GH Transcript Thursday 12/15/05

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 12/15/05


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Dara: Did the defendant, Diego Alcazar, threaten your life?

Georgie: Yes. But he didn't mean it --

Dara: Thank you, Ms. Jones. No more questions, your honor.

Jax: What were you saying about our baby?

Courtney: Just that I'm really looking forward to the baby's birth.

Jax: Yeah, me, too. You know, I was just speaking to Emily. It sounds like something is going on between her and Sonny.

Emily: Michael? Are you home?

Sonny: Need some help with that thing?

Emily: Yeah.

Sonny: Let me get this off of you. I don't know, it's like -- You ok?

Carly: I really need your help, Jason. This is serious.

Jason: Carly, I get that the boundaries were down when you were worried about me, but the surgery worked, ok? I'm going to be all right. You can't just start barging in whenever you want something.

Carly: It's not about what I want, ok? It's about what Emily wants or, rather, who she wants.

Dara: Did the defendant drug you?

Maxie: Yes. Diego slipped me a drug that made me collapse and lose consciousness, even though he knew I was recovering from a serious heart condition.

Dara: Did he threaten you in other ways?

Maxie: Yeah. He called me and terrorized me and my sister.

Dara: Exactly how did the defendant set you up?

Lucas: Well, he fixed it so that I would get caught slipping nude photos of Brook Lynn under her dorm room door. Even my friends thought I was guilty, when it was him the whole time.

Dara: The defendant framed you also. Is that correct?

Dillon: Yeah. He planted incriminating evidence, and because of that, I almost went to jail.

Dara: What did he do?

Dillon: I guess he transferred my fingerprints onto a nude photo of Brook Lynn. I helped you find your mom. Why the hell did you do this to me, Diego?

Justus: Objection, your honor.

Judge: Overruled.

Dara: Please continue, Mr. Quartermaine.

Dillon: Ok, I was with my girlfriend, Georgie, when she started to collapse from being drugged by Diego, and then a week later at the same diner, he stuck a gun in her side and took her hostage after threatening all of our lives.

Lainey: Diego patterned his crimes after a case study he confessed to finding in a psychology textbook.

Dara: I submit the text as evidence. So the defendant's crimes were premeditated?

Lainey: Absolutely. They were carefully and methodically planned out before he executed them.

Dara: Thank you. No more questions. Your witness.

Justus: Is it true that Diego Alcazar made you look like a fool?

Nikolas: Emily's been helping Sonny with his children.

Jax: Yeah, it just sounds like things have progressed from there.

Nikolas: And she confided this in you?

Jax: Pretty much, in the way she defended him and went on about how understanding he is and -- has Sonny said anything to you?

Courtney: No. Why would he? Emily is Michael’s Godmother and aunt.

Jax: Oh, it's just -- the attachment to the family seems a little sudden.

Nikolas: Why are you telling us this?

Jax: I just thought you wanted to know.

Courtney: Well, I think you're jumping to conclusions.

Jax: I don't think so. See, Emily likes to save people. Sonny always needs to be saved because he's such a tortured soul.

Nikolas: You know, you can save your breath on this one, because I'm not going to leave Courtney and go running back to Emily, no matter what lies you come up with.

Jax: That's fine. You know what? You can ignore the situation. I'm telling you the truth.

Nikolas: Do you believe him?

Jason: Is this really about Emily and not you?

Carly: Yes, it is, and it's huge, and you are not going to believe me when I tell you -- this is -- this is kind of private.

Sam: Oh. What a surprise.

Carly: So would you mind giving us -- yeah.

Sam: Getting out, yeah. Of course.

Jason: No, no, no, you stay. You don't have to leave.

Sam: No, I am going to leave, because you know what, Jason? If I stay around her, she's going to give me a headache, and I don't want a headache right now, so I'm going.

Jason: Ok. I'm not going to put up with you showing up at any time of day or night and making Sam feel like she has to leave. You did it for months when Sam and I first got together, and it's not going to start up all over again, ok?

Carly: Fine. I will be a little more respectful to your girlfriend's delicate feelings, ok? But can we please get back to Emily? Because she's in serious trouble. Your little sister is falling in love with Sonny.

Emily: Yeah. Yeah, sorry for spacing out, you know, just now. I, you know, have a lot on my mind.

Sonny: Your purse.

Emily: Huh.

Sonny: Hey, Emily?

Emily: Yeah, yeah.

Sonny: Is there anything you want to talk to me about?

Emily: No, no, no, no, nothing bad, you know. I've just been worried about Jason for such a long time, and now he's going to be all right and it's such a relief.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah, it's great, it's the greatest thing in the --

Emily: Yeah. It's really starting to feel like Christmas --

Sonny: Yep.

Emily: Isn't it, huh?

Sonny: Yeah, 10 more days and, you know, Carly swears she'll be home for the holiday, but if she doesn't, then you can, you know, if you want to come here, because the boys would love it.

Michael: Oh, look what Leticia hung.

Sonny: Yeah, mistletoe.

Michael: Got to be careful, though. If you get caught under it, you're going to have to kiss.

Alexis: I know I for one will be watching my step.

Justus: Diego Alcazar fooled you, didn't he, Dr. Winters?

Lainey: I -- I didn't initially suspect him, no.

Justus: The police presented you with evidence and asked you to form a profile. You then concluded that the stalker came from a well-to-do family, was media obsessed, with an absentee father and a domineering mother. Is this true?

Lainey: Yes.

Justus: Would you say this profile fits the defendant?

Lainey: No.

Justus: In fact, you argued vehemently with the PCPD that a boy like Diego could not have committed these crimes. Is that true?

Lainey: I told you, his behavior wasn't --

Justus: You're a PhD, Dr. Winters, who was fooled by a college kid. Would it be fair to say that this newfound assessment of Diego as a clear-minded criminal is a bias based on your wounded ego?

Dara: Objection, your honor.

Judge: Overruled. I'd like to hear the doctor's answer.

Lainey: Diego Alcazar is perfectly sane. He made an active choice to hurt and humiliate those girls.

Justus: Oh, so you just up and reversed your opinion?

Lainey: My initial assessment was wrong. I made a mistake -- about a lot of things.

Justus: No further questions, your honor.

Judge: You may step down.

Patrick: It looks like you're stuck with me on the Jeffrey Hayes case.

Robin: I told you I don't want you consulting on my cases anymore.

Patrick: Well, his parents disagree. They tracked me down at lunch and begged for my consult. Looks like they don't have much confidence in Dr. Robin.

Robin: Do you even know how immature you are?

Patrick: No, but you're going to tell me.

Robin: You're an egocentric, selfish, obnoxious bore.

Patrick: Really? Because you don't seem --

Robin: You're also careless. I mean, what were you thinking, walking into Jeffrey’s room discussing surgical odds right in front of them?

Patrick: They asked me a question and I answered. That, by the way, is what a consultant does.

Robin: The parents told Jeffrey he wasn't going to need an operation.

Patrick: Well, they were wrong.

Robin: Ok, fine, but don't you think it would have been a little bit more comforting to hear the truth from someone who knew him and actually cared about him?

Patrick: It doesn't matter who gives him the truth. What matters is who does the surgery, and that kid's going to get the best.

Robin: Yeah, whatever. Just stay away from my patients.

Carly: It's the truth, Jason. Emily's got it bad for Sonny.

Jason: And you know this why?

Carly: Because I've been there myself. I know the signs.

Jason: What signs, Carly?

Carly: Emily just got her heart stomped on by Nikolas. She's living under Sonny's roof, they're spending time together, they're having meals together. Let's look at Sonny. He needs support, he needs companionship, and I'm sure Emily’s more than willing to give it to him.

Jason: They're helping each other through a hard time.

Carly: And situations like that always lead to more.

Jason: Or not.

Carly: Well, it happened between you and Sam, didn't it?

Jason: That was different.

Carly: Why? Come on, Jason. I mean, when Sonny and Emily are together, don't you notice a different vibe between them, something a little more intimate than it used to be?

Jason: No.

Carly: Ok. Then let's think about Lily. Let's think about Brenda. Then think about Emily. Is she or is she not Sonny's type?

Emily: Hey, Kristina. Hi! We've been looking forward to seeing you. How are you?

Alexis: You should be careful with this mistletoe, you know, because it is poisonous, in case it drops on the floor.

Sonny: Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking, letting Leticia hang it only six feet off the ground.

[Sonny laughs]

Emily: Kristina, come on, let's go up and see Morgan, huh? Come on, Michael.

Alexis: Bye, honey.

Kristina: Bye.

Emily: We'll take good care of her.

Alexis: I have no doubt. If you want me to pick her up earlier, I will.

Sonny: Really?

Alexis: Hmm.

Sonny: Relax. She'll be fine.

Alexis: I am relaxed. Listen, Molly, it's her first Christmas, as you know, and I thought it would be nice if Kristina spent her first Christmas with her sister.

Sonny: Mm-hmm. Well, just have her come here for a few hours that afternoon.

Alexis: Ok. You sure you don't want me to pick her up the next morning?

Sonny: The whole family's going to be here -- me, Michael, and Morgan, and I'm sure that Carly will be here, too, and --

Alexis: Really? Is she well enough?

Sonny: She's making great progress.

Alexis: It was only a few months ago that she was running around the park trying to stab Emily with a sickle.

Sonny: Yeah, but Carly was delusional, and now she's getting back to her old self.

Alexis: Good. I'm glad to hear that.

Sonny: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: If it's all right with you, though, I would rather that she didn't hang around Kristina just yet.

Justus: I recall Georgie Jones to the stand, your honor.  May I remind you that you're still under oath.

Georgie: Yeah.

Justus: Ms. Jones, could you describe for the court the defendant's state of mind after his arrest.

Dara: Objection, your honor. Counsel is asking for a subjective opinion.

Justus: The witness was with my client for hours. Her opinion is clearly valid.

Judge: I'll allow it. Please answer the question.

Georgie: He was genuinely sorry for what he did.

Justus: And yet he ran from the police.

Georgie: He was scared, ashamed. He was even sorry for taking me hostage. I think he just -- he just panicked. After he let me go, I even went after him. I wanted a chance to talk him into giving himself up.

Justus: And did he agree to turn himself in?

Georgie: Yes. Diego did some awful things, he made some terrible, terrible mistakes, and he knows it. But he's not a pervert and he's not a danger to society. He just has a twisted idea on how to get back at his friends and me for the way we treated his cousin Sage. Diego made some mistakes, but he does deserve leniency.

Patrick: Jeffrey Hayes isn't your patient anymore. His parents asked me to schedule surgery ASAP.

Robin: Well, I'm sorry that they've chosen to do that. But if they think that's what's best for Jeffrey, then it's their decision. Can you just do me a favor and show that little boy one ounce of compassion? Boys his age need heroes and he will need you to protect him.

Patrick: My job is to operate on him, not hold his hand.

Robin: A good doctor manages to do both.

Patrick: A good surgeon stays detached. If I get to know that kid, I'm going to be thinking about things like the scared look on his face, the odds against him being completely cured, the future he might not have. Now, he's got two parents. Let them be touchy-feely. My job is to open up his skull.

Robin: You're so cold.

Patrick: If you want to befriend him, go ahead. And if he dies, you can dive into a bottle of scotch and never come out.

Carly: Come on. Emily's beautiful and she's empathetic. Sound familiar?

Jason: Ok, I don't want to hear this.

Carly: I know, I know that she's your sister and you love her, but come on, you need to look at this. She is fragile like Brenda. She's composed and serene like Lily. She's so his type.

Jason: Sonny doesn't have a type. Look at you. You're not composed or serene.

Carly: Yeah, well, we fell in love by accident, and that didn't work out well for either one of us. So now he's looking for someone a little less in his face.

Jason: Why do you always do this? You go looking for trouble when there isn't any. Why?

Carly: Look, Sonny is exactly the man that Emily desires. He's respectful. He'll protect her. He will. He's nursing a broken heart just like she is. He needs her.

Jason: Well, sometimes friends need each other.

Carly: No, they're not just friends, they're not, because he's sexy when he's not even trying to be. She's falling for him, I'm telling you.

Jason: Please tell me you haven't dumped this on Sonny or Emily, Carly.

Carly: Yes, I did. I'm sorry, I did. I told Emily I knew what was happening, and you know what? Her face turned beet red and she tried to deny it, and then I brought it up to Sonny, and he acted like he didn't know what I was talking about.

Jason: This is about you, not Emily or Sonny. It's about you.

Carly: You just don't want to hear it, Jason.

Jason: No, no, no, no, no, you start getting jealous when other women start going around Sonny and you start imagining all this crazy stuff.

Carly: No, I'm not being jealous, ok? Sonny is not right for Emily. He will break her heart, and then he's going to feel terrible because he's hurt your little sister. This is not going to work out well for anyone --

Sam: All right, all right, that's it. Come on, get out.

Carly: I need your help with this.

Sam: Out! Jason just had brain surgery. He doesn't need to be dealing with you right now.

Carly: Ok, fine. You know what? I'm going to go. I'm going to go --

Sam: Thank you.

Carly: Because I know that you need to get better so you can help me.

Sam: Ugh. Go, please. What happened? Come on, humor me. The woman is spitting fire. What's got her so worked up?

Jason: Carly says Emily’s falling in love with Sonny.

Sonny: Carly and I are divorced. She just bought a new house. Courtney's going to help her fix it up. So when she gets out of Roselawn, that's where she's going to go.

Alexis: But she's probably going to be spending a lot of time here.

Sonny: Carly and I are going to have a joint custody. That's what happens in divorce, so can you follow me, here? When Carly has the boys, that means that they're at her house. When I have them, they're at my house. So when Kristina comes and visits her brothers, that means that she's going to visit them at my house. So it's not going to be a cross-over with Carly.

Alexis: Hmm. Are you just trying to placate me?

Sonny: Listen to me, ok? They're only going to be here -- Carly’s going to be here for Christmas, nothing more. She --

Alexis: Well, she doesn't necessarily understand the idea of borders, and I would imagine she'll be coming in and out of here quite often.

Sonny: Not true.

Alexis: All right, I don't want to argue about it.

Sonny: I don't want to argue either, but Carly’s finishing up therapy. She's not dangerous.

Alexis: Ok. Aside from everything, she's impulsive and she's irrational, and I would really rather she not be around Kristina.

Sonny: Alexis, I will do everything I can to minimize the exposure, ok?

Alexis: Ok.

Sonny: Is that fine?

Alexis: That's fine.

Sonny: All right.

Alexis: Thank you.

Emily: Kristina heard your voice and wanted to say goodbye again.

Sonny: Oh, there you go.

Alexis: Well, good, because I want to say goodbye to her, too. Goodbye.

Sonny: All right.

Alexis: And bye. I love ya. Have a good time.

Kristina: Ok.

Alexis: Remember what I said about the mistletoe.

Michael: Come on. Dad?

Sonny: Yes.

Michael: Can Kristina and Morgan help put up the nativity scene?

Sonny: You know what? That's a good idea. But, sure, the figures, you know? They're made out of wood --

Michael: Yeah, yeah.

Sonny: So, yeah, they're -- don't break them. Just be careful. And you and that mistletoe can both stay right there.

Justus: Mr. Alcazar, you know the district attorney personally, is that correct?

Lorenzo: Yes, I do.

Justus: How would you describe your relationship?

Lorenzo: He has a vendetta against me.

Dara: Objection. Relevance?

Justus: Your honor, the defendant is the stepson of Durant’s daughter, Carly.

Dara: Which is why Mr. Durant recused himself from this case.

Justus: But is still very active behind the scenes.

Judge: Objection overruled. Let the witness continue.

Lorenzo: John Durant disapproved of my marriage to Carly.

Justus: And his office is prosecuting your son?

Lorenzo: Because he wants to get back at me.

Dara: Objection. Your honor, Mr. Alcazar's son is being prosecuted because he broke the law.

Judge: Ms. Jensen has a point. Objection sustained.

Justus: You admit that your son confessed to the crimes?

Lorenzo: Yes, and he should be held responsible for what he's done. But they are not the actions of a hardened criminal. Ms. Jensen is prosecuting this case for John Durant, and he has instructed her to paint my son as a danger to society because he's trying to get at me.

Dara: You have been arrested many times and charged with many things, haven't you, Mr. Alcazar?

Lorenzo: PCPD has brought me in a number of times, yes.

Dara: You ordered the beating of a man that hurt Diego’s mother.

Justus: Objection, your honor. Allegedly ordered.

Dara: Allegedly, yes. You allegedly aided and abetted in the kidnapping of Carly Corinthos and then subsequently kidnapped her yourself.

Justus: Objection, your honor. This has no relevance whatsoever.

Judge: Make your point, Ms. Jensen.

Dara: Mr. Alcazar has exhibited a pattern of behavior that his son has emulated.

Justus: Objection, your honor.

Dara: Diego has engaged in criminal activity because he wants to be just like his father.

Justus: Objection, your honor. Ms. Jensen is wildly speculating here.

Judge: Objection sustained.

Dara: No more questions, your honor.

Judge: That's enough for now. We'll take an extended recess.

Bailiff: All rise.

Diego: Pop. Thanks.

Lorenzo: I hope it helps.

Diego: Even if it doesn't, I appreciate it.

Skye: He's lucky to have you.

Lorenzo: Diego's life wouldn't be ruined if I wasn't his father.

Alexis: All right.

Jax: Oh. Hi.

Alexis: I'm expecting an entire platter of cranberry scones to thank me for being such a wonderful friend to you.

Jax: Why? What did you do?

Alexis: I took Kristina to meet with Sonny.

Jax: How does that affect our friendship?

Alexis: I am leading through example. I am demonstrating for you and Courtney that you can peacefully and amicably co-parent your child without living under the same roof.

Jax: You and Sonny, amicable?

Alexis: We were like this today.

Jax: Wow, there's a new twist.

Alexis: I acknowledge that our relationship is in fact strained, but this isn't going to happen to you. You and Courtney are going to have it so much easier because half of Miami isn't trying to kill Courtney, and Courtney is not an arrogant, egocentric, misogynistic mobster.

Jax: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: There's a brighter side to the story, because apparently Emily is living at Sonny's, so I would expect that she'll bring some normalcy to his situation.

Nikolas: Hey.

Courtney: Mmm, hi.

Nikolas: Sorry I'm late. My meeting ran longer than I expected.

Courtney: It's ok.

Nikolas: What's wrong? You still thinking about what Jax said?

Courtney: Well, there might be something to it.

Nikolas: No, no, I don't think so. I wouldn't take it too seriously. Jax has his own agenda. You know that.

Courtney: I don't know, Nikolas. Carly told me the same thing. I mean, she's convinced that there's a romance brewing between Sonny and Emily.

Nikolas: Yeah but, you know, Carly gets jealous when another woman gets within even 15 feet of Sonny.

Courtney: Yeah, well, it's just -- look, I went over to Sonny's the other day to talk to Emily about moving out and possibly taking over some responsibility with Michael and Morgan, and she refused again. I mean, she even seemed angry that I even suggested it. That's what we were arguing about when you showed up.

Nikolas: I don't know, I just think Emily’s trying to help with the boys while Carly’s gone, that's all.

Courtney: Unless Jax and Carly are right, and Emily really is falling in love with Sonny.

Sam: I suppose it makes sense. You know, Emily’s been staying at Sonny's house for so long, and she's really vulnerable right now because of Nikolas, and he is because of Carly, and the two of them both have qualities that they could be attracted to each other. Or it could be another one of Carly’s paranoia cases.

Jason: Please -- please, I would rather think that Carly’s wrong.

Sam: Emily needs somebody who is caring and sympathetic, and Sonny is really great that way, you know? He's kind and protective, and he's a good listener.

Jason: Like he was with you?

Sam: No, I thought I was in love with him. I didn't know what love was until I met you. Emily could be falling in love with him without even knowing it. Ok? But if it's true, shouldn't this be between the two of them? Why do you have to step in?

Jason: Because she's my sister. And Sonny will wreck Emily.

Emily: Alexis is right. Yeah, mistletoe is a poisonous plant, and the kids would get sick if they ate it.

Sonny: Yeah. Well, that's why it's so high up off the ground, because kids know not to eat mistletoe. Right, kids?

Children: Right!

Sonny: Ok, what do you want, real mistletoe or fake mistletoe?

Morgan: Fake!

Kristina: Real!

Sonny: Real? Fake?

Michael: Well, the real one is the only one that works, and we're standing right under it.

Emily: Yeah, so that means kisses for everyone!

Sonny: Ok, here's a kiss. One for you, one for you -- yeah. One for you.

Emily: Hey.

Sonny: All right.

Emily: Come here, Morgan.

Carly: Am I missing something?

Michael: Mom!

Carly: Hey! Oh, my goodness! Kristina, you're getting so big. Hey, I missed you guys so much.

Michael: Are you here for good now?

Carly: Uh -- no, not right now, but soon. Soon I will be.

Emily: Hey, you know, Graciela's in the kitchen baking some cookies. Come on, Morgan, let's go help her.

Michael: Yes!

Emily: Come on, guys.

Kristina: Cookies!

[Emily laughs]

Carly: Hey.

Sonny: What are you doing here?

Georgie: Hey.

Diego: Hey, Georgie. Thanks -- thanks for what you said in court. I really appreciate that.

Georgie: I told the truth.

Diego: Yeah, well, you and my dad are about the only ones who believe that, so --

Georgie: Diego, I took an oath. I had to honor that.

Diego: You know, what you said about my character -- you didn't have to do that.

Georgie: You're a really good person, Diego, and you deserve a second chance. Let's keep our fingers crossed the judge feels the same way.

Diego: You're probably one of the most compassionate people I've ever met. Thanks again, Georgie. I don't deserve your faith in me, but it means a lot to me.

Brook Lynn: Look, how could you choose that psycho over me, your best friend, Georgie? I mean, seriously, don't you care about what he did to every single one of us?

Skye: Lorenzo, you've been a father to Diego for less than a year. You can't be responsible for the choices that he makes.

Lorenzo: He wants to be like me. He came to me a month ago and asked me if he could quit school so he could go into the family business.

Skye: And you said no.

Lorenzo: It doesn't matter. He is like me. Craving revenge, preying on other people's weaknesses -- those are Alcazar family traits. My father, my brother. I'm starting to think that it runs in the genes. He shouldn't have to pay for that.

Skye: Well, maybe the judge will be swayed by your testimony and Georgie’s.

Lainey: Excuse me. Have either of you seen Carly?

Skye: Uh -- you know, she slipped out as the trial began. I don't know, maybe she went back to Roselawn?

Lainey: Somehow I doubt it. Listen, if either one of you see her, will you please tell her I'm looking for her?

Skye: Yeah.

Lainey: Thank you.

Skye: Maybe the courtroom was just too much for her.

Lorenzo: Don't sugarcoat it, Skye. We both know Carly had somewhere else to be.

Lainey: Great. I can't find Carly anywhere.

Justus: I'll -- I'll help you find her. Look, Lainey, I need to explain that whatever happened in there was not personal or --

Lainey: You were just doing your job, Justus.

Justus: I -- I also implied that you were incompetent, but that was pure --

Lainey: Justus, I'm a big girl. I'm good at what I do. You went after me to defend your client. I would expect nothing less.

Justus: So you're not mad at me?

Lainey: Well, I suppose if you bought me dinner at that new Italian restaurant on fifth and main, I might consider it.

Justus: You want dessert, too?

Lainey: Just help me find Carly.

Justus: Let's go.

Courtney: Hey, don't worry about it. It's like you said, Sonny and Emily -- they're just friends. Maybe that's all it is.

Nikolas: On the other hand, Sonny's more than capable of taking advantage of Emily.

Courtney: Well, they've both been going through a hard time.

Nikolas: Emily -- she has a kind heart; she's always trying to help other people. And Sonny's so selfish, it wouldn't -- it wouldn't occur to him to tell her that she's better off staying someplace else and concentrating on her studies, you know? So there she is at his house, overworked, pulled in too many directions, thinking of everybody else instead of herself.

Courtney: Well, Emily says that she's happy there.

Nikolas: Yeah, because he makes her feel valued. You know, I mean, what happens when he gets angry and ruins her like he did Carly? What happens then?

Courtney: Why don't you go and see Emily yourself and find out if it's true or not?

Nikolas: I don't know. Maybe I should, I guess. I don't know. You'll be ok?

Courtney: Yeah. Fine.

Nikolas: All right. I'll see you later? Ok. I'll be back.

Jason: I need to talk to Emily.

Sam: No, put it down, please.

Jason: Come on.

Sam: She will come by to visit. You can talk to her then. Just be tactful about it, ok? We don't even know if it's true yet. Sonny is your best friend, Emily is your sister. You love them both.

Jason: If -- if what Carly says is true -- if -- Sonny will break her down, just like he did to Brenda and to Carly --

Sam: However --

Jason: What?

Sam: Sonny and Emily could be good together. You don't know that. I think their biggest problem is going to be Carly. She's going to wind up wanting him back.

Jason: Carly's not going to go back to Sonny.  Sonny's not going to go back to Carly.

Sam: How many times has she said that before?

Jason: I know.

Sam: You know how it works, Jason. You're the one who explained it to me. Sonny and Carly are connected through their lives, through their kids, through their past. Whenever they break up, they wind up back together again. Carly is not going to let Sonny go. You know that. If he and Emily get together, Carly’s going to take it on as a challenge, and you know how she works.

Jason: Ugh.

Sam: She will fight dirty.

[Knock on door]

Jason: Yeah?

Emily: Hi. Is -- is this a good time for a visit? Ok, obviously not. I'll come back later.

Jason: No, no, no. I need to talk to you.

Sonny: If you had gotten a leave from the hospital to see the kids, Roselawn would've cleared it with me.

Carly: Ok, fine. I'm on leave for something else, but I still thought I'd come by for a visit.

Sonny: Carly, if you keep pulling these stunts, you're not going to be home for Christmas.

Carly: And that's what you want, right?

Sonny: What do you mean?

Carly: For me to stay locked up in my room at rose lawn so you can be cozy here with Emily and my boys?

Sonny: That's not -- that's not what I -- what are you talking about?

Carly: Oh, really? You could've fooled me because you guys were really cozy right under the mistletoe.

Sam: Dr. Drake, hello. Look, I have a question for you.

Patrick: Why don't I answer that over dinner tonight?

Sam: No. Um, Jason wants to leave the hospital as soon as possible.

Patrick: Well, then you need to do anything necessary to keep him in bed.

Sam: What's that supposed to mean?

Patrick: It's a lot safer for you two to --

Robin: Don't mind Dr. Drake.

Sam: Oh.

Robin: He thinks patients are like cars. Once you're done with them, you just roll them out and never see them again. So if you have any questions about Jason’s recovery, you can ask me.

Patrick: I was just explaining to Sam that it's probably better for her and Jason to have sex here at the hospital instead of --

Sam: Ok, Dr. Drake, that was a little bit more information than anyone needed to know, thank you. Ok, bye-bye.

Patrick: Looking a little bit flustered there.

Robin: Well, at least they'll be in the privacy of their hospital room -- as opposed to you, who'll just use any flat surface he can find.

Patrick: Still thinking about that, aren't you?

Robin: Are you kidding me right now? I mean, have you ever heard of the concept of self-restraint?

Patrick: What's wrong with having a little fun? But don't worry, I took precautions. I won't be catching anything.

Brook Lynn: Diego is a psycho who is going to be put back on the streets now, thanks to you, Georgie.

Maxie: Why can't you just see that he is using you?

Dillon: I thought you did see, but you went right up to that stand and -- caved.

Georgie: No. No, I told the truth.

Brook Lynn: Oh. Oh, you told the truth? The truth? No, you told anything but the truth, ok? You said Diego was a good guy, Georgie. What, did you just, what, erase the fact where he terrorized every single one of us? Georgie, he did it to you. He did it to you, too, ok? So, I'm sorry, what is with you?

Georgie: Diego did something horrible, and now his entire life might be trashed. I don't think he deserves that.

Maxie: Well, then he shouldn't have done all that perverted stuff to begin with.

Georgie: I made mistakes, too, Maxie. Maybe not as bad, but I made them. All of us have. Nobody is innocent here. Lucas, you did nothing when I locked Sage in a freezer. Don't you have any regrets, anybody? Brook Lynn, you ran away and stole a car and didn't even get community service for it. Maxie, you helped Zander run away and into the Port Charles Hotel, where you almost got our father killed. And, Dillon -- Dillon, what about the time you helped Luke break Faith out of prison? So don't stand there and be all shocked at evil, horrible Diego. Nobody is blameless here, nobody! And I'm not going to stand here and apologize to any of you for showing compassion.

Courtney: What -- what stopped you?

Nikolas: I have no right to tell Emily what to do. You know, I mean, we're moving on, we're both trying to go our separate ways. What Emily does is her business, not mine.

Courtney: But you still don't want her to get hurt.

Nikolas: I know, but Emily is also stubborn, and if she and Sonny really are together now, then trying to break them apart will only make her want to be with him even more.

Courtney: So, what, you just decided to stay out of it?

Nikolas: Yeah, and hope that Jax is wrong and they -- they're just friends. Besides, I got more important things to think about right now.

Courtney: Oh, you do, do you?

Nikolas: Mm-hmm. You and that baby are my life right now. I have to make sure that the both of you are healthy and well.

Courtney: Well, you have done an excellent job so far. Oh --

Nikolas: What?

Courtney: The doctor called. They're working on the paternity test. It should be done any time now.

Emily: What's wrong? Are you feeling ok?

Jason: I'm fine. What about you?

Emily: I'm good. Or, you know, at least I'm getting better.

Jason: Tell me you haven't got a thing for Sonny.

Sonny: My little boys say a prayer every night because they want their mother to come home for Christmas. And I wish that for them, too. As you can see, we don't have a Christmas tree because Michael wants to wait for you. The boys need you. You know, they love you, Carly.

Carly: Sonny, it is so hard being at Roselawn. I think about them going to school and I think about them coming home from school and having dinner with you, and the better I get, the more I miss my boys.

Sonny: Then focus on getting better, I mean, so you can come home instead of scamming your way into these visits.

Carly: I hate to admit it, but you're right.

Sonny: I'm always right.

Carly: Yeah, in your big, fat, egotistical dreams.

Lorenzo: I was afraid I'd find you here. How dare you use Diego’s trial as an excuse to come see Sonny!

Sonny: You know what --

Lorenzo: Do you even care that my son may spend the rest of his life in prison?

Sonny: Don't talk to my wife like that!

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Brook Lynn: What kind of sentence do you think he'll get?

Bailiff: All rise.

Courtney: I hate to get our hopes up, Nikolas.

Nikolas: I can't help but hope that I'm the father, that's all.

Jason: Do you have a thing for Sonny?

Emily: No. Are you happy?

Lorenzo: Nice.

Carly: Don't do that to me again.

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