GH Transcript Tuesday 3/21/06

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 3/21/06


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Skye: Oh -- I have something in my teeth?

Lorenzo: You're breathtaking. Pregnancy suits you.

Skye: Oh. Well, I feel different, you know, like I was always meant to be this way.

Lorenzo: You will warn me when you start getting cravings, right? Carrot cake and escargot -- that whole thing?

Skye: Ew. Please. I don't think it's going to happen for a couple of months. Dr. Lee did warn me that morning sickness wouldn't be fun, and -- but, you know, we're doing good, me and my baby -- oh, our baby --

Lorenzo: Mm-hmm.

Skye: And I'm looking forward to every minute of it.

Tracy: Congratulate me.

Lorenzo: For looking foolish?

Tracy: This is the only kind of bundle of joy you're going to get out of her. I know a fake when I see one.

Jax: Tracy, leave them alone, or you can use that padding to break your fall when I have you thrown out of my hotel.

[Music plays]

Carly: Jake's used to be a place that I would go when I needed to have a beer, play a game of pool, and hang out with a cute boy that didn't ask a lot of questions.

Patrick: Well, this is me shutting my trap.

Carly: Ok. What just happened?

Patrick: Did I step on your toe?

Sonny: You've honored me by loving me. And I just -- I want you to know that I love you.

Emily: Sonny -- I'm the one who's honored.  Sonny? What's wrong? Something's been bothering you since -- since I got here. Can't you tell me?

Sonny: You don't know what I'm capable of.

Jason: Sonny loses control without warning. He loses himself to a place so dark, he can't even function. He can't hear, he doesn't understand, he talks to people who aren't there. He destroys things. He tries to hurt himself or anyone who stops him, and when he gets like that, he could hurt Emily. If he did, I'd have to kill him.

Sam: Jason, you would never hurt Sonny, much less kill him.

Jason: I will do whatever it takes to protect my sister!

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Alexis: I got hung up. I apologize profusely. Don't ask.

Ric: Ok.

Alexis: Ok, ask.

Ric: You don't look very happy.

Alexis: Carly is sleeping with Jax.

Ric: No.

Alexis: Yes. And not only that, she maneuvered him into making him appoint her Little John's legal guardian. Say something.

Ric: Uh -- well, I don't know Jax very well, but he doesn't strike me as the kind of person that you can get to do anything that he doesn't want to.

Alexis: That's not even the bad part. The bad part is Carly then informed me that Sonny appointed her Kristinaís legal guardian in the unlikely event of his death.

Ric: But, Alexis, remember, he told you that back in November during the whole train --

Alexis: I know, I know, I heard it. And that's when I said to him it's not ok, and I just assumed that he heard me when I said that she cannot, under any circumstances, be Kristinaís legal guardian.

Ric: Sweetheart --

Alexis: What?

Ric: The chances of all three of us dying at the same time are a million to one.

Alexis: You think? Really? Let's review, shall we? Train wrecks, fires, epidemics, random shootings -- trust me, it's just a matter of time. I cannot, nor will I, allow Carly to be Kristinaís legal guardian, period. What?

Ric: I don't think this has anything to do with Jax or Carly.

Alexis: Share your wisdom, counselor. What does it have to do with?

Ric: I think you're still processing what happened with your first daughter.

Jax: Congratulations. This is such great news. I'm so happy for you.

Skye: Well, looks like I'll be calling you for advice, huh? I mean, look at the two of us becoming parents. We must've done something pretty special to deserve this, huh?

Jax: Yeah. Congratulations. It will change your life.

Lorenzo: I'm certainly hoping.

Tracy: You know, you really ought to insist on a sonogram. And if there is a baby in there, get a paternity test before you marry her.

Jax: Tracy, get a life.

Tracy: And when that perfectly timed tumble down the stairs occurs, you'll regret not listening to me.

Skye: Oh, please, Tracy, you should be thrilled that I'm pregnant. Luke is now free. Although, without me as distraction, I'm sure he'll be just as bored and annoyed with you as I am.

Tracy: You don't fool me, cookie.

Jax: Sorry about that. Please enjoy your dinner.

Lorenzo: Thank you.

Skye: If you're having any second thoughts, now is the time to tell me.

Lorenzo: Skye, I know you're pregnant and I know the baby is mine. Just let Tracy spin on because, occasionally, she comes up with something outrageously amusing.

Skye: Ugh. Annoying is more like it.

Lorenzo: She does raise an interesting point. Shouldn't we talk about marriage?

Skye: Absolutely not.

Robin: Can I have a word with you, please?

Patrick: Go right ahead.

Robin: You're really not going to make this easy for me, are you?

Patrick: Should I make it easy on you?

Robin: Ok -- um -- I'm here to apologize.

Patrick: Go ahead.

Robin: I made some assumptions and I shouldn't have. About us, you know, before?

Patrick: Refresh my memory again -- is that about Mr. Conway's bladder scan?

Robin: It was about the bet.

Patrick: The one I supposedly made about sleeping with you. How does that go again?

Robin: Are you seriously going to make me say this in front of everybody?

[Robin sighs]

Robin: About the bet, I heard you talking on the phone to someone that you could get a woman to do it. I thought you meant me. I was really upset.

Patrick: So instead of confronting me or, God forbid, asking me, you just thought you'd plan an ambush?

Robin: I said I was wrong. I shouldn't have dared you to "Nail the H.I.V.-positive woman." The bet was about a patient and it was totally innocent, and I -- I made a complete fool out of myself. Aren't you just dying to rub my nose in this? What's -- what's with the self control?

Carly: I'm in awe. I'm amazed at the progress you've made.

Jason: Look, I know that you were involved with Sonny, Sam, but you don't really know him. You don't know what really happens to him.

Sam: Jason, you're making it sound like he's mentally ill.

Jason: I remember going to his place and the whole -- the whole apartment was just destroyed. It was -- it was trashed. Sonny had cut himself bad. He didn't care. He didn't even know he'd cut himself. Carly was with him, and it was at the point where she didn't even like him yet, but she was afraid to leave Sonny alone because he was having whole conversations with his dead wife.

Sam: Lily?

Jason: Yes. I got Carly out, I poured all the liquor down the sink, I cleaned up the glass, and I just -- I just sat there and I watched him. And I waited -- and I waited to make sure he didn't hurt himself or anybody else.

Sam: Look -- hey, you have been a really good friend, but that does not mean you are responsible for him.

Jason: The point is it can happen for no reason. And I don't -- I don't want Emily with him when it happens.

Sam: Ok, this happened a long time ago, right? I know it sounds awful -- I can't even imagine, I -- it's awful, but maybe it's in the past. Maybe he will be different with Emily.

Emily: Sonny, we just finished saying that we love each other. That means that there are no boundaries.

Sonny: There are always boundaries.

Emily: Sonny, my marriage was destroyed because I couldn't tell the truth. Look at me. I couldn't face the truth. I will never, ever let that come between me and my happiness ever again.

Sonny: Here's -- what I'm trying to say to you is you deserve so much better.

Emily: Then give it to me. Sonny, trust me enough to know that whatever you think you've done, it's not going to change what I feel for you. I know you're not perfect. Neither am I. What matters is that we tell each other the truth.

Sonny: A lot of people are going to be hurt if this gets out.

Emily: I understand.

Sonny: "She understands." Alexis is Samís mother. I slept with a mother and a daughter, and I fathered children with both of them.

Tracy: You rang, husband?

Luke: Yes, wife. Glad you're here. Something exciting is in the wind. We're going to reopen this joint tomorrow night.

Tracy: And?

Luke: And I want you here as my wife. In fact, as my partner in life, it would be great if you would be our gracious, charming hostess.

Tracy: Hmm. Tomorrow night? Ah -- damn, can't make it. I have a root canal.

Lulu: Liar. Tracy: You're right! Bingo! I am lying! But a root canal is preferable to greeting lowlifes on this tub.

Lulu: You know, dad, you really shouldn't put my step-monster on the spot like this. I mean, she knows that Skye was the last hostess -- fun, charming, and sexy Skye -- and if people see Tracy the first thing when they walk in the door, you're not going to last past opening night.

Luke: Lesley Lu, Tracy has a lot of charm -- in her way. Just because she dresses like a --

Tracy: Like what?

Luke: Reserved.

Tracy: "Reserved." I'll have you know that this jacket costs more than -- the tuition at Lulu's Swiss Boarding School.

Lulu: I don't go to boarding school.

Tracy: Not yet.

Luke: Well, I mean, it's a great jacket, there's no doubt about it, and it's perfect for Lilaís -- funeral. But what you need to do is show off your assets.

Tracy: Excuse me.

Luke: I mean, look at these gams. My wife's got such great legs!

Tracy: Don't even think about it!

Lulu: Yeah, look up "red-hot mama" in the dictionary and --

Luke: All you need to do is maybe shave down this endangered species --

Skye: Ah! Ah!

Luke: Put a little bling here, and then put on one of those push-up bras that sends your breasts into the next room --

Tracy: Luke Spencer!

Lulu: Ok, I am leaving before I'm scarred for life.

Luke: Yeah, well, say hi to Elvis, princess. Now, what else? You know, when Skye was here, she knew what to do with her hair. How's that?

Tracy: How's this?

Carly: See, you obsess over morality and truth, and you think you know better about everything and everyone, and this time it came back to bite you. At least the only person you hurt is yourself. Hey, I'm going to go get a drink, and then I'm going to play a game of pool. You should come over.

[Robin sighs]

Patrick: Is there anything else?

Robin: You really had to make me do that, didn't you? You had to make me grovel in front of Carly.

Patrick: Look, I didn't hold a gun to your head. You obviously thought that apologizing was more important than saving face. Look at it as a growing experience. Now, is there anything else?

Sam: Hey, I understand your instinct to protect your sister. But if she chooses to love Sonny, is it really your decision to tear them apart?

Jason: Sonny knows better than this.

Sam: Right, and you told him that, and she knows this. Both of them know. So -- you hate it, Jason, when people try and take away your choices, tell you what you can and can't do.

Jason: Sam, I know I do. Maybe I'm a hypocrite, but you don't understand how bad this could get, and she's my sister.

Sam: Right, but she isn't a child, and she may not be as fragile as you think she is. She's been through a lot of stuff, Jason. Love can make people stronger.

Jason: I need to just walk this off.

Sam: Wait a minute. Before you go, when you're out there, I want you to think about something, ok? Think about Danny, and not -- not the way that he was. Think about him not developmentally challenged or disabled. Think that he was strong and loving and kind and he didn't want you anywhere near me. Would you be able to walk away from me? Would I be able to walk away from you? Love is so much stronger than that -- for you and me, and maybe for Sonny and Emily.

Emily: I can't believe it. Sam and Alexis?

Sonny: No one knows except Sam and Jason, now you and me.

Emily: Could there be a mistake?

Sonny: I wish. Sam doesn't want to take it any further, she doesn't want to tell Alexis, neither can we.

Emily: Of course. It's her decision.

Sonny: Emily, do you understand what I did? I slept with a mother and a daughter, fathered children with both. Do you understand what that means?

Emily: Did you know that Alexis and Sam were mother and daughter?

Sonny: No, I didn't know.

Emily: All right --

Sonny: But that doesn't mean -- that doesn't excuse it.

Emily: Did you sleep with them in the same room at the same time?

Sonny: No, I didnít. No.

Emily: How about in the same year?

Sonny: Of course not! But --

Emily: Ok, I'll grant you it's a little creepy, Sonny, mostly because it's such a shock. But what's more disturbing to me is how hard you are on yourself.

Sonny: Alexis was my lawyer. We were friends. We -- a one-night stand destroyed the relationship. Sam I cared about, but basically it was just to get back at Carly. So I used them both. The worst part is I got them both pregnant. If you want to leave right now, you can. I wouldn't blame you one second.

Emily: Sonny -- no, wait, that is not going to happen to us. We're careful; we take the necessary precautions. Look, come on, Sonny. Did you tell Sam or Alexis that you love them?

Sonny: No. But it's a different kind of lie.

Emily: Are you -- are you trying to tell me that you don't love me, that you're using me, too?

Sonny: What I'm -- listen. There's a pattern that I don't want to repeat with you. You know, for years with Carly, it was push and pull. Even with Lily, it was arranged. I didn't know how much I cared about her until she died. I don't want you to suffer because I don't know how to love someone without hurting them.

Emily: Sonny, I have had my fair share of heartache. But I'm determined to keep doing this until I get it right. Sonny, this -- look at me. What we are right now -- it feels like a big step in that direction. Sonny, my eyes are wide open. I'm not wrong for loving you.

Sonny: Hey.

Skye: You know, it's possible that Tracy dropped that little seed about my wanting to trap you into marriage and now it's starting to grow.

Lorenzo: This isn't about Tracy. Do you have something against marriage?

Skye: Uh -- other than failures too numerous and humiliating to count? Look, Lorenzo, we've barely dated, ok? We haven't even woken up and had breakfast together, and as crazy as this sounds, I'm now carrying your baby and we're practically strangers.

Lorenzo: We can fix that.

Skye: Don't misunderstand me. Look, I -- I really, really like you so much. But this is just happening so fast.

Lorenzo: So we'll table marriage for another conversation. I did invite you to dinner for a reason, though. How would you feel about living with me?

Patrick: Well, if there's something else you want to say to me, now is probably a good time.

Robin: Yeah, actually, you know what, there is.

Patrick: Ok.

Robin: I was wrong about tonight, but I was not wrong about you. You are the most conceited man that I have met this side of the Atlantic. You know what? Maybe the other side, too, because I don't know if you remember, but I used to live in Paris.

Patrick: And that bothers you?

Robin: Maybe somewhere deep inside, there's a part of you that's worth knowing, but I blew that because of -- whatever. You continue to prove that you are a jackass. I think you've picked the right woman to do that with, too. You know, come to think of it, you two are perfect for each other.

Patrick: Where were we?

Carly: On a road to nowhere. I have to put on the brakes.

Sonny: Bless me, father, for I have sinned. Um -- it's been a long time, you know, since my last confession.

Father Coates: What's weighing on your mind?

Sonny: Well -- um -- I'm afraid.

Jason: It's late.

Emily: Yeah, I -- I lost track of time. It's such a beautiful night. It's so peaceful out.

Jason: You know, it's not a good idea to be out here alone.

Emily: Yeah, well, you know best, Jase, as always.

Jason: Oh, no, Emily, please. I'm serious; Manny could be making a move.

Emily: Well, I doubt I'm very high on Manny's list. You're the one who shouldn't be out alone.

Jason: Manny will go after anyone who's close to Sonny.

Emily: Yeah, well, then we have nothing to worry about. Sonny and I are strictly friends.

Father Coates: There's nothing you can't say to God.

Sonny: Uh -- I slept with two women, a mother and a daughter -- not -- not at the same time. It was years apart, and I just found out that they're related, and they didn't even know. The mother still doesnít.

Father Coates: Were you committing adultery?

Sonny: I was separated from my wife at the time, and I didn't -- I didn't love either woman.

Father Coates: Did you lead them on? Did you let them believe that you were in love?

Sonny: Well, the truth, father, is that I -- I used them both.

Father Coates: To what end?

Sonny: I just didn't want to be alone. And now I -- there's someone else, and I don't want to use her, too.

Jason: I worry about you.

Emily: And I used to worry about you, too, Jase, and you always told me not to, that I should trust that you'd take care of yourself, so now I do.

Jason: You know, all last summer I didn't know who I was. I didn't have any memory of you. And you -- you needed me, and I wasn't around for you.

Emily: I missed you, Jase, but my life is not your responsibility.

Jason: You're my sister, Emily.

Emily: And you always watched out for me.

Jason: Yeah, well, not this time I didnít.

Emily: You couldn't be here. I understood.

Jason: Look, whatever that -- whatever you were going through, you turned to Sonny.

Emily: Sonny and I were able to help each other.

Jason: Now you're at his house, you're with his kids, so that makes you a target.

Emily: I love you, Jason, but I'm in charge of my life -- good, bad, or worse. You can want what's best for me, but you can't decide.

Jason: But I will protect you, no matter what it takes.

Lorenzo: We don't have to be married or engaged or even going steady. What's wrong with sharing a living space together? We can plan for our baby's future; fix the nursery.

Skye: Oh. Well, there's something I just can't quite picture -- you building a crib?

Lorenzo: I could rise to the challenge -- if I convince you that moving in with me is a good idea. The Quartermaines don't appreciate you, and they are not going to nurse you through the ups and downs of pregnancy. I have a tremendous amount of room -- and no one with whom to share it.

Skye: The Quartermaines are my family, warts and all. And, yes, it has been a bit on the cold side since Lila died but, you know, there's no strings attached and -- look, let's take this one day at a time, ok? Let it play itself out. We have time.

Lorenzo: Whatever feels right to you. I will let you set the pace.

Skye: See? Sounds like we're making progress already.

[Phone rings]

Skye: Oh -- excuse me.

Lorenzo: Mm-hmm.

Skye: Hello?

Man: Skye? It's Gerald -- from the Haunted Star?

Skye: Hello, Gerald. Is something wrong?

Gerald: I -- I'm not sure. Mr. Spencer's kind of out of control, and I didn't know who else to call.

Skye: Yeah, well, look, if he's drunk, I don't want to know anything about it, ok?

Gerald: He's pounding holes in the wall faster than I can patch them up. Look, I just thought, you know, you'd want to come down to protect your investment. You're welcome.

Lulu: Thanks, Gerald. You the man.

Ric: Sonny and my relationship has improved over these past few months, especially after the outbreak. Maybe I can go to him and he'll listen to reason if I ask him to appoint me as Kristinaís legal guardian.

Alexis: I love you, you know that, very much, and I appreciate you helping me -- even though I'm not sure you're doing it to help me, but maybe to get closer to your brother.

Sonny: I've just become involved with someone, a really amazing woman. She's a good friend to me and to my children. We -- it started out one way, and it wasn't supposed to turn into what it is.

Father Coates: Why is that?

Sonny: Well -- ahem -- because a lot of people think that I'm not good for her. And there's somebody that I trust very much who -- who thinks that I'm going to hurt her in the end.

Father Coates: "In the end"?

Sonny: Yeah.

Father Coates: Way too often, people presume to know what only God can know. Do you think that you're not good for her?

Sonny: I haven't been this content in a long time, Father. She -- she just takes away my -- my anger, my defenses, and I don't know why. I mean -- I just worry there are risks, and I keep telling myself that the -- the only way to love her is to let her go.

Father Coates: Well, I think you should give yourself a chance, Michael. Let go of the past. Forgive yourself, as God will forgive you.

Sonny: You're not following me, are you?

Luke: Ok, now, I'm a customer. Remember, what you want me to do is lose a whole bunch of money and still feel good about coming back to lose more. So, charm, gracious --

Tracy: Got it.

Luke: Good.

Tracy: Good evening, sir. Will you be dining? I can't use the word "dining." That would presume that the food was edible.

Luke: Worry about the food later. It's your approach that bothers me.

Tracy: What are you looking for?

Luke: The stick!

Tracy: And what is wrong with my approach?

Luke: I'm sure it's fine when you're going in to a bank president on behalf of E.L.Q., but here -- could you glide?

Tracy: "Glide"?

Luke: Yeah, you know, like -- glide, you know? Like, slink. Like your arms and legs actually bend. And smile. Come on, act like you're inviting me into your home. God, wait a minute, don't do that.

Tracy: Ok, look, the basic premise is wrong. Half of the drunks and losers that come in here wouldn't remember their hostess if they fell on her.

Luke: Yeah, but the other half need to fall in love with you.

[Door opens]

Luke: Ok, that's going to be Gerald and the guys from the kitchen. Pretend they're customers. Give them the full treatment. I know you can do this, baby. Gracious, charming -- smile. Yeah.

Tracy: Good evening, and --

Skye: Are we back in business?

Tracy: No. We're back in business.

Luke: I'm reopening the place tomorrow night, so don't worry. You know, I know that your days of taking chances and living on the edge are over, so there's really nothing here for you to be concerned about. Is there, Skye?

Alan: Hi, Robin.

Robin: This is all your fault.

Monica: Well, I'm sure that's true. What did he do?

Robin: As Chief of Staff, shouldn't you have made some rule that forbids staff members from dating each other?

Monica: Imagine -- all the pain that would've saved us, huh?

Robin: Well, it's not too late for me. Please, stop me before I do something really stupid like give in or give up. I mean, Dr. Patrick Drake -- he's the most pompous, arrogant -- the fact that I was even tempted -- I mean, I really should have my head examined.

Patrick: Excuse me, Dr. Scorpio? Have you seen the Conway files?

Jax: Yeah. Hello.

Carly: You're a bad influence on me.

Jax: Well, that sounds promising.

Carly: You're cramping my style and I could resent it.

Jax: And what did I do to deserve this wrath?

Carly: I was at Jakeís tonight with a perfectly dreamy guy, the town's newest, most eligible bachelor. A doctor, in fact.

Jax: Ooh. A doctor?

Carly: Hmm. Call me crazy, but I walked away. Couldn't stop thinking about you.

Jax: Well, call me crazy, but I like the sound of that.

Carly: What do we do now?

Jax: We're going to sleep together.

Carly: Is that an invitation or a foregone conclusion?

Jax: Well, everybody in town thinks we already are, so I don't really see the harm.

Jason: I just come here to think, straighten stuff out in my head.

Sonny: I know the feeling. I can't get past Sam and Alexis. It's just --

Jason: You can't -- you can't blame yourself for something you didn't know.

Sonny: I know. I shouldnít. I just -- it's still wrong.

Jason: But when you know someone could get hurt and you do nothing, that's what's wrong.

Sonny: You mean like me and your sister?

Luke: Shouldn't you two be out buying baby diapers and bibs and things?

Skye: Lorenzo and I were relaxing, having a lovely, romantic dinner when I got a call from Gerald that you were drilling holes in the wall. I -- oh, Lord. I hope we're not keeping that.

Luke: Why's everybody suddenly an art critic? The place is going to reek of class. Right, wife? So you dragged mob daddy down here just because you heard there was a hole in the wall?

Lorenzo: It was my idea to come. Skye was concerned. Stress isn't good for her, so I thought it was better to put her mind at ease by showing her there's nothing here to worry about.

Luke: I can see you're chomping at the bit to be involved, so maybe we can find the odd shift for you here or there, you know, just so you won't feel left out.

Skye: No, thanks. My life is very full at the moment.

Luke: Well, in that case, if you'll excuse us? My lovely wife and I have business to attend to.

Skye: Well, I'm glad to see things are moving ahead. Try to enjoy it, Luke.

Lorenzo: Maybe we'll drop by one night.

Robin: Um, here.

Patrick: So go ahead, ask me.

Robin: Ask you what?

Patrick: If I slept with Carly.

Robin: Huh. Like I would believe anything you had to say.

Patrick: Doesn't really matter if you believe me or not, you're still dying to ask.

Robin: Actually, I don't really care.

Patrick: Well, you could've fooled me.

Robin: You know, I'm sure you can find some other chauvinist pig around here that would love to hear your gory --

Alan: Patrick? Patrick? Have you spoken to your father lately?

Patrick: I haven't seen him in a couple days. Why?

Monica: Well, the floor nurse just said he didn't show up for rounds, and he hasn't answered his page all day. He's just disappeared.

[Music plays]

Carly: What "whole world" thinks we're sleeping together?

Jax: Well, I was there when Nikolas announced it to Elizabeth -- and Alexis.

Carly: Alexis? Well, I love that. Let me guess -- she warned you all about me.

Jax: Oh, it was nothing I haven't heard -- or occasionally thought myself.

Carly: Nice.

Jax: That was before I got to know you, you know? Before I -- before I really got to know you, which I'm still just starting to do. I realize that we have one very important thing in common.

Carly: Only one?

Jax: When we're warned not to do something, we tend to want to do it more.

Carly: Then whatever you do, don't you dare ask me to dance.

Jax: I wouldn't dream of it.

Carly: Oh.

Jason: Emily is gentle, generous, and easily hurt.

Sonny: I don't think you give your sister enough credit.

Jason: Maybe you didn't know this, but Emily tried to help Zander. She tried to help Nikolas. She sees somebody in pain, and --

Sonny: She thinks she's in love? Is that what you're trying to say?

Jason: And she's going to continue to try to save you. And you know that she canít.

Sonny: That's why I did what you asked.

Jason: Which is?

Sonny: I -- I gave Emily up. Ahem. I got to go.

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Manny: The pier was a warning, this isnít.

Lulu: You guys are in love and neither of you realize that it's not too late.

Carly: Look who's here. Say hi to your daddy.

Sam: Maybe Sonny and Emily are lying to you because you left them no choice.

Jason: The problem is obvious, so is the solution.

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