GH Transcript Monday 3/27/06

General Hospital Transcript Monday 3/27/06


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[Music plays]

Skye: Oh.

Tracy: What are you doing?

Skye: I'm giving the mayor back his coat.

Tracy: I'm the hostess. That's my job.

Skye: Oh, please. You're doing everything you can to make Luke fail.

Tracy: Spare me. Give me that.

Skye: Let go!

Tracy: You are mooning over my husband.

Skye: Well, stop trying to destroy my friend. Now, I said let go!

Lorenzo: Skye. Skye, are you ok?

Skye: Uh -- yeah, I'm -- I'm ok. Fine.

Lorenzo: Are you sure? Hey -- if anything's happened to Skye or our baby --

Luke: Get your hands off my wife!

Lorenzo: Apparently, your wife pushed Skye down the stairs.

Tracy: I didnít. She fell.

Skye: It's true. Listen, me and Tracy were arguing and -- let's not make a federal case out of it, ok? I just fell.

Lorenzo: You need to know this. I will do whatever it takes to protect her and our baby.

Jax: Are you sure that you --

Carly: Don't you dare ask me if I'm sure.

Sam: How do you do it, Ric? Do you really live with blinders on? Can you not see the kind of person your wife really is?

Ric: Alexis did not kill your daughter, Sam --

Sam: Oh Alexis Davis, Mother of the Year! I know, I know! I've heard it all before! It does not excuse what she did to me! I'm just -- I'm sick to death of hearing you and Alexis gloss over everything, based on the fact that -- that she got herself pregnant and had babies. Anyone can do that. It's -- that's the easy part. The act of giving birth isn't what makes you a mother, and she's a pretty poor excuse for one if you ask me. A mother should show compassion. A mother should care about someone else besides themselves.

Ric: Ok. The intensity of your hatred towards Alexis is over the top at best, and your non-reasons don't even explain it at all. It's like you want to punish Alexis for being a mother.

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Sonny: No --

Emily: What?

Sonny: I just --

Emily: Something wrong?

Sonny: Well, I just realized that we were actually alone.

Emily: Oh.

Sonny: I mean, you know, except for the guards, and Michael and Morgan are with Carly. Leticia's there, and I just don't think that we need to rush this. I want to take my -- my time with you.

Emily: That sounds wonderful.

Ric: You know, it's understandable that you're envious of Alexis -- you lost your daughter, she has two that are thriving -- but, Sam, I think your grief is blinding you to the facts. The doctors were very clear here. Your argument with Alexis did not cause the stillbirth of your daughter, ok? Alexis had nothing to do with it.

Sam: Yeah, I know -- I know, I know, Alexis is never at fault. Of course, Ric. I know that. She had nothing to do with it. Your wife tramples over everyone with army boots demanding stem cells, antidotes, making sure freaks like Manny Ruiz walk the streets --

Ric: Hmm.

Sam: And she never has to pay. Maybe, just maybe, it's time she did.

Ric: Ok, fine, you know what? You keep that grudge. You hold it, you nurture it, you make it grow, because, after all, it works so well for you, Sam.

Sam: Oh, yeah, I see. You're the voice of experience warning me not to let hatred wreck my life.

Ric: No, you know what, Sam? To be honest with you, I'm worried about your hatred for Alexis ruining my life.

Sam: Huh.

Ric: We're all connected here, Sam.

Sam: You have no idea, Ric.

Ric: No, really? I don't have any idea? You enlighten me, then. You tell me how your vendetta does anything but keep you and Jason on one side, me and Alexis on the other, and Sonny right in the middle.

Sam: Sonny? No, Sonny is not in the middle. Sonny sided with me and Jason.

Ric: Of course.

Sam: That's what this is about, isn't it? You finally have a chance to suck up to Sonny and you're afraid that my problems with Alexis are going to come in between it.

Ric: You know what? I'm not going to apologize to you or anybody else for wanting a relationship with my brother. We happen to be in a decent place right now. He is the only connection that I have to a mother I never knew. I know that connection is lost to you, Sam, but it happens --

Sam: No, no, trust me, you have no idea how I feel about my family, what matters to me, or how I feel about my mother!

Noah: Ow.

Epiphany: Sorry.

Noah: Somehow I'm not feeling the sympathy. Is that your usual bedside manner, or did you single me out?

Epiphany: Look at it this way -- being under my care gives you yet another reason to feel sorry for yourself.

Robin: Noah is acting like a 5-year-old. He's making this about everything but the transplant -- old family baggage, the guilt over your mother's death -- and you are playing right into his hands.

Patrick: I know where you're going. Once again, you're trying to make it my fault that my father's a stubborn fool.

Robin: This is way past anyone's fault. Noah's condition is critical, and it is going to get worse. Someone needs to get through to him, and that someone needs to be you. So stop sulking like a disappointed son and start acting like a doctor.

Lorenzo: What do you think, doctor?

Kelly: Well, Skye and the baby appear no worse for the experience. I'd like to do an ultrasound at the hospital just to be safe.

Lorenzo: No arguments.

Skye: Did I say anything?

Lorenzo: You were going to.

Kelly: I'll set it up.

Lorenzo: All right.

Skye: Ok.

Luke: I -- uh -- I hope that little package is ok.

Skye: It's nice of you to be concerned, Luke, but Lorenzoís taking excellent care of me.

Tracy: You know, you really shouldn't wear your heart on your sleeve. It makes you look like a pathetic pound puppy.

Luke: You know what I'm thinking, is maybe I jumped to your defense a little too soon. Did you mean for her to take that tumble?

Jax: Wow. That was --

Carly: Oh, I know. I always wondered what it would be like to have sex with you.

Jax: Really?

Carly: Mm-hmm. Especially because I couldn't stand you.

Jax: Why "especially"?

Carly: Well, you know, having sex with the enemy can be a very fun sport. Then Courtney fell for you and I had to stop thinking about it.

Jax: Hmm. So let me get this straight. Up until Courtney and I got together, you would have considered going to bed with me?

Carly: Sure -- if it would've made Sonny mad enough.

[Carly laughs]

Jax: I wish I would've known.

Carly: Yeah, right. You wouldn't have touched me with a 10-foot pole.

Jax: If I had known it would make Sonny mad enough -- so, is -- is that what this is about for you? This is revenge against Sonny?

Carly: What do you think?

[Music plays]

Tracy: I never laid a hand on Skye. She fell because she's clumsy and she wasn't paying attention.

Luke: It can be pretty hard to concentrate with you in somebody's face hurling insults.

Tracy: Oh, please. Skye is no delicate flower, she gives as good as she gets, and I did want to mention -- in case you hadn't noticed -- she didn't need your shoulder to lean on, she had Lorenzoís.

Luke: Speaking of Alcazar-- you might be a little bit grateful for my jumping in to protect my wife.

Tracy: I would be touched if I didn't know that you need me alive and well to continue functioning as your meal ticket.

Luke: Hey, you can end this any time. All you have to do is give me my 15 million bucks. It'll be like I was never there.

Tracy: I'm not giving you that 15 million. It's mine and I'm keeping it.

Luke: It's mine. You appropriated it.

Tracy: No, I acquired it from you. And now you owe me another $50,000 for the repairs on this tub. And let me remind you, if you do not pay me in full by close of business, I'm putting it up for sale.

Luke: I'll sue you for battery.

Tracy: Ha! You should've ducked.

Elizabeth: I hope Skyeís baby didn't get hurt.

Alexis: Oh, I certainly hope not. I'd say watching a pregnant woman fall down the stairs puts a damper on the evening.

Nikolas: Maybe we should do the tactful thing and leave.

Alexis: Good idea.

Lucky: Yeah, sounds good to me.

Luke: Hey -- whoa. Hold on, where you going?

Lucky: Well, we thought we'd clear out --

Luke: Oh, no, no, no! No, please, please, I need you here. Don't go anywhere. Gamble, have a good time, drink, lose money. You -- I need the benefit of your brilliant legal mind. Did you bring it?

Patrick: How is he?

Epiphany: Vitals are stable. The patient is suffering internally but refuses pain meds. Obviously, he's comfortable suffering.

Patrick: Thanks. You might want to rethink your position on pain medication. You're not going to go quietly into the night. This is going to get a lot worse before you get what you want and die. First, you'll turn yellow -- bright yellow like one of those smiley faces from hell. Then when somebody grabs you like this, you'll bruise. You'll start bleeding from your gums, then your nose. Then your kidney will fail, which of course you'll need --

Robin: Will you stop?

Patrick: I'm just giving the patient his prognosis.

Noah: I was a doctor before you were even a thought in anybody's mind. I know what's coming. So if you think you're scaring me into a liver transplant, you can forget it.

Patrick: Whatever. If you're determined to die a slow, agonizing death, I'm not going to stop you.

Robin: How can you be so unfair to your own flesh and blood?

Carly: Ok, I admit that I have the reputation of being somewhat of a loose cannon.

Jax: "Somewhat"?

Carly: Ok, so I act before I think, and then I usually live to regret it. But I would do whatever it takes to protect my family and to get what I want. See, we're not that different, you know.

Jax: Well, I will concede to some of that.

Carly: Then there are some major differences. You're a rich male, so people see you as decisive and daring. And I am a woman who has clawed her way up from nothing, so people look at me as a gold-digging tramp.

Jax: Well, it's easier to judge people when you don't know them. I'm certainly guilty of that where you're concerned. You know, I was so convinced of your bad side that I couldn't see the good.

Carly: I never thought of you as bad. Just insufferably spoiled.

Jax: Really?

Carly: Mm-hmm.

Jax: Oh.

Carly: Well, all the things that were life-and-death issues to me -- money, love, having a place in the world, a connection -- they just seem like games to you. You -- you throw your money around like you make it in the basement. You married Alexis for some insane reason -- I haven't quite figured that out yet. And you started your entire relationship with Courtney just because you made a bet to see if you could get her into bed. All because the possibility of losing never even occurred to you.

Jax: I did lose. And I'm starting to realize the worth of all the things I took for granted, re-evaluating assumptions that I made about myself and others -- especially you.

Carly: Wow.

Sonny: I'm so glad you're here.

Emily: Wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Sonny: I hope this isn't going to cause any problems for you.

Emily: No more than usual. I told Lucky and Elizabeth that I was spending the evening with a lab report, which qualifies as a fib instead of a lie because it originally was the truth.

Sonny: Well, what about your family? Do they expect you home?

Emily: You mean, are they going to ground me for breaking curfew? I'm surprised you haven't noticed -- Sonny, I'm a grown woman.

Sonny: Oh, believe me, I --

Emily: Yeah.

Sonny: I noticed.

Emily: I come and go as I please.

Sonny: Ok. Then can you -- can you spend the night, because I want you to be the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning.

Emily: Falling asleep in your arms sounds like heaven to me.

Sam: I have every right to hate Alexis as much I do. She earned it, and I will keep on hating her until the day I die. And if it makes you suffer, even better.

Ric: Ok, fine. Fine. You can hate me; you can hate Alexis. You hate Kristina, too? Huh? You remember her, the little girl whose -- whose life your daughter saved? Do you realize that spewing all your garbage on her parents creates undo tension and makes life a hell of a lot harder for an innocent little kid?

Sam: No, you -- you listen to me. I have made all the sacrifices I intend to for Kristina. Now, you -- get out of my house.

Ric: Sam, we really --

Sam: Get out, Ric!

Ric: Sam, relax!

Sam: Get out of my house! Jason, no! Jason, no! Come here. Stop it! Get up. Come on, get up! Come on.

Ric: I'm going!

Lorenzo: Is everything ok?

Skye: Dr. Lee confirmed that the baby was fine after the fall, ok?

Lorenzo: Oh. Hmm. Oh. I'm sorry.

Skye: What, for hugging me? You horrible man, you.

Lorenzo: I don't want to be one of those hovering, overly anxious fathers who drive everyone to distraction.

Skye: Lorenzo, you don't have a reason to apologize to me, ok? I am the one that owes you a huge apology. Instead of enjoying our evening out together, what, I antagonize Tracy, trying to show her up by playing hostess and, predictably, when she loses her temper, do I stop? No, I keep provoking her. Yes, it's true the fall was an accident, but all the circumstances that led up to that point were entirely my fault.

Lorenzo: Which begs the question, why did you go to such lengths? Was it about showing Tracy up on her job or getting Lukeís attention?

[Music plays]

Alexis: Now, I say this with great love and respect for you, but representing you on any basis is a bad idea.

Luke: Natasha, you're my last hope. My livelihood depends on you.

Alexis: Since when do you give two figs about your livelihood?

Luke: Since I remarried.

Alexis: To one of the richest women in the country.

Luke: Which is exactly my point.

Alexis: You see that guy over there -- Justus? Why don't you hire him?

Luke: He's Tracyís relative.

Alexis: I know, and they're so close.

Luke: It's a conflict of interest.

Alexis: Try the yellow pages. I got to go. I left the stove on.

Luke: Hold on. You don't get this. If you don't help me, Tracy is going to cut me off at the you-know-whats, and you know what my you-know-whats mean to me. You know?

Elizabeth: Roulette's a good game for losers.

Lucky: Well, let's recycle this money I have left.

Elizabeth: Oh, your father better appreciate this.

Lucky: Can I get change, please?

Justus: You know what? We're going to have some fun, we're going to blow the stash, and it's going to be all good.

Lainey: You know, it seems inherently wrong to actually intend to throw money away.

Justus: Oh, come on, it's for a good cause, and besides, if the casino does well, Luke sticks around, and Lulu has a father. It's a win-win. Come on.

[Lainey laughs]

Alexis: Ok, from what you've told me, you and Tracy have no community property, so the $50,000 that you raided from her coffers is, effectively, embezzlement so, in other words, you have no case. So Tracy has every right to demand the $50,000 from you, or take the Haunted Star and your you-know-whats in lieu of payment.

Tracy: Well. Told you so, and this is me demanding. Pay me back tonight. Either cash on the line or the deed to the Haunted Star.

Luke: Don't be so smug. I can pull out of this yet. There's still time for a couple of people to lose their shirts.

Elizabeth: Oh, Lucky, you won!

Lucky: I won! I won! I won $3,000!

Nikolas: Good one.

Robin: Patrick, wait.

Patrick: Don't even start with your lecture about how I need to keep trying with my father, ok? I was having a perfectly enjoyable evening. I left my date alone at the Haunted Star --

Robin: Oh, excuse me.

Patrick: In order to fit your standard of familial devotion. And as you saw for yourself, it went great. My father is not going to take a transplant. He's not even taking his pain medication. If he's determined to die a slow and painful death, I don't -- I don't care anymore.

Robin: Will you just please hear me out?

Patrick: Can you hurry up? I want to try and salvage the rest of my evening.

Robin: Fine. When I first caught the virus and it looked like I wasn't going to make it, you told me that if I died, I would be the patient that haunted you; the one that you would never forget.

Patrick: Ok, well, that was just something I said in the moment of exhaustion and weakness. It wasn't an invitation for you to start dictating my life.

Robin: I'm just trying to warn you. If Noah dies, he will be the one that haunts you, and it'll be a lot worse than me.

Jax: Are you leaving so soon?

Carly: I have to -- I got my kids tonight. And by the way, no P.D.A.'s when they're around. They cannot know that anything is going on between us.

Jax: Is that really about the boys or you don't want Sonny to know?

Carly: I don't really care what Sonny thinks. My boys have been through enough, especially Michael. I just -- I want them to be kids, you know? I want them to be carefree and happy, not so concerned about what's going on with the adults.

Jax: So what happens next?

Carly: I don't know. What'd you have in mind?

Jax: Well, more of this, that's for sure.

Carly: Good. It was too much fun to stop now, but my boys cannot find out about this.

Jax: I will give new meaning to the word "discreet." Now, come here.

Sam: Ric came over, and he asked me to back off of Alexis, and I think I lost my temper a little bit because I started to shove him out the door, and that's when you walked in. Jason, he didn't --

Jason: Ric put his hands on you, Sam. Now he knows not to do it again.

Sam: I have never seen you this angry before and I know that it's not about Ric. Something happened at Sonnyís. Are you going to tell me or --

Jason: Sonny and Emily were together. I knew they were lying, but now I've seen it with my own eyes.

Emily: You made quite an entrance at Lukeís tonight. The entire room stopped in its tracks and gaped.

[Emily laughs]

Sonny: Well, hey, in my business --

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: It's important to make your presence publicly felt from time to time. But I got to tell you, I -- I blew it.

Emily: How so?

Sonny: Well, I lost my concentration. Because the -- the second I laid eyes on you, I couldn't think about anything else.

[Pounding on door]

Ric: Max, I need to see --

Max: Whoa, whoa, whoa, sorry. He's upstairs for the night, he can't be disturbed.

Ric: Ok, it's family business. Look, Max, you either go upstairs, you tell Sonny that his brother wants to

Jax: I hope we can do this again soon.

Carly: So do I. I'm happy that you're into having a friendship with benefits.

Jax: Well, I take it that you're not developing any romantic attachments?

Carly: Uh -- no. I'm not ready to be a couple with you. You're still hung up on Courtney; I'm enjoying my freedom. I'm not looking to fall in love. But I do want to help you with Little John, and you're great in bed, so --

Jax: Hmm.

Carly: Thanks for a good time.

Noah: What's that?

Patrick: Enough tranquilizer to stop your heart.

Skye: I know it took me a while to figure out that Luke and I weren't those kindred spirits I thought that we were. In fact, Luke and I couldn't be more opposite in what we want from life and relationships. So to answer your question, no. I do not do anything to get Lukeís attention anymore. In fact, I would want to be with you even if I weren't carrying our child.

Lorenzo: I'm glad. But it still concerns me -- you living such close proximity to Tracy and her ability to push your buttons. Is there any chance you will reconsider moving in with me?

Skye: Lorenzo, I will be fine at the Quartermaines', ok, unless I let Tracy get to me, which I won't -- that ended tonight. What I do need from you is the security of knowing that we have a solid foundation with which to raise this child.

Lorenzo: Would it be rushing things if I told you you mean more to me every day?

Skye: I'd find that very encouraging, because I feel exactly the same way.

[Music plays]

Lucky: I can't believe this. I never win at anything.

Nikolas: Congratulations.

Elizabeth: And you didn't win anything tonight because we're going to give this back, remember?

Lucky: Yeah, just help me redistribute this. Here, just pick out any numbers you think will lose.

Luke: I appreciate the gesture, cowboy, but your money is no good here. Take your winnings and walk away.

Lucky: Dad, no. I'm not going to profit on my dad's downfall.

Luke: And I am not going to profit from Port Charles' most underpaid couple. You take this money you won fair and square and spend it on your beautiful wife.

Lucky: You sure?

Luke: I'm sure.

Elizabeth: Thank you, Luke.

Luke: Of course.

Lucky: Got --

Luke: Congratulations.

Tracy: That was not such a noble gesture. $3,000 doesn't make a dent in what you owe me.

Luke: For God's sake, woman, will you stop dogging my heels?

Tracy: Ruff!

Sonny: What happened to you?

Ric: What happened? Jasonís "what happened," that's what. I went to his place tonight to talk to Sam and he walked in, he jumped to the wrong conclusion. Look -- he tried to strangle me!

Sonny: It's not like Jason to lose his control like that.

Ric: Well, I -- Sam pushed me and I grabbed her arms, so --

Sonny: Well, if he thought that you were going to hurt Sam, you're lucky you're still breathing.

Ric: Oh, and that would've been ok with you if -- if Jason had killed me tonight over some stupid misunderstanding?

Sonny: Ric, I'm sorry about what happened. I will speak to Jason.

Ric: You're going to have to do a hell of a lot more than that, Sonny.

Sonny: What do you suggest, then, Ric?

Ric: Look, I could've gone to the police tonight to file charges against him for assault! But I came here instead as a courtesy to you, and because we're brothers and I want peace between us, but this is it, Sonny! You have got to get Jason under control!

Jason: I knew it. I knew -- I knew Emily was going to Sonny's when I saw her leave the Haunted Star. I didn't want to believe it, Sam, and you know what? I was actually hoping that I was wrong about this whole situation somehow. So I decided to go over there. Parked at the gate, went up to the terrace, I was going to go in, and there Sonny and Emily were, kissing. Yeah, and it wasn't -- it wasn't like a first kiss. They were familiar with each other. It's like getting punched in the stomach. I couldn't even -- I couldn't even move.

Sam: Did they see you?

Jason: I just left.

Sam: Good. I -- I just think maybe a confrontation would've made things a little worse.

Jason: You know, years ago when I found Sonny with Carly, I got past it. It wasn't -- it wasn't easy, but I found a way to accept it and live with it. I never asked Sonny to give up Carly. I never asked him for anything until now, when my little sister's well-being is on the line! I have always -- always trusted him. I believed that he was a man of his word, integrity, loyalty, but he lied to my face, Sam. He's with my sister behind my back. From here on out, I owe him nothing.

Patrick: So there you go. Inject the tranq. into the I.V. and go to sleep. What I brought you there is an all-purpose problem-solver. No more struggling with excuses to refuse the transplant that actually makes sense. No more explaining to people how the brilliant Dr. Drake ruined his career. You won't have to deal with the agony of dying by inches, and you'll go out the way you've chosen to live -- as a coward.

Sam: Do you think that Sonny is lying or manipulating Emily in any way?

Jason: Not on purpose. And I'm sure they think they're in -- you know, that's beside the point. Sonny knows that he's bad for Emily, but he goes ahead and does whatever he wants, he lies about it, and he hides it.

Sam: Ok, look, I'm -- I'm thinking maybe we should go away.

Jason: Oh.

Sam: I could use some distance from Alexis, and you're going through all this stuff with Sonny. I think maybe we should just --

Jason: This is not a problem that -- that distance can solve. And it's -- it's just that it's a bad time, you know, business-wise. Sonny's distracted; Alcazar's planning something -- probably with Manny. And if I leave, Emily will be in worse danger.

Sonny: Well, thanks -- thanks, you know, for bringing this to me instead of the cops. I mean, I'm not going to defend Jasonís attack on you.

Ric: Well, I'm glad to hear that.

Sonny: But I will say that Jason loves Sam deeply, and if -- you know, he's not going to let her get hurt.

Ric: Do you know what's going on?

Sonny: What do you mean?

Ric: Well, I mean, with Sam. She's -- I mean, we all know how much she hates Alexis -- God knows we hear it every time she gets a chance -- but it's like there's a piece missing here.

Sonny: Well, I shouldn't have to tell you. You know, when a woman's emotions are involved, the logic sometimes goes out the window -- not to say that the feeling is not based on anything. You want me to give you my advice?

Ric: Please.

Sonny: All right. You and Alexis stay away from Sam and Jason whenever possible.

Ric: Yeah, well, that's not going to be a chore. Believe me, Sonny, I would like to stay away from Samís hysterics and Jasonís -- Jasonís senseless rage. I mean, you should've seen him tonight. He was completely out of control. I've never seen him this angry before. He was like an explosion waiting to happen.

Sonny: Ric, I will take care of it.

Ric: Well, I hope you mean that.

Sonny: I do mean that, and I'm glad you came by. Like I said, you know, it makes me feel like we have -- we're getting some -- a little bit of trust going on, you know?

Ric: Yeah, well, it's a definite start, that's for sure.

Sonny: Right? Right, right, right.

Ric: Thanks, Sonny.

Sonny: You heard?

Emily: All of it. And for the first time, I'm really afraid of what Jason might do.

Robin: Patrick?

Patrick: You stalking me now?

Robin: In case you're wondering, yes, I did hear you offer Noah a lethal dose of tranquilizers. Trying to help your father commit suicide was an interesting way to save his life.

Patrick: You just do not stop, do you? You just keep lecturing.

Robin: No lectures this time.

Patrick: Oh, wow.

Robin: Your tactics were unorthodox, but you may have convinced Noah to put up a fight.

[Music plays]

Tracy: You're still 20,000 short. The Haunted Star is about to be mine.

Alexis: I can't stand this. I can't stand to watch Luke lose this place.

Nikolas: All right, I'll see you around.

Alexis: Ric? Who did that to you?

Ric: Hey. I suppose you wouldn't believe me if I said I ran into a door? Look, just a misunderstanding, it's all been taken care of.

Alexis: Sonny?

Ric: Sonny and I are in a relatively good place right now. For everybody's sake, let's just not make a big deal out of it. He said he was going to handle it; I'm going to let him.

Alexis: Aw.

Tracy: Two minutes.

Luke: Anything can happen.

Tracy: Yeah -- you lose, I win.

Nikolas: Can I have a marker for 30,000, please?

Luke: You trying to help, or pound the last nail in my coffin?

Nikolas: Well, I guess you'll just have to wait and see. Red, please. Thank you.

Luke: I'll do this one.

[Nikolas moves chips to black]

Luke: No more bets. Red! Mr. Cassadine loses -- and so does Mrs. Spencer. The Haunted Star remains open for business under my management and control!

[Luke laughs]

Lucky: You know, losing that bet was only a gift to Lulu. Now maybe dad will stick around.

Nikolas: All I did was make a bad bet.

Luke: Oh, come on, spanky, don't be a sore loser. As long as the casino is open, you've always got a job -- hanging coats.

Tracy: I'm not working for you. I'm going to find a way to take control and you're going to work for me.

Luke: Whoo-hoo!

Jax: You know, it won't be long and I'll be able to take you home. You know, maybe Carly was right, maybe I should get the house next door. What do you think? You know, little by little, Carlyís becoming more prominent in my life. That's ironic, because I used to judge Carly about lying about Michaelís paternity. It wasn't excusable, as far as I was concerned. Now I'm doing the same. Technically not right, but in your best interest. So I'm understanding Carly a little better now. Yeah. You know what? You're making me see her in a whole new light. And guess what -- I like it. I like Carly.

Carly: Well, if you're coming down, you better get over here and give me a big hug. Come here. Come here, come here, come here, come here, come here, come here! Oh, my goodness. Look at you. What are you doing up? You're supposed to be sleeping, you know that? Yeah? You know what I like about coming home to my very own house? Hmm? Do you know? That my boys are here with me. Out of all the mistakes that I've made, somehow I wound up right where I need to be. And I have my very own life, and I love every minute of it.

Sonny: Jason hates Ric for kidnapping Carly when she was pregnant. Now Ric is married to Alexis, constantly defending her, you know, when Jason has to live with Samís pain. It's a bad situation. But it has nothing to do with us, ok?

Emily: Sonny, yes, it does, and here's how. Jason loves Sam. He wants to protect her, just like he loves and wants to protect me. Anything that threatens us is something that Jason wants to annihilate -- like Ric tonight, and like you if he ever finds out that we've been lying to him.

Sonny: Hey -- come here.



Sonny: Own it!

Emily: No, no, Sonny, no! Get --

Sonny: Shut up!

Sam: Hey, it's ok, babe. Just having a dream.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Lulu: You know I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important.

Nikolas: Help you with what?

Lulu: Save my dad.

Tracy: I want you off my boat.

Carly: You and Alexis opening up your law firm here -- not going to happen.

Alexis: You decide -- her or me.

Sam: I thought I was over it. I want to be.

Jason: You want to tell Alexis that you're her daughter.

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