GH Transcript Tuesday 1/17/06

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 1/17/06


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Alan: Well, excuse me, I never upset my children the way you upset Dillon.

Tracy: Hello? Dillon was in on Luke’s plan. So now he misses his mommy? Oh. And his little friends are upset?

Alan: Letting your son believe that you're dead is cruel and unusual, even for you, Tracy.

Tracy: Dillon needs to understand family loyalty and the perils of conspiring with Luke Spencer.

Georgie: It's going to be ok, Dillon. Just don't give up hope.

Lulu: Shh.

Alan: How long do you plan to keep up this charade?

Tracy: Dillon needs time to contemplate the error of his ways, and he needs to know that it's a mistake to -- hello, darling.

Dillon: You're -- you're alive?

Lulu: Of course she's alive. She faked the whole thing.

Brook Lynn: Well, since I haven't been on a date in months, even Jake’s looks good to me.

Lucas: Ooh. Yeah, well, I wanted to take you somewhere that we could talk and not run into everybody that we know.

Brook Lynn: Well. If you're that embarrassed to be out with me, then why don't you just put a bag over my head?

Lucas: That's not what I meant.

Brook Lynn: Right. Ugh. Ok. So, what's wrong?

Lucas: Well, you know that I like you, right?

Brook Lynn: Well, I know that you really used to like me. But then I ditched you for a drugging, stalker freak, which was obviously the worst decision I've ever made in my whole entire life.

Lucas: Well, you know, maybe not. Because I think if you hadn't have pulled back, then I probably would've.

Brook Lynn: Care to explain?

Lucas: I thought this would get easier every time I say it, but it doesn’t.

Brook Lynn: What is it?

Lucas: I'm gay.

Brook Lynn: I was wondering how long it was going to take you to figure it out.

Carly: Look at Nikolas. He can't stand that Sonny is here with Emily.

Jax: Are you sure you're not projecting your own feelings?

Carly: I'm going to sit back and watch the fireworks, and I don't even have to light the fuse.

Sonny: Are you going to blow out the candle?

Emily: Well, I have to make a wish first, right? Oh, what?

Sonny: I don't believe in wishes. You know, I just kind of believe that something comes in your life, you see it, you want it, you get it.

Emily: I like that. Very decisive.

Sonny: Right. So have you decided what you wanted?

Emily: I'm working on it.

Courtney: Maybe we should go someplace else.

Nikolas: No. No, we're not going anywhere. Stay right here.

Carly: Let the games begin.

[Glasses clink]

Dillon: I thought you were dead. I was out of my mind with grief.

Georgie: You're not even a little sorry, are you?

Alan: Getting remorse from Tracy is like getting blood from a turnip.

Tracy: Dillon, what about your remorse for what you did to me? And what about you, missy? Conspiring with your wretched father to get a divorce out of me and 15 million in alimony? Do you have any idea why he's so determined?

Georgie: Because you owe him the money.

Tracy: Because he wants to shack up with Skye. Sex and money is all Luke Spencer is about. I just beat him at his own game. You ought to pay attention. You might learn something.

Dillon: You know, it's funny that Georgie’s always trying to get me to give you the benefit of the doubt. She says that somewhere deep down you might actually care for me. It's a good thing this happened, though. Truth comes out -- deep down you're exactly the same way that you are on the surface.

Skye: Well, if it isn't the rat queen, alive and well.

Lucas: I -- I can't believe you knew I was gay. I mean, is it that obvious?

Brook Lynn: Of course not. But, please, if you were straight, you would be all over me. Hey, I'm just kidding, ok? I just -- I don't know, I sensed it.

Lucas: Oh, it was when I was still working things out.

Brook Lynn: I'm glad that you've accepted things. Who else knows?

Lucas: Georgie, Dillon -- that's about it.

Brook Lynn: Well, you'll be happy to know that you can trust them. They never said a word.

Lucas: Yeah, I just told a few close friends, and I'm not really ready to tell the whole family and everyone.

Brook Lynn: I'm glad you told me. And since we're sharing -- um -- I should probably tell you that I'm leaving town tonight.

Lucas: Why?

Brook Lynn: I just -- I don’t fit in here, you know, and I'm feeling restless. I just -- I want to go back to Bensonhurst. I'll be back there.

Sonny: So how you doing?

Emily: This is lovely. Really, it is, other than the fact that Carly’s burning a hole in my back and Nikolas is burning a hole in yours and Courtney looks like she's ready to implode.

Sonny: Haven't noticed.

Emily: Well, it's a little hard to miss, you know? I don't know. And everybody looks miserable. Maybe we should be celebrating somewhere else.

Sonny: You miserable?

Emily: No.

Sonny: I'm not miserable. And, you know, tonight we're the only two people I care about.

Nikolas: You probably know everything on this menu by heart, huh?

Courtney: Nikolas --

Nikolas: I can't -- you know, I just -- I can't believe that Emily is here with Sonny on her birthday.

Courtney: Do you want to go over to their table and tell them that you're offended?

Nikolas: No. No, come on. Do you want to share a salad or something?

Carly: 20 bucks says she gets up and leaves.

Jax: You know, you're enjoying this a little too much.

Carly: And you're not? This couldn't have worked out better if we planned it.

Jax: I don't like seeing Courtney in pain.

Carly: Well, I don't like seeing Courtney hurt, either. She happens to be one of my best friends. But sooner or later, she's going to have to face reality and, unfortunately, it may be tonight.

Sonny: Do you want to order now or --

Emily: What? Do you always do everything backwards, Sonny, dessert and then dinner?

Sonny: Well, I don't see why everybody saves the best for last when they can have the best first, you know?

Emily: Ok, yeah, there's a philosophy I can embrace.

Sonny: All right.

Courtney: So have you decided?

Nikolas: I don't know. I don't really care, I guess.

Courtney: Yeah, that's pretty obvious. Especially not about anything at this table.

Nikolas: What -- what -- Courtney, where you going?

Sonny: What --

Carly: Thank you. One down, one to go.  What are you waiting for? Courtney's still in the lobby. Now's your chance. Jump on your white horse and ride to her rescue.

Jax: You called it, Carly. All I have to do is just sit here and wait. It'll all take care of itself.

Sonny: I'm sorry.

Emily: For what?

Sonny: Well, you wanted to leave, and I should've respected that. Instead, you know, I had you sit through this, and that happened.

Emily: No, Sonny, you're right. It's my birthday, we're on our first date, and the fact is everyone else's problems aren't mine. So I'd like to stay here and enjoy myself -- with you.

Nikolas: Courtney -- Courtney, I'm sorry.

Courtney: That was so humiliating, what just happened up there.

Nikolas: What?

Courtney: Oh, God, that hurt, Nikolas. That is so disrespectful -- for you to be with me, to propose marriage to me, and to be all worried about -- what?

Nikolas: Listen, it just took me by surprise, ok? She's been saying all along there's nothing going on --

Courtney: So what? I didn't see Emily up there all distracted because you were with me.

Nikolas: It's her birthday, ok?

Courtney: Oh, my God, then send her a belated card, ok, because you beating yourself up about your ex-wife is not the way I choose to celebrate our engagement!

Nikolas: I know. I was wrong. I said I'm sorry, ok?

Courtney: Oh, but you just couldn't help yourself, could you? God, everything is so clear now. Even if Emily hadn't been in that room, she still would've been here right in the middle. All your doubts -- they've all just been about Emily. I mean, come on, at least have the decency to admit it.

Skye: Anyone who would do this to their own son is twisted.

Dillon: Well, don't worry about me. I'm grateful for the clear image of my mother.

Tracy: And what about what you did to me, son? You wanted me to believe that Luke was trying to kill me.

Alan: The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, does it?

Dillon: Tell me how you pulled off the accident.

Tracy: It was an accident.

Skye: Oh, please.

Tracy: I was on my way to the police station with the martini shaker with the poison in it that Luke tried to kill me with.

Skye: Luke never tried to poison you and you know it. You did the whole thing yourself. You got just enough poison in that martini shaker to pass off as evidence. You took a sip, you spit it out, and you rushed off to the police to get Luke arrested.

Tracy: There was a car coming toward me, went in front of me. I swerved to avoid it.

Skye: Ha!

Tracy: I went off the road, could've been killed, and thought, "Wow, this is a perfect opportunity to punish Luke for frightening me." I ran with it.

Dillon: And punished me instead.

Georgie: But how did you disappear so fast?

Skye: Because she had a little help, somebody who picked Tracy up and brought her home, which proves it was no accident. Right, Alan? You were in on it with her all along.

Alan: I didn't think it was a very good idea from the get-go. I certainly didn't expect her to milk it to death.

Tracy: There are those that would say it was self-defense, considering what you did.

Skye: As if Lulu doesn't have enough to deal with. Now her father's a wanted fugitive? Ok, Tracy, you've had your laugh. Now get the charges dropped.

Tracy: Not on your life. Luke tried to kill me.

Skye: That is a lie and you know it. Alan, do you believe me? Luke is innocent!

Tracy: Luke threatened me. We have witnesses, we have poison, we have motive. It's Luke’s word against mine. Hmm. Who do you think the authorities are going to believe?

Lulu: Hello? Yes, I need to speak with someone about a murder.

Georgie: Room for two more?

Brook Lynn: Of course.

Lucas: Yeah.

Georgie: Thank you. What are you guys doing here?

Brook Lynn: Well, we were just sharing. I told Lucas that I'm transferring out of P.C.U., and he told me that he's gay.

Lucas: Shh. Don't get all crazy, you guys.

Georgie: But I'm so happy you're doing this.

Brook Lynn: You look -- uh -- great there. Any news on granny?

Dillon: I'll give you the short version. She's alive, and it was a horrible prank, and I'm done talking about it.

Lucas: Oh, ok. That stinks. I mean, I'm glad that she's alive, but it's a pretty rotten thing to do.

Brook Lynn: No, see, this is why we all need therapy.

Man: Ahem. Oh, sorry. Excuse me.

Brook Lynn: Are you sure your mom doesn't know? Because, I mean, she's never caught you with --

Dillon: Hey, yo -- too much information.

Brook Lynn: Ok, look, we talk about our boyfriends all the time, all right? Well, when I used to have one.

Lucas: Yeah, but -- I mean, I'm different. You know, it's different.

Georgie: And we're normal? Did you forget who you're with?

Brook Lynn: My uncle -- he's as weird as they come.

Lucas: Yeah, but you guys can talk. I mean, you can talk about anything you want anywhere you want. I mean, you can smile at someone across the room and not worry that they're thinking you're a freak. You don't have to actually learn how to look at a guy without really looking at him.

Brook Lynn: You mean the way that that guy's been looking at you all night?

Carly: Jax, it was fun. We should do it again sometime.

Jax: Hey, your work clearly isn't done yet, because look at Sonny and Emily over there. They're still quite cozy.

Emily: You don't seem at all rattled when people stare.

Sonny: I'm kind of used to it by now.

Emily: Oh, right. The infamous Sonny Corinthos.

[Emily laughs]

Sonny: Why, does it bother you?

Emily: Not at all. You know, I -- I know you, I feel comfortable with you. Ok, yeah, I feel a little nervous and jittery but, hey, you know, that's a good thing. So if people want to stare, you know, then let them.

Sonny: Hmm. All right, let's just get everything out in the open right now.

Emily: Yeah, ok.

Sonny: Ok? What is your idea of a perfect birthday date?

Emily: A wonderful meal with an interesting and attractive someone.

Sonny: All right, got that covered. All right.

Emily: Some fine music to set the mood.

Sonny: Right. Ok, custom-ordered. Ok, what else?

Emily: An invitation to dance.

Sonny: Hmm. Done. Come on, come on, come on.

Emily: No way.

Sonny: What? Come on.

Emily: Are you sure?

Carly: That's a little too cozy.

Jax: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- hey, hey, hey, hey, hey.

Carly: What?

Jax: Hold on a second. If you cut in now, you're telling Sonny that all your declarations of independence were lies.

Sonny: You know what? I think we'd better take this, you know, somewhere else, you know?

Emily: Yeah, I agree.

Sonny: All right.

Nikolas: All right, fine. You want honesty? Damn it, I'm doing the best I can right now, ok? What happened in the restaurant was just a knee-jerk reaction to seeing Emily with Sonny, ok, because I don't want her hurt. You're just -- what?

Courtney: It looked an awful lot like jealousy to me, Nikolas.

Nikolas: That's not -- I just want her to be ok, Courtney, because you know his women don't end up that way.

Courtney: Well, is this how it's going to be now that Emily is with Sonny? You're going to act all -- all hurt and worried all the time about her?

Nikolas: Listen to me, listen to me. It doesn't have anything to do with us, ok? I love you. I want to be with you. You understand that?

Courtney: Well, somehow that does not seem genuine right now.

Sonny: Courtney, what's wrong?

Courtney: Why don't you ask her?

Skye: Lulu was terrified. She thought she saw a ghost. Alan, how could you let her do that?

Alan: The same way you let Luke get away with all of his scams.

Alice: Dr. Quartermaine, someone's here -- agh!

Tracy: Gee. Surprised?

Alice: Disappointed. Unless it means Mr. Luke gets to come to me?

Mac: Well, you look pretty good for a dead woman, Tracy. I got a call about your murder.

Tracy: Dillon.

Skye: Well, Mac, I'm glad you're here. Now you can finally hear the truth.

Mac: Someone needs to start.

Skye: Well, Luke wanted to push Tracy into giving him a divorce, so he came up with a plan.

Alice: And it was a brilliant plan, I must say.

Alan: All right, Alice. We'll handle this. Luke tortured Tracy into believing he was going to kill her.

Skye: Tracy figured out what Luke was up to. She planted that poison in the martini shaker; she screamed murder running out of this house. I believe she was on her way to see you when she supposedly crashed her car.

Tracy: Nonsense.

Mac: Why didn't you turn yourself in after the accident, Tracy?

Tracy: I was afraid for my life!

Skye: You're a liar.

Tracy: I asked Alan to hide me because as long as Luke Spencer is free, my life is in danger.

Skye: You know Luke never intended for you to die.

Mac: Well, Alan, what do you think? Is Luke innocent?

Alan: Sorry, Skye.

Skye: Mac, he's wrong, ok? This is just some sick game that got out of hand.

Mac: Innocent men don't run. Until Luke turns himself in, he's a wanted man.

Dillon: So, like, is that dude really checking you out?

Lucas: Guys, please.

[Brook Lynn laughs]

Dillon: I'm just asking.

Georgie: No, wait. Maybe you should go to a gay bar. You know, get your toes in the water?

Dillon: You've never been to a gay bar?

Lucas: I tried once, but there was too many people that work for my mom, so I couldn't chance it.

Brook Lynn: Do you have a boyfriend?

Lucas: No.

Dillon: Are you a virgin?

Lucas: I don't know, Dillon. How many guys have you slept with?

Dillon: None.

Lucas: Ok, then I guess I'm as much a virgin as you are.

Georgie: Good point.

Dillon: Hmm.

Lucas: Anyway, it's not all out hormones and -- I don't know. What I want is --

Brook Lynn: What you want is --

Lucas: I don't know what I want.

Brook Lynn: Someone -- hey- someone who will make you feel special, you know? Someone who you can love and they'll love you back; a warm shoulder to lean on. We all want that.

Lucas: Yeah, it seems like a lot to ask for.

Georgie: Don't you dare settle for anything less. You know, his shoulders look pretty warm.

Brook Lynn: "Pretty warm"? That dude's hot.

Dillon: Uh -- excuse me? Straight guy at the table -- that's me.

Georgie: Lucas, please go talk to him.

Lucas: No.

Brook Lynn: Come on, he's probably just shy, too.

Lucas: He's got nice eyes.

Brook Lynn: Yes, he does. Go, invite him to a game of pool. Come on, do it, or I will.

Georgie: Isn't it romantic?

Lucky: Hey -- I got your message. This better be important.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Lucky: What's up?

Nikolas: Well, just when my life couldn't get any better, it all goes to hell.

Lucky: Can you get specific, please?

Nikolas: Well, Courtney and I flew down to the Dominican Republic; her divorce from Jax is final.

Lucky: Well, that's great, right?

Nikolas: Well, it gets better. I asked her to marry me.

Lucky: That's fast.

Nikolas: Yeah, well, why wait, you know? Anyway, she agreed, so we went to celebrate at the Metro Court.

Lucky: That's not a good move.

Nikolas: Yeah, I know.

Lucky: Was Jax there?

Nikolas: Well, yeah, but that wasn't the problem. Emily was there. And Sonny. Oh, let me rephrase that -- Emily was with Sonny.

Lucky: On her birthday?

Nikolas: Yeah. Yeah, and, Lucky, I just couldn't get past it, you know, and Courtney finally had enough and just -- and I -- I told her that I can't just pretend that what Emily and I had was meaningless, it's not something you just get over.

Lucky: It is when you want to marry Courtney. You know what? You were fine until you saw Emily out on a date, and it sounds like to me you can't let her go.

Emily: I'm sorry you fought with Nikolas.

Courtney: Are you?

Sonny: You know what? This might not be the right time.

Courtney: Well, what better time, Sonny? I got engaged today. Yeah, Nikolas asked me to marry him. So my divorce is final to Jax, and so is yours with Nikolas. But -- um -- Nikolas just can't seem to move on, and I don't know if he ever will.

Emily: Of course he will.

Courtney: Why? Why, because you have? No, you know what? The truth just hit me tonight, a big, fat, wake-up call. You and Nikolas didn't break up because you don't love each other anymore. There were --

[Courtney sighs]

Courtney: There were awful circumstances; there was outside interference. You know, but the love -- it didn't go away. And I kept wondering why Nikolas still feels so guilty about you. But maybe it's not guilt. Maybe it's regret. You know, no matter how much he tells me he wants to spend his life with me, he sees you with Sonny and --

Emily: Courtney, I don't know what to say to convince you that you're wrong.

Courtney: Nothing, just go.

Sonny: Courtney, you should go home, ok, and rest, for the baby.

Courtney: Oh, by the way -- happy birthday.

Carly: Hey, that didn't go very well, did it?

Courtney: Oh, Carly, you are so the last thing that I need right now.

Carly: Oh, I don't agree with that. I think you need a friend. I think you need a hug.

Courtney: People are staring.

Carly: Who cares? Oh. Ok. What do you say? Do you want to do something about this or not?

Skye: You love him, don't you? How else to explain this elaborate mating game you two play -- the scheming, the rat hunts, the driving into frozen lakes? You two will go to some amazing lengths to stay married.

Tracy: It's hardly wedded bliss.

Skye: You have some bizarre connection with each other. You'll hold on to him no matter what the cost.

Tracy: 15 million.

Skye: Oh, please. Money's just an excuse. The truth is Luke is probably one of the few people on this entire planet that you can actually respect. And in his strange way, he respects you.

Tracy: Don't dress it up. When it comes to me and Luke, it's always about money.

Skye: No, that's called denial, Tracy. Actually, it's called camouflage.

Tracy: It's called cash.

Skye: Prove it. Put the word out where Luke can hear it. You'll admit your guilt and Luke’s innocence in exchange for a divorce -- without alimony.

Tracy: Ha. Luke will never go for it.

Skye: You're right. And look how you're loving that. And I'm sad to say wherever Luke is, I'm sure he's loving it, too. But I don’t. Not anymore. For my piece of mind, my sanity, I'm getting out.

Lucas: Brook -- Brook? Brook? You forgot your phone.

Brook Lynn: Oh.

[Brook Lynn chuckles]

Brook Lynn: Thanks.

Lucas: You sure you're ok?

Brook Lynn: Yeah, I'm great.

Lucas: Yeah, well, take care of yourself, all right? And I hope you like what you find in Bensonhurst.

Brook Lynn: I'm just going to take it one day at a time. I'll miss you, though.

Lucas: You, too.

[Car horn beeps]

Lucas: Don't keep them waiting.

Brook Lynn: Ok. All right, I'll see you.

Lucas: Ok.

Man: Hey, you're still here.

[Car pulls away]

Man: I thought maybe you left with your girlfriend.

Lucas: No, she's -- she's just a friend.

Man: Yeah.

Lucas: Yeah.

Man: We lost the table. Um -- look, I'm kind of new around here. You know where I can get a decent pizza?

Lucas: Yeah. Actually, I know a great place.

Man: Yeah?

Lucas: Yeah.

Man: You hungry?

Lucas: Sure.

Man: You are gay, right? I mean, I thought that's what I heard you tell your friends?

Lucas: Yeah, yeah. Listen, I'm parked around back. Let me go get my jacket and we'll --

Man: Well, let's take my car, ok? You can show me the way.

Courtney: Great. I have a moment of weakness just in time for my old pal Carly to swoop in.

Carly: That's not true.

Courtney: Hey, I saw you upstairs. You were watching; you were enjoying every minute.

Carly: I had nothing to do with that. I was just an innocent bystander. Courtney, isn't it better that you know now? I mean, whether you end up with Jax or not, you and Nikolas will never work out.

Courtney: Oh. Wow. Thanks a lot.

Carly: Well, I just heard you say that yourself to Sonny and Emily.

Courtney: Look, I don't -- I don't have the energy to fight with you, Carly. I don't have the energy to fight with anyone. I just -- I'm really beginning to like that idea you had before. You know, the one where I disappear until the baby's born.

Lucky: I told you before. You're not being fair to Courtney or Emily.

Nikolas: What's it like to be you, Lucky? Huh? Everything black and white. All your emotions nice and organized and delineated. Well, my life's not that simple, ok? I feel, I react, and then everything gets more complicated.

Lucky: Well, it doesn't have to be.

Nikolas: It's pretty clear what you want from me. You -- you want me to be with Emily, but she doesn't want to be with me.

Lucky: Ok, you either love Courtney or you love Emily.

Nikolas: See, that's what I'm saying -- black and white, right there.

Lucky: Nikolas, I want you to be happy. Who gets you there is up to you.


Nikolas: Forget it, Lucky. I'm fine, ok?

Jax: Well, maybe you're fine, but Courtney’s not.

Sonny: That was a bit of drama tonight.

Emily: Yeah. I thought you handled it well.

Sonny: You, too.

Emily: You know, this has been so special, Sonny, the whole evening. I -- I don't want it to end. What's wrong?

Sonny: I think you -- I think you want to go home.

Emily: But why -- why would you say that? You -- you invited me here.

Sonny: I thought it was a good idea, but I don't -- I don't think it is.

Emily: What changed your mind?

Sonny: Well, everybody's warned me about, you know, the pain we're going to cause each other -- your career, my business, different backgrounds, your future. And I keep telling myself, hey, you know, we can deal with almost all of it. But the one obstacle that I -- I didn't really consider was you.

Dillon: You know, I'm glad my mom's ok, but I could kill her. Luke, too. Both of them.

Georgie: You know, they really deserve each other, Dillon.

Dillon: Well, I keep getting involved in their stuff, and it's really not working out well for me.

Georgie: Dillon, I'm so sorry.

Dillon: It's ok. You know what, though? You're like the only person that I trust, like, really, truly trust, like, deep down in my soul. I wish we could just go somewhere alone, away.

Georgie: We will, Dillon, someday.


Dillon: What was that?


Georgie: I don't know, I heard it, too.

Dillon: Oh, man.

Georgie: Oh, my God, Lucas?

Dillon: Oh --

Georgie: Hey --

Dillon: Hey --

Georgie: Come here.

Dillon: Can you move?

Georgie: Oh --

Lucas: We -- we got to get out of here.

Georgie: Ok.

Dillon: All right.

Lucas: We got --

Dillon: Ok, come on.

Lucas: Wait, wait --

Dillon: Oh, that's not good.

Georgie: My God, Lucas, what happened?

Lulu: You're going to stick with your story, that my dad wanted to kill you?

Tracy: Could you say what you're going to say quickly? I'm tired; I want to go to bed.

Lulu: The truth? I think you're brilliant. You beat Luke Spencer at his own game.

Tracy: Your father put you up to this.

Lulu: I haven't heard a word from my father. He's done what he does best -- disappeared. And I know he started this duel with you, so I can't even blame you for fighting back.

Tracy: Ooh. I'm about to get snowed.

Lulu: I don't know how long my dad's going to be gone, but I know I can learn a lot from you, if you're willing to teach me.

Tracy: First, you have to decide whose side you're on.

Lulu: I already know.

Skye: You alone?

Lorenzo: Join me at your own risk.

Skye: Ginger ale, please. Keeping my distance from you might be the worst mistake I've ever made.

Lorenzo: Is that the good news or the bad news?

Skye: It's not easy for me to admit. Oh, Lorenzo. Do you think we ever stood a chance?

Lorenzo: I told someone earlier today to get a life. I should've taken my own advice a long time ago.

Skye: I can't tell if that's a "yes" or a "no" answer.

Lorenzo: I don't know the answer. We might've stood a chance. We may still.

Carly: You're serious about this? You want to leave town?

Courtney: I really -- I want to enjoy having this baby, ok? I don't want him to be caught in this pressure cooker between Jax and Nikolas. It's not good for anyone.

Carly: Will you tell either of them what your plan is?

Courtney: I'll explain why I'm leaving, but I'm not going to tell them where I'm going. And I'm not -- I'm not going to do it in person because they'll both just try to talk me out of it. I guess I'll just put it in writing so there's no misunderstanding.

Carly: Wow. This is really brave of you, you know, being alone right now.

Courtney: I don't have a choice, Carly. You -- you have to promise me, swear to me that you will not tell Jax or Nikolas where I'm going.

Carly: Not a word from me. Not a word from me. And I will make the arrangements, as long as you are sure this is exactly what you want.

Courtney: It's the only way.

Nikolas: Stay out of my life, Jax. Courtney divorced you and agreed to marry me. There's nothing more to discuss.

Jax: Don't -- don't blame what happened tonight on me, Nikolas. That was all you. You lit a fuse and it blew up in your face. Now I get to stand back and watch you destroy what you built with Courtney. Then I'll pick up the pieces -- just like Sonny did with Emily.

Sonny: Courtney said something tonight that I think you should think about. You never really fell out of love with Nikolas.

Emily: Sonny, I'm divorced. You can't get much more closure than that.

Sonny: I saw you tonight. I think you want it to be over. You got questions, you got feelings, and until you figure out what those are, this can't really happen.

Emily: You don't believe what I feel for you.

Sonny: I want you to be sure. Being with me is going to be tough enough. You need to know what the real reasons are.

Emily: I'm not rebounding, if that's what you're implying.

Sonny: Listen to me, ok? Take some time. And then if you come back to me and you tell me that Nikolas is honestly behind you, we'll see what happens. Listen to me, ok?

Emily: Yeah.

Sonny: It's for the best. It's not going to be easy for me. All right?

Emily: You know, tonight was very special. I mean that.

Sonny: Very special for me, too. And I'm not going anywhere, I promise, ok?

Emily: Ok.

Sonny: Here.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Maxie: Why are you hiding here?

Lucas: Because I don't want anyone to know.

Maxie: What are you talking about?

Carly: Here's everything.

Courtney: I'm not sure I can do this.

John: You and your career are going to go down in flames.

Sam: If you don't win, a madman goes free.

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