GH Transcript Thursday 4/6/06

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 4/6/06


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Alfred: Breakfast is ready, sir. Three egg whites, toast golden, fruit seasonal.

Nikolas: You know, feel free to shake it up every now and then.

Alfred: I've already taken that liberty, sir. The business section is on the bottom today, front page on top.

Nikolas: Thank you. Oh, my God --

Alfred: The former Mrs. Cassadine, I presume?

Alan: Hand it over!

Alice: I can't, Dr. Q. It's for your own good.

Alan: Remember who pays your salary, Alice.

Monica: I do. Give it to me, Alice.

Alice: I'm sorry, but I canít.

Tracy: Can't you control the help?

Emily: What's going on?

Tracy: Alice won't let us have the morning paper.

Alice: Trust me, Miss Emily; you don't want to see it, either.

Emily: Can I see it, please?

Alice: Well, since you said the magic word --

Monica: Hmm.

John: There it is, in black and white. It's even juicier than the radio and TV sound bites. And those were -- those were really spectacular. Yeah, Sonny's turned your little sister into front-page news. Now, I guarantee you, there's more to come. Unless, of course, you're willing to cooperate.

[Knock on door]

Jax: Good morning.

Carly: Good morning.

Jax: Good morning, boys. How would you like to go for a ride on a private jet?

Michael: My dad has one, and I ride it all the time.

Jax: Yes, but mine is going to Disney World in 20 minutes. That's right, so get your school uniform off, help Morgan get ready. Go on, go --

Michael: Let's go.

Jax: Go, go. Scoot, go. Hurry up. Come on, go, go, go, go, go.

Morgan: Wait, please.

Carly: Wow -- did you think about running that by me before you sprung something like that on my boys? What are you doing?

Jax: You don't want the boys going to school today.

Carly: Oh, my God.

Sonny: Hey, Max, do me a favor -- call Bernie.

Max: You got it, boss.

Sonny: I need to know his shipments for the last two months. Why wasn't my paper out front?

Max: Ah -- well, you know, I've been busy.

Sonny: Yeah? You've been busy? What's it doing right there?

Max: Ahem -- how about we get some breakfast?

Sonny: No, no, how about you give me my paper.

[Max sighs]

Sonny: Max, give me the paper. What happened to my paper, Max?

Max: Well, Morgan must have ripped it in --

Sonny: Morgan is at his mother's house, Max.

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Robin: Hmm? Oh. Sorry.

Patrick: I wasn't complaining.

Robin: How are you feeling?

Patrick: Not bad, considering. How's my father?

Robin: Uh -- I don't know. I guess I fell asleep. Obviously, I spent the entire night worrying about the wrong Dr. Drake.

Michael: We are ready.

Jax: Ok. Well, let's go, gang. Get in the car. And, you know, Disney World awaits. Ladies first.

Carly: Uh -- I'm not going.

Jax: What?

Michael: Aw, mom!

Carly: I canít. It's Leticiaís day off, and I have too many errands to run. I can't go. I'm sorry.

Jax: Sure, no problem. Anything I need to know? Do I need to put him down for a nap --?

Carly: No, Morgan -- he's working his way out of the nap phase.

Jax: Ok.

Carly: He's low maintenance.

Michael: Well, except for that one thing.

Carly: Oh, you know what? Here you go. Everything you need -- there's your goody bag.

Jax: Except for what?

Carly: Comic books, snacks, video games. And whatever you do, do not let Morgan have chocolate; I don't care how much he begs. He'll start throwing up everywhere.

Jax: Ok.

Carly: It's kind of gross.

Jax: No chocolate. Thanks -- thanks for the tip.

Carly: Sure. Well, you guys -- have fun. And listen to me, I want you to be nice to Jax, ok?

Michael: We will.

Carly: All right.

Jax: All right.

Carly: Thanks, sweetie. I love you.

Jax: Go wait out in the car, ok?

Michael: We love you, too.

Jax: I'll be there in a little bit. Huh.

Carly: Thank you so much for coming to our rescue.

Jax: You're welcome.

Carly: This'll be a nice time for you to bond with my boys.

Jax: Right. Thanks. See ya.

Carly: See ya.

Tracy: This is disgraceful.

Monica: Don't talk about my daughter like that.

Tracy: She's not even a true Quartermaine.

[Doorbell rings]

Tracy: Why don't you use the name you came here with?

Monica: Oh, Tracy --

Skye: Oh, please, Tracy, like you have room to criticize. How many times has your name been plastered all over that front page, huh? And I doubt any of it's ever been flattering.

Luke: Anybody know why the press is crawling all over the gates out there? Did you kill Alcazar?

Skye: Emily was caught with Sonny last night.

Tracy: After assuring the family that she had ended the affair.

Ned: A gunman broke into their hotel room, started firing at Emily and Sonny. And then Jason came in and killed him.

Luke: Wow. Busy night.

Tracy: She's humiliated us.

Monica: Will you shut up, Tracy?

Alan: I'm sorry to say, my sister's right.

Lulu: Why are you all getting down on Emily? It's not like she asked to get shot at!

Alan: Because she's having an affair with a gangster.

Monica: Are you all right, Emily?

Emily: Not really, no.

Ned: Do you think you can muster just an ounce of sympathy for Emily?

Tracy: Why should he? She's a mob mistress. It says so on the front page.

Dillon: Hey, mom, what was -- oh, man. I can't remember if it was husband number four or five. He was a mobster --

Tracy: Oh, Dillon!

Dillon: And he -- no, no, no, and then he dumped you and you tried to, like, take over his organization or --

Monica: All right! The discussion is over! Tracy, Alan, you will keep your mouths closed, or I will evict the lot of you.

Luke: Uh-oh. This way, spanky, before we get kicked out of house and home.

[Monica sighs]

Emily: Thank you, mom.

Monica: Don't thank me, Emily. You could have gotten yourself killed!

Sonny: How bad is it?

Max: Bad.

Sonny: Photos? The whole thing?

Max: It's you and Emily, Jason and Nikolas being led from the hotel by the cops. The article's a hatchet job on Emily, her divorce, the works. But you didn't come off any worse than -- well, usual.

Sonny: Oh, thank you, Max. Emily must have seen it. I wonder why she hasn't called.

Max: The phones wouldn't stop ringing. I had to disconnect them.

Sonny: What do you mean, you had to disconnect the phones?

Max: They just -- they weren't -- they didn't stop ringing. I mean, we got reporters camped out in front of the house.

Sonny: I don't give a damn!

[Max sighs]

Sonny: Emily's probably trying to call, and she can't get through! And since she can't get through, she probably thinks I'm trying to avoid her.

Mike: Well, that's good. Maybe -- maybe she'll think twice about staying involved with you.

Max: I'll cancel your meetings, boss.

Sonny: Ok, don't -- I can't take a lecture right now, Mike. There's a lot of calls --

Mike: Hey, hey -- call.

Sonny: What is this?

Mike: Brenda's phone number. And it just may save Emilyís life.

John: "The newly crowned mob mistress confirms that she and Corinthos were under assumed names for their sexual tryst." Hmm. You think Michaelís going to see this? He's old enough to read, isn't he? Oh, look at this one. "Sonny's honey" -- ooh, I like that -- "Sonny's honey" -- "Sonny's honey admitted her clothes were off when the shooting began." Well, that gives a new meaning to "kiss, kiss, bang, bang." Look, Jason, you really can't blame the reporters. Sensationalism sells. There's only going to be more. You think Sonny -- he's not going to stay away from your sister -- unless you make him. So it's up to you. You put Sonny behind bars by giving me the evidence that you got against him.

Jason: The only way "The Herald" could have gotten these details is if you leaked it. You're the one who did this to my sister.

John: Sonny almost got your sister killed! Now you're giving me this --

Jason: I'm not saying anything without my lawyer!

[Door opens]

Sam: Excuse me. Durant, can I have my time with Jason now, please?

John: Yeah, sure. He's all yours.

Alexis: You called me about a position of mutual interest. I'm assuming this is about the Russo continuance?

John: No, no, I called you about the offer of the job of Assistant District Attorney.

Alexis: Why now?

John: I can't think of a better time.

Jason: Did you stay here last night?

Sam: I spent the night in the waiting area. Look, I hated the way we left things, Jason. I want to get you out of here as soon as possible.

Jason: You mean, now that I've had time to cool off?

Sam: Can we just please go home and talk about this there?

Jason: I don't want to.

[Video game sounds]

Jax: Ok, that's enough, little buddy. Remember what your mom said? That -- that your tummy doesn't like chocolate as much as your mouth does. Ok, you know what? That's enough, ok?

Michael: He's only eating them to get attention.

Jax: It's working.

Michael: Well, he -- Morgan doesn't even like that kind. He just likes to see your reaction. Ignore him, and he'll stop.

Jax: Really?

Michael: Yeah.

Michael: See?

Jax: Thanks for the advice. Feel free to keep on giving it.

Michael: Can I ask you a question instead?

Jax: Sure. Fire away.

Michael: Are you trying to make a love nest with my mom?

Tracy: Emily does not even have the grace to be ashamed of herself.

Skye: Stop with the holier-than-thou attitude.

Tracy: Ha! This from a woman who got herself knocked up by Lorenzo Alcazar.

Dillon: Mom --

Tracy: Get out.

Dillon: Would you -- would you give it a rest?

Tracy: The two adopted Quartermaine daughters trying to one-up each other by seeing who can marry the bigger mob boss. What a disgrace.

Skye: Oh, disgrace? As in running the family business into the ground?

Alice: Or framing your own husband for murder?

Georgie: Or trying to destroy your own son's marriage?

Ned: Good one. As Dillon pointed out, I do recall you once married a gangster.

Lulu: Ooh. This, I got to hear.

Tracy: You know what? You can change the subject all you want. But you mark my words -- Emilyís indiscretion is going to bite every one of you in the butt.

Dillon: Hmm. Oh, I'm shaking in my boots.

Tracy: And, not to mention, how do we go about our daily lives with all those stinking reporters at the gate?

Luke: You're breathing fire over something more than Emily, my little komodo dragon. What is it? What's up?

Alan: You do seem crabbier than usual, Tracy. Any particular reason?

[Alan gasps]

Alan: Ohh.

Ned: Oh, Lord, not again.

Dillon: Oh, man, I forgot about that.

Tracy: Don't you dare.

Luke: Dare what?

Alan: Today is Tracyís birthday.

Luke: Baby! Why didn't you say something? This is a reason to celebrate.

Tracy: No, it isnít.

Luke: Well, how many candles do we put on the cake? Give us a little hint.

Tracy: Never in a million years.

Elizabeth: Em --

Emily: Hey.

Elizabeth: Honey, I'm so sorry.

Emily: Oh, it's been horrible, Elizabeth. And the worst part is Jason.

Elizabeth: What happened?

Emily: I went back to the station last night and tried to make him understand, but he wouldn't listen. And he finally just shut down and then told me that he would do whatever he had to.

Elizabeth: That sounds ominous.

Emily: Yeah, he's so angry. And Jasonís always been that one person in my life that I could count on to listen and to trust me without judgment, but he can't stand the fact that I'm with Sonny. And I'm so afraid that something awful's going to happen because of it.

Mike: Robin gave me Brendaís number. She's in Rome. She's working for a children's aid charity. Now, if you'd give her a call, I'm sure she would drop everything --

Sonny: Why would I do that, Mike?

Mike: Because Brenda would know as well as you do that you and Emily are wrong for each other.

Sonny: You know --

Mike: And she'd come back to save Emily.

Sonny: You know damn well I'm not calling Brenda! She's got her life; I've got mine.

Mike: Your -- your life almost ended last night. So did Emilyís, in case you missed it!

Sonny: The only mistake I made is trying to hide what Emily and I feel for each other out of some stupid desire to respect the people around us. You included. You were grieving over Courtney. I wanted you to -- to get through that before I said anything. But why even bother when you show me no respect in return?

Mike: Michael, how can you be so selfish?

Sonny: I don't want to hear it!

Mike: All right, fine, don't listen to me! But I know you, Michael. And when something happens to Emily, you're going to regret it for the rest of your life.

Sonny: Great. Now you're going to lecture me?

Ric: No. I'm here to offer my help.

Alexis: The timing may be good for you, but it couldn't be worse for me. Besides, I have a conflict of interest where Sonny is concerned. I don't want trouble with the father of my child.

Sam: I know you're mad at me for leaving you here.

Jason: You made your choice.

John: All right, look, how about this? I promise not to give you any cases that involve the Corinthos/Morgan mob -- good?

Alexis: Then why do you want me?

Sam: I was afraid you were going to go after Sonny.

Jason: I don't want an explanation. Just go home. I'll see you there.

[Sam sighs]

[Jason sighs]

Patrick: How's my father?

Robin: Noah is right across the hall, but he hasn't regained consciousness yet.

Patrick: Let me know when he does, will you?

Robin: I sure will.

Patrick: Thanks.

Robin: The meantime, though, let's take care of you.

Patrick: Well, what did you have in mind?

Robin: Well, actually, it was Epiphany's idea. She wants to give you a sponge bath.

Patrick: Epiphany?

Robin: Mm-hmm. But I talked her into letting me do it.

Patrick: Well, that's good. I'm sure we can both enjoy it. Don't miss a spot.

Robin: I wonít.

Patrick: Are you cra-- that's freezing water!

Robin: Well, you obviously needed a cold shower. I thought this was the next best thing.

Patrick: Can we get a staff change, please? I just got out of surgery, and she put freezing water all over me. You're going to send me into shock.

Epiphany: Shame on you, doctor. But don't worry. I'll take care of you.

Luke: Oh, come on, pumpkin. You can tell your loving hubby your age.

Tracy: Never.

Luke: I won't tell. I won't judge you. I won't love you any less.

Tracy: Stay away from me.

Georgie: You know, I never thought of your mother as having a birthday.

Dillon: You want another trippy thought? She was a girl once.

Ned: Tell him, mother. Since when have you kept secrets from dear old stepdad?

Skye: Oh, who cares when Tracy was born?

Tracy: All right, freeze. From this moment on, the subject of my birthday is strictly forbidden. And I would so appreciate it if my, my much older brother would refrain from reminding everybody, including me, what day it is.

Alan: Trust me, it will not be a hardship.

Lulu: Don't you wish that you were an only child?

Alan: Constantly.

Skye: Well, I, for one, am happy to take Tracy up on her request.

Dillon: Actually, I think it was a demand.

Georgie: So, like any other day, right?

Dillon: Totally, yeah.

Ned: Ok, birthday, girl, let's go.

[Luke chuckles]

[Doorbell rings]

Alice: Oh. Come in.

Carly: Hi, Alice. I'd like to see Emily, please.

Alice: You know, she doesn't want to be disturbed right now.

Emily: It's -- it's all right, Alice. Let's talk in the living room.

Carly: Sure. So, do you believe me now? I tried to warn you about this.

Emily: I guess you've seen the papers.

Carly: Thank God my boys didn't see it. But they did catch the news last night. Yeah. So you claim to love Michael and Morgan. And your not-so-secret affair with Sonny has put them smack in the middle of an ugly scandal. I had to send them out of town today to keep them away from the media.

Emily: Carly, I'm so sorry.

Carly: You know what? Just save it, ok? Because you say I'm the one that's selfish? You're the one hurting two innocent little children.

Jax: Um -- your mom and I are just friends.

Michael: But you and dad arenít.

Jax: Well, that could change, you know, since my new baby is your father's nephew.

Michael: Baby John is pretty cute.

Jax: Yeah. Yeah, I think so, too.

Michael: Mom's been spending a lot of time with him.

Jax: Yeah, she's been a lot of help. You know, she's taught me a lot about child care. That's one of the reasons she's letting me take you guys to Disney World, so I can practice being a better dad for John. I need a lot of work, don't I?

Michael: Yeah. But I could help -- with Morgan.

Jax: Well, I'd appreciate that. And I have a question for you.

Michael: What?

Jax: See, your -- your mom and I can give John a lot, but there are certain things only you can teach him. And I would really appreciate it if you would help raise him. I think that's what Aunt Courtney would have wanted.

Michael: Yeah, sounds cool. You know, you're not so bad after all.

Jax: Ah. Ok. You got me.

Mike: Hey.

Alexis: Hi there. Can I have a latte?

Mike: You got it.

Alexis: Thanks, Mike.

Mike: Sure.

Sam: Hey -- hi.

Alexis: Hi.

Sam: You forgot these in the courthouse last night. I -- I should have brought them --

Alexis: Thank you.

Sam: To the police station, but I forgot.

Alexis: I told you I leave things wherever I go.

Sam: Yeah.

Alexis: Sam -- I couldn't help but overhear Jason yelling at you.

Sam: Jason had every right to be angry with me. I left him in lockup all night long.

Alexis: He doesn't have a right to yell at you like that. So you have to be careful. I used to work with domestic violence victims. That's what they used to say. They'd blame themselves.

Ric: We can protect Emily. We can file a cease-and-desist against "The Herald" and WLPC. We can also get an injunction barring the media from circulating any more images or accounts in the hotel shooting.

Sonny: Thanks.

Ric: Well, it won't stop the media's feeding frenzy completely, but it should alleviate it.

Sonny: Why are you helping me?

Ric: You need it.

Sonny: Yeah. I will say this. You're probably the only one who hasn't said to me that, you know, I shouldn't be with Emily.

Ric: Well, your relationship with Emily is not unlike my relationship with Elizabeth. We put them on a pedestal. We look at them as these amazing women who are far better people than you and I will ever be. More forgiving of our faults than we deserve. I just hope that you can hang on to that kind of love better than I did.

Jason: Is it Manny? Have you had trouble with him?

Elizabeth: No, nothing like that. Actually, I'm here about Emily.

Jason: You shouldn't have come.

Elizabeth: She doesn't know I'm here. But I just saw her at the Quartermaines', and she's devastated by the fight she had with you.

Jason: I'm sorry she's hurting, but I'm not sorry for what I said.

Elizabeth: Jason, it's breaking her heart.

Jason: She needs to know where I stand. Because Sonny is going to wreck her life, and I'm not going to watch it happen.

Elizabeth: You're not used to being afraid. You're afraid for Emily. That's why you're handling this so poorly.

Lulu: You're not going to believe this!

Tracy: Give me that. Give me that!

Luke: No, my dear. She's providing me with pertinent information.

Tracy: The two of you are in on this together?

Luke: No, you see, this is important. What if we had, say, a car accident and you smacked your delicate little head on the windshield or the crankshaft or something and the cops asked me "How many birthdays has your wife had?" I wouldn't know.

Tracy: That is a ridiculous scenario!

Luke: Oh, my God. My wife is 39.

Emily: I love Michael and Morgan. I would never intentionally hurt them.

Carly: Well, it's too late because they are going to be traumatized and confused by this for a really long time and maybe if you would've stopped and thought about that for a minute, you could've figured that out, but you know what? Thanks for your sincerity. I really appreciate it, Emily.

Emily: Carly, I'm sorry for what happened, and yeah, you're right -- Sonny and I didn't handle it properly. We shouldn't have kept our relationship a secret.

Carly: Try you shouldn't even have started seeing each other to begin with!

Emily: Sonny and I are both single and unattached. We're doing nothing wrong.

Carly: Except hurting everyone you supposedly care about.

Emily: I know it's going to be an adjustment for Michael and Morgan to learn that I'm dating their dad but we'll get through it. Sonny and I are going to be together and everyone, including you and Jason, are just going to have to deal with it.

Elizabeth: Emily could've been killed last night. I know that scares you. It scares all of us.

Jason: If she stays with Sonny, last night was just the start.

Elizabeth: There are other ways of getting hurt. You could fall in love, give up on it because people telling you it's wrong, and then you start to doubt everything you feel and it pushes you to make safe choices but love shouldn't be safe.

Jason: Why -- why aren't you saying this to Emily?

Elizabeth: I tried, but you are the one person she trusts the most. Jason, if you convince Emily to give up on Sonny, she's going to spend the rest of her life regretting what might've been.

Jason: At least she'll have a life.

Elizabeth: Do you doubt that Sonny and Emily love each other?

Jason: If he loved her, he would give her up.

John: All right. We can't hold you any longer. You're free to go. You give my regards to Sonny, huh? Somebody want to get this guy's cuffs off?

Sam: If you're implying that Jason has abused me in any way, you are dead wrong.

Alexis: I --

Sam: He's the gentlest man I've ever known.

Alexis: I was just commenting on what I witnessed last week.

Sam: Ok. We had an argument. It happens.

Alexis: He was yelling at you violently.

Sam: Sonny and Emily almost died. Jason killed a gunman and was left in lockup all night. I would've yelled at him, too. In fact, I have yelled at him plenty of times and I probably will again. I'm not afraid of him. I love Jason.

Alexis: Just so you know that there are different kinds of abuse.

Sam: Why can't you admit that you jumped to the wrong conclusion?

Alexis: Sorry. I am. I was just trying to help.

Sam: You don't know anything about me or my life or my love for Jason, so please just stay the hell out of it.

Ric: Well, Elizabeth was strong, kind, and full of hope for the future. I found a peace with her I had never felt before. She made me want to be a better man. But, as you know, my demons took hold of me and I destroyed my marriage before I ever had a chance.

Sonny: Well, you're married now to Alexis.  You have a family.

Ric: Yes, I love Alexis. And Molly is amazing. She's the best thing that's ever happened to me, but I don't forget about how it was with Elizabeth. She would love me so purely and so deeply, I felt like anything was possible. So, if that's what you have with Emily, best of luck to you.

Sonny: Thank you. Now, I'd appreciate it if you could get me that injunction.

Ric: I'll call you when it's done.

Sonny: Tell Milo to bring the car around. I'm going to the Quartermaines'.

Alfred: Sir, you've received over 20 calls from various news outlets asking for your comments on the events of last night.

Nikolas: Tell them no comment.

Alfred: It will be my pleasure, sir.

Alexis: Did you find him in the classifieds?

Nikolas: You see the lead story in the paper this morning?

Alexis: A little hard to miss. Sonny's relationship with Emily is a full-blown scandal and look it -- there you are, right in the middle. How are you holding up?

Nikolas: I -- I'm more concerned about Emily and Sonny's kids. And I hope it hasn't affected Kristina yet.

Alexis: She hasn't learned to read. God only knows that'll last.

Nikolas: Well, then I'm sure you're motivated to help me. I need to do whatever it takes to get this out of the press -- injunctions, precedents, civil suits, whatever.

Alexis: I can start working on it this afternoon, but I would imagine that Sonny's already done some damage control.

Nikolas: Yeah. That's my point -- I want it done right. Sonny's got bigger problems to deal with now.

Sam: You're back.

Jason: Yeah, Durant got me out.

Sam: I just -- I wasn't sure you would come home.

Jason: I'm sorry. I was out of line at the police station.

Sam: So was I, and I'm sorry, too. I should've never left you in lockup for your good.

Jason: No, I get why you --

Sam: It wasn't --

Jason: I get why you did it -- you were afraid. Sometimes, fear makes people act badly.

Carly: Hey. Do you have a minute?

Elizabeth: Yeah, sure.

Carly: I guess you've seen the newspaper and the TV and you know what's going on.

Elizabeth: Yes, I know. Emily and Sonny were ambushed at the Cosmopolitan. What does it have to do with me?

Carly: Emily's your friend. Tell her to break up with Sonny.

Elizabeth: If she won't listen to Jason, what makes you think she's going to listen to me?

Carly: Because she is your best friend, all right? Maybe you can talk some sense into her and tell her that she's hurting my children.

Elizabeth: Ok, I can't figure out whether you're actually worried about your sons or you're just mad at Emily.

Carly: I don't know -- can't I be both? Look, I get that Emily is not malicious. But she is naive and extremely self-centered and maybe you can explain to her that she is hurting a lot of people including Sonny and just maybe she'll listen to you.

Elizabeth: Look, she's extremely upset about the situation and I know she regrets any pain she might've caused, but she's not giving up on Sonny and I'm not going to ask her to.

Carly: Fine, whatever.

Elizabeth: Wait a minute. Actually -- um -- you know what? I actually saw Jason today, trying to keep the peace between him and Emily and what I realized is that he's afraid for his sister and he's not used to being afraid, so that's why he's handling the situation so poorly.

Carly: "Poorly?" Which implies that Jasonís doing something wrong and I don't believe that he is.

Elizabeth: Can we just forget about right and wrong for a minute and let's focus on the solution? You always claim to be Jasonís best friend and now that he's fighting with Sonny, I'm sure you are. Can you please tell him that the best way for him to love and protect his sister is to just accept her choices and let her be with the man she loves? I'm not the one who can fix this, Carly -- you are.

Max: I'm sorry about that.

Emily: What a scene out there. You have even more reporters than we do.

Max: Well, Sonny hasn't spoken to them yet, so --

Emily: Is he here? I really need to see him.

Max: No, we had a car take him over to the Quartermaines. He probably passed you on the way over.

Emily: Look, he can't go over there. It's going to be a disaster. God.

[Shutters click]

Alan: Well, this is truly going to be an event, isn't it?

Luke: Well, it should be.

Alan: I'm looking forward to it.

Luke: Well, I hope you will.

Alan: Yeah, right.

Monica: This is such a disaster.

[Talking over each other]

Tracy: If you think I'm going to stand around --

Luke: Shh, shh.

Tracy: While you broadcast my age to everyone --

Luke: It's 39, folks!

Tracy: Shh!

Luke: I read her driver's license.

[Monica and Alan laugh]

Luke: Alice, hit it!

Alan: Whoa!

Monica: Oh, my God.

Alan: Beautiful!

Monica: Ooh!

Tracy: Uh -- uh --

Luke: How about that? For the first time in her life, the birthday girl is speechless! Ok, sweetie. Choose as many or as few candles as you like.

Tracy: Gifts?

Alan: Well, even you deserve some fussing on your birthday.

Luke: Yeah.

Monica: Remember that when mine rolls around.

Alan: Go ahead.

Tracy: Well, I'm sure that there is a -- thank you.

Alan: Go ahead.

Luke: Light the candle.

Ned: So how much did Luke have to pay you to stay for this?

Skye: Not nearly enough.

Luke: And make a wish that doesn't involve my death.


[Doorbell rings]

Tracy: Happy birthday to me!

Alan: Oh!

Luke: Ha!


Sonny: Hi. Um -- I'm here to see Emily.

Robin: Oh. Don't we look so nice and squeaky clean.

Patrick: I did not deserve that sponge bath.

Robin: Hmm. Epiphany enjoyed it, though -- thoroughly, I think. She looks forward to your next one as well.

Patrick: You know, you don't have to be so cheerful about it.

Robin: Sorry. I just really like having you under my control.

Patrick: Well, we can take care of that any time you like.

Robin: Let's get back to medicine, shall we?

Patrick: No need. My B.P. is 130/80; my heart rate is stable. I'll be good to go in no time.

Robin: Good. I'm glad you're feeling better. You'll need to be on your game when Noah wakes and realizes that 60% of your liver wound up in his body.

Patrick: Well, I'll think of something.

Epiphany: Think fast. Your father's regaining consciousness.

Carly: Oh, you're back!

Jax: Hey!

Carly: Did you guys have fun?

Michael: Disney World is awesome, mom.

Carly: And so was the gift shop.

Jax: Yeah, I got a little carried away. I'll just --

Morgan: Hats!

[Jax chuckles]

Carly: Oh.

Michael: Mom, you have to come with us next time.

Carly: Oh! So there's a next time?

Michael: Oh, yeah.

Jax: Yeah, yeah. No, I promised that, you know, we could go again sometime.

[Morgan mumbles]

Michael: Well, we are going to go play with our stuff --

Jax: Ok.

Michael: Upstairs.

Jax: Go play with your stuff.

Morgan: Upstairs.

Jax: You're welcome. Bye!

Michael: Thank you.

Carly: Say "thank you."

Morgan: Thank you, man.

Jax: Ok, good, great.

Carly: Ok, you can yell at me now. I left you alone all day with my boys when you were so nice to come here and run interference with the whole Sonny/Emily thing -- wow.

Jax: Yell at you -- are you kidding me? I wanted to thank you. Michael and Morgan were -- they were just awesome company. I had the greatest day.

Carly: You're pretty great yourself.

Alexis: Well, I can request an injunction from the news media to protect her privacy. I mean, after all, she was a victim of the hotel attack.

Nikolas: Thank you. Let me know if there's anything else required.

Alexis: Ok. How do you feel about bribes?

Nikolas: Not above it as long as Emily doesn't know.

Alexis: Oh, you'd protect her good name without any credit -- that's very noble.

Nikolas: It's for Emily.

Alexis: Just an observation, but I'm not sure you're as interested in protecting her from the news media as you are redeeming yourself --

Nikolas: Thank you for your help, but if you don't mind, I have some business calls to make.

Alexis: Nikolas, redeeming yourself is admirable. To want to make amends for what happened with Emily is a good thing, but are you wanting something more?

Nikolas: There is no more. Emily told me she's in love with Sonny now.

Sam: After I left you at the PCPD last night, I tried to track down Justus. I wanted him to come back and get you released.

Jason: It's ok. I've spent plenty of nights in lockup.

Sam: Yeah, but not because of me. And I don't want what's going on between Sonny and Emily to come between us. I know that they are probably going to ruin a lot of lives and hurt people. I don't want them to hurt us, too.

Jason: I guess we just need to stay honest with each other.

Sam: I love you.

Jason: I love you, too.

Sam: You must be tired.

Jason: Oh.

Sam: I know I didn't sleep last night. If you want to go upstairs and get some rest --

Jason: No, there's something I need to take care of first. Ok?

Sam: Ok.

Jason: I'll be back soon.

Sam: Ok.

Alan: How dare you show your face around here almost getting Emily killed. You are never to see my daughter again -- do you hear me?

Tracy: Alice, throw him out!

Alice: Why should I?

Ned: If I were you, I'd get the hell out of here while I have the chance.

Dillon: Ned's right. You're not going to get a whole lot of sympathy here, Sonny.

Monica: You should be ashamed of yourself, Sonny!

Ned: Haven't you destroyed enough lives?

Tracy: What are you thinking? What are you doing? Why don't you make yourself useful and get rid of him?

Alan: So what's your plan, Sonny?

Luke: I'm not looking to cast stones!

Alan: Are you going to pick off the Quartermaines one at a time?

Luke: My reputation without bullets, you know what I'm saying?

Alan: Haven't you done enough damage?

Lulu: Back off! All right, personally, I think it's romantic. I think Emily should be with the man that she loves.

Monica: What?

Alan: Did anybody ask you? I cannot believe what you did to Emily!

Tracy: Oh, well --

Alan: How could you have put her in such a situation?

Tracy: I think Lulu is a little smitten. You better watch out because by the time Emily goes down in a blaze of bullets --

Alan: I want you out of here.

Tracy: Lulu is going to be his next conquest.

Alan: I want you out of here now, Sonny!

Lulu: Ridiculous.

Luke: Good point, wife.

Ned: Do the right thing and just go away.

Luke: Did I ever show you the fourth card in a Three-card Monty?

Alan: Go on!

Monica: All right, Sonny. This is really simple -- you are forbidden to see my daughter ever again. Do you understand that?

Sonny: I'm not asking permission! I just want to let you know that I believe Emily is a wonderful woman, I'm going to continue to see her, and I would appreciate it if you didn't try to stop me.

>> Stay tuned for scenes from the next "General Hospital."

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Alexis: I witnessed something last night that appeared to be abusive.

Sam: My mother is Alexis Davis and I am not sure if I should tell her.

Carly: She will not give him up!

Jason: She may not have a choice.

Monica: You're awfully quiet.

Alan: Does Sonny speak for you now, too?

Emily: No, he doesnít.

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