GH Transcript Monday 12/19/05

General Hospital Transcript Monday 12/19/05


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Jesse: What the hell happened?

Mac: I don't know. Ruiz, get up.

Jesse: Are you ok?

Maxie: No -- I'm ok. Oh, my God, Dillon!

Georgie: We need a doctor!

Dillon: I'm fine.

Georgie: No --

Dillon: I'm -- ow!

Georgie: I'm sorry, you're bleeding, Dillon.

Dillon: Yeah, well, I'm ok. Are you ok? Are you hurt?

Georgie: Yes, I'm fine, I'm fine.

Dillon: Oh, good, good.

Maxie: Hey, can't believe how lucky you got.

Georgie: "Lucky"? No, I didn't get lucky. Diego saved my life and yours.

Diego: Ugh.

Lucky: He's out.

Mac: Where's he wounded?

Det. Rodriquez: There's not a mark on him. He wasn't shot.

Jesse: Then what happened?

Lucky: Manny -- he grabbed his head and he went down. Did anyone call paramedics?

Mac: Don't everybody move at once.

Courtney: I got another D.N.A. test.

Jax: Why would you do that? I mean, you already know that I'm the father.

Courtney: Well, I wanted a second opinion.

Jax: Well, unless you think that the tests weren't conclusive or that they got mixed up or something?

Nikolas: No, actually, "switched" is the word that we had in mind.

Jax: Well, that's crazy. I mean, who would do that?

Nikolas: You.

Jax: You really think that of me?

Courtney: Jax, why did you let Carly buy into the Metro Court with you?

Jax: Not because of this. I mean, I didn't even know that you were pregnant until after you'd had the first test.

Courtney: That's what I thought.

Jax: Oh, I see. You want this fantasy so you can justify running around together, right? Erase Jax from the picture and you won't feel guilty? That would be really convenient.

Nikolas: We'll see.

Jax: No, you see. You go ahead and look at your results. I already know what it says.

Nikolas: Whatever. If he doesn't want to stay here and face the truth, fine. Let's see it.

Courtney: Ok.

Nikolas: Who's the father?

Carly: So what if I don't want to see Sonny with another woman? I think that's a perfectly natural reaction.

Jason: So what? You're not in charge of Sonny's life, Carly.

Carly: I didn't say I was in charge of Sonny's life. I'm still the only woman for Sonny, but he can't have me.

Emily: That's everything.

Sonny: Not quite.

Sonny: Here you go.

Emily: Thank you.

Sonny: You know, when I asked you to leave, I didn't really -- I didn't mean, like, tonight.

Emily: Well, when it's time, it's time, you know. Besides, I don't want to make a big deal out of saying my goodbyes -- to the boys. I made some plans with Michael and Morgan over the holidays, if that's ok.

Sonny: Oh, yeah, hey, you know what? If you hadn't brought -- you know, if you didn't bring it up, I was going to invite you, because the boys love having you around. We all do.

Emily: Sonny, you know, this has been a really special time for me, everything that you -- you've done.

Sonny: And I'm so grateful, because you've done so much for me that I can't even tell you, and you've done it with grace, care, and concern. You make everything look easy.

Emily: Well, if I'm leaving here stronger than I arrived, it's because you gave me the space and the time to get that way.

Sonny: So -- ok.

Emily: Ok.

Sonny: Sorry.  Emily? Don't go. The boys need you. I need you.

Emily: Sonny?

Georgie: I'm going to the hospital with you.

Dillon: I'm fine.

Georgie: You were shot.

Dillon: I was grazed. It doesn't even hurt that -- ow! Ow, sorry, sorry.

Paramedic: You need to stay still while I do this.

Dillon: Yeah.

Georgie: Stay still. Hey.

Diego: Hey, Georgie. You ok?

Georgie: I don't care what anybody says about today. You saved my life.

Lorenzo: You seem incapable of controlling your prisoners. I'd like a moment with my son.

Officer: I'm afraid I'm not going to allow that, sir.

Lorenzo: Maybe you didn't hear me.

Officer: I heard you just fine.

Mac: He's being shipped off to Pentonville for 10 years. He can have a minute with his son. Georgie?

Georgie: Yeah.

Diego: Oh.

Lorenzo: I'll see that it goes as easy as possible for you in prison.

Diego: Oh, I'll be ok, dad. You know, I survived the streets.

Lorenzo: Pentonville isn't the streets. Listen, after a few months and things settle down, I'll call in a favor.

Diego: No, no. I don't want you to do that.

Emily: Hey.

Elizabeth: Hi.

Emily: Did you find Lucky? But that's the reason you left Kelly’s in such a hurry earlier, isn't it?

Elizabeth: Oh, yeah. Well, I got called into work on my way over to see him, so I -- did you get a chance to talk to Nikolas?

Emily: All right, I knew it. Elizabeth, I know that you mean well, but this has got to stop, you know? Nikolas and I are divorced, and the papers are signed, and that's not going to change, no matter how many times you try and throw us together.

Elizabeth: Ok, look, married or not, the two of you are still connected. The type of love you guys share, it doesn't just disappear. And I think that, given enough time, the two of you will find your way back together, with or without my help. Ok, fine. I promise, from here on out, no more arranging meetings under false pretenses or finding excuses for the two of you to be alone, ok?

Emily: Ok, good, you know, because Nikolas has moved on with his life, and I'm trying to do the same. Actually, I took the first step today.

Elizabeth: Really? How?

Emily: Yeah.

Elizabeth: How's that?

Emily: I moved out of Sonny's house.

Elizabeth: You what?

Emily: What? Why do you seem so surprised?

Elizabeth: Well, I just thought you were helping Sonny with Michael and Morgan. Isn't Carly still at Roselawn?

Emily: No, Carly’s home for Christmas, you know, so the boys are going to be spending time with her, which means that, you know, I'm going to be free to kind of focus on myself.

Elizabeth: Well, good.

Emily: Yeah.

Elizabeth: Good, Em. It's about time.

Emily: Yeah, I'm just going to work, you know, and -- and study and, I don't know, you know, kind of the exciting life of a med student.

Elizabeth: I think you're protesting too much.

Emily: What does that mean?

Elizabeth: Well, generally, when someone mentions how ordinary and boring their life is, I don't know, usually it means the opposite.

Nikolas: It's Jax, isn't it? He's the father.

Courtney: He didn't know that we were planning a second test. I mean, fake names, Mercy Hospital --

Nikolas: Yeah.

Courtney: There's no way he could have tampered with this.

Nikolas: Well, hey, we promised each other we'd -- we'd live with the results, right, no matter what they were.

Courtney: Yeah. I'm just disappointed.

Nikolas: Yeah, me, too. It doesn't have to change anything, right? We can still be together. I'm still in love with you. And we can love this baby together, you and me. I'll just respect Jax’s position as the father, that's all.

Patrick: I understand you have control issues, ok? You need to feel like you're in charge in something, and since you don't have what it takes to be a surgeon --

Robin: Surgery isn't always the answer.

Patrick: It is this time. If I don't operate, your patient's going to die.

Robin: I don't agree.

Patrick: I don't care. I want you to stay out of my way.

Robin: Well, the feeling is mutual.

Patrick: We all know how you feel about invasive procedures. They offend your delicate sensibilities and step all over your ineffective drug protocols.

Robin: And we all know that you're into instant gratification. Drug treatments take time and patience to be effective.

Patrick: Or until the Hayes kid dies, which is what will happen if he doesn't get this surgery. You should have never canceled it.

Robin: What?

Patrick: You should have talked to me first.

Robin: You're delusional.

Noah: No, he's not. I'm the one who canceled the surgery.

Sonny: Max?

Max: Ahem.

Sonny: Who is this?

Max: This is my brother Milo. I mentioned he'd be coming to work.

Sonny: Come over here a sec. Ok, you told me your brother was, you know, a qualified bodyguard --

Max: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: An expert shot. He could bench-press 300 pounds.

Max: He can.

Sonny: He looks like a boy scout. There's no way in hell that I believe that he knows what he's doing.

Max: Come on. Could you please just give him a chance? I promise he's not going to give you any problems. He might work.

Sonny: All right, but I don't want him on the front gate. He couldn't intimidate the mailman. And if he screws up, it will be on your head.

Max: He won't screw up.

Sonny: Oh, he better not.

Max: He won't screw up.

Sonny: Ok.

Milo: Mr. Corinthos? Your mail.

Michael: Hey. Is Emily here?

Sonny: No. She -- she went back home.

Michael: How come?

Sonny: Well -- you know, she -- she was only going to be here until mommy got out of the hospital, and now your mother's doing fine.

Michael: Well, she's still in the hospital.

Sonny: Yeah, but -- yeah, but, you know, Emily put her life on hold to be with us. She's going to be a doctor. You know that, right?

Michael: Mm-hmm.

Sonny: And she's not going to be your nanny forever. That's why we have Leticia.

Michael: But Emily’s not my nanny. She's my aunt, my Godmother, and my friend.

Sonny: None of that will change.

Michael: I just don't want her to be gone.

Carly: I don't want Sonny back.

Jason: But you want to make sure no one else gets him. That's why you won't let this whole thing go.

Carly: I am doing this for you, Jason.

Jason: Oh, Carly, come on.

Carly: I know how devastated you'll be when Sonny breaks Emily’s heart.

Jason: And if he doesn't break her heart, you will when you try to run her out of his life.

Carly: No --

Jason: And I'm warning you, if you do anything to hurt Emily --

Carly: You could not be more wrong, ok? You couldn’t. I am done needing a man. You know what? Especially Sonny. If Emily wants him, Emily can have him.  Well, look who it is -- Little Miss Mary Sunshine. We were just talking about you. Come on in. I'll sit here while you talk to your brother.

Jason: Carly.

Carly: It's ok. You can pretend like I'm not even in the room.

Lainey: Oh, what a great idea. Why pretend you're not here when we can make it reality. You remember reality, don't you, Carly?

Carly: We have a great relationship, me and my therapist. I pretend to listen and she pretends like I need shrinking.

Lainey: You've had a very busy day. It's time to go back to Roselawn.

Carly: Ok, I got it, ok? Call me. Bye, Emily.

Emily: Do you think that Lainey realizes that therapy won't help and that's just how Carly acts?

Jason: Just forget Carly. How are you?

Emily: Oh, me? Great, Jase. I moved out of Sonny’s.

Jason: Why?

Emily: Oh, well, according to Sonny, it was time, but if I had to read between the lines, you probably told him you thought I had, you know, feelings for him.

Jason: No, no, Emily. I simply asked what was going on, just like I asked you.

Emily: Well, same thing. He decided that it was better for me to leave, you know, get back to my studies, my career, and not spend so much time with the boys, with -- with him.

Jason: Well, maybe -- maybe it's better, you know?

Emily: It doesn't feel that way, Jase, because you're right about me -- all of it. I could fall in love with Sonny. I think I've already started.

Alexis: Thanks, Max.

Max: You're welcome. I'll tell Kristina her mommy's here.

Alexis: Thank you.

Sonny: Thank you, Max. I thought you were going to pick up Kristina tonight.

Alexis: I just wanted to leave you a set of these that you could keep here. She really likes it when Emily reads the stories to her, especially -- wait -- this one right here, the turtle one?

Sonny: Yeah, yeah. Gotcha, yeah.

Alexis: What?

Sonny: Emily's -- she's gone.

Alexis: Gone? What do you mean, "gone"?

Sonny: Well, it's not like I threw her out. It's just she moved out of the gatehouse and she's not helping out with the children now and -- but I'll give this to Leticia as soon as she gets back.

Alexis: Back from where?

Sonny: Will you stop worrying? Morgan's asleep, Michael and Kristina are playing, so everything's fine.

Alexis: It's just you and Max and the guys.

Sonny: Right.

Alexis: I really liked it when Emily was here. It made me feel secure for the kids.

Sonny: Well, we all liked it when Emily was here, but it was a temporary situation and Emily had to get back to her life.

Alexis: I think it's a shame because she had such a nice touch with the kids -- not that there's any -- you know, Max isn't nice and the rest of the goons. I'm really going to miss Emily.

Sonny: Yeah, well, no argument there.

Diego: I don't want any favors, pop, ok? I need to pay for what I did.

Lorenzo: Detective Rodriguez told me how brave you were. You saved Georgie’s life. The judge needs to hear that.

Diego: You never listen to me. I need to see this through.

Lorenzo: I heard you. Now, listen to me. You stay out of trouble in there, keep to yourself, do not let your temper get the better of you. And if somehow someone backs you into a corner, you look that guy dead in the eye and you make him back down first.

Officer: Time to go.

Lorenzo: It's going to be ok. You're smart. You're strong.

Diego: I'm sorry.

Courtney: You know, I tried to stay realistic and remind myself that Jax would never switch the tests and try and claim your baby as his own, but the truth is I -- I believed it was possible. You know, I mean, that's how badly I wanted this baby to be yours.

Nikolas: Well, I'm disappointed, too. And I'm also glad that it's -- that it's over and we can finally move forward. And let me tell you, this baby will have more love than he or she will ever know what to do with.

Courtney: Oh, yeah. This is one lucky child.

Nikolas: Yes, it is. And you know what else? It's almost Christmas, right, and all we've been doing is stressing out over this, focusing on what's wrong instead of what's right. Now, we have each other, and you have a miracle growing healthy and strong inside of you. I say we celebrate that.

Courtney: Yeah.

Noah: I was where you are, Patrick. I was so sure I could pull off the same radical procedure. You're just chomping at the bit to try. It was a mistake.

Patrick: So you canceled it? Let's get clear on something, dad. Those were your failures, your career that crashed and burned.

Noah: I'm trying to protect you.

Patrick: You're terrified I'll pull off something that you couldn’t.

Lucky: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. I thought you went home.

Elizabeth: They called me back in. We're understaffed.

Lucky: Listen, it's too dangerous and I'd prefer if you weren't anywhere around Manny.

Elizabeth: But, you know, every morning when I kiss you goodbye, I wonder if I'll ever see you again, but I deal with it because it's your job and I respect you. Well, this is my job.

Lucky: Manny Ruiz is psycho. He kidnapped you and he threatened your life.

Elizabeth: But right now he's a patient in this hospital. I don't have to like him but, honey, I do have to treat him.

Patrick: What do we got?

Robin: Respiration's shallow, B.P.'s dropping.

Paramedic: The guy apparently collapsed, some kind of seizure. The cops said that he was grabbing his head in pain.

Robin: Get a C.T. scan, stat.

Patrick: And call the O.R., if that's ok with you, dad. This guy might have an aneurysm or something like that. You wouldn't mind if I operated, would you? Move him.

Sam: Hey. Hi, it's Sam. I'm calling from the hospital.

Sonny: Is Jason ok?

Sam: He's fine, but Manny Ruiz has been brought in. He tried to escape and he collapsed. They think it could be an aneurysm or something.

Sonny: Maybe he'll do us a favor and die.

Sam: Yeah, I know, and the same doctor who worked on Jason is now going to work on Manny.

Sonny: All right, you know what? You did the right thing by calling me.

Sam: Ok.

Sonny: I need a favor, please. Can you watch the kids just for a sec -- I'll be right back, ok?

Elizabeth: You got off easy.

Dillon: Yeah. I guess you could say I dodged a bullet?

[Dillon laughs]

Georgie: That's not funny, Dillon.

Dillon: Sorry.

Elizabeth: Well, you may as well get comfortable, because you're going to be spending the night for observation.

Dillon: What? No, no. Two stitches. It was a graze. I could be in more trouble from the food in this place than -- hey, I could die! Hey!

Georgie: Dillon, how can you make lame jokes when you almost died tonight?

Dillon: It's called trench humor, Georgie. Harrison Ford's a genius at it. I'll give you two examples -- Indiana Jones and Han Solo.

Georgie: No, Dillon, if it wasn't for Diego, we both could have been shot, or dead.

Dillon: You know, my dear, what you seem to be missing is that Diego’s the reason we're here in the first place.

Georgie: No. Dillon, Diego was willing to jump in front of a psycho killer like Manny Ruiz to save everybody.

Dillon: Oh, my God, you are the commissioner's daughter. You don't think he realizes that he could score major points by protecting you?

Georgie: It was not calculated, Dillon.

Dillon: Are you kidding me? He's been making us miserable for months and months without a tinge of guilt. Don't let him make a fool out of you, too.

Georgie: I love that you're ok, Dillon, really I do. But I just -- I really don't understand how you can have such little compassion.

[Video game plays]

Kristina: Story?

Enzo: Yeah -- cute, kid. Ask Milo.

Milo: Max, are we supposed to read to the kids?

Alexis: Michael, honey. Turn down the volume.

Michael: Can't hear you.

Alexis: Turn it down. I just got your brother to sleep.

Michael: Man, he's fine. He's used to it.

Kristina: Bang bang.

Alexis: Hello? I need help.

Emily: I'm not talking about a crush, Jason.

Jason: Emily, I know Sonny's been good to you. He's respected you. But you're also dealing with a marriage that fell apart and all the reasons behind that.

Emily: Jason, you're making this about everything but my actual feelings for Sonny. Sonny and I found common ground. We're both hurt and alone, and we tend to cut ourselves off from other people, so we understand each other. Sonny needs me. Jason, that was never the case with Nikolas. My ex-husband was always the one doing the rescuing. He was always the strong one. And when I tried to rescue him, it destroyed us. Ok, but with Sonny it's different. As much as he's helped me, I've helped him, and it felt right.

Jason: Well, I'm not going to be a hypocrite, so here's the truth. Sonny will not change for you or any woman, which means if you're with him, you're going to have to look the other way when it comes to his business, because you have to pretend not to see the ugly things that are right in front of you.

Emily: I do that with you. Jason, we never talk about your work.

Jason: Except I'm your brother. It's not the same. I can't see any way you won't get hurt with Sonny. I'm asking you, just walk away from him.

Sam: Hey.

Sonny: When's surgery?

Sam: Soon, and I hate this -- so much effort to save that psychopath.

Sonny: Does Jason know?

Sam: No, not yet, Sonny. I can't tell him right now. In his condition, he can't do anything. It's too risky.

Sonny: Tell him now. I don't want Jason to worry. I don't want you to worry. Do you understand what I'm saying?

Sam: Ok --

Sonny: Sam.

Sam: Ok. If you say so.

Sonny: I say so.

Sam: Ok, all right.

Carly: Hi, Michael. How are you, sweetie?

Michael: Hi, mom.

Carly: How are you doing? How's Morgan doing?

Michael: We're good. Yeah, we're having fun here. Alexis is here and Kristina.

Carly: What's Alexis doing there?

Michael: Well, Emily is gone because dad told her it was time to move out, and he got a call from Sam to go to the hospital, so Alexis is watching us.

Carly: Well, you know what, sweetie? Why don't you go back and you have fun and I will see you soon, ok? I love you.

Michael: Bye.

Lainey: Carly? Carly.

Carly: You have no idea.

Lainey: Look, honestly, Carly, your actions today are not in keeping with the program of your therapy.

Carly: You asked Emily to leave?

Sonny: Isn't that what you wanted?

Carly: You just threw her out of the house?

Sonny: Well, it was a little more civilized than that, but that was kind of the --

Carly: I knew it.

Sonny: You knew what?

Carly: You're falling in love with her.

Mike: What? Hey.

Courtney: 'Tis the season, daddy.

Mike: Well, you sound awfully cheerful. Someone get some good news?

Courtney: No, but we're rolling with the punches.

Alexis: Thank you. All right.

Jax: Thank you.

Alexis: You ready for ice cream?

Kristina: Yeah.

Alexis: Hi, guys.

Courtney: Hi.

Nikolas: Hey.

Alexis: You want ice cream, too? Ok. Big or small?

Sam: It just -- it makes no sense. Why go through the trouble of saving a pathological killer so he's healthy when you give him a lethal injection? It's crazy. And the same doctor who saved your life is now trying to save Manny's life.

Jason: Well, maybe we can get lucky and he'll die.

Sam: Yeah, that's what Sonny said, but Patrick’s not going to let that happen, and you know Manny. He always finds a way out.

Jason: Manny is going to die. It might not be in this hospital, but it's going to happen.

Sam: Ok, Jason, you put a bullet in him, I put a bullet in him. He survived that. He keeps coming back. That's what he does.

Carly: I'm extremely intuitive, Sonny. I always have been, and you know it.

Sonny: Where do you come up with this stuff, Emily is falling in love with me? It doesn't even make any sense to me.

Carly: Falling in love with you -- yes, it's a process. She's falling in love with you, Sonny.

Sonny: Based on -- on nothing.

Carly: Nothing but the facts.

Sonny: What facts? She was living in the gatehouse helping out with the children.

Carly: Yeah, a situation ripe for romance, don't you think?

Sonny: Ok, for the sake of you not making fools out of everybody, I asked her to move out. And for whatever reason you think that --

Carly: You are falling in love with her, yes, that's what I think.

Sonny: Yeah --

Carly: Well, look. You're not even denying it. Look.

Sonny: What's not to fall in love, Carly? Emily's compassionate, kind, smart. And what a relief -- she won't lie to my face every two minutes. Hey, that's a woman that I could fall in love with.

Carly: Now you're trying reverse psychology on me. Wow. How gullible do you think I am?

Sonny: Do you really want me to answer that?

Carly: You think if you tell me that you are in love with Emily that I'll think you don't mean it, huh?

Sonny: Nothing gets by you these days. It's amazing.

Carly: Don't patronize me, Sonny, and stop trying to change the subject.

Sonny: Well, what is the subject, actually?

Carly: You and Emily falling in love.

Sonny: They need to keep you busier at Roselawn, because you got too much time on your hands. I got to tell you that.

Carly: You're insulting me, and you're avoiding -- you are avoiding this.

Sonny: No, nobody said anything about me and Emily being in love until you brought it up. And now you're all worked up about it. You need to -- you know, you need to do other stuff, you know? Like maybe you need to take up knitting, poetry -- I don't know. You know what? I can't deal right now with this logic, because there's important things I got to deal with, like Manny Ruiz undergoing surgery.  You need to get back to Roselawn.

Jason: Is this necessary?

Noah: It's called postoperative care. We actually highly recommend it if you want to live. Although I haven't asked you, Mr. Morgan, do you want to live? Then I suggest you just follow orders.

Sam: That's not really his best event.

Noah: Well, it's just for a short while. Oh, I hear you've been taking strolls around the hospital.

Jason: Yeah, only on this floor.

Noah: Well, you're not supposed to move until we tell you to. And this constant stream of visitors is not conducive to your healing.

Jason: I feel fine.

Noah: And by the time you don't feel fine, it'll be too late. We have an allotment of one miracle per person in this hospital.

Sam: You know what, doctor?

Noah: You've had yours, believe me.

Sam: I will make sure that he gets his rest, and --

Noah: And eats well. Oh, good. The sodium alone in this stuff will send your blood pressure through the roof. Look, don't make me get tough on you, Jason, ok?

Jason: I'm not going to be restrained, again.

Noah: Well, you won't have to be if you take this. It's a sedative.

Jason: Come on, you know I hate taking pills.

Noah: It's mild. You got your choice -- a sedative or the straps, and please hurry, because I have surgery to go to.

Sam: Oh, yeah, thank you.

Jason: Ok, I'll take that, I'll take that.

Sam: Thank you. Yeah.

Noah: There you go.

Jason: Thanks.

Noah: And thank you -- for dinner.

Sam: Ok.

Noah: I know this place. They make an excellent kung pao chicken.

Sam: Hmm.

Jason: Ahem.

Sam: Ok -- ahem. I know. You hate doctors.

Jason: Yeah, I do.

Sam: I get it. However, I think he's right, that you should just relax a little bit and rest, because I have a few things to take care of, ok?

Jason: All right. Ahem.

Jax: So where is Ric?

Alexis: He's having some quality time with Molly. I'm babysitting the little kids and the big ones. Hey!

Mike: Hey.

Alexis: Look who's there. Hello. Say hi --

Mike: There he is.

Alexis: Say hi to Mike.

Morgan: Hi!

Michael: We want ice cream!

Morgan: Ice cream!

Mike: You want ice cream? Well, that's --

Alexis: We want ice cream!

Mike: That's close to a "hello."

Alexis: Ice cream for everyone.

Jax: I'll take coffee, Mike. What do you want?

Alexis: Tea, please.

Mike: Okey-dokey.

Milo: I'd like vanilla.

Max: You'll take what he gives you.

Morgan: I like vanilla.

Alexis: We all like vanilla.

Max: I'm sorry, Mike. He'll have whatever you have.

Mike: Hey, you got it, Max. Don't worry. Hey, listen, after I get them set, I've got to meet with a supplier, so you guys ok?

Nikolas: Yeah.

Courtney: Of course.

Mike: All right.

Nikolas: You might as well get it over with.

Courtney: Ok.  Excuse me, Jax.

Jax: Hey.

Courtney: Do you have a second?

Alexis: Yes, he does, he does.

Jax: I am --

Alexis: I'm fine. You got it.

Jax: Sure.  What's up?

Michael: So what do you two want for Christmas?

Courtney: Well, the -- ahem -- second test confirmed it. You are the baby's father.

Jax: Well, it seems like you're the only one who's surprised. Unless, of course, you want to schedule another test. We can keep doing them every month until you get the result that you want.

Courtney: Look, Jax, I know that you're upset.

Jax: Well, I'm not really surprised, because you've never really respected fatherhood.

Courtney: That is not true.

Jax: Really? Because you never told Jason that you were pregnant with his child until it was too late.

Courtney: Ok, Jax, you don't know anything about that.

Jax: Well, I just see a pattern forming, that's all. And maybe it has something to do with your own father. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you and your mother managed fine without him. But most women are anxious -- anxious for the father of their baby to step up and take responsibility.

Courtney: Ok, well --

Jax: But you just want to love the one you're with, right? We're just all interchangeable.

Courtney: Well, I can see that you're going to punish me for this.

Jax: I just wanted what was best for our baby, and that included trying to make things right between us. And you said that you'd give us a second chance, and instead --

Courtney: That was a mistake.

Jax: You went behind my back with a second paternity test, ok? You're dying to prove that I would stoop so low as to steal another man's child. And, you know, it wasn't enough that you were running around with the prince all over town while you're pregnant with my child.

Courtney: I'm sorry that you feel that way, Jax.

Jax: Like hell you are.

Max: Hey, we have kids here.

Nikolas: Back off, Jax.

Nurse: The anesthesiologist will be in shortly to talk to you, Mr. Ruiz. Are you comfortable?

Manny: Lovely.

Nurse: Ok, you'll be better soon. You've got the best doctor we have.

Sam: You're dead, Manny. You're about to pay for everything you did to me.

Manny: Hey Sweetness, they say that the surgeon is a real magician.

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Manny: Look what they did to your brain-dead boyfriend.

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Manny: Yeah, he almost made him human.

Sam: He did, yeah. He's a brilliant doctor, now, isn't he? It's too bad he's not going to get a chance to work on you, because you'll be dead before he cuts you open.  Now, I should have done this a long time ago.

[Manny laughs]


Maxie: Georgie --

Georgie: Maxie, no. Don't start with me, really. I've just been in a fight with Dillon. The last thing I need is somebody else telling me how stupid and naive I am.

Maxie: No. I'm the naive one. I called Diego a psycho freak, and I was wrong about that.

Georgie: You were?

Maxie: Yeah. I mean, he saved your life today and maybe mine. That's a part of Diego you knew was still there. I guess that's why they call you the smart one.

Georgie: I'm also taller than you.

Maxie: Right. Georgie, it's just sometimes I forget how special you are. I mean, you have so much heart and so much compassion. You saw Diego, who had been a real friend to you, and you saw him have a huge part of his life ripped away. I never should have come down on you about that.

Georgie: You really are short without those new boots.

Maxie: And you're really tall, which is why you can't borrow them. Come on.

Jax: Don't insult me with your apologies, ok? The only thing that you're sorry about is that the baby isn't his.

Michael: Courtney's having a baby? Cool. Whose is it?

Alexis: Hey, guys --

Nikolas: I'm warning you, Jax.

Jax: Yeah, and I'm warning Courtney. Ok? You risked my child with this unnecessary test.

Courtney: The doctor said there was little risk, Jax.

Jax: Oh, my God. I can't believe you would do something like this. You shouldn't be taking any risks at all. And if you can't be trusted with the safety of our child, then you know what? All decisions should go through me. Or you will pay the price.

Courtney: Oh --

Nikolas: What, are you threatening her now, Jax? What are you doing?

Courtney: Would you both just stop it? Please, stop it.

Michael: Hey! Hey! There are kids here. Can you take it outside?

Nikolas: Fine.

Jax: Fine.

Nikolas: I'm not going to tell you to back off again.

Jax: Good, because it wouldn't make any difference. Courtney's my wife, she's pregnant with my child, and I'm not going anywhere, so get used used to it.

Lainey: Are we done, Carly? I mean, do you need to throw a party or something? I'd hate to get in the way of your social life.

Carly: You know what? I think today has been a very productive day. I think you're right, Lainey. It's good for me to get out in the real world.

Lainey: Oh, no, no, no, that's not me.

Carly: Not directly. But I was able to use our talk therapy and put it to action. Kind of like reality therapy. What good is all the psychobabble if I can't use it to cope in the real world?

Lainey: Well, I wouldn't call your behavior today coping. Oh. Ok, Carly. So you think you're ready to deal with a real-world person with a real problem? Here's your chance to prove it. You up for it?

Emily: You bet.

Lainey: Great. Meet me on the ground floor.

Emily: No, let me guess. You told Lainey that you think there's something going on between me and Sonny. Oh, wait -- you told everyone that.

Carly: My therapist and I have no secrets. It's counterproductive to hold back.

Emily: Well, then let's not pull our punches, Carly. What do you want to hear? That I'm in love with Sonny? Well, I know that wouldn't mean anything to you because you're over him, right?

Sonny: How you doing, doc?

Patrick: Well, prepping for surgery. Now that you've just violated procedure and entered a sterile environment, I have to start again.

Sonny: Oh, I'm not -- I won't stay long.

Patrick: Oh. That's good, because I'm not selling tickets to this one.

Sonny: I'm sure that you've heard that I'm a man of some influence.

Patrick: Not in my O.R. Mr. Corinthos, right? Well, why don't you tell me what you want before my patient dies?

Sonny: My point exactly. A lot of people say that I have disposable income. I'd like to spread some your way.

Patrick: Oh, you would?

Sonny: Yeah, just whatever you want, just ask.

Patrick: Why?

Sonny: I admire talent. The way you can hold a man's life in your hands, like Jason Morgan, that is a miracle.

Patrick: I have a unique ability. No fear. My hands never shake.

Sonny: You want to know a real miracle? Manny Ruiz dies in surgery. I don't care how -- a clamp, well, you know, falls, a scalpel slips. The more pain, the better. I don't care, as long as the son of a bitch dies.

Robin: No, Sonny.

Manny: You know, this could be good. Your face, that body -- the last things I see before I die. It could be worse.

Sam: Yeah?

Manny: Yeah.

Sam: Well, enjoy it while you can, huh?

Manny: Sweetness, you ever see what happens to someone who's been smothered? Your eyes bug out, lips turn blue --

Sam: Mm-hmm.

Manny: And your body, it looks like something that's been scraped off the bottom of the ocean.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Nikolas: Courtney's not your property.

Jax: She's my wife.

Carly: The road is clear for you to be with Sonny as long as you don't care about breaking your brother's heart.

Robin: This is a hospital. We save lives here.

Manny: Hey, you might as well let her do it, since you don't have the guts.

Sam: Manny has to die.

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