GH Transcript Wednesday 2/1/06

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 2/1/06


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Elizabeth: Hey, Emily --

Emily: Yeah?

Elizabeth: Do you want to take our break together today?

Emily: Sure, yeah. Ok.

Manny: Hi, Elizabeth. You look nice today.

Elizabeth: How's community service going?

Manny: It's going well. Thank you for asking.

Elizabeth: Ok. I've got to go.

Lorenzo: Missed a spot. I think you're missing the point.

Manny: Hey, Mr. Alcazar, it's nice to see a friendly face.

Lorenzo: I'm not your friend. We have a business arrangement based on you convincing everyone that you're a model citizen. I didn't give you an electronic key so that you could ditch your ankle monitor anytime you felt like stalking a woman. So don't use it again until I tell you the time is right to move on Corinthos.

Skye: Lorenzo? Why are you talking to him?

Sam: You look weird. Are you ok?

Jason: I'm not sure. Is there a chimp by the fireplace?

Sam: No. But there is one on the pool table.

Alice: Mr. Luke! Here, take that.

Tracy: Whoa.

Alice: What are you doing? You should be lying down. You're still sick. You can't do too much too soon.

Luke: I'm just getting a little air.

Tracy: Get your hands off my husband.

Alice: Well, somebody's got to take care of him.

Tracy: That will be me. Sit. Eat.

Alice: Well, your bedside manner could use some improvement.

Tracy: You're still hot. I think I should call the hospital.

Lulu: How's the dad?

Luke: Oh, better. Did you find the chimp?

Dillon: Nothing.

Georgie: We searched the house and the grounds all over again, but we still couldn't see him.

Luke: Poor little guy must be freezing his bananas off. I'm going to go find him.

Tracy: No. You are not going anywhere until whatever you've got runs its course.

Patrick: Hey. I've been looking for you.

Noah: Why?

Patrick: Because I've given it a lot of thought, and I agree. I think you should take your name off the recipient list for a liver.

Noah: Well, it's an interesting point for us to finally reach a meeting of the minds.

Patrick: I think a living donor transplant is the way to go. I'll arrange for the tests, see if we're a match. If so, you can have part of my liver.

Noah: Absolutely not.

Robin: You've just been on my mind lately. Oh, you're going to love this. It all started with Luke Spencer and a shrunken head. Anyway, call me back if you can, if you're not on some assignment or whatever. Just wanted you to know that I love you and miss you much. Bye, mom.

Maxie: You know, I barely remember your mom. Is she as cool as everyone says?

Robin: Cooler. But she's not exactly what you would call a stay-at-home mom. She's usually off on some assignment. I don't really get to spend much time with her.

Maxie: It's a weird club to be in, isn't it? Children of government agents.

Lorenzo: You caught me. I saw Manny talking to Elizabeth; innocuously, as it turned out. And I just wanted him to know he's being watched.

Manny: Yeah, well, I don't blame you. You know, I realize that I have a lot to prove to the good citizens of this town. And I intend to. You'll see.

Lorenzo: What?

Skye: I'm wondering if you're just telling me the truth right now.

Lorenzo: Why would I lie?

Skye: Oh, Lorenzo, I didn't fall off a truck yesterday. I know that you had dealings with Manny's family long before surgery turned him into Mr. Congeniality.

Lorenzo: What, you're thinking Manny and I were conducting some kind of business?

Skye: It's within the realm of possibility. Now, look, I just left a man who couldn't say no to danger. I don't think that I'm prepared to go from the frying pan into the fire.

Lorenzo: I thought you liked it hot.

Skye: Oh, don't you flirt to avoid an answer.

Lorenzo: Look, I told you what the discussion with Manny was about. Whether you choose to believe it or not is entirely up to you.

Skye: Sorry. I guess old suspicions die hard. What do you think of him? Do you believe that whole amazing transformation, anyway?

Lorenzo: Well, with him, only time will tell. What I do know is that Manny makes me feel incredibly lucky. There but the grace of God.

Skye: What do you mean by that?

Lorenzo: In my business, there's a fine line between boss and foot soldier. A different decision, a left turn instead of a right, and all you're left with are regrets for the actions of a violent past. And no one there to soothe the pain.

Skye: Well, how empathetic of you. And frankly, I find that very disturbing.

Sam: Um -- I -- I think I should close the door so he doesn't run off.

Jason: Well, why? Wouldn't it be better if he left? We don't even know where it came from.

Sam: He's obviously nothing to worry about. He's really good around people. And I think he might be someone's pet that just wandered off.

Jason: Sam, what kind of person has a chimp for a pet?

Sam: Not you, obviously.

Jason: Ok, just be careful, ok? I don't want to have to shoot it.

Sam: Hi, cutie. Oh, how are you? Your hands are freezing.

Jason: Sam, those --

Sam: His hands are cold.

Jason: Those are paws. I'm going to -- just let me call animal control.

Sam: No, no -- Jason, don't do that.

Jason: Why?

Sam: They'll lock him up. They'll put something -- ooh, he likes my ring. They'll put something around his neck. He needs friends. I know how you feel.

Jason: We are not keeping a monkey.

Sam: Whoa, whoa -- who said anything about keeping a monkey? We'll find its owner, right? Yes, we will. We'll find its owner. In the meantime, he chose us to take care of him. You did, didn't you? But you know what? Unfortunately, we don't have anything chimp-friendly in the fridge.

Jason: Ok. I'll go. I'll go to the store.

Sam: No way. I am going. I'm excited to go. I'm stocking up for Danny’s visit. His plane comes in this afternoon, so I go to the store --

Jason: No, Sam, Sam, Sam --

Sam: You bond with the chimp.

Jason: You're not going to -- just don't -- you're not going to leave me -- what's --

Sam: Adios.

Luke: Stop manhandling me!

Tracy: Stop being so stubborn. You need to rest. Lie down.

Luke: I'm fine!

Tracy: No, you're not!

Tracy and Luke: Alice?

Alice: Don't make me choose sides.

Luke: What, you'd take her side over me?

Alice: I will if it's for your own good.

Luke: You wound me to the quick, Alice.

Lulu: I -- I -- I have to agree with the step-witch just this time. You don't know what kind of bug you got out there. I just got you back. I'd rather you didn't die on me. I mean, who would protect me from her?

Luke: Ain't she sentimental? All right, daughter -- for you, I'll stay.

Georgie: So where do we go from here?

Lulu: I don't know -- maybe the chimp found his way into town.

Dillon: Maybe the chimp was taken.

Lulu: Oh, by who, the chimp police?

Dillon: That's funny!

Lulu: Yeah, maybe he was involved in a plan, some kind of guerrilla warfare.

Georgie: Ooh, maybe an ape conspiracy to take over the entire world.

Dillon: Can I ask a question? Why do I hang out with you guys if you show such disrespect?

Georgie: Oh, because we're such fun.

Lulu: I say we start at Kelly’s.

Dillon: Ok.

[Door opens and closes]

Luke: You can both relax. I'm fine.

Tracy: No, you're not. You still have a fever.

Luke: You sound worried. Could it be my pretty pink Popsicle is actually melting?

Tracy: I don't understand your story. Give it to me again. When did you first start feeling sick?

Luke: Last night. It came on suddenly. I don't know -- maybe I picked up something from that sick kid in the Markham Islands.

Tracy: What did he have?

Luke: Well, I don't know, but he looked like I feel.

Tracy: He survived, right?

Luke: I don't know. Like I told you, the whole village had disappeared. For all I know, the kid could be dead.

Skye: I'm sorry, that was very judgmental, and I know I hate when I'm on the receiving end, so --

Lorenzo: There's no need to apologize, Skye. Really.

Skye: Hmm.

Lorenzo: But I won't, either. Not for who I am. It's already written in stone.

Skye: I get that, I do. I just found it a little disconcerting that you would speak about Manny with such understanding.

Lorenzo: Why wouldn't I? We're cut from the same cloth. Both born into powerful families; exposed to criminal elements from the time we're old enough to understand. Both chose to continue that tradition.

Skye: Yes.

Lorenzo: Sorry. Look, the biggest difference I can see with Manny is that he's lost his soul. Somehow, I've been fortunate enough to maintain pieces of mine.

Skye: You're much smarter than Manny. Manny -- you were attracted to the organized crime. He was attracted to just the crime, and he enjoyed every minute of it.

Lorenzo: Well, that's a nice spin. First you clean up my face, and now my reputation. You ever think of going into P.R.?

Skye: You know, I think you are much tougher on yourself than is necessary. I think you're afraid you're going to sport wings and a halo.

Lorenzo: Hmm.

Skye: Well, my halo rusted off a long time ago too, so really, that leaves me in no position to make moral judgments on you.

Lorenzo: Hey, I didn't take it that way.

Skye: Good. Because really, I think any -- any doubts that I'm having -- really, it's all about me and how much of my heart I'm willing to risk. If you and I are ever going to be anything more than friends, I need to get there with my eyes wide open.

Lorenzo: I wouldn't have it any other way. You know what I'd like to do? I'd like to really let loose for a change.

Skye: Oh. Well, that sounds great to me.

Lorenzo: Want to try the ballet again?

Skye: That's your idea of cutting loose? You know what? Do you feel safe leaving the details to me?

Lorenzo: Consider me putty in your hands.

Skye: All right, come on.

Tracy: Luke, let's go over this again. The child in the Markham Islands -- what were his symptoms?

Luke: High fever. I didn't know what to do for him. So I gave him a breath mint. It seemed to work. Everybody was happy. And so they gave me this celebratory happy juice to drink and be merry. The next thing I know, the whole village is in flames. And everybody's gone but the kid's pet chimp.

Tracy: Can't you ever just go to the beach?

Lulu: According to Mike, no one's even seen a chimp.

Georgie: And I notified Lucas. He said he'd keep an eye out.

Dillon: I got it.

Georgie: What?

Dillon: Five years ago, at another -- another remote island, an entire village disappeared. Nothing but ash.

Georgie: Ok. What does it mean?

Dillon: Well, what -- it's a pattern. It's mysterious. It's suspicious. It's, you know --

Georgie: Conspiracy.

Lulu: Are we back to that?

Georgie: It's never far when we're around Dillon. He's a nut when it comes to this stuff. Dillon, there are 100 other reasons.

Dillon: Yeah? Name one.

Georgie: The village was struck by lightening. Everyone got freaked out and left.

Dillon: Georgie, now you're reaching.

Georgie: Dillon, you need to quit trying to make your life into a movie.

Dillon: Why? I thought that was part of my charm?

Lulu: Ok, can you guys just please stop arguing until we find my chimp?

Dillon: All right --

Sam: Oh, wait a minute. Excuse me. You guys missing a chimp?

Lulu: Well, have you seen him?

Sam: Yes, he's at my place with Jason.

[Knock on door]

Jason: Uh -- how did you get here?

Michael: Max drove me. Sam said that you needed help with a chimp.

Jason: Just be careful.

Michael: This is the coolest thing that I've ever seen.

Maxie: Dr. Drake's kind of a hottie, don't you think?

Robin: He'll do in a rush, but who's in a hurry?

Maxie: Ooh, I get the feeling you don't like him very much.

Robin: Well, because he's a jackass most of the time. Occasionally, I feel sorry for him.

Patrick: I can't believe you're turning me down. You have cirrhosis of the liver. A partial transplant could save your life.

Noah: Yeah, and risk yours. Look, we both know all too well that mistakes happen on the operating table. I'm not willing to take that chance.

Patrick: So you'd rather die? Go out a martyr on your own self-destruction. Fine. I'll break a bottle of vodka on your casket and wish you bon voyage.

Robin: That didn't look like it went so well.

Noah: I just refused a transplant from my son.

Robin: Patrick offered to donate part of his liver?

Noah: Yeah. Pretty astounding, isn't it? That after all we've gone through, he should take a shot at saving my life.

Robin: So why won't you let him?

Noah: It's not worth the risk. And protecting my son is -- it's the last decent thing I can do.

Emily: Every time I observe in the E.R. --

Robert: Ahem.

Emily: I'm just amazed and humbled. You know, I feel so privileged to be learning medicine in this hospital with these people, you know?

Elizabeth: Well, you're going to rank at the top one day.

Emily: Yeah, I hope so.

Elizabeth: I'm so glad to see you feeling better. You were awfully bummed last night.

Emily: Yeah.

Father Coates: Emily, Elizabeth, how are you girls doing?

Elizabeth: Hi.

Emily: Hi.

Father Coates: I was hoping to ask a favor of the Chief of Staff. Is your dad around?

Emily: You know what, he's out of town, but he's expected later today. Is there anything I can do? Take a message, or --

Father Coates: Yes, I would be so grateful if General Hospital could donate flu shots to my shelter. It's supposed to be a really bad, bad season.

Elizabeth: Yeah, I don't think that's going to be able to happen. We're already running low.

Emily: You know, speak to my mom. I'm sure she can work something out.

Father Coates: Oh. Thank you.

Emily: Ok.

Father Coates: Oh, how are Mr. and Mrs. Corinthos doing?

Emily: Sonny and Carly?

Father Coates: Yeah.

Elizabeth: They're fine. Carly's out of Roselawn, and they're just taking it one day at a time.

Father Coates: Good. I am so glad to hear Carly’s better. I like those two. I'm looking forward to the next time I marry them.

[Elizabeth chuckles]

Emily: Wow -- Elizabeth, I have to go.

Elizabeth: No, no, no, no, no. Wait a minute. I wasn't going to press you last night for details, especially in front of Nikolas, but I got the distinct impression you were on your way to Sonny's to fight the breakup.

Emily: I was, or at least get a better reason for it.

Elizabeth: So what happened?

Emily: I walked in on Sonny and Carly kissing.

Elizabeth: Oh, I am sorry. I know that -- that's got to hurt.

Emily: You know, I -- I guess I should have been more prepared, but honestly, Elizabeth, I didn't see it coming.

Michael: Chimps aren't all that different from us. Except the hearing. Ours is better. Hmm.

Jason: How do you know so much?

Michael: You got me into reading. We're strangers to him. We got to make sure that he knows that everything's safe, everything's ok. Shake hands.

Jason: What?

Michael: Put your hand out and shake it. See? Wasn't so hard.

Lulu: Thank you so much for taking care of my chimp. I -- I thought he was gone for good.

Sam: Yeah. How did he get out?

Lulu: There was an uproar at the Quartermaines' and he freaked. I just -- I need to keep a better eye on him.

Sam: Ok. Uh -- tell you what -- I'm going to bring this home to Jason, and then we'll get the chimp back to you.

Lulu: Oh --

Sam: Ok?

Lulu: Thank you, yeah.

Sam: Ok.

Lulu: Ok. Thank you so much again.

Sam: Take care.

Georgie: Mystery solved. No big conspiracy.

Dillon: Have fun at my expense. I'm used to it.

Lulu: I'm leaving. I'm going to be at the house when Sam brings my chimp back.

Georgie: Fine. Whoa, hey Lulu, are you ok?

Dillon: Hey, you look white as a sheet all of a sudden.

Alice: Shh. Mr. Luke is sleeping.

Skye: Oh. Ok, well, I won't disturb him. I just need to get something for my date with Lorenzo.

Alice: Ok. Have fun.

Luke: Who's there?

Skye: Oh -- it's me. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you. Can I get you something?

Luke: Come close, for my sight is poor. I need Skye. Can you find her for me?

Skye: Luke, it's me!

Luke: I need to talk to Skye. I need -- I need to tell her how much I love her and I need her. I've been so wrong. So wrong. Please, I need Skye before the time -- time runs out. Please. Please.

Skye: Tracy, this is terrible. Luke's delirious. He needs medical attention.

Tracy: I got some medical attention for him.

Luke: Ah! Are you nuts?

Tracy: You bastard.  No wonder your mysterious illness came up so fast. You made it all up.

Luke: Not true, spanky. Not true. Now, maybe I exaggerated the delirium thing a little bit and, you know, just tried to work you, but I -- what I told you -- what I said, I meant. I just thought you wouldn't believe me if I was in my right mind.

Skye: It's ok.

Luke: It is?

Skye: I'm just glad you're not really sick, Luke.

Luke: But I am.

Skye: If you'll excuse me, I have another performance to attend.

Luke: Alcazar's a dog. You're casting pearls before a canine swine!

Tracy: Oh, my God -- give it up. She's gone!

Luke: Look, I exaggerated, ok? Yes. But what happened last night was genuine.

Tracy: Don't insult my intelligence. This is you laying low, waiting to gather your resources so you can pay me back for framing you for my imaginary murder.

Luke: Well, that would have been a good con. I wish I'd thought of it, but I didn’t. Now, whatever this thing is --

[Luke coughs]

Luke: It's real as hell.

Georgie: I know I got aspirin in here somewhere.

Lulu: No, it's ok. I just -- I think I just got up too fast or something, and I didn't get much sleep last night worrying about my dad and the chimp.

Georgie: You know, Lulu, Luke just got really sick. Maybe you should see a doctor.

Lulu: Don't flu bugs need time to incubate? There's no way that I could have caught it that fast. Plus, we're swimming in doctors at the Quartermaines'. I just -- I really have to get back, and I don't want my chimp to feel abandoned.

Dillon: Don't look now, but I think you're getting a little attached to that guy.

Lulu: I like him. He's a gift from my dad.

Georgie: Well, bundle up, because if you get sick, Dillon will smell yet another conspiracy in the way shots were distributed.

Robin: I heard that you offered to donate part of your liver to Noah.

Patrick: Then you also heard he turned me down. So what? If he wants to die, let him.

Robin: Oh, well, that's the Patrick that I know.

Patrick: You don't know me. And I'd appreciate it if you'd stay out of my personal business.

Robin: Sorry, I was intrigued. It was an atypically unselfish gesture.

Patrick: Yeah, well, don't read too far into it. I offered my father a chance at life and redemption. Unfortunately, he'd rather guilt-trip me for being hard on him for the rest of his life.

Robin: How can you be so brilliant in the O.R. and so clueless in the real world?

Jesse: What are you doing here?

Maxie: I volunteer here, remember?

Jesse: Yeah, bad idea.

Maxie: I'm sorry?

Jesse: Hey, look at me. You need to rethink this. As long as Manny’s working off his community service, I don't want you anywhere around the hospital.

Maxie: Jesse, I'm going to try and be touched by your need to protect me, but that doesn't mean I'm going to quit my job. So why don't you let me do my work, and I'll let you do yours.

Jesse: No, I'm here to check on Manny to make sure the ankle monitor's working; he's behaving himself. Because monitor or not, I'm not entirely comfortable with Manny Ruiz walking around this hospital with helpless patients and would-be hostages like you and Georgie. Until he's done here, I think it's best you sit things out, or -- you know, go volunteer over at Mercy.

Maxie: Ok, you know what? Last week, a crack addict burst into Mercy's E.R., all wigged out. He took a ballpoint pen, stabbed a nurse in the ear, and she died. But then again, you would know that, because you had to arrest him, right? Freaks and danger are everywhere, Jesse, and you encounter them every day. It's fine, it's expected, it's a part of your job. But what am I supposed to do, close myself up in some tower like a princess? Is that some macho thing?

Jesse: Possibly.

Maxie: I'm scared for you a lot. But I respect what you do, and I admire your dedication. I just want you to do the same for me, ok?

Emily: I'm just kicking myself for being such a delusional fool, Elizabeth. Sonny and Carly always end up back together, no matter how many times they swear it won't happen. And you know why? Because Carly won't let him go.

Elizabeth: If Carly wasn't in the picture, do you think you and Sonny would have made it?

Emily: I think we deserve the chance to find out.

Elizabeth: Yeah. Emily, Sonny needs to bear some responsibility, too. Carly would not be able to keep reeling him back in if he were really done with her.

Emily: With all due respect, Elizabeth, you weren't in that room with us. Sonny's feelings for me were real. They -- they are real. And Carly’s hook is she's the mother of his children, and she uses it shamelessly and without regard for those kids. You know, that's it, I'm going over there.

Elizabeth: Wait, Em, I don't think that's a good --

Emily: No, I can't just disappear from Michael and Morgan’s lives without any explanation. It isn't fair. Their mother confuses them enough.

Elizabeth: So are you going to see the boys --

[Emily sighs]

Elizabeth: Or are you going to see Sonny? Please tell me you're going to be able to let this go.

Emily: I have no choice, right?

Patrick: One date with no payoff doesn't give you the right, or the insight, to comment on my relationship with my father. Ok, you've known us for five minutes. You have no idea our history, or what baggage we carry. Or what it's like to live in the shadow of first my father's success, and then his failure.

Robin: And you bludgeon Noah over the head with that failure every chance that you get. Why is that, Patrick? Does it make you feel more viable as a doctor, or as a human being, to kick Noah while he's down? Why is being --

Patrick: Ok, when did you end up in the Noah Drake Fan Club?

Robin: I have compassion for the man!

Patrick: I literally offered him a part of myself to keep him alive. That's about as compassionate as I get.

Maxie: I just -- everybody always teases me for being shallow.

Jesse: And juggling bedpans and bread pudding is going to prove otherwise?

Maxie: Jesse, I am trying to learn about who I am or who I'm going to be. And for some reason, I ended up here. So maybe I need to step up and help people. But everyone else here is in as much danger from Manny as I am. They don't get the chance to duck and hide until the threat passes, so I'm not going to take that opportunity, either.

Jesse: Oh, you are exasperating.

Maxie: I've heard that before, too.

Jesse: Ok. I'll back off. But just be extra cautious, ok? If Manny flips out, he's got his choice of targets. And for the record -- I never once thought you were shallow.

Nikolas' voice: "Dear Nikolas, I'm sorry I haven't called. I think about you so much, and I picked up the phone a dozen times. I wanted you to know the baby and I are both fine. Jax is with us. I know what you're thinking. And no, we're not back together. Jax showed up and made his case, and I decided it would be best for the baby if he were here with us now. I'm sorry for any pain I've caused you, but this is all for the best. I hope you're doing well, because you deserve that, and much more. Courtney."

Alexis: Hi.

Nikolas: Hi.

Alexis: What's wrong with you?

Nikolas: Jax is staying with Courtney.

Alexis: Oh. I -- you know, this surprises me. Jax didn't say anything to me about it.

Nikolas: I just -- I don't understand, Alexis. First, she writes both me and Jax letters saying that she's leaving town to have a baby, right? She wants to be left alone. And neither of us should track -- track her down -- blah, blah, blah, whatever. Then she writes that letter saying that -- that Jax has found her, and not only is she fine with it, she wants him to stay. What -- what do I make of that? How am I supposed to feel?

Alexis: Maybe she's just --

Nikolas: What?

Alexis: Changed her mind, because he's the biological father.

Nikolas: No, she's not in love with him. Well, I mean, at least she wasn't before she left.

Alexis: I'm really sorry, Nikolas. I know how hard that you worked on this relationship, and you were so committed to it. You wanted it to work, I know that.

Nikolas: Well, thanks for listening. I shouldn't keep you. Go do what you need to do.

Alexis: No, you know what? I came here to see you.

Nikolas: Why?

Alexis: I wanted to ask your opinion about something.

Nikolas: About what?

Alexis: I had a meeting with Durant. I just came from there. He offered me the position of A.D.A. Now, this is a very tempting job for a lot of very good reasons, although I'm hesitating because of Ric.

Ric: You want to be under John Durant’s thumb? Don't let me stop you.

Alexis: Ooh.

[Knock on door]

[Lorenzo chuckles]

Skye: Hey.

Lorenzo: Your halo didn't rust off. It was singed.

Skye: You look -- you look amazing.

Lorenzo: Hmm. I'm just not sure it's me.

Skye: Well, it is tonight. And that's all we really have, isn't it?

Lorenzo: Oh, living in the moment.

Skye: That's right. I'm learning. In fact, my teacher is why I'm late. I inadvertently got sucked into another one of Luke’s dramas.

Lorenzo: Oh, that guy again?

Skye: Yeah. He tried to fake delirium to try to draw me in, but Tracy busted him.

Lorenzo: Sounds like more of the same to me.

Skye: For them, maybe. But for me, I don't know -- I felt strangely detached, unaffected. All I could think about was getting here to see you.

Lorenzo: Hmm.

Skye: Not because I had anything to prove to Luke, or -- just because this is where I really wanted to be.

Luke: Well, hello, old son! Ah! Good to see you. Now remember, you can't let a little domestic discord scare you away, ok?

Dillon: Does he look afraid to you?

Georgie: Afraid?

Dillon: Yeah, you know, like he's been traumatized or something?

Georgie: Oh, Dillon, give it a rest. No bad men in black kidnapped him.

Lulu: I'm really glad he's back. It was really nice of Sam and Jason to bring him over here.

Tracy: You don't suppose they'd be willing to keep him, do you?

Luke: No dice, wife. My daughter's chimp is a permanent fixture around here. Are we agreed?

[Chimp raspberries]

Luke: Oh, he's going to fit in perfectly around here.

Tracy: How did this become my life?

[Tracy sighs]

Georgie: Lulu? Hey, are you ok?

Lulu: No, I'm fine. I'm fine.

Georgie: No, let's -- you need to sit down.

Dillon: Hey. I've been trying to figure out what exactly happened in that village. Did you notice anything funny when it burned to the ground?

Luke: It burning to the ground isn't funny enough? What are you getting at?

Georgie: Dillon's trying to prove that there's some big cover-up.

Dillon: Ok, cover-ups happen all the time, all right? And sometimes not only does the government know about it, but they're involved. And they work in shadows, ok? I mean, you don't know -- there could be, like, a secret agency in Port Charles right now doing God knows what to who, and we wouldn't even know about it.

[Computer beeps]



Robert: Yes.

Lorenzo: Sounds like we're making progress.

Skye: Even if it's one step forward and two steps back?

Lorenzo: There's no timetable here. You're suffering from a broken heart. I know the feeling. And I'm willing to wait out the healing process. I'm a very patient man. But you know what? We should probably get out of here. This is a big night for me. I am about to let loose.

Skye: You know what? I'm thinking that we can just do that right here.

Alexis: Ok.

Ric: Hmm?

Alexis: There is a very good reason to consider this very seriously, and here's why. This is more of a 9:00-to-5:00 job than any other job I can do right now. It takes less time than private practice. I'd be in court most of the time. And I -- I would -- I would -- I would be at home with my children, which is where I would like to be. It's a good job for a working mother.

Ric: You done?

Alexis: Yeah.

Ric: Ok, good. You know what? You're a brilliant attorney -- for a Yalie, which is why I was even considering going into private practice with you. But if you would rather work for a D.A. who's more corrupt than the people that he's actually prosecuting, you be my guest.

Alexis: Another good reason to take this job. Someone needs to keep an eye on him so that the cases that need to be prosecuted are, in fact, prosecuted.

Ric: Wait -- so this is an altruistic endeavor?

Alexis: Well, now, I'm not saying that.

Ric: No, you know what? Your ethics are unassailable, Alexis. I'm sure they can even withstand working for John Durant. And frankly, I'm actually very intrigued going up against you in court, because you're going to be spending a lot of time going over your briefs and everything, which gives me a lot of time to spend with Kristina and Molly. We can go on day trips, just the three of us.

Alexis: That is not --

Ric: And going up against you in court assures me of an easy win.

Alexis: When was the last time that you beat me in court?

Ric: Oh, here's a better question for you, my dear. What are you going to do the next time I beat you in court? Because you know full well that Durant is going to feed you all the toughest cases. And don't expect me to go easy on you just because you're my wife.

Alexis: You should be scared.

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: You should be very, very scared because I'm not going to lighten up on you at all. That is, if I take this job, and I'm not saying that I will. I'm thinking about it --

Ric: Oh, ok.

Alexis: Very carefully.

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: Don't think I'm falling for one minute for your blatant attempt of reverse psychology.

Ric: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. No, you're overthinking this, counselor.

Alexis: Hmm, hmm.

Ric: No, really. Because you can take the job, you can not take the job. I'll see you either in court or at home, you know? Whichever comes first. Thank you very much.

Sam: Oh. Poor Max. That's all I'm going to say. Michael is going to talk his ear off the whole way home.

Jason: Yeah, Michael loves animals, that's for sure.

Sam: Hey, are you ok? You were really quiet in the car ride home.

Jason: I wish I would have just, you know, realized how -- how sick Luke is. You know, maybe I shouldn't have taken Michael over there.

Sam: Michael is going to be fine. Michael is probably exposed to worse germs every day in the playground.

Robin: Oh, excuse me. I'm just going to --

Robert: Well -- Hi, sweetheart.

Dillon: You see, who -- who but the government could or would kidnap an entire village?

Tracy: Oh, please. There is no sinister plot, no villagers being held hostage in a secret compound, because Luke was never really sick.

Luke: Not true.

Lulu: I feel funny.

Luke: Oh -- oh! Oh, my God. Oh, she's burning up. Just like I was last night. Whatever bug I picked up must be contagious. It's jumped to Lulu. And it may not stop there. That means everybody that's been in this house in the last 24 hours has been exposed to it, and they could carry it to everyone they come in contact with.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Noah: Who told you it was ok to broadcast my health problems?

Lulu: What is happening to me, dad?

Luke: The doctors are figuring that out. You'll be ok.

Emily: Did I imagine what I thought you felt for me?

Robert: I guess there's a bit of explaining to do.

Robin: You let me believe that you were dead!

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