GH Transcript Friday 3/24/06

General Hospital Transcript Friday 3/24/06


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Robin: Here I am asking everyone from the Chief of Staff to the kid that serves the mashed potatoes in the cafeteria if they've seen Noah Drake, and what does Patrick do? He invites the first warm body that happens to stroll by for a night out at Luke’s casino. Hmm. Not that I'm jealous. Please. I mean, I'm glad I turned him down. At least I have my emotional priorities straight, which is more than I can say for him.

[Phone rings]

Epiphany: Fourth floor, nurses' station. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. One moment. Do you want to know what happened to Patrick’s father or not?

Sam: Look what finally came back from the jewelers.

Jason: Hmm.

Sam: I think what they say is it would be bad luck if I put it on myself, so maybe you should put it on for me.

Jason: Ok. Let me figure this out here.

Sam: Ok.

Jason: All right. There you go. Thank you.

Sam: Yep.

Jason: You do look beautiful.

Sam: Well, you don't look so bad yourself. I know you're only going to the reopening of the Haunted Star for me, but I just -- I think you might be a little overdressed, ok? I know you're concerned about Sonny and Emily and you've been having nightmares about shooting Sonny, so it might not be a good idea to bring this.

[Music plays]

Announcer: The part of Lorenzo Alcazar is being played by Jay Pickett.

Nikolas: You look lovely.

Emily: Thank you. You look wonderful, too. We didn't expect to see you tonight.

Nikolas: You came with Lucky?

Emily: Nikolas, he's really worried about you.

Nikolas: And I'm fine. What about you?

Emily: I broke up with Sonny. That's why I -- I came tonight -- to show everyone I'm past it and moving on.

Luke: Ah, Mr. Corinthos, nice to see you. Glad you made it. My wife/hostess seems to have lost her voice.

Sonny: Nice to see you again, Mrs. Spencer.

Luke: Darling, the coat?

Sonny: Here you go. You can take -- what's wrong --

Luke: That's all right. I don't know, she's having a night. Here. I'll take it. Here you go. The first win is on the house.

Sonny: Yeah?

Luke: After that, you're on your own. So the quicker you get rolling, the quicker I'm out of the red. Your associate is here, as I promised, if you want to keep an eye on him.

Sonny: I need a drink.

Luke: Bartender knows all your drinks are on the house.

Emily: I had no idea Sonny was going to be here.

Elizabeth: Just try to ignore him.

Emily: Yeah. I'll be fine. I have a plan to distract me.

[Poker chips fall]

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Jason: Just give me -- give me the gun.

Sam: We're supposed to have fun tonight. That means relax, kick back, don't worry about anything. I just don't think you're going to need this.

Jason: Probably not, but it's just better that I carry it.

Sam: What about all the people that you and I -- or I -- have a grudge against? We are going to Luke’s reopening of the Haunted Star. Alexis is going to be there. If Alexis is there, Ric is going to be there, and, you know, who knows? If my mother looks at me the wrong way, Jason, I just might shoot her if you have a gun.

Jason: I promise I'm not going to let you shoot Alexis.

Sam: I'm worried about you.

Jason: You don't have to be.

Sam: Why not? Why can't I? You worry about me all the time; you protect me. Why can't I do the same for you? At least tell me what you're thinking, please?

Jason: Right now, my biggest fight is with myself.

Sonny: Ok.

Emily: Talk about running into each other, huh?

Sonny: I didn't expect to see you.

Emily: Yeah, I just said the same thing to Elizabeth. I mean, about you. I -- I didn't expect you to be here, either.

Sonny: Luke's got a big crowd here tonight, you know?

Emily: Yeah, it's great, isn't it?

Sonny: How's work?

Emily: It's good, good. Very busy.

Sonny: Yeah?

Emily: So, I don't know whose are which or which or whose.

Sonny: Well, which -- which, which -- which, which. Here, why don't you just go ahead and -- and take mine, yeah, if you want.

Carly: Hey.

Sonny: Hey.

Carly: I need to talk to you.

Sonny: What are you --?

Carly: Excuse us.

Sonny: I will --

Emily: Well. That was -- uh -- awkward, but it's over, so --

Elizabeth: Or not.

Carly: Hi there. Take this as a warning, please.

Sonny: Ok.

Carly: Everyone here tonight -- they're watching, they're gossiping, and they're trying to figure out who's here with whom.

Sonny: Just say what you're going -- what you want to say. I don't know what you're talking about.

Carly: Oh, come on, Sonny. Are you kidding me?

Jax: Hi. Ahem. I was under the impression that you came as my date tonight.

Sonny: Oh, so -- I see what's going on. You expect me to be upset because you're here with Jax? Is that what's going on?

Carly: No, that -- no, that is not the point.

Sonny: No, that is --

Carly: You know --

Sonny: What?

Carly: Be careful.

Sonny: "Be --" whatever -- whatever you're trying to say, do -- whatever, leave it to yourself. Thank you.

Carly: "Leave --"

Jax: What, you're not going to chase after him? Go play whatever game it is you're playing?

Carly: You know what?

Jax: Just leave me out of it, ok?

Carly: Get over yourself.

Kelly: Is it just me, or is this room loaded with intrigue tonight?

Patrick: Well, it's human nature. We're all gamblers.

Kelly: Is that why you invited me to this party when you really wanted to be with Robin?

Robin: I guess Patrick was right. You did go on a bender. Do you even know how much you drank this time?

Noah: I don't want Patrick to know this, but I didn't have a drop. I -- I -- I -- I could've used a drink, but I checked myself in here. The urge was just overwhelming. It's all in the chart.

Robin: I'm sorry. I jumped to conclusions. You did the right thing.

Noah: Oh. I'll be back in my son's face in no time.

Robin: No, your cirrhosis is at end-stage. You have to be checked into General Hospital immediately.

Noah: No.

Patrick: I go out with who I want, when I want. Robin has nothing to do with it.

Kelly: The doctor doth protest too much. You're seriously hung up on her.

Patrick: I think the champagne's clouding your perception.

Kelly: You misunderstand. I'm glad you asked me out, and I plan to enjoy myself.

Patrick: A woman after my own heart.

Kelly: Let's party.

Ric: Hey.

Sonny: Hey.

Ric: Listen, Alexis is really concerned about the guardianship issue.

Sonny: Ok, now is not the time for that -- we're having a party.

Ric: No, we don't have to settle it tonight, Sonny. I just want you to consider the fact that she's really concerned about where Kristina’s going to end up in the unlikely --

Sonny: Ric, Ric, Ric, listen. I got -- I need a drink, very thirsty.

[Sonny sighs]

Alexis: That went well, didn't it?

Ric: Eh -- he's a little preoccupied.

Sonny: So -- you having fun?

Emily: Yes.

[Music plays]

Sam: We can leave if you want.

Jason: It's too late now.

Tracy: Oh, I get it -- it's gangsters-get-in-free night. Wish I'd thought of that.

Luke: It's good to see both of you. Forgive me wife, she's new.

Tracy: Oh, and if you want to whack any of our guests, would you do it outside? It's easier to get the blood up off the deck.

Luke: Love bug, you're bad for business.

Tracy: Well, my money paid for all this, and I just don't like getting shot up on opening night!

Luke: Whose side are you on?

Skye: Good question.

Tracy: Ooh.

Robin: Why are you refusing to save your own life? Which part of you dying will help your son?

Noah: Help my son? My son doesn't need any help. It's my life, I made my choices; I'll deal with the consequences.

Robin: Then why did you check yourself in here? Why don't you just go drink yourself to death somewhere?

Noah: I want to go out sober.

Robin: To spite Patrick?

Noah: I'm going to make Patrick so angry at me; he won't be around to watch me die.

Robin: Oh, God, that makes absolutely no sense. I don't understand why you would purposely want to hurt --

Noah: I'm doing it because I love my son.

Robin: Right, like my father loved me so much that he disappeared for 15 years. That's just an excuse.

Noah: I want Patrick to have a good life. I want him to have the life that my wife and I planned for him. The best thing he can do is forget me and the mess I made of my life.

Robin: How can he possibly forget about you? You're all he has. The problem is you two are exactly alike -- you're way too stubborn to find a way to resolve this.

Noah: And you're way too smart to put yourself in the middle of a no-win situation.

Robin: Well, if you think that can scare me away, you're mistaken.

Noah: Huh. What are you going to do?

Robin: Watch me.

Carly: You know, whatever that was back there, I don't appreciate it. I don't appreciate being scolded for talking to the father of my children at a party, Jax.

Jax: Robin tried to warn me about you.

Carly: Ro-- is Robin everywhere here?

Jax: She said no matter how much you protest, it'll always be about Sonny.

Carly: I had no idea that Sonny was going to be here tonight. I don't care what St. Robin says. And for the record, you're the one who asked me to come to the party.

Jax: Oh --

Carly: How do I know you're not the one who wants to put on a show for Sonny?

Jax: Don't turn this on back on me.

Carly: Or Nikolas? You want to rub his nose in it. Huh? Because you know that he doesn't want us to be together. But you know what? It doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because I can leave right now and go home and spend some quality time with my boys, or I could stop by the hospital and say good night to Little John and tell him that his daddy may be a really good parent, but he's a rotten date.

Jax: Ok, you know what? Wait.

Nikolas: The crowd seems to be picking up a bit. You guys enjoying yourselves so far?

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Lucky: Yep.

Elizabeth: We need to go call and check on Cam.

Lucky: Cam's probably already asleep.

Elizabeth: You know he's not going to be able to go to sleep unless you say good night to him. Excuse us.

[Emily giggles]

Nikolas: That was subtle.

Emily: They'll always want us to be back together.

Nikolas: It doesn't matter, as long as we're comfortable with the way things are, right?

Emily: I'll always be comfortable with you.

Nikolas: Could you stand to gamble one more time? With me at the tables, I mean.

Emily: Oh. Why not?

Sam: Hello.

Sonny: You look amazing tonight.

Sam: Thank you.

Sonny: I didn't expect to see you here tonight.

Jason: I could say the same about you.

Sonny: Well, after that lecture you gave me about letting things slide, I decided to check up on Alcazar. What are you checking up on?

Noah: Getting me moved to General is not going to change anything. As soon as I'm strong enough, I'm going to check myself out. There's not going to be any operation, unless you got a spare liver in your purse. I took myself off the donor list.

[Robin sighs]

Robin: Will you just stop? You still have a chance, including a donation from a willing son who loves you. That's a lot more than most people could say in your situation.

Noah: Most people in my situation have a legitimate reason to have a transplant.

Robin: They all have bad livers.  It doesn't matter how they got them.

Noah: It does to me. My -- my liver's shot because I drank. It wasn't injury or -- or -- or a disease. I did it to myself. I earned this.

Robin: Did you also earn the right to be your own judge and jury? To decide that you don't deserve to live?

Noah: What's this really all about, huh? Is it compassion or medical ethic or you just want to look good in my son's eyes?

[Music plays]

Nikolas: 27 red, please.  Ah. C'est la vie.

Elizabeth: How much money did he lose?

Lucky: A lot.

Elizabeth: Must be nice.

Nikolas: Come on, you're holding on to those chips like they're souvenirs.

Emily: I don't want to lose them.

Nikolas: Sometimes you have to lose everything before you have a chance to win again.

Emily: Hmm. That's what everybody keeps telling me.

Jason: Sam needed an evening out.

Sam: Yeah, I thought we could use it to kick back a little bit.

Sonny: I'm glad you decided to hang up the gun for a while, you know?

Sam: I'm going to go get you a drink.

Jason: Ahem.

Sonny: There's no sign of Manny. And no sign that Alcazar has any connection to anybody here except maybe Skye. I don't know if you know, but she's pregnant.

Jason: Alcazar is working with Manny, I'm sure of it.

Sonny: You know what? I called -- I called Bernie this afternoon, and I told him that if he takes another direct order from you without contacting me first, that he may not make it back to Florida. Are we done with, you know, business?

Alexis: Oh --

Sam: Oh --

[Alexis sighs]

Jax: I'm sorry, ok? I was being a little territorial. My apologies.

Carly: Mm-hmm. Go on.

Jax: I'm not perfect. I'm --

Carly: True.

Jax: You know, you and I and Sonny have a very tangled history.

Carly: We don't have to drag that into what we have going on here.

Jax: Well, do you really think that we can avoid it? I mean, no offense, but you don't exactly have the best track record.

Carly: No offense, but neither do you.

Jax: Ok.

Carly: My boys are always going to need Sonny, just like Little John is always going to need you. Sonny's going to matter. It's part of the deal.

Jax: I understand. I understand that, as long as you're not using me to try to get him back.

Carly: Jax, Sonny is not what drives me anymore. And whatever is going on between us, it's about us. Not him.

Jax: I want to trust you. There's only one way to be sure. Come with me.

Alexis: Oh --

Ric: Ok.

Alexis: I am so sorry.

Sam: "Sorry"? You did that on purpose, you bitch!

Jason: You can't just leave Sam alone, can you?

Alexis: I spilled the drink on her by accident.

Jason: What is it going to take for you to get the message?

Ric: You want to call your guard dog off of Alexis.

Sam: No, get her away from me!

Ric: No, Alexis is not the problem here, Sam, you are.

Jason: Oh --

Ric: Every time you cross paths with her, there's some sort of confrontation. There's no good reason at all for how you're reacting.

Sam: You want a good reason? I'll give you one.

[Dixieland music plays]

Sam: You think you're better than any of us, don't you? Brilliant Alexis Davis deserves to live; Danny doesn't, because she's a mother. You do not deserve anything.

Alexis: What did I do?

Jason: Don't, she doesn't care.

Ric: Yeah? Well, I care, all right, Jason, because every time I turn around, Sam is getting in Alexis' face, and you're standing there right beside her threatening her with bodily harm. I'm not going to stand for it anymore. Sonny, I know you don't like Alexis, but she is still the mother of one of your children.

Sonny: Can we just leave this alone?

Alexis: That's what I'm trying to do here.

Sonny: Keep your distance from her. You got to respect the fact that he's just trying to protect her, right? Sam doesn't like you; you don't like her. Keep your distance, otherwise -- hey, whatever Jason does, Jason does.

Alexis: Did you just give him permission to hurt me?

Ric: Come on, are you actually going to condone your hit man threatening my wife and the mother of your daughter?

Alexis: My God!

Sonny: You know what? Let's forget this mother-daughter, mother-daughter. Enough with the mother-daughter.

Luke: Ok, floorshow's over. Tables are still hot, gin's still cold, plenty of chances to win big, folks.

Tracy: Sweetheart, I think the party's over. Your star guest just walked out, the others are sure to follow.

Luke: You always look on the bright side.

Tracy: You know what? You stole my very good money to revamp this tub. It turns a profit, or it gets sold for scrap.

Luke: I know. You've told me already.

Skye: You want Luke to lose this place, don't you? Because you can't compete with the memories.

Tracy: Of you and Luke? Don't be ridiculous.

Skye: No, Tracy, I mean Luke and Laura and the Haunted Star.

Tracy: Oh, please -- Luke and Laura. Laura is a non-issue, and if he is holding on to this rust bucket out of some false sense of loyalty.  The kindest thing I can do for him is to sell it out from under him.

Skye: It doesn't matter where Laura is now or how much money you have, Tracy, or what you plan to do with it. Luke will never love you.

Lorenzo: I'm hearing the voice of experience.

Skye: You know, Luke gave me the best that he had. His heart was with Laura and always will be. I admire that.

Lorenzo: You're a very generous woman.

Skye: Really? Now I'd like to see how generous you can be.

Robin: Do you realize you're just as narcissistic as Patrick?

Noah: Patrick's a brilliant doctor and a good man.

Robin: Maybe, but he's also an egotistical, arrogant, self-centered jerk.

Noah: Hey, where is Patrick? If you took enough trouble to get me here, I'm sure you alerted him, right?

Robin: Patrick is doing a procedure right now.

Noah: Really? What's her name?

Robin: He'll be here. No matter how angry he is with you, you're still his father.

Elizabeth: I love the way the stars reflect in the water. It's so beautiful, isn't it?

Lucky: I'm sorry. It's -- it's not the company.

Elizabeth: Honey, we can go home.

Lucky: No, it's too early.

Elizabeth: Look, I know you've been picking up all those extra shifts so Cameron and I could spend more time together.

Lucky: Hey, listen, you work hard enough, Elizabeth -- at home, at work -- and you know what? I'm not about to ruin our first big date in who knows how long.

[Elizabeth laughs]

Elizabeth: Well, in that case -- ta-da.

Lucky: What the --

Elizabeth: 52 whole dollars. I cashed in our spare-change jar. Go. Play. Have fun.

Lucky: No, I can't take that.

Elizabeth: Come on, why not? I've been saving that up.

Lucky: You know, we should spend this on Cameron or -- I don't know -- have a nice dinner out.

Elizabeth: Oh, Lucky, please. We're at a casino, we have money, we have a babysitter -- those three things don't come together very often.

Lucky: All right, you talked me into it.

Elizabeth: I sure hope Emily and Nikolas are still inside talking.

Lucky: Yeah, she'll probably be looking for an excuse to bail -- if she hasn't already.

Elizabeth: Or maybe not.

Lucky: Again, the most optimistic woman I know.

Elizabeth: Well, we didn't expect to see him tonight and here he is, acting more like his old self than ever.

Lucky: Yeah, Nikolas will probably do what he does best -- playing the prince, and barely holding on inside. Come on.

Nikolas: Last chip. Could be your big chance.

Emily: I think I'll hold on to it.

Justus: You know, why don't you guys stop being so into the numbers?

Nikolas: Ok, I'm switching colors -- seems to be working for you.

Skye: Oh. You're losing, aren't you?

Lorenzo: Not as long as I have you.

Skye: Oh, thank you. Um -- you know what? I'll be right back.

Jax: See that table?

Carly: This is how you're planning to find out if you can trust me or not -- by playing a private game of poker?

Jax: Huh. This table cost me a fortune.

Carly: Yeah, well, you're rich, you can afford it.

Jax: So, can I interest you in a game of Texas Hold 'em? You know how to play?

Carly: I guess we're about to find out.

Patrick: You having a good time?

Kelly: I'm having a blast.

Patrick: Good.

Kelly: Oh, I don't believe this.

Robin: Listen, don't try to be cute or sarcastic. I don't have time for it. Neither does your father.

Luke: Congratulations. But remember, the house only makes money when you lose.

Skye: Luke --

Luke: Yeah?

Skye: Don't worry. The Duvalls just lost a fortune this evening and they had a blast doing it. They want to say goodbye to you and -- at least until tomorrow night.

Luke: Oh, Blaze, you're the best.

Skye: They're waiting.

Luke: Wait a minute. My wife is supposed to be doing this hostess thing.

Skye: Yeah, I know. I'm just helping out with the regulars, ok, that's it. Just for one night, and one night only.

Luke: Yeah, I've heard that before.

Skye: I mean it, Luke.

Jax: Wow. That's a very conservative bet. Are you playing safe?

Carly: You going to bet, or what?

Jax: Oh, sure. Well, next three cards, they're face-up.  Fine.  Two more cards to go.

Emily: Hey, you guys, I -- I don't believe this, but I completely forgot I have a lab report and it's due first thing tomorrow morning and I need to leave and get started on it. But congratulations on the winnings, and tell Luke I said good night.

Lucky: Ok.

Emily: Night.

Jax: Well, last card. Ooh.

Carly: Hmm.

Jax: Hmm. Well, I see you, and I raise you.

Carly: With what?

Jax: I'm covered. Would you like to fold?

Carly: Not on your life.

Jax: Then what are you putting up? The shirt off your back, hmm?

Carly: Why don't you just call?

Jax: Oh. Ok.

[Jax chuckles]

Jax: Well, let's see what we got here. There.

Carly: Wow.

Jax: That's ok. You know, I'll take an I.O.U.

Carly: That won't be necessary.

Jax: Really? And how do you intend to pay?

Carly: You're supposed to trust me, right? And a woman always makes good on her bets.

Lucky: Ok.

Jason: Are you having fun? Sorry.

Elizabeth: Yeah, yeah, more than we expected. Lucky just won.

Jason: That's -- that's good. Do you know -- do you know where Emily went?

Elizabeth: She had to go home, do a lab report. She didn't want to be here in the first place.  I talked her into it.

Jason: Thanks for looking out for her. Have a good night.

Elizabeth: You, too.

Alexis: Sam's been staring at me now for 14 1/2 minutes straight.

Ric: No, it's more like 15 1/2. It's got to stop.

Alexis: What are you going to do?

Jason: Elizabeth says that Emily had to leave to finish a lab report, but I know she's going to Sonny.

Sam: Do you think it was a setup?

Jason: I -- Sam, I don't care, but this has to stop somehow.

Sam: What are you going to do?

Noah: Hey, sport. How was your procedure?

Patrick: She was great. Thanks for asking. So what's the emergency?

Noah: Hey, don't look at me. I wouldn't have busted up your evening if it was my choice.

Patrick: So where'd you find him? Facedown in the gutter? Falling off a barstool? Stumbling into the O.R.?

Robin: The Shelton Detox Center called and asked for a next of kin, so I drove over and picked him up.

Patrick: Any particular reason why?

[Knock on door]

Sonny: Come in.

Emily: I saw how you left and I wanted to make sure you were all right.

Sonny: You should've stayed home.

Emily: The others didn't bring me much luck, but maybe this one will.

Sonny: I had to get out of there. Seeing Sam get so angry, she was going to tell Alexis the truth. The secret was about to explode. Kristina's going to know that I'm, you know --

Emily: Sonny, we've already been over this. You didn't know that Sam and Alexis were related when you slept with them.

Sonny: But it's still wrong.

Emily: Why does this bother you so much? What aren't you telling me?

Patrick: If my father wants to go out on a bender while he's dying of cirrhosis, let him do it on his own time, not mine.

Robin: He was sober. He checked himself into the clinic so that he wouldn't drink.

Patrick: If you believe that, you're too naive to have a medical license.

[Robin sighs]

Robin: Here's the chart.

Patrick: I stand corrected. You didn't drink this time -- just for the 10 years prior.

Noah: I told you to stay out of this.

Robin: Hey, what are you doing?

Noah: A couple of shots of vodka and everyone will forget I was here -- especially me.

Robin: Hey --

Patrick: Get back in bed.

Tracy: What are you doing?

Skye: I'm giving the mayor back his coat.

Tracy: I'm the hostess. That's my job.

Skye: Oh, please. You're doing everything you can to make Luke fail.

Tracy: Spare me. Give me that.

Skye: Let go!

Tracy: You are mooning over my husband.

Skye: Well, stop trying to destroy my friend. Now, I said let go!

Lorenzo: Skye. Skye, are you ok?

Skye: Uh -- yeah, I'm -- I'm ok. Fine.

Lorenzo: Are you sure? Hey -- if anything's happened to Skye or our baby --

Luke: Get your hands off my wife!

Alexis: Hey there.

Nikolas: Hello.

Alexis: Have you seen Ric?

Nikolas: Not in a while.

Alexis: He probably threw himself overboard. He didn't want to come, I made him, and then he ended up in the middle of a big scene.

Nikolas: Well, I can empathize with that.

Alexis: You do that -- with style.

Nikolas: Yes, a tux is perfect armor, isn't it? I should've put it on weeks ago. So whatever's going on with Sam must be quite unsettling, to say the least.

Alexis: I don't get it. She's getting more hostile every day.

Nikolas: Any idea why?

Alexis: Other than the obvious -- the fact that I have two healthy daughters and she has a child and a brother who are both dead?

Nikolas: That's not your fault.

Alexis: Well, she disagrees, and she's not backing off. And I got to tell you something, it's starting to concern me.

[Knock on door]

Ric: May I speak with you? Please?

Sam: What do you want?

Ric: Peace. Look, I think Sonny was right. You and Alexis are bound to cross paths from time to time. Maybe we should all just take a step back and let this all fade into the background a little bit. At least, try to find a way not to escalate. After all, Alexis really isn't in the wrong here.

Sam: How do you do it? Do you really live with blinders on? Can you not see the kind of person your wife really is?

Ric: Alexis did not kill your daughter, Sam, and Patrick Drake made the decision to save --

Sam: I know, I know -- Alexis Davis, Mother of the Year! I've heard it all before, Ric! It does not excuse what she did to me!

Sonny: You refuse to see who I really am.

Emily: Then tell me, what am I missing, Sonny?

Sonny: Alexis hates me. And I can't say I blame her. She thinks I'm responsible for her sister's death. But even though she hates me, she gave me a beautiful daughter.

Emily: Isn't that something to feel good about?

Sonny: I don't -- I don't deserve Kristina. Just like I didn't deserve Sam’s baby. Sam -- actually, she's the one who should hate me because I didn't treat her well. I set her aside. If I just left her alone, everything would -- Brenda, Lily, even Carly -- I destroy every woman who gets close to me.

Emily: Sonny, you're looking for reasons to hate yourself.

Sonny: I am telling you the truth. I am going to hurt you! Maybe even destroy you. Are you all right with that?

Emily: Sonny -- you're a good man. If you can't see that, then let someone who loves you see it for you.

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Robin: Noah's condition is critical. Start acting like a doctor.

Jax: Are you sure?

Carly: Don't you dare ask me if I'm sure.

Ric: Your hatred towards Alexis is over the top. It's like you want to punish Alexis for being a mother.

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