GH Transcript Thursday 12/29/05

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 12/29/05


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Jax: Mac. How's it going? I have to report a stolen car. My Mercedes was -- was stolen from the parking garage last night.

Mac: We impounded your car this morning, Jax. Forensics is analyzing a dent in the front bumper to see if you ran down Dr. Meadows last night.

Courtney: Hey, Elizabeth.

Elizabeth: Hi.

Courtney: How is Dr. Meadows?

Elizabeth: She's listed in stable condition.

Courtney: Can I see her?

Elizabeth: Well, she hasn't regained consciousness yet and the doctors are afraid she's slipping into a coma.

Sam: Help, please!

Jason: What's -- ok, ok.

Sam: All right, next year I'm going to have to help you with all these Christmas gifts because --

Jason: Um, can't we just put them in boxes?

Sam: What's so special about a box?

Jason: Well, you still get what's inside and you don't have to deal with all this --

Sam: Ok, whoa, whoa, whoa, trust me on this -- ripping off the paper's only half the fun, especially for someone Michael’s age. But be sure to tell him I said happy birthday, ok?

Jason: You're not going to Michael’s party?

Sam: I can’t.

Carly: Hi! Happy birthday, baby!

Michael: Mom --

Carly: What?

Michael: Please do not call me "baby" at my party.

Carly: Ooh, yeah, right. Ok, sorry about that. But you know what? You're always going to be my baby, and every time I see you, I feel like you've grown a foot.

Michael: Mom, the last time you saw me was last night when you crawled in through my window.

Noah: Bobbie. I've written up my recommendations for the Ortado surgery. Can you see Tony Jones gets this?

Bobbie: Oh, of course.

Noah: Thanks.

Bobbie: And I'm sure Tony’s going to appreciate this, but why aren't you doing the surgery yourself?

Noah: I'm a little out of practice.

Bobbie: Noah, you're a gifted surgeon, and you're letting your talent go to waste when you could be helping people.

Noah: You know, I was never as good as people seem to believe, and believe me, I haven't gotten any better these days.

Courtney: So, Elizabeth, could you call me if Dr. Meadows' condition changes?

Elizabeth: Yeah, yeah, of course I will.

Courtney: Thank you.

Jesse: Hey, Courtney. How are you?

Courtney: Hi.

Jesse: Did you get my message? You remember anything else about the hit-and-run?

Courtney: Uh, sorry.

Jesse: Did you see the car as it drove away, or maybe the back of the driver's head? Did you get a sense of the size or color of the car?

Courtney: Ahem. I think that the car was -- was dark, maybe blue or black. It might have been a sedan.

Jesse: A four-door Mercedes?

Courtney: It's possible.

Jesse: I'd like to take you down to the station. We need you to I.D. a suspect for us.

Mac: A witness observed the dent on your bumper while your car was parked at the Metro Court. I need to know exactly where you drove yesterday.

Jax: Mac -- all right, fine, you know what? I was at the hotel most of the day and night, I went to the hospital around 7:30, and then I went back to the bar at the restaurant.

Mac: Any witnesses?

Jax: Sure, Ric and Alexis were there and any of the staff.

Mac: How long were you at the hospital? Did you happen to see Dr. Meadows?

Jax: I did. I had some questions about Courtney’s pregnancy.

Mac: What time did you leave Dr. Meadows?

Jax: 7:30, 7:40.

Mac: Which way did you drive out of the parking lot, Jax?

Jax: Mac, come on, this is absolutely ridiculous. Do you really think that I ran down Dr. Meadows?

Sam: Ok, look, I know nothing could keep you from going to Carly’s, but you're barely out of the hospital, so don't push yourself. If you feel like you're getting weak or any dizziness or --

Jason: Ok, what's wrong?

Sam: This is me trying not to hover, and obviously not doing a really good job. I'm just really worried that some little kid there is going to throw something and hit you in the head exactly where you got your surgery done.

Jason: Sam --

Sam: Ok, I know, I'm being ridiculous. Thank you for not telling me. I appreciate it.

Jason: I promise we'll leave the party if people start throwing things at my head.

Sam: Ok. I'm just -- I'm trying to give you some space -- imagine that -- and actually be nice to Carly. This way she can enjoy you without having to worry not to pick a fight with me.

Jason: If something is wrong, you know you can tell me.

Sam: Come on, go on. You're going to be late. Let's go. Hey, Jason? I'm going to get stronger. It's just going to take some time.

Carly: You know what? We should head on upstairs. The cake is amazing; the decorations are killer. What do you think?

Sonny: Yeah, before you do that, I want you to tell me about last night. Did it surprise you when mom showed up?

Michael: Weren't you surprised?

Sonny: She probably just got distracted.

Carly: You were already in your room and I didn't want to disturb you. Hey, most of your friends are already waiting for you upstairs. I'm sorry that I didn't get anything to ride this year. Is that all right?

Michael: Mm-hmm. Emily, over here!

Emily: Hi. Hey, Happy Birthday, Michael.

Michael: Thank you. You said that at breakfast this morning.

Emily: Yeah, well, now I've got a present to back it up.

Michael: Hmm, what'd you get me?

Emily: Well, you're going to have to wait and see.

Carly: You know what, we should get going.

Sonny: No. Whoa. Can you do me a -- take him upstairs? I just got to talk to Carly about one thing here.

Emily: Yeah, yeah.

Sonny: You climbed into our son's bedroom window to spy on me?

Carly: I called Michael to say good night to him and he told me that you and Emily were running around the halls with nothing but towels on. You care to explain that one?

Sonny: No.

Carly: What would've happened 10 minutes later? Where would the towels have been then, Sonny? Emily is not a bed bunny. She is their aunt, ok?

Sonny: We -- Emily and I aren't sleeping together.

Carly: Yet.

Sonny: You know, it used to annoy me when you used to do this, but now, I'm a little scared, so you want me to call Lainey and tell her you snuck into my house?

Carly: I'm not crazy.

Sonny: You were before and I didn't see it, so what I'm saying to you now is you need to back off before we go down that scary road that put you in that mental hospital.

Courtney: Mac, what is Jax doing here?

Mac: I'll explain, but first, I need to ask you some questions. Tell Miss Matthews what you observed last night.

Jesse: You and Jax were together at the Metro Court Restaurant following Dr. Meadows' accident.

Courtney: That's right.

Jesse: Well, you seemed to be having some kind of emotional conflict with Jax.

Courtney: Wh-- I just saw my doctor run down and left for dead. I went to Jax for support.

Mac: Dr. Meadows is your obstetrician, isn't that right?

Courtney: Yes.

Mac: How much contact has Jax had with her?

Courtney: Well, I mean, he's the father of my child. He's interested in the development of my baby. Where are you going with all this?

Mac: There's a good-sized dent on the front fender of Jax’s car and he cannot account for his whereabouts at the time of the hit-and-run. Can you think of any reason why Jax might want Dr. Meadows dead?

Alexis: The purpose of this deposition is to record a truthful account of the events.

John: You can relax, Miss McCall. You're not on trial here.

Sam: No, of course I am. Alexis is defending a psychotic killer and the only way she can get him acquitted is by making me look bad.

Alexis: Perhaps you should explain the concept of a hostile witness to your client.

Justus: It means that a jury will be warned in advance that your testimony is biased and prejudicial.

Sam: That wack job shot Jason, tried to rape me twice. I am absolutely biased toward giving him the death penalty.

Alexis: Could you please read that back?

Stenographer: "That wack job shot Jason, tried to rape me twice. I am absolutely biased toward giving him the death penalty."

Alexis: Thank you. When you say "Jason," I assume you're referring to Jason Morgan. He's your live-in boyfriend.

Sam: No, I am referring to the man that saved me from your client. He is the one who went back into the Glencoe Tunnel and risked his own life to defuse the rest of the bombs. You remember that night, don't you, Alexis? The night you almost died in a train crash? Obviously, it doesn't matter that he made the rest of us suffer, but what if your daughter had died that night, on the day that she was supposed to be born? Would you or would you not still be defending Manny?

Alexis: Your feelings for defense counsel have been duly noted. I would appreciate it if you could just answer the question, please.

Sam: The answer is, no, Jason is not my boyfriend. He is my fiancé.

Alexis: You do reside with him here in the Harbor View Towers, Penthouse 2, is that correct?

Sam: Yes.

Alexis: You stated that Manny Ruiz shot Mr. Morgan in front of you.

Sam: After he groped me and handcuffed Jason to a chair, yes.

Alexis: Would it be fair to say that Mr. Morgan hates my client?

Sam: I can't speak for Jason.

Alexis: Are you answering for him now? Did Jason Morgan tell you what to say in this deposition?

Carly: You know what's funny is I'm more concerned about your mental health than I am about mine.

Sonny: I'm not climbing in people's windows.

Carly: I'm not jealous, Sonny, ok, I'm not. I meant what I said on the roof. Trying to hold on to you nearly destroyed me and I don't want to go back there. But I know better than anyone how fragile you can be, and when Emily gets hurt, it will wreck you.

Sonny: Emily and I are just friends, that's all.

Carly: Ok, then maybe I'm just being a paranoid wack job. Can you do your good deed for the day and just listen to me maybe? Emily is Jason’s little sister. When she gets hurt, he won't be able to get past that, and neither will you.

Sonny: I understand what you're saying and, you know, I know you believe it, but it's not up to you, Carly.

Jason: Hey, where's Michael?

Sonny: Huh?

Jason: Is everything ok with you guys?

Carly: Yeah, you know what, you should probably get upstairs. The party's getting started.

Sonny: What are you going to do?

Carly: I want to talk to Jason.

Sonny: Oh, I bet you do.

Carly: Are you ok? How are you doing?

Jason: What happened?

Carly: So, first you. Are you sure you're allowed to be there? The doctor said it's ok for you to be here?

Jason: The doctors let me go.

Carly: Ok.

Jason: It's safe to be where I want to be and do what I want to do.

Carly: And you don't need to worry about anything, your blood pressure --

Jason: Carly --

Carly: Getting angry or anything like that?

Jason: Just tell me what happened.

Carly: Michael walked in on Sonny and Emily wearing nothing but bath towels.

Courtney: Jax had no reason to want Dr. Meadows dead. He's a good man. He would never try to kill anyone.

Mac: I can see you believe that.

Courtney: Well, it's the truth, and any evidence you find is just going to prove that he's innocent.

Jax: Ahem, Courtney’s pregnant, ok? She doesn't need the stress. If you want to talk to her more, you're just going to have to wait for my lawyer.

Mac: You two are divorcing, aren't you?

Jax: Doesn't mean I can't protect her from being badgered by the police.

Mac: Actually, Jax, she is defending you.

Jesse: We got the forensics report on the dent on Mr. Jacks' car.

Carly: Sonny said he hasn't slept with Emily yet, but I'm sure that's just a matter of time.

Jason: Oh, don't do this.

Carly: Don't do what? Don't try and protect my family? Don't try and stop everyone from getting hurt? I may not be able to be with Sonny anymore, but I still care about him and I still love him and I want to look out for him, just like I want to look out for you, Jason, and that's going to change if Emily and Sonny get together and I can't sit around and watch that happen! You've got to talk to Sonny about not getting together with Emily.

Jason: I don't like telling people how to live their lives.

Carly: Sonny implied that I was sliding back into my obsession for him. Is that what you think is going on here, too?

Jason: I -- I think you have a right to be concerned, but --

Carly: Thank you, thank you. Now we have to get together and figure this out.

Jason: No, we aren't going to do anything. You've done what you can. You told him how you felt. Now leave it alone.

Carly: You know what's irritating?

Jason: I'm sure you're going to tell me.

Carly: I know that you are just as worried about this as I am, but you won't admit it. Which I guess is understandable because you think I'm going to try and come up with some big plan, but --

Jason: No plans, please.

Carly: You're my plan. Jason, talk to Sonny before he makes the biggest mistake of his life.

Waitress: Vodka martini.

Noah: Thanks. Keep them coming, ok?

Bobbie: Thank you. Hey, Noah. Oh. Isn't it a little early?

Noah: Wait a second. We haven't seen each other in years. You can't be telling me what to do. And you certainly have no right to be following me.

Bobbie: Actually, I'm here for my grandson's birthday party. And if you want to drink your day away, I can't stop you.

Michael: Dad?

Sonny: Yes?

Michael: Please uncover half, uncover a quarter and I'll guess the rest.

Sonny: Is it just me or is he a born negotiator?

Emily: You need to wait, you know, savor the anticipation?

Michael: Anticipation's for grownups. Kids like immediate gratification.

Sonny: Yeah? Who told you that?

Michael: Emily.

Sonny: Emily. Oh, I see. So you're telling my kids about instant gratification?

Carly: Who's ready for cake?

Michael: Me!

Carly: Yeah?

Michael: Yes!

Carly: Great, great, because you know what, here it comes now.

Michael: Cool.

Carly: Look at that!

Sonny: Wow!

Michael: Awesome.

Sonny: Jason, look at this.

Carly: Oh, wow. Isn't it great?

Michael: Yeah.

Carly: Yeah! Thank you. Thank you, guys.

Emily: Wow, it's fabulous.

Michael: This is so cool.

Carly: Yeah, I think so. Well, come here. Make a wish and blow out the candles. Yay!

Jason: All right!

Michael: Now can I open my presents?

Emily: Why don't you thank your mom first?

Michael: Mom, this is the best birthday party ever.

Carly: Oh, good, good, good.

Alexis: Did you know Manny Ruiz prior to the evening of October 13, when he allegedly broke into your home that you share with Jason Morgan on Moana Road in Maui?

Sam: I knew of him.

Alexis: Had you seen him?

Sam: Yes.

Alexis: Spoken to him?

Sam: No.

Alexis: Hmm. So Mr. Morgan was Mr. Ruiz's target that night and you were just a bystander?

Sam: "A bystander"? I was groped. He forced his lips onto mine.

Alexis: Because of your association with Mr. Morgan?

John: Counselor, where are you going with this?

Alexis: According to the police report, when they got there, Mr. Morgan was already holding my client at gunpoint, so we have only his and Miss McCall’s word that she was ever attacked. Did you file an income tax return last year?

Sam: What?

Alexis: Did you make an income?

Sam: Do I have to answer this?

Justus: There's no reason not to, Sam.

Sam: No, I did not file an income tax return.

Alexis: Did you work?

Sam: Not an actual job, no.

Alexis: Did you pay rent?

Sam: No.

Alexis: Did you buy any clothing or jewelry?

Sam: Yes.

Alexis: How did you pay for that?

Sam: How do you think? Jason.

Alexis: For all your expenses?

Sam: Yes.

Alexis: And now your brother -- Daniel McCall, I believe -- resides in a group home in Maui, is that correct?

Sam: Yes, that's correct.

Alexis: And who pays for that?

Sam: Who do you think? Jason.

John: Look, counselor, the prosecution will stipulate that Miss McCall and her brother are financially dependent upon Mr. Morgan. May we please move on?

Alexis: Yes. We've established that Jason Morgan is your sole means of financial support, so to continue in your current lifestyle, you're compelled to say whatever he wants. Is that correct?

Sam: No.

Alexis: Do you think Mr. Morgan would be receptive if you were to defend my client, if you were to advocate clemency or an acquittal?

Sam: Are you kidding me? I would never do that!

Alexis: Because Jason doesn't want you to?

Sam: No, because Manny Ruiz is a sadistic freak! And you're a bitch for defending him.

Jason: Wait. No, no, mine's going to be last.

Michael: Well, then it's a clue. Well, so if I open yours first, it's going to give away dad's present, right?

Carly: You can open up mine. It's not a clue, but you've been asking for it for a very, very long time.

Michael: Then I know what it is --

Carly: Yeah?

Michael: Because that's a clue.

Carly: Ok. Here. There you go.

Michael: Yeah.

Bobbie: That's nice.

Michael: I knew it!  Thank you, mom, this is the best!

Carly: Oh, you're welcome, you're welcome, babe!

Boy: Now can we open your dad's present?

Michael: Can I?

Sonny: Well, yeah, go ahead.

Michael: Can you please hold this so it doesn't get lost?

Carly: Yes, I will.

Michael: Thank you.

Bobbie: That was a good present.

Michael: Ok. Is everybody ready?

All: Yeah!

Michael: I'll take that as a yes. Ok, here we go!

All: Whoa!

Sonny: Yeah.

Carly: You can't be serious.

Michael: This rocks!

Jason: It's going to be --

Carly: You could've warned me; you could've told me.

Sonny: Well, he's going to teach him how to ride. It's not a big deal.

Jason: Carly --

Carly: Sonny!

Sonny: He's going to be safe.

Michael: Thank you, dad.

Sonny: Oh!

Michael: This is the best present that anyone has ever gotten!

Sonny: Well, you deserve it, you know that?

Michael: Yes.

Sonny: All right.

Jax: Are you dragging this out on purpose?

Mac: The dent on your fender shows no D.N.A. traces. Paint residue proves the dent was caused by impact with a pylon at the Metro Court garage.

Courtney: See, I told you, Jax had nothing to do with the hit-and-run.

Jax: Can we go?

Mac: I have no reason to hold you. Courtney, if you remember anything else about the accident, notify us immediately.

Courtney: I will.

Mac: Listen, check on Dr. Meadows, you know, figure out who else might want her killed.

Jesse: I was watching Courtney’s face when you read that report. She looked nervous, you know, like she thought Jax could've done it. She doesn't trust him as much as she claims.

Justus: Call me and we'll fix a date to finish this deposition.

Alexis: Uh, that won't be necessary. Miss McCall was very cooperative and I have all I need.

Sam: What, because I told the truth? Manny is twisted and, Alexis, you are wrong, wrong for defending him.

Alexis: Sam, I was appointed. I don't have a choice. I am just doing my job. However, I do believe that everyone has the right to equal protection under the law --

Sam: Ok, so call the A.C.L.U., have them defend Manny! Why --

Alexis: I can assure you that wasn't an option.

Sam: Ok, you know what, why don't you just admit it -- you want this case. You want to get to bask in your own brilliance. If Manny goes free, every other rich, guilty freak out there gets to add your name to their rolodex. And you know what? You do pay your own bills so, hey, who cares if it's blood money anyway, right?

Alexis: That's ironic considering what your fiancé does for a living.

Sam: Hmm.

John: That was impressive. Brutal, but impressive.

Alexis: I was as gentle as I could be under the circumstances. Maybe I shouldn't have deposed her at all. That way I could throw the case for you.

John: Alexis, your client is guilty.

Alexis: Not until a jury says so. See, that's the way the law works, Mr. Durant. Do you remember the law, the one you took an oath to uphold?

John: Mm-hmm. You remember law school, Ethics 101? Put the victim on trial; it might come back to bite you.

Alexis: Thanks for the warning. I'm aware of the strategy.

John: You're not going to get an acquittal.

Alexis: Yes, I will if Sam is your key witness. Now, you want to put a deal, put it on the table now because after a trial, it's going to be too late.

Sam: I blew it.

Justus: You were understandably emotional, Sam.

Sam: The man attacked me and killed God knows how many people. Why am I wrong for saying so?

Justus: Because you sound like somebody who's out for revenge and that's not what this trial is out to prove.

Sam: Really? Well, either Alexis doesn't get it or she doesn't care, because Manny will kill again. Unless someone kills him first.

Sonny: All right, champ. I'm going to have Milo -- Milo? I'm going to have Milo drive you and Leticia home, ok?

Michael: Ok.

Emily: I'll ride with you. I have to go to the hospital. Give me a hug, sweetie. Ooh. Happy Birthday.

Michael: Thank you.

Sonny: Come over here!

Michael: The A.T.V. was the best present ever.

Sonny: Yeah?

Michael: But mom's kind of sad. Wonder if she thinks that you're spoiling me.

Sonny: Mama wants whatever makes you happy, ok, just like me. You know what I wish for every year?

Michael: What?

Sonny: That you're healthy and happy, and I know that last year that didn't happen. You went through hell, and I apologize for that.

Michael: It's not your fault.

Sonny: Parents always want to try to fix their kids, you know? And I know that I can't bring back last year and I can't lessen the hurt, but I will say this -- that next year, it's going to be a better year. And that A.T.V. is a big responsibility, but I know that you can handle it.

Michael: This has been a really great birthday.

Sonny: Well, I just bought one present. Your mother did everything else.

Michael: I'm glad mom's home. And I hope she has a better year, too.

Sonny: You know -- you know what I think? I think mom throwing this party is saying that we're all going to be ok.

Carly: Well, Michael told me that he ran into you and Sonny wearing nothing but towels, so we should probably discuss that one, huh?

Emily: The heat was out in the guesthouse, and when I tried to start a fire --

Carly: I heard the whole story, yeah. And if it were anyone else, I would assume it was a setup, but with you there's a 50% chance that it's true.

Emily: Oh, ok. Well, I'm not going to defend myself because nothing happened.

Carly: I know. I climbed in Michael’s window last night and I checked for myself.

Emily: Why would you involve Michael?

Carly: I didn't involve Michael, you two did. Besides, Michael doesn't know what's going on. But Jason does. Wow, you should've seen the look on his face when I told him that you and Sonny were half-naked stranded in the hallway wearing nothing but towels.

Emily: Do you want me to feel bad for worrying Jason? Is that what this is about?

Carly: No, I want you to see the damage you can do, Emily.  That's what I want. You know what? Sonny will try to hide the ugly way of his business, but eventually you'll see it. Someone will get shot, something will explode, and Sonny will get angry. He'll throw a glass, he'll yell at a guard, and eventually, yes, he'll yell at you. And Jason will see it. And then what, hmm? What happens to the man, any man, who screams at you? And don't tell yourself it won't happen, because it will.

Emily: You slept with Sonny while you claimed to be in love with Jason, and somehow they got over that.

Carly: They won't get over you. Everyone loses -- me, Michael, Morgan, Sonny and, most of all, Jason. So if you love them as much as you claim to, then you stop now while you can. The next time Sonny asks you to come over, say no.

Emily: Hey. Sorry I'm late.

Elizabeth: Hey. Oh, no problem. How was Michael’s party?

Emily: Oh, I should've known better than to go.

Elizabeth: Why?

Emily: Well, there was a mix-up last night. The heat was out in the guesthouse, so I stayed at Sonny's main house, and I was in the hall wearing only a towel and so was Sonny, and Michael saw us and he told Carly --

Elizabeth: Ok, whoa, whoa --

Emily: Who jumped to the worst possible conclusion --

Elizabeth: Back up, you and Sonny were in the hall wearing nothing but your towels?

Emily: Elizabeth, please tell me you don't think I did it on purpose.

Bobbie: So did Sonny warn you that he was getting Michael the green monstrosity?

Carly: Sonny could buy 100 of those A.T.V.'s for Michael as long as he gets rid of Emily.

Bobbie: Emily?

Carly: You didn't see them standing next to each other? I mean, come on mom, she was glued to his side. She's totally in love with him -- which is just perfect, isn't it, because Emily’s kind and she's sweet and she's empathetic, not to mention wounded, and Sonny finds that totally irresistible.

Bobbie: Oh, honey, if you're right, I'm sorry. I know it must be painful. But you're not going back to Sonny, so if he's got to get romantically involved with someone, it might as well be Emily. At least you know she'll be good to your children.

Carly: She will destroy his life.

Bobbie: I think what's really bothering you is the possibility that Sonny could actually love Emily enough to make a lasting commitment -- the kind you thought he could only make to you.

Emily: Well, it was a fluke. I ran out to get a brush for my hair and the door stuck, and at the same time Sonny was going downstairs to get his watch.

Elizabeth: Ok, so neither of you planned it --

Emily: Right.

Elizabeth: But there you were, standing in nothing but your towels, and?

Emily: And he's gorgeous.

Elizabeth: And?

Emily: And I felt like I was going to melt right into the floor.

Elizabeth: And?

Emily: Uh-huh. Uh, nothing happened.

Elizabeth: Oh. Ok, well, how'd that make you feel?

Emily: Relieved. And disappointed.

Elizabeth: How disappointed?

Emily: Elizabeth, I'm attracted to Sonny, but it's more than that. I think I'm falling in love with him.

Elizabeth: Emily. Are you sure?

Emily: Jason doesn't want me involved, right? He's worried about me, and I -- I'm being ridiculous. It doesn't matter how much I love Sonny. He doesn't feel the same way about me, so nothing's going to happen, right?

Elizabeth: Oh, my God, I can't believe I'm hearing -- I don't know, I mean, maybe -- maybe something is already happening. I mean, the two of you are awfully close now. How hard would it be to just cross that line into -- into love?

Emily: Yeah. Ok, so aren't you going to warn me that disaster awaits?

Elizabeth: I like Sonny. I mean, except for that whole misunderstanding when I was married to Ric, he's always been really nice to me. But, yeah, Emily, you need to be careful. I mean, Ric had a whole slew of problems that I never understood and Sonny is his brother.

Emily: They're completely different people.

Elizabeth: I know. All I'm saying is that Ric hurt me in a way that I've never been hurt before and I don't want Sonny to do that to you.

Jason: All right, Michael’s A.T.V.'s in the garage.

Sonny: Why don't you --

Jason: No, you should --

Sonny: Keep it because I don't want him driving alone.

Jason: You should keep them here.

Sonny: All right. How'd you like the party?

Jason: You know, Michael had a good time.

Sonny: Yeah, Carly liked it, too. Thanks for calming her down, because --

Jason: Yeah, well, she's -- she's worried about you and Emily.

Sonny: She told you about the towels?

Jason: Yes, she did.

Sonny: It was a coincidence, a one-in-a-million thing. The heat went out in her guesthouse and --

Jason: Well, I'm asking you to, you know, just stay away from my sister.

Noah: Bobbie, wait, wait, wait. Look, I owe you an apology. I was way off base.

Bobbie: Apology accepted.

Noah: Care to join me?

Bobbie: Noah, why are you doing this to yourself?

Noah: I happen to enjoy being drunk.

Bobbie: I doubt that. It's as if there's something haunting you, driving you to drink.

Noah: Haunting me? I like the sound of that.

Bobbie: Hey, you know, you don't have to tell me about it, today or ever, but you should talk to somebody.

Courtney: Hey.

Jax: I understand you dented my car last night.

Man: I should've reported it when it happened. I'm sorry the police got involved.

Jax: Well, I expect my staff to be accountable for their behavior. I'll let you off with a warning this time, but if you lie again, you'll find yourself out of a job, ok?

Man: I understand. Thanks for giving me another chance, Mr. Jacks.

Courtney: Well, that explains the dent in your car.

Jax: Well, you didn't know that when you defended me at the police station. I mean, you stood up for me even when you had reason to doubt, which proves one thing -- that we're going to make excellent parents together.

Sam: Hi. Excuse me. Can you page Dr. Patrick Drake for me, please?

Nurse: I think he's on rounds.

Sam: Ok, thank you. Oh, hey. Feeling better?

Manny: Yeah. Thank you for asking.

Sam: You must be looking forward to the trial, sitting back while the great Alexis Davis tries to convince the jury what a changed man you are. I know better. You are the same sick freak that you have always been and I will make sure the jury knows it.

Alexis: Officers, this confrontation isn't helpful to anyone. Could you please take him back to his room?

Officer: Let's go.

Manny: Look, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for hurting you, and I'll keep telling you until you believe me.

Sam: Screw you, you psycho pig.

Alexis: Please. Thank you. Sam, you have to avoid any more confrontation with him. It's not going to solve anything.

Sam: Really? It must be nice being all detached and professional. At least you're earning a big, fat, healthy paycheck for defending a killer, right?

Alexis: I'm donating my fee to a women's shelter. This isn't personal. The last thing I want to do is to add to your pain in any way. My best advice to you is to go home, wait for a subpoena. If called to testify, just tell the truth as clearly and as simply as possible. The legal system has flaws --

Sam: Oh.

Alexis: But it can work, and if Manny is guilty, let it come out in court.

Sam: Ok, then. Well, let's see how you feel when you are in my place. Because if Manny gets set free, sooner or later, he will come after you.

Carly: All right, sweetie, we got to go. The restaurant needs to set up for dinner.

Michael: What happened to my cake?

Carly: Well, I sent some of it to our house and then the rest of it I sent to your father’s. I thought the guards would have a good time eating it.

Michael: Well, if you give part of your cake away, will your wish still come true?

Carly: Absolutely. Generosity increases wishing power.

Michael: Do you want to know what I wished for?

Carly: For me and your dad to get back together? Sweetie, that's not going to happen.

Michael: I know, and I'm ok with it. I'm older.

Carly: Oh, ok. So what did my older son wish for?

Michael: For you never to get sick again and to stay with me and Morgan forever.

Carly: That is a wish that is definitely going to come true.

Emily: I thought that I was helping Sonny, Elizabeth. It never even occurred to me that I could be attracted to him. If Carly hadn't made such a big deal out of everything --

Elizabeth: Wait, a big deal out of what?

Emily: Right before Thanksgiving, I took Michael and Morgan up to Roselawn to visit Carly and she accused me of falling in love with Sonny. And at first I thought that she was being paranoid, right, so I denied everything, we had this big old fight, and then not long after, I started having these dreams.

Elizabeth: Like the day I walked in at Sonny's and found you about to knock back a glass of scotch?

Emily: Yeah. I'd just dreamed that I kissed Sonny.

Elizabeth: Oh, jeez. No wonder you were so rattled.

Emily: Yeah. Elizabeth, it's like letting a genie out of a bottle, ok? Once I started thinking about it, I couldn't stop, and at first they were just dreams, and then they became fantasies.

Elizabeth: Wait, you fantasize about Sonny?

Emily: Don't sound so shocked. Look, the truth is that for a couple of seconds last night, when we were standing in our towels, it seemed like another fantasy. And when the door jammed and Sonny went to get it and we were standing so close, Elizabeth, I swear I thought that he could feel me blushing.

Elizabeth: So I guess the question is, you going to tell Sonny how you feel?

Emily: Yeah, I'd probably wind up embarrassing us both and trashing our friendship. And, you know, Elizabeth, Sonny helped me through a really terrible time, and helping him helped me, and I don't want to ruin that. Uh -- yeah. I think it's better if Sonny doesn't know that I could love him.

Jason: The first time I saw Emily was in the hospital, after my car accident. There was a knock on the door. It was so soft, I almost didn't hear. And then this little girl walked in with a bunch of flowers. She said she was sorry for bothering me, she hoped that I felt better, and that was it. She just -- she left. She forgot to tell me her name. And later, when I asked about her, they told me she was my sister.

Sonny: Well, Emily’s not a little girl anymore.

Jason: I know, that's -- the point is that she was scared of me, Sonny.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Jason: That's why she forgot to tell me her name. But she came to visit anyway because she wanted to help. That's -- that's how she is. And that's why I think she could be falling in love with you, because Emily thinks that you need her.

Sonny: I don't know what you want me to say. I mean, it wasn't a little girl with flowers in my hall last night. It was just, you know, a woman. I didn't touch her. I got dressed, came downstairs, and I -- I warned Emily that I'm a bad man with a bad reputation and I made it clear that we're just friends. So, you know, I mean, Emily and I are not going to get involved. So you and Carly can stop worrying.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Luke: Carly is throwing a party. I say we take action.

Skye: I'll go.

Luke: Great. I got my date.

Nikolas: What do you want to do for New Year’s?

Courtney: Get ready to put your tux on. Jax.

Jax: Guess you were expecting someone else.

Sam: It's just you and me.

[Knock on door]

Carly: Jason, I know you're in there!

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