GH Transcript Friday 11/4/05

General Hospital Transcript Friday 11/4/05


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(When the trains collide, Robin is trapped; Jason is determined to rescue Sam; Alexis goes into labor; Elizabeth fears for injured Lucky’s life.)

Controller: Jack, do you read me? For God's sake, answer!

Robin: He's dead.

Sam: We need to pull the throttle back.

Robin: Oh, it's stuck.

Sam: Here, hold on, hold on. Ready?

Robin: Yeah. Oh, come on.

Controller: Jack, Jack, you're headed right towards another train!

[Train horn honks]

Robin: No!


Sam: [Coughs] Robin?

[Robin coughs]

Sam: Robin!


Sam: Robin!

Robin: I'm over here. Uh! My legs are pinned.

Sam: All right, all right.

Robin: Are you ok?

Sam: I got it.

Robin: Oh!

Man: I'll see if I can find us some help. Just lie there. Help!

Sam: It's so heavy!

Man: Help!

Robin: You're going to have to get help.

Sam: Somebody, help us!

Robin: Hello!

Jason: Just get me -- get me out of these things.

Monica: Jason, we are not going to operate without your consent.

Tony: Do you understand that if you don't have surgery you're going to die?

Jason: I'll take my chances.

Tony: Jason is not competent enough to make this decision right now.

Monica: I disagree, Tony.

Tony: Do you realize that this is your son's life that's at stake here?

Monica: Look, could we just have a moment, please? Thank you. Jason, come on. You're not strong enough! Please -- Jason!  Please.

Jason: No, I'm ok, I'm ok. I got to find Michael.

Monica: Well, I suggest when you do, you tell him goodbye, because your next seizure is definitely going to kill you.

Jason: I didn't -- I didn't mean for him to find me.

Monica: Well, he did. And you knew that seizure was inevitable. You just pushed yourself, Jason. I love you with all my heart, but you made the wrong choice. And I can't force you to have this operation, but Robin's treatment -- it's just in the experimental stage --

Jason: Ok, I'm not --

Monica: And she's not even here!

Jason: I'm not going to have an operation, so it's going to be Robin's treatment or it's going to be nothing at all.

Monica: All right, Michael found you. He got you to this hospital. Now, the least you can do for him is to try and save yourself.

[Phone rings]

Monica: What is it? Is that Robin?


Jason: Hello?

Man: A New York train just crashed in the Glencoe Tunnel. Sam and Robin are on it.

Sonny: I got it, I got it.

Ric: Just hold on. Just take it easy, take it easy.

Sonny: Here, take your time. You're ok.

Alexis: Ok. What happened?

Sonny: We must -- we must have hit something in the tunnel.

Ric: Oh!

Sonny: I'm going to get Alexis settled. I'm going to help you down, ok?

Ric: Alexis?

Sonny: You all right, Ric?

Ric: Yeah. Are you all right?

Alexis: Yeah. I think so. Oh.

Sonny: Reese, let me help you.

Reese: I guess I'm not as strong as I thought. Oh!

Sonny: What's wrong?

Reese: Oh.

Sonny: Huh?

Reese: I guess I just bruised my side or something.

Sonny: Are you sure?

Reese: Yeah, it's all right. It's just a little twinge.

Sonny: Ok, ok, you sit down, ok? Over here. Word got out at this point that there was a crash. The rescue teams are going to come and we're going to be all right.

Luke: What's the big emergency, or was this just an excuse to get me over here because you can't get through the night without me?

Tracy: Skye has taken it upon herself to invite your troublesome teen to dinner.

Skye: It's a favor to Bobbie. She called the Quartermaines and wants Lulu to come over --

Tracy: Excuse me!

Skye: So she can spend some time with you.

Tracy: You're not a Quartermaine.

Skye: Oh.

Luke: What are you trying to do, cause trouble between me and my better half, or is this another lame-brain attempt to turn me into the world's best father?

Tracy: Ooh. Scary thought.

Skye: When was the last time you actually had dinner with Lulu?

Luke: I don't know. Blaze, I've told you before, I never wanted to be a father. It was all Laura’s idea. All I did was make a donation.

Skye: That is a terrible thing to say.

Luke: Look, Lulu is being raised by Lesley. Lesley's doing a fine job. Lucky's already married. My fathering days are over.

Elizabeth: Lucky? Hey, baby, are you ok? Lucky?

[Elizabeth gasps]

Elizabeth: Oh, God. Oh, my God, help him. Help! I need help! Somebody, help me! Help me, please! Can anybody hear me?

Nikolas: Elizabeth, is that you?

Elizabeth: Nikolas, I'm over here! Lucky's hurt and he's bleeding.

Nikolas: Hey, hold on. Hold on, we'll find you.

Jax: That seems to be the only way out.

Elizabeth: Nikolas heard me. He's on his way and he's going to help you, ok? You're going to be ok. You have to be. It's our day ever after, remember?

Lorenzo: Yes. Someone just told me that Carly’s dead, but I refuse to believe it. Now, tell me you found something.

Man: A woman fitting Carly’s description got on the train at Sinclair Falls, bought a ticket to Port Charles.

Lorenzo: Is there a security camera at the train station at Sinclair Falls?

Man: Yes, sir.

Lorenzo: Then you bribe anyone you have to, but you get me a picture of the woman who's supposed to look like Carly.


Nikolas: Come on.

Sam: Somebody, please.

Man: Michelle?

Sam: Someone needs help.

Man: Where are you?

Sam: Somebody.

Robin: See if you can find Max.

Man: Come on.

Sam: Max! Max! Max!


Sam: Max, are you ok?

Max: Yeah, I think so.

Sam: Robin's pinned. I can't get her out.

Max: Robin?


Jason: How many people are hurt?

Man: No numbers yet, but they're setting up a triage area outside the north entrance to the tunnel.

Jason: Ok. Ok, ok. Look, meet me on the roof of General Hospital. We're going out there.

Monica: What happened?

Jason: A train crashed in the Glencoe Tunnel. It was coming from New York, and Sam and Robin are on it.

Monica: Oh, my God. That's terrible, Jason, but you're in no shape.

[Phone rings]

Jason: No, hold --

Monica: You can't go out there.

Jason: Yeah.

Pilot: Just heard the southbound train was out of Port Charles.

Jason: Ok, all right. I'll meet you on the roof. The other train's from Port Charles.

Monica: What, an-- the 6:00 train?

Jason: I don't know. The crash just happened.

Monica: Oh, my God. It has to be. Emily is on that train.

Jason: I'm going.

Monica: No, Jason, please. You will die out there.

Jason: I am going, ok? And just tell Michael that I'm proud of him for being brave and for finding me.

Monica: I'll tell him. Oh, my God. Please take care of yourself.

Jason: Ok. I'm going to be ok.

Monica: Please, please.

Jason: All right, it's ok. I'll be all right. Bye.

Monica: Ok.

Jason: Thank you. Ok.

[Max groans]

[Robin coughs]

Sam: Come here. Try it from over here.

Max: Try it over here. Hey, Robin.

Robin: Yeah.

Max: Let me see here. We got it.

Robin: It's not going to work, you guys.

[Max groans]

Sam: Where are the rescue teams?

Robin: They'll be here, ok? I --

Sam: Whoa!

Robin: I'm not bleeding and I don't think anything is broken.

Max: They're going to need special equipment to get you out of here.

Sam: No, no. Keep trying. Pull from underneath.

Robin: Listen to me, ok? You have to find my briefcase and my laptop. The drugs for Jason’s treatment are in there, ok?

Sam: Ok, ok.

Robin: Train wreck or not, we have to get that to Jason as soon as possible.

Sam: Ok.

Robin: Max, it's not going to work, all right?

Max: Just hold on. We'll get you out of here.

Sonny: It looks like the tunnel's blocked in both directions. The rescue teams are going to have to dig through. It's going to take a while.

Ric: Ok. Are you sure you're all right still?

Alexis: I think the baby's ok. Throwing yourself on top of me was a nice touch.

Ric: Yeah. Well, I'm a heroic kind of guy, you know.

Alexis: Yeah. I've always suspected.

Emily: If we have to wait, let's salvage what we can from the wreck.

Sonny: What do you need?

Emily: Bottled water, coats, blankets. See if you can find a medical kit, any kind of medical supplies. All right?

Reese: And I'll go with you.

Sonny: No, no, no, no. No, no. Are you sure?

Reese: Yeah.

Sonny: Are you all right?

Reese: I got bumped around a little. I'll be ok.

Skye: Fatherhood is a permanent condition, Luke. You don't get to resign.

Luke: I didn't sign up.

Skye: Lulu needs to know that she matters to her father.

[Tracy gasps]

Luke: Well --

Tracy: Lorenzo Alcazar dumped you, didn't he? And you're just trying to break us up so you can have Luke for yourself.

Skye: Tracy, can you grasp that the situation has nothing to do with you?

Tracy: Spare me. You don't care about Lulu any more than he does. You don't want that precocious brat hanging around.

Luke: Hey, Lulu got her beauty and her strong will from her mother. The precociousness, the bad mouth, the bad attitude -- that's all me.

Tracy: She's completely out of control.

Luke: She's free to be out of control as far as I'm concerned.

Skye: Oh, listen. If you would actually pay attention to Lulu instead of explaining her to the worst parent on the planet here, maybe, she'd actually be easier to deal with.

Monica: Ok, people, listen up. There's been a train crash in the Glencoe Tunnel. A commuter train coming from New York hit a southbound train that had left Port Charles.

Luke: My son is on that train.

Elizabeth: Ok. All right, you're going to be fine, ok? Just stay with me, baby, all right? Just stay with me. Nikolas, hurry! Lucky needs help!

Nikolas: We're almost here! Hang on!

Jax: Just -- just hold on!

Courtney: On three.

Nikolas: No, what --

Courtney: One --

Nikolas: What are you doing?

Jax: No, no, no --

Courtney: What do you mean? We have to move it. What?

Jax: Come on.

Courtney: What?

Jax: You're pregnant, ok?

Courtney: Everyone knows I'm pregnant, Jax, ok?

Jax: Well, you miscarried once. Just don't risk that again, ok?

Courtney: Fine, fine!

Nikolas: Will you just shut up and help me move this thing! All right, on two, three -- come on. Lucky.

Elizabeth: Nikolas. If we don't get help soon, he's going to bleed to death.

Nikolas: It's ok.

Elizabeth: If we take this piece of metal out of him, he's going to bleed to death.

Nikolas: Well, what can we do to help him right now?

Elizabeth: Can we get him out of the tunnel?

Jax: We can try.

Nikolas: All right.

Courtney: The tunnel must be blocked or else the rescue teams would be here by now.

Elizabeth: If he doesn't get a transfusion and emergency surgery now, he's going to die.

Lucky: Elizabeth?

Elizabeth: Lucky? Baby, you don't -- keep your head down, keep your head down.

[Lucky groans]

Elizabeth: Ok. It's all right.

Lucky: Don't -- don't be scared.

Elizabeth: Ok. Ok, shh.

Jax: Hey. Why don't you sit down and rest and I'll go back on the train and find you some water.

Courtney: Ok, Jax, look, I love this baby and I want to keep it safe, but you need to back off me right now.

Nikolas: Hey, I'm going to go find Emily and make sure everybody else is ok, all right?

Elizabeth: Ok.

Nikolas: Ok, all right. Emily? Emily? Emily?

Ric: Now, that's great --

Emily: Oh, my God. Nikolas!

Nikolas: Emily. Look -- are you all right?

Emily: Yeah! Are you?

Nikolas: Yeah. I'm fine. Have any rescue teams come back yet?

Emily: Not yet!

Nikolas: Lucky -- Lucky's hurt.

Sonny: Look at this.

Nikolas: What?

Emily: What kind of injury?

Nikolas: He's bleeding.

Emily: Wait. We -- we have medical supplies. I've got bandages.

Sonny: Hey.

Nikolas: What?

Sonny: I'm going to dig on this side, ok, Nikolas?

Nikolas: No, we're going to try to dig through over here.

Nikolas: Come on. Be careful.

Sonny: Yeah.

Ric: Ah! Ah!

Sonny: It's all right, it's all right.

Monica: The last two cars of the Port Charles train are being evacuated. Now, casualties are going to be coming in. This hospital is in emergency mode. And you know what to do. Let's go.

Luke: What about the rest of the train?

Monica: Well, that's in the tunnel. We have no word about the passengers.

Skye: Monica, wasn't Emily on that train tonight?

Monica: Yes, she was.

Skye: Well, how can you be so calm?

Monica: Because this is my job, Skye. And it's going to be pretty busy here tonight and you're going to be of no help whatsoever, so I would like it very much if you would leave -- all of you, now.

Luke: I'm going after Lucky.

Tracy: Oh, Luke, please. The paramedics don't need to be tripping over family members.

Luke: Well, then they'll have to get out of the way.

Tracy: You are going to slow things down. Just sit down and wait and I'll wait with you.

Luke: I appreciate that very much but no, thanks. I'm going after my son.

Paramedic: Get them to triage over there. Keep everyone as far away from the tunnel as possible.

Second paramedic: When will the chopper be back?

First paramedic: Passengers, do not go back inside.

Third paramedic: At least 20 minutes.

First paramedic: This woman can't wait.

Jason: I have a helicopter right over here. Just go ahead and use it, ok?

Paramedic: Thanks.


Max: A lot of passengers are milling around outside, all right? I think we're the only ones left on the train.

Sam: Where are the rescue teams?

Max: Look, the south entrance is blocked and nobody can go through.

Sam: What about the north entrance?

Max: I don't know, ok? It's chaos out there.

Sam: You don't know -- ok. I'm going to check them out then.

Max: Sam, you would have to get past both trains and a bunch of spilled fuel, ok? This whole place could blow at any second.

Sam: Then I guess I'd better hurry, huh?

Max: You can't go out there by yourself.

Robin: Sam, I agree. Don't do it.

Sam: Ok, if either one of you have a better idea, I would love to hear it. But right now we need to get you help so you can get out of here to help Jason.


Man: The south side of the tunnel has collapsed. The north side, the Port Charles side, is blocked by wreckage. There may be a partial collapse deeper in on the north side. We're clearing out the south side first and we'll send in search and rescue teams as soon as possible.

Fireman: How many people are trapped?

Man: At least 70, maybe more. There was some sort of wedding party on three antique cars near the front of the southbound train. Now, those cars may have taken on the most damage.

Fireman: So our worst injuries are deepest in the tunnel?

Man: That's correct. We'll take them out through the south side entrance.

Second man: What about the ventilation shafts? They're all over the mountain. Some might even lead to the center of the tunnel.

Diego: Pa, pa.

Lorenzo: What?

Diego: You're supposed to look at these pictures.

Lorenzo: That's Carly.

Max: Is there anybody else on the train? Does anybody else need help? Hello! Can anybody hear me? Does anybody need any help? Hello! Can anyone hear me?

>> The role of Carly is now being played by Laura Wright.

Max: Hello!

Sam: Ok, where are the rescue teams?

Max: Look, they'll find us, ok?

Sam: Jason is running out of time. You know that, right?

Robin: Sam, I cannot help Jason unless I have my briefcase. You have to find it. It has all the drugs --

Sam: It doesn't matter --

Robin: And my notes in this car somewhere.

Sam: Listen, when the rescue teams get here, we'll have more people --

Max: No way, no way. Way too dangerous.

Robin: Max --

Max: No, no, no, no.

Robin: Listen to me. You go into the tunnel, look for some help. Sam, you stay here and look for my briefcase so we can be ready, ok?

Sam: Max, Max, I need your gun. Just in case, please.

Max: Look, I'll be right back, all right?

Robin: You seem to know what you're doing.

Sam: Yeah, surviving skills.

Robin: If you find this Manny, do you really think you can shoot him?

Sam: Yeah, in a heartbeat. This guy is a freak. He probably caused this crash. He needs to be stopped.

[Manny groans]

Sam: [Coughs] Are you ok?

Robin: Mm-hmm.

Sam: All right, I'm going to go look for the briefcase, ok?


Lorenzo: I don't know how Carly managed to escape from Manny Ruiz, but at least she got on that train.

Diego: Well, look, don't worry. I'm going to make sure she's on the list of missing passengers.

Lorenzo: No, no, no, not yet. Carly's unstable. She's possibly dangerous. For all I know, she had something to do with that crash.

Man: The tunnel's collapsing from inside. Why would I even consider going through a ventilation shaft?

Second man: What if the tunnel hasn't collapsed yet, sir?

Third man: Can you get us there?

First man: Even if the shaft is clear, it's going to take time to evacuate people. We'll clear out the south entrance. We'll take it from there.

Jason: Excuse me. Do they know what they're talking about?

Man: The Glencoe Tunnel -- it's old, it's in bad shape. They start digging around that south entrance, the whole thing's going to collapse. They'd be better off just evacuating as many people as they can through the ventilation shaft.

Jason: Can you show me how to get in?

Man: Who are you?

Jason: My sister and my girlfriend are inside. I got to get them out.

Sonny: Is Lucky all right?

Nikolas: Take it easy.

Emily: Nikolas --

Nikolas: Thank God you're all right. You ok?

Emily: What about Lucky?

Nikolas: He's right there.

Sonny: Whoa. You sure you're all right?

Reese: Yeah, I just -- I must have banged up my side worse than I thought.

Sonny: Ok, you just need to sit down and just rest here, ok?

Reese: Yeah, sounds good. Oh.

Elizabeth: I can't apply any pressure. We just got to keep him warm and -- and water.

Emily: Water. The more fluids, the better. Let's get it bandaged.

Nikolas: I got to do something. He's getting worse here. Sonny -- listen, sorry -- I got to find a way out of here.

Jax: Hey, Nikolas, I could go.

Alexis: Guys, the tunnel is blocked with a wrecked train and falling rock. The whole thing is going to collapse on us. I think it's safer if we just stay here.

Nikolas: If I don't find help for my brother right now, he's going to die.

Jax: I've done a lot of climbing. If there's a way out, I'll find it.

Alexis: Let him go. Let him go. He knows what he's doing, Nikolas. Just let him go.

Nikolas: All right, fine, go. You go. Who cares?

Courtney: Just promise me you'll be careful, ok?

Jax: Ok. And you try to do the same, ok? Try to resist the urge to kickbox your way out of here.

Courtney: That's not funny, Jax.

Jax: Yeah, look, I know I've been a little overbearing with the pregnancy, but please don't take any chances, ok?

Courtney: Ok, I won't, I promise. Look, I will keep the baby and me safe. We'll be here when you get back.

Jax: Ok.

Lorenzo: I need to find Carly and get her back to the psychiatric hospital, before anyone knows she was on that train.

Diego: Pop, I thought you didn't love her anymore.

Lorenzo: That's what I thought, too.

Lainey: Just hold on. You're going to be all right.

Justus: Lainey. What are you doing here?

Lainey: The hospital's emergency plan is in effect. All M.D.’s have to report, including psychiatrists. What about you?

Justus: You see these hands? These hands paid my way through an education working construction, so I heard they needed help and here I am.

Lainey: Well, I'm glad to see you're good for something besides keeping mobsters out of jail.

Luke: Only the last two cars were evacuated?

Fireman: Yeah. The tunnel's blocked at both ends.

Lesley Lu: Are you going after Lucky?

Luke: How the hell did you get out here?

Lesley Lu: Nikolas was on the train, too. So was Elizabeth. Lucky may be the only that you care about, but you have to save them all.

Monica: Listen, I need an update on triage from E.R. All the serious victims are to be sent to this floor. And have O.R. prepped for trauma patients.

Alan: Monica --

Monica: What?

Alan: Tony Jones just told me you let Jason out of the hospital.

Monica: Oh -- I don't have time for this, Alan.

Alan: You damn well are going to make time, Monica. Jason is terminal. That operation was his last hope.

Monica: Jason insisted on looking for Emily.

Alan: Why? Oh, God, she wasn't on the train?

Monica: Emily was on the 6:00 train, along with Nikolas, Elizabeth, and Lucky. Part of the wedding celebration, Alan, remember?

Alan: I do now.

Monica: And Sam and Robin Scorpio were on the other train, so they're all stuck in that tunnel. And, yes, Jason may very well die there. But I understand why he left, Alan. Because as angry as I am with you, if I had a terminal brain condition and you were stuck in that tunnel, well, I would spend my last hours looking for your selfish, pompous, ungrateful butt.

Jason: Looks clear to me.

Man: Yeah. No, no. Hold, hold, hold, hold up. Listen.


Jason: This shaft is about to cave in.

Man: Yeah.

(Soft music playing)

Elizabeth: I'll get you another blanket, ok?

Lucky: Don't do that. Let me just see your beautiful face. It's better than any blanket.

Nikolas: Why is Lucky shivering like that?

Emily: He's hemorrhaging internally.

Reese: I can't believe you let Jax be the one to go for help.

Sonny: I don't do well in tight places.

Reese: Oh, right. You're claustrophobic. I forgot.

Sonny: I just start feeling like everything's caving in, and then I freeze up, and I'm not good when I'm like that. But we don't got that much time.

Ric: Doing ok?

Alexis: It's nice to see that Sonny and Reese are getting along.

Ric: Yeah, well, grudges and arguments seem kind of petty under the circumstances, don't you think?

Alexis: If that's the case, then you and your brother have a chance yet.

Ric: Yeah? What about us?

Alexis: It means one of us would have to make the first move --

Ric: Mm-hmm.

Alexis: And you know how stubborn we are.

Ric: What's wrong? What? Is it the baby?

Alexis: My water broke. The baby's coming.

Mac: You got 70 people in there?

Fireman: That's our best guess.

Mac: One of them is my niece.

Jesse: Look, my partner's in there, too.

Fireman: We're working as fast as we can.

Mac: I called all my people up. Where do you need us?

Fireman: Coordinate the evacuation. Keep the passengers away from the train. Organize the volunteers. We'll do our best to get your folks out.

Mac: All right, go on. Get to work. Listen, I'll run the show from here. You go in and find Lucky. Jesse, this is my niece, Robin Scorpio, all right? She's in there. She's got priority. Now, get her out. Go on.

Lesley Lu: All my life people have been telling me that you're this big hero. Now is your chance to prove it.

Luke: I'm nobody's hero, Lulu. I never claimed to be. I'm going after your brother. You go home.

Lesley Lu: I have two brothers in that tunnel, dad. Both of their wives are with them. You need to bring them all out.

Luke: You don't demand much, do you?

Lesley Lu: Mom would have wanted you to. Remember Laura, your angel? She loved Nikolas and me, even if you don't, and she would have wanted you to save them all.

Luke: Oh, Blaze, it's great to see you.

Skye: What are you doing out here?

Lesley Lu: Waiting to see if my brothers are alive.

Luke: Will you get her back to Lesley’s?

Lesley Lu: If you save Lucky and leave the others behind, I will never forgive you.

Skye: How did you get here?

Lesley Lu: I drove my grandmother's car.

Skye: Does Lesley know?

Lesley Lu: I took the car without permission, so call the cops. And while you're at it, ask them to save Nikolas, because the only kid that my dad will lift a finger to help is Lucky.

Jason: I don't hear anything. Maybe nothing caved in. I'm going down there.

Man: No, no, no, look, they did a lot of mining here at one time. This whole mountain -- it is rotten with access tunnels and shafts. This tunnel -- it is starting to collapse. I mean, you start digging around that south entrance, the whole thing is going in -- in.

Jason: Then I'd better hurry.

Man: No, no -- I want no part of it.

Luke: Jason! Going down a ventilation shaft without a rope? What are you thinking? Here, I got what you need.

Lesley Lu: I am not going back to my grandmother’s.

Skye: Ugh! Yes, you are. Now, Luke wants you home safe.

Lesley Lu: No! He wants me out of the way. There is a very big difference.

Skye: Oh -- Lulu, look, I know you have a difficult relationship with your father, but --

Lesley Lu: Oh, God, I see my father three times a year if he's feeling sentimental. He once went 16 months without calling. And, no, he was not stranded somewhere in the Amazon. He was across town.

Skye: I'm sorry.

Lesley Lu: Well, I was ok, though. I had my brothers, both of them. I think Nikolas and Lucky took me to every fair and carnival that Port Charles ever had. Nikolas always pays and Lucky always makes it fun. And they told me great stories about my mother and how much she loved me. They made me feel like I had a family. The only family that my father cares about is Lucky.

Skye: Oh, come on. I know it must seem that way, but it really isn’t.

Lesley Lu: Oh. It is that way! But you can't see that because you are in love with him, which is totally stupid and pointless because my father will never care about you. But you're going to stand there and tell me Luke Spencer is good and brave and he's going to be fair to everyone in that tunnel and he's not going to trample over everyone to get to Lucky and he's not going to leave Nikolas to die.

Skye: You're right. He won’t. Now, you listen to me. Your father is a very complicated man. Ok? And, yes, he has made some spectacular mistakes, and I'm starting to think the worst one he's ever made is the way he's treated you. But he is also a man who is capable of great courage --

Lesley Lu: Oh.

Skye: And love. He would never leave Laura’s son to die.

Lesley Lu: Right.

Skye: Lu, excuse me. You may not have seen the best of your father, but I have. And I know he has it in him to be a hero, and I have no doubt that he will prove that tonight.

Alexis: Now that my water broke, how long before the baby's at risk?

Ric: Ok, we got time. The baby can survive a full eight hours after the mother's water breaks.

Alexis: Do you know that, or are you just hoping?

Ric: I've read a lot of expectant father books, ok, and I did some research online.

Alexis: I've done research, too. It's just something about having contractions in a train tunnel that makes it difficult for me to recall!

Emily: Alexis --

Alexis: Oh, this just sucks.

Emily: Alexis, just keep breathing.

Alexis: Ugh.

Emily: Keep breathing.

Alexis: Whew! I just want to have this baby in a nice hospital, in a private room that my insurance pays for. Just me and the baby and a nice staff full of sympathetic professionals.

Ric: Yeah? What about the father? Does the insurance cover that?

Alexis: I was going to call you after --

Emily: Ric, could you go get some more water? I'm sure Alexis is thirsty. You know? Thanks.

Ric: Yeah.

Alexis: You did that on purpose.

Emily: Well, does it mean you're not thirsty?

Alexis: Thirst is not what I'm concerned about right now. I have abject terror over the well-being of my baby. That's taking a higher priority.

Sonny: You ok, Ric?

Ric: Well, unless help arrives real soon, my child's going to be born in a collapsed train tunnel.

Sonny: Children have been born in worst places and survived it.

Ric: Thanks, Sonny.

Sonny: I'm not trying to piss you off. I'm just telling you the truth. Your baby's at risk. Alexis is at risk. You got to get them through it.

Ric: What the hell do you think I'm trying to do, Sonny?

Sonny: I think you got them dead or buried in your head, in your imagination, and if you keep dwelling on it, you're going to make it happen.

Ric: Ok, you know what? Alexis is past her due date. Her water has already broken. My child and she are already at risk. Well, she's trapped. I mean, how much worse can it get, Sonny?

Sonny: Don't expect them to die! Expect them to live! You got to convince yourself that that's going to happen. You got to convince Alexis that that's going to happen. I don't care what's going on between both of you. You are her child's father.

Ric: Why do you got to pick now to be my brother?

Sonny: Why? Because now is when it matters the most.

Nikolas: Hey. How are you doing there?

Alexis: Don't ask.

Nikolas: Ok. Well, how can I help?

Alexis: I want you to take care of Kristina. God, you're here.

Nikolas: Alexis, what? I'm sorry.

Alexis: So is Sonny. I need to see him.

Nikolas: See Sonny, Alexis?

Alexis: Right now.

Emily: Go get him, Nikolas.

Nikolas: Sonny?

Emily: Try to stay calm.

Alexis: That's easy for you to say. You don't have a child whose only sane relative is in this God forsaken hellhole with me. [Sighs]

Sonny: You wanted to see me?

Alexis: Who's your children's guardian?

Sonny: What are you talking about?

Alexis: If you die, who gets your children? You wrote it down somewhere, didn't you?

Sonny: Yeah, I wrote it down, yeah, yeah. Emily.

Alexis: Well, that's just great, because she's here.

Sonny: No one's going to die, so what are we talking about?

Alexis: Think of somebody else. Who else is it going to be? In case you haven't noticed, all of our relatives are trapped in this pit.

Ric: Alexis, you need to breathe. Breathe.

Alexis: Who is it? Just say who it is. And don't say that it's --

Sonny: It's -- it's Carly. What do you want me --?

Alexis: No! No way!

Sonny: She's going to get better now.

Alexis: She's not doing it!

Sonny: And no one's going to die here! She's going to get better, and she's going to take care of Kristina.

Alexis: Ok, thank you. You can go now. Not you two. Stay! Freeze! Nobody goes anywhere. Do you hear? Nobody dies. Nobody dies!

Ric: Alexis --

Alexis: She's not going to that lunatic.

Ric: Alexis, Kristina’s going to be raised by her mother, all right? We're all getting out of here: you, me, and the baby. Everybody is going to be fine. But you need to do your part and breathe.

Sam: All right, there's a -- there's a hole cut into the rock above us. It's got metal handles drilled in like a ladder, and I think we can make it to the bottom rung.

Robin: No, listen, we cannot leave without my briefcase, ok? I need you to stay here and look for it.

Sam: I understand that, but I have looked for it. It's probably stuck under something. The rescue team --

[Robin sighs]

Sam: They will come in here and they will find it, ok?

Robin: Sam, I know you're freaked out, ok, but sometimes the best thing to do is just sit and wait.

Sam: Jason needs this medicine, and without you, we can't get it --

Robin: I know.

Sam: So I've got to get you help.

Robin: Just give Max a little bit more time, please.

Sam: Take the gun, just in case Manny comes around. I know he's here. Just --

Robin: I'm not begging you to stay down here with me, ok? We're obviously running out of time. But you're making a huge mistake.

Sam: No, I'm getting us help is what I'm doing.

[Robin sighs]

Jason: I need your help.

Luke: You got it.

Jason: Ok, I think you should know that I've left the hospital against doctor's orders. If I collapse, step over me and save as many people as you can, ok?

Luke: That's what I plan to do.

Jason: Ok.


Robin: Is someone there?


Mac: Yeah, we got people on the north end, yeah. What are you doing here?

Lorenzo: I'm trying to lend a hand.

Man: Are you the police commissioner?

Mac: Mac Scorpio. What do you need?

Man: I've been working this line for 20 years, ok? And if they keep digging around that south entrance, this whole place is going in. That Glencoe Tunnel is in bad shape.

Mac: Look, I'm sure these people know what they're doing.

Lorenzo: Mac, what if they don't? If the rescue workers trigger a cave-in, everyone in that tunnel will be buried alive.

Emily: It hurts here?

Reese: Ow -- yeah.

Emily: All right. Looks like a bad bruise, but it could be evidence of internal injury.

Ric: Emily, we need you over here.

Sonny: You look pale.

Reese: Yeah, well, train crashes don't agree with me. I'm fine, though. I'm just -- I'm just cold.

Emily: You're starting to dilate, Alexis. This baby's coming.

Alexis: Not now. Oh, God. This can't be happening.

Lucky: I wish we could have had a baby.

Elizabeth: Oh, we will.

Lucky: No, I have no regrets. Ok? I've had a great life. You've made the last 24 hours the best.

Elizabeth: Lucky --

Lucky: I'm glad I got to be your husband.

Elizabeth: And you will always be my husband. I will never stop loving you.

Elizabeth: Lucky? Lucky?


Luke: Jason! Get out!

[Sam screams]

>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Luke: Jason!

Reese: Ow.

Ric: We need to get you out of here. This baby's coming soon.

Courtney: Oh, my God.

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