GH Transcript Monday 11/28/05

General Hospital Transcript Monday 11/28/05


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Luke: Molto magnifico.

Alice: Well, maybe it could use an ice cube.

Luke: Alice, no. You've created the perfect Manhattan.

Tracy: Make yourself useful and make me a martini.

Alice: Perhaps a canapť, Mr. Luke?

Luke: Oh, I don't mind if I do. Thank you.

Alice: Uh-uh-uh-uh. Get your own. These are for Mr. Luke and his daughter.

Tracy: Lulu is coming over?

Luke: I told you, wife -- Lulu is moving in.

[Doorbell rings]

Luke: Oh, that would be her now.

Tracy: Don't answer that door! That's an order!

Alice: Huh. I haven't taken orders since boot camp -- Parris Island.

Tracy: You turn that little wretch around and send her right back to her grandmother. Better yet, send her to boarding school in Switzerland.

Luke: I don't know any boarding schools in Switzerland. Proceed with caution, princess. The wicked stepmother is already polishing her apples.

[Monitor beeps]

[Monitor alarm sounds]

Robin: Jason, it's ok. Shh. It's all right. It's ok.

[Alarm stops]

Sam: What's going on?

Carly: You know, it's a funny thing about Sonny -- he is the easiest man to fall in love with.

Emily: Honestly, Carly, I wouldn't know.

Carly: Sure about that? No chance you're falling in love with Sonny?

Luke: Alice has put the Italian satin sheets that you requested on your bed, I moved the big-screen TV in there, and anything else that you need, just ask Alice. She runs everything.

Tracy: Hold on! It's not enough that I have to put up with your freeloading, but now I have to tolerate the deadbeat daughter, as well?

Lulu: In a house this big, I'd never have to see you, which is fine with me.

Luke: Atta girl, baby.

Tracy: Luke Spencer, you have the attention span of a gnat. Tomorrow, maybe the next day, you're going to disappear on a bender, and I will be left with the care and feeding of that delinquent.

Lulu: I can take care of myself. I always have.

Tracy: Ok, so, how about we all face facts? The reason your father has ignored you for 17 years is he has absolutely no idea what to do with you, but here's the good news. You have a barn full of relatives who would just love to take you in, so pick one and go there!

Luke: Back off, buttercup! The kid stays here.

Lucas: You told my Uncle Luke to step up and become a better father?

Dillon: Well, yeah.

Georgie: Thank you.

Dillon: I'm not sure I did Lulu any favors though, because he's moving her to the mansion now, and let me tell you, that's no picnic.

Georgie: Well, Dillon, maybe she'll be so thrilled that Luke wants her that she won't notice what a zoo it is. God.

Brook Lynn: It was Diego.

Maxie: What are you talking about?

Brook Lynn: The stalker -- the whole time it was Diego.

Maxie: Shut up.

Dillon: What did I say? What did I say? They got the wrong guy.

Lucas: Wait, where are you getting this?

Brook Lynn: Ok. So, I see pictures in his camera bag, ok, and I look and they're of me. And then I turn around and Diego has caught me with them and, oh my God, you guys, I almost passed out, but then Alcazar came in and Diego told him everything.

Lucas: Yeah, I bet Alcazar already has him on an airplane halfway across the Atlantic by now.

Brook Lynn: No, he took him to the police station. Alcazar said Diego had to take responsibility.

Maxie: I don't -- I don't buy it. Alcazar is a wealthy mobster. I mean, he doesn't care about what's right or what the law says. I bet he's just going to protect his son.

Brook Lynn: Yeah, but that's not what he said.

Maxie: Did I mention he's also a liar? This stinks. Diego needs to pay for what he did to us.

Diego: Ok, look, dad, I did it, ok? I screwed up badly, all right? I disappointed you, I'm sorry, but don't send me to prison.

Lorenzo: It is partly my fault. I don't know.

Diego: Well, then you go to jail.

Lorenzo: I have to do something, Diego. You need help.

Diego: I don't get it. I thought it tore you up when Sage died. Dad, I had to make them suffer for what they did to her and to you.

Lorenzo: You drugged those girls and took pictures of them naked. They thought they were your friends. What you did to Brook Lynn and Maxie and the others -- that's unconscionable.

Diego: You want to compare crimes, dad?

Lorenzo: Maybe the lesson here is don't be like me. My sins don't excuse yours. Maybe if you deal with this now, you won't have to pay such a steep price later. I'm going to help you the best way I know how.

Mac: I got a call from your attorney that you're bringing in your son.

Diego: We can still leave, dad. Please, don't do this. Please.

Lorenzo: I'm sorry, Diego. Evidence is in here, commissioner. Naked pictures of Brook Lynn Ashton. My son took them.

Carly: Women are always falling in love with Sonny. He's great to look at, he's sexy, he's intense, and he has this knack for making you feel like you're the only woman on the planet. That's a gift.

Emily: That has nothing to do with me.

Carly: He thinks the world of you, Emily. That's got to be a turn-on.

Emily: Carly, you're not listening. I have no romantic interest in Sonny.

Carly: Give me a break, Emily, ok? When you and Nikolas split up, you could've gone home to your parents -- God knows there's enough room there -- but you didnít. You could've gone to Jasonís -- he and Sam have a great guest room -- but you didnít. And you know what, how's this for a concept? You could've gotten a place of your own. But you didnít. You planted yourself at Sonny's and you put down roots.

Emily: I've been taking care of your kids while you've been sick, Carly.

Carly: How convenient for you.

Emily: You know, clearly from everything I'm hearing, you're nowhere near well enough to go home.

Carly: Everyone knows the way to Sonny's heart is through his children. Perfect Saint Emily. Oh, here's a thing -- did you know that Sonny has a thing for angels? Here he is trying to take care of his kids while I'm away, and he misses having Jason to talk to and me to sleep with, but then again, he has you, doesn't he?

Emily: No, he doesnít.

Carly: Loyal, perfect, sympathetic Emily -- deeply wounded by her husband's cheating ways, but bravely soldiering through. Man, how could Sonny resist?

Emily: Carly, I just came back here to get the hat.

Robin: Sam, it's not what you think. Jason -- he's delirious. He has no idea what he's doing.

Sam: But you do.

Sonny: Don't start, Sam.

Sam: No, no, no, why, Sonny? Jason is in agony. She is abusing his trust. I want you out of here now.

Robin: I am trying to save Jasonís life, Sam.

Sonny: Come on, let's go.

Robin: Don't blow this.

Sonny: Let's go.

Robin: I'm not leaving Jason right --

Sonny: Yes, you are. Let's go.

[Robin sighs]

Robin: Sonny, he is in a critical state of his treatment. I can't --

Sonny: Ok, I understand. Look, you just can't be -- don't fall into what's going on in there.

Robin: What are you talking about? She accused me of taking advantage of his illness? That's crazy! I mean, he kissed me.

Sonny: And you didn't fight it.

Robin: Oh, my --

Sonny: Look -- no, no, I'm just saying I know what you and Jason had together, and I know why you picked this medical specialty -- because you want to rescue people. That's what you do. You couldn't save Stone, maybe you can save Jason.

Robin: I am a professional, Sonny.

Sonny: I understand you're a professional. But there has to be a part of you that hopes he wakes up and remembers how much he loved you.

[Jason grunts]

Jason: Robin --

Skye: Lulu, how nice to see you. And please ignore Tracy, we are all so happy to have you here.

Tracy: She does not speak for the Quartermaines. In fact, she's about as much a Quartermaine as you are.

Alice: Just ignore Miss Tracy. Everyone else does.

Tracy: And in case you haven't figured it out, she's just fawning all over you so she can get your father's attention.

Skye: I happen to have a genuine interest in Lulu's happiness.

Tracy: Yes -- until you get Lukeís attention, and then you will ship her off to boarding school so fast it will make her head spin.

Skye: And you're such a model mother?

Lulu: Are they always this toxic?

Luke: Uh -- this is affection. Pay no attention to it. You're going to stay here as long as you can stand it.

Tracy: Really? And you're going to supply parental guidance and supervision, help with homework, family dinners, curfew? I can't wait to see it.

Luke: And so you will.

Tracy: In the service of full disclosure, I do want to tell you that your father is hoping you will torment me into giving him a divorce and $15 million in alimony.

Lulu: Cool -- my inheritance.

Skye: Tracy is a spiteful, vicious, wrong-headed shrew. Your father happens to love you very much, and he wants a chance to reconnect with you on a meaningful level.

Jesse: What makes a guy drug his own friends, his ex-girlfriend? What could Brook Lynn have done that was so awful that you had to humiliate her, terrify her like that? Huh? What about the other girls that none of us knew? I'm guessing they were just decoys to throw us off track, you sick freak.

Lorenzo: My son has rights, detective. I insist you respect them.

Diego: And you turned me in, remember? So don't pretend to care now.

Lorenzo: I turned you in because I care. Diego's cousin Sage was murdered, and Brook Lynn, Dillon, and Georgie were all there when it happened.

Diego: Oh, man, you -- you are unbelievable, you know that? You never wanted Sage any more than you wanted me. Now you've got neither of us.

Lorenzo: Look, I know you don't understand how I could do this, but someday you'll understand --

Diego: Someday, dad -- someday you're going to rot in hell, and I'll celebrate. Get out of my face.

Jesse: I got to get him booked.

Lorenzo: The attorney's on his way, Diego. You listen to what --

Diego: Get out, ok, leave!

Jesse: Come on --

Diego: Don't come back!

Jesse: Come on.

Diego: I don't have a father anymore!

Jesse: Come on.

Carly: Sonny's already grateful, and pretty soon he's going to put you up on a pedestal and make you believe that you're the only woman in the world who understands him. And you'll look the other way when it comes to his work. And then he'll look at you with those eyes of his, and you'll swear that he can see into your soul. And then one day you'll wake up and you'll realize that you can't win, because in his heart of hearts, I'm the one Sonny wants.

Emily: You're unbelievable.

Carly: Trust me, I've seen it happen more than once.

Emily: Do you know what's frightening about all of this? You aren't crazy anymore. This is how you normally act.

Carly: I'm being honest with you, Emily. Sonny and I -- we will get back together.

Emily: You know -- God, listen to you. Carly, you have two little boys waiting for you to come back to them. Did you even see those? Michael and Morgan spent hours writing you, drawing pictures, making plans for when you come home, and what do you do?

Carly: Don't talk to me about my boys, ok, because everything I do is for them.

Emily: Well, then start acting like it! You know what? You came here to heal, right, from your dependency and your dysfunction, and instead you create some fantasy romance between me and Sonny. You're as self-centered as you ever were, Carly, and it's my bad luck that everyone I care about is connected to you on some level.

Carly: Hmm, yeah, you are protesting way too much.

Emily: I am not in a romantic relationship with Sonny -- and neither are you, by the way. He won't take you back anymore, Carly. He doesn't want to hurt you.

Carly: He'll get over that.

Emily: Pay attention for once, Carly. Don't go back to the destructive pattern of behavior that got you here in the first place. Don't sit here looking for ways to cause chaos all in the name of fighting for Sonny. Please, for the sake of your sons, fight for yourself.

Sonny: You can't help who you love. Even if you don't stand a chance, you know, there's always a part of you, no matter how much time passes, that hopes it's going to work out. Right?

Robin: All right, I spent all those years in Paris telling myself that what Jason and I had was over. And then Tony called and, of course, all my feelings for him came up again, and then I saw his file and saw that he could be dying -- I mean, yeah, obviously, I still care about Jason, ok, but he's in love with Sam now.

Sonny: If you know that, then where did the kiss come from?

Robin: I told you -- Jason was delirious.

Sonny: Ok, all I'm saying is don't convince yourself there's anything more, because all you're going to do is set yourself up --

[Robin sighs]

Sonny: To get hurt.

Robin: Fine.

Sonny: Ok?

Jason: Robin -- no, look what you've done.

Sam: Hey -- hey, hey, hey, hey.

Jason: Michael's crying.

Sam: It's ok.

Jason: The baby's crying!

Sam: It's ok, Jason, it's ok, it's all right. Michael is safe. You are safe. You're ok, I'm right here. I love you.

Lulu: My father and I have come to an agreement. He really wants me now.

Tracy: No, your father is trying to use you against me, which is a lot like wanting to be your father, except a little more self-serving.

Luke: Hey -- hold on, I am her father. Whether you, she, or I like it, she's my daughter. I asked her to live here; she's going to live here. End of story.

Tracy: What you are doing is more cruel than rejecting her. You are going to get her hopes up, then you're going to walk away and leave her again. Just try to imagine how good that's going to turn out.

Skye: Lulu, you just have to learn how to ignore Tracy. She just wants everyone to be as miserable as she is.

Lulu: Thanks, Skye. I really appreciate how you just came in and defended me.

Skye: Well, I want you to be happy here.

Lulu: I owe you so much. You are the first person who said I should come and live here, and I wasn't very nice to you. But I think you might know best, because I might actually like it here.

Skye: I think that you will. In fact, I know it.

Lulu: And it might even be fun getting under Tracyís skin.

Luke: There's something to strive for.

Skye: I think that we could be good friends. You know, I'm going to go check on your room right now, see if it's ready.

Lulu: Thanks, Skye. I really appreciate that.

Luke: So, Lesley Lu, here we are. Now, why don't you tell your old pop why you were scamming Skye just now?

Dillon: It is such a crock for him to say that this is about avenging Sage's death. He didn't even know Sage.

Georgie: Sage was his cousin. He doesn't have to know her to have compassion for her.

Brook Lynn: Ok, obviously, Diego didn't take naked pictures of you, or you wouldn't be standing up for him right now.

Georgie: I hate Diego for what he did. He deserves to go to prison or whatever. He needs to pay. But I can see how he can justify this by making it about Sage's death.

Brook Lynn: Nothing can excuse what he's done, all right, and I don't have to listen to this.

Georgie: We were all really, really awful to Sage, especially me. You know, she died alone and terrified because I -- I flipped out and locked her in a freezer. Maybe it should've been me that Diego went after, not Brook.

Dillon: Georgie, don't -- don't do that, ok? Don't take the guilt you feel about Sage and somehow make it about Diego. I'll tell you what -- look, he's either a freak or he's a vindictive pig, and in either scenario, he doesn't deserve your sympathy.

Maxie: Jesse! I want to see that sick, twisted pervert right this second!

Jesse: No, it's not a good idea.

Maxie: Watch me.

Jesse: Oh --

Maxie: Diego? What did we ever do to you?

Jesse: Whatever the excuse, you still broke the law.

Maxie: No, he violated our trust. You pretended to like us.

Diego: Oh, get over yourself, Maxie. It was your sweet little sister that hurt my cousin every single day. All of you treated her like garbage, and now she's dead. Simply payback.

Carly: Don't you use my boys to get what you want.

Emily: What I want, Carly, is for you to be well enough to be their mother, and then I can get back to my life.

Carly: Oh, is this where I get the list of sacrifices you've made for me? It's time for you to go.

Emily: You selfish witch.

Carly: You are not the only person who can take care of my boys -- my mother, Courtney. And if Sonny wants the father-of-the-year award, he can start now.

Emily: You know that Bobbie and Sonny don't get along, and Courtney -- well, Carly, she's been a little busy, you know, sleeping with my husband, getting pregnant with Jaxís baby?

Carly: She called me and told me all about it. She also called and told me that she offered months ago to watch the boys, and Sonny declined, which gave you the excuse to make yourself a permanent fixture.

Emily: You know, I do have an ulterior motive, Carly.

Carly: Yeah, of course you do.

Emily: I love Michael and Morgan. They remind me of everything that's innocent and good and hopeful in the world. And if that makes me selfish, then so be it. And as for Sonny -- I'm not in love with him; I'm not attracted to him. I care about him the same way I care about Jason -- like a brother.

Carly: You may be an angel of mercy, but you're also a woman that just got dumped. And you're living in close proximity to a very sexy man. A man who opens doors, a man who cooks dinners, and a man who will take care of you, all the while flashing those dimples. How could you resist that after Nikolas drop-kicked you?

Emily: All right, this is pointless, Carly. Sonny's not coming back to you, so pull yourself together, accept it.

Carly: You're the one that needs to accept reality, because I will change his mind, and you know I can.

Lorenzo: Change whose mind?

Sam: Jason flatlined. It was terrible, Sonny. I thought he was going to die. Robin had to take him off of the medication because it was too much for his heart. Jason warned me in the beginning not to get my hopes up. I wanted to believe that this would work.

Sonny: Robin's based her whole career on research. That's why Tony Jones brought her here. Everything she's done since she left has led her to save Jason.

Jason: Sam --

Robin: Sam, Jasonís calling for you.

Sam: Is he awake?

Robin: Semiconscious.

Sam: Hey. Hi.

[Jason groans]

Jason: I'm ok.

Sam: You're ok? Can you hear me?

Jason: You're right next to me.

Sam: Thank God.

Jesse: I'm going to take you home.

Maxie: Tell me there's going to be a trial.

Jesse: Depends on whether he pleads guilty or not.

Maxie: No, I want to testify against this freak!

Diego: Ooh. This blows your whole game, huh, Maxie? No more crawling into Detective Bobo's pants?

Maxie: Shut up, Diego!

Diego: What? No more playing vulnerable and innocent so he has to protect you?

Maxie: You are so disgusting! I hope you rot in hell!

Jesse: Maxie, Maxie --

Det. Rodriguez: Get her out of here!

Diego: Don't move! Pull back! Put it down! Put it down!

Jesse: Don't do this, Diego.

Diego: Shut the hell up!

Lorenzo: I'm sorry. I didn't realize you had a visitor.

Carly: Emily was just leaving.

Emily: Yeah, Carly really needs her rest. I hope you'll take care of yourself.

Carly: I always do.  You ok? Something going on? Did something happen?

Lorenzo: I'm fine, nothing for you to worry about. Tell me about you. How are you feeling?

Carly: Ugh, well, my coping skills are getting better. You know, I mean, Emily just came here to visit, and we've never really gotten along. We just kind of tolerate each other because of all the people we have connections with, Jason and the boys, but you know what I think I got tonight?

Lorenzo: Hmm?

Carly: You know what I realized? Emily is jealous of me. It's as simple as that.

Lorenzo: Why on earth would Emily be jealous?

Luke: All these years. I thought you were mostly like your mother. I mean, you've always been beautiful, emotional, strong willed. You always had a love of kittens and baby ducks.

Lulu: I was a little girl. It comes with the territory.

Luke: And now it's like I'm looking in a mirror. You are Spencer to the bone, Lesley Lu. That con job you just pulled on sweet, unsuspecting Skye was slick.

Lulu: Wow. I'm not in the house five minutes and you're already attacking me.

Luke: That's not an attack. It's just an observation. It's admiration. You know, I may not know anything about parenting skills, but I know a hell of a lot about con jobs. And don't be offended. I'm just trying to find out what I can do here to make things better.

Lulu: Try being more sensitive, for starters. I thought I was being nice to your friend.

Luke: "Nice"? Oh, come on! Now you're scamming me. Skye is a lovely, generous woman, and I get the distinct impression that you are not enamored.

Lulu: Skye is the only one who's been nice to me here. She was happier to see me than you or that witch that you're married to were. And I try and be nice back and now you're accusing me of things.

Skye: Lulu, what's the matter?

Lulu: It was a mistake. I shouldn't have come here.

Skye: What did you say to her?

Lulu: I thought he wanted me here.

Skye: Of course he does. Don't you, Luke?

Luke: Of course I do. It's been great so far. My little girl is full of surprises.

Skye: You know, just give yourself time, sweetheart, ok? It's just going to take some getting used to each other, and it'll be fine. You'll see.

Lulu: I hope you're right.

Skye: Well, Alice has taken your bag upstairs, and she's prepared your room. Why don't you go take a look? I think you're going to like it.

[Monitor beeps]

Tony: Well, I'll order a C.T. sScan and some other tests, but it looks good.

Robin: Well, it never hurts to have a second opinion.

Sam: How good?

Tony: The medication is apparently working the way we hoped. Now, we want to keep an eye on him for the next 24 to 48 hours. It's better to err on the side of caution, but I just am beyond impressed by you. It's a breakthrough procedure. I'm so proud of you.

Robin: Thank you, Tony.

Sonny: You did good. Huh?

Robin: I need to do those tests right away. You two will have to wait outside.

Sam: Ok.  Well, you saw him. He's going to be ok.

Robin: I'll have an orderly take you down --

Jason: Hey. I always knew that you would be an amazing doctor.

Carly: Emily and I have always butted heads. I mean, it's the Jason connection -- my best friend, her brother. She's so competitive.

Lorenzo: Is she?

Carly: Yes. She thinks that she comes first with Jason.

Lorenzo: You don't think that's true?

Carly: Well, Jason cares about her. I get -- ok, if there was a burning building and we were both stuck inside, I'm sure he would go get Emily first because he knows I'm perfectly capable of getting myself out. But I'm the one Jason trusts.

Lorenzo: Because you'll always have Jasonís back.

Carly: Yeah, exactly. I mean, that's why we drive each other crazy, but we love each other at the same time. I mean, he cares about Emily, but he knows that he can rely on me.

Lorenzo: Because Jason treats you like an equal.

Carly: Well, yeah, exactly.

Lorenzo: Mm-hmm.

Carly: I mean, I think it's important to be equals. I think that's the heart of any strong connection. I mean, sure, you can put someone up on a pedestal and treat them like they're a piece of glass, but that's going to get old after a while. I think the key to any relationship is to trust the other person with the best and the worst part of you. I mean, don't you think?

Lorenzo: What I think is we're no longer talking about Jason.

Emily: Mom.

Monica: I tried calling.

Emily: I took the boys to see Carly.

Monica: Oh? And how is Carly?

Emily: She's getting better, which I'm not so sure is a good thing.

Monica: I learned, Emily, that you were taking a sabbatical from med school. When were you going to tell me?

Emily: I just filled out the paperwork. All right, the truth is I knew you were going to disapprove.

Monica: Disapprove? Oh, that's putting it mildly. Emily, you are a brilliant student. Why would you quit med school?

Emily: I'm not quitting. I'm just taking a break.

Monica: For Sonny, right? I mean, it has to be for Sonny. Otherwise, why would you put your entire future on hold?

Emily: Well, then, you don't know me very well at all.

Monica: No, Em, I think you're right. I don't know you very well. You have been staying here for now, what, months, I guess, taking care of Sonny, Sonny's children, when all Sonny does is take advantage of beautiful women.

Emily: You really don't give me very much credit for being able to think for myself.

Monica: Are you sleeping with Sonny?

Emily: Mom! Sonny was with Reese Marshall most of the time that I lived here. You remember Reese, the woman who died because of me?

Monica: What does that have to do with anything?

Emily: It has everything to do with this. Mom, thanks to me and my brilliant future, Reese suffocated. Gifted student that I am, I didn't recognize that she had a punctured lung. That's why I withdrew from medical school, mom, not because of Sonny and some phantom seduction, but because I'm just not good enough to be a doctor.

Sam: Done with the tests?

Jason: Yeah, I got them to rush me through so you can finally go home and get some sleep.

Sam: I must look like hell, huh?

Jason: I think you look beautiful. But you haven't slept in how long?

Sam: I couldnít. I thought you were going to die.

Jason: It was that bad?

Sam: Yes, it was that bad. I just wanted it to stop, that's all, you know.

Jason: Well, whatever it was, it was worth it, getting my memory.

Sam: What do you mean, getting your memory? How much do you remember?

[Music plays]

Jason: I remember everything about my life since my accident 10 years ago. I remember the night you found out you were having a baby. I remember that you ran away.

Sam: Sorry.

Jason: And I remember the first time you told me you loved me.

Singer: Baby

Sam: You know, I didn't mind making new memories with you. I'm glad you have the old ones back, because that means that you're getting well, right?

Singer: Tell you something

Jason: I know how long I've loved you.

Singer: I wouldn't give it up, no

Jason: And I know I'm never going to stop.

Singer: Just so you know I wouldn't give it up, no I am dedicated.

Luke: Oh, my kid can really turn on the charm when she needs to.

Skye: Gee, I wonder where she got that. Lulu is a young girl who's confused, and she's acting out.

Luke: Let's don't make any hasty decisions about what Lulu is. She's a lot more complicated than she lets on, and I think if we underestimate her, we're just going to make everything worse.

Skye: I don't think things could get much worse. And I promise you, pulling another disappearing act isn't going to help things any. You know, I -- I want to see Lulu get those things that I never had, you know? I want to see her get the time and the patience and the compassion. Now, I can give her some supervision, but you are going to have to fill in the rest.

Luke: Red, what kind of a Cleaver casserole are you cooking up here?

Skye: Oh, get a grip, Luke. I'm just trying to stop you from making a complete mess of things.

Luke: Well, that's a given. Don't waste your time. I always mess things up. But they turn out in the end. Best part of this whole deal might end up to be that she annoys the hell out of Tracy.

Tracy: You little thief.

Lulu: Tell my father. See if I care.

Tracy: Lulu, if you're capable of stealing from Skye, your only defender and champion, then I just have one thing to say to you. Welcome to my family.

Mac: Somebody want to tell me what Maxie was doing anywhere near Diego?

Jesse: She should not have been here, sir.

Mac: Oh, congratulations, detective. You got one right. Now he's a fugitive on the run and you're the one who's responsible. You know -- you know what? Want to keep this badge? You're going to go out there, you're going to find him and bring him back into custody.

Jesse: He's already been processed. He's got no wallet and no money and he's on foot. Diego won't get far.

Maxie: I know dad is going to blame Jessie, but Diegoís escape was definitely my fault.

Dillon: Yeah, but how --

Diego: Nobody move! Mike, empty the register. Give me the money.

Mike: All right, let's just take it easy, Diego. You didn't commit a violent crime. Now, you start robbing people, you move to a whole new level.

Diego: Shut up! Shut up! Give me the money, Mike.

Mike: This is a big mistake.

[Diego shoots]

[Georgie screams]

Diego: The next bullet goes in your head. Give me the money and your car keys.

Mike: Drop the gun, Diego!

Georgie: Mike!

Diego: Come here!

Maxie: Diego?

Georgie: No! Please!

Diego: You drop it or I kill her.

Georgie: Help me.

Tony: So the tests look good.

Jason: How soon can I go home?

Tony: Well, I'll know better after another round of tests. Excuse me.

Robin: I'll be right back. I'm going to --

Jason: All right, I'm going to give it two days and I'm leaving.

Sam: Two days?

Jason: Yeah.

Sam: Ok. That's -- that's good. It'll be good to go home and sleep in our own bed and get out of the hospital.

Jason: You know what? You should probably go home, get some rest.

Sam: Nope.

Jason: Really, I'm ok.

Sam: No, I'm not leaving without you. Sorry.

Jason: Ok, then you're going to get in this bed and let me take care of you.

Sam: Ok.

Robin: These aren't the test results I was looking for.

Tony: Jason got his memory back.

Robin: His memory loss was a symptom. I don't think we've fixed the underlying problem.

Tony: Robin, even you can't produce instant healing. Jason has made significant progress. You can't ask for more than that.

Carly: You can't imagine how connected Jason and I are.

Lorenzo: Oh, no, I understand too well. You would go to the ends of the earth to help each other.

Carly: I need to see him. I need to get back to my life.

Lorenzo: Well, Carly, you stay focused on your recovery and you will get well and you will go home.

Carly: I'm better now. I need you to do this for me.

Lorenzo: Don't ask me to do this.

Carly: Lorenzo, you are my husband. One word from you and they have to release me. I need you to do that. I need you to help me go home.

Emily: Hi. I didn't hear you.

Sonny: I got some good news.

Emily: We could all use some of that.

Sonny: Yeah.

Emily: Jason?

Sonny: Jason woke up, remembers the last 10 years, and Robin's medicine worked.

Emily: Oh! Sonny, thank God. I was so scared.

Sonny: Yeah, me, too.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Tracy: I think we can be useful to each other.

Diego: Put the gun down!

Mike: We can work something out.

Diego: It's too late.

Robin: I have your updated test results.

Lorenzo: We both know why you want out of here -- Sonny.

Michael: Hey, dad. Hey, Emily. Come on, Dad.

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