GH Transcript Monday 2/20/06

General Hospital Transcript Monday 2/20/06


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Sonny: Ok --

Emily: Hmm?

Sonny: Wait, wait, wait. Wait, wait -- can we just stop for a second?

Emily: Why?

Sonny: Because you're -- you're vulnerable, you're exhausted, and this is going too fast, I think, right now. So, you know, I don't want you to push yourself into doing something you're not ready to do.

Carly: Ok. So you think Lucky's landed?

Jason: He should be in Port Charles right now.

Carly: Ok, so he's got the police tracking the shipment from Crylium. Maybe they've already found the antidote.

Jason: Carly, there was no address. That shipment could've been delivered anywhere in the city.

Carly: I'm trying to be optimistic! You're not making me feel any better!

Jason: I'm just saying that it's going to take some work to find the package, that's all.

Carly: Jason?

Jason: What?

Carly: We've been assuming that Crylium sent a package of the antidote. What if they sent more of the virus?

Kelly: It's a boy.

Courtney: You hear that, Jax? We have a son.

Jax: It's incredible.

Courtney: He's not crying. Why isn't he crying? What's wrong with the baby?

Kelly: Courtney, you need to lie still.

Courtney: Jax, is he ok?

Jax: They're doing everything they can.

Courtney: Is he breathing?

Jax: They're working on him, Courtney. Ok, he's really small.

Courtney: He's going to live. I know he's going to live.

Jax: They're going to take him to the incubator now.

Courtney: Is he moving? Is he all right?

Kelly: Your son is getting the very best care, Courtney. They're taking him up to NICU.

Courtney: I want to see him.

Kelly: They need to take him up to the nursery and have him hooked up to monitors. All right, you need to lie still, Courtney.

Courtney: Jax --

Jax: Listen, they're taking him out now, ok? They're taking care of him. He's going to be ok.

Noah: You need to rest for the serum to get a chance to work.

Carly: How can you just sleep right now?

Jason: You should be sleeping.

Carly: No.

Jason: You need your strength back.

Carly: I'm fine, the antidote worked great. I'm just upset that we're not taking some back for everyone else.

Jason: We're going to find the shipment.

Carly: Yeah, I hope so -- unless they sent more of the virus instead of the antidote.

Jason: Well, why would they send the virus to a place that's already infected? You send the antidote so you can make a whole lot of money.

Carly: Yeah, that's comforting in a really creepy sort of way.

Jason: Good. Please get some rest.

Carly: We might already have the antidote if you would've left me behind.

Jason: What are you talking about?

Carly: Well, first in the hotel room, then on that creepy Crylium Island, and then in the lab after I injected myself, you could've gone off and searched for more of the antidote, but instead you stayed there with me.

Jason: You knew I wasn't leaving.

Carly: You never leave me, even when you should.

Jason: You know, it was pretty stupid to inject yourself with something that we had no idea what it was. Stupid. But it was also brave, and it turned out to be right.

Carly: Could you just say that part about me being right? I didn't quite hear that.

Jason: What? You were right, ok? You found the antidote, you saved your own life, and I'm glad you're ok.

Carly: Wow. And I couldn't have done it without you. And it's like I always say, we make a great team. You know what? I think we should do it more often.

Emily: This would be a whole lot easier if you just kept kissing me.

Sonny: You want me to take the initiative?

Emily: Unless you're having second thoughts or you're not attracted.

Sonny: I'm more attracted to you than you know. And I care about you greatly.

Emily: But?

Sonny: But you haven't been with anyone but Nikolas since you were raped.

Emily: No.

Sonny: The last thing I want to do is scare you, Emily. I mean, if we are going to do this, we got to take it slow. And if you freeze up at any point or you feel like something's not right, you're going to have to tell me. Or we don't have to do it right now. We can wait. It doesn't mean that I'm going to stop caring about you or stop wanting you. I mean --

Emily: Sonny, after the rape, I went numb inside, and I didn't want Nikolas to know that and I lied to him. And then our marriage broke up and he went with Courtney and I came to stay with you. And at first we were just friends, but then I started feeling attracted.

Sonny: Did that scare you?

Emily: A little, but mostly I was relieved that I could -- I could still feel. I don't think about the rape when I'm with you. I don't think about anything but who you are and how you make me feel. Sonny, I used to imagine what it would be like to touch your face.

Sonny: Well, now you know.

Emily: I want to be as close to you as I can. I want to know you, and have you know me. Sonny, I don't know what else to say except I think I'm going to die of humiliation if you don't kiss me right now.

Courtney: Can you go check on the baby, ask them how soon we can hold him?

Jax: I'll go as soon as Dr. Lee is finished with you.

Kelly: We're close. Everything looks good.

Courtney: Please, I'll be ok, Jax. Go check on the baby.

Jax: Ok.

Courtney: Just tell our son that I love him.

Jax: I will.

Courtney: Ok.

Nikolas: How's Courtney?

Jax: Dr. Lee said she's doing fine.

Nikolas: And the baby?

Jax: He was having trouble breathing.

Nikolas: "He"?

Jax: Yeah, it's a boy.

Elizabeth: Congratulations.

Jax: Thanks. Courtney wants me to go check on him. He was -- he was too weak to cry.

Sam: No, mom. No, he -- he loves me. We're going to be happy.

Alexis: She's agitated. She's been talking to herself for I don't know how long now.

Noah: Yeah, her fever's rising. I'm going to have to adjust the combination of drugs.

Alexis: The same thing happened to me. I was disoriented; I got out of bed.

Noah: We've had a lot of problems with that with the patients. Sam gets any worse, I'm going to have to restrain her.

Sam: No, we're going to get married.

Alexis: No, I -- I'm not telling you this so you can restrain her.

Noah: No, it's not an option I really care to use. I mean, it agitates the patients, they fight the restraints, and the activity makes the fever worse.

Sam: No, I'm not going to be like you. I love my daughter.

P.A. Announcer: Dr. Drake, 502. Dr. Noah Drake, call 502.

Noah: Ok, I need to go. Can you talk to her and see if you can keep her calm?

Alexis: I --

Noah: If she tries to get out of bed, call a nurse and we'll put restraints on her.

Alexis: No, I don't want --

Noah: I'm sorry, it's urgent.

Alexis: Ok.

Noah: Someone will be back in to check on you.

Sam: Why can't you let me be happy?

Alexis: Sam --

Sam: Just tell me the truth this one time, mom, please. What did I do so wrong?

Alexis: You didn't do anything wrong. I'm right here.

Sam: Mom?

Alexis: I'm right here and I'll -- I'll tell you anything that you want to know.

Patrick: Aren't you sorry now?

Robin: You'll have to be more specific.

Patrick: We could be on a beach right now.

Robin: Beach? Not likely.

Patrick: If you were the slightest bit receptive, I would've asked you away for a weekend.

Robin: Now, this is very interesting -- or it would be if I was a psychiatrist. On the brink of exhaustion, surrounded by disease and panic, you are still spouting ridiculous come-ons.

Patrick: It was a sincere invitation.

Robin: I doubt you've ever had a sincere moment in your life.

Patrick: Well, you're probably right. So if you will forgive me, I've got to get back to being arrogant and unfeeling.

Robin: Hey, I'm sorry. I'm just --

Elizabeth: Hey. I wanted to thank you both. Nikolas Cassadine just got the last dose of serum.

Patrick: Good for him. Can't say I've been paying much attention to names. The only thing that matters to me are vital stats, but Cassadine -- he's got money, right?  If he wants to throw a little consultation fee my way, that's something I won't say no to.

Elizabeth: You did something good. There's nothing wrong with taking credit.

Patrick: No, no, no, taking credit is my specialty. Just ask Dr. Scorpio here -- she keeps reminding me that I'm about as shallow as a mud puddle and have all the moral integrity of a gossip columnist. Right, Robin?

Elizabeth: Robin?

Patrick: Robin?

Elizabeth: Maybe it's just exhaustion.

Patrick: Hey, hey. No, she's burning up.

Robin: No, I'm fine.

Patrick: Just shut up. Listen --

Robin: Stop!

Patrick: Get her a bed. I don't care who you have to put in the hallway, she gets her own room.

Elizabeth: Yeah. Ok.

Robin: No, I don't want preferential treatment.

Patrick: Would you shut up? You are my patient now. You're coming with me.

Robin: Oh, God! Aren't you the forceful one?

Patrick: You have no idea.

Carly: Oh, come on, Jason. You know I have great instincts.

Jason: Except when you're completely wrong.

Carly: How often does that happen?

Jason: I --

Carly: No, don't look at me like that. I know that I've made some rather large errors in judgment, and I have a tendency to act on impulse or emotional.

Jason: A lot, a lot. A lot.

Carly: But that's why we work so well together. We're a great team. I'm intuitive; you're methodical. I'm emotional; you're cool and detached -- it's the yin-yang dynamic.

Jason: What are you getting at? What are you talking about?

Carly: I'm just saying I think we work well together. So next time you're doing some work for Sonny, I can help you out there.

Jason: Are you -- no way. Are you crazy?

Carly: When we get back to town, we have to search for the antidote.

Jason: Stan is going to find the antidote. The cops are going to find the antidote.

Carly: And when was the last time you trusted the cops?

Jason: Well, then Stan and the guys can find it.

Carly: Stan is a computer geek! Come on, you and I really work great together!

Jason: Carly, when we land, I'm going straight to the hospital to see Sam, ok?

Carly: Ok, fine, fine. That's great, you should go see Sam, but after that --

Jason: Stop, this is a bad idea -- us working together -- ok? You're distracting, I get distracted, I worry about you, I forget what I'm supposed to be doing in the first place.

Carly: You worry about me?

Jason: You see? You're missing the point again, on purpose.

Carly: That's so sweet. No. I'm simply stating the fact that we're great together. Even when you're mad, I know that you're never going to turn against me. And even when I lie or I do something that you told me not to do, you know that I'm always going to be on your side. Ok, ok, so -- so maybe -- maybe we shouldn't work together.

Jason: Hmm.

Carly: I guess I'm just trying to say that I trust you more than I've ever trusted anyone in my entire life.

[Music plays]

Sonny: I want you to know you are so precious to me, and I will never hurt you.

Emily: I know.

Singer: You are the voice that broke the silence you are the eyes that looked into mine you are the hand that laid so peacefully upon me and they're formed in love with you and though this world is gone I'll find a voice to bring you honor if you could only give me the melody to carry you or the affection that my heart knows but never found the song and they're formed in love with you last fall, I moved into our dream house.

Sonny: You ok?

Emily: Hmm, blissfully happy.

Sonny: Yeah?

Emily: Yeah.

Sonny: That's -- me, too. What?

Emily: I was just memorizing how you look when you're smiling and relaxed. Yeah, there's no frown --

Sonny: Oh, yeah?

Emily: Right there, and your eyes are a different color.

Sonny: That's impossible.

Emily: No, they're still dark, but they're softer and -- oh -- I think your dimples are showing. Yeah.

Sonny: No, no -- careful, because you don't want to ruin my reputation.

Emily: Don't worry.

Sonny: You know what?

Emily: Yeah?

Sonny: I would've left here tonight -- if you'd have let me. You'd have been safer and I probably would've been, too. But now that I've been with you, I'm not going to give you up. No matter what I have to do, whatever it takes, I need you in my life.

Sam: It's not fair. You didn't want me then; why do you want me now?

Alexis: I did want you.

Sam: What's the big secret? Why don't you want me to be happy?

Alexis: There isn't any secret. I -- I love you, Sam, and if I -- I wasn't able to show that to you, I'm very sorry. I didn't know how at the time to be a better mother.

Ric: Hey. You said what she needed to hear. Come on, you need to get back to bed.

Alexis: She -- delirious. She thought I was her mother.

Ric: I know.

Alexis: You thought I was your mother when you were in the chapel. Why does everyone think that I'm their mother? I'll show you my mother. I have a bunch of questions for her. Of course, the minute I became a mother, I realized I didn't know the answer to anything.

Ric: You feeling ok?

Alexis: Yeah, I'm tired. And I'm sad. I want to call our girls.

Ric: Alexis, you're hot.

Alexis: Thank you, counselor. I feel the same way about you.

Ric: No, no, no, no. Listen to me, do you know where you are?

Alexis: Yes. I'm not delirious; I'm scared. I think I'm getting worse.

Courtney: How soon can I see my son?

Kelly: It's up to his pediatrician.

Courtney: Dr. O’Donnell warned me that my baby would have to be in the Neonatal I.C.U., but I thought I'd at least be able to touch him.

Kelly: I'm sure you will once he's stabilized. Preemies need a lot of special handling. The good news is we have an excellent neonatal facility.

Courtney: Hey.

Jax: Hey.

Courtney: How's the baby?

Jax: He's holding his own. How are you?

Kelly: She needs to rest. Unfortunately, with the strain of the C-section, her blood pressure's dropped and her fever is back up.

Jax: What are you doing to help her?

Kelly: We've got her on fluids and some fever reducers, and we're monitoring her closely.

Jax: Ok.

Kelly: I know you want to see your son, but you can't get out of this bed. You've pushed your body to the limit and you need to let yourself heal.

Jax: I'll make sure she doesn't get out of bed, ok?

Kelly: Thank you.

Courtney: Would you stop worrying about me and tell me about our son.

Jax: Well, he's tiny, but beautiful.

Courtney: I know they had to put him on a ventilator.

Jax: Yeah.

Courtney: Do you think he's in pain?

Jax: He's got a lot of tubes, you know. I'm sure he's not that comfortable, but the doctors said that he's doing better than they expected.

Courtney: Jax, you have to stay with him. Please, I really -- I don't want him to be alone.

Jax: But they won't let me back in there for at least another half an hour. They want me to fill out all this paperwork. You know, we're in an epidemic, and they still want me to sign a bunch forms.

Courtney: Has anyone asked his name?

Jax: I just tell them I don't know yet.

Courtney: I do. John after your father and Michael after mine. John Michael Jacks.

Jax: Oh, Courtney --

Courtney: I wish I had known your dad, Jax. Yeah, from the way you talk about him, he must've been pretty special. And all the time he spent with you, encouraging you to believe in yourself. I want you to do that for our son.

Jax: There's something that you need to know.

Sonny: Hey, I'm -- I'm really sorry that we had to leave the guesthouse.

Emily: Oh, but your children need you.

Sonny: You know, but it's just that Kristina hasn't been here, you know, and slept over that much, and Michael was at the hospital, so I --

Emily: No, no, no, it's ok.

Sonny: I just want you to understand that what happened between us means a lot to me.  It's not something casual. And if this were different, you know, we'd spend the night together.

[Phone rings]

Sonny: Hello?

Carly: Sonny, you're home?

Sonny: Uh -- Carly. Are you -- are you on the plane?

Carly: Yeah, we're -- we're close, we're about to land. What are you doing home? Are you ok? Did they release you?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, I'm -- they gave me medicine out of Luke’s blood and they gave me a shot. I'm doing much better, but they don't have enough medicine for everybody. What about you? Are you sick? Are you all right?

Carly: Yeah, I'm fine, I'm better, and we got a lead on the antidote, but I'm going to let Jason tell you about that. How are Michael and Morgan?

Sonny: Yeah, they're fine. I mean, Leticia stayed, and they're upstairs sleeping. Michael never got sick, you know, and then Morgan was here the whole time.

Carly: Thank God. You tell them I love them. Here's -- here's Jason.

Jason: Hey.

Sonny: Hey, what happened?

Jason: First tell me about Sam.

Sonny: Ok, last time I saw Sam, she was stable in the hospital. What happened with you and Carly?

Jason: Oh, Sonny, it's a long story, but we found a lab. We found one vial of the antidote, but Carly had to use it because she was injected with the virus. But the rest of the antidote is being shipped to Port Charles. You need to get Stan to track it.

Sonny: Ok, do you have enough for him to work with or --

Jason: Yes, half an invoice. The company's called Trans-Marketing Shipping. There's no address. The invoice number is T-7113.

Sonny: Ok, I'll get Stan on it right away.

Jason: Ok. As soon as we land, I am going straight to the hospital. So if Stan finds anything out, just have him call me on the cell.

Sonny: Ok, Jason --


[Phone disconnects]

Sonny: I lost him.

Emily: It's good they're coming home.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah. What happened -- you know, what we just did?

Emily: Mm-hmm?

Sonny: It's going to be a problem.

Jax: Were you frightened when Helena kidnapped you?

Courtney: I don't want to think about Helena right now.

Jax: If you're going to be with Nikolas, she's going to be a fact of your life.

Courtney: Jax, Nikolas and I love each other, ok? We will deal with his grandmother together. I want you to know that I will never let that woman harm our child.

Jax: That's what I wanted, too -- to protect you and the baby. I knew that if Nikolas was the father, that Helena would -- she would ruin your life.

Courtney: Ok, it's true -- in the beginning, I wanted Nikolas to be the father. But all that matters now is our baby, and I know that you're going to be a wonderful dad, Jax. Nikolas will never try to take your place.

Jax: I tried to take his.

Courtney: I understand now why you wanted the baby to have both his parents.

Jax: Look, Courtney, I love you, ok, and somehow I never quite convinced you of that. It was always easier for you to believe that I was playing a game. I wasn’t. I'm not. I -- I loved you so much that -- that I wanted to protect you, even when I knew that you would hate me for it. I'm not the father of your baby. Nikolas is.

Emily: The very last thing I want is to fight with Jason about being with you.

Sonny: It's going to happen.

Emily: It doesn't have to happen now. He's so worried about Sam, and -- and I just don't see the point in telling him.

[Phone rings]

Sonny: I'm sorry.

Emily: Ok.

Sonny: It could be the hospital. They told me that they were going to call me, you know? Hello?

Elizabeth: Sonny, it's Elizabeth. You asked us to call when Courtney had her baby.

Sonny: How they doing?

Elizabeth: Well, Courtney’s fever is still climbing, but she's stable, and as for the baby, he's hanging in there.

Sonny: It's -- it's a boy?

Elizabeth: Yeah, it's a boy. You have a little nephew. I have to go.

Sonny: Thanks for calling. Courtney -- she just had a little boy.

Michael: Was that mom?

Morgan: Was that mom?

Sonny: Uh --

Michael: Is she coming home?

Sonny: Ok -- ok, first of all, you guys are up, right? Um -- yeah -- look, mom called a little while ago, she's on her way home.

Michael: Ok.

Sonny: Ok, but that person who just called is Courtney. Guess what.

Morgan: What?

Sonny: She just had her baby -- a little boy.

Michael: When can we see him?

Morgan: When can we see him?

Emily: I think it's going to be a while, sweetie. They don't want visitors at the hospital right now.

Kristina: When are my mommy and Daddy Ric coming home?

Sonny: Aw, come over here; sit down for a sec. The doctors are taking care of mommy and Ric, and as soon as they're better, you'll get to see them, ok? All right.

Emily: Now I think everybody should be in bed.

Sonny: Yep, Emily’s right.

Emily: Ok?

Sonny: Let's all go to bed.

Michael: Can you and Emily tuck us in?

Emily: Sure. Come on, let's go. Come on, come on.

Patrick: We've got you on I.V. fluids --

Robin: Fluids and fever-reducers. I know -- I've given this speech about eight times today.

Patrick: You should've left the hospital when I told you.

Robin: Your bedside manner still stinks.

Patrick: Robin, your past the incubation period for the virus. We're sending people home that have been exposed as long as you because they're not susceptible. The difference with --

Robin: I know -- because I'm H.I.V.-positive, my immune system was compromised already.

Robert: How long till we get another dose of the serum?

Robin: Well, Luke and Dillon can't give any more blood for at least three days.

Robert: Ok, look, you proved your point here, ok? I told you to leave the hospital, you wouldn't, now you're sick!

Robin: I was doing my job, just like all the other doctors, including Tony Jones.

Patrick: Hey, listen, you just relax, and you better change your attitude. She's my patient now, ok? I don't want her upset or agitated. As soon as a dose of the serum comes up, she's the first one to get it.

Robert: Ok, ok. Yeah, she's got to rest, I know.

[Robin sighs]

[Door closes]

Robin: Ugh.

Patrick: He's scared for you.

Robin: I know. I should probably be nicer, but it's about 15 years too late for him to start showing fatherly concern.

Patrick: Not that I'm big on defending deadbeat fathers, but I'm pretty sure he knows that. It only makes his fear worse.

Alexis: How you feeling, Sam?

Sam: I was dreaming. Did I say something?

Alexis: You thought I was your mother, and you were talking about some secret and you wanted her to tell you what it was.

Sam: And I -- I barely knew my mother -- she left when I was 3. And then when I found her again -- forget it. It's -- when my mother died, whatever secrets she had -- they died with her.

Courtney: Nikolas is the father?

Jax: Yes.

Courtney: How? We had a second blood test.

Jax: I knew when you went to Mercy -- I had you followed.

Courtney: You were spying on me?

Jax: You seemed suspicious after the first paternity test, so when you went to -- to Mercy for another paternity test, I -- I found a lab technician with a large debt to pay, I wrote him a check.

Courtney: So you could keep on lying?

Jax: No. To protect you and the baby.

Courtney: To keep us from Nikolas.

Jax: Listen to me, I was married to Alexis, I know how the Cassadines operate. I didn't want that kind of life for you, and I didn't want that kind of life for an innocent baby who could've been mine. Now, I know you love that little boy, I watched you give birth to him. But do you really want to raise him as a Cassadine?

Courtney: How Nikolas and I raise our son is none of your business.

Jax: You're going to tell him?

Courtney: As soon as I get the chance.

Jax: Courtney, I know that you're furious. You're angry; you have every right to be. But don't do something out of anger that you might regret.

Courtney: Ok, like you did what you thought was best for our baby. Now it's my turn.

Nurse: Is everything ok?

Courtney: I need to see Nikolas Cassadine right away. It's really important.

Nurse: I'll see what I can do.

Jax: Be sure, Courtney. Because as soon as those words come out of your mouth, that little boy is going to be a Cassadine.

Courtney: My little boy is going to be loved by his mother and father, and that is the most important gift I can give him. The rest we'll have to figure out.

Carly: Hey.

Sonny: Hey.

Carly: Wow. You look so much better than the last time I saw you.

Sonny: Yeah. I mean, you look good yourself. You ok?

Carly: Yeah, I'm ok. I got to give Jason all the credit.

Sonny: Well, I knew you'd be fine with Jason.

Carly: Yeah. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry I left you in the hospital.

Sonny: I'm fine. You did the right thing.

Carly: Is -- is Michael ok?

Sonny: He's upstairs, he's fine, everything's great.

Carly: Yeah? I'm going to go take a peek. I'll be back.

Sonny: Yeah.

Carly: Emily.

Emily: Carly. Welcome back. I'm -- I'm glad you're ok.

Carly: Thanks. What are you doing here?

Emily: Ric and Alexis are in the hospital, and Molly and Kristina are staying here, so I came over to help.

Carly: That's thoughtful.

Emily: Yeah, I just put them to bed.

Sonny: Thanks for putting them to bed.

Emily: Yeah, no problem. I'm sure you and Carly have a lot to discuss.

[Door opens and closes]

Sonny: Um -- the package -- you know that package that Stan --

Carly: I'm really surprised that she's here, you know? A lot of people are sick at the hospital, and Leticia’s more than capable of taking care of the boys, and Emily’s almost a doctor.

Sonny: She fainted and then -- and she -- she was exhausted, and then -- so they sent her home.

Carly: And she came here?

Sonny: Um -- well, I asked her to come here.

Carly: You slept with her, didn't you?

Robert: I figure Luke’s probably tapped out, but Dillon has --

Monica: Dillon is still recovering from the fever.

Noah: It'll be another 32 hours before it's safe for him to have more plasma filtered for antibodies.

Robert: I don't know that Robin's got 32 hours. You know, her immune system --

Monica: Look, at this point, the antibody serum is the only thing we have to fight this virus. Now, Luke and Dillon are our source, but if --

Patrick: This was just dropped off. It's from Crylium.

Noah: The people that designed the virus.

Monica: And hopefully the antidote.

Robert: Oh. Oh, my God.

Sam: Ok. If I'm dreaming, I definitely don't want to wake up.

Jason: You can sleep if you want. I'm not going anywhere.

Sam: I'm really glad you're back. I have been having the worst nightmares about my mom. She just -- she doesn't want us to get married. She wants me to be alone.

Jason: Just dreams. Your mom's gone. I'm never leaving you.

Courtney: I'm sorry.

Jax: No. I'm the one who should apologize.

Courtney: What you -- what you said -- when -- when you said that I never quite believed you loved me. I know you love me. I loved you, too, Jax. I owed you so much more than I gave.

Jax: It's all right. It's ok.

Courtney: I wish you happiness, Jax. I wish you love and a family. You have the most generous heart.

Jax: No. That would be you.

Courtney: I'm -- I'm going to tell Nikolas about our son.

Jax: Yeah.

Courtney: But I want him to understand we did all of the wrong things, but for the right reasons, and we can't go back now. All that matters is that we love our baby.

Jax: Courtney?

Courtney: I just wish I could hold my baby.

Jax: Hey, Nikolas is here. She's been waiting for you.

Nikolas: Thanks. Hi.  How you feeling?

Courtney: Nikolas, I love you.

[Monitor flatlines]

Nikolas: Cour-- no.

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Sonny: You may not like what I have to say to you. You know I'm not going to lie to you.

Robert: This is a sample of the antidote.

Patrick: It's extortion.

Robert: It's Robin’s.

Robin: I can't take the only dose.

Holly: Did you get my little gift?

Kelly: Clear! There's no response.

Nikolas: For God's sakes, breathe.

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