GH Transcript Tuesday 3/14/06

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 3/14/06


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Alice: Mr. Alcazar, you have a guest.

Lorenzo: Diego?

Diego: Hey, Pop.

Dillon: What the hell is he doing out of prison?

Tracy: Alice, call the police.

Georgie: No! Do not call the cops.

Tracy: Give me that phone.

Skye: Can we all calm down here?

Diego: I got paroled!

Lorenzo: Why wasn't I given notice?

Dillon: Because he's lying, that's why.

Diego: No! Look, I called your house and your staff said you were here, I came over.

Tracy: That's a lie! He's a fugitive! Luke, do something!

Luke: You're on your own.

Tracy: Get that trash out of my house!

Lorenzo: Hey! Do not insult my son.

Tracy: Don't insult your son? What is he doing here? Why did he come here?

Skye: Will you all just please be quiet -- oh --

Lorenzo: Hey, hey, all right, everybody out!

Tracy: Don't tell me to get out of my own house!

Lorenzo: She doesn't need any stress, she's pregnant.

Tracy: You pig!

Luke: Oh!

Max: What kept you? Carly and Jax have been in there for, like, two hours. Ok, good. Now, once we get in there, we have to try to keep --

Milo: Whoa -- what do you mean, "we"?

Max: Jason ordered me to keep Carly from doing something stupid.

Milo: We're going to need more men.

Max: Shh! There's no time! Come on.

Max: Damn it!

[Max sighs]

Milo: Sure we got the right room?

Max: Ahem.

Carly: Disappointed, boys?

Jax: So the blood work came in already? I'm glad I came back tonight.

Nurse: Well, we were going to call you first thing tomorrow.

Jax: Why, is there a problem?

Nurse: Well, John's blood type doesn't match yours or Courtney’s, and that's very rare.

Jax: Oh. Well, that's -- that's good to know. Thanks for keeping me posted.

Robin: Hey. Back so soon after your --

Jax: Hey.

Robin: Big date with Carly? Is that good news or bad news?

Jax: Well, at least I didn't go back to work -- which gives me some indication of how things went with you and Patrick.

Robin: Well -- Jax, please just tell me you didn't sleep with Carly.

Sam: Ok, you were right. A walk really is helping me clear my head. I think I have plenty of time to decide what to do about Alexis, and you know what? We might all be better off if she never knows that she's my mother.

Jason: It would be a hard secret to live with. So if you have to tell her, I understand, but you need to warn me first because all hell is going to break loose.

Sam: Hey -- no, no, no -- she gave me up for adoption; she didn't want me then. Why should I invite her into my life now? It doesn't make any sense.

Kristina: I see the lights of the ferry!

Sam: Whoa -- hey, hey.  Whoa, come back here. Don't get too close to the water.

Kristina: That's what my mommy always tells me.

Alexis: Thank you for stopping her.

[Alexis sighs]

Sam: I hate you. I cannot believe you gave me up for adoption.

Alexis: Listen, thanks again for stopping her. You -- over here, you little goofball. Don't go running off like that anymore, honey. You got to be more careful, ok?

Kristina: What's wrong?

Sam: I was just -- um -- thinking about my brother, Danny. He used to love the ferry boats, too.

Kristina: But you look so sad.

Sam: Well, my -- my brother Danny -- he's in heaven now. He's there with my little girl.

Alexis: You still want that apple pie?

Ric: Ahem.

Alexis: I do.

Ric: Hmm?

Alexis: Let's go get it.

Ric: Come on, sounds good to me.

Alexis: You guys, go on. I'll be right there.

Ric: No, I think it's a good idea if we go as a family.

Alexis: It's ok, I'll be right there.

Ric: Come on, here we go. Torpedo.

Alexis: She's just such a little girl. I don't think she can understand the pain that you feel.

Sam: Oh, she can't understand? What, were you afraid I was going to tell her my brother died because of you?

Alexis: I would certainly hope that you would never do something like that.

Sam: What about if I told her what a hypocrite you were? Would that be appropriate? How selfish you are?

Alexis: Please be careful what you say to my daughter. Thank you.

Sam: Enjoy your dessert at Kelly’s. And I hope you know that one day your daughter will figure out what kind of mother she got stuck with. Because you are a hypocrite, and you are not any kind of a mother.

Jason: Sam -- Sam. You don't want to do this.

Carly: What are you guys doing sneaking into my hotel, Max?

Max: Oh. Well, you -- well, you know, you left the club with Jax, and I have orders that I'm supposed to -- oh. Hey, what are you doing?

Carly: Oh, just checking for a camera. What, are you guys going to shoot a movie for Sonny and Jason?

Max: Look, we're just trying to do our job.

Carly: Send it via cell phone? Yeah, right, let's see. You know, your brother's a pretty good dancer. Wait a minute, I know why you guys are here. You're not spying on me for Sonny and Jason.

Milo: Yes, we are.

Max: Shut up!

Carly: Max, it's ok. You don't have to lie. You have feelings for me, Maxie, don't you?

Max: No.

Carly: It's ok, Max. I know that you can't declare your feelings for me and you don't want me -- well, you know -- with Jax. So you brought your brother here --

Max: Look, I have orders, ok? Jason ordered me not to let you do anything stupid.

Carly: Really?

Milo: No offense.

Carly: None taken.

Max: Ahem.

Carly: You can tell Sonny and Jason to stay out of my life.

Milo: We will.

Max: Idiot! You're not going to tell them anything. Mrs. C, please stay out of trouble.

Carly: Can't make you any promises, Max. Have fun, boys.

[Carly giggles]

Max: Idiot!

[Luke groans]

Tracy: Bad enough you cheat on me with Skye, now you have to go and get her pregnant? And don't tell me it was an accident.

Lulu: Hey, leave my dad alone.

Luke: It's ok, Lulu, it's ok.

Lulu: If you weren't yelling at him all the time, this would've never happened.

Tracy: What kind of example is this to set for my son?

Dillon: Hey, hey, hey. Leave me out of it.

Tracy: Well, then, what kind of example is it to set for your daughter? And don't think you're going to get a dime --

Lorenzo: The baby is mine.

Tracy: Yours?

Luke: Skye. How could you do this to me?

Skye: To you? This baby has nothing to do with you.

Luke: Well, of course it is. You're upset with me. I mean, look what you've done now. Now you're trapped with this guy.

Skye: "Trapped" is sitting around waiting for one of your phone calls when you're off on one of your adventures. "Trapped" was hoping you'd pay attention to me here when you were actually home. "Trapped" was actually believing that you would divorce Tracy when we all know you never would really do that.

Luke: Look, I understand that you're disappointed but, my God, getting yourself pregnant?

Skye: This baby is a surprise, a shock, actually, but it confirms what I've known all along -- that I want to be with Lorenzo. Now that we have a baby on the way --

Lorenzo: We couldn't be happier.

Skye: Mm-hmm.

Dillon: What, you're going to go after him?

Georgie: You know, in case you missed it, your son just left.

Jax: If I tell you about Carly, will you tell me about Patrick?

Robin: You honestly don't think I would sleep with him, do you?

Jax: A simple yes or no will do.

Robin: We've known each other for a very long time. I just don't understand why you don't see Carly as the same lying, backstabbing woman she's always been?

Jax: We don't all hate Carly as much as you.

Robin: I know. I'm just honestly trying to protect you. Why would you let Carly draw you into her life?

Jax: It seems like you're the one that's been drawn in.

Robin: I just don't want to see Carly treat John the same way she's treated her own children.

Jax: Ok, you know what, how about this? How about I consider myself duly warned when it comes to Carly, and you and I can stop fighting and arguing, because I don't -- I don't want to fight with you.

Robin: All right, thanks for being so nice about telling me to shut up.

Jax: No, that's not what I meant at all. But while we're on the subject, I just -- I really need Carly in my life.

Carly: Wow. The feeling's mutual.

Patrick: You're not on the list, and the father isn't here to approve the visit.

Nikolas: I was Courtney’s fiancée.

Patrick: Look, that doesn't matter. You're not getting in to see the child.

Lucky: Is there a problem here?

Nikolas: Could you kindly explain to the doctor here that Cassadine money -- my money -- keeps this hospital open? And that affords me certain privileges, including the right to see my dead fiancée’s child

Alexis: Sam, you can hate me as much as you want, but I'm not going to apologize for protecting my daughter.

Sam: Protecting your daughter? She almost ran off the docks, Alexis.

Alexis: I -- I appreciate you stopping her, I really do, but I seriously doubt that she would've pushed herself --

Sam: Oh, you know, that's right -- no, no, no, I -- I totally forgot. You are the Mother of the Year. You are the perfect mother. Hail to Alexis Davis, the perfect mother.

Jason: Ok, come on, come on.

Sam: You want me to stay away from your daughter, the daughter that you love so much, remember my baby saved her. So, sure, Alexis, I'll stay away from her. Fine.

Georgie: Don't you think it's just a little insensitive to be going on and on about a baby that isn't even born yet when Diego’s standing right there?

Tracy: My. We're a little upset for a newlywed.

Georgie: You don't care about Diego at all, do you?

Lorenzo: I care about Diego a lot.

Georgie: You have a funny way of showing it. Could you imagine what it would be like getting out of prison to come here, find out your dad got somebody pregnant, and then he completely ignores you?

Lulu: Why are you so upset?

Georgie: Why does it matter?

Tracy: Oh, no, no, no. My stepdaughter has a really good point. Why are you so upset about a convicted felon that drugged and stalked you among others?

Dillon: You know what? This doesn't concern us.

Georgie: Your son needs you.

[Door opens and closes]

Lorenzo: I know this is bad timing, but --

Skye: I'm fine. Go after him.

Lorenzo: Thank you.

Elizabeth: There's obviously been a misunderstanding. Nikolas has been in to visit John before.

Patrick: Well, he must be overestimating his importance in the child's life, because he's not on the list. You don't get in without the father's approval.

Nikolas: Wait a minute, aren't you a neurosurgeon? What are you -- what are you doing monitoring who gets to visit a premature infant?

Patrick: Look, this is not a museum or an amusement park. You don't get to stroll in off the street and spend time with a child that's not yours.

Nikolas: That doesn't answer my question.

Patrick: Ok, well, it's simple. The child has a list, you're not on it, you're not getting in unless you are.

Elizabeth: You know what? We're going to clear this up.

Patrick: Please do -- now.

Lucky: Patrick Drake is an arrogant jerk, but your attitude is not helping any.

Nikolas: That child is all I have left of Courtney. If I can be close to him, I can be close to her.

Carly: Wow. I thought we took care of this before you left the hotel.

Jax: Thanks.

Carly: Yeah.

Jax: Ahem.

Robin: I guess that answers my question.

Carly: Did you see the look on Robin's face? That was priceless.

Jax: Mm-hmm. I certainly did.

Carly: Who are you calling?

Jax: Hi, it's Jax. Is the penthouse available tonight? Good. Would you prepare it for me and a lady friend? We'll be there shortly. Thank you.

Carly: The Penthouse Suite at the Metro Court?

Jax: Yeah. I mean, you're so determined to make people think we're sleeping together. Let's do it.

Elizabeth: We understand what the baby means to you. But if you're not on the list, the hospital can't let you in to see him.

Nikolas: Elizabeth, after Courtney died, Jax told me that he wanted me to be a part of John's life.

Lucky: Well, maybe he had second thoughts because of the way you went off at Courtney’s funeral.

Nikolas: Every word I said was the truth.

Lucky: If I believe that, I should deck you for the way you tore into Elizabeth.

Nikolas: I stand corrected. What I said was wrong and inexcusable. I apologize.

Elizabeth: I'll forgive you if you promise to approach Jax like the reasonable, rational person I know you can be and ask him to put you on the list. With the father's permission, you can see the baby whenever you want.

Carly: What are you thinking? The Penthouse Suite at the Metro Court?

Jax: What, you'd rather go for convenience? Oh, I see. We could go to the boardroom; we could do it on the table -- or the broom closet.

Carly: That's not funny.

Jax: Oh, you're right, it's not. I'm sorry. You deserve the penthouse. I mean, you know what? You deserve far better than that. I'm real excited about this, Carly. You know, we're both consenting adults, we've been dancing around this for weeks. We both want this.

Carly: You're serious, aren't you?

Jax: I let you drag me onto an elevator tonight to mislead poor Max. Now, I don't mind playing the game, but I won't allow you to throw me into Robin's face.

Carly: Robin? This is about St. Robin?

Jax: I asked Robin not to speak badly about you, and you won't use me against her, ok? And while we're on the subject, I won't be used to annoy Sonny and Jason, either.

Carly: Well, shall I refresh your memory? Because when you first got together with Courtney, it was only to annoy Sonny. Do you remember that?

Jax: Oh, that is -- that is such a low blow. And do you know what? Yeah, at the beginning, it was -- it was part of the game, it was part of the attraction, but it didn't take me very long to fall in love with Courtney for real, and you know that.

Carly: I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I know that you miss her, and so do I, and that's a really big connection that we have -- along with Little John -- and I don't want to ruin that by sleeping with each other.

Jax: Well, then -- then stop hanging on me and kissing me in elevators, ok? You're a desirable woman, and I'm only human.

Carly: Well, so am I. I promise you if I kiss you again, it will be for real.

Max: Ok, ok, what about this -- "Jason, I have good news. I'm pretty sure nothing happened between Carly and Jax." No? No? Ok. Ah -- "Jason, whatever happened between Carly and Jax, it's Carly’s life." Look, let's face it -- whatever I say, I'm a dead man.

Sam: How can I look into that smug -- into Alexis' --?

Max: Ahem.

Sam: Smug face and not tell her exactly who and what she is?

Max: Jason, I have some news about Carly and I think I --

Jason: Is she ok?

Max: Yeah, she's fine.

Jason: Ok, then that's all I need to know.

Max: No problem.

Jason: I'm going to call you later. Be ready with a full report.

Max: "Full report"?

Sam: Just seeing Alexis with Kristina, I should've told her the truth.

Jason: Sam, just try to calm down.

Sam: No, I -- Jason, I hate the way she looks at me. She looks at me like I am nothing and that she is great!

Jason: I want to help you; I'm trying to support anything you decide --

Sam: No, you don't want me to say anything.

Jason: It's not up to me. If you need to tell Alexis that she's your mother, then that's what you need to do.

Sam: No, what I want is for Alexis to be someone else.

Alexis: Well, I survived -- barely.

Ric: Yeah? I'm sure that Jason and Sam weren't very receptive to whatever it was that you had to say.

Alexis: She hates me and it's getting more intense.

Ric: She's grieving.

Alexis: It's more than that. She can't get over the fact that my daughter lived and hers didn’t. And she is hell-bent on proving that I'm a bad mother.

Sam: When I realized that Evelyn wasn't my mother, I was relieved. She didn't like me, Jason, at all, and I didn't like her. So I started to imagine what my mother would be like, and even though I was afraid that I would find something awful, I -- I still hoped and prayed that I would find someone who actually loved me.

[Sam sighs]

Jason: I am sorry.

Sam: I created the perfect mother in my head. You know, a woman who loved me who -- who fought really, really hard before she gave me up, and a woman who didn't want to give me up. Someone who actually maybe celebrates my birthday, maybe sits in the park and -- and just wonders. But Alexis? The woman I hate more than anyone in this entire world. Why does it have to be Alexis? It's not fair. Jason, it is -- it is not fair, because you know what? Kristina and Molly -- they get to have a great mom, and I don’t.

Ric: Alexis, don't let Sam do this to you. This is why I didn't want you to go on the pier and get in a confrontation with her. She feels that you have hurt her in some personal and profound way, and she thinks you've done it intentionally.

Alexis: I screamed at her in the chapel. There's no apology that I can ever make that is going to make that any better for her.

Ric: Your daughter was dying; ok, you were desperate. I think you get a free pass on this one. Her child was stillborn, she had a preexisting medical condition -- she's not willing to accept that. She just wants to dump all that pain and all that grief and all that loss on you. It's easier for her.

Alexis: I accepted an antidote that, had her brother taken it, would still be alive today.

Ric: Dr. Drake made that decision for you.

Alexis: Other people refused it. Robin refused it. All I had to do was wait two seconds longer, and the rest of the antidote would've been there.

Ric: You don't know that!

Alexis: Why is Danny McCall’s life less special than mine? Is it because he's disabled?

Ric: What are you --?

Alexis: Is it because he doesn't have the privilege of having a family? It isn't fair, and it's never going to be fair, so nothing that I'm going to say is going to change that, so I'll stop talking.

Ric: That's right, because it doesn't get you anywhere, all right? Sam is not going to change the way she feels because she doesn't want to, Alexis. She's going to hold on to that. There's nothing you're going to be able to do to change the way Sam feels, and the more you try, the more you're going to hurt yourself.

Alexis: Said the pot to the kettle. Speaking of which, when was the last time you talked to Sonny?

Ric: Ok, I admit that I want a relationship with my brother, and I've done everything that I can to apologize to him for everything that I have done, but that's because he's family. You don't have that kind of connection with Sam, so you can just let it go.

Georgie: Oh -- hi.

Mike: Hey.

Georgie: Hey. Can we talk to you?

Mike: Yeah, yeah. Sweetie -- stay right here, mommy will keep an eye on you. Be right back.  Hey, listen, guys, I'm -- I'm sorry about this afternoon. I'd been drinking and I couldn't quite pull things together, you know?

Dillon: No -- no, no, no, no, it's a hard time for all of us. Don't --

Mike: Yeah, but, listen, I -- I really appreciate your helping out with the diner, I do.

Dillon: Yeah.

Mike: Thanks. So, what can I get you?

Dillon: Um -- a room.

Mike: A room?

Dillon: Yeah.

Mike: Moving out of the Quartermaines' again, are you?

Dillon: Yeah, well, this time we're kind of together, so --

Georgie: We're married. See?

Dillon: Hmm.

Mike: Married? Since when?

Georgie: We got married during the epidemic. It's all legal, call our parents.

Dillon: Yeah. Really, we just want to live our own lives without our families hassling us.

Mike: Yeah, which means no family money, right?

Dillon: Right. I -- I don't know. We're thinking that maybe we could -- we could work off the rent down here and --

Georgie: You don't have to pay us; we'll just live off the tips.

Mike: I am not sure that's very realistic.

Dillon: I know, I know, but I love her, and she loves me, and we -- just want to be together, so --

Mike: Well, who am I to stand in the way of true love? Look, I'm sure we can work out some deal with a room, ok?

Dillon: Ok, thank you so much.

Georgie: Thank you, Mike.

Mike: Oh --

Georgie: Thank you!

Mike: Of course. But -- ahem -- that's going to be the least of your problems. Believe me.

Lorenzo: Hey. I'm glad you came back here.

Diego: I wasn't sure if your people would let me in. Look, I -- I have the paperwork here for my parole.

Lorenzo: I believe you. Oh, I'm glad to see you. Have a seat. I'm sorry about all the confusion at the Quartermaines'.

Diego: Yeah, yeah, well, I surprised you, you surprised me back -- call it even. Congratulations on the baby.

Lorenzo: Thank you. It's a little unexpected. I'm still getting used to the idea. Uh -- I'm surprised you got released so soon. I barely put things --

Diego: I got myself out.

Lorenzo: How did you do that?

Diego: I heard inmates planning a murder, so I told a guard and I stopped it.

Lorenzo: Were you out of your mind? You just signed your death warrant.

Orderly: Alcazar's son, Diego, got paroled.

Manny: Daddy must've called in a favor.

Orderly: The kid did it on his own. He snitched on one of your guys.

Manny: Good.

Jason: If you tell Alexis, do you think you're going to feel better?

Sam: I'd like to see the look on her face.

Jason: Ok, what about after that?

Sam: You mean, can she explain why she gave me up? Sure. I'm sure she can, because that's what she does best. I'm sure she'll blame it on somebody else -- that she gave away her firstborn child that she never came to look for.

Jason: You don't think she did?

Sam: Come on, Jason, let's be serious here. Alexis Davis is one of the smartest, more intelligent people that I have ever met. She's a lawyer; she has resources. She could've done the research. Yes, she could've found me if she wanted to.

Jason: Ok, you're right. But what you need to figure out is, do you need to tell Alexis all this stuff?

Sam: Will it make a difference? No. You know why? Because she'll say that she's sorry -- just like she said she was sorry when my daughter died and when Danny died. That's what you've been trying to tell me all along, isn't it?

Jason: I -- I don't like Alexis, so it's not really fair to ask me.

Sam: Jason, it is fair, because you are the only person who actually loves me and knows what I need. And I don't need this. I don't need Alexis, and I don't want her to know that she's my mother.

[Knock on door]

Carly: Why did you send Max and Milo to follow me, Jason?

Jason: Carly, this really isn't a good time right now.

Sam: It's ok, it's ok. Hi, Carly.

Carly: Hi.

Sam: Jason, I'm going to take a walk and get some fresh air.

Jason: Ok.

[Sam sighs]

Carly: Jason? Did you really tell Max to keep me from doing something stupid?

Jason: Yes.

Carly: You gave him permission to follow me?

Jason: Michael called Max.  He said he was worried about you.

Carly: Ok, so Michael told Max to follow me, is that it?

Jason: No, I told Max to follow you.

Carly: Jason, Michael is upset because Sonny had to go out of town, and he's upset because I've been spending a lot of time at the hospital. Now, I will talk to him, but I'm not going to apologize for having dinner with Jax. You know, I'm -- I'm single. I can go out with whoever I want.

Jason: Fine, fine, fine.

Carly: You know what -- here. This is next week's itinerary. Make it easier on your spies.

Jason: Oh. Ok. That's great because I have a spy right over here. Here you go, Mr. Spy. You know what, Carly? If you want to have an affair with Jax, I don't care. Do whatever you want.

Carly: Oh, ok, right, right, but -- but here comes the speech, here comes the threat? What if I decide to be with Jax? What are you going to do about it?

Lorenzo: I told you I would take care of things, I told you to wait.

Diego: Yeah, and I told you I didn't want your help.

Lorenzo: That was before you went to prison. I knew once reality set in, you'd be desperate to get out.

Diego: But that's what I did, dad, I got myself out.

Lorenzo: Did you ever consider the consequences?

Diego: I stopped a murder, dad, I saved a guy's life. See, see, I thought you'd be proud of me. Wouldn't that be --

Lorenzo: Diego, you are an Alcazar. We have relationships you don't even know about. For all I know, you informed on a friend or a business relationship.

Diego: What --

Lorenzo: Do you know what it's going to take for me to clean this up?

Diego: No, no, no, don't bother, dad, ok? You have a kid on the way. Why don't you worry about that? I don't need your help.

Lorenzo: I need to know everything you know about this man you informed on.

Diego: No, forget it, dad! I don't need you, ok? And you sure as hell don't need me!

Lorenzo: Diego! Diego, ven aca -- Diego!

Mike: Ok. Home sweet home.

Georgie: Wow, it's -- amazing.

Mike: Um -- hey, bathroom's down the hall. Here, let me close that.

Dillon: Whoa. Well, the room's not that bad.

Georgie: No, no, it could -- could be a lot worse.

Dillon: It's more private than the dorms and -- and definitely more spacious than the Haunted Star.

Georgie: And -- and look, Dillon, a -- a double bed.

Dillon: Yeah.

Georgie: Yeah, we won't, you know, bodily-harm each other when we try to roll over, and we don't have to deal with your mom.

Dillon: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, and I'm -- I'm off Lulu Patrol now, so that's good. You know --

Georgie: It'll be easier to study here, and no distractions, quiet.

Dillon: Mm-hmm. We're not going to be spending that much time here, anyway.

Georgie: No.

Dillon: So, you know --

Georgie: It's really kind of cozy when you think about it.

Dillon: Yeah, yeah, it's -- you know what I wish more than anything?

Georgie: What do you wish?

Dillon: That we had eaten before we left home. Hmm.

Tracy: Well, I think your father and the little mother-to-be needs some alone time. Come on, dear. Come on, pick up your feet.

Lulu: You can wipe that grin right off your face.

Tracy: Why? It's not often I get to savor total victory.

Lulu: You think my dad is all yours now, but that will never happen.

Tracy: It just did.

Luke: So.

Skye: Yeah. I'm not really quite sure what to say, either.

Luke: A kid is a big step.

Skye: We didn't plan this baby, but Lorenzo and I are thrilled to be having it and we will raise it together.

Luke: How together?

Skye: I'm being offered a second chance at love, at being a mother, at building a life. I have no intention of walking away from that.

Luke: I don't think you should.  I thought you kind of liked what we had.

Skye: We don't want the same things, Luke. We never really have. See, I'm ready for that house and that yard and that family. I want to go to bed with the same person every night.

Luke: I wish you all the best. We did have some good times, didn't we?

Skye: Some great times. But I don't want to live my life on the edge. Not anymore.

Luke: Well, say goodbye to your last bad habit.

Skye: When I was drinking, I used to wake up in the morning and wonder how I could possibly get through the day without another drink. But I did it slowly, moment to moment, hour by hour, and gradually things started to change. I found myself desiring other things, although the need for the drink was still there, but it wasn't as important as before. You see, that's how habits work -- they change. And when I was able to step back from the romance of the adventure, from the fun we had and how much you've made me laugh, I realized what I needed, Luke, and what you couldn't give me, and it just didn't work. I've waited around for you for a long time. I still care about you.

Luke: But you don't love me.

Nikolas: Please explain how I can hurt John simply by visiting him.

Elizabeth: You can't, but I'm not the one who has to be convinced. Jax is.

Nikolas: Elizabeth, I'm not going to grovel to a man who's done everything in his power to destroy my relationship with Courtney. Ok, he's shown no respect for her memory, no consideration for her wishes --

Lucky: Ok, like it or not, Jax is John's father. He has final say who gets access to his child.

Jax: Yes. And Nikolas doesn't get access. You're not going anywhere near my son.  You have no right to be here after the crap you pulled at Courtney’s memorial.

Nikolas: We all grieve in our own way, Jax.

Jax: Oh, is that supposed to excuse your bizarre need to steal Courtney’s ashes? Now, I let you take them, you made your grand gesture and returned Courtney to the sea. But that's the extent of my tolerance and generosity, and stay away from John.

Nikolas: Well, that's not going to happen.

Jax: Ok. Well, if you're serious, I' have to get a restraining order.

Nikolas: Courtney chose me, Jax. I won't stay away from her child.

Jax: Courtney's dead. You have no right to be here, no claim to that child. Now leave, or I'll have you thrown out.

Lucky: Ok, that's enough.

Elizabeth: Courtney wouldn't want the two of you to --

Jax: Yeah, wallowing in grief may be a Cassadine tradition, but I won't allow you to inflict that on Little John. And you go on about Courtney’s wishes. Well, I'm absolutely certain that Courtney would put her child's needs ahead of your broken heart. Now, if you really want to honor the woman that you claim to love so much, you'll stay away from her son.

[Keys jingle]

Georgie: Dillon? Did Mike give you the wrong key?

Diego: Oh. Hey.

Georgie: Hey.

Diego: Hi. I -- I just rented a room, but -- well, I guess I'm across the hall. So, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to bother you.

Georgie: It's fine.

Diego: All right.

Dillon: What are you doing here?

Diego: I guess we're -- we're going to be neighbors.

Lulu: Dad?

Luke: That's me.

Lulu: Are you ok?

Luke: You worry too much.

Lulu: I wish you and Skye hadn't ended up this way.

Luke: Well, you called it, little girl. You said the game was over; people were cashing in and leaving the table.

Lulu: I wanted to be wrong.

Luke: Skye should've never gotten involved with a guy like me. I was a fool to think that she would sit around and wait.

Lulu: Did you tell her that you love her? You should've.

Luke: Well, here's to all the should've, would've, could'ves that will haunt me the rest of my life.

Skye: Do you have any idea where Diego even is?

Lorenzo: My people will find him soon. He doesn't even grasp what he's done.

Skye: Well, at least he's out of prison.

Lorenzo: You know, I barely even know him. Will you promise me that no matter what happens between us, you will never take our child out of my life?

Skye: I grew up being shuffled from one place to the next, surrounded by people who didn't want me. Maybe it wasn't as dramatic or dangerous as your life, but I will never do that to our child. We will both love this child, and we both want to be a part of its life.

Lorenzo: Thank you.

Skye: Well, call me an optimist or blame it on the hormones, but I'm feeling like no matter what's up against us, I think maybe we have a chance.

Jason: You know what? It's your life. Live it any way you want. But if you're going out with Jax to get back at Sonny --

Carly: No, I did that when I was with Lorenzo, back when everything I did was really about Sonny. Those days are gone, Jason.

Jason: So now you're telling me all of a sudden you like Jax?

Carly: Jax is a nice guy, and every time I look at him, Robin goes ballistic, which works perfectly fine for me. Come on, all right? He's a -- he's a nice guy, we're in business together, he's the father of Courtney’s baby, and I promised her that I was going to look after that little boy.

Jason: It is never that simple with you.

Carly: What's wrong with me having a little bit of fun?

Jason: Well, see, you -- but you always do this. You say it's all about fun. I mean, honestly, do you think you have this empty space that you're trying to fill with love, money, people? Nothing is working, Carly. You have so much that you can't even see it, you can't appreciate it, you never will.

Carly: Ok, Jase --

Jason: I don't -- I just don't get it. Why go looking for love from someone who will never give it back?

Carly: We're not talking about me, are we?

Ric: It's coming. It's coming. Isn't it?

Mike: Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh. Ah. Here you go.

Ric: Ah! Look at that!

Mike: There you go, here's a spoon.

Ric: Go ahead.

Alexis: Here, go ahead.

Ric: If you don't eat it, I will.

[Ric and Alexis chuckle]

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Manny: Is this your dolly, Sweetness? She's pretty.

Carly: I think it's time for us to be honest with each other.

Jason: Why would you want to go to law school?

Sam: To be a lawyer.

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