GH Transcript Monday 2/6/06

General Hospital Transcript Monday 2/6/06


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Jason: How'd you know about this exit?

Carly: I used to sneak out when I worked here. Come on.

Jason: Hey! Hey!

Carly: Hey!

Jason: Hey!

Carly: Wait! Wait!

[Car alarm]

[Tires screech]

Jason: Hey!

Carly: Wait! Wait!

[Car alarm]

[Tires screech]

[Shots fired]

Carly: What the hell were they shooting us for?

Jason: Looks like they wanted what we wanted.

Carly: Yeah, well, they got him and now he's gone.

Jason: Maybe not. I got the last couple --

Patrick: Your body's managed to get over the encephalitis without any other drugs.

Luke: Well, that's because of the booze. No germ could survive in the petri dish I call a liver.

Robert: Well, I guess your liquid lifestyle's paid off. You are producing antibodies.

Luke: So now what?

Robert: Well, we take a sample of your blood, isolate those antibodies and make a serum, and then we see if it works.

Luke: Do I get a say in this?

Patrick: You got something against being a hero, Luke?

Luke: I got something against being a government guinea pig. Unless it helps my daughter.

Robert: That's the plan.

Luke: Well, then scrub up and dig in.

Robert: Well -- ahem. There's good news and there's bad news here. The good news is we could save a lot of people, and the bad news is that, well, you may not be one of them.

Luke: Oh. Well, if it's a choice between my life and my daughter's, there's no contest. Do whatever you have to do.

Patrick: You have to understand this isn't a sure thing.

Luke: What do you mean?

Patrick: Well, the process collects your blood, then concentrates the antibodies into filtered plasma, but we don't know how much plasma or blood we need.

Robert: Or if we can use your blood at all.

Luke: Well, why, if I've got the antibodies?

Patrick: Yeah, well, we're checking to make sure you didn't pick up anything else in the South Pacific that could compromise the antidote.

Robert: I hope you've been looking after yourself, Spencer, because right now, like it or not, you're the only chance we've got of beating this thing.

Lorenzo: Elizabeth? Skye's getting worse. She needs more medicine.

Elizabeth: I'm not authorized to dispense medication. Besides, people are barely getting their first dose. I'm sorry.

Lorenzo: That is not good enough.

Elizabeth: I understand you're frustrated and you're frightened, but you need to calm down because we are dancing as fast as we can here. Sir, I will be with you in just a minute. Please just stay calm. Have the antibiotics worked on anyone?

Monica: No, and there are more patients coming in every single moment.

Elizabeth: Ok. Hey, Nikolas. How are you feeling?

Nikolas: Lucky --

Elizabeth: Jesse went to go find him at your cabin. Don't worry, he's going to be ok.

Jesse: Lucky! Lucky, you in here? Lucky!

Sonny: It's all about lies. Too many lies.

Emily: Sonny, try to rest.

Sonny: I'm sorry that I -- that I hurt you.

Emily: I understand. But it's over now.

Sonny: It was fake -- the kiss with Carly.  I was going to make you believe that I still loved her so I could push you away.

Emily: I don't think you know what you're saying. And anyway, it's not important right now. The only thing you should be concentrating on is getting -- getting well for the people who love you, and there are a lot of us.

Jason: Ok, ok. We're not going to cause any trouble. What's the problem?

Officer: You tell us. What was the shooting all about?

Carly: We have no idea. Someone started shooting at us out of that black S.U.V.

Officer: Are you aware this is a restricted area?

Carly: No. We just got here.

Officer: Have you been exposed?

Jason: To what?

Officer: We've got a situation inside. Let's go.

Second officer: Shouldn't be hanging around here.

Jason: Come on. Justus? Ok, I need a make on a license plate fast. Someone just shot at Carly and me and I need to know why.

Monica: This virus is fierce. It moves fast and it brings even the healthiest right to their knees. Your father and I have to be here, Em, but you're a med student. You're not required to take the risk.

Emily: I appreciate your concern, mom, but I'm not going anywhere.

Monica: Because of Sonny? Well, at least consider leaving. Sonny may just need you healthy.

Emily: You don't expect me to believe that you care about Sonny?

Monica: No. But if asking in his name gets the desired effect --

Emily: Hi.

Sonny: Hey.

Emily: Welcome back.

Sonny: What happened? I was, you know --

Emily: You passed out. Sonny, um, about what you said right before --

Sonny: I'm sorry. I don't know. What did I say?

Emily: You know, it doesn't matter. Um -- just try to rest, all right, and I'll check in with you later.

Sonny: Hey.

Emily: Yeah?

Sonny: You be careful.

Emily: I will.

P.A. announcer: Dr. Scorpio to 504. Dr. Robin Scorpio, call 504.

Elizabeth: Hey, Em.

Emily: Yeah.

Elizabeth: What's wrong?

Emily: It's just, uh, Sonny admitted that the kiss between him and Carly was staged to push me away.

Elizabeth: Was he lucid?

Emily: He was in and out.

Elizabeth: Honey, don't hang your heart on it. You know people with the virus are saying all kinds of things.

Emily: Yeah.

Elizabeth: It's the fever.

Danny: Hey, when can we leave?

Michael: I don't know. You're Samís brother, right?

Danny: Danny.

Michael: I'm Michael. My dad's sick.

Danny: So is Sam. I don't like this room. I want to be with her.

Michael: Yeah, I know the feeling.

Max: Hey, no bright ideas, all right, Michael? Your dad doesn't need to worry about you, too.

Georgie: I just don't get it. He's fine one minute, then he just goes down the next?

Maxie: Evidently, that's how this thing works.

Georgie: I thought for sure he was going to be ok.

Maxie: Georgie --

Georgie: But, Maxie, did you see how weak he was?

Maxie: Ok, you just have to keep faith that he's going to be all right. He's going to pull through this. There is no way he's going to leave you. And before you know it, he's going to be back to normal, boring you with all his obscure --

Georgie: You know, why don't you just go ahead and say it, Tracy? You wish it was me.  You wish I would die because that's a sure-fire way that I'm going to get out of his life!

Tracy: Your scenario, not mine.

Lucas: Why do you have to be so awful? She's already upset.

Tracy: Are you speaking to me?

Georgie: You miserable witch!

Alice: What's wrong, Georgie?

Georgie: Just get her away from me!

Alice: Why don't you leave the kid alone?

Tracy: I just looked at her! Why don't you toughen up a little bit? It can be a very harsh world out there.

Georgie: Are you kidding me?

Lucas: Right.

Jesse: Whoa. Hey, Lucky? Are you all right? Oh, man, you're burning up. We got to get you help.

Patrick: Your test results didn't show any trace of malaria. There are other possibilities that could taint the serum, but we don't have time to scan for them anymore.

Robert: If people start dying, there's not much we can do about it.

Luke: Well, I'm good to go.

Noah: Ok, you need to sign the consent form.

Luke: You think I'd hesitate knowing that this could save my daughter's life? Anything else?

Robert: Well, this is the best shot we've got, but it's not without a lot of complications.

Luke: Hey, are we going to do this thing or just stand around and talk it to death?

Noah: I'll set it up.

Robert: If this works, you, Lucas Lorenzo Spencer, will be responsible for saving a lot of lives.

Luke: Well, I'm the one that brought the damn thing to town in the first place.

Robert: Wrong place at the wrong time, pal. Wait here. So what's happened?

Robin: We're on overload. The virus is spreading.

Robert: Well, brace yourselves because it's going to get worse before it gets better.

TV announcer: The hospital remains under quarantine in an effort to contain the recent outbreak of encephalitis. Officials caution that the virus is highly contagious and spread through close contact --

Kristina: Mommy?

TV announcer: With infected individuals. Anyone experiencing symptoms --

Kristina: Mommy?

TV announcer: Such as chills, dizziness, or a fever may have been exposed and are being asked to seek medical treatment immediately.

Kristina: Molly made a stinky. What's wrong with Daddy Ric? Mommy? What's wrong with Daddy Ric?

Jesse: Come on.  First step, we get you warmed up. Come on. There we go.

[Phone rings]

Elizabeth: Sixth floor.

Jesse: Elizabeth? It's Jesse. I found Lucky.

Elizabeth: You did? Is -- is he ok? Let me just talk to him.

Jesse: He's not in any shape to talk right now.

Elizabeth: Well, what are you telling me? He's all right, isn't he?

Jesse: So far, but he needs medical attention. Look, the roads are blocked and my cell battery is dying. We need a chopper right away, ok?


Elizabeth: Jesse?

Jesse: Elizabeth? Elizabeth?

[Busy signal]

Elizabeth: Please, you need to help me. It's my husband.

Noah: It's the same principle as dialysis.

Luke: I understand.

Noah: And you should be aware after a sudden drop of blood pressure during the procedure, you may experience some hallucinations.

Luke: Well, I lived through the 1960s. I'm not afraid of an acid flashback.

Robert: Any regrets, reservations?

Luke: No, no, let's just do it.

Patrick: Nurse, insert double I.V.ís.

Nurse: I'm sorry. I thought I could help, but --

Robin: Wait.

Noah: Let her go, let her go, I'll do it.

Patrick: No, hey, hey, come here for a second. Your liver is compromised -- failing, actually. You shouldn't have direct contact with this patient.

Noah: My illness is the reason I'm the perfect candidate for this. I have nothing to lose.

Patrick: Well, maybe I do. Look, I can't stop you from passively allowing your own death, but I can keep you around long enough to at least harass you about it.

Noah: Go on.

Patrick: Thank you.

Luke: I want to be clear about who gets the first batch.

Robert: Well, that's the next problem.

Lorenzo: Excuse me. Skye is getting worse.

Alan: We'll get to her.

Lorenzo: When?

Alan: When we get to her.

Lorenzo: And in the meantime, you don't care if she suffers? What if she dies? Will that light a fire under your collective butts?

Alan: Don't you talk to me like that. I'm as worried about Skye as you are.

Lorenzo: Well, you could've fooled me. You know, the woman considers you her father. I would think that would carry a little weight with you.

Alan: We're in a triage situation. We're treating the sickest first. And why are you in my face? You should be in isolation with the others who aren't sick.

Lorenzo: Look, I will pay for whatever she needs. No price is too high.

Alan: You people don't get it. For some things, there is no price.

Emily: Nikolas? Why are you still in the hall?

Nikolas: You're ok, right?

Emily: Yeah, I'm fine, but you should be in a room. Dad?

Alan: Yeah?

Emily: Nikolas needs a room.

Alan: We're assigning rooms to the neediest first. We're already doubling up.

Emily: Nikolas has a need. Dad, look at him, he's sick!

Alan: I just had this conversation with Alcazar. I can't play favorites, and neither can you, and if you don't know that by now, you should.

Emily: No, no, no, wait, dad, you're being arbitrary. You're mad at Nikolas because you think he hurt me. Well, you can't do that. I mean it, dad, you find Nikolas a room or I'm going to put him in one myself.

Sonny: Hey, bud.

Michael: How are you feeling?

Sonny: What are you doing here?

Michael: Well, I remembered the nights that you sat up with me when I was sick. I thought I'd do the same for you. I'm going to be brave here.

Sonny: Yeah, you're the bravest little boy in the whole wide world, you know that? This is serious what's going on here, ok? How you feeling?

Michael: Fine.

Sonny: You go back and stay with your mama, ok?

Michael: She's not in the coffee shop. I thought she was with you.

Justus: I got a make on the plates. Owner's out of New York, name's Anton Rush -- low profile, big connections.

Jason: At are we talking, drugs, guns -- what?

Justus: Diplomatic immunity, government protection, the whole nine yards. You get too close, they' mow you down without breaking a stride.

Carly: That doesn't explain why they're shooting at us over a monkey.

Jason: Look, I want you to put some men on this, see if you can locate that car.

Justus: I'll get on it. It's bad in there, isn't it?

Carly: Lainey's ok.  All right. You've got it from here. I'm going to go back inside with my family.

Jason: No, no, no, that's not going to happen.

Luke: Hello? Hey! Who's manning this ship?  Lulu?  Why are you crying, baby? What happened to everybody? We're dead, daddy. All of us. We're all dead.

Noah: You drifted off.

Robert: Hallucinating?

Luke: Yeah. Nasty. Nasty.

Robert: Stay with us, pal. You won't be the only one that gets through this epidemic.

[Helicopter approaches]

Jesse: Cavalry's here, buddy. Come on. Come on. Hey, I know you got big, romantic plans with Elizabeth. The most romantic thing you can do right now is stay alive. All right? Boy, am I glad to see you guys. I'm a cop. My partner's down. I've been keeping him as warm as I can, but collapsed in the snow.

Bobbie: Elizabeth, you're the best reason I can think of for Lucky to fight whatever this is and he will, but in the meantime, we have to stay strong for Lucky and for everybody else who needs us.

Elizabeth: I know. I know. I'm just really scared.

Bobbie: Oh, honey, of course you are. But you're a nurse. You have to stay focused because there are a lot of people in here depending on you.

Orderly: This one's in bad shape! Lucky, though, his little girl knew how to call 911.

Elizabeth: Oh, God, Ric. What about his wife?

Orderly: She's right behind.

Alexis: Please, please. I got to get off this. You've got to let me find my daughters.

Kelly: You need to calm down.

Alexis: I want my -- Bobbie, please, please, please, I need my girls!

Reporter: We are live at the emergency entrance of the General Hospital, where there has been a shooting. It happened just minutes ago. Details are sketchy, but a witness reports hearing rapid gunfire and a man she recognized from local media accounts as the alleged mobster Jason Morgan.

Patrick: I've never seen anything like this before. This is a designed chaos.

Robin: What does that mean? Why is -- Sam, you need to go back to your room.

Sam: Leave me alone.

Robin: No, listen to me, you're sick and contagious. Go back to your room.

Sam: No, leave me alone. Don't try to stop me.

Mac: Don't let her out, don't let her out!

Patrick: Hey, hey, hey.

Jason: You are not going inside.

Carly: I have to go in there. My family is in there.

Jason: Your family needs you to stay healthy. You get this thing, you go down for the count, you're no good to anyone, Carly.

Carly: Jason, I've already been in there and I'm fine!

Jason: That's not going to guarantee you won't get it! Think about what it'll do to Michael and Morgan if you get really sick or you die. This is serious, ok? Maybe you should just go home and stay with Morgan.

Carly: And what are you going to do?

Jason: Well, I'm going to find out as much as I can about this guy Rush.

Carly: Then I'm going to help you.

Jason: Fine.

Carly: Fine. Give me your phone. At least let me call and check on Sonny. Come on, Jason.

[Phone rings]

Emily: Hello?

Carly: Emily?

Emily: Carly?

Michael: Mom?

Carly: What is Michael doing there? Why isn't he in isolation?

Emily: We were just having that conversation.

Carly: Ok, can you put Sonny on the phone, please?

Emily: Carly, he's pretty weak.

Carly: I know that. I'm the one who brought him in there. Can you please put him on the phone?

[Emily sighs]

Emily: Here you go.

Sonny: Hey, Carly. Where are you?

Carly: I'm outside with Jason.

Sonny: Good, stay there. We're fine here.

Carly: You don't sound ok.

Michael: Everything's ok, mom. Emily's taking care of us. I love you.

Carly: Ok, tell Michael I love him, please? Sonny?

Emily: Carly, he's unconscious.

Carly: What is going on in there? What the hell are you guys doing to help him? Who's taking care of Sonny besides you?

[Phone beeps]

Carly: It's Justus.

Jason: Hey, what do you got?

Michael: Is he going to be all right?

Emily: Yeah, Michael. We're going to make sure of it, all right? Listen, Sonny needs to rest and you need to get back into isolation, all right? The last thing your dad needs is for you to get sick, too.

Jason: Ok. Hey, we caught a break. This Rush guy's holed up at the Metro Court. Let's go get some answers.

Jesse: What the hell is this? Who are you guys? Hey, man, take it easy. Take it easy, man! What the hell is going on? Take it easy! What -- who are you, government? Answer me! Where are you taking him? Oh!

Noah: Well, let's hope this works. You coming?

Robert: Yeah. How you feeling?

Luke: Like an amputated leg.

Robert: Hmm. Well, you're going to get worse before you get better.

Luke: Oh, that's comforting.

Robert: Well, the good news is it's not caused by the fever.

Luke: Look, Robert, I know --

Robert: Hey, I'll do a status report on that daughter of yours.

Luke: Thanks. Thanks.

Lorenzo: I can give you that update on your daughter.

Luke: Oh, another hallucination. They're getting worse.

Lorenzo: Luke, she's as sick as it gets, and so is Skye. She's not even conscious. They both could die, along with the entire hospital full of people, because of you.

Luke: Haven't you heard? I'm the miracle cure.

Lorenzo: A miracle no one would need if you hadn't brought this plague. You know what? If there's any justice at all, you will survive to live with the deaths of the people you claim to love squarely on your head.

Tracy: Back away from my husband.

Carly: Ok, we're in the right place. Now how do we get to this Rush guy?

Jason: Just wait. He's got to move sometime. When he does, I'm going to go in, see what I can find out.

Carly: Ok, I want you to take a break. You need to call the hospital and check on Sam. I will stay here and keep watch.

Jason: There's nothing I can do for Sam right now, but maybe the guy in that room can. I'm waiting.

Sam: I don't need this ridiculous thing. I can walk.

Patrick: We don't trust you to walk and you need to be in bed.

Sam: Yeah, is that your standard line on all women?

Patrick: Spunky little thing, aren't you?

Sam: Stop it.

Patrick: Hey, hey.

Sam: Ow!

Patrick: This place is under quarantine. There's a SWAT team out there, and they mean business.

Sam: You don't understand. Shots were fired.

Patrick: I checked. Jason hasn't been admitted. Now, do what he would want you to do. Stay here where he can find you.

Bobbie: We're running out of beds. Start doubling up.

Patrick: Excellent -- someone to hit the call button in case she feels restless again. Come on.

Sam: This is my buddy!

Kelly: Your girls are in a special pediatrics quarantine ward being monitored around the clock.

Alexis: They're alone and they're scared and I'm sure they're wondering where their parents are.

Kelly: I'm sorry. It's a difficult situation all around.

Patrick: Come on, let's get you to bed.

Sam: No, forget it. There is no way in hell I'm staying in this room with that woman!

Alexis: Oh, God, works for me.

Sam: Fine! Give the bed to someone else! I'll wait out here! You might as well give the bed to Alexis' favorite client, Manny! Maybe he'll strangle her in her sleep, blame it on the fever and get off scot-free!

Patrick: You know you're acting like a child?

Sam: That's how I feel -- worried and scared. Just helpless. Something bad is going to happen. I can feel it.

Jason: They're headed upstairs.

Carly: They're going to the restaurant.

Jason: Ok. You keep an eye on him; let me know when he's headed back.

Carly: All right, be careful.

Jason: Yeah, yeah.

[Phone speed dials]

Jason: Hey, I think I got something. It's a company Rush might be connected with.

Woman: Mr. Rush is expecting me.

Carly: Oh, hey, I'll take it from here. How much?

Woman: How much what?

Carly: Don't be coy. We both know why you're here. Name your price.

Woman: Hmm. Sorry. I'm not into girls.

Carly: Whatever it is, I will double it as long as you walk out that door and you forget that you were ever here. Do you understand?

Woman: Why would you do that?

Max: I'm sorry I let Michael get away.

Emily: Yeah, he can be pretty slippery.

Max: Hey. "Fool me once --" you understand what I'm saying?

Michael: Yeah. Got it.

Emily: Michael, we have to take a hard line on this, all right, not just for your safety but for everyone elseís. When you leave this room, you run the risk of exposing yourself to the virus all over again and bringing it back to someone else.

Michael: I'm sorry. I'll never leave again, I promise.

Emily: Michael, did anyone leave with you?

Michael: No. Just me.

Tracy: How dare you come down on my husband with your selective concern for humanity. Get out before the authorities throw you out.

Luke: Impressive fire, wife. Was that defense real or fever-induced?

Tracy: I'm too mean to get sick.

Luke: Why aren't you in the coffee shop lockdown?

Tracy: I left. I had to see Dillon.

Luke: How is he?

Tracy: Not good. He didn't recognize me.

Luke: Well, don't lose hope. The doctors may be on to something.

Tracy: A cure?

Luke: We hope.

Tracy: "We"?

Luke: Well, there's something in my blood, they say, that might help. Imagine that -- old Lucas Lorenzo saves Port Charles once again.

Tracy: You're an old softie. Don't worry, your secret's safe with me.

Luke: Look who's talking. And who you calling old, woman?

Elizabeth: Luke?

Luke: Lucky.

Emily: I'll let you know the second I hear anything about Lucky.

Nikolas: Even with all this, you still look beautiful.

Emily: Nikolas, now I know the fever's talking. Try to rest, all right? I realize that this room isn't your first choice, but at least you're in one, ok? You can sleep.

Nikolas: I'm sorry.

Emily: No, no, no, Nikolas, no more talking.

Nikolas: I'm sorry.

Emily: No more talking, future doctor's orders, all right?

Sonny: This could get interesting.

Maxie: You know, any minute now, Dillonís going to wake up and start in with his crazy conspiracy theories about how he knew too much and they tried to take him out but he was just too tough.

Georgie: What if he doesn't?

Lucas: No, no, no, don't -- don't go there.

Georgie: You're right. He's going to be fine. He -- he has to.

Michael: Did you find Sam?

Danny: I got lost.

Michael: I found this, and I didn't tell anyone that you were gone.

Danny: Thanks.

Michael: Are you ok?

Danny: I don't feel so good.

Noah: This plasma contains the antibodies from Lukeís system. Now, we have a decision to make regarding how we dispense this. Do we give larger doses to fewer of the critically ill do we give weaker doses to a higher number of people?

Alan: We can't draw any more blood from Luke. If we do, we run the risk of sending him into hypovolemic shock and killing him.

Robert: If the antibodies work and it really does kill the virus, we're going to have something quite valuable here. We've got to do something about protecting it. It's been my experience that during a crisis, people just plain behave badly.

Patrick: All right, well, first things first. I vote only the worst-case patients get a dose of the serum.

Noah: I agree.

Monica: Yeah.

Patrick: People accuse us doctors of playing God all the time. Tonight, we really take on the role.

[Phone rings]

Jason: What do you got?

Justus: Look, I don't know how Rush connects with Crylium, but it's a major company, and there are two very interesting coincidences here. First, Crylium had an office and a manufacturing plant in the Markham Islands.

Jason: That's where Luke first came against this thing.

Justus: Exactly. And you'll never guess what they used to make.


Jason: I'll get back to you.

Carly: Wonderful, wonderful. I have met a lot of interesting men in my profession, but you're my first in pharmaceuticals. So tell me more.

Anton: I know you said we've never met, but something about you is very familiar.

Lucky: Who -- who are you? Where you -- where you taking me?

Officer: I told you, you can't go in there.

Jesse: I'm PCPD. I'm working a case. What have you people done to Lucky?

Emily: The doctors are getting ready to test the antibodies.

Elizabeth: Who gets the first doses?

Emily: Whoever needs them the most. Elizabeth, it wouldn't take much to juggle things, would it? I mean, things are crazy around here. No one would ever know.

Elizabeth: Well, maybe not, but I guess the question is, could you actually do it?

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Elizabeth: I'll go see if I can find out when more serum will be made.

Bobbie: The Doctors Council hasn't decided who's going to get the first dose.

Luke: It goes to my daughter!

Carly: What company did you say you worked for?

Anton: Why are you so curious?

Jesse: Where are they taking Lucky?

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