GH Transcript Thursday 1/26/06

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 1/26/06


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Sam: Oh, god.

Reporter: Ms. Davis -- ms. Davis, how does it feel to win?

Carly: Jase, I need to talk to you about sonny. It's important.

Jason: Carly -- this is not -- carly --

carly: It's important.

Alexis: Stated that he is not accountable for his actions prior his surgery.

John: This verdict is a travesty of justice. Ms. Davis has just unleashed a known killer in our community under the so-called rule of law.

Alexis: The jury made their decision.

John: Well, the jury was misguided by you and the doctors.

Alexis: The law is very clear.

John: The law is not intended, ms. Davis, to send known killers into our society.

Manny: Sam? I'm sorry for the pain that I've caused you. And I just hope that someday, you'll accept my apology.

Sam: You're lying, and you've been lying all along!

Jason: Stay away from her.

Alexis do something before they kill each other.

Jason: Stay away.

Sonny: Hey, hey, not here.

John: You picked the wrong place to lose that legendary cool, mr. Morgan. Perhaps all the folks at home just witnessed that attack. Now they're going to watch you get arrested.

Carly: Come on, you know jason was just trying to protect sam.

John: Hmm. From an innocent conversation?

Jason: Are you ok?

Sam: Yeah. Manny tried to apologize, but, come on, you know it's an act.

John: Carly, I saw what jason did. The entire courthouse saw it.

Carly: He pushed manny up against the wall. He didn't hurt him.

John: Carly, the law is the law. That was a clear case of asslt.

Manny: Mr. Durant?

Carly: Oh --

manny: Mr. Durant?

John: Yeah?

Manny: I don't want to press charges.

John: What?

Manny: You know, I've been given a new life. And I just hope over time that sam and jason will realize that I mean them no harm.

John: That's very sweet. That's -- that's sweet. But you should know that mr. Morgan isn't of a benevolent nature. The next time, there's a very good chance -- I'd say the chances are excellent -- that there won't be any witnesses, and you're not going to survive. Pressing charges is the only way to save what's left of your pathetic, miserable, so-called life.

Manny: Well, you know, I've made my decision, so can you please let him go?

Sam: Can you believe this garbage?

John: Get mr. Ruiz out of here, take him back to pcpd, get him fitted with his ankle monitor.

[Phone rings]

Lorenzo: I am sorry. I forgot the opera glasses.

Skye: Oh, your seats are probably so good you won't even need them, but I do love the costumes.

Lorenzo: And I need to take this call. Um -- would you run upstairs and get the opera glasses? They're on the bureau, second bedroom on the right.

Skye: Sure.

Lorenzo: Thanks.

Lorenzo: What's the verdict?

Man: Involuntary manslaughter. Manny will do some community service at general hospital, but he has to wear an ankle monitor.

Lorenzo: Well, that's a complication. But with a little creativity, manny should still be able to eliminate corinthos. Stay on it. Ready?

Skye: Yeah. I got them right here.

Oh -- well --

robin: All right. You officially have one hour to order, eat, and then we go home.

Patrick: To your place?

Robin: You're impossible.

Patrick: Well, some people say that's part of my charm.

Robin: Ok, well, why do you ask those "some people" to take you out to dinner?

Patrick: Here's a suggestion -- why don't you go out on a limb and actually try to have fun tonight?

Robin: Hmm. No, thanks. I think I'll pass. Oh -- and by the way, tomorrow at the hospital, what you euphemistically call "flirting" is officially over. I am no longer a prospective date. We are professional colleagues, nothing more.

Patrick: Well, I wouldn't jump to conclusions. I plucked that bullet out of manny's spinal comn in exchange for this date, so I expect you to smile and at least try to have a good time. I mean, give it a try. You might actually enjoy yourself.

Robin: Why do you care? I mean, honestly, tomorrow you'll be on to your next conquest. I don't understand why we need to make a big deal and, you know, try and talk and try and have fun. We can just sit here quietly.

Patrick: Why do you have to put up this wall? Seriously, what's the problem with having a genuine conversation?

Robin: I think the reason that I'm so guarded is the same reason that you're so cocky and flip. We're both trying to hide what we're feeling.

Elizabeth: I hate the idea that manny ruiz is working off his community service here at the hospital.

Lucky: Just promise me you'll stay clear of the guy.

Elizabeth: No problem. The guy gives me the creeps.

Lucky: He didn't bother you while he was recuperating here, did he?

Elizabeth: No, no, he's always been very pleasant and polite, and I do realize that it's medically possible he's a different person than he was before.

Lucky: But?

Elizabeth: Something in his eyes. I just think he's faking.

Lucky: I agree. Manny is very dangerous and we're all at risk. Just promise me you'll be very careful, elizabeth.

Elizabeth: I will. I thought you were spending the day with sonny.

Emily: Yeah, that was the plan, but he canceled, so I'm here to pick up some lab notes and then I'm going to take the boys home and then tackle some homework, so --

lucky: You think you can watch the kids for a minute?

Elizabeth: Yeah. Sure.

Emily: Good. Yeah.

Elizabeth: Come on, guys. Want to go sit with me on the couch?

Emily: All right. What's up?

Lucky: Manny ruiz got community service instead of prison time.

Emily: Alexis won.

Lucky: It's the one time I wish she hadn'T. Manny will go after sonny, and that's putting you in real danger, emily.

Sam: Well, you must be so proud.

Alexis: Sam, you know what? I can't listen to this anymore. The jury's made its decision. It's over. Let it be over.

Sam: No, it is not over! It is just the beginning. Manny is free now, and god help you when he chases you down a hallway with a knife or goes after one of your children.

Jason: I'll set it up as soon as I can.

Sonny: No, no, no, it'soo risky. Durant could be watching. Letting manny live a little longer could work to our advantage.

Lorenzo: Does it hurt?

Skye: I'm -- I'm fine, really.

Lorenzo: You sure it doesn't hurt?

Skye: Just -- maybe a little twinge, but -- let me see. Come on, help me up.

Lorenzo: Are you sure?

Skye: I'm not going to let a sprained ankle keep me from that ballet. Come on.

Lorenzo: All right. Well, that's the spirit. Easy. Now, lean on me.

Skye: Ok.

Lorenzo: Ok.

Skye: Oh --

lorenzo: Hey, hey, hey -- skye, you can barely walk.

Skye: Um -- you know, it's just a little stiff. Just give me some time, ok?

Lorenzo: All right.

Skye: Ooh -- agh --

lorenzo: Skye, all right.

Skye: What?

Lorenzo: Look, I appreciate your determination, but I am not going to watch you grit your teeth while you sit through the ballet with a sprained ankle.

Skye: Well, oh, I'm sorry. I was so looking forward to it.

Lorenzo: So we'll do it another time.

Skye: Ok. Well, I guess maybe you can just get me to the car and get me home.

Lorenzo: Absolutely not. You're going to stay right here. I promised youinner and you're going to get it, even if I have to serve it on this couch.

Skye: Well, that's an offer I can't refuse. What are you going to make?

Lorenzo: Hmm. I guess you'll have to wait and see. It shouldn't be a problem since patience is one of your many virtues.

Skye: Since when?

Lorenzo: Hey, we promised we wouldn't sleep together last night, we managed to abstain. And after that good-night kiss, it was no small feat.

Skye: Really?

Lorenzo: Yeah.

Skye: I didn't have a problem at all.

Lonzo: All right.

Patrick: So I'm there with my buddies, I'm in the middle of this mosh pit at this concert.

Robin: Mm-hmm?

Patrick: Squinting in the dark, going over my notes over peptide inhibitors, then half the band falls on my head. The only thing I can think about is the stupid test.

Robin: Now, that is dedication.

Patrick: Wow. Coming from the woman who practically defines the word.

Robin: Well, you didn't know me in my wilder days.

Patrick: Oh, yeah.

[Robin laughs]

Patrick: Right, the woman who would possibly take off a weekend from work.

Robin: Actually, one time, I was so determined to go to the smashing pumpkins concert with my boyfriend that I stole my uncle mac's car to do so.

Patrick: There's no way.

Robin: Yes, I did, except we actually didn't make it to the concert. We ran over this skunk on the way, and I had to drive the reeking mess all the way back to his house. I mean, he thought that the skunk had coitted suicide in his heating vent.

Patrick: Robin scorpio -- bad girl in disguise.

Robin: Hmm. Hardly. I confessed to the whole thing. Uncle mac had figured it out and he was making this big show of being so nice to me and stone and telling us how much he trusted us -- of course, expecting me to crumble and tell the truth, which is exactly what I did.

Patrick: Stone -- that's the boyfriend who died?

Robin: Yeah.

Patrick: You still think about him, don't you?

Robin: Well, I was devastated when he died, and I still get sad sometimes when I think abo him, but I like to remember all the great times that we had. I think about how special and amazing they were, and the fact that I was just lucky to have known him in my life. I think that's the way he would've liked to be remembered -- with happiness instead of tears.

Patrick: You should smile more often. You're beautiful when you smile.

Justus: I'm so sorry. I got held up at the courthouse awaiting the manny ruiz verdict.

Lainey: So what did the jury decide?

Justus: You're not going to believe this. Involuntary manslaughter. The judge gave manny a suspended sentence and community service.

Lainey: Wow. I hope we don't all live to regret that.

Justus: That's exactly what I was saying. You know, you had a chance to assess manny. You got a chance to see the inner workings of his mind, didn't you?

Lainey: Where are you going with this, justus?

Justus: Well, I'm just saying, if manny reverts back to his old ways, it would be nice to have somebody there who could pick up the warning signs, that's all.

Lainey: So you want me to keep an eye on him?

Juus: I'm just saying the man is going to be working at general hospital. I just want you to watch your back.

Lucky: Listen, you might want to stay away from sonny for the time being.

Emily: Lucky, you're -- you're the one who encouraged me to trust my instincts.

Lucky: That was before I knew manny had been released.

Emily: I agree that manny's dangerous. Alexis got the jury to reduce the conviction to involuntary manslaughter by claiming that manny's completely different now, but I think he's faking it.

Lucky: Then you can see why I'm worried. Manny will go after sonny. That can make you a target.

Emily: Lucky, I'm not going to desert sonny. All right, he's going to protect the people he cares about, and that includes me.

Emily: Come on, boys, let's go. You ready?

Elizabeth: Here, emily, here's his jacket.

Emily: Thanks.

Elizabeth: Bye, boys.

Emily: Come on, guys.

Elizabeth: See you later.

Morgan: Bye.

Elizabeth: Ok. Well, seems like em is determined to stay with sonny.

Lucky: She thinks he's going torotect her.

Elizabeth: Oh, god. Not even sonny can guarantee someone's safety.

Lucky: Unless he has jason kill manny. If he does, what am I going to do about it?

Sonny: I need to know if manny's working with alcazar, all right? We got to figure out what happens with this wholthing. Manny just got a pass. I doubt he's going to blow it.

Jason: Ok. Did you see where sam went?

Sonny: No.

Jason: I'm going to find her.

Alexis: I hope you're not suggesting that I would do anything to willingly put my children at risk.

Sam: Suggest? Alexis, that's exactly what you just did.

Alexis: The jury made their decision, sam. They based it on the evidence that they had. You did not make it easy for them to believe you because you were out of control --

sam: Are you kidding? Manny attacked me! You want to call me a liar, fine, but it happened. I have proof. I have woundon my body. In part of your mind, I'm thinking maybe, just maybe, you've got to believe me. I think that's what the jury calls reasonable doubt. But you helped set manny free, anyway. How any mother could do that, could count their child's safety less important than a victory in court is totally beyond me. Shouldn't your daughters come first?

Alexis: You are so angry at me. I'm not sure why. Is it because of manny, or are you angry at me because kristina lived?

Sam: What? No.

Alexis: I'm sorry your baby died, sam. I am sorry, and I think maybe you've been blaming me for that all this time, but I'm not responsible --

jason: Just back off.

Ric: Jason? Excuse me?

Jason: Ok?

Ric: Back away from my wife, please?

Jason: Let's go.

Ric: You all right?

Alexis: No, I'm not. (Announcer) this great night's sleep brought to you Forr a commeme

robin: Why did you have to go and do that?

Patrick: Do what?

Robin: Spoil a surprisingly nice evening by tossing out one of your tired old lines?

Patrick: It wasn't a line. I think you're beautiful when you let down your defensive wall and smile.

Robin: Thanks, I think.

Patrick: You have a hard time accepting compliments, don't you?

Robin: Unlike some people I know.

Patrick: I think we need to upgrade your opinion of me.

Robin: Ok. Let's start with some background information.

Patrick: Ok.

Robin: Have you always been so insufferable?

Patrick: Yeah, pretty much.

Robin: Hmm.

Patrick: My mom worshiped me. She raised me to believe I was god's gift.

Robin: Did she want you to be a surgeon?

Patrick: Of course. She was very proud of my dad. She believed he could do no wrong. Her faith in him ruined us all.

Elizabeth: Hey, dr. Drake. Welcome back.

Noah: Thank you, elizabeth. Have you seen my son around anywhere?

Elizabeth: He went to the metro court for dinner. But how was your sabbatical? Was it nice and relaxing?

Noah: Oh. Well, if you can call rehab relaxing, yeah.

Elizabeth: Oh, I -- I didn't know.

Noah: Oh, it's ok, it's ok. I've had a problem with alcohol ever since my wife passed away. I finally got it that crawling into a bottle isn't the right way to honor her memory, so --

elizabeth: Well, I'm sure your son will be glad to know you got help.

Noah: Actually, my son's responsible for me, you know, facing the whole thing -- that I'd been drinking for years just to numb the pain, so --

elizabeth: Well, now you have a chance to rebuild your life.

Noah: I hope so.

Ric: Let's not let sam's tirade spoil the day, ok? You did what you were supposed to do, you're a good lawyer, you defended the law. That's it.

Alexis: We make a very good team.

Ric: You think?

Alexis: I do. I think we should make it a more permanent commitment.

Ric: More permanent than marriage?

Alexis: Business.

Ric: Oh.

Alexis: In business. You and I are both overloaded with the things that we have in our private practice and --

ric: You want to work together?

Alexis: Well, I was thinking maybe "davis and lansing."

Ric: Oh, really? Or, I don't know, funny idea -- "lansing, davis"?

Alexis: Oh. Well --

ric: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: It's better to do it alphabetically. That's fair.

Ric: Oh, sure.

Alexis: It also makes more sense to have the yalie in front of the harvard.

Ric: You had to get that in, didn't you? Ok, you're making it very difficult to say yes.

Alexis: I usually do.

Ric: Uh-huh.

Manny: Hi. Excuse me, sir? I would like to rent a room, please.

Mike: There's a rooming house down on maple.

Manny: Uh -- excuse me, sir? I have to stay within a five-mile radius of the pcpd, or I violate the terms of my sentence.

Mike: We're full.

Manny: Yeah, but I saw a sign that said --

mike: Yeah. The rooms are all taken. Now, leave.

Ric: Uh -- mike? You might want to rethink that.

Carly: Hey, I'm really sorry to bother you guys, I am, but I really need to talk to you.

Jason: Oh, carly, it's just not a -- it's just not a good time.

Sam: You know what? Give me the keys. I'll go in and I'll sit on the couch. Maybe hopefully I'll fall asleep.

Jason: Here. I'll be right in, ok?

Sam: Ok.

Carly: I need a reality check and you're the only one that can give it to me.

Jason: Ok, if this is about sonny, I just --

carly: Can you just hear me out, please? Sonny was supposed to pick the boys up today and take them back to his place. So there I was at metro court with michael and morgan, waiting for him to show. Emily walks in, and she tells me that sonny asked her to come pick up my boys. No warning, no call from sonny telling me that this was going to happen -- nothing, so, you know, I wasn't thrilled. And then emily informs me that she and sonny can be together if they want, and there's absolutely nothing I can do about it, so, you know, here's the question. Am I paranoid thinking that this is wrong, because it feels like my boys are being used so sonny can spend some time with emily.

Jason: I'll talk to emily.

Emily: Hi. Michael and morgan are upstairs.

Sonny: Yeah, thanks for picking up the kids.

Emily: Yeah. No problem. Did you get your work done?

Sonny: I -- I'm sorry that I had to cancel the plans.

Emily: No, no, no. Things happen.

Sonny: I mean, I was on the phone with carly. We had a blowup and -- because she wanted me to pick up the kids, she was too busy, and that's when I called you. Was she difficult?

Emily: Uh -- no comment.

Sonny: I'm sorry to impose, you know.

Emily: No, I enjoy spending time with michael and morgan, and -- and I'm just glad to have a reason to see you.

Sonny: Yeah, me, too.

Michael: Hey, dad.

( Acoustic guitar music

playing throughout )

Skye: Here I thought you were going to dazzle me with your good cooking.

Lorenzo: Oh, what gourmet cooking?

Skye: I mean, you can't whip up a souffle at a moment's notice?

Lorenzo: Hmm, I grew up with servants and a live-in cook. About the best I can do is scrambled eggs and toast.

Skye: Aha -- yet another thing we have in common.

Lorenzo: Yeah, you don't cook?

Skye: Huh. Let's just say it's low on my list of priorities. Hey, do you want another slice?

Lorenzo: Oh, all right, why not?

Skye: Yeah. Ok. Here. Uh-uh-uh.

Lorenzo: Mmm. Enjoying yourself?

Skye: You know, I just had such a blast from the past. I had just left the most boring cotillion ever in school. And I went back to my room in my dress, had some pizza, and I sat there munching away, reading a romance novel. Oh, it was the best.

Lorenzo: Well, I'm sorry I don't have a romance novel to lend you.

Skye: Well, I'd say the real thing is much, much better.

Lorenzo: Hmm.

Skye: You know -- um -- your beard kind of tickles me when I kiss you, and we're going to have to do something about that.

Lorenzo: I like my beard.

Skye: Yeah? I don'T. I think it hides your handsome face, and it kind of scratches me when I kiss you.

Lorenzo: So you want me to shave my beard off just for you?

Skye: Well, you know, if you're really committed to making a new start, you would.

Lorenzo: All right. But you have to pass a test, as well. I'll lose the beard, if you shave it off.

Jason: Are you ok?

Sam: Huh? I'm trying to be. I am scared that alexis is right about me. That I will never get over the realization that her daughter got to live and mine had to die. You know, the last time I felt my baby was in that chapel the night that alexis yelled at me. I collapsed, I woke up, my baby was gone. I know alexis didn't kill her, because the doctors told me that it would happen, anyway. But I -- at least I know that my daughter left an amazing gift in this world.

Jason: Now, kristina isn't to blame for what her mother did.

Sam: I know, jason, I know. I'm just so angry at alexis, and it's worse now because she's defending a man that hurt me and you. It's just not fair.

Jason: And you have every right to feel that way. You do.

Sam: I just -- I am so angry at alexis. And the anger comes up out of nowhere and I don't know what to do with it.

Jason: Well, you need to just stay away from alexis. Really, for your own sake.

Manny: I don't mean to intrude, but I just wanted to thank you again for defending me.

Alexis: I was just doing my job.

Manny: Oh, you did a lot more than that, ms. Davis. You gave me a chance at a new life, and I won't forget it.

Mike: I don't want that lowlife under this roof.

Ric: Might be wise for us to know what he's up to. If he's staying here at kelly's, we can keep an eye on him.

Mike: So you're admitting he's still a threat?

Ric: I'm saying it's a possibility.

Mike: Then why did you help your wife defend this scum?

Ric: Because, mike, we're lawyers. That's what we do, ok? Alexis was drafted into manny's case. We trusted the system, now he's free. It'd be wise to let him stay here at kelly'S. Keeps us all safe.

Mike: Maybe you're right. All right -- um -- I'll rent you a room.

Manny: Thank you. Can I take it right aw?

Mike: Follow me.

Alexis: I am not comfortable with that.

Ric: He's staying in port charles whether we like it or not. It's better if we can have him someplace where we can keep an eye on him.

Alexis: I agree -- in theory. Kristina loves this place, viola brings her here twice -- twice a week, and I don't wa her to run into him.

Ric: Yeah. Even though he's a changed man, right?

Alexis: Medical evidence supports that, but do we really want to bet kristina's safety on a doctor's best guess, and please don't call me a hypocrite.

Ric: No, you did what you were supposed to do, what the court ordered you to do. You upheld the law.

Alexis: Which will be cold comfort if sam is right and I freed a maniac.

Michael: So, I thought you were out.

Sonny: Yeah, well, I was. I just came home, you know?

Michael: To eat with us?

Sonny: Yep.

Michael: Cool. I'm going to go tell morgan.

Carly: Well, I cleared my schedule, so here I am.

Sonny: For what?

Carly: To have dinner with you and the boys.

[Phone rings]

Emily: Sorry.

Sonny: Yeah.

Emily: Hello? All right. Yeah, sure. I'll -- I'll be right over. I have to meet jason at kelly'S.

Sonny: Ok, ok, I'll -- I'll call you ter, then.

Emily: Bye.

Carly: Jason's going to tell her that you two are a disaster waiting to happen, and I'm here to tell you the same thing.

To fight bad breath,

Lorenzo: You did a good job.

Skye: I told you I would.

Lorenzo: Oh. And I'm supposed to believe everything you say?

Skye: I never tell a lie -- except when only necessary, of course.

Lorenzo: Well, I'm going to have to remember that. I think it's going to take me a while to get used to.

Skye: Really?

Lorenzo: Yeah.

Skye: Well, maybe I can help with that.

Lorenzo: Oh.

Lorenzo: All right. How's it feel?

Skye: I actually think I like it better with the beard.

Lorenzo: You're kidding me? I did this for you.

Skye: I don't know. Maybe I'll have to kiss you again and make up my mind, huh?

Lorenzo: Oh.

Lainey: Yes, thank you for calling me. I'll be right there.

Justus: Bad news?

Lainey: Yeah. That wasy father's doctor over at rose lawn. My dad is having a really bad episode. He's -- he's begging to see me. I'm sorry. Can we -- can we take a rain check?

Justus: Absolutely. I'll drive you over.

Lainey: All right. Thanks.

Patrick: Technically, it was an emergency. My father was -- ahem -- my father was the only one qualified to operate, which is exactly what my mother wanted. She had complete faith in him as a surgeon. She knew the odds were against her, but she convinced herself that she was wrong. The operation failed and he lost her on the table.

Robin: Hmm. That must've been terrible for noah. And for you.

Patrick: My dad didn't know how to deal with it. He started drinking and never stopped. He trashed his career, which is the last thing my mother would've ever wanted.

Noah: Sorry to interrupt, guys. Look, if you got a minute, could I see you over there?

Patrick: What are you doing back so soon?

Noah: I'm sober. I -- I want to clean up my life.

Robin: Well, you know, I should be heading home, anyway.

Noah: No, no, no, no, I don't mean --

robin: It's ok. I was going to leave, anyway. Good night, and thank you.

Patrick: See you tomorrow.

Robin: Mm-hmm.

Noah: Look, I didn't -- I didn't mean to bust up your evening. I just -- I want to run something by you.

Patrick: And it couldn't wait till tomorrow?

Noah: No, no. I want to come back to general hospital. I know it's going to take a while for me to rebuild my career, but I want to try it, and I want to know if you're open to that.

Patrick: No way in hell.

Jason: Were you at sonny's when I called?

Emily: I was helping with michael and morgan.

Jason: You're great with the boys, but I know it's more now.

Emily: Jason, I care deeply about sonny and he cares about me. We're not going to hide what we feel, and if other people can't cept that, it's just too bad. We've already had this conversation.

Jason: I know we have, and I've tried to stay out of it, but I can'T. You're going to get hurt. You need to break things off with sonny.

Sonny: This is a pattern with you, carly. Whatever woman I'm with, you try to run her off.

Carly: It used to be about wanting you back, sonny, but it's not anymore.

Sonny: I'm not going to let you harass emily.

Carly: You have to be with someone, and it's not going to be me, but find yourself another girlfriend. Track down brenda. Do not get involved with emily. Jason can't accept it.

Sonny: Well, that's between me and jason.

Carly: He has tried to talk to you, but you n't listen. This is a serious problem for him. Jason doesn't want to turn on you, but you're not giving him a choice.

Sonny: He'll get used to it.

Carly: This is not going to be a happily-ever-after, sonny, and you know it. Emily will get hurt, and when she does, you will punish yourself for months, maybe even years, and along the way, you're going to lose your best friend, you're going to confuse your boys, and you're going to split their loyalties. This is not about me. This is about our family and this is about jason. Do the right thing and let her go.

Jesse: Hey. We ran a trace on manny's monitor.

Lucky: Where -- where is he?

Jesse: He's at the harbor view towers, where jason and sam live.

Manny: Hello, sweetness.

Lorenzo: Too fast?

Skye: Too tempting. Remember that we agrd to take things slowly, right?

Lorenzo: Yeah, I'm regretting that at the moment.

Skye: Yeah, so am I. But we must remember that sometimes the best things in life don't come easily.

Lorenzo: Right.

Skye: What are you doing?

Lorenzo: I'm taking you to my car and driving you home.

Skye: What a gentleman.

Lorenzo: I don't want this to burn out too fast.

Skye: Thank you for such a wonderful night of romance and pizza.

Lorenzo: Hmm. I'm sorry we missed the ballet.

Skye: I'm not.

Lorenzo: Hmm.

Elizabeth: Robin? Hey, I owe you an apology.

Robin: What for?

Elizabeth: For sending noah to the metro court to find his son before I realized you were there with patrick.

Robin: Oh. No worries.

Elizabeth: Well, maybe I should be sorry that you were there with patrick in the first place.

Robin: You know, patrick is not as shallow as he seems. His slick come-ons are mostly just an act.

Elizabeth: And you know this because --

robin: Because I asked him why he's so insufferable, and he wasn't even offended. I mean, he started to talk about his family and his life. Dig deep enough and that guy actually has something that resembles a heart.

Elizabeth: Ok. I'll just take your word for it.

Robin: Ok, I'm not saying he's a wonderful guy by any means. I'm just saying that there are reasons for why he acts the way that he does.

Waitress: Your special, dr. Drake.

Patrick: Drink up.

Noah: I told you -- I'm clean, I'm sober now.

Patrick: For how long?

Noah: One day at a time.

Patrick: Well, I'll give you that -- got the lingo memorized.

Noah: Look, I know the only way to honor your mom is to go back performing surgery again and maybe save some lives.

Patrick: I built a career in the shadow of your spectacular flameout. It wasn't easy, but I worked hard, and now I'm considered one of the best. I'm not going to have you mess that up. I don't trust your sobriety, and I don't want you in my hospital.

John: Kudos from the evening paper. "Ruiz's chief counsel, defense attorney alexis davis, brilliantly argued her client's case and obtained a suspended sentence from what could've been a death-penalty case." You do realize you're going to have rich psychopaths lining up at your door for the privilege of you representing them? It's going to be quite a niche market.

Alexis: I'm not interested.

John: Oh. Well, I'm glad to hear that, because I got another offer for you. I want you to come and work with me as my assistant D.A.

Sam: Stay away from me.

Manny: Sam, listen, I care about you, and I just wanted to apologize again.

Sam: Apologize? You are crazy. Don't younderstand that?

Manny: I'm really sorry that I hurt your --

lucky: Freeze!

Jesse: What are you doing here?

Manny: I just came to tell sam that I'm sorry.

Lucky: Did he threaten you?

Sam: No, he didn't -- he didn't threaten me, but look at him. Come on, should he be allowed to walk around my building?

Lucky: That's a good question. You got an answer?

Manny: Um, yeah. I was coming up to speak with them, to their apartment, and I like to take the stairs, so I walked.

Jesse: Get lost.

Manny: Sorry I scared you, sam.

Sam: I want a restraining order.

Lucky: Well, unfortunately after the ruling in manny's favor, we can't get a restraining order unless he makes a direct threat.

Emily: I love you, jason. I know that you're saying this because you're concerned about me. But I can't ny my feelings for sonny and I don't want to.

Jason: Sonny is my best friend. We trust each other with our lives, but he's -- he's got problems you've never had to deal with.

Emily: Jason, I'm not afraid of getting hurt.

Jason: You should be.

Emily: Jason, this is my life. I get to live it the way I want. You've always told me to make my own choices, right? Well, I'm choosing to be with sonny.

Sonny: Emily and I, we haven't done anything wrong. We have -- you know, we have feelings for each other, and I'm not going to ignore that just because other people tell me to.

Carly: Jason will never accept you being with emily. It will bring down everything you've worked so hard to build -- your family, your business.

Sonny: I'm not backing away from emily. Jason's going to have to aept it.

>> On the next "general hospital" --

dillon: At least you know your dad's ok.

Lulu: We need another clue to where he is.

Renzo: Just keep your eye on the prize. Eliminate corinthos once and for all.

Jason: This is no place for emily. This is my sister. Let her go.

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