GH Transcript Monday 3/13/06

General Hospital Transcript Monday 3/13/06


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Emily: I've run away before from other people and other situations when I couldn't bear to face the truth, and that's not why I'm leaving now.

Sonny: Did I hurt your feelings?

Emily: I'm not afraid to disagree with you. And while I don't enjoy fighting with you, I'm definitely not scared.

Sonny: Then why are you leaving?

Emily: I finally realized why you're so restless and moody, why you keep having these nightmares and why you won't tell me what's really going on.

Sonny: Why is that?

Emily: You feel guilty for sneaking off to Spain with me, for going behind everybody else's back, so I'd rather leave now than watch you struggle with your conscience.

Dillon: I'm going to see if I can get the gardener to give us a ride.

Georgie: Ok.

Diego: Hi, Georgie.

Georgie: Diego. What are you doing here? Did you break out of prison?

Diego: No, no, no, no, no, I got early parole. I came to see you as soon as they let me out.

Dillon: Georgie, you ready? Let's go!

Georgie: Wait.

Dillon: Something wrong?

Alexis: You know what? I missed you girls so much.

[Molly fusses]

Alexis: Yes, honey. Ooh.

Kristina: I thought you weren't ever coming back.

Alexis: Honey, I will always, always, always come back no matter what. No matter where I go, no matter what I do, I will never leave you. You understand that? I love you and Molly and Ric.

Ric: Nikolas, hi.

Nikolas: Alexis, I'm glad I ran into you.

Alexis: Hi. Ok.

Nikolas: Hi, Kristina. How are you?

Kristina: Do you still live in a castle?

Nikolas: Well, I -- I guess Wyndermere is kind of like a castle. I hope you visit soon.

Alexis: Is everything all right?

Nikolas: Yeah, yeah, I just -- I got a confusing phone call from a Mr. Oliver. He said he was a lawyer who used to work for my grandfather back in the 1980s. He was asking about a cousin that I never knew I had.

Jason: Ok, right -- right here --

Sam: All right, look at that -- "photo not available."

Jason: And that would make sense if she missed the second semester.

Sam: Ok, well, do you think she could be my mother? That's kind of a weird name, though. Jason? Hey, what's wrong?

Jason: The name.

Sam: "Davidovitch"? What -- what about the name? Do you know her?

Jason: Yeah. So do you.

Sam: No, I don’t. I've never heard of that name before.

Jason: Because she changed her name -- to Davis.

Sam: Alexis -- Davis? Alexis Davis is my mother?

Jason: Ok, you know what? We can't -- we can't be sure -- we cannot be sure that this is even the same person.

Sam: Really? What -- what are the chances of someone else with that name?

Sonny: I don't feel guilty being with you.

Emily: Then what's going on?

Sonny: I'm not comfortable keeping our relationship a secret. But it's a lot kinder than flaunting our happiness in the face of everyone's grief or asking my children to make another adjustment.

Emily: I agree, Sonny, but something's different now. It's something in your voice. It's a sadness; it's a tone of regret.

Sonny: I want this to work out, Emily. But what's messing it up is not Jason or Carly or everyone else saying what they're saying, your family. It's me, how I am.

Emily: Sonny, you've been under a lot of stress lately and you can't sleep -- that happens to everyone at some point.

Sonny: But it's different for me. The moods, the trouble sleeping -- yeah, sometimes business triggers it; sometimes it comes out of nowhere. But the point is I can't control it. And when it gets bad, I can't control myself.

Skye: My cell phone has to be in this house somewhere.

Luke: Skye, are you still freezing me out, or would you thaw long enough to join me in a libation?

Skye: Have you seen my cell phone?

Luke: No.

Tracy: No.

Luke: Look --

Tracy: No. No.

Luke: Alice put this lovely bottle of seltzer water out. It's got your name on it.

Skye: Sorry, I have a previous engagement.

Tracy: Really? With Lorenzo Alcazar?

Skye: Yes, as a matter of fact, it would be with him.

[Phone rings]

Luke: What's that?

Skye: Hey --

Luke: Huh?

Skye: Hey!

Luke: What? Ooh.

[Luke laughs]

Tracy: Ah --


Luke: Oh.

Skye: Found it.

Tracy: Well, good. Why don't you take the call in another room?

Skye: Hello?

Lorenzo: Are you all right?

Skye: Oh, Lorenzo. Yeah, I'm fine. I'm sorry. I'm just running a little late.

Lorenzo: Ok. I just wanted to be sure. I'll be waiting.

Skye: I'm on my way.

Luke: Well, busy, huh? Where you going?

Skye: Out.

Luke: "Out"? Oh.

Tracy: My, my, my. Would you teach your offspring some manners?

Luke: I already did.

Tracy: This is unacceptable.

Lulu: Well, now that you booted out Dillon and Georgie, he's off Lulu patrol, and I can do whatever I want.

Luke: That's my girl.

Lulu: You gave me my life back. Thanks.

Dillon: Are you having second thoughts about moving out?

Georgie: Oh, no, no, no, no. No, that's not it at all.

Dillon: Ok, look, living over Kelly’s is not going to be fun, and I know that -- that waiting tables for a living -- that's only romantic in the movies. So if you don't feel comfortable with this or you want to call the whole thing off, that's fine. We'll find some other way to --

Tracy: Oh, good, you're still here. Could I have a moment with Dillon, please?

Dillon: I've got nothing to say to you.

Georgie: Wait, no, Dillon, it's ok. I'm going to wait for you at Kelly’s. It's --

Dillon: Geor-- Georgie? Georgie?

Tracy: Sweetheart, perhaps I was a little hasty in suggesting that you move out.

Dillon: What?

Alexis: This situation with Mr. Oliver is a little complicated.

Ric: Yeah, and besides that, it's really not a good time to talk about it. We need to get Molly home to Viola because we want to take Kristina to the Children's Museum -- you know, it's family night.

Alexis: Why don't you guys go and meet me back here?

Ric: You sure?

Alexis: Yeah.

Ric: Ok.

Alexis: You better go before it -- it closes.

Ric: Yeah.

Alexis: Ok, and I'll see you back here, ok? And listen, you. I will be here when you get back. Right? Don't worry? I love you.

Nikolas: Excuse me, I'm going to grab a cup of coffee.

Ric: Yeah.

Alexis: You're going to be -- go before you -- it's late.

Ric: Ok, you sure you want to do this?

Alexis: Yeah. He's the one person that should know what's going on, so I'm going to tell him.

Ric: Ok.

Alexis: Bye, sweetie. Bye, honey.

Ric: Yeah.

Alexis: You guys have fun, ok? I'll be here when you get back, ok? Have fun.

Nikolas: This can wait if you want to go with them.

Alexis: I'd rather deal with it now.

Nikolas: Ok, so is this why you and Ric came by the other day asking about Mikkos' American Counsel?

Alexis: You were very upset. It was not an appropriate time to go into the details.

Nikolas: So how bad is it? Another deep, dark Cassadine secret?

Alexis: I got pregnant when I was a teenager and I gave the baby up for adoption.

Sam: How could Alexis Davis be my mother? Shouldn't I have sensed it? Shouldn't there have been some sort of subliminal message or something? A connection, a bond that goes deeper than memory?

Jason: You know what? We can't be sure of anything yet. Stan?

Stan: What do you need?

Jason: Ok, I want you to find out everything you can on Alexis Davis -- when she came to this country, when she changed her name, and most importantly, what high school she went to.

Stan: Yeah. You got it.

Jason: Thanks.

Sam: You're hoping she's not my mother, aren't you?

Jason: Aren't you hoping for the same thing?

Sonny: The nightmares -- I've had them for years. They come when I'm -- when I'm happy, like I told you. Most of the time they come when I got a lot going on and I'm wound up.

Emily: Like you are now.

Sonny: I don't know what brings them on or how to stop them.

Emily: How long do they last?

Sonny: A couple days, a week at the most. It's no big deal because -- I don't know. I mean, I can't sleep, I can't work, but it's -- it's not that bad because I get a lot done. And sometimes I feel this kind of rush, and then I -- I crash and they go away. There have been maybe a couple of times when it lasted a little longer and it got worse to the point where I -- I couldn't function.

Emily: Have you spoken to a doctor about any of this?

Sonny: It's not a medical thing. I just -- it's a thing that I just got to get through.

Emily: How do you know? You've never had any lab work. I mean, you could have a chemical imbalance, and a doctor would be able --

Sonny: I don't need a doctor, Emily. I just -- just wanted you to understand that I'm not ashamed of how we feel about each other. And I don't regret being here with you. The only thing that I regret is that it has to end.

Emily: Then it doesn't have to end.

Skye: Hey.

Lorenzo: Hi.

Skye: Sorry I'm late.

Lorenzo: No, no problem. Come here, sit, relax.

Skye: Oh. Sometimes it's a little difficult getting out of the Quartermaines' these days. I feel like a rebellious teenager. Do you know that I almost told Luke that we were going to the movies? Like I should have to lie to him or anybody else. I don't know, I guess it's kind of a reflex thing. I'm unexpectantly pregnant and I feel like I should be sneaking around or something. You haven't told anybody, have you?

Lorenzo: Well, I assumed you wanted to keep this private as long as possible.

Skye: Yeah. I don't want to jinx it. Well, that's probably crazy because I know that Dr. Lee's going to tell me exactly what all the other doctors have told me -- that I won't be able to carry this baby to term.

Lorenzo: Hey -- try not to expect the worst, let Dr. Lee explain all the options, and you decide what to do. I'll support any decisions you make.

Skye: Thanks.

Kelly: Skye? We're ready for your exam.

Georgie: Hi. Is this Pentonville Prison? Yeah -- um -- I was wondering how I could find out if someone got an early parole.

Diego: Uh -- hey, you don't have to call the prison. I have paperwork to prove it. I'm free.

Nikolas: I had no idea.

Alexis: I don't seem like the type, do I? I'm probably the last person that you would expect to get knocked up. No one was more surprised than I was, and I did all the classic things. I went into denial, I wore baggy clothes, I put off making any kind of decision -- until I fainted in the gym class, and then they called Mikkos.

Nikolas: What about Helena?

Alexis: If there's one blessing in any of this, it's that she never found out. Now, maybe that's why Mikkos did everything the way that he did it. He arranged for everything. He had me sent to a clinic in Maine, where I had the baby, and he arranged for a private adoption and sealed the records.

Nikolas: And now you're searching for your child?

Alexis: Too late. My daughter's been dead for years.

Sam: During the epidemic, Ric was delirious. He thought Alexis was his mother.

Jason: That's pretty weird.

Sam: Yeah, I know, and he kept saying to Alexis, "What kind of mother would give her child away?" And Alexis sort of just blurted out -- she was really upset -- she said that she didn't have a choice. And then she tried to back it up with an excuse by saying that she was just playing along with Ric. But, Jason, that wasn't it. Now we know what it was. She was just trying to cover up what -- feeling guilty for dumping me.

Jason: Ok, without more information, we cannot be sure, Sam.

Sam: My daughter's stem cells saved Kristina. Not Sonny, not Alexis, not even Morgan -- it was my child.

Jason: That's true. That is true, but --

Sam: And all this time I thought it was because my daughter and Kristina were both Sonny's daughters.

Jason: That's probably the reason. That's it.

Sam: Jason, my daughter was Alexis' granddaughter.

Sonny: I wish I could make promises, but I don't know what's going to happen with us or what I can give you or if we, you know, can be together or if we should be together -- I don't know, you know?

Emily: No one can predict the future. Sonny, we both know that. Any plans that we make -- it's only a suggestion. It's a -- it's a best-case scenario. What will happen, will happen. The only promise that I need from you is one that I'm willing to make myself, and it's that I promise to be honest with you about what I want and what I feel. Sonny, I love you, and I want to stay here in Spain with you. I want us to enjoy this time together for as long as it lasts.

Sonny: I -- I want that, too. And I know, I will promise you that I'll be honest with you, and I'll tell you what I feel, what I want. I want to make you as happy as you make me.

Skye: Lorenzo?

Lorenzo: I take it the news isn't good?

Skye: No, the news is -- is great. The baby has a good chance, an excellent chance, of being born.

Lorenzo: Really?

Skye: Yeah.

Lorenzo: Oh.

Skye: I, of course, have to be careful with my own health and avoid stress as much as I can, and Dr. Lee wants to take an amnio as soon as it's safe, but barring any unforeseen complications, I will carry this baby to term.

Lorenzo: So you're in good health, a good pregnancy --

Skye: They've assured me that it's going to be completely safe for me, this pregnancy.

Lorenzo: Then it's really happening.

Skye: We're having a baby.

Lorenzo: Yeah!

Lulu: So you seemed pretty bummed when Skye left. Is she going to go see Alcazar?

Luke: I think Skye is having some problems.

Lulu: Hmm. Well, she seemed pretty happy to me.

Luke: Well, that wouldn't be because of Alcazar. He's too smarmy, too oil-slicky for her. She's just seeing him to try to make me jealous.

Lulu: Well, either that, or she's really falling in love with him, and you're blowing your last chance by hanging out here with the step-witch.

Luke: Lulu, Skye is crazy about me. She can't help herself.

Lulu: They why don't you drop Tracy like the bad habit she is and tell Skye you're sorry?

Tracy: Sweetheart, I never really wanted you to move out. I'm sure you know that. And while I'm convinced that your marriage isn't going to last --

Dillon: Don't say that.

Tracy: Ok, whether or not your marriage lasts, I don't want you throwing your life away.

Dillon: Ok. Promise to be nice to Georgie and I'll stay.

Tracy: Don't press your luck.

Dillon: Then no deal.

Tracy: Oh. So you'd rather live in a stinky, little room over a diner?

Dillon: Mom, I'd rather sleep on the street than have Georgie be subjected to your -- I don't know, what's a good word? -- Malice.

Tracy: Ah. Lulu? Lulu?

Lulu: What? What are you bellowing?

Tracy: Would you tell Dillon how much Georgie will benefit from living here and finishing high school?

Lulu: They're not kicked out anymore?

Tracy: Convince Dillon, or "Lulu Patrol" will look like a walk in the park.

Dillon: She's --

Lulu: I hate her guts, but she has a point.

Tracy: Oh.

Luke: What is my precious, pink Popsicle up to now?

[Tracy sighs]

Tracy: I feel like a Popsicle. I have finally realized that the best way to get Georgie out of Dillon’s life -- keep her under this roof.

Georgie: You followed me from the Quartermaines'?

Diego: Well, look, I -- I want to thank you for writing me in prison. Georgie, your letters were the only thing that kept me going. And then just knowing that you cared if I lived or died -- it made me care, too.

Georgie: I'm really glad that I could help. How did you get an early parole?

Diego: Well, I found out that this guy in my cellblock wanted to commit a murder and I just told the warden.

Georgie: So you saved a man's life.

Diego: Yeah, I guess.

Georgie: Isn't that kind of risky, though? You know, kind of like being a snitch?

Diego: Yeah, I don't care. I mean, I'm out of that place, right, and I'm here with you. I -- I don't care about the rest.

Georgie: It's really great to see you, Diego.

Diego: Well, look, Georgie, I -- I've been wanting to say this for so long, and at first I tried writing it in letters and -- so many times. I just thought face to face -- look, you didn't just save my life, you changed it. And I just -- I want to tell you --

Jesse: Back away from her right now! Back!

Georgie: Jesse -- Jesse, don't shoot Diego! He didn't do anything!

Alexis: My daughter's death certificate was found in a file in a New York law firm. It stated that she died at the age of three. She was hit by a car.

Nikolas: I'm so sorry.

Alexis: I naturally assumed that she was living in a -- in a good home and having a good life, so I apparently deceived myself.

Nikolas: You wanted the best for your child. What's wrong with that?

Alexis: If I didn't give her up, she would still be alive today.

Nikolas: Alexis, don't think that way.

Alexis: It's true.

Nikolas: No, it's a trap, and there's no way out. I know because I do it every day. "Courtney would still be alive if -- if I had read between the lines of her letters, if I hadn't been so ready to believe that she was with Jax, if I had protected her from Helena."

Alexis: You did the best you could, Nikolas.

Nikolas: You saying it and me feeling it are entirely different. "If I had known what really happened to Emily, if I hadn't gotten so angry at Helena, if I had been a better husband --" it goes on and on and on, Alexis. It never stops.

Alexis: Yeah, you don't win. Hmm.

Nikolas: Exactly. You can't go back. You can't alter the decisions that you've made. You made the best choice for your child at the time.

Alexis: I made the best choice that I could for me at the time.

Jason: What do you got?

Stan: Alexis Davidovitch came to the states at the age of 14 to attend Briarton Griggs Academy in New Hampshire. She took a semester off in 1980, went to Yale undergrad, then Yale Law. When she graduated, she changed her last name to Davis.

Jason: Are you absolutely sure about this?

Stan: Yeah. I hacked into the records at Briarton Griggs and she is listed in the alumni registry with an address in Port Charles.

Sam: Ok. So there's no question about it, right?

Stan: Not at all. Alexis Davis -- mother of Kristina, Sonny's daughter -- used to be Alexis Davidovitch.

Jason: Ok, you know what, Stan? I don't want you talking to anybody about this.

Stan: I never do. You need anything else, let me know.

Jason: Thanks.

Sam: All right, so it's true. That bitch is my mother.

Dillon: Listen, five minutes ago, my mom wanted Georgie and me out of the house, and now she doesn't? Something's up.

Lulu: Maybe she changed her mind.

Dillon: No, she's up to something bad, Lulu.

Lulu: Well, then we'll do something bad back. It'll be fun.

Dillon: Oh -- ok. Listen to me, if I -- if I'm gone, then I'm not on Lulu Patrol, and then you can do whatever you want. It'll be great.

Lulu: No, Tracy will make my life miserable.

Dillon: Not with your dad around, she won’t.

Lulu: Oh, but we all know he's going to disappear, and I can count on you. Not that that's any big deal or anything, but if -- you know, if you're going to go, I'm not going to beg you to stay.

Luke: Do we really need to have another talk about the all-knowing, all-seeing Easter Bunny?

Tracy: Would you leave me -- and the Easter Bunny -- alone?

Luke: You vowed that if Dillon lived, you were going to be a better, kinder, gentler person, and now how do you -- how does this make any sense? You're trying to break up young love, and they happen to be married? That's no bargain.

Tracy: Young love only ends one way -- in agony. Breaking up Dillon and Georgie is the kindest thing I could possibly do.

Luke: Oh, I see. So rather then let them learn their own lesson, solve their own problems, you want to be their scapegoat so that for the rest of their lives, whatever problems they have, they can blame on you? Good plan, spankster.

Dillon: Ok, so -- um -- I made up my mind, and we're staying. Georgie and I are staying.

Luke: Oh, there's a wise choice. I'm sure you're both going to be a lot better off for that.

Jesse: Hey, can you run a check for me? Thanks.

Maxie: Georgie, what do you think you're doing?

Georgie: Diego came to see me and it's not a crime.

Maxie: How did he know where to find you?

Georgie: Oh, come on, Maxie, I practically live at Kelly’s. It's not like he could ring the front doorbell. Anyway, there's no harm in talking to him.

Jesse: Thanks. Parole checks out. I'm warning you, stay away from your victims -- including Maxie and Georgie.

Diego: That isn't a condition of my parole.

Georgie: Excuse me. Don't you and Maxie have someplace to be?

Jesse: Why do you hang around this guy?

Georgie: I'm talking to a friend and I don't need police protection, so see you guys later.

Maxie: Well, if he offers you a soda, call 911.

Georgie: Bye.

Maxie: You know, the longer we stay around, the more stubborn she's going to get. We should just go.

Diego: Whew. I am -- I'm really sorry. I didn't want to cause any trouble.

Georgie: Jesse's just being protective.

Diego: No, I don't -- I don't blame him after what I did. Hey -- you've been, you know, so amazing despite everything. Look, what -- what I want to tell you is that --

[Phone rings]

Georgie: I'm so -- one second. Dillon. Yeah, where are you?

Dillon: Hey. Can you come back to the house? There's kind of a change of plans.

Georgie: Fine. I'll be right there. I have to go to the Quartermaines'.

Diego: Is there a problem?

Georgie: Yeah -- Dillon’s mom hates that Dillon and I got married.

Alexis: I could've run away from the clinic. I could've found an organization that helps teenage mothers. I could've tried harder to work something out with Mikkos. But I was scared.

Nikolas: You were 16.

Alexis: I was old enough to be able to consider other alternatives.

Nikolas: Alexis, I think you made a responsible choice.

Alexis: I think I took the easy way out --

Nikolas: No --

Alexis: And I let Mikkos make it all go away.

Nikolas: You're being unfair to yourself.

Alexis: I'm taking respons--

Nikolas: It -- listen to me. It would be difficult for anyone to have their child be raised by somebody else.

Alexis: I'm taking responsibility for the choice that I made, and the choice that I made cost my daughter her life.

Nikolas: I know, and that is a tragedy. But don't make it worse by blaming yourself. Like I said, you made the best choice that you could at the time. That's all any of us can do.

Alexis: I don't want you to tell anyone about this. I would appreciate it if you would keep it private. I don't want Kristina or Molly to know that I had another daughter.

Sam: The day I lost my baby, Alexis screamed at me until I went into labor. Now, is that ironic, or what? To save her daughter, she risked the life of her granddaughter.

Jason: Sam, Alexis was wrong. She was.

Sam: No, she -- she told me that she would always be grateful. And then my brother was on his bed dying and she could've given him the medicine that saved him, instead she took it for herself because she is selfish. So not only did she kill my daughter, but she killed my brother, as well, and that is my mother?

Jason: You need to just take a step back, ok, and just --

Sam: It -- it makes me sick how she acts all superior. It makes me sick that she thinks that she's such a great mother to Kristina and -- and Molly, as if nobody else cares about their kids. I cannot wait to see the look on her face when she finds out that I am the kid that she dumped all those years ago.

Jason: Why -- why would you even want Alexis in your life?

Sam: You don't think I should tell Alexis?

Jason: Sam, it's not up to me.

Sam: I understand that, but how you feel matters to me, ok?

Jason: Ok.

Sam: We're in this together.

Jason: I -- I do not -- I don't like Alexis for a lot of reasons, ok, but mostly I hate her for the way she has treated you -- and Sonny and Carly. I mean, Alexis plays the victim all the time. She blames everyone else for her own choices. You know, it's Sonny's fault that Alexis lied about Kristina. It's Carly’s fault that Alexis won't let Kristina get close to Michael. It's -- it's your fault that you went into labor when Alexis screamed at you. You see what I'm saying? She -- she can justify doing anything she wants. She always has, she always will, and she always is right in her mind.

Sam: I know, and I can't wait to put her in her place!

Jason: I'm just saying that if she finds out that you're her daughter, I don't think she can say that she made a mistake by giving you up, and then she's going to be all over you, all over me. She's going to try to win the mother-of-the-year award 25 years too late.

Sam: Ok, ok, that's a scary thought.

Jason: What do you want to do?

Sam: Jason, I want her to know that I know the truth.

Alexis: Kristina and Molly are too little to understand that I had another daughter, and I'm afraid it will undermine their faith in me, and I don't want them to ever worry that I would or could abandon them.

Nikolas: I'll never tell anyone about this. But don't carry this around as another guilty Cassadine secret and don't allow it to affect your relationship with the daughters you have now.

Alexis: I know -- I know the best way to remember my daughter is to take care of the ones that I have now and give them the best possible life that I can.

Kristina: Mommy!

Alexis: Hello! Oh, my gosh! You're getting big! I love you so much, you know that? Hmm.

Luke: When Georgie gets here -- oh, why, thank you. Why don't you make everything right by apologizing, and maybe set her up with a couple of credit cards and a car?

Tracy: Let's pause while I give that suggestion the consideration it deserves. That didn't take long -- no.

Dillon: I think it was a great idea.

Lulu: So do I, because we're one big, happy family, right?

Luke: Right.

Lulu: And if Georgie gets all that stuff, then so do I.

Luke: It's only fair.

Tracy: I've put up with my freeloading husband and his delinquent daughter's finagling.

Luke: How insensitive.

Tracy: There is absolutely no way I'm going to indulge my son's underaged wife. Oh, by the way -- while you're under my roof, no getting her pregnant.

Dillon: Ok, I'm -- I'm leaving.

Tracy: Really? You just called her and told her to come back.

Dillon: Yeah, and when she gets here, we're both leaving.

Luke: I really hate to side with my better half on this, but you really should make sure that you don't start a family for several years. Because, believe me, Young Spielberg, parenthood ain't what it's cracked up to be.

Lulu: Thanks, daddy.

Luke: You're welcome. I thought you had a date.

Skye: I do.

Tracy: Why does everybody keep saying that?

Skye: I mean, we did.

Luke: You did. But you had to cut it short because it was such a bore, right? You had to come back. I don't blame you. Lorenzo, I'm sorry, you're just not her type. Alice, show him to the door.

Tracy: Wooing another woman in front of your wife is obnoxious -- even for you.

Skye: It's also a total waste of time. See, I'm pleased -- stunned, actually -- at how well things are going between us.

Lorenzo: Feeling's mutual.

Tracy: Ooh, eat your heart out, Mr. Spencer!

Georgie: Dillon?

Dillon: Baby!

Tracy: Oh, Georgie, I'm so glad you're here.

Dillon: Hey, welcome home -- and pack your bags because we're going right back to Kelly’s.

Georgie: Wait, but I thought that you said I was coming --

Tracy: Dillon's in a snit because he misinterpreted some very caring remarks I made.

Dillon: It's a funny thing -- she said we could only stay here if we don't get pregnant.

Tracy: Oh, Georgie, you're not ready to be a mother, are you?

Georgie: Well, I haven't even considered it!

Tracy: Good. Well, while you consider motherhood -- to be or not to be -- I want to know why you two look so pleased with yourselves.

[Doorbell rings]

Alice: Just when things are getting good.

Tracy: Alice, answer the door.

Luke: I'll fill you in later, baby.

Alice: Ok, thanks, Mr. Luke.

Luke: This isn't necessary, Skye. I know you're just trying to put a good face on this, but it's not working, ok? It's a ploy, I know it's a ploy, but I forgive you and I understand. I know you came back because you missed me.

Tracy: How could she possibly miss you? You live in the same house, you flirt with her incessantly. Although, come to think of it, she's remarkably unresponsive of late.

Alice: Mr. Alcazar, you have a guest.

Lorenzo: Diego?

Diego: Hey, pop.

Dillon: What the hell is he doing out of prison?

Tracy: Alice, call the police.

Georgie: No! Do not call the cops.

Tracy: Give me that phone.

Skye: Can we all calm down here?

Diego: I got paroled!

Lorenzo: Why wasn't I given notice?

Dillon: Because he's lying, that's why.

Diego: No! Look, I called your house and your staff said you were here, I came over.

Tracy: That's a lie! He's a fugitive! Luke, do something!

Luke: You're on your own.

Tracy: Get that trash out of my house!

Lorenzo: Hey! Do not insult my son.

Tracy: Don't insult your son? What is he doing here? Why did he come here?

Skye: Will you all just please be quiet -- oh --

Lorenzo: Hey, hey, alright, everybody out!

Tracy: Don't tell me to get out of my own house!

Lorenzo: She doesn't need any stress, she's pregnant.

Sonny: Can I tell you something?

Emily: Hmm?

Sonny: I am so glad you stayed.

Emily: So am I. You know, it's so beautiful here. It's peaceful and warm and -- and I've never been to Spain, but this is always how I imagined that it would be.

Emily: Sonny?

Sam: Ok, you were right. A walk really is helping me clean my head. I think I have plenty of time to decide what to do about Alexis, and you know what? We might all be better off if she never knows that she's my mother.

Jason: It would be a hard secret to live with. So if you have to tell her, I understand, but you need to warn me first because all hell is going to break loose.

Sam: Hey -- no, no, no -- she gave me up for adoption, she didn't want me then. Why should I invite her into my life now? It doesn't make any sense.

Kristina: I see the lights of the ferry!

Sam: Whoa -- hey, hey, whoa, come back here. Don't get too close to the water.

Kristina: That's what my mommy always tells me.

Alexis: Thank you for stopping her.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Tracy: You pig!

Luke: Oh!

Lorenzo: The baby is mine.

Tracy: Yours?

Dillon: What, you're going to go after him?

Patrick: You're not getting in to see the child.

Nikolas: Courtney was my fiancée.

Robin: Please just tell me you didn't sleep with Carly.

Kristina: What's wrong?

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