GH Transcript Monday 12/12/05

General Hospital Transcript Monday 12/12/05


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Luke: I don't know what all the complaining is about. What's wrong with a little blackout now and then? All kinds of interesting things go on in the dark. Would you care to pursue this conversation?

Skye: It's not dark anymore.

Luke: Well, I can fix that. Now that I have a stake in this hotel, I have free roving access to any number of secluded, dark rooms.

Skye: I'd rather hear what you're holding over Jax to get him to give Carly a portion of this hotel.

Luke: Well, let's put it like this -- it's good.

Jax: Luke Spencer knows something he shouldn’t. How did that happen?

Dr. Meadows: I have no idea.

Jax: You must have talked to him.

Dr. Meadows: He stopped me outside my office earlier. That's the first time I ever laid eyes on the man.

Jax: What kind of records do you keep in your office?

>> Today, the role of Nikolas Cassadine will be played by Chris Beetem.

Nikolas: You're going to be a great doctor. General Hospital will be lucky to keep you. And you have a brilliant career waiting for you, Emily. Just don't give up on it. And more importantly, don't give up on yourself.

Emily: Nikolas, you don't have to prop me up. I'm not your problem to fix anymore.

Monica: Bobbie.

Bobbie: Oh, Monica. What's the status?

Monica: Well, it's not good. All life-support for critical patients is on battery power --

Bobbie: Oh, great.

Monica: And that is going to run out eventually. I have no idea how this power loss is affecting Jason’s surgery.

Bobbie: Oh.

Surgeon: Help. Help.

Monica: Ken? Ken, what happened to you?

Ken: Stabbed from behind.

Monica: What?

Ken: They took my I.D. badge.

Monica: Ok. We need a gurney here, stat!

Patrick: He's doing well. We're almost done here.

Max: Some doctor was just stabbed from behind. His I.D. was stolen.

Sonny: Same height and weight?

Max: Yeah, close enough.

Sam: That freak is in the hospital?

Sonny: Ok, we're not going to panic. Ok, it could be just, you know -- we're just guessing here. I'm going to go question the doctor. You stay with Sam and Carly.

Max: You got it.

Carly: What's that guy doing?

Luke: You know, sometimes inspiration flows from the most unexpected sources. Take Carly, for example. I've never had any use for her, niece or no niece, but she did have the forethought and the smarts to marry Alcazar. Poor, filthy rich, besotted Alcazar, who gives her anything she wants no matter how many times she throws him over for Sonny.

Skye: Oh, please. Don't tell me you're actually feeling sympathy for Lorenzo.

Luke: No, the guy's a chump. He marries this wacko and then, like anybody could've predicted, she walks away with a big payout -- made even bigger, of course, by my sage advice.

Skye: You're feeling pretty good about yourself right now, aren't you?

Luke: Oh, I feel ok.

Skye: Well, I have to admit it was pretty inspired, getting Carly to demand Alcazar's E.L.Q. stock as their divorce settlement. I have to say, though, I'm surprised she just didn't hang on to it.

Luke: She made a logical choice. I mean, why should she be ineffective and have no say at the Quartermaine board when she can have all the say in the world and all the power here?

Skye: And you end up getting a big, fat finder's fee with benefits.

Luke: Sweet, isn't it?

Skye: What about Jax? This is still his hotel.

Luke: But this is business, Red, and sometimes the price of business is you lose.

Skye: Jax has lost a lot more than a portion of this hotel, ok? His life is collapsing around him. Elizabeth lost that baby she was carrying for Jax and Courtney, who decides that surrogacy is a bit too much and dumps him for Nikolas. And then if that weren't enough, she miraculously ends up pregnant and shuts Jax out. No, that's terrible. Jax doesn't deserve any of that, and he certainly doesn't deserve the evil eye that you're giving him.

Luke: I hate to disillusion you, Red, but the Australian is not as squeaky clean as you would like to believe. He's as capable of dirty tricks as anybody. And fortunately for me, he's willing to pay to keep the truth hidden.

Nikolas: How you feeling?

Courtney: Lightheaded, a little dizzy.

Emily: All right, drink as much water as possible, Courtney. We need to counteract the blood loss.

Nikolas: The bleeding isn't stopping.

Emily: All right. Uh -- listen, maybe there's a lull in the storm. We can get her to the emergency room.

Nikolas: Ok, let's go for it.

Emily: All right, bundle her up and keep her as warm as possible.

Courtney: You really think a trip to the hospital is necessary?

Nikolas: Well, maybe not, but I just don't want to take any chances with you and the baby, ok? And you're too weak to fight me.

Courtney: Yeah, you're right.

Sonny: I'm sorry, Monica --

Monica: You can't be in here.

Sonny: I know. Is that the surgeon who was stabbed?

Monica: If you don't get out of my E.R. right now --

Sonny: Listen, Manny Ruiz is in the hospital.

Monica: What?

Sonny: The lunatic. He could be in here, ok, and if he is, he's going to go after Jason who is lying on an operating table. For your son's sake, I'm just asking you, can I question him?

Monica: Ken? Can Mr. Corinthos ask you a few questions? Ok, thank you.

Sonny: Thank you, Monica. Did you see the guy who -- who stabbed you?

Ken: He came up from behind.

Sonny: From --

Ken: Took my I.D.

Sonny: Did you see his hands? Did he have tattoos?

Ken: Tattoos everywhere.

Sonny: Ok, Monica?

Monica: What?

Sonny: Call Mac. Tell him to send every officer he can here. We need them.

Monica: Don't let anything happen to Jason!

Carly: Look at this guy. He doesn't seem to have a purpose in the room. He just keeps trying to get closer to Jason. What if that's Manny? Max, give me your gun.

Sam: Are you insane?

Carly: No.

Sam: Why am I asking? Of course you are. Do not give her your gun, Max.

Carly: Max, give me your gun.

Sam: Get her out of here now, please.

Carly: I don't need your permission to save Jason.

Max: Hey --

Sam: Stop it!

Carly: This man is out to kill Jason!

Noah: Get her out of here!

Manny: Go ahead, go ahead. Everyone step away from Jason or Carly dies. Go!  This is nice. I like this. I like being part of an audience. You know, Carly, I think I've spent too much time alone. What do you think?

Patrick: Look, we're kind of busy here.

Manny: Not anymore. Everyone put your instruments down. We're all going to stand here and watch Jason die. You know, like a movie. Do it!

Sonny: Where's Carly?

Sam: Manny is in the O.R. with a scalpel to Carly’s throat. You cannot go in there with a gun.

Sonny: No, no --

Sam: Neither can you.

Sonny: Listen, I can use it to stall or try to get that psycho out of here. The cops are on their way. Find them; bring them here.

Max: You got it.

Patrick: I haven't lost a patient on the operating table yet, and I don't intend to spoil a perfect record because you're having a bad mental health day.

Robin: That's brilliant, doctor. You have a patient's skull open and you're fighting with a psychopath? You need to finish the surgery.

Carly: Come on, get off!

Sonny: Let her go.

Manny: Make me.

Skye: The problem with you is you have no sense of proportion. You can't tell the difference between a fun, profitable scheme and one that has the capacity to shatter people's lives.

Luke: I adore you, Blaze, I really do, but I'm bored stiff with this constant moralizing.

Skye: Well, I realize you won't hear nothing less than praise and admiration for the genius of your scheme, so I won't even waste my breath trying to talk you out of this one. You obviously have something on Jax, you used it, but I'll tell you, Luke, karma is a real thing, and in the end you'll get what you deserve.

Luke: Rich?

Skye: Double-crossed. You made one tactical error when you made Carly the foundation of your plan. We've all seen her in action. It's Carly’s world and we just all happen to live in it.

Luke: Carly's no match for me.

Skye: Oh, you keep telling yourself that. You see, she never would've had you in her plan if she didn't want something from you. So you see, once she gets it, she'll roll right over you and she'll leave you eating her dust, and when that happens, that cheering you hear on the sidelines? That'll be me.

Luke: Complete with short skirt, pompoms, and pink panties I hope.

Skye: Dream on.

Tracy: You're impressive. Can't believe you made it all the way here from town. The roads are practically impassable.

Jax: Well, I like driving in the snow. It's fun. Plus, I was very motivated to see you.

Tracy: Should I be flattered?

Jax: Well -- um -- you are the only person that can help me, if that floats your boat.

Tracy: It does. I'd offer you a hot toddy, but Alice no longer serves anybody but Luke, and I don't serve at all.

Alice: Well, Luke happens to be worth serving.

Tracy: Don't let the door hit you in the butt.

Jax: The way I understand the terms of your marriage, he won't divorce you unless you give him $15 million in alimony. Is that right?

Tracy: Well, is nothing sacred in this town, no detail too intimate not to become fodder for the masses?

Jax: I'll put up the money.

Tracy: Why?

Jax: Well, I just figure with that much cash in hand, Luke will just, you know, get on the next plane out of here.

Tracy: Does that scoundrel have something on you?

Jax: He is -- he's helping Carly force her way into part ownership of my hotel. Her I can handle. Luke, I -- I just need him out of the equation.

Tracy: I'm sorry. I would love to help you. But Luke tricked me into marriage for the express purpose of swindling me, and I'll be damned if I'll let him win. I am not going to divorce my loathsome husband -- not now, not ever.

Manny: Oh, come on, Sonny, drop the gun man, because I'm going to slice her to pieces, man.

Sonny: You only live as long as Carly does. The second she goes down, Manny, I will blow your head off.

Manny: Promise?

Robin: His pulse is dropping.

Patrick: One milligram epi I.V. push. I need you both.

Manny: Think he's going to shoot me? Oh. Great timing, see? Now the lights are on, see? You get to see all the blood that Carly’s going to lose as she bleeds to death if you don't put the gun down.

Luke: Well, wife, did you enjoy your snowmobile ride?

Tracy: It was exhilarating, and the night wasn't over. I had a very interesting meeting with Mr. Jacks.

Luke: Really? Well, he must be desperate if he's asking you for help.

Lulu: Jax offered to put up the 15 mill in alimony so that you and Tracy could divorce, and Tracy turned him down.

Luke: Spanky buns! You like me! You really like me!

Tracy: You have spied on me for the last time, missy.

Lulu: Tracy wants to stay married to you, so the way for you to win is to dump her.

Luke: Thank you, daughter. Jasper's offer and Tracy’s refusal is very interesting on many levels. It proves that Mr. Jacks is running scared.

Doctor: Emily, what have you got?

Emily: Yeah, Courtney Matthews. She has a deep leg laceration that needs to be sutured and she's pregnant, so you're going to need to page Dr. Meadows to perform an exam, all right?

Doctor: Take her to a room and I'll be right in.

Emily: All right, everybody follow me.

Nikolas: Thanks for your help. How's that leg doing?

Courtney: It's really starting to hurt.

Nikolas: Hang in there, ok?

Courtney: Oh, man.

Nikolas: They'll get you fixed up and get you out of here.

Doctor: The laceration is deep, but not dangerous. A few stitches should close the wound and you'll be out of here.

Courtney: This is going to hurt, isn't it?

Doctor: I'll give you minimal local anesthesia. You're pregnant, so we want to avoid any sedating drugs.

Courtney: All right.

Nikolas: If you behave, I'll get you a lollipop.

Courtney: Oh, do you promise?

Nikolas: Squeeze as hard as you want. I can take it.

Emily: Look --

Nikolas: Wait, wait, wait. Something's wrong, isn't it? What is it, Emily?

Sonny: You were counting on the darkness to cover your tracks, Manny. The thing is the police are on their way, probably already here, the power's back on. You got nowhere to hide.

Manny: And nothing to lose. So maybe I should --

Sonny: Hey, hey, hey.

Manny: And be done with it, huh?

Carly: Well, at least if I have to die --

Manny: Shut up!

Carly: You're coming with me.

Sonny: You a little nervous, Manny, huh? Maybe you're not ready to die. So I suggest you leave this O.R., because otherwise you are a rat in a trap.

Manny: Ok. Now you know what you can do for me? You can step away from the door.

Sonny: Ok, you let her go and I'll step away from the door. How's that?

Manny: Put the gun down, Sonny.

Sonny: Ok, ok, ok, it's all --

Manny: Sweet dreams, Jason. I'll see you later. You ok, baby? Baby, come on, let's go. Hey.

Sam: Ugh!

Manny: Come here! Come here!

Sonny: I got him.

Manny: Too late, Sonny.

Carly: Sonny --

Manny: I got your girl again, and this time she's not going to get away.

Sonny: Ok, ok. Hey, hey, hey, we're not going to fight. No one's going to fight you, Manny. Don't fight him. You're only going to get hurt, Carly.

Manny: Drop it. Drop it!

Sonny: Ok.

Manny: Drop the gun!

Sonny: I didn't lie to you, ok? Cops are coming. Soon you're going to be trapped. You can get away if -- listen to me!

Manny: Ah!

Mac: Drop the gun, Corinthos.

Sonny: Come on, Mac! This freak needs to die!

Mac: Pull the trigger again, it'll be murder!

Carly: Put the gun down, Sonny! You don't want to spend your life in prison.

Sonny: One more!

Mac: Listen to Carly, Sonny.

Carly: Put it down.

Sonny: You were awesome.

Carly: So were you.

Luke: I knew all along that you enjoyed our domestic arrangement more than you would admit, and now I have a witness.

Tracy: Your delinquent daughter is hardly the oracle of truth and accuracy. I am married to you for one reason and one reason only -- to torture you. You will know no peace, you will never be with Skye, and you will never pull off a successful scam again. I will thwart your every move as long as I have breath.

Luke: I'm touched by your devotion, no matter how perversely expressed, and the feeling is mutual. I'm as committed to this marriage as you are.

Lulu: Why? Tracy -- ugh -- is like Satan!

Luke: Lu, is that any way to talk about your stepmother?

Lulu: For the millionth time, Tracy is not my step anything. I have a mother and I haven't forgotten about her, unlike some people.

Tracy: Hmm.

Luke: Low blow, daughter. Tracy's a worthy adversary. She and I don't waste time with fair play and all that.

Lulu: Wait --

Luke: I've had the upper hand on her since I tricked her into marrying me, and I'm not about to lose it now.

Lulu: You sound like you actually like being married to this woman.

Luke: Well, there are advantages. Look where we live.

Lulu: Everybody hates us.

Luke: Not Alice.

Lulu: Alice likes you, not me. Come on, dad, why -- why can't we just get a place of our own?

Tracy: Ooh, this I would pay to see. Luke Spencer trapped in a tenement with his teenage spawn from hell.

Luke: Put your money away, wife. I don't plan to go anywhere.

Tracy: Neither do I.

Doctor: Almost done.

Dr. Meadows: Hello, Courtney. How are you feeling?

Courtney: Better.

Dr. Meadows: Good, good. Emily filled me in, and from what she's told me, everything is under control. Why isn't Courtney on I.V. fluids?

Doctor: I didn't think it was necessary.

Dr. Meadows: She's pregnant, at risk for dehydration. She bled for at least an hour prior to her arrival. You should've ordered the I.V. fluids before you started the procedure.

Courtney: Is my baby at risk?

Dr. Meadows: Well, it's only a precaution, but it's a necessary one.

Doctor: Sorry, I -- I won't make that mistake again.

Dr. Meadows: I should hope not. Let's hook her up.

Nikolas: Is that what you were concerned about? You knew that Courtney should've been on an I.V.?

Emily: Yeah, yeah.

Nikolas: Well, then why didn't you just say it? Why can't you trust yourself the way I trust you?

Bobbie: Actually, it's not bad. But half an inch in either direction and you would be in intensive care right now.

Carly: It's not going to scar, is it?

Bobbie: Unfortunately, no.

Carly: What?

Bobbie: It might serve as a reminder. What were you thinking, charging into the O.R. after Manny?

Carly: Because he was trying to kill Jason. Can you please go check on him?

Sonny: Ok. Are you sure you're ok?

Carly: I'm ok, I'm ok. I just can't stop worrying about Jason.

Sonny: All right.

Bobbie: I'm calling Lainey, because this kind of a violent, traumatic confrontation could set back your recovery.

Carly: No, no, no, don't do that. I'm fine, and I'm not going to go spiraling down loony lane, ok? I've been there, I've done that, and it sucks. I am fine. I am. And you know what, I am so much better than I've been in a long time.

Bobbie: I can see that. Wouldn't have anything at all to do with Sonny, would it?

Sonny: What's going on?

Monica: Well, at the moment, they're closing, but there's no way to tell whether or not --

Sonny: Tell -- tell what?

Monica: Well, you see, there is a reason that surgeons scrub before they go into O.R. That's to avoid infection. So when someone just barges in waiving a gun --

Sam: Wait a minute, Carly saw Manny in the operating room. Manny was in there. He was going to kill Jason. He brought her out and held her hostage. What was Sonny supposed to do?

Monica: Ok. Ok. You did the only thing possible under the circumstances. But the thing, Sonny, is you created those circumstances. You and your business put this whole disaster in motion. You were the reason that Manny came to Port Charles and you were the reason he went after Jason in the first place.

Sam: Whoa, wait, how is he?

Robin: Jason's vitals are strong.

Sam: Ok, but -- but the surgery was a success, yeah?

Patrick: I felt good about it before the lights went out. Even after, I was pretty confident. The work I did, the technique was all textbook.

Sam: But?

Patrick: But Jason arrested on the table, along with adverse conditions in a compromised sterile environment.

Sonny: Forget the excuses. Cut to the chase.

Patrick: There's no way to know when or if Jason will regain consciousness or what condition he'll be in when he does.

Carly: And you think it's going to last forever, and then just this stuff starts piling up and it just falls apart and -- I lost myself, mom. I just -- I lost myself. But I'm going to find myself, and I'm working on that and that's what's important. It's just that it's really sad that I can't do it with Sonny.

Bobbie: You know what?

Carly: Yeah?

Bobbie: You've come to a profound realization, and I know it's a painful one. But you know what you have to do for Carly and you're going to do it. And I'm very proud of you for that.

Carly: Mama, that makes me so happy and that makes me feel so good.

Bobbie: Give me a hug.  So, you here for the duration?

Carly: I'm not going anywhere until I know Jason’s going to be ok.

Bobbie: Page me if you need me.

Carly: Thanks.

[Knock on door]

Carly: Yeah? Yeah? Hey. How's Jason?

Sonny: Well, he's alive. They don't know any more than that.

Emily: All right, so now that you're all set, I'm going to go upstairs and see Jason, ok?

Courtney: Jason's here? What, is he sick?

Emily: Yeah, he's having surgery.

Courtney: Surgery? Nobody told me anything.

Emily: Yeah, that was Jason’s decision.

Courtney: Is it serious?

Emily: Yeah. Yeah. I'll keep you posted.

Nikolas: Hey, thanks, for everything.

Emily: Yeah, I'm glad Courtney and the baby are ok.

Courtney: You're worried about her, aren't you?

Nikolas: She's still blaming herself for Reese Marshall’s death. She's second-guessing everything she already knows. She knew you needed an I.V., but she doubted herself and she didn't say anything.

Courtney: Ok, so -- um -- what do you think the solution is?

Nikolas: I don't know. Time. All Emily needs is to get her confidence back and there will be no stopping her.

Courtney: It's kind of like your marriage. I mean, after Emily was raped, she was full of doubt and insecurities and, you know, she didn't really give herself time to rebuild her confidence.

Nikolas: Maybe because I turned to you.

Courtney: Do you think you gave up too soon?

Bobbie: Hey, Noah.

Noah: Hey, hey. Come sit, come sit.

Bobbie: Ok. Just for a few minutes, though. Well. So all the evidence shows you are just as brilliant as ever.

Noah: What evidence is that?

Bobbie: Well, you saved a man's life in O.R. yesterday; maybe you just saved Jason’s.

Noah: If Jason lives, it's because of my son. He's the hotshot now.

Bobbie: Is he as arrogant as you were?

Noah: Oh, man. Try, I don't even come close.

Bobbie: Well, if it makes you feel any better, I've got a daughter, Carly, and she's a lot wilder than I ever dreamed of being. I think it's funny how life works out. Isn't it? I mean, you can try to prevent it, but your kids just end up making the same mistakes that you made, except on a much larger scale.

Noah: Your daughter's like you in another way.

Bobbie: How's that?

Noah: From what I can tell, she's pretty much fearless.

Bobbie: Oh, well, that was the old me -- or the young me, the stupid me, because I haven't been fearless in a very long time. Well, I guess I'd better get back to work. You did really good work in there.

Noah: Thanks.

Bobbie: And I'm holding you to that dinner invitation.

Noah: You mean the one I never agreed to accept?

Bobbie: Yeah, that one.

Robin: Noah?

Noah: Hey.

Robin: Hey. I need your signature on the O.R. report.

Noah: Man, I've been in some tense O.R. situations, but that was one for the books. Patrick really -- he really pulled off a miracle. And in the dark? People waving guns and scalpels, taking hostages? I got to -- I got to hand it to my son, he -- uh -- he kept his cool.

Robin: Patrick was amazing, but he would not have been able to save Jason’s life without you.

Patrick: Is that paperwork ready for signing?

Noah: Nice work in there.

Patrick: You, too.

Sam: Does he look ok?

Monica: Well, I am cautiously optimistic because his vitals are excellent.

Sam: Well, he's going to be fine. He made it this far. He's not going to give up now.

Monica: Listen, I -- I owe you an apology for going off on Sonny earlier. You were worried sick about Jason and you didn't need that.

Sam: No, please, don't apologize. You are his mother. You have every right to worry about him.

Monica: Well, I'm going to check on him later.

Sam: Ok.

Sam: Please, come back to me.

Tracy: Skye, I'm so happy you're home.

Skye: Since when?

Tracy: Since Luke has been a little overconfident and I need to show him where he's wrong and I need a witness, and you're it.

Lulu: Alice said you wanted to see me.

Tracy: Enter the problem child about to be solved.

Lulu: Can you please speak in English?

Tracy: Yes, I can. You, young lady, have an unfortunate penchant for theft. By that, I specifically mean my P.D.A., my bank account number, and the $15,000 you stole to buy, among other things, a snowmobile.

Lulu: Who cares. It's all in the family, right, since you have a long-lasting commitment to my father.

Tracy: Mm-hmm, and theft by any other name is still theft, and the juvenile authorities happen to agree with me.

Skye: Tracy, what have you done?

Alice: This cop says they're here for Miss Lulu.

Tracy: There she is.

Officer: Lesley Lu Spencer?

Lulu: What is this?

Officer: We have a warrant for your arrest.

Skye: That's -- that's ridiculous. She's 17 years old. Obviously, there must be some kind of a mistake.

Tracy: No mistake. I've discovered my stepdaughter stole $15,000 out of my bank account. I have the forged wire transfer to prove it. Would you take Ms. Spencer down to the police department, please, and hold her there until her father and I can figure out what to do with her?

Alice: Mr. Luke is not going to be happy about this.

Tracy: Good. And that, my dear, is how the leverage turns.

Lulu: You evil snake.

Tracy: Let me give you a tip for your burgeoning criminal career -- never leave a paper trail.

Officer: Handcuffs will not be necessary.

Second officer: Lesley Lu Spencer, I'm placing you under arrest for grand theft. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Luke: Courtney? It is you. Well, you must be the reason Carly’s on field trip from Roselawn.

Courtney: I haven't seen Carly.

Luke: Well, I'll keep looking.

Courtney: Wait, Luke. While we're on the subject, I'm worried about Carly. Look, she may be acting like her old self again, but she's not ready to run a hotel and to do battle with Jax.

Luke: Don't worry about her. I'll take care of Jax.

Courtney: It's just her recovery is still fragile, ok? This hotel business is not the kind of stress she needs. I'm going to ask her to back out.

Luke: Well, do whatever you think is necessary. It doesn't matter to me because Carly isn't in charge of this show, I am.

Jax: Hey.

Courtney: Hey.

Jax: What are you doing here?

Nikolas: Dr. Meadows? I need to ask you a question about Courtney.

Robin: Revisiting the scene of your brilliance?

Patrick: Just here to pick up my music.

Robin: You were -- uh -- extraordinary today. I mean, you saved Jason’s life, and I just want to thank you for that.

Patrick: That's sweet, but I already have dinner plans.

Sonny: All right, all we can do now is wait.

Carly: Yeah.

Sonny: Why don't I have Max drive you to Roselawn? Is that all right?

Carly: No, I'm not going anywhere.

Sonny: Why?

Carly: Because I'm not going anywhere till I know Jason’s ok, Sonny. I can't do that. I can't do that.

Sonny: Ok, ok.

Carly: I'm going go find out what's going on.

Emily: Sonny. Hi.

Sonny: Hey.

Emily: Hey. Mom told me what happened, how Manny got into the O.R. and you and Carly stopped him. You guys saved Jason’s life.

Sonny: Well, I doubt -- I doubt Monica said those words, but if she blames me, she's not wrong. Manny came to town because of my business. His vendetta against Jason, the pain he's caused, the damage that he's done -- I'm not going to fool anybody. It all started with me.

Emily: Listen, Sonny, you're probably never going to convince either one of my parents that you're a good guy. All right?

Sonny: Right.

Emily: But I know what Jason thinks. He's grateful to you for the life he leads. He certainly doesn't blame you for it.

Sam: You know, we have so much to do together, so many years to fill. And that's all I thought about while you were in surgery, the little things that I never really knew that I wanted. Waking up next to you. And our water fights in Hawaii. The way you just listen when I talk, and you let me say whatever it is that I want to say until I figure it out. You accept me for all of my weirdness and weakness, and I'm enough for you. I have never been enough for anyone. I've always been wrong. I'm sort of a substitute. Just -- just bad. But with you, I am enough, you know? I'm -- I'm complete. And I just -- hey. Hi.

Jason: Hi, Sam.

Sam: I'm right here.

Jason: Some-- something happened with Manny.

Sam: No, Manny -- yes, yeah, something happened. Manny is under arrest. But your surgery was a success and you're going to be just fine.

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Nikolas: I just want to make sure that the baby's all right.

Jax: What did you say to her?

Courtney: Back off.

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Emily: Sorry.

Carly: You don't even see it, do you?

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