GH Transcript Friday 3/31/06

General Hospital Transcript Friday 3/31/06


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Robin: I solved the problem.

Patrick: Good for you. What problem?

Robin: Jesse Beaudry’s surgery.

Patrick: You mean, you removed the bullet from his brain?

Robin: No, the next best thing -- I found someone that could. Dr. Miller from Mercy. Well, he's --

Patrick: Are you kidding me right now? Old, "About to retire if we're lucky" Phil?

Robin: No, actually, his daughter.

Woman: Hey, big guy.

Patrick: Well, well, well. Lovely Gwen.

Max: Boss has been expecting you.

Sonny: Alcazar, come on in.  Thank you for making this easier.

Monica: Oh -- oh, good.

Emily: Wait, hold the elevator!

Monica: Hey, hold your horses. What's the hurry? I have been looking all over for you.

Emily: Hey, mom, what's up?

Monica: Well, I'm going to perform an angioplasty with a stent placement in a few hours, and I thought maybe you'd like to observe.

Emily: Oh. I can’t. I -- I have plans.

Monica: What's so important?

Sonny: You want to run? It's another lie! You said you'd never --

Emily: Sonny --

Sonny: You're not leaving me!

Emily: No, Sonny, no! No, no! Oh, God! Oh, God! Oh! Sonny -- he's dead! You killed him, you murderer!

[Jason gasps]

Sam: Hey -- it's ok. You had another dream.

Jason: They just keep getting worse.

Gwen: I haven't seen you in a while.

Patrick: Well, between the epidemic and some personal stuff with my father, I've kind of gotten out of the Sports Bar routine.

Gwen: Hmm.

Patrick: But my schedule has cleared up nicely, at least for the moment. Would you like to take advantage of the lull?

Gwen: You know it.

Patrick: Hmm. How about Rusty's on Wednesday, same time?

Gwen: I'll be there.

Patrick: Great. Now, if you could just give me a minute with the impetuous Dr. Scorpio --

Gwen: Sure.

Patrick: All right. How did you know Gwen was exactly what I needed to start the day?

Robin: You know, I should have known that your technique spread throughout the halls and linen closets and cafeteria --

Patrick: Gwen is a great time. She has an amazing ability to party all night long, and in the morning, wake up and be a great surgeon, but not nearly as good as me. And she's never performed this procedure. I'm not about to let her practice on my patient.

Robin: Why won't you listen to me? You cannot operate on Jesse. It is a major conflict of interest. If your father doesn't get the liver transplant, he will die. Jesse could be a match. If Jesse dies on the operating table, you're going to be under the kind of scrutiny that I guarantee you won't like.

Patrick: I am the best chance that that cop has to live. I'm not going to turn away just because it might end up badly for me. Anyway, it's a moot point, because I've never lost a patient, and I don't plan on starting today. So why don't you go out there and tell Gwen thanks for coming over here, but you're not going to need her.

Robin: Fine. I'm observing. You can't stop me from that.

Carly: You know, I bet you just have so many questions. See? You do, don't you? Like when are you going to get out of here, right? Well, that's a really good question. I think it's going to be soon. I think it's going to be real soon. Oh, no, no, no. No, no.

Nikolas: I want to hold him.

Carly: Nikolas, you know the rules.

Nikolas: Well, Jax isn't here, is he? So he won't know that I broke them.

Carly: You mean, that we broke them. Because that's what you're doing. You're asking me to go against Jax’s wishes.

Nikolas: I just want to hold him, Carly.

Emily: I'm not working today.

Monica: Oh, I -- I know that, and that's not really the point. The point is, this procedure doesn't come around very often, and I would think you'd want to juggle your plans and do whatever you were planning to do later.

Emily: Remember my friend Angela? She's an old friend mine from school. She has a layover at the airport, and if I don't leave now, then we're not going to have any time together, and I really want to see her.

Monica: All right. Ok, well, don't let me keep you.

Emily: Yeah, I'm sorry, mom. Thank you so much for thinking of me.

Monica: I always do, Em. Please, be careful.

Emily: Always.

Mac: Monica.

Monica: Yeah?

Mac: I came by to get an update on Detective Beaudry’s condition. Do you know anything?

Monica: Yes, actually. He is being prepped for surgery as we speak. If anyone can pull this off, it's Patrick Drake. Jesse is in good hands.

Mac: I hope so. I mean, I haven't always agreed with his tactics, but he's one of my best cops and he's a good man. I'd hate to see his life cut short by a senseless act of mob violence.

Monica: Wait a minute -- that shooting in the park was mob-related?

Mac: It appears to be a failed hit on Alcazar's son, most likely, Sonny. Alcazar will probably retaliate. I mean, that's their vicious cycle. Which means it's Sonny's turn to be put at risk, again. Along with your son.

Monica: Not to mention my daughter.

Sonny: What brings you here?

Lorenzo: I'm here to tell you that whether you were behind the attempt on Diego’s life or not, I won't be retaliating.

Sonny: That's not like you.

Lorenzo: Well, neither is admitting that I conspired with Manny, but I did that for the same reason. I want peace between us.

Sonny: For the record, I don't shoot children.

Lorenzo: I am willing to let this die.

Sonny: Tell me why I should trust you.

Lorenzo: Well, I can offer my word and my intention to keep it. There will be no reprisals, not even for this.

Michael: Dad!

Leticia: I'm sorry, Sonny. They saw your car and took off.

[Sonny sighs]

Sonny: Ok. Sit, sit, sit, sit, sit. Ok, how many times do I got to tell you, do not run off from Leticia unless she says it's all right?

Michael: Well, she didn't say it wasn’t.

Sonny: Don't be a wise guy.

Lorenzo: We need what I'm offering, Sonny. Our children need it.

Sonny: Yeah, I agree.

Lorenzo: I'll leave you with your family.

Michael: That was business, right?

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Leticia: Ok, so many questions. Why don't you take your brother upstairs, and I'll make you guys some snacks, ok?

Michael: Ok, since I don't have homework, can we hang?

Sonny: Uh -- ok, listen, you go up there and you do exactly what Leticia says, all right?

Michael: Yeah.

Sonny: All right? Go, go, go!

Michael: Come on, come on, come on.

Morgan: Come on.

Sonny: I thought Carly was supposed to take the boys. What happened?

Leticia: Something came up. She said that you would understand.

Sonny: Something came up? Come here. Ok, I got to be somewhere, fast. You're going to help me get there.

Sam: As far as dreams go, it's pretty unnerving, but it's still just a dream. Jason, you're not going to hurt Sonny, let alone kill him.

Jason: You should know, I'm putting an extra guard on you.

Sam: Do you really think that's necessary?

Jason: Look, I know it's no fun having the guys watch every move you make, but we cannot be too careful right now.

Sam: Did something happen that I'm not aware of? Something that you could at least tell me?

Jason: Yeah, the guy who fired at Diego and hit that cop instead -- well, he conveniently died from his gunshot wound after he was admitted in General Hospital.

Sam: Oh -- ok. So they're cleaning up loose ends?

Jason: That's exactly what I think. Look, I know -- I know that you got a lot on your mind -- law school and Alexis. But when you walk out that door, I need you to be so focused and aware. You have great instincts. You need to use them.

Sam: I promise.

Jason: Promise?

Sam: Yes.

Jason: Ok. Ok, Sonny's not going to want to do anything to put Emily at risk. That means he's going to pretend that we're not in a crisis, and that kind of denial could get us killed.

Bobbie: Oh, hey. How long were you standing there?

Patrick: Not long.

Bobbie: I can save you the trouble. Noah's worse. Has anything come up on the donor registry?

Patrick: No.

Bobbie: He's running out of time. Patrick, you'll keep me posted? Ok.

Patrick: You've still done nothing to change my mind. I'm going to do everything in my power to save your life.

Lucky: Hey, any word on Jesse?

Maxie: Yeah. They're prepping him for surgery. He hasn't regained consciousness.

Lucky: Damn it. Jesse's here in this condition because of me.

Maxie: What?

Lucky: I thought I needed backup in the park, because Manny was spotted. Except he wasn't there after all. It was an exercise in futility that bought --

Maxie: Lucky, stop.

Lucky: Jesse took a bullet in the head.

Maxie: This -- you can't torture yourself. This is not your fault.

Lucky: No, I made a bad call.

Maxie: Who doesn't? Jesse reported for duty because this is his job.

Georgie: Maxie, I got you some food.

Maxie: Thanks, but I couldn't eat anything right now.

Mac: Yeah, well, keep it, ok? You've been here all night, and you need to keep up your strength.

Maxie: Ok.

Mac: Lucky -- anything on the shooter?

Lucky: I was on it all night. According to the carnival manager, they hire day workers all the time, and the clown was one of them.

Mac: I'm going to call forensics and see why I can't get an answer, get a simple I.D.

Maxie: Jesse, wait, wait!

Orderly: This way.

Maxie: Wait. I know you can hear me, ok? Dr. Drake is going to operate on you and take that bullet out of your head. And then you're going to be better before you know it. And we're going to go to Chicago. And I'm going to wait for you as long as it takes, ok?

Jason: I want an I.D. on the shooter within the hour. Fine. Hey.

Monica: I -- I really should have called first. I'm sorry.

Jason: No, it's -- it's ok. Well, you can speak freely in front of Sam.

Monica: Uh -- look, I -- I want to apologize right off the top for putting you in the middle. I know that Emily is your sister and that Sonny is your best friend.

[Door opens and closes]

Emily: "Counting the minutes until I hold you again." Me, too, Mr. Smith.

Carly: I know that you are pulling yourself together. And I'm not unsympathetic to your position, but what were you thinking? Jax has a restraining order against you.

Nikolas: Which is wrong and ridiculous.

Carly: Ok, he doesn't see it that way. So if he shows up here, he could have you put in jail.

Nikolas: I'm not a danger to John, Carly. I made a mistake. Aren't we all entitled to a few of those? I think so. Courtney wanted me to be a part of her son's life, and you know it. I just want to know him. That's all. Tell him about his mother the way I knew her.

Carly: Nikolas, I get it. I really get it. But I can't help you. I will not go behind Jax’s back. I won't do it.

Nikolas: Well, I guess that shouldn't really surprise me.

Singer: Another day is here and gone

Robin: We're ready, Dr. Drake.

Patrick: All right, let's try and save him if we can. We'll be ready when I --

Epiphany: Like she said, ready.

Patrick: Hey, we're off to a good start. Everyone keep anticipating. We cannot afford to make mistakes.

Singer: In a change of season it's time to live again we had a gig in half an hour.

Carly: What the hell are you implying, Nikolas?

Nikolas: Implying? I'm not implying anything. I'll say it straight out. You have Jax nicely hooked, and you don't want to cause any waves that might make him go away.

Carly: Wow, so that's what you think.

Nikolas: Yes, I do. You're using that child to work Jax, for what self-motivated reason, I don't even want to know. The point is, you don't give a damn about what's best for John or what your so-called best friend would want for him. You are doing whatever fits your agenda, and then trampling over everyone else.

Carly: Well, this is exactly why I wouldn't take your side. Because of your temper. Because of your high-handed, sanctimonious attitude and your complete lack of judgment, which you proved again by showing up here. And it's those reasons why you will never get within 10 feet of Courtney and Jax’s baby.

[Rock music plays]

Epiphany: We've got necrosis.

Patrick: All right, we have to evacuate the clot to get a better view.

Epiphany: We've got a bleeder, artery. Oh, we've got swelling everywhere.

Patrick: Strap in, people. We're about to hit turbulence.

Maxie: Well, this is pretty ridiculous, right? I mean, here I am, worried out of my mind over a guy that I haven't even known a year. Huh.

Georgie: Sometimes love happens that way. One day you have no idea someone exists, and then the next, you can't remember life without them.

Maxie: It just doesn't seem fair. I mean, Jesse and I were just starting to find out what we could be together. He was starting to trust me and open up to me.

Diego: How's Jesse doing?

Lucky: He's in the O.R. and I'm not sure this is the best place for you to be right now.

Diego: I understand. Look, since you're here, I just -- I wanted to thank you for saving my life.

Manny: Oh, ooh!

Lorenzo: You set up a hit on my son, then covered yourself by killing the shooter. Is that right? Wrong answer!

Skye: Lorenzo! What are you doing?

Sonny: Are you -- are you mad at me? I got here as soon as I could. I --

Emily: I'm sorry, but you must be in the wrong room. I'm expecting a Mr. Smith.

Sonny: Ah, Mr. -- Well, I guess I lose points for originality, huh? I was just -- I was trying to be discreet.

Emily: Yeah, in this town?

Sonny: You think they recognized you?

Emily: Not only that, they knew full well who I was meeting. The manager -- he personally escorted me here to make sure the room was to my liking.

Sonny: Oh.

Emily: It is, by the way.

Sonny: You like it?

Emily: Uh-huh. The flowers are beautiful, and my favorite champagne. Thank you for always going the extra step to make our time together special.

Sonny: Well, if you have to sneak around to be with me, the least I can do is surround you by beauty. And I can say this. Nothing compares to you.

Jason: Emily and Sonny care about each other, whether we like it or not, but I don't think he would intentionally hurt her.

Monica: No, I don't -- I don't think so, either, Jason. That's not my question. My question is, is Emily in danger right now? In this immediate time, today?

Jason: I think Emily is better off away from Sonny, period.

Monica: Have you talked to them?

Jason: Yes, I've talked. It doesn't do any good. Nothing does. But don't worry, I'm going to take care of the situation.

Michael: Ok. Do not touch this. I just put the batteries in, ok? And remember what dad said -- no flying in the house?

Morgan: Yeah.

Michael: All right, I am going to go get our jackets.

[Glass shatters]

[Glass shatters]

Michael: Turn it off!

[Glass shatters]

Lorenzo: Skye, you need to leave.

Manny: I've got something to tell you, lady! I got so much to tell you!

Lorenzo: I'll meet you in the Metro Court, in the bar.

Skye: Lorenzo --

Lorenzo: Leave now! I won't be long. God.

Manny: You shouldn't have disrespected me like that.

Lorenzo: A man commands the respect he deserves.

Manny: It doesn't wash off that easy, my man. You should know that. Did you forget what I know? Huh? Your hot little redhead? The mother of your baby won't like hearing the reason she kicked the virus is because you switched the charts. You don't remember Lulu Spencer -- poor, little, defenseless Lulu Spencer?

Lorenzo: Go ahead and tell her, Manny. Skye won't believe you.

Manny: You don't even realize it, do you, Lorenzo? You just reminded her of who you really are, man -- all the things she tries to ignore about you but knows are true in her heart. And you know, just so you know, I didn't send anyone to kill Diego. He has his own enemies just like his father.

Lorenzo: All right. Now you hear me on this, you little -- you little weasel.

Manny: Looking in the mirror?

Lorenzo: You stay away from my family or I will make you regret the day you ever set foot in this town.

Manny: We'll see.

Max: Hey.

Jason: Where's Sonny?

Max: Uh --

Jason: Where's Sonny?

Max: He's not here.

Jason: You know what? Don't tell me he's unreachable, Max.

[Jason sighs]

Jason: What the hell happened in there?

Max: What do you mean?

Jason: What do you think I meant -- don't lie to me? Tell me where Sonny is right now.

Max: I don't know.

Jason: See that? Huh? Sonny's out of control and he's got my sister. You tell me where.

Max: He's at the Cosmopolitan Hotel.

Emily: Tus manos hablan y mi corazon escucha.

Sonny: Espero que nunca acabamos. I hope it never stops.

Emily: It doesn't have to, at least not tonight. Will you stay?

Sonny: Oh, I wish I could, but Carly brought the boys unexpectedly and I got to head back there.

Emily: No, I -- I understand.

Sonny: Well, you shouldn't have to, because I want to give you the best of me, of life. Sneaking around in hotels like this, you know, so we can spend a few hours together is not what I had in mind.

Emily: It doesn't matter, you know, as long as we're together.

Sonny: Look at me. It's temporary -- you know why?

Emily: Why?

Sonny: Because soon, I'm going to make it so we can go out in the open for everyone to see. Yeah.

Emily: Oh.

Sonny: Well, usually I wouldn't listen to anything Alcazar has to say, but he's having a baby with Skye and I know how that can change a man's priorities. He wants peace. I believe him. I want peace. So we're going to try to make that happen.

Emily: What about Manny?

Sonny: Oh, Manny -- Manny can be contained, he could be sent away, he could be taken care of, but that's nothing that you're going to have to worry about. I just want you to believe that what I'm saying is the truth. As a matter of fact, pick a date.

Emily: A date?

Sonny: Yes, a date, like a day, a month, you know, but not too far away, all right?

Emily: Um -- June 12.

Sonny: June 12? Ok, I tell you what. I will promise you by June 12 -- no more hiding, no more violence. Ok?

Diego: Wait. Lucky. Lucky, listen -- listen to me, please. Look -- I -- I realize, ok, that I made a mistake, all right, that I was arrogant thinking that I could -- I could handle these people alone.

Lucky: It happens.

Diego: No. Look, I -- I should've gone to you when Georgie told me to. In my defense, look, I -- my whole life, I've -- I've taken care of myself. I've never trusted cops, I -- I never cared enough about anyone to change.

Lucky: Now?

Diego: I will tell you everything I know about the hit that I stopped in prison, ok? I will -- I will go undercover. I'll do whatever it takes to stop another attempt on my life so other people don't get caught in the crossfire.

Maxie: Ok. So you can't take your eyes off Diego. At least now you know why you have to stay away from him.

Georgie: Maxie, the shooting was not his fault. This is because he stopped a murder. Maxie --

Maxie: Georgie, hello! People in prison where Diego was serving time -- they're called criminals. It's bad, isn't it? He's gone?

Patrick: I'm sorrier than you know.

Robin: There was too much damage to Jesse’s brain for Patrick or any other surgeon to fix. He's on a ventilator right now because he is an organ donor. But technically, he's --

Maxie: What do you need me to do? Is there somewhere I need go, something I have to sign? Just tell me.

Robin: Come with me.

Elizabeth: Jesse had the best care possible -- our best O.R. team.

Alan: We just lost Jesse Beaudry.

Bobbie: Oh. I was afraid that was coming.

Alan: Well, it's a miracle he didn't die at the scene. Patrick did everything he could.

Bobbie: Yeah, well, unfortunately, sometimes our best just isn't enough, is it? I'm sorry. I'm --

oh, I'm sorry for Jesse. I'm sorry for Lucky. They were partners, and Maxie’s in love with him.

Alan: Well, it's a tragedy all the way around, but there is one redeeming factor -- Jesse was an organ donor, and Noah’s the most compatible.

Bobbie: Is Noah getting Jesse’s liver?

Alan: There's a chance. I'm going to put things in motion right now.

Bobbie: Noah, did you hear that? You're going to make it.

Orderly: Is it true that Dr. Drake lost that cop on the table?

Doctor: Some coincidence, huh?

Orderly: What do you mean?

Doctor: Come on. Guy's never lost a single patient in his life. Spotless record, till today.

Orderly: I don't follow.

Doctor: Drake had a donor under the knife. His father just happens to need a liver? I'm just saying.

Lorenzo: Go downstairs and bring me a bottle of a 1969 Springbank.

Skye: Are you done torturing janitors?

Lorenzo: Manny's a lot more than that.

Skye: You looked like you wanted to kill him

Lorenzo: Oh, I did.

Skye: You think Manny tried to have Diego shot, don't you?

Lorenzo: He says no. It's possible he's telling the truth. The shooting could've been retaliation for what happened in prison.

Skye: What aren't you telling me, Lorenzo? You know that I've caught you with Manny on more than one occasion since he's been acquitted. He shows up at your house with that attitude like -- like nobody can stop him. Be honest with me. Manny has something on you, doesn't he?

Lorenzo: Yes.

Carly: You know, Nikolas is wrong. I don't have an agenda when it comes to your daddy. I like spending time with him. And no one's more surprised by that than me. I mean, I used to think Jax was the most spoiled, selfish man walking the planet, but you're making me see a different side to him, yes you are. Huh. See, you are a miracle baby in more ways than one.

[Phone rings]

Carly: Oh. I'll be right back. Ok. Oh. Michael? Hey, what's up?

Michael: You have to come to dad's! It's bad!

Carly: Ok, sweetie, I'm on my way. All right.

Sonny: So, what do you feel like -- what do you feel like eating?

Emily: Eating?

Sonny: Yeah. Whatever you want.

Emily: Hmm, I just want more.

Sonny: You want what?

Emily: Mm-hmm. Oh --

Sonny: What are you doing? What -- ah.

Emily: What, you can't take it, Mr. Smith?

Sonny: Ok, you want cold? I'll give you cold right now.

[Emily laughs]

Sonny: See if you can take this, Mrs. Smith.

Emily: Oh, no, no, no, no. No, wait -- you're going for a kinder, gentler world, remember?

Sonny: Oh, look, the only danger you're in is from me right now.

Emily: No --

[Little John fusses]

Nikolas: Hey there, little guy. All right, here you go. Yeah. My name's Nikolas. I was almost your dad, you know that?

Lorenzo: It would be easy to keep lying to you. But for once, I don't want a relationship that's based on a lie. And I don't want scum like Manny Ruiz to have power over us, so I am going to tell you the truth. That brain operation didn't change Manny. He's the same psychotic animal he's always been.

Skye: You knew this?

Lorenzo: I've known for quite some time.

Skye: And you didn't tell anyone?

Lorenzo: At first I thought I could use it against him -- lately because he knew what I did to save you.

Skye: I don't understand.

Lorenzo: During the epidemic, the serum was being dispensed on the basis of need. Lulu was in worse condition than you. She should've gotten it. I made sure that didn't happen. I switched the pages in the charts to make it look like you were sicker. And the serum that should've gone to Luke’s daughter saved you instead.

Carly: Sonny? Michael? Morgan? Oh, my God. Sonny!

Michael: Don't be mad, mom.

Carly: Oh, my God. Are you ok? I'm not mad. Where's your father?

Michael: He left. He doesn't know.

Carly: He doesn't know what?

Michael: We were supposed to fly this outside.

Carly: You did this?

Michael: It wasn't on purpose. I mean --

Carly: Oh.

Michael: It just kind of happened.

Carly: Oh, Michael.

Michael: We got $7.03 in our banks. How much will that pay for?

Carly: Honey, it's ok. It's so ok. It's ok, it's ok. Look at you.

Michael: No, it's not. Dad's going to be real mad.

Carly: I tell you nothing bad is going to happen because of this. Ok? Oh. Come here.

Sonny: Hey --

Emily: No -- you --

Sonny: Hey --

Emily: You -- no! Sonny, no!

Sonny: I'll get the whole bucket.

Emily: Ah! Stay away.

Sonny: You think I'm joking?

Emily: No, don't --

Sonny: You think I'm joking, huh?

Emily: Ah! No, Sonny. Sonny, don't!

Sonny: What do you think --?

Emily: Ah! Get away -- stop!

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Lucky: You're under arrest for murder.

Skye: Luke will kill you if he finds out.

Luke: Helping yourself to club funds?

Det. Rodriguez: He's dead.

Nikolas: My God.

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