GH Transcript Monday 4/3/06

General Hospital Transcript Monday 4/3/06


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Robin: Jesse's on a ventilator until we can harvest his organs. They want to give the liver to Noah.

Patrick: Finish the thought. Ok, I will. I've never lost a patient, and suddenly the one I lose is the one that could save my father. You warned me about giving the surgery to someone else and I refused. You think I lost Jesse on purpose.

Mac: I'm sorry about Jesse. Is there anything I can do?

Maxie: Just find who did this.

Mac: You have my word.

Bobbie: I am so sorry.

Maxie: It's just so bizarre, you know? I thought I was going to be the one who was going to die.

Bobbie: But you're alive. B.J.'s heart held up for you, and now you get to pay it forward. And I realize that this isn't a place you want to go right now, but Noah’s critically ill and desperately needs a liver, and Jesse’s a donor, and I think you can see where I'm headed with this.

Maxie: So there's no chance Jesse’s going to open his eyes and be fine?

Bobbie: No, I'm sorry. He's been -- he's been pronounced brain dead.

Maxie: Ok, do you have the form?

Bobbie: Yeah. We need a signature.

Maxie: Ok. You know -- Jesse would want this.

Bobbie: Yeah. Thank you, Maxie. Thank you so much.

Maxie: Dr. Drake? I just wanted to thank you for everything you did trying to save Jesse’s life, and I hope he's the reason your dad makes it.

Elizabeth: Lucky!

Patrick: What the hell is your problem?

Lucky: Shut up! You're under arrest for murder.

Emily: No, you -- you --

[Emily squeals]

Emily: Sonny, no!

Sonny: I'll get the whole bucket.

Emily: No -- ah!

Sonny: You think I'm joking? You think I'm joking, huh?

Emily: No -- Sonny, don't --

Sonny: What do you --?

[Emily squeals]

Jason: Any more shooters?

Sonny: No, that's it. You ok?

Emily: Yeah, I think so.

Jason: He's dead. Don't!

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Jason: Don't touch anything. You'll taint the crime scene. It proves that you're the victims and I fired to defend you.

Sonny: Emily shouldn't have to go through this in her underwear.

Jason: What, you're going to protect her now?

Sonny: Here, Emily, get dressed.

Luke: Helping yourself to club funds?

Lulu: It's just a small withdrawal from petty cash.

Luke: When the money's not yours, it's called petty larceny.

[Lulu sighs]

Lulu: What is the big deal? You can afford it now that Nikolas is bankrolling you.

Luke: Nikolas ain't bankrolling me. He bought into the Haunted Star on a limited basis because I was under financial duress. That does not mean we have unlimited funds or that we're running on his charity.

Lulu: Why can't you just admit that Nikolas saved you and be grateful?

Skye: Ok. Let me get this straight. Lulu was sicker than I was and should've gotten the first dose of that serum, but you switched the charts, I got the medicine, and Lulu went without?

Lorenzo: I did what was necessary to save your life.

Skye: What about Lulu? She could've died.

Lorenzo: She got the antibody serum and made a full recovery. She's alive and well.

Skye: And that makes it ok? You know, I don't know what is worse -- what you did, or the fact that you don't seem to be bothered by it.

Michael: We were going to take the helicopter outside, but -- well, Morgan pressed some buttons and then it took off accidentally.

Carly: I know. I know.

Michael: It's my fault for leaving him alone.

Carly: It's not your fault, ok? I'm going to explain everything to your dad. No one's going to get in trouble. I promise you, ok?

[Knock on door]

Jax: Hey.

Carly: Hey.

Jax: Hey, boys.

Carly: Uh -- what's up?

Jax: I just -- I was wondering if I could discuss some hotel business with you. I was wondering if you had time for a quick dinner.

Michael: Mom's not going to go out with you -- tonight or any other night.

Carly: Michael. I'm the adult, you're the child. You don't tell me what to do. If I want to go out with Jax tonight, I will. Got it?

Guard: What happened?

Emily: We were alone in the room when that man came in.

Sonny: Wait, wait, wait -- hey, wait for the police.

Det. Rodriguez: What do we got?

Guard: Other guests reported hearing gunfire coming from Mr. and Mrs. Smith's suite.

Det. Rodriguez: "Mr. and Mrs. Smith"?

Lucky: I'm booking you for murder.

Elizabeth: Lucky, you can't do this.

Lucky: No, he deliberately botched Jesse’s brain surgery. He killed my partner to get his father a liver transplant.

Maxie: Wait, could Lucky be right?

Bobbie: No, honey, no. Lucky, Patrick is too good a doctor to deliberately botch a surgery.

Patrick: Look, you better drop this now, or I'll sue the department and you'll be a dogcatcher before you know it.

Nikolas: What are you doing, Lucky?

Lucky: Jesse Beaudry is brain dead, and I am going to make sure you pay.

Nikolas: He didn't fire the bullet, Lucky. He didn't kill Jesse.

Lucky: He's never lost a patient until now! If Jesse dies, his liver goes to Noah Drake, and that is a plausible scenario for murder.

Robin: Wait a minute, Patrick did everything he could to save Jesse. I was in O.R. and I observed the entire procedure. Jesse was terminal the moment the bullet entered his skull, and as soon as the surgery began, it was clear that he wasn't going to make it, but Patrick tried anyway. There was no negligence, let alone murder.

Elizabeth: Lucky, let him go.

[Phone rings]

Lucky: Spencer. Who was shot? Emily was there?

Luke: Can we stop talking about this now?

Lulu: Why are you so down on Nikolas? Name one thing that he has done to earn your dislike.

Luke: He was born.

Lulu: That is the lamest excuse I've ever heard, dad. He didn't ask to be born any more than I did.

Luke: Don't ever compare yourself to Nikolas Cassadine. You are the product of two people who loved each other completely. He's the spawn of a power-hungry egomaniac and his unwilling captive.

Lulu: That is not his fault.

Luke: The Cassadine family is a warped, twisted bunch, Lesley Lu, and that is the truth.

Lulu: And mom was the love of your life. How can you be so cruel and unfair to her son?

Luke: Ok, I'm through talking about this now because you obviously have no information about the history that you're digging around in, so let's just let it go.

Lulu: What is wrong with you? How can you go from being the wonderful dad who risked his life to save mine to the judgmental ass that you're being right now?

Lorenzo: Not a day goes by that I don't question my decision to switch your chart with Lulu's. I always end up at the same conclusion -- I had to save your life, and the only way to do that was to get you that medicine.

Skye: You know, I guess I should be moved that you care so much. The fact remains Lulu could've died.

Lorenzo: Lulu is young and strong.

Skye: Oh, don't you defend this.

Lorenzo: I am just trying to make you understand where I was.

Skye: Let's be honest here, shall we? You wouldn't be telling me this if Manny weren't blackmailing you.

Lorenzo: I could've lied. I told you the truth so that there would no secrets between us, so that we could examine this and move beyond it. Nothing has changed. Lulu's alive and well, and so are you. We have this child on the way.

Skye: Huh. I can't even think about my baby right now, ok? Not when I'm seeing the worst of the child's father.

Lorenzo: Whoa -- where are you going?

Skye: Away from you.

Lorenzo: Skye -- do not tell Luke about this.

Skye: You know Luke will kill you if he finds out.

Lorenzo: Well, he will try, and I'll be forced to defend myself, and then something terrible will happen.

Skye: Something terrible has already happened.

Patrick: Since when do you give me the benefit of the doubt?

Robin: Well, a month ago I would've believed that you'd tank a surgery to give your father a transplant, but I know better now.

Patrick: Don't tell me I'm inching my way up in your estimation?

Robin: Well, recently, I jumped to some wrong conclusions about -- um -- a bet -- not my finest moment. But I'm learning not to rush to judgment about you.

Alan: Patrick? Your father's been approved to receive Jesse’s liver. Transplant's going to be tonight.

Patrick: Thank you.

Georgie: Listen, I know that there's going to be a lot of forms to fill out, and if there's anything I can do --

Maxie: You're doing it just by being here. Why did you come back?

Diego: I -- I wanted to help.

Maxie: You can help by staying away, because wherever you go, there's violence and death.

Georgie: Maxie, it's not Diego’s fault that he's a target.

Maxie: You know, Lucky got a call. Sonny and Emily and God knows who else -- they were shot at at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

Carly: I want you to apologize to Jax.

Michael: Dad doesn't like him.

Carly: Well, I don't really care, and that's not what's important. It's not ok to be rude to people. And Jax is the father of your little cousin, John. We need to get along, and if your Aunt Courtney were here, she'd tell you the same thing.

Michael: Sorry.

Jax: Wow. Well, that wasn't a very good apology, but I guess I'll have to accept that for now.

Carly: Go upstairs and finish your homework, and I'll call you when dinner's ready, ok?

Michael: You're cooking?

Carly: Yes, I'm cooking. Why do you act so surprised? Go. Upstairs.

Michael: Come on, Morgan.

Carly: Morgan, go ahead, sweetie.

Michael: Come on.

Carly: Come on. Sorry about that. Leticia has the night off and the boys were supposed to be at Sonny's, but he's not around, so they're with me.

Jax: I'll just take a rain check on dinner.

Carly: Or you could stay. I know you're a danger junkie. You're into high-risk sports, high-stake gambling.

Jax: Yeah.

Carly: But are you brave enough to make it through a meal with me and the boys?

Det. Rodriguez: Whoa, whoa. Your brother's not supposed to be here.

Lucky: Yeah, listen, you said it involved Emily. Is she ok?

Det. Rodriguez: Yeah, see for yourself.

Nikolas: My God.

Det. Rodriguez: He's dead, killed by Jason Morgan.

Officer: Hey, bring Morgan in.

Det. Rodriguez: Come on in.

Officer: Has anything been touched or moved?

Emily: We got dressed.

Officer: What were you two wearing when the shooting started?

Sonny: Is that necessary, what we were wearing?

Officer: We need to test for gunpowder residue and other forensic evidence.

Emily: When the gunman came in, Sonny was -- was barefoot with his shirt open, and I was in my underwear.

Lucky: Are you ok?

Emily: I wasn't hurt.

Det. Rodriguez: All right, we're all going down to the station. You're under arrest. You have the right to remain silent.

Emily: He was only protecting me! You have no idea what you're talking --

Lucky: It's a formality. You don't have to say anything till we get to the station.

Det. Rodriguez: If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Take them. Squad cars are waiting out front.

Sonny: Hold on -- hold on, she shouldn't have to go through the front. Nikolas, I hate to ask, but can you take her out the back, and then just drive her to the station?

Det. Rodriguez: You -- you don't run things around here, Corinthos.

Nikolas: Emily's a victim here. Why does she have to be led out like a criminal, Lucky?

Lucky: Listen, ok, we just got to do this by the book. Emily's going to have to go out the front. You guys can go out together if you want.

Emily: Nikolas, you don't have to do this.

Nikolas: It's ok, I want to.

Patrick: Did you get the news about the transplant?

Epiphany: Your dad's getting the liver he needs.

Patrick: Yeah, well, tell him that. He's going to be furious when he wakes up and finds out what happened.

Epiphany: What are you babbling about? As far as I know, your father asked you to put him on that donor list. Isn't that how it went?

Patrick: Right. Could I have a minute with him?

Epiphany: Make it quick.

Patrick: I was trying to remember the last time I told you I loved you. I think it was the Christmas before mom died. I've let a lot of other emotions get in the way, but there's no room for them now. All that matters is that we're here, and I'm not letting you die. Because I love you and I'm proud to be your son. You were my hero when I was a kid, dad, what I wanted to be when I grew up, and I still see that man in you. And I know you're going to be angry when you get out of this and you see what I've done. But if you live, it's going to be worth it.

Diego: There was a shooting at the Cosmopolitan Hotel? Well, was anyone hurt?

Maxie: Just the gunman.

Diego: Maxie, listen, I -- I don't know anything about this, ok? You got to believe me. I swear, I -- I don't know why I was a target the night Jesse was shot, either.

Georgie: Maxie, Diego’s now cooperating with the police.

Maxie: That doesn't change the fact that someone is trying to kill him. If you want to help my sister, you have to stay away from her.

Diego: Yeah, you're right.

Georgie: Diego, wait!

Man: The shooter is dead. Corinthos wasn't hit.

Manny: Good. This could play out nicely. Sonny will assume that Alcazar was behind the hit and he'll retaliate.

Diego: Your sister was right, ok? Someone is trying to kill me.

Georgie: I'm worried about you, Diego.

Diego: Look, I appreciate everything you've done for me, ok, but you need to just stay away from me, all right? For a whole lot of reasons, ok -- your family, your friends, your safety, your marriage.

Georgie: Just be careful, ok?

Diego: Yeah, I will.

[Phone rings]

Lorenzo: Diego?

Diego: Hey, pop. Now, listen, just stay where you are, ok? There's trouble, I need some answers.

Lulu: Nikolas has been a loving and supportive brother. He saved my life with a bone marrow transplant.

Luke: And I had to put his father, his grandfather, and a whole army of surrogates in their graves to keep them from murdering us -- from murdering your mother and me and Lucky and you! Now, Nikolas comes from that nest of vipers no matter how you cut it. They tore apart my marriage. They shook your mother's sanity. That illness that took your mother away from us started with them and I will never forget that!

Lulu: How can you be so smart about some things and so in the dark about others?

Luke: Ok, if you can't handle the reality of who I am, daughter, then maybe it's better that you just pack your bag and move back to Grandma Lesley’s.

Skye: You don't mean that.

[Cartoons play on TV]

Carly: See, we could do this all the time if you moved in next door.

Jax: Oh. I thought you didn't want the boys to know that there's something going on.

Carly: Shh.

Jax: What?

Carly: I'm trying to position you as a friend of the family -- the honorary uncle next door, someone my boys will learn to like, feel comfortable with.

Jax: Oh, the friendly uncle next door, huh?

Carly: Yes.

Jax: That's very interesting.

Carly: Yes. Well, I can't tell them that there's something romantic going on between the two of us.

Jax: "Romantic"? Oh, I was under the impression that we were just having --

Carly: Shh.

TV announcer: We interrupt regular programming for live coverage on a breaking story. Reputed crime lord Sonny Corinthos was involved in a shooting at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and is being taken in for questioning.

Reporter: Mr. Morgan, what happened?

Second reporter: Mr. Morgan, what did you see?

Third reporter: Mr. Morgan, can you tell us -- Mr. Corinthos, were you the one here with the woman?

Second reporter: Who was the woman?

Third reporter: Who was the woman, Mr. Corinthos?

Second reporter: Emily Quartermaine, what were you doing with Sonny Corinthos?

Nikolas: Please, let us through -- no comment, please.

TV announcer: Early reports indicate a gunman surprised Corinthos in his love nest and opened fire on the mob boss and his companion, Emily Quartermaine, daughter of Alan --

[Turns TV off]

Carly: You know, I just don't want you guys watching that junk, ok?

Michael: Is Emily dad's girlfriend now?

Lulu: Look, dad, if you want me to go back to Grandma Lesley’s, I will gladly pack --

Luke: No, no, I don't! Lulu, I don’t. I want you to be with me. This has been good, better than I ever could've expected. I like getting to know you. I like you a lot, daughter.

Lulu: Dad, all I -- I just -- I'm asking you to give Nikolas a chance.

Luke: Well, I'm asking you to try to understand that there's a bloody history between us. Your brother and I, through a lot of effort on both our parts, can coexist. But don't push your luck. That's as good as it gets.

Lulu: Well, I guess I'll have to live with that.

Skye: I'm sorry to see you two were at such odds. You seemed to grow much closer in the wake of the epidemic.

Luke: Yeah, we did. Standing on the edge of the abyss together was profound. But there are still times when I -- I don't know how to talk to her.

Skye: You just did a pretty good job of it.

Luke: Well, I was telling her the truth. I like who she is, I want to be around her, I -- there's nothing I wouldn't do for her except turn into some kind of normal, suburban dad.

Skye: You know, I find myself having more empathy for you these days, now that I'm becoming a mother. I want my baby to grow up safe and happy, loved by both parents.

Luke: Are you and Lorenzo planning to make things -- permanent?

Skye: Haven't decided yet. Lorenzo is a complicated man and I'm not sure that I'm comfortable with how he chooses to live his life.

Luke: Then wait, wait. Why did you stop by?

Skye: To check on the Haunted Star, Luke. Business seems to be booming. You deserve it. I'm very happy for you.

Bobbie: Noah, I was supposed to be on the O.R. team, but I resigned because I knew I'd be too emotional, because I care too much about your survival. Don't give up. You have so much to live for.

Patrick: Good luck. I'll be waiting. Take good care of him.

Epiphany: We'll do our best.

Patrick: Nothing to do but wait.

Robin: Mind if I wait with you?

John: I got to go. All right, I'll call you back. I don't recall deputizing you. You are going to have to leave.

Nikolas: I'll be in the waiting area.

John: All right. So tell me, what happened?

Det. Rodriguez: Mr. Corinthos and Ms. Quartermaine were in the hotel room. The gunman apparently kicked in the door and opened fire. Mr. Morgan came up from behind and shot the gunman in the back.

John: Take Mr. Morgan into the interrogation room.

John: I got to ask you -- I'm very curious about this. Now, why would you and Emily go to a hotel room when you got this great, big house full of bedrooms?

Sonny: We were meeting for personal reasons.

John: Well, that much I got, yeah.

Sonny: We were victims of a crime.

John: Well, we'll know more about that when we get back our forensics. I supposed it could've been some sort of ambush. In the meantime, I'm going to have to know everything that happened in that hotel room, and since I don't want you talking to her, I'm going to have to ask you to step into the interrogation room, too.

Sonny: Ok, you need to leave Emily out of this because she had nothing to do with the shooting.

John: Hey, slick, I'm not the one who got Ms. Quartermaine into this -- that would be you.

Det. Rodriguez: Reserved a seat just for you.

Emily: I arrived at the Cosmopolitan at 5:30. The staff was waiting. They welcomed me as Mrs. Smith.

John: Why the assumed names?

Emily: Sonny and I wanted privacy. The manager took me up to the room, and Sonny came up 15 minutes later.

John: Well, then what? The shooting didn't occur until 7:30. What were you two doing --?

Lucky: Is this really necessary?

John: Yes. Yes, it is necessary. A man is dead. I need to know everything that led up to that shooting, so I'm going to ask the question again. What were you and Sonny doing in that hotel room during that time?

Emily: We were making love.

Sonny: I know what you're thinking. Emily's going through hell because I was selfish, didn't protect her. I didn't listen to your warnings. And you think that I'm responsible for all this.

Robin: This is -- this is different for you, right? Usually you're the one doing the surgery, not sitting around waiting for the results.

Patrick: The last time I was in the I.C.U. was when my mom died. She kissed me goodbye and told me not to worry, dad would pull her through. Dad was there and promised me that mom would be ok. She was weak but lucid. The odds were against her, but dad was the best neurosurgeon in the city. They wheeled her away and he went with her, and I just waited. Time felt like it dragged on forever. And it was taking too long, I knew there was something wrong, and -- finally the assisting surgeon came out and told me that they lost my mom on the table.

Robin: Your dad couldn't face you.

Patrick: Walked out of the O.R., crossed the street to a bar, started drinking and never stopped.

Robin: Well, Noah did find the strength to get sober. And thanks to this transplant, he'll have a second chance at life.

Patrick: Why do you care so much?

Robin: I happen to like and admire your father.

Patrick: No other reason?

Robin: All right, even though you infuriate me most of the time, I can admit that you're a brilliant doctor. And underneath all that posturing I think lies a really decent human being. I'm glad that you didn't have to be a living donor for your father. If something had gone wrong, you could've died.

Patrick: Are you saying you'd be sorry if you lost me?

Carly: Honey, listen to me. Your dad is a very rich and powerful but private man, ok? He doesn't like talking to the news, so they make up stories about him just like that.

Michael: But I saw dad come out of the hotel, and then Emily came out. Were they there together?

Carly: Well, your dad and Emily and Jason were there. That we know for sure, and there was a bad man with a gun. But the reporters made the rest of the stuff up. They do that so people will continue to watch the TV.

Michael: Where's dad now?

Carly: Well, I'm sure he's at the police station getting everything straightened out. There's nothing to worry about. I'm sure he'll call as soon as he can.

Michael: The reporters are stupid. Emily's our aunt, not dad's girlfriend.

John: Do you have any idea who the gunman was?

Emily: No. I'd never seen him before.

John: Bring in Corinthos.

Nikolas: Can we leave now?

Lucky: I have a few more questions.

Det. Rodriguez: Your turn to give a statement.

Lucky: Did Sonny and Jason mention Alcazar?

Emily: No.

Lucky: Did they recognize the gunman, or were they expecting retaliation?

Emily: No. I've told you everything I know.

John: Why are you asking about Alcazar?

Lucky: Sonny and Jason were responsible for the shooting at the carnival. The target was Diego Alcazar, but the shooter got sloppy and left my partner, Detective Jesse Beaudry, brain dead instead, and the hotel shooting was retaliation.

John: Those are some very serious accusations, Officer Spencer. None of it would surprise me, but you're going to need some proof to back it up.

Lucky: The man who shot Jesse conveniently died in the E.R. because Sonny and Jason cover their tracks.

Emily: Sonny would never send a shooter!

Lucky: Don't tell me he's a good mobster! Look what he put you through.

Emily: It's not Sonny's fault that someone came in --

Lucky: He made you a target, Emily. Sonny has no remorse, no -- no conscience, and he proved that when he sent his shooter to the park to take out Diego and left Jesse dead instead.

Nikolas: Lucky, Lucky, Lucky --

[Emily sighs]

Nikolas: This isn't helping. Come here. Come here.

Lucky: Oh, don't -- don't tell me you're going to defend that scum now.

Nikolas: Listen to me. Listen. I hate Sonny for what he put Emily through. I just -- I have a serious problem with believing that he would send a gunman to kill Diego at a carnival where children were present. Is he a criminal? Yes. Absolutely. But he's also a father. I just -- I doubt that he would put a child in danger like that.

John: All right, you're -- you're free to go.

Emily: I want to see my brother first.

Patrick: The surgery's going to take hours. Want to grab a coffee? What happened?

Epiphany: Your father's still alive. The surgeon will be here shortly to explain --

Patrick: Epiphany, you know more than the surgeon. Tell me what happened.

Epiphany: You know that the R.N.’s are not supposed to update family members on surgery, Dr. Drake.

Robin: Come on. We wouldn't dream of asking you to bend the rules. Now, what are you not supposed to tell us?

Epiphany: That Detective Beaudry’s liver wasn't viable.

Patrick: Then there's no choice. My dad needs my liver. We have to perform living-donor-transplant surgery tonight.

Diego: It's all over the news. Sonny got a room in a hotel with Emily Quartermaine, then a gunman broke in and tried to shoot him.

Lorenzo: This is escalating faster than I thought.

Diego: Pop, did you order the hit? Are you retaliating for the attempt on my life?

Lorenzo: Look, I don't know if these shootings are related or not, but I did not send a gunman to take out Sonny, all right?

Diego: I believe you.

Lorenzo: Yeah, I wish I could say the same for Skye.

Diego: What do you mean?

Lorenzo: She's -- uh -- struggling with the choices I made to save her life. She hears about this shooting, I'm afraid I'm going to lose her -- and this baby -- for good.

Manny: Mr. Spencer.

Luke: The gambling is out there.

Manny: This is personal. I have some information that I think you may be interested in.

Luke: Well, if there's a price attached to it, I don't want it.

Manny: It's free of charge. I just think it's wrong for you not to know.

Luke: Come in. Cut the build-up, I'm busy.

Manny: I work at the hospital. I was there during the quarantine. Your daughter was very sick, close to death. The doctors were deciding who should get the first dose of antibody serum.

Luke: I know all this.

Manny: No, you don’t. Lorenzo Alcazar -- he switched his girlfriend's chart with your daughter's so Skye would get the medicine first.

Luke: Lulu was in worse shape than Skye?

Manny: Yeah. Alcazar saved the mother of his child and left your daughter to die.

Carly: Thanks for staying. The boys are asleep.

Jax: Wow. You know, I'm impressed -- how you were able to spin the unspinnable.

Carly: Well, I'm furious with Sonny. I'm even more angry with my father. He could've kept this quiet, but he let it be broadcast over the television and the radio. Did he think for five minutes that this might affect his grandchildren?

[Carly sighs]

Jax: Well, if you want to go down to the PCPD, I'll stay with the boys.

Carly: No. No. Sonny caused this mess, he can fix it. I'm not going to go fix this for him.

Jax: Well. I'm glad to hear that. Because if you'd gone, it would so be over between us.

Carly: Wow, was this some kind of a test?

John: All right, take Ms. Quartermaine in to see her brother. Emily's account of what happened is going to make for some pretty interesting reading on the front page of the "Port Charles Herald."

Sonny: Emily's been through enough. Why do you want to expose her with this?

John: Oh, because -- I don't know -- because you were sleeping with her?

Sonny: Got nothing to do with the crime, Durant.

John: Well, you're probably right. Forensics will come back and show that you and Emily had nothing to do with the shooting, that Jason killed the gunman to defend you and his sister. You're right, I'm -- you're right, I'm not going to be able to file charges.

Sonny: Where do you get off persecuting Emily? What has she done to you, huh?

John: This is about you.

Sonny: It's about me?

John: That's right, this is about you.

Sonny: Right.

John: The name and face of your girlfriend splashed all across the papers, every salacious detail leaked out to the press -- that's going to make for some good copy. I don't know what you -- I'd buy that paper, wouldn't you? I would. You know, best of all, though, Sonny? It makes you weak. You know something? I just thought about this -- you just -- you literally got caught with your pants down.

Elizabeth: Excuse me. Is Officer Spencer around?

Officer: Yeah, in the waiting area.

Elizabeth: Thank you.

Lucky: I want it to be Patrick or Sonny's fault that Jesse died, but I am the one that asked Jesse to work with me that night. I didn't even watch my own partner's back.

Nikolas: It's not your fault, Lucky.

Lucky: No, no, it is my fault! It may as well have been me that pulled that trigger.

Emily: I gave my statement, and I'm sure that --

Jason: Just go home.

Emily: I know that -- that you're angry because you're afraid --

Jason: Just go home now!

John: Your enemies are going to take advantage of your weakness. They're going to come after you, and they're going to hit you where you're most vulnerable. And when that happens, there's going to be a mob war in this town, and I am going to be there to pick up the pieces, while you, my little friend, are going to spend your sunset years in prison. That is, unless, of course, you're not dead before you're convicted.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Luke: What makes you think that I would believe you?

Manny: Just ask your daughter-in-law.

Carly: I've been in too many relationships where I've been tested and I'm sick of it.

Patrick: I'm not going to waste a minute tracking down a shrink for a signature.

Epiphany: No signature, no transplant.

Sonny: You want to hit me, go ahead, I'm right here.

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