GH Transcript Tuesday 11/22/05

General Hospital Transcript Tuesday 11/22/05


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Helena: Good morning, my dear.

Courtney: Why are you here?

Helena: Oh, you should really be more careful. You don't want to have an accident now that you're pregnant. Oh, whoops. How clumsy of me.

Nikolas: What are you doing here?

Ric: I'd like to have it as soon as possible. Mm-hmm. Do me a favor. Call me on my cell, all right? Yeah.

Alexis: Thank you, I'm good. Thank you.

Nurse: Ok.

Ric: Hey.

Alexis: Hi. That sounded important.

Ric: Yeah, it was, kind of.

Alexis: About Reese?

Ric: I'm arranging a memorial service for her. Look, whatever happened, she was a friend and she was a colleague. She doesn't -- she doesn't have any family, Alexis, and I would --

Alexis: I think it's perfectly appropriate that you arrange her service. What can I do to help?

[Monitor beeps]

[Monitor alarm]

Sam: Robin! Robin, hurry up.

Robin: Yeah. What's wrong?

Sam: Something's wrong. I don't know.

Manny: See this chair? I'm going to tie you to it. And then you're going to watch while Sweetness and I have a party. I've been thinking a lot about when she sat on my lap and kissed me. Let me tell you exactly what I'm going to do to her.


Jason: Stop! Don't!

Georgie: Hey. Did you see the morning paper? The campus stalker's been convicted.

Maxie: That's fantastic.

Dillon: Yeah, it's fantastic, assuming they got the right guy.

Diego: Hey, look at this. The jury deliberated for an hour.

Georgie: Well, there's a ton of evidence stacked up against him.

Dillon: Which could have been planted.

Georgie: You just can't let this go, can you?

Dillon: Well, I'm sorry. The guy's smart, and he's planted evidence before, has he not?

Diego: Yeah, but -- but no roofies have been put in any drinks ever since the guy got caught. Isn't that right?

Dillon: Yeah, of course not. The real perp wants the guy to look guilty.

Maxie: Ok, can we change the subject? Like what is everybody doing for thanksgiving?

Brook Lynn: I'm going to Bensonhurst for the weekend.

Maxie: Oh, cool, fun.

Lorenzo: Hi. Excuse us, please.

Diego: What's going on?

Lorenzo: Who do you think you're fooling?

Monica: Well, this is a surprise.

Emily: Yeah. Alice and I are going over preparations for thanksgiving.

Monica: Oh.

Emily: I'm looking forward to this holiday with my family.

Alan: Oh, really?

Alice: I think I'm going to order a couple extra fire extinguishers.

Monica: Actually, I kind of assumed that you would be spending thanksgiving at Sonnyís.

Emily: Yeah, Sonny promised to cook for Michael and Morgan, and he's going to have his dad over, so it's going to be sort of, you know, all-male thanksgiving over at the Corinthos house, so --

Alan: Uh-huh. Well, that's good news for us. We get to spend a little time with you here at home.

Emily: Yeah.

Monica: I didn't see you at the hospital this morning.

Emily: Yeah, I called in sick.

Monica: Meaning that you are avoiding your job and your medical studies.

Alexis: I completely understand why you want to be the one to organize Reeseís memorial service.

Ric: Yeah, well, she deserved better -- from life in general and from me in particular. I encouraged her to stay with Sonny. I thought the two of them were good for each other. I should have encouraged her to follow her instincts and let her leave. I don't know, if she had, she might still be -- you know what? My sensitivity meter is just the same as it's always been, ok? You -- sorry -- you don't need to hear this.

Alexis: I want to. I want to hear it. And I want to be there for you, just like you were for me during that crash. You never left my side for one minute, and I wouldn't have survived that without you. I want to return the favor. We're not going back. I want to understand you. I want to trust you. I'm going to. We're going to build a life together, and we're going to be happy.

Nikolas: Get out, come on!

Helena: Oh, Nikolas -- Nikolas, now, stop it. Now, I merely dropped by to wish your lovely paramour a pleasant morning.

Nikolas: You know, you shouldn't talk that way about the woman I love, grandmother.

Helena: Oh, Nikolas, now, there's no need to be overly dramatic. You don't love this one any more than you loved that dismal, dreary Emily. You simply found a new extremely vexing way to rebel. Now, threatening to ignore your life duties as a prince to invest your time and energies in a child that rightfully belongs to another man? Oh, Nikolas. Nikolas, a child that has no Cassadine blood in him.

Nikolas: Yes, that's exactly what I intend to do.

Helena: Oh, you are so tedious. You need, Nikolas -- you need to produce an heir. You cannot do it with this one. Well, not for another few months, at least.

Nikolas: Get out, and don't ever come back here.

Helena: My darling, you will give me an heir, one way or another.

Sam: Is it working?

Robin: It's too soon to tell.

Sam: How much longer are you going to put Jason through this? It's like he's being tortured right now.

Robin: I know, but this is the only alternative to surgery. You have to give the medicine time to work.

Sam: The drugs are tearing Jason apart. How do you even know if it's helping him?

Robin: I don't know. The treatment is still experimental, and I'm sorry, but there's not enough data here for me to know for sure.

Sam: You're sorry? Jason begged me to take him off of this treatment, and I refused. But unless you can show me that there is some sort of progress, I'm going to take him off of it now, because as far as I can see, this is not doing a damn bit of good. He's tortured here.

Robin: Ok.

Sam: Hey, it's over, ok? Just relax.

Lorenzo: How long did you think you could keep this a secret? You think it was easy to hide because you were living in a dorm? Diego, why would you do such a destructive thing?

Diego: You know why.

Lorenzo: No, you always got good grades, even when you were in and out of foster homes, so why I couldn't believe it when the dean of students calls me to tell me that you're flunking out of your classes and the other half that you're not flunking out of you're ditchiní.  You tell me how you're into photography. You must be carrying around that camera bag for show, because he told me you dropped that class, too.

Diego: So what, pop? Education's a waste of time and money.

Lorenzo: Education is never wasted, Diego.

Diego: Look, I can do this, ok? I can learn on the job.

Lorenzo: What are you talking about?

Diego: Pop, no more protecting me, ok? No more keeping me at a distance. I'm ready to join the family business.

Monica: You blame yourself for Reese Marshallís death, and now you are afraid to continue with your studies.

Emily: I just needed a break.

Alan: You mustn't blame yourself for what happened to Reese.

Emily: If I had diagnosed her properly, she'd still be alive, dad.

Monica: Em, do you hear yourself? Do you?

Emily: All right, you know, what happened to Reese upset me, but I'm going to be all right.

Monica: No, Em, you are in pain. Don't brush it off so easily. You know, there are counselors in that hospital that deal in precisely this kind of thing.

Alan: It's perfectly normal for a doctor to feel this way. We all have doubts every once in a while.

Monica: Why don't you give Lainey Winters a call?

Emily: No, it's not necessary. Mom, honestly, I'm all right.

Monica: Em, if you don't call her, I will.

Nikolas: Hey.

Courtney: Hey.

Nikolas: Try not to worry about my grandmother, ok?

Courtney: You mean aside from the fact that she's a homicidal maniac and she hates me?

Nikolas: No, listen, I'll find a way to deal with her, I promise.

Courtney: Nikolas, she wants me gone, and Helena is good at getting what she wants. Admit it, you're worried, too.

Nikolas: I told you that I would protect you, and I will.

Courtney: Ok, but even if Helena hadn't shown up, we need to rethink our relationship.

Nikolas: What? What do you mean? I thought we already did and we decided that we wanted to be together. Are you backing out?

Courtney: No. Look, I know you love me, Nikolas, and you promised to love my child.

Nikolas: Mm-hmm.

Courtney: But I don't want you to feel obligated, and all I'm saying is if you change --

Nikolas: Listen -- stop. I'm not going anywhere. You're stuck.

Courtney: I'm just saying if somewhere down the road you decide this isn't something you want, then --

Nikolas: Listen, listen, listen to me. Listen to me. There's nothing more important in this world to me than you and your baby. Ok?

Sam: Where's Tony Jones? I have to see him.

Nurse: He hasn't checked in yet.

Sam: Can I have his cell phone number or his pager or something?

Nurse: I can't give it out. It's against hospital policy.

Sam: What is your policy on saving a man's life? What's your policy on finding a doctor who can actually help instead of strapping a man to a bed, drugging him out of his mind with an experimental drug that isn't even working?

Nurse: I am sorry --

Sam: Stop being sorry! Find Dr. Jones! Find someone who --

Tony: Jason had a setback?

Sam: Robin's medication isn't working. Is it too late to perform surgery?

Tony: No, we've been through this before. Jason is opposed to surgery.

Sam: Yes, I know he is opposed to surgery, but we really don't have any other choice, because the medication isn't working, and Robin said that the seizures will come back.

Tony: That's true.

Sam: Well, then, you are his only hope. I think I can talk Jason into having the surgery if you can guarantee me -- if you can guarantee me that he will not die, if you can guarantee me that there will be no setbacks.

Tony: And I'm sorry, but you're asking for a miracle that I can't perform.

Robin: Wish you could hear me. I wish -- I wish you could tell me what to do. Not that you ever did. You always refused to make decisions for me. You always said that you believed in me no matter what I decided. The problem is I -- I don't believe in myself. And I've worked so hard to develop these medicines, this treatment that's failing you. I mean, what if I'm wrong? What if I'm pushing the wrong treatment just so that I can be the one to save you? I just hope to God I'm not killing you. I can't lose you, Jason. Please come back. Jason?

Maxie: So you are going to come to my house for thanksgiving, right?

Jesse: I -- I appreciate the offer, Maxie, but --

Maxie: Then just say yes. I know you don't have family, so you can borrow mine for one day.

Jesse: You know, I don't do holidays anymore.

Maxie: You should startup again sometime, do you think?

Jesse: It matters more to cops with families, and I pick up the extra shifts so they have time off.

Maxie: That's really considerate, but you deserve some time off, too. Besides, my mom invited you and my dad actually agreed.

Jesse: Oh, yeah?

Maxie: He saw all the work you did on the train crash; how many lives you helped save. He was really impressed. He called you a hero.

Jesse: Mac called me a hero?

Maxie: Well, no, but you should still come anyway. I mean, I'm going to need someone on my side when Mac and I are arguing about which football game to watch.

Diego: So much for thanksgiving with the dad, huh? I know I won't be sitting at the table with him.

Brook Lynn: That was pretty harsh.

Diego: Well, I mean, he doesn't take me seriously. I want to work for him, and he just doesn't listen.

Brook Lynn: You know what? If you want to come to Bensonhurst with me, I'm sure that my family would love to have you.

Diego: No, thanks. You know, I'd rather pretend the stupid holiday doesn't exist.

Brook Lynn: And what, just stay here in the dorms without anybody else?

Diego: Well, that'll give me a little privacy.

Brook Lynn: That's kind of weird.

Diego: See you later.

Brook Lynn: Bye. Hey, Diego, you left your --

Lainey: Emily, your instinct and knowledge helped save the lives of other people that night. Give yourself credit for what you did accomplish.

Emily: I don't know. Lainey, I'm thinking about taking a sabbatical from medical school.

Lainey: I think you're looking for an escape. That's what taking a sabbatical would be. Distance can be helpful, but hiding from your problems never helped anyone, as you know from personal experience.

Emily: This isn't like the rape. I'm not denying what happened. It's just the opposite. I'm reconsidering whether I have what it takes to be a doctor.

Lainey: Will you please just promise me you will think about it before taking the sabbatical?

Emily: I will. Thank you for going over this with me --

Lainey: No, no, no, I have it. I've got it. It's fine.

Emily: Are you sure?

Lainey: Yeah, I'm good.

Emily: Ok. Bye.

Justus: Hey, Em.

Emily: Hi.

Justus: How are you doing? Ok?

Emily: Yeah.

Justus: Good. You ok?

Lainey: Hmm. Yeah, I could be better.

Justus: You're still thinking about the train wreck, aren't you? You know, you were phenomenal that night. I don't know how you dealt with all that tragedy around you.

Lainey: I hadn't worked triage in years. I really wasn't prepared for all the numbers of injured. And you want to save everybody, but you know that you can't, and it's just --

Justus: That's when you have to pray for grace.

Lainey: Hmm. That's not the advice I expected you to give.

Justus: You know, my -- my grandmother was a very religious woman. She believed in grace, that thing that keeps you going, the power to hope. I'm not saying I always followed her advice but, you know, it's like I can still hear her voice now. But when things get bad, Lainey, I pray for grace.

Nikolas: Well, I wish I could promise you that Helena will leave you alone, but I can't do that. She's obsessed with me as the Cassadine heir, and I can back her off, but I can't get rid of her. I tried that once and ended up in prison.

Courtney: Ok. So what do we do? I mean, I'm not afraid for myself, but I'm not going to put my baby at risk.

Nikolas: I know. Well, I know of this place, this beautiful little island in the Ionian Sea between Greece and Italy, where you'd be safe and secure for the rest of your pregnancy.

Courtney: Are you suggesting that we move there?

Nikolas: Maybe I am.

Courtney: Mm-hmm.

Nikolas: They have a white sandy beach there tucked away in a little cove, you know, and we could just rent a villa, swim in the sea every day. The water's warm, it's clear, and the weather's warm. And all the people on the island speak Italian, yeah. Yeah, I could teach you. Your baby's first words could be buona sera, mama. Buona sera. Come on, listen. We could -- we can fly Mike in whenever we wanted so he could visit, and our friends, all our friends. Even Jax. Yeah. Come on, we'll hire full-time nurses and nannies and you'll have everything. You can even manage your foundation from there.

Courtney: Wow. You have really thought this through, haven't you?

Nikolas: Well, I just want you to be happy and healthy, and that island could be a paradise for us and the baby.

Courtney: It's an amazing offer.

Nikolas: So?

Courtney: Hmm.

Nikolas: What do you say? Let's do it.

Helena: Why, Jax. How fortuitous. I've been looking for you.

Jax: Well, Helena, it's lovely to see you. What brings you here?

Helena: Well, I've come to Port Charles to take care of a family matter, which seems to include your pretty little wife.

Jax: Ok, let's leave Courtney out of this, ok?

Helena: Too late. I've already visited her home.

Jax: Pay attention. I will not allow you to hurt Courtney, so just stay away from her.

Helena: Oh, Jax, you are so chivalrous. But I'm afraid my grandson beat you to it. Nikolas guards Courtney with his life. I couldn't harm her if I tried. You know, Nikolas is starting to think that he is the father of your child, but I'm sure you've noticed his proprietary attitude. Courtney certainly seems appreciative of his attentions.

Jax: I don't have time for this.

Helena: Then I suggest you make time. If you and I work together, we can end their unfortunate liaison once and for all.

Jason: Where's Sam?

Robin: She'll be right back.

Jason: Well, did the medicine work?

Robin: You were in too much pain. Sam wanted me to stop it.

Sam: Hey. How do you feel?

Jason: Just tired.

Sam: I'm not surprised. You know, you just -- you need to rest now, ok? That's all --

Jason: I want to go back on the medication.

Robin: Jason, we've already seen how your body reacts to the treatment. I'm not sure you can take any more.

Jason: Well, it's this or the surgery, right?

Sam: Jason, you begged me -- you begged me to take you off of that medication.

Jason: I know. I'm sorry, Sam.

Sam: Ok.

Jason: It wasn't fair of me.

Sam: Do you remember anything?

Jason: Yeah, I do, a lot. But it's all jumbled. You were crying, and then Michael was, and -- he was just a baby. They were trying to take him away, but he didn't understand, and I got shot.

Robin: As the memories resurface, you're reliving them. Your body feels the pain and the shock that you originally experienced.

Sam: I know that I am the one who wanted this. I know that, but I donít. I don't want it anymore, ok? We tried, and it didn't work, and that's all, that's it. We'll find another cure. You have survived so much already. We just -- we have to have faith, ok? That's it. We just --

Robin: Excuse me, nurse. I need 40 cc's of this brought down, stat, to add to Mr. Morgan's protocol.

Nurse: Are you sure about this, doctor?

Robin: Yes. The patient has asked to continue his treatment.

Emily: Busy, huh?

Elizabeth: Hey, yeah. The nurses at Mercy are staging a slow-down, so we get the overflow.

Emily: Oh.

Elizabeth: I thought you called in sick today.

Emily: I'm feeling a little bit better.

Elizabeth: Good, good, I'm glad you're feeling better, and we can use the help.

Dillon: Hey.

Emily: Dillon. What happened?

Dillon: I was driving Georgie to the market. Some idiot rear-ended me.

Emily: How is Georgie?

Dillon: She's ok -- she's fine. I hit my head on the steering wheel, though, which isn't a big deal, but she flipped out and wanted me to go to the E.R., and it's packed down there, so I thought maybe I could come up here and you could take a look at me and tell her I'm ok.

Emily: Ok. Let's --

Dillon: Thank you.

Emily: Do this in the lounge.

Dillon: Ok.

Man: What the hell are you doing in the hospital?

Dillon: I hit my head. That's the guy who rear-ended me.

Man: Huh. I barely touched your car. Oh, you're milking this for all it's worth. You're not hurt. Huh, you're faking it so a doctor will write up a report.

Emily: Dillon, your cut looks suspicious. You might have sustained some sort of a head injury.

Man: Oh, yeah, cut. Well, let's call it a concussion.

Dillon: Dude, will you give it a rest, please?

Man: Why? So you can stick it to my insurance company?

Dillon: Oh -- you know what? I'm -- I'm really -- I'm fine. Thank you so much. Just tell Georgie that I'm ok.

Georgie: Dillon?

Man: Oh, nice acting, pal.

Georgie: Oh, my God! Dillon! Dillon! Emily, please help him, please!

Man: Yeah -- get up.

Georgie: Dillon, are you ok? Can you hear me? Emily, please! Please help him! Dillon?

[Phone rings]

Brook Lynn: Hello. Hey, ma, yeah. No, I was just finishing. I'm on my way out, so -- oh, wait. So the weekend's off, then? Why? Oh. Yeah, no, no. I'll be fine, I'll be fine. The Quartermaines are having this big dinner, so -- guess I'll be having turkey sausage on my pizza, right? Yeah, no, tell grandma that I hope she gets better soon. Love you, too. Bye.

Monica: Thank you, Robin, for calling us.

Alan: We're very worried about Jason, but Sam told us he wanted us to stay away.

Robin: You love your son. I know this must be really hard for you.

Monica: Well, we all do.

Alan: How's he doing with the treatment?

Robin: Jason was recovering bits of memory.

Monica: Well, that's good.

Robin: I thought so, too, but then he was also experiencing a lot of pain and trauma, and it kept escalating. It even got to the point where Sam asked me to stop it.

Alan: Well, was that wise?

Robin: I've never seen a patient react as strongly as Jason did to the meds, so maybe it was best to stop.

Monica: Well, then, what do you do to save him?

Alan: Well, we can't just let him die.

Robin: Jason just regained consciousness, and he asked me to continue the treatment. I ordered the next dose of meds. Hopefully, this will work, if his body can handle it.

Courtney: Nikolas, the island sounds absolutely wonderful.

Nikolas: But?

Courtney: But I just -- I can't take any risks with this pregnancy. Now, I mean, Dr. Meadows has been monitoring me. She knows my history. I don't want to be far away in case there's a crisis.

Nikolas: Ok. I can't argue with that.

Courtney: Besides, you know, our roots are here, in Port Charles. I mean, everyone we care about lives here -- Mike, Sonny, Carly, Lucky, and Jax, too. I mean, I really -- I couldn't take his baby that far away from him.

Nikolas: Yeah. Never mind his reaction to it.

Courtney: Yeah. He would pretty much flip out. But, you know, if it were me, I would, too.

Nikolas: Yeah. Well, it was a nice dream while it lasted, anyway.

Courtney: Well, believe me, I would love to take you up on it. Oh, I'd love to fly across the globe, live in a little villa by the sea on an island in the Mediterranean. And we could relax, lay in the sun, make love, spend all our time together.

Nikolas: It's available anytime you want.

Courtney: I'll keep that in mind.

Nikolas: Listen, I don't want you to think that I'm trying to manipulate you or the baby in any way, ok?

Courtney: Hey, hey -- no. Your suggestion was -- was the perfect romantic fantasy. And I wish we could do it.

Nikolas: It's ok. Paradise is anywhere that I get to be with you.

Courtney: Oh.

Jax: Do you honestly believe that I'm so desperate to get Courtney back I'd actually team up with you?

Helena: This child could be the last of your bloodline. You're not going to stand by and let another man take your place.

Jax: Well, that's not really your concern, is it?

Helena: Oh, but it is. You see, Nikolas needs to have a child of his own. And breaking Nikolas and Courtney up is in our mutual best interest.

Jax: I just don't trust your methods, Helena.

Helena: Jax, you're a man who always gets what he wants. You've been called relentless and ruthless.

Jax: Yes, but I draw the line at abduction and -- what's the other one? -- Homicide.

Helena: Well, I wasn't thinking of anything quite so drastic.

Jax: You know, perhaps I have my own ideas how to deal with Courtney and Nikolas. So how about this? How about I promise to break them up in a timely manner and you promise to -- I don't know -- say, leave town?

Helena: What an intriguing idea.

Courtney: I came as soon as I could. What was so important you couldn't tell me over the phone?

Jax: I had a run-in with Helena today.

Courtney: Oh, God. What, she told you she's not going to allow Nikolas to be with me? She expects him to ditch me so that he can give her an heir.

Jax: I gather you've had the pleasure of her company already.

Courtney: Yeah, she's made some threats.

Jax: Hmm.

Courtney: Nikolas and I are dealing with it.

Jax: I don't think you realize how dangerous Helena can be. She made it very clear to me that if you continue to see Nikolas she'll do anything to stop you.

Courtney: That's awfully convenient timing.

Georgie: Dillon? Dillon? Hey. Hey, hey, are you ok?

Dillon: Yeah, I guess.

Emily: Dillon --

Georgie: Oh --

Emily: Are you dizzy?

Dillon: No. I was before I fell. I'm ok now.

Emily: Ok, just --

Man: Nice fall. Real convincing.

Emily: Sir, please be quiet. Ok, is your vision blurry?

Dillon: No.

Emily: Any pain, headache?

Dillon: No.

Emily: Tony, Dillonís car just got rear-ended. He hit his head on the steering wheel.

Tony: Oh, ok. Let's take a look. Ok. Let me see here.

Emily: He blacked out just a minute ago.

Tony: Well, your pupils are equal. Do you feel faint or nauseous? Anything out of the ordinary?

Dillon: No. Like the room was spinning for a second before I fell, but everything's fine now.

Emily: Dillon might have suffered an epidural hematoma, or possibly this could be the start of a cranial bleed. I really think that we should order a C.T. scan, an M.R.I.

Tony: I actually don't think that's necessary. I think the bump from the crash wasn't serious, actually. He probably fainted from just the excitement.

Man: So, he's fine, huh?

Tony: Actually, I would like to take you to an exam room to check you out more thoroughly. But at this point, I'm not really that concerned, ok?

Dillon: See? I'm ok.

Georgie: Better be safe than sorry.

Dillon: Thank you so much for everything.

Elizabeth: Em. Hey, Emily.

Emily: Yeah.

Elizabeth: You ok?

Emily: Not even close.

Sam: I know that you would rather die than spend what could be the rest of your life in this hospital. And I accept that. But it's hard, because I honestly do not know what I would do without you. I just can't imagine you gone from my life, so I just --

Jason: It's ok.

Sam: What is this?

Robin: It's the last dose of the protocol.

Sam: We just went through this, Robin -- no more treatments. The last one was ripping him apart. Jason, it was killing you faster than the seizures were.

Robin: Jason, you said you wanted to do this. It's your choice.

Sam: His choice? Are you kidding me? You are the doctor. Can you not see that this isn't working? Are you just too blinded by the fact that it's your research, it's your medication, you're the one who --

Jason: Sam --

Sam: What?

Jason: Will this medicine work?

Robin: You had a bad reaction to the treatment. But you are remembering things. We know that there's progress. But in order for it to work, you must complete the treatment.

Jason: Ok, let's do it.

Sam: Jason, please, I beg you, not now. Just wait a little bit. At least wait until your body recovers a little bit. You cannot go through this right now.

Jason: Sam, this treatment --

Sam: You're not --

Jason: It's my best chance to live. If I start hallucinating or asking you to stop, don't pay attention. It's just the medicine. I want to do it.

Sam: Ok.

Brook Lynn: Oh, my God.

[Phone rings]

Brook Lynn: Hello.

Diego: Hey, Brook, it's Diego. Listen, did I leave my camera bag there?

Brook Lynn: No, I haven't seen it, but -- sorry, I have to go, so I'll talk to you later, ok? Bye.

Diego: You found the photos, didn't you?

Emily: I misdiagnosed Reese, and now I'm overcompensating. I'm trying too hard.

Elizabeth: I think you're just being thorough.

Emily: No, I'm scaring patients, Elizabeth. I said that Dillon might have fainted because of a cranial bleed, right in front of him. I mean, he had a small cut on his head, and I wanted to order an emergency C.T. scan.

Elizabeth: Ok, just don't be so hard on yourself, ok?

Emily: Oh, God.

Elizabeth: We all go through doubts. I mean, I did myself just a few months ago.

Emily: No, this is about my judgment. You know, I have to trust it if I'm going to be a doctor.

Elizabeth: I think you need a day off. Go relax. Take your mind off of medicine for a while, ok?

Emily: Yeah, you're right. Maybe I need a break.

Courtney: You know, with Helena making threats, it might make it too dangerous for Nikolas and I to continue our relationship, and that works out pretty well for you.

Jax: Look, Courtney, obviously, I want you with me instead of Nikolas, but I'm not teaming up with Helena.

Courtney: I never meant to imply that you are. I --

Jax: It is true, though. She is looking for an ally. But it won't be me, and no way I would resort to violence to try to win you back.

Courtney: I know.

Jax: I love you and our baby. And I'm hoping that in time you'll realize that you care enough to want to try again. I think that our marriage is worth saving. But ultimately, it's your decision.


Brook Lynn: What, it was you. The whole time, it was you.

Diego: Well, do you know why?

Brook Lynn: Oh, I don't know. Because you're sick. Diego, you are a freak, ok? No, you roofied me. You roofied me and two other girls. And you're letting some innocent guy pay for crimes that you committed.

Diego: Shh. I tried to cover it up. Now it's too late.

Sam: This is worse than it was before.

Robin: It just means that the medicine's working.

Sam: No, he is being tortured.

Robin: Don't you think I know that? Sam, this medicine could save Jasonís life. He chose to take it. If it's too difficult for you to watch him go through this, maybe you should leave.

Sam: What? No, I am not going to leave him. Hey. Hey, you're ok.

[Monitor alarm sounds]

[Monitor flatlines]

Robin: Oh, God -- Code Blue!

Sam: No. Jason, don't die.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Jax: Come on, Courtney, breathe.

Carly: Why is it so terrible to want to be with my family?

Lainey: You tried to seduce your ex-husband.

Sonny: You saved my life. I'm just sorry I couldn't save you.

Robin: Give C.P.R. a few more seconds, please.

Sam: Use the paddles.

Monica: We're wasting time here.

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