GH Transcript Wednesday 1/4/06

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 1/4/06


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Nikolas: Sorry to interrupt.

Courtney: Nikolas, I didn't think you were going to come back.

Nikolas: You know what, I think you and I have a few things to discuss, so --

Sonny: I get that you're concerned, but Jason can handle himself.

Carly: What part of "Jason is walking into a trap" that you don't get? My father has been waiting for an opportunity like this. Why are you going to make it so easy? The second that Jason makes a move on Manny; he's going to arrest him and come after you for co-conspirator!

Sonny: I'm not going to discuss this with you. For everybody's sake, for your sake, stay out of it.

Sam: You don't want a trial that puts Manny back on the street. You want him dead; you know Sonny and Jason do, too, so why -- why would you set a trap that one or both of them would walk into?

John: If you think there's a crime in progress, you should call 911.

Sam: Are you kidding me?

Jason: Sam. I didn't realize you were going to be here.

John: Well, well, well, look at that. It's the star of our movie. Should I call up the coroner to come and pick up Manny's corpse?Ruiz doesn't appear to be moving. I want you to detain Jason until we can establish his condition.

Jason: I didn't realize you were going to be here.

Sam: I got worried and I couldn't call you.

Jason: There's nothing to worry about, but I do need something.

Sam: I think I can guess.

Jason: Go home.

Sam: Jason --

Jason: Walk away. Go home.

Sam: Please.

Jason: Go home.

John: Whoa, whoa, whoa, you're not going anywhere. If Ruiz is as dead as he looks, I'm charging you and you with murder.

Courtney: I'm glad you came back.

Nikolas: Really?

Courtney: Like you said, we have some things to discuss.

Jax: I guess that's my cue. However, I would like to go on record.

Nikolas: No, thank you, that's really not necessary, Jax.

Jax: Nikolas, Courtney and I -- we stayed out all night New Year’s Eve because of a series of mishaps, which you already know. And we spent the evening strictly as friends and parents-to-be. Of course, I would've liked more, but that's it. Ok, I'll leave you -- I'll leave you guys alone.

Nikolas: Do you feel, I don't know, manipulated in any way, Courtney? Because I sure do. You know, I'm stuck out of town through no fault of my own, and -- and somehow in that brief period of time, Jax -- he miraculously regains your trust. How did he do that?

Courtney: We just spent the evening together, ok?

Nikolas: That's exactly my point!

Courtney: Ok, what are you accusing me of? What? I was emotional, Jax was comforting me, that is all!

Nikolas: I'm just trying to figure out what's going on here.

Courtney: What, between me and Jax? What? Nothing.

Nikolas: No, between you and me, Courtney! I mean, if our relationship can't survive even a three-day separation, what chance of a future do we have?

John: What do we got?

Man: See for yourself.

Manny: Wow. So many visitors, huh?

Man: The footage does show Jason in the room. Apparently, he entered through the ventilation shaft, but all he does is stand over Manny for a minute, then walk out.

John: Did he threaten you?

Manny: Jason said nothing to me.

John: Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute. What's going on here? You realize that he'd just as soon kill you as looking at your ugly face. What are you doing? You trying to protect him?

Manny: No, that's not what I'm doing. Jason jumped down from the ceiling, looked at me, and left. And, you know, I know Jason used to hate me. Maybe he doesn't anymore.

Sonny: You got your life back, Carly. You're whole again. From what I can see, you're completely recovered. I'd like to see you stay that way. So I don't want you pulling back into my business or the endless war with your father.

Carly: Sonny, I'm in it. You are the father of my children. Jason is my best friend.

Sonny: Right.

Carly: And he could be walking into a trap set by my father right now.

Sonny: Jason's a professional; he knows what he's doing.

Carly: Yeah, ok.

Sonny: You're exhausting, Carly. That's why I know you're getting better. But the constant, you know, stress, the push and pull between me and Durant is what contributed to your breakdown. You fought hard to get where you're at. You don't want to throw it away by pulling yourself, you know, into the things that wore you down in the first place.

Carly: That's really good advice, but I just don't know if I can follow it.

Sonny: What I think you should do is start getting to know your father. Love him or hate him based on your own terms, your own instincts, not my war with him. You got -- you got what you wanted. You wanted a free pass, you got it. Take it.

Carly: I will do my best to stay out of your business and your constant conflict with my dad, ok? But I do reserve the right to hope you win, you know.

Sonny: I always win.

Carly: Arrogant. You are so arrogant.

Sonny: Well, it's not bragging if it's the truth.

Carly: Oh, really?

Michael: Hi, parents.

Carly: Hey, kid.

Sonny: Did you guys have fun at the park?

Michael: Yes, we did, but we're starved! Can Emily please stay for dinner?

Alexis: Durant is such an ass! Making me rot in this prison, wasting all my valuable work time, when I could go home and spend time with my daughters. I hate him, and I'm going to make him pay. I am. I'm going to turn this around so it bites him in the butt.

Ric: How are you going to do that?

Alexis: Since he's put me out of commission, he has adversely affected my time to prepare for a defense, so I'm going to have to push back the trial date.

Ric: Well, you might want to rethink that because a byproduct of it is Durant will have additional time to prepare, as well, leaving two very high-strung key witnesses -- Carly and Sam, to be exact -- time to calm down and get their stories straight, and then it's going to be your lovely little butt with the teeth marks in it. Alexis, Durant’s always working two agendas here. He wants to see Manny go to jail for his crimes, yes, but he'd rather see Sonny and Jason tripped up somehow. I'd rather not have us part of that. He's not a good multitasker, ok? He's going to confuse his objectives, he's going to wear himself too thin, and then we can use that against him.

Alexis: I'm sorry -- you weren't trying to tell me how to try my case, were you?

Ric: I'm just pointing out one particular aspect of something that maybe you might have missed.

Alexis: I didn't miss anything. Durant is trying to rush this trial because he's taken advantage of all the hostility that everyone has about Manny and the Glencoe crash. But if I push back the trial, I am improving the chances of seating an objective jury.

Ric: Mm-hmm, so I guess that my theory has absolutely no merit whatsoever, right?

Alexis: You're a wonderful husband --

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: And you are a very good attorney, for a Harvard grad. But I know exactly how to win this case.

Ric: Is winning what you really want?

Man: You're both free to go. Don't be stupid. Stay away from Manny.

John: Morgan.

Jason: What?

John: I want you down at PCPD first thing tomorrow morning for a truthful deposition. If you try to cover up or protect yourself in any way, I will charge you with perjury.

Sam: Oh, come -- what is wrong with you? Are you really so wrapped up in your own vendetta, you cannot see the terrible mistake you're making? Manny is the same cold-blooded killer he has always been. That surgery did not change him. The only way to stop him is to get a conviction. And instead of concentrating on that, you're trying to flip things around and implicate Sonny and Jason. If you are not careful, Alexis will win. Manny will go free. Who do you think he's going to come after first?

John: My guess, your boyfriend. That's why you're all fired up.

Sam: No, wrong again, Durant! Do your homework. Manny does not do direct. He doesn't do clean. He likes his enemies to suffer. He will come after me and Carly. Do your job, or else you're going to put your daughter in the direct path of a killer.

Lainey: Sorry I'm late. Hi.

Justus: Hey, no problem. Session run long?

Lainey: Oh, um -- actually, I was at Roselawn visiting my father.

Justus: Rough day?

Lainey: No, it was good. He recognized me right away. He was alert and engaged and, you know, he was even arguing about a case before the Supreme Court he's been reading about.

Justus: That must be nice, huh, catching glimpses of the man that he used to be.

Lainey: Hmm, you'd think. But the lucid moments never last, you know? Every time he looks at me without recognition, it's like losing him all over again.

Noah: So how about a toast?

Bobbie: To what?

Noah: To old friends reunited.

Bobbie: To old friends.

Noah: Don't look so worried. I'm an alcoholic, but I'm a functioning one.

Bobbie: If that's what you think, you're in denial. Because there's no such thing.

[Phone rings]

Jax: This is Jax.

Woman: This is Dr. Kelly Lee. I'm filling in for Dr. Meadows.

Jax: Oh, is Courtney all right?

Dr. Lee: This isn't about your wife's health. I've discovered a discrepancy in her file, and I'd like to discuss it with you.

Nikolas: I just need you to be honest with me.

Courtney: Ok. Yeah, while you were away, Jax absolutely was trying to show himself in his best light. He was. He was -- he was fair and he was kind and he was charming. He wasn't pressuring me or -- I don't know. Yeah, it was a lot easier to be around that Jax, to be around him instead of the one that's just angry and overbearing and trying to force his way into my life.

Nikolas: Well, then maybe you two need to spend some more time together.

Courtney: You don't mean that.

Nikolas: I love you. Ok? There's no -- there's no getting around that. But your peace and your happiness -- it's the priority. It's a priority in this. So, you know, if you need things to be -- to be easy with Jax, then -- then I can step aside.

Courtney: Yeah, yeah, it would be easier for a while.

Nikolas: Yeah.

Courtney: Yeah, but eventually I would start to feel manipulated by Jax and I would resent him, and that wouldn't be good for anyone, especially the baby. This works both ways, you know.

Nikolas: What? What does?

Courtney: Oh. Come on, Nikolas. You have your own unresolved relationship here.

Nikolas: Oh, come on.

Courtney: No, come on, you spent New Year’s Eve with Emily.

Nikolas: I --

Courtney: If you regretted being with me -- I mean, if you regret it, I can be the one to bow out.

Nikolas: What New Year’s Eve proved to me was that Emily and I will always be connected, but as friends. As friends, and that's as far as it will ever go. The part of my life that was with Emily is over.

Michael: You said you were hungry.

Emily: Oh, I am, but --

Michael: Well, you don't have to work tomorrow, right?

Emily: No, but, come on, aren't you guys tired of me? We've been together all day.

Michael: Well, I'm not tired of you, and I'm pretty sure that he's not tired of you.

Sonny: Would it help if we -- if I said we'd all like you to stay?

Emily: Uh, hey, what the heck.

Sonny: What the heck, right?

Emily: Don't tell her, but I'll take your cooking over Cook's any day.

[Michael laughs]

Michael: Can we please have Spaghetti Bologna?

Emily: Bolognese.

Sonny: I don't see why not, buddy.

Carly: I do. I came by to pick up Michael and Morgan and take them home with me.

Michael: But I thought we were supposed to stay here tonight.

Carly: I know, but I have a meeting with your teacher in the morning, and it's just easier if you're at my place.

Michael: Can we at least have dinner?

Carly: You can have your dad's spaghetti anytime. Come on. Come on, Emily, we can walk you out, too.

Sonny: Well, the thing is, Carly, I -- I invited her to stay. I mean --

Carly: No, Michael invited her to stay, and since we're leaving, I mean, she can leave with us.

Sonny: Yeah, but I'm cooking anyway, so I figure, you know, I mean, I'd -- I'd like to have your company if --

Emily: Ah. How can I refuse?

Noah: So is this where the lecture starts?

Bobbie: No. Just some straight talk. I don't even know if you remember this, but my father was an alcoholic -- the dysfunctional kind. And I don't think I've ever seen a nastier drunk. And I was a little kid -- you know, the girl. I was always trying to fix things, always trying to keep him from knocking the crap out of whoever was standing closest. So I enabled him without choice. But I have choice now.

Noah: You haven't touched your drink.

Bobbie: I'm not going to.

Noah: You used to be a lot better at having fun, Bobbie.

Bobbie: I thought I could do this, because I really wanted to spend time with you. And I wanted to find out what your life's been like -- what happened to make you like this, and maybe even help if I could. But I'm getting that all-too-familiar feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Noah: Hey, maybe it's butterflies.

Bobbie: Oh, Noah. That was a charming attempt at lightheartedness, but your life isn't a joke. It means something to me. And it used to mean something to you, too. And if it doesn't anymore, I think that's a shame. But you know what, I'm not going to sit here in the front row and watch you throw it all away.  Noah Drake, you're one of the few good memories I have, and I want to keep it.

Noah: No, Bobbie, don't go. Don't go. Please let me try and explain to you.

Patrick: How many so far?

Noah: You called my son?

Bobbie: You need help. And as much as I would like to be the one to give it to you, I can’t. I'm sorry. It's a self-preservation thing.

Noah: Good going. Well, you ruined my night. Don't feel you have to stick around.

Patrick: I know how much you loved mom. How can you wreck yourself in her name?

Lainey: You know, my father argued twice before the Supreme Court.

Justus: And was successful both times.

Lainey: You knew?

Justus: Of course. I'm aware of the brilliance of Roger Winters. I just never associated you with the name.

Lainey: My father was my reason for everything. My whole life was geared towards doing the things that would make my father proud. I -- I was a straight-A student. I'm telling you, I won just about every award and scholarship they had, and none of it meant more than hearing my father say, "I'm proud of you."

Justus: Was he hard to please?

Lainey: Just the opposite. My father thought I was perfection walking, and I did everything I could to justify his faith in me. That's what led to my breakdown after I graduated high school. You know, my S.A.T's were good, but they weren't high enough for me. I got into American, but my father went to Princeton. You know, I just -- I felt like nothing I ever did was good enough. And I was exhausted from trying, and I just crumbled.

Justus: I understand. My -- my father died way too young for me to know anything about him, but I'm forever living in the shadow of Bradley Ward.

Lainey: You're not just saying that. You really understand.

John: Ah. Well, I'm glad to see you two are enjoying each other's company. You'll be in here till about 10:00 A.M. tomorrow morning.

Ric: What?

Alexis: No. That's not going to happen.

Ric: Uh-uh, no, no, no, no.

Alexis: No, here's what's going to happen. You're going to get us out of here and you're going to get us out of here right now, or you're going to see the biggest lawsuit this department has ever seen!

John: Any woman who pulls me this close better mean business, sweetheart.

Ric: Alexis, let go, honey. Let go. That's right.

John: Yeah, that's what I thought. No, you see, I have every right to detain you. Section 7896-F of the State Judicial Code allows me to do just that.

Ric: No, not according to O'Hannah vs. Hawaii.

John: O'Hannah what?

Ric: Just look it up, Durant. Basically, it says that you let Alexis and me out of here or you lose your job.

Sam: Durant is a moron. He is obsessed with getting you and Sonny. He doesn't see the real danger under his nose. I am just really glad that you figured it out because I thought you were going to be charged with murder.

Jason: You shouldn't have shown up.

Sam: I'm sorry. I am sorry. Please, I know I was wrong. Please just don't be angry, ok?

Jason: I'm not. I'm not angry, but you can't keep doing this.

[TV turns off]

Carly: So, I bet you ate dinner with Emily a lot when I was in Roselawn, huh?

Michael: Well, except when she had to work.

Carly: Well, your dad was too busy to join you, right?

Michael: Sometimes. Mostly he was there. It was fun. Yeah, Emily even got dad to let us help.

Carly: You and Morgan?

Michael: No, me and Emily. Morgan is way too small to make anything but a mess, and we made dad laugh a lot.

Emily: You need any help in the kitchen?

Sonny: No, no, I got it under control. Besides, you're my guest. You shouldn't have to help.

Emily: Hmm -- I -- I like to cook -- or the concept of it anyway. I'm not very good, no practice. Cook won't allow anyone to so much as toast an English muffin in her kitchen.

Sonny: Right. Well, cooking is instinct, and you got that. I've seen it.

Emily: Oh, right.

Sonny: No! What do you mean, "Oh, right"? You've got a knack for that -- I mean, among other things, you know.

Emily: What -- what other thi-- what -- what other things?

Sonny: Well, I mean, you know how to read people.

Emily: Oh, not always. I've made some pretty horrific mistakes.

Sonny: We all have. But do you learn from it? Do you grow from it? Or let the fear of making another one cripple you?

[Phone rings]

Sonny: Ok, um -- hello?

Michael: Hey, dad, it's me.

Sonny: Everything all right?

Michael: Yeah, I just called to say good night.

Sonny: Ok, good night. I love you.

Michael: Is Emily there? Because mom wants me to say good night to her, too.

Sonny: Is your mom there?

Michael: I don't think she wants to talk to you, because she's shaking her head.

Sonny: Michael, get your mama.

Carly: Hey.

Sonny: Hi, hi, Carly. Is there anything you want to ask me?

Carly: Actually, yes, I did have something I needed to ask you. I was wondering if you'd like the boys this weekend. I have some pretty big plans.

Sonny: Oh, by all means. Get back into the world. You absolutely deserve it. And by the way, you know that -- that question that you had Michael ask me? Yeah, Emily’s still here. We're having, you know, some wine before dinner. But you know what? I really got to go, because I don't want the sauce to overcook.

Michael: Are you and dad mad at each other?

Carly: No. No, sweetie, we're not mad at each other at all. And you know what? You got to stop going on red alert every time dad and I annoy each other. It's going to happen. You know? We're just trying to figure things out. How do we act when we're apart, how do we act when we're together. But it's not a fight, because no one's mad at each other and no one's angry, got it?

Michael: Got it.

Carly: I promise you, I only want what's best for your dad.

Emily: Shouldn't you be checking the pasta sauce?

Sonny: Oh, no, I just -- I just said that to Carly to get her off the phone. It just drives her crazy a little bit.

Emily: What?

Sonny: The word "crazy" -- it's like -- I use it so easily now.

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: You know, and it's got a different meaning. Not that I'm concerned that Carly’s going to lose her sanity. I'm just kind of thinking of my own, because when Carly starts driving me crazy, that means she's acting normal, which means that I'm the one at risk for a breakdown.

[Emily laughs]

Emily: I take it Carly put Michael up to calling?

Sonny: Well, you know, she can't get her nose out of my business, both professionally or personally and --

Emily: Yeah. Carly's certainly made no secret of the fact that she doesn't want me here.

Sonny: Well, that's too bad because this is my house and Carly doesn't tell me what to do.

Emily: Me, either.

Sonny: I'll toast to that.

Alexis: By fabricating that precedent, you just made the situation worse.

Ric: You think I made it up?

Alexis: I know that you made it up, and I know why. I just wish that reason had prevailed.

Ric: The Eighth Circuit Court upheld O’Hannah vs. Hawaii in the third week of December.

Alexis: Oh, it most certainly did not. I would have known about that. I keep very current on all of these decisions. Believe me, I would have heard about that case.

Ric: You've been a little preoccupied lately, you know?

Alexis: Really? So I've been too self-involved to be effective in my job?

Ric: No, pregnancy, a train crash -- you know, your legal skills are as sharp as ever, but I think this is one case that you maybe missed, ok? Big deal.

Alexis: I didn't miss anything. You're bluffing.

Ric: Ahem.

Alexis: And Durant knows it.

John: All right, let them out.

Alexis: So, what, the mayor heard about this and asked you to stop violating our civil rights?

John: No, I looked up O’Hannah vs. Hawaii. Ric was right. I have no authority to detain you.

Alexis: Did you happen to notice when that decision was handed down?

John: Yeah, third week in December.

Jason: Ok, you've known from the beginning that I can't talk about my work and you can't be involved in my work.

Sam: I know, but you didn't mind when you were sick.

Jason: Well, that's because I didn't remember. And you were the only person I could trust. And I still trust you. Ok? But things are kind of back to normal. So we need to do things the old way. No more questions. You can't come after me on a job.

Sam: I know, I know. It was so stupid. I'm sorry.

Jason: No, you don't --

Sam: I am sorry.

Jason: You don't have to apologize. And I'm just -- I'm just worried. You're struggling with things that you used to accept about my job. I don't want that to wreck us.

Sam: Jason, just listen --

Jason: Sam -- you know I love you. It hurts me to watch what you're doing to yourself or Manny. And it's just making things worse when you hide stuff from me. I --

Sam: I know. Like the deposition.

Jason: I know that you were trying to protect me. I -- I get that. You were afraid I'd get angry too soon after the surgery. I understand everything you've been doing is because you love me. I know that. But you have to stop. I need you to trust and accept me the way you used to.

Sam: Ok. I promise. No more secrets, no more interfering, no more protecting. I've got to stop treating you like you're sick, because you're not sick anymore, and that's -- I'm sorry. I'm just asking for something in return. And please, just promise to give it to me.

Jason: Oh, come on, you know I will if I can.

Sam: Hey, hey, hey, just -- always, always do your best to come home to me. That's all.

Jason: I promise.

Sam: Thank you.

Patrick: Mom was proud of you; proud of the lives you saved.

Noah: You know I never should have operated.

Patrick: There was no time to find another specialist. If she was going to have the surgery, she needed it right away.

Noah: I killed her.

Patrick: You lost her on the table. Could've happened to anyone. Besides, we all knew mom was terminal. That surgery was a one-in-10,000 chance.

Noah: Don't pretend you don't blame me every bit as much as I blame myself.

Patrick: For mom? For what happened after, yeah. I looked up to you my whole life. I wanted to be just like you, until I realized that you were a coward. You used mom's death as an excuse to wreck everything she ever believed about you. And adding insult to injury, you did it in her name. You really think that's a fitting tribute? Dad, you can do better. It's not too late.  It's a referral to a rehab clinic. If you get sober, if you get your life back in a way that honors your wife, then maybe there's a chance for you and I. mend some broken fences. If you choose to keep finding yourself in the bottom of a bottle, I'm asking you as your son to go away and not come back.

Emily: You know, you make the most amazing pasta. It's so much better than anything I could get in a restaurant.

Sonny: You know, I like to be modest, but I got to agree.

Emily: No, see, the only problem with your arrogance is that Michael copies --

Sonny: See, that's the second time I've heard that tonight, and I'd like to say more -- it's more like confidence.

Emily: Oh, uh-huh, well, ok.

Sonny: Right.

Emily: The only problem with your confidence is that Michael copies everything you do, and what comes off as really attractive and charming in a man can come off as really bratty in a 10-year-old.

Sonny: Ah. Well, see, I don't know if I should get offended because you called my son a brat, or I should be happy because you -- you think I'm charming and attractive.

Emily: What? Come on. You can't be surprised. Don't most wom-- don't most people find you charming and attractive?

Sonny: Well, I think most people are afraid of me.

Emily: Of all the feelings I have for you, I can honestly say I've never been afraid.

Jax: Dr. Lee, Jasper Jacks.

Dr. Lee: Thank you for coming.

Jax: You said there was a -- a problem with Courtney’s file?

Dr. Lee: Yes, I reviewed it, and I noticed a paternity test had been performed, but the results were missing.

Jax: Oh. Well, that's -- that's not a problem. I mean, the test proved conclusively that I'm the father.

Dr. Lee: That may be, but our records still need to be complete. I wanted to let you know that I intend to call the lab and have them send a duplicate copy of the results.

Bobbie: Oh. What happened with Noah?

Patrick: I gave him a card for rehab clinic.

Bobbie: Patrick, maybe you should have taken him.

Patrick: He'll go or he won’t. Either way, it's his decision.

Noah: Uh -- um -- my name is -- Noah Drake, and I need help.

Alexis: There it is. "O'Hannah vs. Hawaii." A paralegal forwarded this. How could I have not seen this?

Ric: You know, maybe instead of obsessing over one missed precedent, you should be asking me to come on board as co-counsel.

Alexis: You don't think I can win on my own?

Ric: I'm just saying that two good lawyers are better in this case than one.

Alexis: You're willing to defend Manny?

Ric: I'm willing to be of assistance to you.

Alexis: You sweet talker.

Manny: It's ok, Carly, I understand you.

Sam: So I'm really glad we talked things out, because it's nice to know where you're coming from, and that's nice, but --

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: There is one aspect of our old life that I can absolutely not go back to.

Jason: What?

Sam: "What"?

Jason: Yes.

Sam: What do you think? Solo bubble baths.

Jason: Why do you keep --?

Sam: They're just too lonely.

Jason: Bringing this bubble bath thing up?

Sam: Because you got all these spa products from Santa --

Jason: Spa products?

Sam: And you haven't used them yet. You haven't even been near a tub.

Jason: You know what?

Sam: So tonight is the night.

Jason: I'm going to take you upstairs; I'm going to run a bath --

Sam: No!

Jason: I'm going to dump all that stuff in there; I'm going to throw you in --

Sam: What stuff, the goop?

Jason: And I'm going to come back down, and then I'm going to have a beer. That's what's going to happen.

Sam: No, I'm going to get you in that bath if I've got to do it with all your clothes on.

Jason: Oh.

Sam: Oh. Ok, we're having too much fun. I think --

Jason: What?

Sam: I feel a Carly coming on.

Jason: Get out of here.

Sam: I swear.

Jason: Forget Carly.

Sam: No, I am not kidding. I'm not. Check. Check.

Jason: Well, you had --

Carly: Oh, Jason, thank God. Thank God you are here. I need you. I need you. I just hope it's not too late.

Jason: For -- for what? What are you doing here?

Carly: You have got to stop Sonny and Emily’s date immediately.

[Glasses clink]

Emily: So -- I've been warned by everyone and their Great-aunt Fanny that you're dangerous.

Sonny: Can I ask you a -- what's an Aunt Fanny?

Emily: It's -- it's an expression. And it means everyone you know and everyone they know.

Sonny: So --

Emily: Yeah.

Sonny: What you're saying is everybody has warned you about me. All right.

Emily: Mm-hmm, and it doesn't do any good, because no matter how many times I'm warned or how hard I try to fight it, I'm falling in love with you.

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