GH Transcript Tuesday 12/27/05

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 12/27/05


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Jax: Sounds like Nikolas is on his way back. That's good news.

Courtney: Yeah, well, it would be if it were true. Seems that when they were fixing the plane, they found evidence of sabotage.

Jax: Really?

Courtney: Yeah, someone wanted Nikolas stranded and they made it happen in a place that was so far remote, he couldn't get back in time for Christmas. Was that "someone" you?

Jax: I see. Is this how it's going to be from now on? Every time Nikolas is in trouble, it automatically lands at my door? Because I don't think that's going to be very healthy for our child, Courtney, constantly hearing its mother doubt and accuse its father.

Courtney: You haven't answered the question, Jax, any more than you ever explained why you suddenly decided to sell half your hotel to Carly. I mean, how far are you willing to go to keep Nikolas from me and the baby, huh?

Jax: I don't appreciate being accused, ok?

Courtney: Oh, perfect. Well, I can't get a straight answer from Jax, so I'll ask you. What do you have over him?

Patrick: I assume you plan to eat? Ok, you can sit there and pretend to ignore me or one of us can change tables.

Robin: I like my table. But if you want to move, I mean, I can't stop you.

Patrick: There. Much better. I'm glad we're having dinner.

Robin: Why?

Patrick: Because there's something I've been meaning to ask you and this gives me a chance.

Robin: Ok.

Patrick: Why are you trying so hard not to like me?

Sam: Manny I'd expect to pull any dirty trick he could think of to get back on the streets and come after us, but what I can't believe is Alexis. Is her ego so out of control that she would ignore all the horrible things that Manny's done just for a win in court? If that freak walks away from this and is able to commit another heinous crime, Alexis --

Alexis: "Alexis" what?

Sam: You will be the one who is accountable. If your brilliant legal mind gets Manny free and he's able to walk the streets again, I don't care how docile he seems right now, he will murder again and it will be on your head.

Alexis: I find this very interesting. Everyone is saying that Jason survived his illness because of you, so following that logic, when Jason goes back to work, will his next victim's death be on your head?

Michael: Isn't this cool?

Emily: Yeah, that is cool. Looks like you had a great Christmas, huh?

Michael: Well, I got everything that I wanted, and being with mom rocked, but I missed you.

Emily: I missed you guys, too. But your dad invited me to spend the night, so we can have a belated Christmas, huh?

Sonny: What brings you back so soon, Carly?

Carly: I just came by to pick up my sons.

Sonny: Oh.

Carly: I want Michael and Morgan to come home with me.

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Luke: I make it a point never to get involved in domestic disputes, particularly my own.

Courtney: Ok, hold on. Now, Jax did not want to sell half the Metro Court to Carly or anyone else. Why would he? He certainly doesn't need the money. He doesn't like having partners. You -- you even came to me and asked me to persuade him to sell to you.

Luke: Yes, and as I recall, you were very negative about it. You said you didn't want anything to do with it.

Courtney: Well, I do now. How did you force Jax to sell half the Metro Court to Carly?

Luke: I can't tell you that.

Courtney: Must be some secret.

Jax: No, I have nothing to hide. Go ahead and tell her.

Luke: Well, if that's the way you want it. He did it for you.

Robin: Right away you're under a misconception. I don't have to try to dislike you. It just comes naturally.

Patrick: Don't hate me because I'm self-confident. What doctor isn't?

Robin: There's confident, and then there's obnoxious.

Patrick: You're a little sourpuss, aren't you?

Robin: Now you're condescending.

Patrick: Are you always this joyless, or is there a point in the remote past that you actually cracked a smile?

Robin: Hmm, fast moving to annoying and rude.

Patrick: I was right the first time. You're socially inept.

Robin: What did you say to me?

Patrick: Well, that's why you picked medical research and why you didn't become a surgeon. You wanted to hide from the world, and all those thick, dense text books seemed, like, impossible to resist.

Robin: Once again, you have no idea what you're talking about. The first boy that I loved died and medicine didn't have a way to save him, and I wanted to make a difference.

Patrick: Sorry, I didn't realize --

Robin: Well, maybe you should ask some questions before you just judge someone.

Patrick: Apparently, I made yet another wrong assumption. I thought Jason was your first love.

Robin: Jason gave me the strength to go on, I mean, to believe in a career and future. Never mind.

Patrick: Well, don't stop now. I'm at the edge of my seat.

Alexis: I didn't come here to argue. It's just Durant is pressing for an early trial date, so I'm going to need to depose both of you as soon as possible.

Jason: Get a subpoena.

Alexis: Ok, that shouldn't be a problem.

Sam: Good, but until you do, stay away from Jason. He's recovering from brain surgery and the last thing he needs is an opportunistic, hack lawyer upsetting him.

Alexis: I can see that you're upset, and I'm sorry. I don't mean to offend your sense of morality by taking on Manny’s case. Sam, Jason is as much a killer as my client, and that doesn't seem to faze you at all. Do you even see the irony in this?

Sam: Wait, your client put us through a nightmare. Manny shackled Jason to a chair and shot him in the leg, and then he put his hands all over me just for Jason to watch, and then he came into our home and cornered me in the shower, where a woman couldn't be more defenseless or vulnerable. For God's sakes, Alexis, the man caused a train crash that nearly cost you your child. But, hey, what does that matter if you can find yet another way to stick it to Sonny. The fact that the man you're defending happens to be a sociopath is just an inconvenient detail, right?

Alexis: What Manny did to you and to everyone else was unspeakable. But he had a progressive, diagnosed brain disorder.

Sam: Oh --

Alexis: It's medically diagnosed, Sam. What concerns me is your perspective about Jason, how you could look the other way when people die at his hands or just disappear off the face of the earth. I know that he's well paid and I'm sure that he supports you in comfort, but wouldn't it be easier to simply get a job?

Jason: Enough. Alexis, think what you want about me, even try to prove it, but don't disrespect Sam again.

Sonny: Um, this is my night to have the boys.

Carly: You've had the boys for months. I just got home. Don't I deserve a little extra time with them?

Michael: You're not going to fight, are you?

Carly: No, no, sweetie, we're not fighting, ok?

Sonny: We're just all getting used to having mom around and, you know, we're going to have to make adjustments, and I just think it's best if we just stick to the schedule.

Emily: Well, in that case, I think it's time for bed, huh? Why don't you guys kiss your mom and dad good night, ok?

Michael: Ok.

Sonny: Come here, Morgan.

[Sonny growls]

Sonny: Carly? What are you up to?

Carly: You ask yourself that question and you come up with an acceptable answer, because what's not acceptable is Emily taking over as the mother of my kids.

Jason: You don't give a damn about Manny and whether or not he's faking. All you see is a high profile. You are the most selfish woman I've ever known.

Alexis: This coming from Carly’s best friend?

Jason: Oh, Carly has a heart. It wasn't Carly who attacked Sam in the chapel the night she lost her baby. And that baby is the reason Kristina’s alive. But when Kristina got kidnapped, it's not Carly who was first in line to accuse Sam and want her locked up and it's not Carly standing here right now telling her the guy who stalked, terrorized, and almost raped her is innocent, Alexis, it's you!

Alexis: This isn't personal. I'm an attorney and I'm doing my job.

Sam: You know what, forget it. Out. Now. No, you sit.

Jason: What are you -- I'm fine.

Sam: No, you are not fine, Jason.

Jason: Yeah, I am.

Sam: They just opened up your head and operated on your brain. You're supposed to be resting, not fighting with that pompous, smug witch. Does it even register with you that you almost died?

Jason: Ok, Sam. You got to stop treating me like I'm sick, ok?

Alexis: Back from the research trenches?

Ric: Yeah, I should be able to perform brain surgery myself before this trial is over.

Alexis: Did you find anything that could help?

Ric: You got a fight on your hands.

Alexis: Oh, I already do. Everybody hates me. Sam and Jason just jumped all over me because I'm representing the reincarnation of Satan and it'll be my fault if he kills again. It's a little disturbing being lectured on ethics by a hit man and his girlfriend.

Ric: Yeah, Sonny and Jason live by an interesting code. Murder is fine when they commit it and it's just unacceptable when anybody else does.

Alexis: Well, at least Manny had a brain anomaly that caused his actions. Sonny and Jason are conscious about it.

Ric: I know but, you know, I get the legal aspect of Manny’s condition. You know, he couldn't control his actions, so therefore he's not culpable. The thing that I'm having a very difficult time swallowing is the fact that he has this magical transformation as a result of some surgery. I just don't think that the guy is all of a sudden completely harmless. But I guess all things will be revealed, hmm?

Sam: Monica.

Monica: Yeah?

Sam: Are Jason’s release papers ready?

Monica: Almost.

Sam: Oh.

Monica: You ok? You look upset.

Sam: It's just, um, not a great day.

Monica: Well, you're engaged to my son. That makes us family, and I think I've proven that you can trust me.

Sam: You have, and I do, and I think I'm blowing it.

Monica: Why?

Sam: Why? Because Jason is better, you know, he's stronger by the minute, and I am still terrified and I'm driving him up the wall and I don't know how to stop even though I know I should.

Robin: Jason made me believe in the future, although he had no investment in his own.

Patrick: Why is that?

Robin: Well, Jason’s brain damage was caused by a car accident. He had no context for emotion, so he didn't understand the concept of fear or taking a risk.

Patrick: Hypo-perfused frontal cortex.

Robin: Right. Jason didn't remember the past, the future wasn't here, so it didn't matter. I had never known anyone like that. I just loved being with him. But that wasn't how I lived my life.

Patrick: A girl with a goal, right? Always another hurdle to jump, another award to win? I get it. I'm the same way.

Robin: Hmm.

Patrick: Lots to prove.

Robin: In your case, I would say so.

Patrick: My case?

Robin: You've got big shoes to fill. Noah Drake is a legend.

Patrick: Yeah, legendary for the spectacular way he crashed and burned. Yeah, I'll be damned if I end up like him.

Sonny: You ok, Carly?

Carly: Yes, I'm ok. Of course I'm ok

Sonny: Well, it's just kind of hard to tell. You know, you've been under a lot of stress, you know, worrying about Jason and getting out of Roselawn.

Carly: I'm not headed for another breakdown if that's what you're trying to insinuate, you know. But I'm also not blind, too. I see how wonderful Emily is with my children, and I'm just a little insecure, ok? I'm just a little insecure.

Sonny: You have nothing to be insecure about. Michael and Morgan have missed you every second. They've waited every hour for you to come home. Yes, they love Emily, you know, as their aunt, as their Godmother, but you are their fierce, unstoppable, loving mother. No one can take your place.

Carly: You always know the right thing to say to me.

Sonny: Well, it's the truth. You know that.

Carly: Ok, so I'm overreacting.

Sonny: Just a little bit.

Emily: Excuse me. The boys are down and I'm just heading to the guesthouse.

Carly: Emily, you don't have to leave on my account.

Emily: Oh, I'm not, I'm not. Good night.

Sonny: Don't forget your coat.

Emily: Yeah, thanks.

Carly: Um, Emily?

Emily: Yeah?

Carly: I'm having a party for Michael tomorrow, and I know that he would love it if you were there, so will you come?

Emily: Of course. I'd love to.

Carly: It's going to be at Metro Court. I'll call you tomorrow with the time.

Emily: Ok. Looking forward to it.

Carly: So, proud of me?

Sonny: Always.

Carly: Yeah. There was a time when I believed that. I'll see you later.

Luke: Ok. Here's how it happened. I came to Jax with an offer from Carly to buy half the Metro Court. At first, you're right, he was reluctant to go into business with her. But I explained to him that I would be the intermediary between the two of them, and both of us decided we didn't want Carly back under Sonny's thumb, which is exactly what would happen with her having no income potential and nothing to put her time and energy to.

Courtney: Ok, I guess I'm just missing the part where you started caring about what happens to Carly.

Luke: She's my sister's daughter. Do you want me to finish, or is that enough?

Courtney: Oh, I'm fascinated.

Luke: Ok. He reluctantly agreed for one reason -- for you, because he knew that Carly’s your best friend and, because of you, he decided he would take a chance on her. He didn't want me to tell you. That was the one condition that he made. The reason for that is apparently you think he uses Carly to manipulate you or something. I don't know. Apparently, that happens a lot. Hey, you asked me to tell her. I've told her the truth. So don't try and pull out of the deal now.

Jax: I don't intend to.

Luke: So there you are, Courtney. That's how it happened. He did something nice. Be good to him.

Courtney: Oh, man. Jax -- look, I'm really sorry. Here you are being generous and wonderful, and I've just been so unfair.

Jax: You know what, I'm in no position to criticize. I'm still cringing over the fool I made out of myself over Christmas, you know, rambling on about love and -- so why don't we just call it even and move on?

Courtney: You know, you really are a gentleman. Thank you.

Jax: Night.

Luke: So I managed to save your pristine image. You know it's going to cost you.

Monica: Hmm. Congratulations. You're almost out of here.

Jason: Yeah, have -- have you seen Sam?

Monica: Yeah, I have, and I suggested that she go out and kick a tree or yell, scream, whatever it takes to get it out of her system.

Jason: She's upset?

Monica: Mm-hmm.

Jason: Did I -- do something?

Monica: Yeah, but not intentionally.

Jason: Yeah, well, sometimes I can't figure women out, even the ones I love.

Monica: Well, sorry to break it to you, but that's not going to change anytime soon. I could maybe shed a little insight.

Jason: Ok. I'll take it.

Monica: You just came through a really, really difficult surgery. Now you are feeling better and you want to get out of here, you want to get on with your life, no looking back because that's you. That's -- that's the way you operate. But the people that love you aren't quite so resilient, Jason. Sam has lived with abject fear for months now. She was fighting to get you to agree to treatment, and then she had to hang on and watch you go through the torture of Robin's therapy, only to find out that didn't work. Then she had to live with the fact that she might just sit and watch you die. Jason, that takes its toll on a heart, it really does, and it's going to take a while to heal.

Jason: I want to help. What should I do?

Monica: She almost lost you, so she's going to really hang on tight for a while. Let that be ok. Because she's going to bounce back. I mean, she's made of steel. She's going to be fine. It's just right now she needs some, well, special handling.

Jason: Ok. I'll remember.

Monica: Good.

Jason: Thanks for explaining to me.

Monica: Thank you for letting me. Jason? I am really, really grateful that you are alive.

Jason: Yeah, me, too.

Robin: Did your dad always have a drinking problem?

Patrick: No. He -- he'd have wine at dinner, an occasional cocktail. Dad was too high on being the brilliant Dr. Drake to need alcohol.

Robin: So what changed?

Patrick: He choked in the O.R., lost someone on the table, couldn't bounce back. So he dove headfirst into a bottle.

Robin: That's very sad.

Patrick: Yeah. When word got out that Dr. Drake's miracle hands weren't good for much more than holding a shot glass, high-profile cases went away, the best hospitals closed their doors. He went from the best there was to a pathetic sod.

Robin: So is that what drives you, to prove that you're stronger, better than your father?

Patrick: I don't have a choice. The medical profession appeals to the egocentric, the competitive. People are not only waiting for me to choke, they're hoping for it. But hell will freeze over first. My father's run was an opening act. I'm a better doctor. I'm a better man.

Sam: Why aren't you in your room?

Jason: We're going home.

Sam: But I just asked about the paperwork and it's not done yet.

Jason: It is now, and all I need to get out of here is you.

Sam: Wow. Sorry for the delay.

Jason: No, no. You know what, actually, I'm the one who needs to say sorry. I know you've been wearing yourself out worrying about and taking care of me, and instead of saying "thank you," I've been kind of clueless.

Sam: Wow. Yeah, that never happens.

Jason: Well, it does, and it shouldn’t. Let's go home.

Sam: Yeah.

Luke: Courtney practically puddled when I told her about your selflessness. I don't think she'd have been quite so tender if I hadn't spun that tale like fine Chinese silk.

Jax: Must we go through the tedious buildup? Can we just get to the point? What do you want?

Luke: I want the I.R.S. off my back. You're going to put me on your payroll as a consultant, for 500,000 a year to start.

Jax: Ooh.

Luke: But you'll get the added benefit of my expertise.

Jax: Such as it is.

Luke: You'd be surprised.

Jax: Consider it done.

Luke: Good. Not that you had a choice.

Jax: There's always a choice, my friend. You're just lucky that I live my life by a certain code. If I were a man, say, who solves his problems by making them disappear, now would be the time for you to start sweating.

Luke: Do I hear a veiled threat?

Carly: Why do you guys have your heads together?

Jax: Oh, hi. Say hello to our newest employee. Luke is now our consultant. Please, put him to work; keep him busy, ok? I'll messenger the contract. Yeah.

Luke: And I thought he was such a gentleman.

Carly: How much are we paying you?

Luke: Not nearly enough.

Carly: I own half of this hotel.

Luke: Which you have thanks to --

Carly: Which means my money is going in your pocket.

Luke: Your money which I negotiated for you, so don't even pretend that we're less than full partners.

Carly: Ok, fine. Partners don't hold out on each other. What do you got on Jax?

Luke: Courtney.

Sonny: I'm going to let you hold this, ok, but -- go ahead, take it. But we're not going to make a night of it, ok? After you're finished with your -- hold your milk, don't spill it -- I'm going to take you upstairs, I'm going to tuck you in; you're going to go to sleep. What happened to you?

Emily: Oh, the heat's out in the guesthouse and the gas must be off because there's no hot water, so I tried to start a fire and when I opened the flue --

Sonny: You got a face full of ashes.

Emily: Whoa! It's, yeah, even worse than I thought. Ok. Is Max around, because I was hoping that he could help me --

Sonny: No, no, no, no, no, you're not going to stay in a guesthouse with no heat and no hot water. You're going to sleep here with us.

Luke: So Jax was doing his white-knight routine and he didn't want Courtney to think that it was all about winning her back.

Carly: Jax always has an angle so stop wasting my time with these fairy-tale stories, Luke.

Luke: This is so sad. Caroline, you're so cynical. You can't even appreciate a true, sincere, magnanimous gesture.

Carly: Ok, well, since Jax is so sincere and magnanimous, then you can get your blackmail payoff directly from him. Stop running it through the hotel. I need this place to turn a profit.

Luke: It will. Don't worry. I'm worth every last cent.

Carly: You'd better be.

Alexis: Oh. I forgot that Carly was part owner of this hotel.

Ric: Well, too late to retreat now. Oops, incoming.

Carly: Hey! How's my favorite girl?

Alexis: She's fine.

Kristina: Good.

Carly: Good?

Alexis: See?

Carly: Ok, well, so you guys are having dinner?

Ric: Yeah, it's -- Molly's at home and it's big-sister night, you know?

Carly: Oh, I'm going to tell the chef to take care of you, ok?

Alexis: Oh, you don't have to go to any special trouble for us.

Carly: It's no trouble at all. Guess what -- you saved me a phone call. Michael is having a birthday party here tomorrow, and guess who's invited.

Kristina: Me!

Carly: Yeah!

Ric: Oh.

Sonny: Come over here, sit down.

Emily: No, you know, I don't want to get the furniture all dirty. I'm going to go up and take a shower. So, you know, just so you know, Morgan’s scamming you. The milk's an excuse to stay up. He's barely drinking it.

Sonny: You pulling one over on your daddy? Oh, no, no, no. Let me see.

[Emily laughs]

Sonny: Ok --

Emily: Oh!

Sonny: Whoa, whoa. What are you laughing at?

Emily: Oh, that's the fastest I've ever seen you move, I think. I don't know which one of us looks worse.

Sonny: Well, that's pretty easy -- me, because even you covered in dirt, ashes, whatever, you look like a knockout.

Jason: All right, just hang on.

Sam: What's wrong?

Jason: Ah.

Sam: What are you doing?

Jason: I'm carrying you over the threshold.

Sam: No! You're not supposed to do that until we're married!

Jason: Well, we're engaged and you finally got a ring. Doesn't that count?

Sam: Yes, I guess it does. What has gotten into you?

Jason: Well, you've been taking care of me long enough.

Sam: Yeah?

Jason: Now it's my turn.

Courtney: Dr. Meadows.

Dr. Meadows: Oh, Courtney, I am late for dinner. Unless this is an emergency, I --

Courtney: No, no, no, I won't keep you long. I just wanted to know what you and Jax were fighting about.

Ric: There he is, huh?

Patrick: The Ruiz trial should get a lot of publicity. Whether he's found guilty or not, the surgery I so brilliantly performed to save his wretched life will be spotlighted.

Robin: You don't have to do this soulless jerk act with me anymore. Or do you just do that to annoy me?

Patrick: Don't be jealous.

Robin: Of what?

Patrick: Because I'll get all the attention and you'll barely get a mention.

Robin: Well, if your opinion of me is correct, then I won't want any, I mean, the mole that I am.

Patrick: You don't mind recognition for your work. It's your personal life that's got you running scared. But you know what, I'm feeling generous. I'll be sure to say your name.

Robin: Don't do me any favors.

Patrick: Now, why so abrupt?

Robin: I've finished my meal. There's no reason to hang around.

Patrick: I'll give you a ride.

Robin: No, I really don't -- I would rather walk. Correction -- I would rather crawl on broken glass than have you take me home. But you're welcome to this. Bye.

Emily: I should've taken your picture.

Sonny: Yeah, that's funny. I'd have had to kill you.

Emily: Well, you know, it would've only been for my own amusement.

Sonny: Can you do me a favor?

Emily: Yeah.

Sonny: Don't tell anybody because I don't want to lose all respect.

Emily: True, you know, it is a little hard to be scary when you're wearing chocolate milk on your shirt.

Sonny: Right, right, right.

Emily: So, um, yeah, just don't worry. Your secret is safe with me.

Sonny: Thanks for not disappearing on the kids. It meant a lot to them having you around.

Emily: Yeah. I'm so happy to be here.

Sonny: Sleep tight.

Emily: You, too.

Carly: Ok, there needs to be a magician and a pony. A pony would be great.

Concierge: A pony in the lobby?

Carly: Well, put a tarp down. I mean, it's too cold to have a pony outside, right?

Alexis: Excuse me, can I see you for a minute over here?

Carly: Sure, Alexis. What is it?

Alexis: Carly, it was really inappropriate for you to invite Kristina to Michael’s party without asking me first.

Carly: Michael is Kristina’s brother.

Alexis: I have tried in every way that I know how to make it clear to you that I don't want Kristina to spend time with you.

Carly: Well, that doesn't really make sense, Alexis, because our children have the same father, so you know what, there's bound to be contact.

Alexis: Sonny is Kristina’s father and he has every right to spend time with her. You and Sonny are no longer married, and I believe that ends your involvement with her.

Carly: Kristina likes me.

Alexis: She doesn't know any better. That's precisely my point. I don't want her to emulate you.

Carly: Oh, and you're a great role model, huh? News flash -- you're just as crazy as I am.

Alexis: There's different degrees of crazy and we can debate that later, not now. The point is, is I'm her mother and I get to say what goes, and if I don't want her to spend time with you, if that's my choice, then I choose it. Besides, your children are out of control. Michael is acting out, and Kristina is emulating him and doing the same thing. There's a lack of boundaries that I'm uncomfortable with and I'm not going to have it.

Carly: No, of course not, because you're going to suck all the air out of that little girl. You're going to shrink her world until there's only enough room in it for you -- you and all of your rigid structure and your precious rules. Kristina will rebel against you one day; I promise you that. And that loud clapping noise you're going to hear in the background is me cheering her on.

Alexis: Very nice. Carly, there's no point in discussing this any further. Kristina is not going to be at Michael’s birthday party. Don't approach her again without asking me first.

Carly: Right.

Sam: Ah. Now, that was utter perfection.

Jason: What, doing the dishes with you?

Sam: Absolutely. You know, this is all I've ever wanted. Just an ordinary night, nothing earthquaking happening. No seizures, no Manny. Nothing. Just you and me doing the dishes before we go off to bed at night, knowing that we'll have tomorrow and the next day and the next day, knowing that we'll have the rest of our lives to spend together -- whatever that may turn out to be, anyway.

Jason: You know, I almost gave up. And you were the only reason that I -- that I wanted to fight. And we won. So thank you.

Courtney: I didn't misunderstand. I was just watching you and Jax a few minutes ago on the fourth floor. You were definitely arguing.

Dr. Meadows: I'm surprised I have to say this to you, Courtney, but your personal problems with Jax are no concern of mine and I resent being put in the middle. First, there's Jax badgering me about an update on your health, and now you interrogating me about my conversation with Jax.

Courtney: You're right. Dr. Meadows, I'm sorry.

Dr. Meadows: Listen, if something is bothering you, take it up with Jax.

Courtney: Of course. I apologize. I do. I -- ok, I'm really embarrassed now, so I'm just going to slink away.

[Car starts]

[Engine accelerates]

[Tires squeal]

Dr. Meadows: Ah!

Courtney: Dr. Meadows? Somebody help!

Ric: I had a friend when I was growing up, his name was Wilford, and he never ate and he didn't grow. No, not really, sweetie. Come on, why don't you just take a bite?

Alexis: Honey, you love your salmon. Why aren't you eating?

[Ric sighs]

Alexis: Why are you looking at me like that?

Ric: Oh, I don't know, I'll give you three guesses.

Alexis: Oh. I know you're disappointed about not being able to go to Michael’s birthday party. Mommy's sorry. I didn't know, so I scheduled -- I scheduled us to go to the Natural History Museum. Mommy already bought the tickets. I think it'll be fun, you and Molly and Ric and mommy, we're all going to go. You can get Michael a present. You can even pick it out for him all by yourself.

Kristina: Why don't you like my brother?

Carly: Sorry.

Robin: Excuse me.  What are you doing?

Carly: I'm having a birthday party for Michael. A pony is not going to -- I'll call Jason, he can bring his motorcycle! Little boys love motorcycles.

Robin: You can't be serious.

Carly: What?

Robin: What? Jason is recovering from brain surgery, and you want him to bring a motorcycle to a kid's party? You're unbelievable!

Carly: Shut up, I don't want to hear it, Robin.

Robin: I don't care if you don't want to hear it. Someone needs to save Jason from your selfishness. Do not ask him to bring a motorcycle to the party. He loves Michael. He will push himself to do it and it's too soon.

Carly: Jason's not your business. You're not his precious little angel anymore, so why don't you go back into obscurity and leave us all in peace, ok?

Robin: I can't believe you are still using Jason, still taking advantage of him.

Carly: And I can't believe that you are still so jealous of me you can't even see straight. You can't stand the fact that Jason loves me and you could never affect that, even when you pulled out the big gun and you told everyone the truth about Michael.

Robin: A.J. is Michael’s father. He deserved to know that.

Carly: How thick are you, huh? You still don't get the hell you unleashed, do you? Everyone suffered, Robin -- Jason, Michael, including A.J., all because you took it upon your sanctimonious self to tell a truth that wasn't yours to tell. And you know what? You did it because you were jealous. Yeah, you were jealous, because you were afraid that you couldn't give Jason the family that you knew I could, all because you were H.I.V.-positive. Wow, yeah, I said it. You might fool the rest of the world, inspire pity and admiration for your courageous struggle. I know you for the snake that you are.

Robin: And I know you for the hateful person that you are. No wonder Sonny won't take you back.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Courtney: I came over here and they took off.

Jesse: What is it?

Bartender: Mr. Jacks. I didn't see you come in.

Jax: I came in the back way.

Carly: You know nothing about Sonny!

Robin: You are in for a rude awakening.

Sonny: You locked out? Sometimes you have to jam it.

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