GH Transcript Monday 11/14/05

General Hospital Transcript Monday 11/14/05


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Ric: Alexis?

Alexis: Why are you crying?

Ric: I thought I lost you.

Alexis: Are you sure I'm not dead?

Ric: I don't think so. I don't know how you did it, but --

Alexis: I've got a lot to live for.

Courtney: Oh, my God. My baby -- something's wrong.

Nikolas: Somebody --

Jax: What's the matter?

Nikolas: Somebody help us, please.

Courtney: Ow.

Nikolas: Ok?

Emily: Reese --

Reese: I'm ok.

Emily: Tell me what's going on.

Reese: I just -- I bent over too quickly, got a little dizzy, but I'm fine, I'm fine.

Emily: How long have you had trouble breathing?

Reese: I just bruised my side. Really, I'm ok.

Emily: Jase, sit back down! All right, you're not going anywhere!

Jason: I got to find Carly.

Lorenzo: How are you?

Carly: I'm scared.

Lorenzo: You don't need to be. I'm right here. You never have to be afraid again.

Carly: You don't understand. I'm afraid of myself.

Sonny: I'm going to leave Jason to you and Sam. Whoa.

Manny: No one down here is going to see the light of day ever again.

Sonny: You're a coward, hiding behind a woman, Manny.

Manny: Hmm. Well, you're the boss. Play by your rules. So, now, who wants to die first? You?

Sam: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Nobody has to die, Manny. This can all be over, ok? If you managed to get away from the police, I'm sure you can manage to get out of here, right?

Manny: I escaped to finish what I started. Sonny, you have to lose everything.

Sonny: You're after me. Let the women go. Let them get away for a few minutes. Since you hate me so much and you think it's going to be worth what it's going to cost you, Manny, shoot me.

Courtney: Oh, God. I'm cramping. I've had a miscarriage before.

Lainey: Ok, honey, just try to relax. We'll get you to the hospital.

Courtney: God, if I did anything to hurt this baby --

Nikolas: No, no.

[Helicopter flies]

Jax: A helicopter's coming.

Nikolas: Everything's going to be ok, I promise.

Courtney: I guess I should've been more careful. This is so stupid.

Nikolas: Stop it, stop it. That baby is as tough as you are, and you're both going to be just fine.

Lainey: Tell the pilot to set up for a newborn. Get the baby to General Hospital.

Jax: Listen, Courtney’s got to go on that chopper, too.

Emily: Your pulse is stronger, and the bleeding's diminished.

Alexis: I take it that's a good thing.

Ric: Yeah.

Emily: Just lie still and try to relax. I think you're going to be ok.

Ric: Thank you, Emily.

Emily: No, thank Robin. She's the real doctor.

Alexis: Isn't anyone going to thank me?

Emily: You have an amazing will to live, Alexis. You make us all look good. Make sure that she gets lots of water. How's your pain?

Alexis: Hmm, it's there.

Emily: All right, that's a good sign.

Ric: Yeah, it just means that your system isn't shut down.

Alexis: I'm glad you're all so thrilled.

Emily: We're going to get you to the hospital with real pain meds as soon as we can.

Alexis: Got any of that vodka handy?

Ric: Now I know she's getting better.

Alexis: I just had a C-section in a cave without any anesthetic. I think I can have a drink.

Ric: I think so, too.

Emily: Ric, get her anything she wants. I'm going to go check on Jason and Reese, ok?

Ric: Ok.  We did it.

Alexis: What do you mean, "we"?

Ric: Well, you survived, you know. Our daughter is safe and soon we're all going to be at home, like a real family.

Alexis: It's ok, you know -- you don't have to humor me.

[Reese coughs]

Emily: Jason.

Jason: I have to find Carly. She saved me; she kept me from drowning.

Emily: Carly's at Roselawn.

Jason: No, she's here. I saw her. I don't know why she took off, but she trusts me, she's going to let me help her.

Emily: Jase, you're the one who needs help!

Reese: Sonny and Robin went to get you the medicine that you need to live, Jason.

Jason: Sonny doesn't know that Carly’s down here. He'd want me --


Emily: Max, what happened?

Max: Manny's got Sonny and Sam at gunpoint. Robin, too.

Jason: Where are they?

Max: Back at the commuter train.

Carly: I'm just -- I'm afraid I'm going to go back into that dream world.

Lorenzo: There are doctors here to help you, and they will stop that from happening.

Carly: They didn't before, you know. They didn’t. I didn't want to be here. And I knew I had to come here because I attacked Emily and I was totally out of control, but I hated it here. It was easier to go in my head than to pretend that a doll was Michael, because he loved me and I loved him, but I -- I know it wasn't real.

Lorenzo: That means you can tell the difference.

Carly: Sometimes, you know, it's like falling out of an airplane, and you're falling and maybe you have a parachute and maybe you don't, and maybe you don't even want to stop.

Lorenzo: Why?

Carly: You know, when Sonny came to visit and when Jason stopped by, I wanted to ask for help, but I just -- I couldn’t. They were too far away.

Lorenzo: But you were able to escape before. Maybe that was your way of asking for help.

Carly: That's because Manny showed up and he threatened to kill the people I love, so I had to fight.

Lorenzo: Well, then you keep on fighting, Carly.

Manny: Oh, I'll shoot you if you want me to.

Sonny: Go ahead.

Manny: But I won't kill you. Not until you watch these lovely women suffer.

Sonny: Like I said, you're a coward -- running around these tunnels like -- like a rat?

Manny: Well, you know, you made it kind of easy for me, leaving Carly all alone at Roselawn. You know, she's quite a fighter, that one. And if she hadn't gotten away from me, none of this would've happened.

Sonny: I'm not surprised Carly got away from you, because even a woman in her state of mind can see how weak you are. You don't have the courage to shoot me.

Manny: Oh. Oh, you want me to shoot someone? No problem.

[Manny laughs]


Alexis: It's ok, you know. I mean, if you want to go see Reese, it's ok.

Ric: Where did that come from?

Alexis: I figured you might be worried about her.

Ric: I'm worried about you. Ok, you nearly died, but you didn’t. You just gave birth to a beautiful, beautiful baby girl. I mean, I was here, you were here. Alexis, you're an amazing mother. I mean, you even know that your child is all right.

Alexis: Emotional utterances.

Ric: Excuse me?

Alexis: The promises that you made -- they won't hold up in court.

Ric: We're not in court, Alexis, ok?

Alexis: And so I won't hold you to them.

Ric: We're in the bottom of a train tunnel in upstate New York.

Alexis: I'm just telling you that I won't hold you to them.

Ric: It's ok, I meant every word.

Alexis: You thought I was dying.

Ric: I think it still counts.

Alexis: How about we negotiate this after we get out of here?

Ric: Ok. You know, an hour ago, the two of us promised to spend the rest of our lives together, and now you want to pretend that you don't want to?

Alexis: You were promising; I was dying. Anyway, I think you're the reason I got on this train in the first place.

Ric: No, you decided to leave town even though it was after your due date.

Alexis: Well, you're the reason I couldn't take a plane.

Ric: And you couldn't take a plane because you were pregnant.

Alexis: I rest my case.

Ric: I'm going to get you some water.

Alexis: I'd really prefer some vodka.

Ric: Hopefully, you'll change your mind by the time I get back.

Lainey: The calmer you are, the better it'll be for your baby, ok?

Courtney: Yeah, well, I'm trying, but at the moment it's difficult. Ow.

Jesse: All right, we got room on the chopper for Courtney, the baby, and one other person.

Nikolas: I'm fine. You -- you go.

Lainey: You don't sound fine.

Nikolas: I'm fine.

Jesse: Are you going or not?

Nikolas: Listen, take care of your baby and Molly, ok?

Courtney: I will.

Jesse: All right, come on, let's go.

Jax: Thank you.

Paramedic: Do you need some oxygen?

Nikolas: No, I'm fine.

Lainey: You need to take that oxygen. The air quality in the tunnel is probably poor and it's getting worse.

Nikolas: Listen, I don't have time, ok? I need to get back down there.

Maxie: You know, Courtney and that baby wouldn't have made it out if it wasn't for you. Promise me you're going to be careful?

Jesse: I promise.

[Helicopter flies]

Jesse: Hey, I'm going back down there.

Mac: Find my niece. They said she's ok. Just get her out.

Jesse: That's the plan.

Mac: Hey, wait a minute. Where do you think you're going?

Reese: How are you doing?

Ric: Oh, you know -- Alexis is threatening to leave me.

Reese: Then she's better.

Ric: Yeah. I swear, I feel like I got emotional whiplash. I mean, one second I'm -- I'm devastated thinking that I'm going to lose her, and then the next minute I feel like I'm going to wring her neck. She claims that all the promises that we made to each other about us and about raising Molly in a two-parent household are just null and void.

Reese: Well, can't you see that Alexis is terrified?

Ric: Of what, Reese? Look what she just survived.

Reese: She's scared to death, Ric, because having this child with you means so much to her.

Carly: So do you think that if I get better, that I'm just going to magically turn into who you want me to be?

Lorenzo: I'm trying to help you.

Carly: Then be honest with me. Come on. You were never happy with me, ok? I knew you wanted to be, but you weren't, and I was never quite what you had in mind. I wasn't good enough.

Lorenzo: That isn't true.

Carly: You threw me out and you filed for divorce and you swore you wanted nothing to do with me.

Lorenzo: I couldn't see what was really going on with you. You were headed for a breakdown ever since you thought Michael was dead. Now, I didn't want to see what was happening with you because it meant you didn't choose to be with me. Though, it's easier to be angry than to believe that you weren't committed to me or to our marriage.

Carly: Lorenzo, you thought I was committed to Sonny and that I always would be.

Sonny: Can't even shoot straight.

Sam: Maybe you missed on purpose; maybe you wanted to scare us. What, do you think -- you want us to cry, you want us to beg, you know, grovel for our life?

Sonny: It isn't working what you're doing here, Manny. Why don't you give up?

Manny: You think small, Sonny. You always have.

Sam: I am not afraid of you. I never will be.

Manny: Well, that's unfortunate, Sweetness, because a little bit of fear -- that's a good thing.

[Manny laughs]

Manny: Oh, no.


Nikolas: People are still trapped in that tunnel, Mac, including Emily. I am going down there whether you like it or not.

Mac: You are dead on your feet. You'll collapse and my people will waste time trying to get you out.

Nikolas: People are dying, people that I care about.

Mac: You think you're the only one? My niece is still trapped in there, Nikolas!

Nikolas: Well, then why don't you go down and get her?

Mac: Because they know what they're doing, all right? They're my niece's best chance at getting out instead of some family member getting in the way, distracting --

Nikolas: Are you telling me you don't need volunteers, Mac? Come on, look around you, already.

Lainey: Hey, hey, you guys need to step back for a moment.

Mac: Nikolas, I need volunteers above ground, not getting lost in those tunnels!

Nikolas: But I know my way around those tunnels, Mac. I can lead in a rescue team.

Mac: You can't lead anyone in the condition you're in. Leave the rescue to the professionals.

Nikolas: Listen to this --

Mac: I don't have time to waste debating this with you. If you don't want to go to the hospital for help, stay out of the way. If you try to go in that tunnel, I'll have you arrested.

Emily: This should hold you till help arrives.

Max: Thanks, doc.

Emily: Oh, I'm just in med school.

Max: Hmm. I think you did a great job.

Emily: The real doctors are going to be here soon.

Reese: Alexis loves you so much, more than you know.

Ric: Now I know you're delirious.

Reese: Did I ever tell you about that time that she came knocking on my door and asked me to stay away from you?

Ric: You mean when she told Sonny that you and I were having an affair?

Reese: Well, yeah, that was the very unromantic conclusion but, you know, the lead-in was very sweet.

Ric: Alexis was sweet?

Reese: Ok, tentative.

Ric: Yeah, right.

Reese: But, you know, she wasn't throwing accusations around. She basically said that she needed you, and that her kids needed you. And if I was thinking about stealing you, to change my mind, because you were her husband.

Ric: You're not making this up, are you?

Reese: Alexis loves you. She just doesn't trust what you have.

Ric: Yeah.

Reese: And who can blame her?

Ric: Well, I love her, too, Reese. I -- I'd tell her. I --

Reese: Well, then you just have to find a way to make her believe it, Ric, because Alexis deserves it. And so do you, and so does your little girl.

Ric: Thanks. I will. Your hands are freezing.

Reese: Yeah.

Ric: Here. Put a blanket on, ok? There you go. Try and keep it on.

Reese: I still wish we met at a different time.

Ric: Yeah, me, too. Better?

Reese: Yeah. Yeah, much.

Ric: Ok, I got to get back.

Reese: Ok.

Ric: Emily, I'm going to go back to Alexis.

Emily: All right.

Ric: Alexis? Got the water.

Alexis: I don't see any vodka with you.

Ric: No, just the water. You need more fluids, ok?

Alexis: Mm-hmm.

Ric: Take a sip. All right? I'm sorry I was gone so long. I had to talk to Reese. She and I had some fairly important things to say.

Alexis: I'm sure you did, you're both very close. And you're free to get closer if you choose.

Ric: You want to know what Reese said to me that piqued my interest the most?

Alexis: I'm a captive audience.

Ric: Reese said -- well, she told me about the night that you came to her apartment and asked her not to get involved with me, because I'm your husband and you need me.

Jax: Thanks for meeting us at the helipad.

Dr. Meadows: Well, E.R. is jammed, so I'm going to take you straight to the exam room -- soon as the neonatal team comes to pick up Alexis' baby.

Elizabeth: I heard Alexis had her baby.

Dr. Meadows: Yeah, they're waiting for her downstairs in NICU.

Courtney: She's doing great.

Elizabeth: Is someone coming to get her?

Dr. Meadows: They were supposed to send a neonatal team.

[Molly fusses]

Courtney: Shh, shh, shh, shh.

Elizabeth: Well, things are awfully crazy right now. Why don't you just let me take her?

Dr. Meadows: Oh, that would be great. Thanks, Elizabeth. Take her straight to pediatrics.

Elizabeth: I will.

Courtney: Her name's Molly.

Elizabeth: Oh, Molly. Hi, Molly! I got her, yeah.

Courtney: All right.

Elizabeth: I'll take that, too. Thank you.  Oh, look at you, little girl.

Lorenzo: My pride wouldn't allow me to see past your relationship with Sonny. I just couldn't see the pain you were in.

Carly: Well, I was completely out of control.

Lorenzo: Yeah.

Carly: But at the time, I thought I knew what I wanted, you know?

Lorenzo: That's why you need to be here, so you can sort through what happened. I have no doubt that you're going to recover, Carly. You're already on your way.

Carly: Well, I'm always good in a crunch. Whenever I'm threatened, backed into a corner, I will survive. You know, I will.

Lorenzo: Exactly. That's why I know you won't give up, and you will get your life back.

Carly: What if I can't handle the day-to-day? What if I start to drift away again? What if I lose myself? What if I'm only sane in a crisis?

Sam: Sonny?

Manny: Drop it, drop it. Drop it! Afraid of me now, Sonny?

Sonny: You two, get out of here.

Manny: See, my face is going to be the last thing you see before you die. Ugh!

Sonny: I got it. Oh. Robin, you ok?

Robin: I think it's just a graze.

Sonny: Max found you?

Jason: Yeah, yeah. Hey, let me help you with that.

Robin: No, no, no, no, don't. We got your medicine, Jason. You have to take it right now.

Jason: No, no, there isn't time.

Robin: You can't risk another seizure.

Sonny: Jason -- you need to take your medicine; get the women back to Emily. I'm going to stay here, see if he can tell me where Carly is. I'll kill him, and then we'll figure it out, we'll try to find Carly.

Jason: What do you mean? You didn't believe me about Carly before. Did you see her?

Sonny: Here. I found this on the train. This is -- I gave her this when I took her to Roselawn.

Jason: Yeah, she was wearing it when I saw her there.

Sonny: I'm just saying she might be here. I need you close by, because she hid from me, and I know she trusts you. You know what I'm saying?

Jason: Yeah, yeah, ok.

Robin: Jason, get that bottle and the syringe. It's right there, pick it up. It's not a cure, but it can prevent a seizure. You have to inject yourself.

Sam: No, no, no, no. Here --

Robin: Have you ever done that before?

Sam: Yeah, my brother.

Robin: Ok. Yeah, yeah, that looks good. All right, just make it quick.

Sam: You ready?

Jason: Yeah, I'm ok. I'm not afraid of need--

Sam: There you go.

Jason: Needles. All right.

Sam: Ok?

Jason: Yeah.

Robin: Ok. Let's get you out of here.

Sonny: Robin, Robin?

Robin: Yeah?

Sonny: I need you to do me a favor, all right?

Robin: All right.

Sonny: I don't want anybody to know Carly might be here.

Robin: Why?

Sonny: Her father is the D.A., ok, John Durant --

Robin: Uh-huh.

Sonny: He hates me for a lot of reasons. If he finds out that Carly ran away from Roselawn, he'll transfer her to Shadybrook. I can't have that. Can you do that for me?


Sam: Hey!

Dr. Meadows: Well, we got you started on the I.V. fluids just in time. I don't see any bleeding, so we'll consider this touch-and-go for now.

Jax: That's good news, right?

Dr. Meadows: Well, it is if you stay in bed and rest.

Jax: I'll make sure she does.

Dr. Meadows: The next 24 hours are critical.

Courtney: Ok, I understand.

Jax: You can rest now.

Courtney: Don't worry. I am not budging from this spot. Oh, man.

Jax: Imagine the stories that our baby and Molly can tell about the day you saved both their lives.

Alexis: Reese is a big fat tattletale.

Ric: Oh, so you admit it? Look, I know you went to see her, Alexis. It's the same night that you went to Sonny to tell him that Reese and I were having an affair.

Alexis: You were.

Ric: No. Objection, your honor, that is inflammatory. Reese and I had one single encounter months prior to the night in question.

Alexis: That you repeatedly lied about, which is perjury.

Ric: Ok -- objection, that's also irrelevant.

Alexis: Not to your wife.

Ric: Well, your honor, let the record show that Miss Alexis Davis has admitted to being my wife, and it follows that she made an impassioned plea to Miss Reese Marshall to leave her husband -- whom she loved and needed -- alone.

Alexis: Objection.

Ric: It follows also that Miss Davis was referring to me, her husband, whom she said she loves and needs --

Alexis: All right, all right, this is ridiculous.

Ric: And who loves her, however flawed and imperfect I might be.

Alexis: Ridiculous.

Ric: You always say that when you're losing.

Alexis: Well, because this isn't a courtroom. This is a hole in the ground.

Ric: Alexis, the truth is the truth, regardless of any physical surroundings.

Alexis: You wouldn't know the truth if it jumped on you and bit you.

Ric: Well -- but you do, don't you? Why don't you just admit it? You want me back.

Maxie: Hey, you were really mean to Nikolas.

Mac: I understand he's worried. It doesn't give him the right to interfere in the rescue operation.

Maxie: You're worried about Robin.

Mac: I always worry about Robin.

Maxie: Dad, she's going to be ok.

Mac: I'll believe that when I see it. I made a lot of mistakes with Robin.

Maxie: Well, you must've done a few things right.

Mac: I was too strict, inflexible. I didn't listen.

Maxie: You didn't listen? For some reason I don't believe that.

Mac: Robin was the first girl that I raised, and I was clueless. Now I find myself making the same mistakes with you and Georgie. I love you, Maxie. I guess I try to hard to protect you. I just don't want anything bad to happen to you.

Maxie: We know that, dad, and I'm sure Robin knows that, too.

Max: Thank you.

Emily: Reese, your breathing doesn't sound any better.

Reese: The pain's pretty constant now.

Emily: Well, you've probably got a cracked rib. All right, I don't want you running around anymore. All right, you stay as still as you can, no deep breaths.

Reese: Yes, doctor.

Emily: Don't even joke about that. These rescue teams are going to be here any minute. All right? You should be ok until then.

Sonny: You don't need a stretcher for that piece of trash.

Manny: These -- these people -- they tried to kill me.

Robin: Listen, I'm Commissioner Scorpio’s niece. That man is a wanted fugitive. He's the one that shot me.

Jason: Sonny?

Robin: Oh, God.

Sam: All right, so what now?

Jason: Ok, listen to me. You should go with them. Sonny and I are going to go find Carly.

Sam: What if you have another seizure?

Jason: Well, I'm hoping this medicine is going to work.

Sam: I am not leaving you.

Sonny: She's right -- listen, listen. We have to stay together. I want Carly to see you first. She needs to deal with somebody she can trust.

Carly: Sonny tried to help me. You know, I told him that I wanted to stay at his house.

Lorenzo: You needed medical attention.

Carly: Yeah, yeah, I was sicker than both of us realized. I conjured up Faith and I scared my boys, and I tried to kill Emily.

Lorenzo: But the Ruiz family was closing in, and they were a threat to you and your family. Sonny didn't trust you with the truth. You somehow felt the danger and you just put a face and a name to it.

Carly: It wasn't Sonny's fault, you know.

Lorenzo: This goes way back, Carly. Sonny undermined your confidence a long time ago, your belief in yourself, your perception of the world. I know that you love him, but your reliance on him, your dependence isn't healthy, and this is your chance to work on that. You're going to get well. I promise.

Carly: You really believe in me.

Lorenzo: I always have.

Nikolas: No, no, no, it's blocked on the other side, you can't get through here. It's more down here.

Justus: You hear that, guys? We're moving out.

Nikolas: Listen, I'm going to find Emily. Don't try and stop me.

Jesse: The commissioner said leave the rescue to the professionals. You're on the list, so what the hell you standing around for?

Nikolas: Thanks.

Emily: Thank God you're all right. Where's Robin?

Sam: A rescue team is with her right now. Manny shot her. It doesn't look so bad, though.

Emily: Is Manny still loose?

Sonny: He's badly injured. I don't think he's going to live. They're sending a rescue team to get us out of here. How's Alexis?

Emily: Better. It's kind of amazing.

Sonny: What about Carly?

Emily: Do you really think she's down here?

Sonny: I -- I found her bracelet.

Max: I think it was Carly. I saw her climbing the access ladder when Manny shot me.

Jason: We got to keep looking for her.

Emily: No -- hey, Jase, I could use a hand here, all right, especially if the rescue teams are about to show up. I need to get Max and Alexis ready to move out.

Sonny: What about Reese?

Emily: She cracked a rib, I think. Can -- just go check on her.

Sonny: Yeah, I will.

Jason: Ok, look, we -- we're going to keep looking for Carly, ok? Let's go.

Sonny: Hey. How you doing?

Reese: Better, now that you're here.

Alexis: Oh -- ow!

Ric: You all right?

Alexis: Ow, oh!

Ric: Ok, ok.

Alexis: Oh, I don't suppose they give epidurals for after the baby's born?

Ric: The pain's getting worse?

Alexis: Oh, it's not getting any better.

Ric: All right, well --

Alexis: Oh. I don't know how much more I can take of this. Oh.

Ric: Well, don't worry. I'll be able to take care of our daughter. Molly will get the best of everything -- you know, all the clothes that she wants and dance lessons, summer camp and, you know, I'm not going to ride her too hard about school because I don't want her to have her nose in a book all the time, you know.

Alexis: Books are good for children.

Ric: Oh, I know they are but, you know, I want her to have a social life. You know, she gets her car as soon as she's old enough to drive, and then as soon as she can sign her name she can get a credit card.

Alexis: What?

Ric: Alexis, I'm going to raise our daughter the right way, really. Don't worry about that whole dating-at-30 thing, I'm completely fine, and I think it's reasonable to have her date at 13.

Alexis: Huh?

Ric: Really. Don't you think? I'm going to make sure that our daughter follows her dreams and believes in herself. So if she wants to skip college and, you know, be a model, that'd be fine.

Alexis: Are you delighting in torturing me?

Ric: Oh -- you seem to be rallying.

Alexis: Oh, I'm going to live. I'm going to live to see her go to Yale and graduate summa cum laude -- Yale.

Ric: Oh, Yale? Harvard.

Alexis: Yale.

Ric: Yale, Harvard -- doesn't make a difference. What's the point?

Alexis: The point is you're badgering me because you want me to admit to you that I love you and that I want you and that I want us to try again.

Ric: Do you?

Robin: Hey.

Mac: Thank God. Oh.

Robin: Oh, I'm so glad to see you.

Mac: Are you all right? What happened to your arm?

Robin: This guy, Manny, shot me. Him.

Mac: Hold on, hold it. That's Manny Ruiz. Cuff him as soon as you can, don't let him out of your sight. Get him out of here. We need a doctor over here!

Robin: Mac, I am a doctor, ok? It's just a superficial injury.

Mac: You need to go to the hospital immediately, all right? I want a blood work, T-cell count, the works!

Robin: It's ok, it's ok. Don't worry, I'm going to be fine.

Mac: I always worry about you. What can you tell me about the crash?

Robin: Sam and I were on the train, and she spotted Manny.

Georgie: There she is!

Felicia: There's Robin. Are you ok? Well, gosh.

Georgie: Did you really deliver Alexis' baby?

Robin: With a lot of help from Emily. I told them to bring Alexis up first.

Mac: That doesn't surprise me.

Robin: Well, they didn't do it.

Mac: We'll get her out, don't worry.

Felicia: I'm just so happy to have you home.

Mac: So am I.

Lainey: You can put him in handcuffs when I finish the exam.

Det. Rodriguez: He's in police custody.

Lainey: He's barely alive. Why don't you go get a cup of coffee while I stabilize him?

Det. Rodriguez: I'm staying with him.

Lainey: You're interfering with medical treatment. Get out of the way.

Alexis: Ok, let me get this straight. You want me to forgive your infidelity and then just wring my hands of it and say that I need you anyway?

Ric: You don't have to wring your hands.

Alexis: Fine. I do love you, I -- and I do need you and I do want you, but how am I supposed to do that with Reese around all sexy and sympathetic and saying all the right things to you that make you feel appreciated, when all I seem to do is annoy you?

Ric: The annoying I can handle. It's -- it's the pushing away that gets kind of tiresome.

Alexis: It's a compulsion.

Ric: I know.

Alexis: Every time I open my mouth to say that I love you, something awful comes out instead. Because I love you and I want to be with you. Now say something.

Ric: I'm handling the truth just fine.

Alexis: Hmm, that's my guy.

Robin: Alexis should be up here by now.

Mac: Don't worry, they'll get her out.

Robin: I can't even believe she's still alive. You can't imagine what she's been through.

Mac: Who else is down there?

Robin: Um -- Ric, Emily, Sonny's bodyguard Max, some woman named Reese, Sam, Jason, and Sonny.

Mac: Did you see anyone else down there?

Robin: No, I don't think so.

[Knock on door]

Carly: Yes?

Lorenzo: Are you still awake?

Michael: Mom!

Carly: Oh, Michael! Mr. Man!

Morgan: Hi.

Michael: And Morgan’s here, too. Say hi to mom.

Carly: Oh, angel boy! I'm going to be home to see you guys soon. Thank you.

Sonny: The worst is over. The rescue team's going to get us out of here real soon.

Reese: What about Carly?

Sonny: Jason's going to find her.

Reese: When you see her, will you give her a message for me? Will you tell her that I really hope she can forgive me? And tell her that she's the luckiest woman in the world.


Nikolas: Is everybody all right?

Emily: Nikolas.

Nikolas: You ok?

Sonny: Ok. The rescue team's here. They're going to get us out. They're going -- Reese? Reese?

Jason: Carly, it's ok. Are you --?

Sam: Manny had a stack of explosives. He must've wired the place.

Jason: It's connected to a remote detonator.

Sam: And if the charges are linked?

Jason: If the charges are linked, there will be a chain reaction. This whole mountain could cave in.

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Lorenzo: Sonny is a destructive person in your life.

Carly: I get that he has flaws, but he's also wonderful.

Sonny: She's not breathing!

Mac: You shot my niece. You're going to pay for what you did to Robin.

Jason: We've got to disarm these bombs.

Sam: There's no way you're going to finish.

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