GH Transcript Friday 1/27/06

General Hospital Transcript Friday 1/27/06


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Dillon: Hey. You ok?

Lulu: Yeah, never better.

Dillon: Ahem. Clearly not. At least you know your dad's ok.

Lulu: Do you realize how absurd that sounds? My dad is in a jungle on the other side of the planet, sending me shrunken heads from him, and that translates into being ok. And we don't even know how to contact him to tell him that it's safe to come home.

[Doorbell rings]

Dillon: Alice? Hi.

Man: Delivery for skye quartermaine.

Dillon: Oh. Yeah.

Lulu: Oh, here. Oh. Oh, my god.

Dillon: There you go.

Man: Thank you.

Lulu: These have to be from dad.

Dillon: Is there like a clue as to where he is?

Lulu: I don't know. Where's the card?

Dillon: I don't know.

[Lulu sighs]

Tracy: I'll take that.

Lulu: No!

Dillon: Hey --

lulu: They are skye's, they are not yours.

Tracy: From my husband, I have proprietary rights.

Lulu: What does it say?

Tracy: None of your business.

Lulu: He is my father!

Tracy: They're from lorenzo.

Luke: Any messages?

Bellman: No, dr. Von skimmerman, and there's nothing at the front desk, either.

Luke: Wow.


Luke: Looks like it's really hopping out there.

Bellhop: I must warn you, doctor, we are in unsettled times. I strongly suggest that you stay on hotel property for the duration of your stay.

Luke: I'll bear that in mind. Thank you.

Bellhop: Thank you.

Emily: Hey.

Robin: Hi.

Emily: I'm sorry I'm late. Has anyone been yelling?

Robin: Like the senior resident?

Emily: Yeah.

Robin: You can relax, she called in sick.

Emily: Oh, you're kidding.

Robin: No.

Emily: I almost got a ticket trying to get here.

Robin: Oh. Well, now you can take a long, leisurely drive back home.

Emily: Yeah, you know, I might as well make myself useful.

Elizabeth: Skyline creek lodge? What's that all about?

Emily: Nothing.

Elizabeth: Right, it's only the most private, romantic place for 100 miles. You're going there with sonny, aren't you?

Sonny: All right, tonight's meeting?

Max: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: It's about strategy, figuring out a way to deal with manny, his release. I don't want anybody to make a move unless I order it. The problem is probably bigger than manny. You get what I'm saying?

Max: Yeah. Got it. And what time do you want the car?

Sonny: Well, I'm going to be handing over the meeting to jason because I got plans.

Jason: What plans?

Manny: Hello. What do I owe the honor, officer?

Lucky: Just making sure you're sending out the right signals.

Manny: Oh. Well, there's no way out of this thing -- not that I'm complaining. You know, it's better than prison blues.

Lucky: Yeah, it just tells us where you are. No more surprise visits to sam mccall or anyone else you think you need to apologize to.

Manny: Oh, you know my time is accounted for now, officer. I'm starting my first day of community service at the hospital, and I'll -- I'll tell your pretty wife that you said hello.

Lucky: You keep your nose clean.

Lorenzo: Well, you handled that well.

Manny: Yeah, maybe I should go to hollywood, you know, start an acting career.

Lorenzo: Even good actors need the occasional prop. Should make your life a lot easier.

Manny: Oh. You know, if this is what I think -- you deserve props of your own. I mean the other kind, like respect.

Lorenzo: Just keep your eye on the prize. Eliminate corinthos once and for all.

Sonny: Give us a minute. We got to clear up a few things with jason.

Max: I'll be outside.

Jason: What do you need to clear up?

Sonny: I just -- I got some personal business I got to take care of, and you're going to have to take the meeting. Just keep it informal, make sure our associates know, you know, it's important to be vigilant.

Jason: You do the same. Manny faked out a judge and a jury. There's no telling what this guy's going to try to do next.

Sonny: Yep, understood. Any questions about tonight?

Jason: You know I've always been honest with you.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Jason: I spoke to emily.

Sonny: Is that right?

Jason: I told her to end things before anyone gets hurt.

Sonny: I told you, you shouldn't be talking to carly, but --

jason: And if emily can't do it, you have to.

Sonny: I don't know. What did I miss? Weren't you the guy who always, you know, insist people make their own choices? What, nobody can tell u what to do, but you get to micromanage my life, your sister's life? Look, I -- you know how much I respect you greatly, but forget it. I get enough of that from carly.

Lulu: Are the flowers really from alcazar?

Skye: Hey -- give me that. "Can't wait to see you again. Lorenzo."

Lulu: I was hoping they were from my dad. We need another clue to where he is, now that the step-witch finally admitted to the police that dad wasn't trying to kill her.

Tracy: After you blackmailed me into it.

Dillon: Oh, you know what? O cares? All that matters is the truth is out there and everybody knows it but luke, and that's a problem. So we need to find a way to let him know that he can come home. Unfortunately, our only lead is a head, and it's not talking.

Tracy: Well, here's a thought -- maybe that is luke.

Lulu: Were you born a hateful shrew?

Skye: I can answer that -- yes, she was.

Tracy: Why are you always here?

Georgie: Hi.

Dillon: Whoa, what'd you find? What --

georgie: I showed the head to the -- well, head of archeology, and he said that it's not human and there's something inside. Yeah.

Dillon: Oh, wow. He's right.

Skye: Wait a minute. Are you saying that we have to open that thing somehow?

Lulu: Wait -- and why? To find little, shrunken chimp brains or --

dillon: Or it could be worse. It could be zombie dust.

Tracy: Zombie dust?

Dillon: Yes, zombie dust. There's actually this movie --

tracy: Oh, please. I'm sorry I asked. Give me the head. I want to know if there's a message from luke in there, and close the damn door.

Georgie: Fine.

Dillon: Mom?

[Door closes]

Dillon: Wait, wait, wait -- no, no, wait, wait, wait! I have a better idea.

Luke: Oh.

Luke: Oh!

Elizabeth: Here. Oh --

manny: Hi. Sorry I startled you. I'm here to start my community service.

Elizabeth: Great. Ok, well, welcome.

Manny: Thank you. So where do I go?

Elizabeth: Housekeeping. You will report to mrs. Drudge. Her office is in the basement.

Manny: Figures.

Elizabeth: Oh, wait, wait, wait. Do you have a change of clothes?

Manny: What's wrong with this, elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Uh -- well, you -- I mean, you might be near the patients, and, well, you'll probably scare them. Mrs. Drudge has a really strict dress code -- work pants, work shirts, long sleeves only.

Manny: Well, you know, it's nice of you to warn me. I'll go home and change. I don't want to upset or scare anyone anymore, especially you.

Dillon: Uh --

georgie: Well, maybe an x-ray will help us figure out what 're looking for. Have I told you lately that you're a pure genius?

Dillon: Thank you. Hey --

robin: Hi!

Dillon: Thanks for meeting us on such short notice.

Robin: Well, I was intrigued. You want me to x-ray some sort of tribal artifact?

Dillon: Um -- promise me you won't get too creeped out.

Robin: I -- god, I haven't seen one of these in years. This doesn't have to do with luke, does it?

Luke: Oh. Whoa, whoa, whoa -- whoa, is that really necessary? Come on, come on. Can I get up?

Luke: Ok. Who wants to tell me what's going on? Why am I here?

Man: Painin.

Second man: His father wants you to look at the boy. Is very sick.

Luke: Me?

Man: Doctor.

Luke: Oh. Uh -- no.

Man: Yes! Dr. Von skimmerman, please help. Other doctors never come. Help before he dies.

Luke: Oh, see -- you got this wrong, see. I'm not a real doctor. This is a disguise. I -- I can't help him. This is all a scam. I -- I'm afraid I can't do anything to help you. Whoa -- is he always so trigger-happy? Look, I'll tell you what -- I'll go to the town and I'll find a doctor and I'll bring him back.

Man: Help the boy -- or die.

Jason: You think warning you away from my sister is something I enjoy doing? I would be dead wrong if I didn'T. This is my sister. I know your life. I live it every day. This is no place for emily.

Sonny: Jason, it's her decision --

jason: If you pursue this, you are asking for disaster.

Sonny: The same kind of disaster I tried to warn you and courtney against?

Jason: You were right.

Sonny: And both of you had to figure it out.

Jason: And you can spare yourself and emily that kind of pain if you just let her go. Sonny, just let her go.

Sonny: You got to get to that meeting. That's what you're good at.

[Door closes]

Sonny: Hey, it's me.

Emily: Hi. I got your post card.

Sonny: Yeah, that's why I'm calling. I kind of -- um -- did that on impulse. It kind of was -- I didn't really think it through, bad idea type of thing, and I just couldn't -- I couldn't get you out of my mind.

Emily: I know the feeling. So what is it, sonny? Are you backing out of your invitation?

Sonny: Uh, well, it's -- not because I want to.

Emily: All right. Well, then why do it?

Sonny: Well, because jason was over here giving me a hard time, and I'm sure carly was giving you a hard time.

Emily: Yeah, but this isn't about them, is it? Why should we let eryoyone eee dictate what we do? You invited me for a nice evening, I want to join you, sonny, and that should be the end of it.

Sonny: Tell you what -- ahem -- I'm going to head to the lodge, all right? And if you -- if you feel like going and you show up, that's good, great. If you don't, that's fine, too. Deal?

Emily: Deal.

[ Woman ]

Dad was having trouble

remembering my son's name,

Man: You will help.

Luke: Yeah. Yeah, I will. Maybe there is something that I can do. But I need my doctor bag. It's back at the hotel. I'll just go --

luke: You know what? I have something on me. Some very powerful medicine -- just happen to have it on me. I'll give him one of these.

Luke: Here you go. Ok, good. There you go. There you go.

Man: He likes it.

Luke: Yeah. I think he's going to be ok. I'll leave these with you, and then if he needs any more, you give them to him.

Man: We wait, see if medicine works.

Tracy: You don't miss a trick, do you? Sending yourself flowers, making sure you're out of the room when they arrive.


Robin: Yeah, my dad kind of thought outside the box.

Dillon: Yeah, but you weren't -- you weren't scared or --

robin: I was, actually, at first. I was convinced that it was going to open its mouth and start spewing curses on my family. And then I saw the secret symbols on its neck and so I decided to investigate. I got a little magnifying glass, and I looked very closely and it said "made in japan." Kind of took the scary factor away.

Georgie: Yeah.

Robin: Why don't you guys go to the cafeteria or something, and I'll take it up to x-ray.

Georgie: Thank you.

Dillon: Thank you. So, you think you can eat lunch after touching a head? Huh?

Georgie: No.

Jason: Hey, emily, you got a minute?

Emily: Not if this is about me and sonny.

Jason: Ok. I already said my piece. For the record, I said it to sonny, too. He told me it wasn't my decision.

Emily: All right. Well, that's good advice. You should take it, jase. This shouldn't be coming between you and sonny.

Jason: Well, there's a way

make sure it doesn'T.

Emily: Yeah, I know, jason, but it requires that I deny what's in my heart, and I'm not willing to do that. So if you'll excuse me, I have somewhere else to be.

Max: We may have a problem. Sonny told me to meet him on the corner of fifth and maple, he never showed. I don't know if he was deliberately misleading me --

jason: It's manny.

Carly's voice: Do not get involved with emily. Jason can't accept it.

Sonny's voice: Well, that's between me and jason.

Carly's voice: He is trying to talk to you, but you won't list.

Sonny's voice: He'll get used to it.

Carly's voice: This is not going to be a happily-ever-after, sonny, and you know it. Emily will get hurt, and when she does, you will punish yourself for months, maybe even years, and along the way, you're going to lose your best friend, you're going to confuse your boys, and you're going to split their loyalties. Do the right thing and let her go. Forget fine lines. It's deep wrinkles...

Lorenzo: I see you got my flowers.

Skye: I did. They're beautiful.

Lorenzo: And they made you smile?

Skye: Ear to ear.

Lorenzo: Mission accomplished. Now the question is, what are you doing on your feet?

Skye: Oh, lorenzo, it's just a little sprain, really.

Lorenzo: No pain whatsoever?

Skye: Just a little sore, you know.

Lorenzo: Let me take a look at it.

Tracy: Hello? It's all an act. She's using her ankle as bait. You're a worm on a hook getting ready to be reeled in, not because she's so enraptured with you but because she needs something to make luke jealous.

Lorenzo: Ah. And what are you? Even more jealous? Afraid you can't stand up to the competition?

Tracy: Something's different -- oh, you shaved.

Lorenzo: Well, someone did.

Tracy: Oh, my god. What's next? Public sponge baths? You know what? If you care so much about lorenzo, it's not going to be a hardship sleeping with him.

Lorenzo: Well, I'm flattered. I had no idea you were so committed to my having a healthy sex life. But when, where, and how I consummate my relationship with this beautiful woman will remain between us. But, you know, your interest begs the question, are you one of those unfortunate people that like to watch?

Tracy: You're disgusting.

Skye: Oh, thank you so much for putting that witch in her place.

Lorenzo: Oh, I thoroughly enjoyed it -- unless what she said is true.

Carly: Wow, I thought we had plenty.

Patrick: I'll call you back.

Leticia: I'm so sorry.

Michael: He was just playing.

Patrick: Remember me?

Michael: Yeah, you're the one who came to save me after I fell in the pond.

Patrick: Yeah. So explain something to me -- what's with the spoon-throwing thing?

Michael: Um -- well, that means morgan wants dessert.

Patrick: Oh, I got a much better way to make the point.

Carly: I haven't heard from jax, either. Restk everything and I'll take full responsibility. Thanks. Oh. Wow. Ok, I get the point -- cake and ice cream coming up, definitely.

Michael: Yes!

Morgan: Yes!

Carly: You know, you need to be careful, dr. Drake. You're starting to look human after all.

Man: The fever's down.

Luke: It's amazing what a little fresh breath will do. Well, I think my work here is done.

Man: You must take reward.

Luke: Reward?

Man: She was a gift from the stars, late to her parents. Her name means "sky."

Luke: Well, she's lovely, absolutely beautiful. But I -- I'm not able to accept this offering. You see, I have a skye of my own.

Man: Very smart.

Luke: Oh, yeah, I bet he is, but, you know, luke spencer cannot come between a chimp and his -- his friend.

Luke: Oh.

Man: Yes. Makes you happy?

Luke: Ooh, well, now you're speaking my language. Whoo. Cheers.

Robin: I'm sorry. All I can tell you from the x-ray is that whatever is in the head is, like, thin and square.

Dillon: Yeah, that's not helpful at all, thanks.

Robin: Ok, I have a suggestion. Ok.

Georgie: Oh, really --

dillon: Oh.

Georgie: Don't mind --

dillon: Oh.

Robin: Can you --

georgie: Oh, my.

Robin: Grab it first. Take it, please? Thank you. Aha.

Georgie: Wait.

Dillon: Oh.

Georgie: A hotel matchbook.

Dillon: With a phone number on it. Bingo. That's where luke's hiding out, right there.

Georgie: Ok, we need to get this to skye and lulu right away.

Dillon: Oh --

georgie: Thank you.

Robin: Anytime.

Dillon: Yeah.

Georgie: Bye.

Dillon: Ugh.

Elizabeth: Should I ask?

Robin: Luke.

Elizabeth: Oh. That explains it.

Robin: I know it sounds weird, but seeing this little shrunken head kind of reminded me of my parents, about how wild and brave they were when I was a little girl, the unconventional way that they lived.

Elizabeth: Well, robert and anna scorpio are legends in this town. I mean, I've heard the story about how many lives were saved when they were working undercover for the government.

Robin: Hmm. They are a hard act to follow. I mean, I am completely boring compared to them. Maybe I should do something about that.

Jason: Elizabeth. Have you seen manny?

Elizabeth: Yeah, he checked in earlier for community service, but I sent him home to get changed.

Jason: Ok, just -- you need to be careful with that guy roaming around.

Elizabeth: If he has an ankle monitor on, he can't go anywhere without the police knowing.

Jason: He can create havoc in the time it takes to blink. Just be careful.

Emily: Sonny?

Emily: Sonny?

Emily: Sonny? Sonny, are you back there?

Jason's voice: You're great with the boys, but I know it's more now.

Emily's voice: Jason, I care deeply about sonny, and he cares about me. We're not going to hide what we feel, and if other people can't accept that, it's just too bad. We've already had this conversation.

Jan's voice: I know we have, and I've tried to stay out of it, but I can'T. You're going to get hurt.

[Door opens]

Jason's voice: You need to break things off with sonny. A speed bump.

Luke: Oh.


[Luke grunts]

Skye: I'm stubborn, even obtuse when I want something, and I wanted luke.

Lorenzo: Past tense?

Skye: Luke made up his mind. He probably did a long time ago, but I refused to listen or see the signs. I don't know, I must -- I must represent something to luke that he's turned off to out of fear or disappointment, I don't know. Who knows?

Lorenzo: Love?

Skye: The way I perceive it, luke had that love once with laura. It was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of thing, and then when it crashed and burned around him, he couldn't do anything to stop it. And when he lost all that -- laura and his dreams -- it was like a fatal wound to his heart, you know? And he could never risk opening his heart up again like that. He could never risk that kind of pain, and that's why he stays married to tracy, because he can have fun and games until the cows come home and he never even has to risk one piece of his heart. Luke even protects himself from his daughter. She's fragile, and the more lulu's concerned, so is luke.

Lorenzo: Lulu is representative of laura.

Skye: Exactly. And even by taking her in here, he's managed to create an environment that is so chaotic that it's creating distance by virtue of its existence. I try to be there for lulu, I -- I want to be the one that she can go to when it gets to be too much. I'm very fond of her, you know?

Lorenzo: I'm hearing an awful lot about luke. What's important to you?

Skye: Being first. Being considered.

Lorenzo: Well, that's the least you deserve.

Skye: There's a little bit of walking wounded in me. I can't make any promises about where we're headed.

Lorenzo: I'm not asking for promises, only honesty. Walking wounded is one thing. Takes time to heal a broken heart. But, skye, if you are still in love with luke, you need to know that is not a wall I want to bang my head against again.

Carly: Don't give leticia a hard time, all right?

Michael: We won'T.

Carly: Ok.

Michael: Bye, dr. Drake.

Patrick: See you guys.

Carly: Bye. So, um -- you want to explain?

Patrick: The spoon thing? I learned it in third grade.

Carly: And you were so inspired to reprise it because of my boys?

Patrick: Or to score points with you?

Carly: Yeah, that sounds more like it.

Patrick: I don't need child's play to impress a woman.

Carly: You're an egomaniac.

Patrick: Confident.

Carly: Rude.

Patrick: Candid.

Carly: Conceited.

Patrick: Certified by satisfied customers.

Carly: Yet so quick to think the worst of your father.

Patrick: Experience. My father's a drunk and a loser.

Carly: So it's easier to hate him than love him, huh? I know a little bit about complicated parental relationships. See, I came to port charles with the sole purpose of destroying my mother's life, and I succeeded. I mean, hell, she gave me up for adoption, I was going to make her pay. But you know what? We learned to love and forgive each other.

Patrick: It's not that easy with my father and I.

Carly: No. Because he's human, right? Noah disappointed you, so now he has to fail to justify your behavior?

Patrick: Is there some reason you care?

Sonny: I was here, and then I left. I came back because I -- I owe you -- I thought I owed you an explanation. I didn't want you to think I blew you off.

Emily: I wouldn't have.

Sonny: You cold?

Emily: I wouldn't mind a fire. I mean, as long as we're here.

Sonny: Yeah. I've been doing a lot of thinking, you know, trying to hear all the voices in my head and --

emily: Yours or everyone else's?

Sonny: You're sweet, tender, fragile.

Emily: Sonny, I'm not a porcelain doll. I'm human, I'm a woman.

Sonny: Yeah, who's been through hell.

Emily: So have you.

Sonny: There is so much to consider.

Emily: Sonny, no one forced me to come here. No one forced you to come back.

Sonny: It just makes sense not to take this any further th we already have.

Emily: There's only one thing that makes sense.

Sonny: No, I don't -- you don't know. You don't know. You don't know -- you don't know what's going on.

Carly: Your father is obviously trying. Why don't you give him a chance to fix things?

Patrick: Would you like to dance?

Carly: Is that your subtle way of telling me to mind my own business?

Patrick: Right the first time. Besides, we have an act to maintain. We're lovers, remember? At least, that's what robin is supposed to think.

Carly: Thanks for being good to my boys.

Patrick: They're good boys.

Carly: Oh. I have to say, watching you with them? It tells me that you're going to be a great father one day.

Patrick: That is one thing that will not happen.

Sonny: Wait. See, they got -- they got a great restaurant downstairs. Got great food. You know what I mean?

Emily: Yeah.

Sonny: We can go down and eat.

Emily: It's a possibility.

Sonny: What do you think? Hmm?

Sonny: I don't know, whatever.

Emily: Yeah.

Sonny: Want to go with me?

Emily: Yeah. Stop talking.

Sonny: Hey -- wait, wait, wait. Come here. All right.

Lulu: My dad's coming back soon. I can feel it.

Skye: Well, I hope so -- for your sake.

Lulu: What about yours?

Skye: We've discussed this.

Lulu: I know. I just -- I don't want you to give up on him.

Dillon: The head had a number.

Tracy: Give it to me.

Lulu: No, no! No, no, no! Call.

Skye: You -- you really should. Your father sent the number to you, lulu.

Lulu: Dad?

Bellhop: Who you looking for?

Lulu: Um -- luke spencer. I'm his daughter.

Bellhop: There's no one here by that name.

Lulu: Well, are you sure? Because he gave me this number to call -- who? Oh. Oh, ok. Sorry. Dad's not there. The person who answered the phone said it was some doctor's room and he left in the middle of the night or something.

Skye: Wait a minute, what was that doctor's name?

Lulu: Skimmerman --

skye: [German accent] Von skimmerman!

[Normal voice] That's his alias. You call back that room right now and you find out what you can.

Lulu: You're going to be so sorry when my dad comes home.

Luke: Where is everybody? Hey. Hello. Come on, let's get you out of here.

>> On the next "general hospital" --

robert: Find out who else has been here in the last 24 hours.

Luke: I'm on my way back to port charles now.

Carly: Why don't you ever want kids?

Robin: What happened?

Paramedic: Slip and fall.

Sonny: It's what emily wants, it's what I want. What do you want me to tell you?

Jason: If you bring her in, I'm not going to watch!

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