one condition.

Robert: What would that be?

Lulu: You promise not to turn my dad in to the Markham Island authorities.

Robert: I can't do that, but I'll give him your best wishes.

Dillon: Whoa! What the --

Robert: It'll be a cold day in hell when Robert Scorpio can't undo a few knots done by the house help.

Lulu: So you were playing us?

Robert: Well, I needed to find out whether you were withholding any information. Now that I'm certain you're not, I'll be on my way. But I'll give your dad your best wishes and make sure that he calls you the moment he's incarcerated.

[Door closes]



Patrick: I'll be right there.

Robin: I didn't know you had a prior engagement.

Patrick: Gwen asked me out a long time ago.

Robin: Were you going to tell me?

Patrick: You were so desperate, I thought we had time.

Robin: You're sick!

Patrick: Don't be disappointed. Look, don't worry, I -- I don't have plans tomorrow night.

Robin: "Tomorrow night"? I'm not having sex with you tomorrow night or ever if you were the last man on earth.

Patrick: You keep saying that.

Robin: Hi. He's all yours.

Gwen: Dr. Scorpio?

Patrick: Gwen, good to see you.

Gwen: Did you forget about our plans?

Patrick: No, of course not. I've been thinking about you all day. Robin just stopped by for some unsolicited advice. She thinks I should follow her example and concentrate on medicine 24/7 instead of having a life. But luckily you showed up when you did. Come on in.

Carly: Wow, you really know how to push my buttons, don't you? I love that little boy. And if the truth comes out, we both know Nikolas will -- let's just say he won't be setting up a crib in my spare bedroom.

Jax: No question about that.

Carly: I mean, at best, I'm going to be a distant, honorary aunt, and at worst, Nikolas is going to whisk that little boy away to the other side of the world, and he'll be raised on the Cassadine island, maybe by lunatics or even Helena.

Jax: Well, that's been Helena’s pattern with the Cassadine heir, and that's where John would be.

Carly: I am telling you the truth has a way of surfacing. When I lied and I said Jason was Michael’s father, that set off a chain of events that I could've never imagined. Why would I ever agree to lie about another paternity test again ever?

Jax: Because the alternative will be devastating to John.

Carly: We don't have the right. We're not even his blood relatives.

Jax: We both loved Courtney. We both love him.

Carly: So does Nikolas.

Jax: Yes, but can Nikolas give him a secure home, where the kid can grow up just being himself and not just the heir to the insane Cassadine legacy?

Carly: Courtney would want Nikolas to have him.

Jax: Courtney would want us to do what was best for John. And she would certainly want you to be a part of his life.

Carly: What part, exactly? Assuming I keep your secret, what future do you picture for you and me?

Sonny: Jason made a regrettable error which will be corrected. I understand the confusion, but you need to understand I am still in charge.

Miguel: I can't tell if you're bluffing or deluded. Either way, you're wasting time you don't have. You've been replaced, and we've all been assured that you'll be dealt with.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Jax: What kind of future do you want?

Carly: One big, happy family sounds a little too good to be true.

Ric: Get your boyfriend to back off now.

Sam: If you don't talk Sonny down, he may be the one who winds up dead.

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