GH Transcript Wednesday 12/7/05

General Hospital Transcript Wednesday 12/7/05


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Alexis: Ok, I can take it. It's no problem at all maneuvering two children around. Lots of people do it. I can do this. Hi! Look at this. Hey, cool tree. You see that tree? Do you love it?

Kristina: Yeah.

Alexis: Me, too.

Jax: Welcome! Welcome to the Metro Court. It's so lovely that you ladies could join me for tea.

Alexis: Well, we need to make this a tradition, too.

Jax: Oh, you mean like chopping down a Christmas tree in the forest and almost freezing to death and getting rescued by helicopter?

Alexis: You're going to laugh at me because that's still under discussion, my friend.

Jax: Well, in the meantime, a gift for the young lady from the owner himself.

Alexis: Say thank you, sweetheart.

Kristina: Thank you, sweetheart.

Alexis: Aha-ha!

Jax: That's good. You're welcome.

Alexis: All right, before I forget, what did Carly want?

Jax: Oh, it was a waste of time. She wanted to buy the Metro Court.

Carly: No, sweetie, I'm not bored at all. So how did you do on your English test? You got an A? Oh, my gosh, that's great, Michael. I'm so proud of you! No, I'm not worried about Jason. Why would I be worried? What surgery? Daddy didn't tell me, but that's ok. What's going on?  No, baby, I'm not worried at all. And I don't want you to worry, ok? Yeah. Of course, I promise you, yes, I will go and I will be with Jason. Ok, I love you. Bye.

Lainey: You're not going anywhere.

Sam: You're leaving?

Jason: Yeah, well, if Dr. Drake won't do the surgery, there's no reason for me to stay.

Sam: No, look, please, don't leave. There is one more chance that we can save you.

Robin: I heard one of your consulting neurosurgeons is in the O.R.?

Orderly: He is, but now is not the time.

Robin: I need to see him immediately.

Orderly: Are you on staff?

Robin: I have permission to observe. Has the surgery started yet?

Orderly: No, but the doctor is really busy right now.

Robin: We're all busy.

Doctor: Do you mind?

Robin: Finish it up and make it fast. I need a miracle and you're it.

Luke: You know, it's always baffled me how you manage to thrive in this household.

Skye: Well, the Quartermaines are the closest thing to a family that I've got.

Luke: Kind of a shame that you and Jax didn't work out.

Skye: And why is that?

Luke: Well, he's a soulless corporate bean-counter, but he's got serious money.

Skye: Very serious.

Luke: I'll bet he's got a lot of skeletons rattling around, too.

Skye: Oh, more than you can imagine. If the press only knew.

Luke: Really? Like what?

Skye: Are you and Tracy going after Jax now?

Luke: Tracy? She has nothing to do with this.

Skye: What did Jax ever do to you?

Luke: My lovely niece would like to buy his hotel.

Skye: And you want to pitch in and help?

Luke: This awkward silence? That's me not answering.

Skye: Why does Carly want the Metro Court?

Luke: I don't know, empowerment, independence. Who cares? I'm only interested in my cut.

Skye: Might I remind you that Carly just double-crossed you by refusing to give you those E.L.Q. shares she promised to give you.

Luke: And that's why she owes me big-time for the hotel deal.

Skye: How much are you getting?

Luke: We're negotiating.

Skye: Ok, explain to me then why I should help you help Carly.

Luke: Red, it's all about the money. I need the cash in order to escape my screaming banshee of a wife from the third ring of hell.

Skye: Oh, I see. So this time you really, truly, honestly plan to leave Tracy?

Luke: The minute the check clears. Now, for our future, for us, tell me where Jax is most vulnerable.

Jax: Tell the floor manager he did a wonderful job with the decorations.

Concierge: Certainly, sir.

Jax: The place looks great.

Concierge: Thank you.

Jax: So, hot chocolate for the young lady?

Alexis: Sure.

Jax: What do you say?

Alexis: She can use it to wash her candy down.

Jax: Ha-ha. Here you go.

Kristina: Thanks. I love hot chocolate.

Alexis: I know you do.

Jax: Yeah, it's got lots of sugar in it, too.

Alexis: All right, great. You told her she couldn't buy the Metro Court, didn't you -- Carly?

Jax: Oh, I would never do business with Carly again.

Alexis: She can't afford it anyway.

Jax: Well, apparently, she has some controlling interest in E.L.Q., don't ask me how.

Alexis: That's a scary thought.

Jax: Yeah, well, I'll let the Quartermaines deal with that. I'd rather think about other things, like strollers. How do you like the one Courtney gave you?

Alexis: I think you'd rather talk about Courtney.

Jax: Well, you know, I think that Courtney and I will be together by the time the baby's born. I'm very confident of that.

Alexis: I think she has other plans.

Jax: Yeah, well, in the meantime, but she's still my wife.

Alexis: Technically.

Jax: Hey, Courtney and I planned a life together once, ok? I refuse to give up on that.

Elizabeth: You're going to rest all day.

Lucky: I'm not tired.

Elizabeth: Please, you just got home from the hospital. You need to relax, and I asked gram to take Cameron for the next couple of days so it would be nice and quiet for you, ok?

Lucky: Hmm, that sounds good.

>> Due to the absence of Tyler Christopher, today the role of Nikolas Cassadine will be played by Chris Beetem.

Nikolas: Hey!

Lucky: Hey.

Nikolas: Welcome home.

Lucky: Thank you. It looks great.

Elizabeth: You did this on your own?

Nikolas: Well, I had a little help.

Courtney: Hey. I hope you like everything.

Carly: Did you know about Jasonís surgery?

Lainey: Emily mentioned it.

Carly: Then why didn't you tell me?

Lainey: You need to concentrate on yourself.

Carly: So when I stood there telling the Quartermaines what a great friend I was --

Lainey: Well, the Quartermaines didn't need to be here in the first place, Carly.

Carly: That's not the point. Jason needs me.

Lainey: From what I understand, Jason is getting plenty of support from Sam --

Carly: You know what? I'm going to call a cab downstairs.

Lainey: You know what? You are not allowed off these grounds.

Carly: I don't care. I don't care, because my best friend in the whole wide world is having brain surgery, and you know what? I'm going to be there.

Justus: Is there a problem?

Carly: Why didn't anyone tell me about Jason? Why? I want to know.

Lainey: Would you please explain to Carly that she's a psychiatric patient and, as such, you cannot leave these grounds.

Carly: If you want to contribute to my mental health, then I suggest you help me call a cab, because I can promise you one thing -- I will be there for Jason no matter what it takes.

Noah: Have you heard from Robin?

Monica: No, no, and we can't wait much longer.

Noah: Well, if she gets here with the surgeon I recommended, Jason has --

Monica: Wait a minute, Noah. We're running out of time. Why can't you do the operation? You're the best surgeon around.

Noah: That was years ago.

Monica: Excuse me, yesterday you saved a construction worker's life.

Noah: No, that was a simple, straightforward surgery. It's nothing like what your son's up against.

Monica: You -- you have always been really casual about your talent, but I've seen you. I have seen you in action, and if I had known you could help Jason, I would have tracked you down.

Noah: Monica, there's nothing more I can do.

Monica: Noah, we lost A.J. this year. Jason's the only son I've got left. I don't want him to die. Can't you please, please try to save his life?

Noah: If I operate on Jason, I'll kill him.

Sam: Robin has a lead on another surgeon right now, and I promised her that you would wait here for her.

Jason: How much longer are we going to keep doing this?

Sam: Look, you would be in surgery if it weren't for me.

Jason: Why's that?

Sam: Why? I caught your doctor spiking his coffee and I said something to him, I yelled at him, and then he refused to do the surgery.

Jason: Well, if he's drinking, he shouldn't be doing the surgery.

Sam: No, I undermined him, and I shouldn't have done that.

Jason: Sam, you can't blame yourself for any of this. I got sick. It's no one's fault. We have tried everything to fight it. It's all right.

Doctor: I'll call you.

Robin: Get dressed; we've got work to do.

Doctor: Who let a little girl like you wander around the hospital alone?

Robin: I'm Dr. Robin Scorpio.

Doctor: The one that developed the new drug therapy for catastrophic brain injuries?

Robin: Yes.

Doctor: France, right?

Robin: Paris. We can compare resumes later.

Doctor: I pictured you a lot older, someone who's spent 20, 30 years on that research. Your clinicals are garbage, by the way.

Robin: I had success in trials in Europe. Unfortunately, the protocol has failed in one particular case.

Doctor: He's a mess.

Robin: I've heard that you're one of the best neurosurgeons in the states.

Doctor: Well, you heard correctly. This patient needs a faith healer.

Robin: His name is Jason Morgan.

Doctor: He's a lost cause.

Robin: Really? So you're admitting you're not good enough?

Skye: Even if I helped you and Carly get that hotel and even if Tracy paid up, you'll never leave her. You enjoy the battle of the wills too much. You love watching your back 24/7.

Luke: I prefer to watch your back -- and your front.

Skye: Even so, you'll never leave Tracy for me. So it's not fair to pretend that you will just so I'll do something that you want. That stopped being fun a long time ago.

Luke: I never meant for any of this to hurt you. I love you, Red. And I need you to help me with Jax.

Skye: Well, if you're looking for new blackmail fodder, there is none.

Luke: You just said there were skeletons.

Skye: I was lying.

Luke: That's not like you.

Skye: Well, I knew you were lying to me about Tracy, so I decided to lie first. Call it a preemptive strike.

Luke: I love the way you think. I always have.

Skye: Jax is a player, but he's also scrupulously honest. See, he rAIDS major corporations, but he makes sure everyone ends up richer, and if people lose their jobs, he makes sure they get better ones. Jax is a great guy.

Luke: How annoying. Well, if it's true that he's squeaky clean like you say, then what does he want? I mean, come on, everybody's got vulnerabilities. Just give me something I can use as leverage.

Skye: Please. The only thing Jax cares about these days is that baby he's going to have with Courtney, and I don't know how you could ever leverage that.

Elizabeth: This was so thoughtful.

Courtney: Well, Nikolas came up with it. Well, anyway, he said he wanted to do something nice, and I thought it would make Lucky's homecoming a little easier if everything were just right, so --

Lucky: Oh, honey, you ought to see the fridge. It's loaded with all kinds of food, and ready to eat.

Courtney: Well, I didn't want you to have to worry about meals so, yeah, now you don't have to cook.

Nikolas: That alone is going to make you get better faster.

Elizabeth: Hey, wait a second.

Nikolas: Do you remember how many dinners you burned up at Kellyís?

Elizabeth: Do you remember when you didn't even know how to make toast?

Lucky: Yeah, well, Elizabeth always made the best brownies.

Elizabeth: Oh, thank you, honey. And Emily and I can make a pretty mean sandwich, as you recall.

Nikolas: Yeah, yeah, yeah. They had to teach me how to make one.

Courtney: Really?

Lucky: Yeah, and when you messed that up, there was always Eliís.

Elizabeth: And do you remember when we took you to the grocery store for the first time and Emily asked you to go get some rye bread and she found you just standing in the bread aisle, staring?

Nikolas: Who knew there were so many different kinds of bread?

Lucky: Just standing there in a trance.

Elizabeth: Emily and I laughed so hard, we almost got kicked out of the store.

Justus: Jason needs all the support he can get right now.

Lainey: Jason is not my patient.

Justus: They're best friends!

Lainey: So I've heard, repeatedly.

Justus: You know what -- you should have seen the way she outmaneuvered the Quartermaines yesterday.

Lainey: Which took her focus off her recovery.

Justus: She's obviously back up to speed.

Lainey: That's why I want her to be careful.

Justus: What about what Carly wants?

Lainey: I know what's best for my patient.

Justus: You know what? I think you're afraid to admit that your work is done.

Lainey: What, are you shrinking me now?

Justus: Why are you trying to run that woman's life?

Lainey: Nobody runs that woman's life, believe me.

Jason: Look, if you need me to wait, I'll wait.

Carly: How could you do this to me?

Georgie: Hey, Lucas.

Lucas: Hey. Thanks for meeting me.

Georgie: No problem. What's so urgent?

Lucas: My mom is having a gingerbread party weekend after next.

Georgie: That's great. I love those. She makes the best cookies and invites everybody and -- there's something completely obvious that I'm missing. What is it?

Lucas: Yeah, she specifically asked me to bring a date this year.

Georgie: Oh.

Lucas: Yeah, she actually tried the same thing for thanksgiving dinner, but somehow I managed to get out of that by telling her all the girls I've been dating wanted to be with their own families.

Georgie: Well, Lucas, you know the solution.

Lucas: Yeah -- ask one of your friends. You know, someone fun and nice that my mom would like and --

Georgie: Well, there's your friends, you know, one that's fun and nice. Lucas, who are you dating right now?

Lucas: You know what, just please don't turn this into a lecture about how I should tell my parents I'm gay.

Georgie: Lucas, you know your parents love you.

Lucas: Ok. Be honest. If the situations were reversed and you were a lesbian, would you run home right now and tell your mom or Maxie? Or would you want to wait till you were, I don't know, a little older, a little stronger, and more confident?

Georgie: Probably. But I would trust my family and my parents and Maxie that they love me and I would force myself to tell them the truth.

Lucas: Well, you're braver than I am, because every time I think about telling them, I feel sick to my stomach and fantasize about running away.

Tracy: Feel free to rob Skye anytime you like, but don't even think of stealing from me.

Lulu: You're late on my allowance.

Tracy: No, I'm afraid I paid you more than you deserve, you little swindler.

Lulu: Go ahead, call the cops, but be prepared to deal with my father.

Tracy: You think your father's going to protect you? When are you going to get that he doesn't want you here any more than I do?

Skye: All right, separate corners, the both of you. This incessant arguing is both pointless and annoying.

Lulu: Oh, I wouldn't want to annoy you.

Tracy: The only way to deal with that little brat is to let her know who's boss.

Skye: Oh, she knows who's boss, all right.

Tracy: What is that supposed to mean?

Skye: I'm trying to agree with you.

Tracy: No, you're trying to be enigmatic, and you're no good at it. Why don't you just say what you mean?

Skye: You'll find out.

Alexis: It possible to co-parent without actually being married. In fact, you don't even have to be in an ongoing relationship.

Jax: Possible, yes, but not ideal.

Alexis: Even Sonny and I are trying to make this work.

Jax: You're making it work. Sonny is reaping the benefits -- not that I'm criticizing. You know, every situation's unique. I mean, take mine, for example. I have the best of everything, so why shouldn't my child have the same and grow up in a loving home with two parents who love each other?

Alexis: Sure about the last part?

Jax: Courtney loved me once. I'm confident that she will again.

Alexis: I have always admired your tenacity.

Jax: Well --

[Pager beeps]

Jax: The concierge and my manager are duking it out again.

Alexis: Literally duking it out?

Jax: Not if I get there in time. It was really good to see you both.

Alexis: Thanks for the tea and the hot chocolate and the cookies and the candy.

Jax: Oh, yes, and thank you for the advice, even though I'm not taking it.

Alexis: What a surprise.

Jax: Bye.

Alexis: All right, honey, let's get going. It'll take me an hour and a half to get ready before she wakes up.

Luke: Hey, Natasha, long time no see.

Alexis: What rock did you just crawl out from under?

Luke: Hello, there. Look what I have for the first daughter of the most beautiful, brave, brash, and brilliant barrister this burg has ever seen.

Alexis: Oh, God. Now I know I'm in trouble.

Nikolas: You know what, guys? We got to get going.

Lucky: Oh, no, come on, at least finish your beer.

Elizabeth: Yeah, and the food.

Nikolas: We got plans for lunch. Sorry.

Lucky: All right.

Nikolas: I'm glad you're back.

Lucky: So am I. Hey, and thanks for all this.

Nikolas: No problem, no problem. My pleasure.

Elizabeth: Bye.

Nikolas: See you.

Elizabeth: Ok.

Courtney: Ok, bye.

Elizabeth: Goodbye.

Nikolas: I'll try to stop by tomorrow.

Elizabeth: Take care of that arm.

Nikolas: Yeah, we got enough to worry about.

Lucky: All right, we'll see you later.

Elizabeth: Thanks again.

Courtney: Ok, we don't have plans for lunch.

Nikolas: I know. I just- I didn't want that whole thing to be about Emily.

Courtney: Come on, don't worry about it.

Nikolas: Still, I apologize. There was no reason for you to sit there and have to listen to us talk about old times.

Courtney: Hey, you guys, the four of you, you're best friends. You always have been. There's nothing wrong with that.

Nikolas: Well, I don't think anybody meant to shut you out.

Courtney: I know. I know. Hey, you know, Lucky and Elizabeth, they're trying really hard. It just shows how much they love you.

Elizabeth: I practically chased them off. How many times did I mention Emily?

Lucky: No, no, no, Courtney will fit in. Just give it some time.

Elizabeth: She worked so hard on all of this.

Lucky: Ok, so we'll return the favor. It'll get easier in time, ok? Maybe someday we'll be able to look at Nikolas and Courtney as a couple.

Elizabeth: I think I should go after them.

Lucky: Don't you dare. We are finally alone, no interruptions, no doctors stopping by to make visits, no get-well visitors. It's just you and me.

Elizabeth: Well, then, welcome home.

Carly: Why didn't you tell me about the operation?

Jason: Well, there might not even be an operation.

Carly: Why? Are you backing out?

Sam: You're not helping right now.

Carly: Why don't you go get a cup of coffee?

Jason: Carly, take it easy.

Carly: No. Why don't you tell her I was in your life long before she came around --?

Sam: Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Carly: And I'm going to be in your life long after she's gone.

Sam: We don't need a referee right now.

Carly: Well, then back off, Sam.

Jason: Ok, I don't want you guys fighting, so you apologize.

Sam: No, you know what? Please, don't bother. I apologize. I am sorry. We are all worried. I get that. I understand it.

Carly: Look, you can beat this. You can. Decide to get better like I decided to get better. Have the surgery, promise yourself you're going to beat it because I happen to need you, ok?

Doctor: If you lovely ladies will excuse me, I need to see what I'm up against.

Carly: Who are you?

Doctor: Salvation.

Elizabeth: You ready for this?

[Knock on door]

Lucky: Don't answer.

Elizabeth: Ok.


Lucky: Did you pay the rent?

Elizabeth: Of course I did.

Lulu: I know you're in there!


Lucky: Lulu. Shh.

Elizabeth: Shh.


Lulu: It's really important. Lucky?

[Elizabeth groans]

Elizabeth: All right. She might be in trouble.

Lulu: Oh, congratulations. Your money problems are now solved.

Luke: Well, for an Australian, he puts out quite a nice spread. Wonder where the vegemite sandwiches are.

Alexis: Why don't you just tell me what you want?

Luke: Did you get enough hot chocolate? Is your mommy being good to you?

Alexis: Molly is going to wake up in two seconds and that's not going to be pretty, so just get to the point.

Luke: I'm here on a mission of mercy, Natasha. My lovely niece is trying to get her life back together.

Alexis: You hate your niece.

Luke: Well, admiration takes many forms.

Alexis: Please don't tell me that you are in on this thing with Carly to try to buy Jax out of this hotel.

Luke: He told you? That's good. That means he's thinking about it.

Alexis: It was a very mean thing to do. He likes this hotel. He named it after Courtney.

Luke: I'll bet he's regretting that now.

Alexis: You're taking advantage of his broken heart, you big scrooge.

Luke: Does that mean you won't help me?

Alexis: Yes! I mean, no, I'm not going to help you, and the fact that you and Carly are involved in this together is very disturbing to me.

Luke: Thank you, Natasha. I'm very touched.

Alexis: You most certainly are. Whatever you two are cooking up, it's not going to work. Donít. I teach my daughter not to accept candy from strangers and you, my friend, are very, very strange.

Luke: Well, be that as it may, go ahead, take them. It'll be our little secret. Don't tell your mom.

Alexis: If she goes on sugar load, I am sending her to your house.

Luke: Hey, I'd like that. She can help me torture the Quartermaines. You'd like that, wouldn't you, Kristina?

Alexis: Don't listen to him.

Luke: We'd tie their shoelaces together --

Alexis: Stop talking, you're scaring her. Come on, honey, let's get away from the big bad man.

Luke: We'd do all kinds of things. We'll put whoopee cushions on their seats.

Alexis: Let's get your coat.

Luke: When they sit down for breakfast, it's like --

Alexis: You're impossible. You know that? He's very naughty. He needs a time-out. Come on, sweetie.

Luke: Bye! It's nice to see you.

Alexis: Oh, excuse me. We got it.

Courtney: Oh, I hope we can get a table. I am starved.

Nikolas: Me, too.

Jax: Courtney. Nikolas. How's it going?

Nikolas: We were just on our way upstairs.

Jax: Did you see Alexis? She was here with Molly in the stroller that you gave her. You know, I would love to get one just like that for our baby.

Carly: Ok, so you strapped him to a bed knowing that he hates being restrained and then your treatment didn't even work?

Robin: He did get his memory back, Carly.

Carly: Ok. Then he remembers the self-righteous snake that you are --

Robin: Oh --

Carly: Because none of us forgot that part.

Sam: Well, why don't you save it until after the surgery? Can you do that?

Carly: Don't tell me you've been fooled by her act. I mean, contrary to what she believes, she doesn't know what's best for Jason or anyone else.

Sam: You know what? She is Jasonís doctor. She found Jason a surgeon. I would call that progress.

Carly: Really? Is he any good?

Robin: I have researched several of his cases and, yes, he is brilliant at beating the odds.

Carly: How is he?

Robin: Can you do the surgery?

Doctor: You found me just in time.

Robin: Ok, Jason is my patient.

Sam: Are you all right?

Carly: Yeah, what did he say? What are your chances?

Jason: All he said was "interesting."

Robin: How soon can you operate?

Doctor: It will definitely be a challenge.

Robin: Well, today? Tomorrow? Jason doesn't have a lot of time.

Doctor: He's got a hypo-perfused frontal cortex. If I make a temporal incision, that'll give him enough time --

Noah: Your patient will die within minutes.

Doctor: Not if I make the incision small enough.

Noah: Just take him longer to bleed out. That whole temporal area is laced with arteries. You need to go in from below.

Doctor: When was the last time you performed a successful surgery?

Noah: Yesterday.

Doctor: Well, maybe they're not up to date on your surgical records at this hospital, but I am.

Robin: Ok, am I missing something here?

Doctor: No.

Noah: Yes. Aren't you even going to say hello to your father?

Georgie: Hey. You wouldn't really run away.

Lucas: I haven't yet.

Georgie: Lucas, it's the secret that's tearing you apart. You have to tell somebody. If you would just read the pamphlets that I brought --

Lucas: No, please, don't mention the pamphlets or counseling, all right? Just help me out here. I mean, you've got to have a friend that would go out with me as a favor, right? You could tell her I was this big nerd and that I wouldn't try to mack on her and, you know, she would agree because, I don't know, you did her homework or something.

Georgie: Susan, actually. And it really works out because her boyfriend's out of town.

Lucas: Ok, great. What's her number?

Georgie: No, don't worry. I'll set it up for you.

Lucas: Thanks.

Georgie: On one condition. You promise me that you will think about coming out to your parents. As long as you keep telling these lies, you're building up a wall, and that's really not fair to anybody.

Lucas: Ok, I'll tell you what -- you get me through Christmas and this whole gingerbread party and I'll read every pamphlet you've got.

Georgie: Oh, one more thing. Please promise me you won't run away. I'd miss you too much.

Lucas: I'm not going anywhere. It's my life, and someday I'm going to get the courage to deal with it.

Alexis: Hi. Oh, it's cold. Hi.

Ric: Hi. How are you? How was tea with your daughters?

Alexis: Tea was fantastic.

Ric: Oh, great. Hey.

Alexis: Kristina loved it. Molly slept through it.

Ric: Good.

Alexis: Got lipstick on my teeth?

Ric: Yeah.

Alexis: And I fed her when we got home and they're both taking naps.

Ric: Oh, great, lucky Viola. She gets the easy job.

Alexis: I am so tired. Why didn't they just say if you have two you might as well have ten?

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: I was going to take a nap until I got your cryptic phone call.

Ric: Hmm, sorry. I would have made it a lot more alluring. It's really just a question about a contract.

Alexis: That's it?

Ric: Yeah.

Alexis: You want my legal expertise?

Ric: Well, you know --

Alexis: That's sweet. A Harvard boy such as yourself wants the opinion of --

Ric: Don't get ahead of yourself.

Alexis: A Yaley like me? Sure, bring it on.

Ric: I just need your opinion about it, because you were the original attorney who drew up this contract.

Alexis: Really?

Ric: And there's a question here about liability that is a little sketchy.

Alexis: I highly doubt that.

Ric: Not. Take a look. Ahem.

Alexis: This is a partnership agreement for Sonny's -- one of his sugar plantations.

Ric: Yeah, I got it dropped on my desk a couple of months ago, so I just -- it's a liability question and I want --

Alexis: I just didn't -- I mean, well, I was under the impression that you were no longer working with or for your brother.

Lulu: Can you believe that Tracy keeps all of her account numbers and P.I.N. codes in this? This is everything that you need to get access to her money.

Elizabeth: And where did you find this?

Lulu: She carries it around in her purse.

Elizabeth: Oh, so you stole it?

Lulu: Ok, all you have to do is set up a dummy account in some other town, just type in the P.I.N. codes, and transfer the money.

Lucky: No, it's called grand theft. I'm a cop. I mean, do you see the problem?

Lulu: Ok, just think of it as a gift, then. It's just an advancement on my allowance. Why can't I share this with my brother?

Lucky: Where do I start?

Elizabeth: Rob the rich, give to the poor.

Lulu: See? Elizabeth gets it.

Elizabeth: Uh --

[Knock on door]

Tracy: It's Tracy Quartermaine!

Lucky: Great. Here we go.

Elizabeth: Hi.

Tracy: Give me back my P.D.A.

Lulu: Hmm, you mean this?

Tracy: Thief.

Lucky: Ok, listen, hey, hey, it was just a harmless mix-up.

Tracy: She stole it out of my purse.

Lulu: No, you were standing right there. I thought it was ok.

Tracy: How can you look me straight in the eye and lie?

Lulu: Wait, why are you so upset?

Lucky: Ok, you know what? Lulu is going to return your P.D.A.

Tracy: Oh, I know she's going to return it, with an apology, or you can arrest her yourself.

Lulu: Yeah.

Jax: So where did you get the stroller again?

Courtney: Actually, I got it at Wyndham's.

Jax: Really? You didn't get it on the internet?

Courtney: Well, Wyndham's had the best price, believe it or not.

Jax: Oh, because I thought I saw one of those --

Nikolas: Look, Jax, Courtney is starving. We really should be going upstairs.

Courtney: Yeah.

Jax: Right, of course. Yeah, you guys --

Concierge: I'm sorry to interrupt, but she says it's important. Dr. Meadows for Mr. Jacks?

Jax: She must be mistaken.

Courtney: Oh, you know what? It's probably for me. Her assistant gets the numbers mixed up all the time. Dr. Meadows?

Dr. Meadows: Courtney?

Courtney: Is everything all right?

Dr. Meadows: Oh, I was just trying to confirm the date of your next appointment. Our computers have been acting up.

Courtney: December 15 --

Jax: It's 2:00.

Courtney: 2:00, 2:00, yep, got it.

Dr. Meadows: Ok, thanks.

Courtney: Bye. Computers.

Jax: Yeah. You guys enjoy your lunch.

Courtney: We will.

Jax: Ok.

Nikolas: Take care.

Jax: Good to see you.

Carly: You probably don't need the surgery, and this is just St. Robin's way of trying to come out like she saved your life or something.

Sam: You know what? That's enough. Stop. Out, now, please.

Carly: Don't boss me around.

Jason: Ok, look, I know you're scared.

Carly: Do you know the hoops of fire I had to jump through to get here? And I promised Michael that I would stay with you.

Jason: Yeah, I understand. And I'm going to take your advice. I'm not going to give up.

Carly: You promise?

Jason: I promise. But I need some time alone with Sam.

Carly: I love you so much.

Jason: I know. It's ok.

Sam: How do you even put up with her?

Jason: Lots of practice.

Sam: Well, it's actually a good thing, because she's getting back to her old self. She's annoying people and talking back and stuff, so, you know what? I think we are going to need you because we'll need our referee after all.

Doctor: So which bar did you have to drag him out of?

Noah: One of my favorites, actually.

Doctor: Did you do any research on him at all?

Robin: Plenty.

Doctor: Then why is he here? Why in hell would you let him operate?

Noah: I was the only surgeon available.

Doctor: Still hiding all your failures, aren't you? He's a drunk who trashed his own reputation and damn near ruined mine.

Robin: Well, Tony Jones said he was the best.

Doctor: If anybody at this hospital was up to speed, you wouldn't let this guy on the property.

Robin: That seems a little harsh.

Doctor: He ruined his own reputation and did serious damage to mine. Everyone on this staff is waiting for me to crash and burn just like my old man did. Well, it won't happen. Not on this case, anyway.

Noah: What, you're going to let the patient die?

Doctor: You want to be the hero? You save him.

Robin: Whoa, wait, you can't back out on this.

Doctor: Watch me.

Robin: You agreed to do the surgery.

Doctor: I'm done cleaning up my father's messes.

Carly: You're not going anywhere.

Tracy: I knew she would run straight to her brothers. I got there just in time. The three of them were standing around that postage-stamp apartment of theirs, drooling at my bank accounts.

Skye: Well, congratulations, Tracy. You got the best of a 17-year-old girl. You must be very proud.

Tracy: You saw her steal it, didn't you?

Skye: Of course not.

Tracy: Well, I have to admit I sort of admire her. She is her father's daughter.

Skye: Lulu needs love and guidance, not verbal abuse. She's extremely vulnerable.

Tracy: About as vulnerable as Attila the Hun.

Lulu: I was just trying to help.

Lucky: Yeah, and we appreciate it, but you have to promise not to steal anymore.

Lulu: Well, it wasn't exactly stealing. Thank you.

Lucky: Just give Tracy lots of room, all right? She's just nothing but trouble.

Lulu: I was just worried about your medical bills.

Elizabeth: Well, honey, they've been taken care of.

Lulu: I'm just -- I'm really glad that you're out of the hospital.

Lucky: So am I. Come here.

Lulu: All right. Ok. Sorry.

Elizabeth: See you later.

Lulu: Bye.

Lucky: All's well that ends well.

Elizabeth: With Lulu, I'm not so sure.

Lulu: 49087. Account 2209-49087. Account 2209-49087.

Nikolas: Jax runs a great restaurant.

Courtney: Yeah, the risotto was amazing.

Nikolas: Let me keep you warm till the launch arrives.

Courtney: You know, I'm not going to go to Wyndermere today. I just -- I've got a bunch of errands to run, some Christmas presents to buy. I'll see you later, ok?

Nikolas: Sure. No problem.

Alexis: I can understand how things would get confused, because Sonny is a loaded topic for both of us.

Ric: Absolutely.

Alexis: And there is so much that has just happened. Most of it was overwhelmingly wonderful with the birth of our precious Molly. Not the birth part, because that wasn't wonderful. That was quite hideous and --

Ric: Yeah.

Alexis: Excruciating, actually, but you were all wonderful, and particularly you. You were wonderful.

Ric: Oh, well, thank you, but Alexis, that's not why --

Alexis: But if we give the devil his due, which we should, Sonny was, in fact, wonderful, too -- except for that outburst about how if we all died he would hand Kristina over to Carly. That was disturbing.

Ric: Yeah, that didn't go over well with you, I know.

Alexis: But when I asked him if he would take Kristina if something happened to me, he was very receptive and he appreciated what I was saying, and I appreciated that he appreciated --

Ric: Alexis? Alexis?

Alexis: So I can see -- yes.

Ric: I'm not going to work for Sonny.

Alexis: Why on earth would you scare me like that?

Ric: I just love to hear you go on and on sometimes, that's all. Listen to me, I am trying to put everything together so I can turn over all the work that I did for Sonny over to Justus, and I just need to clarify a few things so that I can facilitate the transfer.

Alexis: That's really welcome news.

Ric: Hmm. But while we are on the subject, I -- I want to know that I'm through trying to destroy my brother. I'm also through trying to please him. But I just cannot be indifferent to him.

Alexis: I know.

Ric: I know. Sonny matters to me, but you and our family and us being together matters to me more. And if I haven't said that, I just -- I want you to hear that. I mean that with all my heart.

Alexis: I love you.

Ric: I love you, too. Even when you make mistakes.

Alexis: Hmm?

Ric: This right here.

Alexis: Hmm.

Ric: This liability issue is a mess.

Alexis: Wait, a mess?

Ric: A mess.

Alexis: Oh.

Ric: I can't make heads nor tails.

Alexis: A mess, meaning it goes beyond your scope of --

Ric: No, no, no, meaning there's a whole lot of --

Alexis: I know it's bad from an international trade --

Ric: You didn't enter the proper addendum.

Alexis: It's right there, if you look closely.

Ric: Where? Where? Here?

Alexis: Here.

Sam: Hey. How soon are they going to operate?

Robin: They're not. Patrick Drake just backed out of the surgery.

Patrick: You are pushy, aren't you?

Carly: I'm Jason Morganís best friend and I want you to save him.

Patrick: Well, do you always get what you want?

Carly: When it matters, and this matters.

Patrick: Well, what are you offering?

Carly: I'll double your usual fee.

Patrick: Well, money's nice, but I'll need more incentive than that.

Carly: I'm sure we can work something out.

Sam: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hey, what do you think you're doing?

Carly: Get out and let me save Jason.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Luke: Carly needs your help.

Nikolas: I found my divorce papers.

Alexis: Maybe you don't want to sign them.

Robin: What are you doing?

Jason: Sam and Carly are wasting their time.

Robin: Just hang on a little longer.

Sam: Dr. Drake bailed on Jasonís surgery because he doesn't have what it takes.

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