GH Transcript Monday 2/27/06

General Hospital Transcript Monday 2/27/06


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Holly: If I don't make a phone call in the next five minutes, enough of the virus will be dumped in the local water supply to infect the entire city.

Robert: You're bluffing.

Holly: Do you really want to take that chance?

Robert: I just can't believe you're prepared to profit from this epidemic and kill a lot of innocent people.

[Monitor flatlines]

Sonny: We need a doctor in here! Help!

Monica: Ok, Em, we'll take over. You watch the monitors. She's in V-fib! Get set for conversion. Clear.

Emily: Pulse is steady.

Monica: Ok. Well, we got her back -- again.

Jason: She's not here.

Carly: Well, maybe the flight didn't arrive yet.

Jason: Starfall has one fight out every night.

Carly: What do you think, she didn't make the flight?

Jason: Maybe the antidote did. Let's check this luggage.

Carly: Jason. This is it. This is it.

Man: Nobody moves.

Holly: I don't want anyone to die.

Robert: Tell that to our old friend Luke Spencer.

Holly: He shouldn't have followed me. A lady has a right to defend herself.

Robert: Oh, get off it, Holly. You leave a former love bleeding to death on the Haunted Star?

Holly: The only one I wanted to hurt was you, and that hasn't worked out. So I just want to take my money and disappear.

[Car approaches]

Holly: That's my car and driver.

Robert: What about the antidote? My daughter's dying in here!

Holly: That's not my fault.

Robert: Just tell me where it is. You can go; I won't ever try to follow you. Please -- for whatever we had before.

Holly: Whatever we had before obviously didn't mean much to you since you were willing to let me believe that you were dead. And you did the same to Robin, so your plea that you're making on her behalf doesn't carry much weight, either. If I give up the antidote, it won't be for you. I refuse to give you another chance to play the hero. If you won't let me go, the water supply will be contaminated.

Ric: What happened?

Alexis: Um -- you fell asleep. That was the best thing for you.

Ric: It's a nice deflection, counselor.

Alexis: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Ric: You think I'm going to forget what you told me?

Alexis: I tell you a great many things.

Ric: About your daughter, Alexis. The baby girl -- the one you gave up for adoption.

Alexis: I don't suppose that you will think of that conversation as a delusion?

Ric: No. Sorry.

Alexis: Worth a try.

Ric: How'd it happen?

Alexis: How does it ever happen? I was 16 years old, I was in boarding school. "It's really terribly mundane and very common." At least, that's how Mikkos described it. He was less than pleased. Mikkos arranged for me to go to a clinic and have the baby. I was allowed to see her once, and then they took her away. And there was a very, very kind nurse who gave me a lock of her hair. And I have that. I never saw her again because they put her up for adoption that day.

Ric: Did you try to find her?

Alexis: I considered it, but then I reconsidered.

Ric: Why?

Alexis: Because I gave up my rights as a mother. I don't get to decide to take them back just because I feel like it, and besides, the law doesn't allow that.

Ric: The law -- look how the law works, Alexis. We've seen how the law works.

Alexis: I don't have the right at this point to disrupt her life, and so I won’t. I'll just wait and see if she decides to contact me.

Sonny: Monica, anything you can do?

Monica: Oh, I wish I could. She has been fighting this virus for so long, Sonny. It's finally getting to her. And losing her brother -- I think she's just tired of fighting. And honestly, I don't think she's going to regain consciousness. I'm so sorry.

Emily: Her pulse came back quickly. Isn't that a good sign?

Monica: Emily, this is the second time she's crashed today. If her heart stops again, I really don't think I can get her back.

Carly: Look, you don't get it. A lot of people are ill and they're dying, and the medicine in that case will save their lives.

Man: It's not my problem. Back away.

Carly: You don't understand. You don't understand, this virus is spreading and, you know, you don't have to help everybody, just me. All I need is one shot because I have the virus, and I'm really sick.

Jax: And I'm sorry that you never got to know your mother. She was determined to bring you into this world. She gave her life for you gladly. But I'll always regret that your -- that your amazing life was overshadowed by lies and mixed motives.

Nikolas: How is he?

Elizabeth: He's a fighter.

Nikolas: Just like his mother.

Elizabeth: So far, John has defied the odds by living this long. But his fever is climbing and he's listless. Nikolas, the doctors aren't hopeful.

Jax: Your father's here and I need to tell him the truth. Believe me, it's the last thing I want to do. But you deserve to spend the rest of your life with him. You really are magnificent.  The baby's getting weaker, and you need to be with him now.

[Phone rings]

Jax: This is Jax.

Carly: Jason and I found the antidote.

Jax: Where are you?

Carly: Driving in from the airport. We'll be there in a few minutes. Is the baby --?

Jax: Yeah, he's -- he's hanging in there. Just -- just hurry up. That was Carly. She's at the airport; she's got the antidote.

Elizabeth: Oh, thank God.

Jax: Yeah. It means John still has a chance.

Patrick: How you feeling?

Robin: Good, I guess, all things considered.

Patrick: You're a terrible liar.

Robin: I would love to trade insults with you right now, but I am running out of strength and I'll probably start hallucinating soon. So will you just shut up and listen to me for once?

Patrick: This is me listening.

Robin: You have it in you to become a great doctor. You just have to find a little compassion. Forgiving your father would be a good start. He came back to this hospital when it would've been a lot easier for him to stay away. You know, not everyone gets to have a father who cares about them and wants to stick around. No matter much Noah has messed up in the past, he is -- he's here now and -- and he's trying.

[Knock on door]

Elizabeth: Jason and Carly have the antidote and they're bringing it to the hospital.

Lucas: Hey. I'm sorry it took so long. The cops are still stopping everyone walking into the hospital and -- what's up?

Maxie: Well, you promised you would take me somewhere.

Lucas: Yeah -- only if you were dying.

Maxie: I'm not getting any better.

Lucas: Maxie, some people who've gone through this have beaten it.

Maxie: I'm not one of them.

Lucas: Your fever could go down.

Maxie: Lucas, I don't have time to argue with you about this. My heart, B.J.'s heart -- it can't take the strain of this virus, and we have to do this soon or I'm going to be too weak.

Lucas: To do what?

Maxie: I don't want to die in this room with I.V.’s in my arms and tubes in my nose. I want to -- I want to look at the stars, I want to breathe fresh air. Please, Lucas, we have to do this tonight.

Mike: Hey -- hey, they just moved you in here. Where do you think you're going?

Jesse: I have to check on Maxie.

Mike: Look, you're not going to help Maxie by collapsing on the way to her room.

Jesse: That won't happen.

Mike: The staff is already stretched to the limit. They could use a little cooperation.

Jesse: Cooperation's never been my strong suit.

Mike: Then why'd you decide to become a cop? What do you want?

Sonny: I came to give you an update on Courtney’s baby. He's alive, but he's -- he's getting weaker.

Mike: You know, it should mean something -- your coming by here, taking the time. I mean, I should care that after all these years of you shutting me out of your life that you're finally making an effort. But Courtney’s gone, and this -- this grieving-brother/loving-son routine is too little too late.

Sonny: You want to hate me, Mike, for being alive and Courtney’s dead? Ok, that's fine. I don't -- I don't blame you. But don't you give up and die, too.

[Tires screech]

Officer: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Carly: Please let me through.

Jason: Just let -- let her through.

Carly: People are dying in there. This is the antidote!

Officer: Put your hands where I can see them. Do it now!

Jason: Look, just call inside, ask for Nurse Elizabeth Webber.

Officer: Call the bomb squad. Put the case down and back away.

Jason: The "bomb squad"?

Carly: This is not a bomb!

Officer: Don't -- don't do it!

Jason: Ok, just -- I'm going to show you that there's nothing in here, ok?

Officer: This is your final warning. Put the case down and back away --

Carly: No, you have got to listen to him! People are dying inside!

Jason: Call somebody inside! It's the least you can do!

Carly: Do something!

Patrick: They're with me, they're with me! I'm Dr. Drake, I'm on staff. They're with me. This is it?

Jason: Yeah, take it, take it!

Patrick: Follow me. Let's go, come on. We got the magic bullet.

Monica: What?

Patrick: There's enough.

Alan: We can't use it on the patients until it's been tested.

Jason: There's no time for this, ok? Sam needs this right now.

Monica: Jason --

Carly: You need to give this to Courtney’s baby.

Dr. O’Donnell: The baby's father will have to decide if he wants to risk his son's life.

Carly: Jax will agree to --

Alan: Just hold on for a minute and think.

Patrick: Listen, Robin needs this immediately.

Alan: All the other patients can afford half an hour until the antidote is tested. Now, you've done a great job so far. Don't blow it now.

Georgie: What happened? Why -- why didn't anybody call me?

Dillon: Uh -- I don't know. Don't -- don't jump to conclusions, though.

Georgie: Where is my sister, Dillon?

Dillon: I -- well, if something bad happened, they would've called you, right?

Georgie: Ok, yeah, I -- I don't have any messages --

Dillon: Right, which -- which means she's ok. She's got to be ok.

Georgie: No, Dillon, no! It's chaos around here! What if -- what if Bobbie and -- and Elizabeth don't know? What if an orderly came by, just scooped her up --

Dillon: Ok, listen to me. They probably took her downstairs for some tests, you know?

Georgie: No, no, no, I -- no!

Dillon: Oh, my God. Do you -- do you think she -- think she left the hospital? Why --

Georgie: Her clothes are gone, Dillon.

Dillon: She's sick. She's really sick.

Georgie: Yes.

Dillon: Why would she --

Georgie: Maxie has always hated hospitals. She had to find somebody to help her -- Dillon, I'm afraid that my sister's gone away to die.

Elizabeth: Hold on, baby. Your Godmother will be here soon. Just keep on breathing. Things are about to get better.

Jax: What is taking so long?

Nikolas: They'll be here.

Jax: How long does it take to drive from the airport? You know, even if they get here on time, it's still a long shot anyway.

Nikolas: Jax, John has already defied the odds by his very existence. He’ll hang on till help comes. He's a fighter, just like his mother was.

Jax: Why don't you go in there and tell John exactly what you just told me.

Nikolas: Because he doesn't need me right now; he needs his father.

Jax: Do you have the antidote?

Carly: Yes, but there's a problem.

Jax: What?

Nikolas: What?

Dr. O’Donnell: The antidote hasn't been tested. We don't know if it's real, and even if it is real, we don't know the proper dose. We could be risking your son's life by giving him this medication.

Jax: Can my son survive the fever without the antidote?

Dr. O’Donnell: He has almost no chance at all.

Carly: Then what are we waiting for? I know it works -- it saved my life.

Dr. O’Donnell: We're testing the rest of the antidote --

Jax: Well, how long -- how long does it take to test it?

Dr. O’Donnell: Longer than your son can afford to wait.

Jax: What do you think Courtney would -- would want?

Nikolas: She'd -- she'd give him the antidote.

Jax: Go ahead.

Carly: You made the right decision. Little John is going to live.

Jason: How is she?

Emily: She's barely breathing and her pulse is shallow.

Monica: I hope we're not too late.

Jason: Sam? I'm here with you, ok? Monica just gave you the antidote. You're going to get better. You're going to be ok now. You have to be.

Georgie: I can't believe that this is happening. I -- I don't believe that Maxie could really be gone.

Dillon: Well, you know, maybe she's wandering around the halls; maybe she went to see Jesse.

Georgie: No, no, no, Dillon. Jesse thinks she's here, and he's so protective of her he would've sent her right back.

Dillon: Well, who -- who helped her, then? Who?

Georgie: I don't know. I -- but I just think it's a crazy kind of symmetry that, you know, Tony dies, and the only reason Maxie’s alive is because of the heart that Tony gave her from B.J.

Dillon: We don't know that Maxie’s gone yet.

[Phone rings]

Dillon: Her phone's in here. We need to be looking for her.

Georgie: No. That means she didn't want to be found.

Bobbie: I have fabulous -- where's Maxie?

Dillon: We think somebody helped her sneak out.

Georgie: She didn't want to die in a hospital, Bobbie.

Bobbie: We have the antidote.

Lucas: You sure about this?

Maxie: It's peaceful here. B.J.'s grave's always been a calm place for me.

Lucas: It's freezing.

Maxie: I'm not really that cold. Just tired, you know? I want to sit here for a while and then I'll fall asleep.

Lucas: Why are you just giving up? I mean, don't you want to live?

Maxie: More than anything. So many things I want to do with my life, you know? I want to -- I want to have a career; I want to be a mom someday. There are so many incredible things that I -- that I haven't figured out yet. I feel like I'm just getting started.

Lucas: Then why not keep fighting?

Maxie: Not everybody gets to live a long life, Lucas. I've made a lot of stupid mistakes, but I survived them. And I got to do some really incredible things. I owe all of this to your sister, which is why I want you to promise me, Lucas, that you're not going to take anything for granted. Wherever you go, whoever you love, you have to savor every minute. You know, run out in the snow, stay too long at the beach, take chances. Love completely, and don't be afraid to crash and burn. Just be alive. Love every minute of it.

Monica: All right, the antidote doesn't take effect right away. In fact, you may feel worse before you start to improve.

Ric: That's all right. We know what to expect, huh?

Alexis: I'm so glad that got here. Is there enough to save everyone?

Monica: Oh -- yes, there is.

Alexis: What about Sam?

Monica: I just gave her a dose.

Alexis: Is she going to be all right?

Monica: Well, she's been fighting as hard as she can, but I honestly don't know if she's going to make it.

Ric: Hey -- listen to me, I know what you're thinking. Don't go there, ok? Survivor guilt is way overrated.

Alexis: I could've turned down the antidote.

Ric: And you would've been dead.

Alexis: We don't know that. Maybe I was stronger than Danny, and if I just held out a little longer, then he would be all right and, in turn, so would Sam.

Ric: Alexis, this epidemic is not your fault. You are not responsible for who lives and who dies.

Alexis: I know that. I just can't get over the monumental injustice that everyone I love is going to be all right. But Sam --

Bobbie: We've got an emergency.

Monica: Why? What's wrong?

Bobbie: Maxie left the hospital.

Elizabeth: How did that happen?

Dillon: If we don't find her in time, she won't get the antidote.

Monica: You've searched the whole hospital?

Georgie: Yes, yes, I've searched everywhere. She left her cell phone behind, too, so --

Monica: Ok, everybody, just calm down, take a deep breath.

Elizabeth: Is there a special place she would've gone, maybe to meet someone?

Georgie: Wait. I know where she would've gone! I --

Dillon: Go. Go, go, go, go.

Noah: Ok, you need to rest now. Give the antidote a chance to work.

Jesse: Has Maxie gotten it? She's in worse shape than I am.

Noah: I'll check on her. If she hasn't, she will soon. There's plenty of antidote for everybody.

Mike: What do you want now?

Sonny: I just want to make sure you get your shot.

Mike: Do you see the irony here? Me -- my used-up life, my mistakes, my failures, all those wasted years -- I get to live. And you -- all the damage you've done -- you get to live. But Courtney, who risked her life for her child, who only wanted to be a mother, who always gave more than she took -- Courtney’s the one who died.

Sonny: I agree, Mike. It's wrong. I don't know what you want me to do here.

Mike: All right, listen --

Mike: Courtney tried so hard to love you, to build a relationship with you, but you weren't interested. All you wanted to do was control her life, and when she wouldn't let you, you were finished. You shut her out just like you shut me out. I mean, how many times did you send her away from that fancy house of yours when all she wanted to do was watch after your kids while your wife was sick? But she got in your way, didn't she? She cramped your style with your -- your new girlfriend, Emily.

Sonny: Yeah, you know what? It may have looked that way to you, but it's not what it was, Mike.

Mike: For all your carrying on about family, you couldn't spend any time, or find it in your heart to love your sister. And you feel guilty now, don't you? Well, you should. You' going to have to live with your failures just like I have to live with mine.

Holly: If I ever meant anything to you, please let me go.

Luke: Yeah, sure I will -- so you can threaten to put the virus in the water supply again.

Holly: I was bluffing. I've never had access to that horrible virus, and I'd certainly never willingly contaminate anyone.

Luke: So, what, you just wanted to make a clean getaway? Is that it?

Holly: I wanted Robert to lose. And if he could believe that I'd infect innocent people, then I might as well use it to my advantage.

Luke: You never change, do you? You're still gorgeous and larcenous -- and not quite deadly.

Holly: That's right. I'm not responsible for the outbreak of the virus.

Luke: Then why try to peddle the cure?

Holly: We've been through all of this. I'm not going to change my story, because it happens to be the truth.

Luke: Or as close to the truth as you'll get.

[Holly sighs]

Holly: My late husband was a shareholder in Crylium. I gained access to the cure and decided to turn a profit.

Luke: Yeah, well, it's still a pretty cold-blooded con for such a warm-blooded woman.

Holly: I didn't have the most noble of intentions.

Luke: Yeah.

Holly: But I only will when I have to.

[Holly cocks gun]

Holly: Please, don't make me have to kill you, Luke.

Luke: Easy, cupcake. You already shot me once today.

Robert: Drop the gun. Nice threads, by the way.

Luke: Thank you, sir.

Holly: I don't believe that you're willing to shoot me.

Robert: I want to arrest you, one way or the other.

Holly: Don't arrest me. Run away with me. I love you, Robert. I never stopped.

Robert: Oh, wow. Imagine if you hated me.

Holly: You've spent the last 15 years of your life pretending to be dead. I thought I'd lost you forever! I had to rebuild my life entirely, had to make compromises, but I'm willing to bet that you had to make some, too. So here we are -- deeply flawed, both of us in the wrong. Life didn't turn out how we expected it to, did it? But now we have a chance to do something about it.

Luke: Tell me you're not buying this.

Holly: Will throwing away what's left of my life make up for all that's lost? We can leave the country tonight. We can disappear. We can start over.

Luke: Oh, give it a rest, will you?

Robert: I want to hear the rest of this!

Luke: You can't be that naive. She'll stab you in the back the minute you turn around.

Holly: You know how to hide, Robert. They'll never find us.

Luke: You'll never even make it to the airport.

Holly: You know better, Robert. You can see it in my eyes!

Robert: Why should I believe you?

Holly: As furious as I am at you for faking your own death, for leaving me, the moment I saw you on my television I knew that I still love you. It's not too late for us.

Robert: What about the antidote?

Holly: It's being loaded onto a plane. We can have them bring it back if you want. We can save all the patients and get away clean.

Luke: She's lying.

Holly: It's our last chance, Robert.

Holly: Oh, thank God you believe me.

Robert: You're going to prison.

Luke: Oh, brother. Nice fake-out!

Robert: Who's faking? I might've gone for it if it wasn't for Robin.

Patrick: How you feeling?

Robin: What, you think just because you're the one that administered the antidote that I'm going to be instantly recovered? Is that how it works?

Patrick: Pretty much, yeah.

[Robin chuckles]

Robin: You know, I still feel awful but optimistic.

Patrick: That's good.

Robin: What about you? You look like you're about to keel over.

Patrick: I'm tired, yeah.

Robin: Yeah, you think? You've been driving yourself nonstop, making impossible decisions. But it's over now. We have the antidote. You're allowed to crash.

Patrick: It's not over until everyone is well.

Elizabeth: The antidote will work. It has to.

Nikolas: Well, that's what I was telling Jax earlier, but now I'm like -- I mean, how long does the antidote usually take?

Elizabeth: We don't know. We just need to believe that Baby John got it in time and that the dosage was correct. It saved Lucky; it can save him.

Nikolas: Yeah, I want to believe that, too, Liz. But so many things that -- that should've happened didn't happen, you know? I should've kept looking for Courtney in South Carolina. I should've asked more questions about the letter. I should've done this --

Elizabeth: You can't change any of that now. You need to focus on what we have instead of what we've lost, and what we have is a baby boy in there fighting for his life, refusing to give up. Don't lose your faith in him now.

Carly: You know what? His color's getting better. Think he's getting stronger.

Jax: Well, why would you say that? He's -- he's just lying there.

Carly: No, no, look at him. Look, he's taking deeper breaths and he's moving a little. Hey.

Jax: I think you're just seeing what you want to see.

Carly: No. Your daddy doesn't understand. He also doesn't get that we've bonded, and I know you're going to be ok, and you know you're going to be ok. Courtney wouldn't have it any other way.

Jax: Now, if John is al right and --

Carly: What do you mean, "if"?

Jax: When -- when John --

Carly: That's better.

Jax: Is all right.

Carly: See? You're daddy's getting it, isn't he?

Jax: Yeah, that would be thanks to you. You never gave up on him.

Carly: Well, you know what? You should know one way or another; I always get what I want.

Jax: How's he doing?

Dr. O’Donnell: His vitals are good. His breathing is much improved.

Carly: I told you.

Dr. O’Donnell: His fever's down. The baby's stabilizing.

Carly: Oh!

Elizabeth: He's going to be ok.

Maxie: Thanks for doing this. I know you're going to catch all kinds of hell.

Lucas: Hey, I've gotten used to defying expectations. And I -- I understand. I mean, you're my cousin, my friend, and -- and B.J. was my sister.

Maxie: Do you think your dad and B.J. are looking down on us right now?

Lucas: Yeah -- telling us to get our butts back to the hospital. We still can, by the way. I wish I could save you. Maxie.

Maxie: Lucky, no, get out of here! I have to do this!

Lucky: We have -- we have an antidote. I'm taking you back.

Emily: Do you want me to go and get Monica?

Jason: No, I can -- I can read the monitors. She's not getting any better.

Emily: Jason, you brought her the antidote. That's all you can do.

Jason: She ask for me?

Emily: Yes. But she understood that you were away trying to help her. She wasn't upset, Jason. She was very peaceful. She just drifted off to sleep.

Jason: I just -- I promised I'd stay with her.

Emily: That's what you're doing now. You found the antidote; you saved everyone infected by the virus.

Jason: Let's hope.

Emily: Sam's fading, and Jason’s already blaming himself.

Sonny: Yeah, I knew he would.

Emily: Jason finally found love with Sam. Why can't it be enough?

Sonny: You got to be strong for your brother. Because if Sam dies, he's going to need both of us.

Jason: Everyone you love has gone before you -- your daughter, Danny. If you need to be with them, I -- I understand. But I want you to stay because knowing you and loving you -- it's the most important thing that has ever happened to me.

Noah: Trauma Four.

Lucas: Maxie was awake when Lucky found us, but she passed out on the way to the hospital.

Georgie: It's going to be ok. Maxie has to be ok.

Lucas: How did you know where to send Lucky?

Georgie: I know my sister; I know she'd want to be near B.J.

Lucas: God, I'm so sorry. I never should've taken her --

Dillon: Luke, don't, don't, it's fine. We're all trying to help each other here.

Lucky: Hey, nobody blames you, all right? We just got to pray that she comes back.

Georgie: Maxie's going to be ok. She has to.

Singer: I will be the answer at the end of the line I will be there for you why take the time? In the burning of uncertainty I will be your solid ground I will hold the balance if you can't look down

Singer: If it takes my whole life I won't break, I won't bend it will all be worth it worth it in the end 'cause I can only tell you what I know that I need you in my life

Singers: When the stars have all gone out

Singer: You'll still be burning so bright cast me gently into morning for the night has been unkind take me to a place so holy

Singers: That I can wash this from my mind

Singer: And break and choosing not to fight if it takes my whole life I won't break, I won't bend it will all be worth it worth it in the end 'cause I can only tell you what I know that I need you in my life

Singers: When the stars have all burned out

Singer: You'll still be burning so bright

Singer: Cast me gently into morning for the night has been unkind

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Robin: What Holly did was reprehensible but it was a result of what you did.

Holly: I know that you loved me. We could have it back.

Nikolas: Carly's been really amazing with him.

Jax: Yeah. What do you want with my son?

Sam: My brother was the only family I had left.

Alexis: I'm sorry about Danny.

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