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Robin: That's enough. We're pushing it.

Noah: We crossed that line once we decided to hook Luke up. It's much too soon for this procedure again, but we decided to do it, so let's make it count.

Luke: Or you'll kill the golden goose for nothing.

Robin: No one's going to die here.

Noah: Not in this room.

Elizabeth: Luke? I heard you were trying the procedure again. Is that a good idea?

Luke: We'll see. Any news on Lucky?

Elizabeth: Nothing.

Noah: Ok, we're done. Let's go.

Robin: Right.

Luke: Elizabeth? You married into very strong, stubborn stock. This family's always been able to take whatever's thrown at it, and come out battered but standing. This time won't be any different.

Elizabeth: I'll hang on to that.

Woman: Donít go in. He's got it.

Jax: What? Who's got what?

[Glass shatters]

Jax: Mike? Hey.

Mike: Hi. Don't -- don't come near me. You don't want to get this thing.

Jax: What? My God. What -- what the hell's everyone talking about?

Mike: It's an epidemic. It's crippling the city.

Jax: God, you need a doctor. I'm going to --

Mike: No, wait, Jax. Wait, wait, wait. Courtney --

Nikolas: Em --

Emily: Listen, try to rest, ok? You're going to be ok.  Is that Tony?

Monica: Yeah, it's not good.

Patrick: You hear about our worst case yet?

Robin: Tony Jones.

Patrick: Yeah, so now might be a good time for you to bail.

Robin: No.

Patrick: Robin, you are the most at-risk. This virus could fatally compromise your immune system.

Robin: Patrick, I've lived with H.I.V. for years. It hasn't stopped me in the past and it's not going to stop me now.

Patrick: You know, I don't know whether to believe you're very brave or very foolish.

Robin: Well, either way, I'm in for the duration.

Jason: No, Stan, we're still here and we're running out of time, ok? We need to get an address that we traced with that phone number. We have to find that lab. Ok. Carly? Carly? Come on.

Carly: Oh, Jason.

Jason: What happened?

Carly: I don't know. My head hurts. Why is it so hot in here?

Jason: It isnít.

Carly: Oh.

Jason: But you are burning up.

Carly: I got it, don't I? I thought I was going to be tough enough to fight this thing and now I'm not going to be able to help Sonny and the boys.

Jason: Oh. You know, I -- Carly, I'd pull it back. It's a little over the top.

Carly: What?

Jason: You're faking.

Carly: But if you didn't know me, you'd buy it, right?

Jason: Well, beside the fact that your head was the only feverish part of your body.

Carly: Well, you know what? It worked like a charm when I was in high school.

Jason: Oh.

Carly: And it's going to work long enough to get us into that lab.

Jason: No. No plans, Carly.

Carly: What did they say --?

Jason: No plans.

Carly: What did they say when we made contact last night, Jason? We were exposed to a deadly disease in Port Charles and to get back to them when we got sick so what the hell? I say we do just that. We suddenly come down with the virus; they'll take us to where they're manufacturing it. We'll find the drug, the antidote, and Lucky, and we'll go back to Port Charles.

Jason: No.

[Lucky coughs]

Man: Excellent. You have taken a turn for the worst.

Lucky: What, are you some kind of sadist?

Man: I am a scientist. My only interest here is in testing the antidote. If it works on a case as severe as yours, we've hit the right combination.

Lucky: Yeah, and what if it doesn't?

Man: The disease will kill you. I will get the process started. On the other hand, if the antidote works, you will still need to be disposed of.

Bobbie: That's ok. Here you go.

Robin: We just performed the plasma extraction procedure on Luke.

Tony: It's too soon. Luke is too -- too weak. He won't make it.

Robin: No, it's already done. Patrick is preparing the antibody serum now. You're first on the list. Just hang on.

Tony: That is technically not right.

Bobbie: What do you mean?

Tony: There is no list. They risked Lukeís life to get enough blood for a dose of serum for me. I'm bad.

Monica: No. No, Tony. No. Quite the contrary -- you are that good a doctor and we need you back on that floor. Ok? So I will see you there.

Tony: Yeah. I'll see you on the other side.

Alan: Listen, you're setting a very bad example. Doctors are not supposed to get sick. So as Chief of Staff, I'm ordering you to get out of bed, get better, and try and set a better example, will you?

Tony: Aye, aye, sir.

[Tony laughs]

Bobbie: Oh. Lucas. What are you doing here? Why -- why aren't you in the coffee shop?

Lucas: I want to see dad. How are you feeling?

Tony: I'm so glad you're here. I wanted to say some things to you, to both of you.

Bobbie: Your dad is going to be fine. And I think we were very lucky that he was here in the hospital when the virus hit because having immediate access to medical attention is giving him more than a fighting chance, so your dad will be fine.

Tony: Bobbie, donít. Let me say what I have to say.

Bobbie: Will you stop it? Stop it. Stop talking like you're not going to make it. There is going to be plenty of time.

Tony: You and I know from experience, sometimes people you love leave for work or school and they never come back. And no one gets a chance to speak their heart. Let me -- let me say mine. Let me say mine.

Jax: You just hang on, Mike. Hang on, hang on. The ambulance is on its way.

Mike: Hey, you shouldn't touch me.

Jax: No, I'm fine, I'm fine. Listen, tell me about Courtney, ok? I was looking for her, Mike, and the trail went cold.

Mike: Well, I -- last thing I knew, she was ok but maybe -- maybe not anymore.

Jax: Listen, Mike, I need you to focus.

Mike: Look, you shouldn't be here. They'll take you away, Jax.

Jax: Don't worry about me.


Jax: You were telling -- just tell me about Courtney.

Mike: Oh, she's -- she's pregnant. Can you imagine?

Jax: I know.

Mike: My baby's having a baby, but Courtney has to stay safe. I'm -- I'm so scared she's going to get this thing.

Jax: You've talked to her, haven't you? You've talked to Courtney, right? Is she on her way to Port Charles? Mike -- Mike, just -- Mike, Mike, tell me where she is.

Reporter: We're outside General Hospital with our live coverage of the ongoing quarantine. The unconfirmed death toll is low at this point, but expected to rise as hospital staff --

Sonny: You realize we might not make it through this.

Nikolas: I can if you can.

Sonny: It's not a competition between us. You just, you know, forget about me. You focus on yourself, make yourself a better person.

Nikolas: If I weren't sick right now, Sonny, I'd laugh in your face.

Sonny: I'm talking about Emily. If you get through this and I don't, you take care of her.

Nikolas: That's fine. But if you're looking for me to hold you to the same promise, forget it, because Emilyís better off alone than she is with you.

Sonny: You think I don't know that? I'm poison. Just ask anybody.

Nikolas: Hey.

Lulu: Hey.

Nikolas: I can tell by looking you feel better.

Lulu: Yeah, it's because of this cure they made from dad's blood.

Nikolas: Well, wonders never cease. Luke's good for something after all.

Lulu: Hey. Don't be so nasty. You might find yourself in a position of being grateful to him. I think you could get the next dose.

Paramedic: Were you inside Kellyís at all?

Jax: No. People were running out saying there's someone sick in there.

Paramedic: So you had no contact with the patient?

Jax: I did not, no. Hey, did he say anything to you guys?

Carly's voice: It's Carly. Leave a message and I'll get back to you.

Jax: Hey -- Carly, it's Jax. Listen, I'm back in town and I'm still looking for Courtney, so if you have any information at all, please call me as soon as you can, ok? It doesn't matter what time.

Jason: You realize that your idea has us walking straight into the enemy camp at a huge disadvantage.

Carly: We'd be taking action instead of sitting around here doing nothing. Jason, these people are dangerous and they have created a virus that has Sonny, Sam, and a whole hospital full of people that we care about fighting for their lives. Not to mention they have Lucky and doing God only knows what to him.

Jason: I understand, Carly, but your way is too risky.

Carly: Well, being cautious has gotten us nowhere, unless you can come up with something that you haven't told me. Do you know where the lab is?

Jason: No, I don't know where the lab is! You would know if I knew!

Carly: Ok, so have you found someone that you could talk to, someone to give us a lead?

Jason: Well, I'm working with Stan right now. He's trying to get us an address.

Carly: Stan's not here, we are, and some shifty-eyed bellboy that can slit our throat in the middle of the night. We don't have time to wait for the perfect scenario, Jason. We've got to take a chance. Sonny and Samís lives are riding on what we accomplish here.

Jason: Ok. Your plan, my way.

Lulu: You goofball. I heard what you did -- holding the Doctors' Council hostage at gunpoint to try and get them to give me the serum? Very dramatic. Mom would've been appalled and very, very proud.

Luke: Yeah, she would have been.

Lulu: Playing possum?

Luke: Well, maybe a little around the edges.

Lulu: Hmm. I know why. You were trying to catch me in some sappy, sentimental moment to hold over my head for the rest of my life.

[Luke chuckles]

Luke: Yeah, I guess you are feeling better. Your smart mouth is in good shape.

Lulu: Yeah, I am. And so is Skye. Alcazar is stuck to her like some dopey guard dog.

Luke: Well, that dopey dog's got sharp teeth, so don't be hitting him with a stick.

Lulu: Well, Alcazar doesn't scare me. This thing did, though.

Luke: Do you have any idea what my last blood drive was for?

Lulu: It was for Uncle Tony. I heard he's in really bad shape.

Sonny: You should convince someone to give Nikolas a dose of Lukeís hotshot serum.

Emily: Yeah, well, that's not my call to make. But if you want my opinion, this whole process stinks.

Sonny: What are you talking about, Emily?

Emily: What, it's unfair. Take you and Nikolas, for example. You're both equal candidates except --

Sonny: Except what? Our moral records carry more weight than our medical ones? Well, in that case, Nikolas takes the lead.

Emily: Yeah. My father actually advocated deliberately holding back the serum from you because of what you do, which has nothing to do with who you are.

Sonny: Maybe that's my sins coming back on me. Maybe I don't deserve to be saved.

Man: Where's your friend?

Carly: You mean the coward? He took off when he realized I was sick. I hope he dies. Did you bring some medicine? I need some help.

Man: Clear.

Second man: Let's get her out of here.

Emily: Your life is just as valuable and important as anyone else's, Sonny, and what makes a man moral anyway? I say it's how he loves his children, how he treats his friends.

Sonny: I should get a pen because I feel like I should be writing this down.

Emily: I'm not saying that the doctors don't have tough choices. I certainly wouldn't want to be put in their position, but it doesn't give them the right to bring their own personal moral judgments to the table.

Sonny: Let's not kid anybody. I'm not an innocent man, Emily. Everything people say about me -- some of those things are true.

Emily: I'm not naive. Last year took care of that. All right, I looked evil in the face. I know what it looks like. It's not you.

Elizabeth: I'll see if I can get you some fresh sheets, ok?

Nikolas: What'd they just test me for?

Elizabeth: I'm going to check on that.

Nurse: Elizabeth, incoming.

Elizabeth: Oh, I -- I'm going to go. I'll come back.

Emily: You're going to beat this. Sonny, you have to. Sonny, you look at me. Sonny, it's gotten really basic for me. I can't lose you, because I love you.

Monica: What do we have?

Paramedic: Same symptoms as the rest.

Monica: How long has he been down? Mike.

Paramedic: No way of knowing.

Monica: Did he call himself in?

Paramedic: Some guy in front of the diner.

Elizabeth: Mike? Can you hear me? Just relax. You're in the hospital.

Mike: Jax --

Elizabeth: What about Jax?

Mike: He has to know. Courtney --

Monica: Come on, let's get him out of here.

Tony: You know, I missed out on so much of your life. And I just turned around one day and looked up and you'd turned into a man.

Lucas: You're there when it counts, always.

Tony: No, I never told you enough how proud I was of you -- your strength, your courage and your convictions. And, Lucas, you're going to need it because people -- they're judgmental and small-minded and they tend to hate what they don't understand. But you stand tall. You never let anyone make you think you're less of a man for being gay.

Lucas: I was so wrong for thinking you'd be ashamed of me.

[Tony chuckles]

Tony: That's impossible. I am so proud of you to have the guts to be who you are, and I've been so blessed to have you as a son. Luke.

Luke: I'm -- I'm sorry. I'll just --

Tony: No, come in. Come in, Luke.

Luke: I seem to have wandered in on some goodbyes.

Tony: It's --

Luke: Are we sure about this?

Tony: Yeah, my time's done, but I want to thank you for keeping it interesting and unpredictable.

Luke: Well, we aim for interesting at the very least.

Tony: Come here. You look after Bobbie because she's had lots of loss and it's going to be tough on her, ok?

Luke: Don't worry. I've always got my sister's back.

Tony: I'm so glad to know you. I'm so glad to be part of your family.

Luke: Back at you, Doc Ex-bro-in-law. Do have a hell of a journey.

Tony: Oh. "A different love from any love I've ever known."

Bobbie: Oh. That's exactly what you said when you proposed to me.

Tony: You know, I have this picture in my mind and all I have to do is close my eyes and I see it. And there you are. It's Puerto Rico --

Bobbie: Hmm.

Tony: And our wedding day and you are the most beautiful bride that God has ever made. I was the luckiest man ever in the world to have fallen in love and married a Goddess who happened to be my best friend.

Bobbie: And you were mine, as you still are. Nothing we have been through together could ever erase the love that I feel for you, and nothing ever will, you're a part of me, Tony, forever.

[Tony whimpers]

Bobbie: What?

Tony: She's here.

Bobbie: Who?

Tony: B.J. She says it's time to go.  A smile -- that means -- smile -- I'm dying happy.

Bobbie: Godspeed, Tony. Go be with our angel.

Patrick: Time of death, 3:52.

Noah: Bobbie, I'm so sorry.

Bobbie: This shouldn't have happened.

Noah: No, it shouldn't have. No, wait. I'll go after him. You know where I am if you need me.

Bobbie: Oh, what the hell kind of a crazy world is this? Some anonymous lunatic goes out and decides to create a deadly disease that costs Tony his life.

Luke: Barbara, I'm sorry about Tony, about my part in all this.

Bobbie: Oh, Luke. You didn't bring this virus to Port Charles on purpose. Don't you dare blame yourself, because I don't blame you. Nobody possibly could.

Luke: He looks ok, peaceful.

Bobbie: Yeah. Did you hear what he said? That B.J. came for him.

Luke: Does that help?

Bobbie: Yeah. Yeah, it does. I need a minute.

Luke: Ok. I'll be right outside.

Bobbie: Hmm. The night you asked me to marry you, I was so proud and happy. That such a wonderful man could want me was overwhelming. You gave me the one thing that I could never get from myself -- self-esteem. You made me worthy. That was a precious gift. I love you, Tony. And I will carry you with me until B.J. comes for me, too. Goodbye, my husband. Goodbye, my friend.

Patrick: I don't know if you've heard. Dr. Jones didn't make it.

Emily: Oh, no. Oh, God. Bobbie and Lucas?

Patrick: They were there. Your folks were there, too. Apparently, Dr. Jones knew it was happening and he spent the last few minutes saying goodbye.

Emily: That must've helped, or -- or I'm sure it will when they get some distance.

Patrick: Thing is, this death opens up the possibility for someone else. Dr. Jones died before we could give him this, which means I have --

Emily: You're put in the position of having to decide whose life gets saved.

Patrick: I was hoping you could help me with this.

Emily: Me? Why would I have anything to say about it?

Patrick: Because the choices have come down between Sonny and Nikolas.

Lucky: Carly? Carly?

Carly: Oh, my God. What are they doing to you?

Lucky: You're not sick?

Carly: No, no.

[Lucky coughs]

Carly: I just pretended to be so I could get in here and help you. Who are these people? What are they doing?

Lucky: It's some secret test facility. How'd you get here?

Carly: These men pulled up in an S.U.V. and they grabbed that chimp that your dad brought from the Markham Islands, and Jason and I followed it here. Ok?

Lucky: I'm not going to ask questions.

Carly: Ok.

Lucky: I'm just glad you're here.

Carly: Yeah.

Lucky: We need to get the antidote.

Carly: Ok, so there is an antidote? Stay with me -- there is an antidote? All right, can you walk?

Lucky: I think so.

Carly: Ok, all right.

Lucky: Where's Jason?

Carly: He's around. Come on.

[Lucky coughs]

Carly: Come on, we got to get you out of here. Oh, my God, you -- oh. Oh, my God. Stand up, stand up, stand up. Come on.

[Lucky coughs]

Carly: Come on!

Man: Well, you seem to have made a remarkable recovery.

Carly: Be careful, he's sick!

Man: Calm down or I will put him out of his misery for good.

Carly: So you created this virus, huh?

Man: Yes.

Carly: What kind of monster are you?

Man: I'm simply a man hired by a team of investors to create a product.

Carly: Oh, is that what you call a fatal disease? "Product"?

Man: No. Actually, the cure is the product.

Carly: Oh, I get it. So it's supply-and-demand? You and whatever entity you're working with rake in the profits, is that it?

Man: I see you are a businesswoman.

Carly: Why did you take my cousin?

Man: He was a convenient test case. We developed a new antidote for the mutation. We wanted a strong young man to come as close to death as possible before we tried it. The time has come.

Carly: What?

Man: This will either save your cousin or kill him.

Patrick: The tests indicate that both Nikolas and Sonny are equally gravely ill. There's not enough serum for both of them. I don't know them, you do. It's only fitting that you make the choice.

Emily: Patrick, I've been involved with them. I -- I love them both. You can't put this decision on me.

Patrick: But I am, Emily. Make a choice. Who do I save?

Emily: Oh, God.

Lucas: Hey.

Luke: Hey. Should you be wandering around like this? You could catch this thing.

Lucas: I don't care.

Luke: Well, your mama does. And I think she's got enough on her plate right now, don't you?

Lucas: I don't know what to do for her.

Luke: Well, there isn't much you can do when someone dies. Just let her feel whatever she's feeling. Help her remember the good times, and regret the bad ones if she's so inclined. What about you?

Lucas: I know that people die.

Luke: Tony wasn't "people."

Lucas: It was just -- there was so much that I wanted to tell him, man.

Luke: Lucas --

Lucas: And now --

Luke: Lucas, Lucas. I think you told him what was important.

Lucas: You were there, so you know about me?

Luke: Your father was right. I heard what he said. People try to stomp out what they don't understand. But never bow to ignorance. You're perfect just the way you are. Don't you ever apologize to anybody for it.

Lucas: Thanks. I just -- I'm just -- I'm going to -- I'm really going to miss him.

Luke: I'll miss him, too.

Man: The antidote is not taking.

Carly: What does that mean?

Man: It means he is a sacrifice, and we will need another test subject.

Carly: No. No! No! No! No!

Jason: Carly, you ok?

Carly: I'm ok. Lucky's not ok.

Jason: Give Lucky the antidote. It's wasted on Carly -- she's not sick.

Man: I did not give her the antidote. I gave her the virus.

Patrick: Look, I could turn the decision back over to Robert Scorpio, or could call a meeting with the council and go with popular consensus.

Emily: No, uh-uh.

Patrick: Then you do have a preference?

Emily: Patrick, I want them both to live.

Patrick: Emily, that's not an option.

Emily: I'm sorry, I can't make that choice.

Patrick: Well, then we'll turn it over to fate. Heads, Nikolas, tails, Sonny.

>> Next week on "General Hospital" --

Patrick: People are getting sicker by the minute. Some are going to die.

Georgie: Dillon?

Carly: I don't even think I can walk.

Emily: We need help over here!

Nikolas: Help!

Courtney: I'm doing this for our child.

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