GH Transcript Thursday 11/3/05

General Hospital Transcript Thursday 11/3/05


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Ric: You expecting someone?

Reese: No.

Ric: Somewhere deep down, you're hoping that Sonny's going to come after you.

Reese: Aren't you kind of hoping for the same thing? That Sonny reconsiders and decides that he wants you in his life?

Emily: Hey.

Sonny: I'm --

Emily: Is everything all right?

Sonny: Yeah. I'm going to go to Roselawn to talk to Carly’s doctors. They want to drug her. And I told them not to.

Emily: Oh.

Sonny: But I don't know if that's just because that's what I want and not what's best for her. You get what I'm saying?

Emily: Mm-hmm.

Lucky: Hey, Em. Hey, I'm sorry, but can you take a picture for us right now?

Sonny: Go ahead, go ahead. I just -- I got till Sinclair Falls to decide what I'm going to do with Carly.

Emily: Ok. All right, you guys, ready?

Elizabeth: Yeah.

Emily: Ok, one, two -- oh!

Elizabeth: Are you ok?

Emily: Yeah. That's a good one.

Lucky and Elizabeth: Thank you.

Emily: Nikolas actually booked two cars. We can talk in the other one.

Sonny: Yeah, yeah.

Alexis: You asked for my input, so I'm going to give it to you, and I think that you're making a serious tactical error.

Jax: Well, I disagree.

Alexis: You knew that Courtney was going to Manhattan with Nikolas, and you show up on the same train?

Jax: I needed a change of scenery. What do you want me to tell you?

Alexis: You -- you followed her. You found out you were the father and you followed her, and you didn't give her any space to breathe, none whatsoever.

Jax: What are you talking about? I'm giving her plenty of space. I have my own private car attached to the train.

Alexis: Oh, la-dee-dah. You're trying to impress her with your charm and your money.

Jax: No, that's not true. Nikolas has probably got me beat in the money department, anyway.

Alexis: The pesky Cassadine inheritance.

Jax: I just happen to be more charming, wouldn't you agree?

Alexis: Hmm, no, no, I'm not doing that, because my loyalties are divided equally between the two of you, which is why this is so annoying, because I love you both.  You two are my favorite people, fighting over the same woman, so I can only hope for a miracle, and I hope you all end up happy.

Jax: Well, on that note, watch and learn.

Alexis: Rhymes with "crash and burn."

Jax: I think I'll head back to my own car now.

Courtney: Well, don't let us stop you.

Jax: Ok. Would you like to see it? You know, I haven't traveled in it for years. It's a great way to see the country, you know? It's so relaxing and leisurely, taking the train. You know, I think in the everyday rush of life, we tend to forget the simple pleasures in life.

Courtney: Hmm, we sure do.

Jax: So you'll come see it?

Courtney: I'd love to. We have a lot to talk about.

Nikolas: Don't keep her waiting, Jax. She doesn't like that.

Courtney: Excuse us.

Sonny: So, I don't want to bore you with this, but the doctors are telling me that Carly’s agitated, almost scared. They said drugs would calm her down. I said nope. But I'm thinking if it's the only thing that's going to help her --

Emily: You could go to another doctor for a second opinion or you could go online and research the drug.

Sonny: What do you think I should do for Carly?

Emily: I'm just a premed student, Sonny. I'm not qualified to give advice --

Sonny: Yeah.

Emily: On medication.

Sonny: I know, I know. But what do you think I should do? Because at this point, I got nobody else I can trust.

Lorenzo: Carly? It's Lorenzo. Carly?  Carly? I thought you said she was afraid to leave her room.

Dr. Kim: She was.

Lorenzo: Then where is Carly now? Hmm?

Man: Dr. Kim --

Dr. Kim: Pete, are you all right?

Pete: Someone hit me over the head.

Dr. Kim: Did you see who it was?

Pete: I was hit from behind.

Lorenzo: I know who did this.

Controller: Commuter 574, are you on schedule?

Conductor: Control, this is Commuter 574. We are prepared to leave Sinclair Falls on time.

Controller: 574, you are scheduled to enter the Glencoe Tunnel at 7:20.

Conductor: And what about the southbound from Port Charles?

Controller: Train 912, southbound from Port Charles will clear the tunnel at 7:00. Weather conditions are good. You're clear to proceed at full speed.

Sam: Jason -- he won't start your treatment until he's sure Manny Ruiz is dead.

Robin: Who's Manny Ruiz? One of Sonny's enemies?

Sam: Yeah, he's part of the Miami crime family and he is a psychopath. He killed his own father. He's after Sonny and Jason and pretty much everyone involved.

Robin: How do you do it?

Sam: What?

Robin: Live with the constant violence, knowing that any day you could lose Jason?

Jason: How long ago did Sonny leave?

Man: Maybe 15 minutes.

Jason: Ok, I want you to call Michael and Morgan’s guards, tell them to bring him back right now.

Man: You got it.

[Jason collapses]

Michael: Jason, wake up. Wake up, Jason. Wake up. Please.

Lucky: It's not exactly how I pictured our honeymoon.

Elizabeth: No kidding. I think we're the only happy couple on the train.

Lucky: Come on, you know what? Let's ignore them all.

Elizabeth: How? Jax hooked up his own car to the back of ours!

Lucky: Did you see the way he was looming over Courtney and Nikolas? Like he's some big in-your-face chaperone?

Elizabeth: Ugh.

Lucky: I mean, doesn't he have any idea how obnoxious that is?

Elizabeth: Courtney's pregnant. Jax is worried about the baby. Sonny -- I don't know what Sonny was doing here. He makes everybody nervous.

Lucky: Like Em? The way he's taking advantage of her, like she's some full-time live-in nanny for his kids?

Elizabeth: Ok, look into my eyes. It's just us, ok? Nobody else exists.

Lucky: Mm-hmm, till somebody comes barging in making a bunch of noise.

Elizabeth: You're not getting this.

Lucky: Well, I do like the handholding part.

Elizabeth: Ok, do you remember when we said our vows? And then we danced for the first time as husband and wife? And the rest of the world just fell away? Well, it's still just us, on our honeymoon, going to the most exciting city in the world. We're going to eat at a lot of fun restaurants and do a little window-shopping, maybe see a Broadway show. And then we're going to catch a flight to Italy and make love in the Tuscan countryside. What does that sound like?

Lucky: Like a dream come true.

Reese: I just can't believe the way Sonny walks right past you like you don't exist.

Ric: Yeah, well, that used to be par for the course.

Reese: You're his brother.

Ric: You know what? Sonny can hold a grudge against me for the rest of my life. That's fine. But I just can't stand the way he treats you.

Reese: He made his choice, Ric.

Ric: Reese, you've done nothing but try to help Sonny since the day you came to Port Charles. You nearly died protecting him, and now what? He ignores you?

Reese: That's who he is.

Ric: Yeah.

Reese: You know? We're never going to change him.

Ric: That's not good enough. My brother needs a serious wake-up call.

Sonny: Remember I told you when I saw Carly at Roselawn, she had that -- that doll? She was singing to it like, you know, calling to Michael in her own imaginary world. For a second -- I got to be honest with you -- I said, at least she's happy. And now the doctors are calling me, telling me she's getting worse. So I'm, I'm trying to, you know, say -- when do I say to them, "Ok, go ahead, drug her"?

Emily: Do you trust Carly’s doctors?

Sonny: Well, I mean, they seem to know what they're doing, but I know Carly doesn't want to be drugged.

Emily: You have to think about what's best for her.

Sonny: But that seems to me like it's the end of the line, like there's no more hope.

Emily: There's always hope, Sonny. Carly's a fighter.

Sonny: Yes.

Emily: She's going to draw strength from you, I know.

Sonny: Right.

Emily: When I had cancer, I got so sick that the doctors had finally given up. They thought I was going to die. But Nikolas -- he wouldn't listen. He sat in the room next to mine, against the wall, as close as he could get, and he willed me to feel his strength and his love. And he saved me.

Courtney: This is really great, Jax.

Jax: Yeah. I think Liz and Lucky will enjoy this. They can come back here and have a little privacy and a drink.

Courtney: No, would you just stop pretending this is about Elizabeth and Lucky? You're just trying to throw your money around to get what you want. And I'm not impressed, Jax. Look, I said that I would give you a chance, but you're blowing it.

Jax: When did you give me a chance? I mean, you shut me out since you told me the baby was mine.

Courtney: That's absurd.

Jax: Then why are you running off with Nikolas?

Courtney: Because, Jax, I need time to just decompress, to clear my head, to get away from the pressures of Port Charles. I just --

Jax: Meaning me?

Courtney: Yeah, partly.

Jax: All I suggested was that it might not be a good idea to take a trip at this time of your pregnancy.

Courtney: You see? There you go again. You're trying to control me.

Jax: All right. I admit that I didn't want you to leave town. Because today is -- it's kind of a special anniversary. Well, at least for me. It's been exactly a year since we ended the bet and we made love for the first time.

Michael: Yeah, I'm at 120 Shoreline Road. I don't know what happened. He fell down. Yeah, he's still breathing. But his nose is bleeding. Please hurry.

Jason: Michael, my pills in my jacket. See my pills?

Michael: It's empty. It's empty. Jason, stay awake. Please, stay awake. Don't die. Please, don't die!

Sam: I never used to get scared for Jason. I mean, I never, ever until he got sick. I mean, call it some weird kind of denial or whatever it is you want to call it, but when I met him, he was working for Sonny, and I thought he was quite good at what he did. And I never felt any fear of him being killed. I kind of feel like if you live your life waiting for something bad to happen, you're not really living your life at all.

Robin: You've perfectly described his outlook, though. I mean, even before he was working for Sonny, he was always taking crazy chances. He went train surfing and my Uncle Mac arrested him, and I had to bail him out. But Jason -- he didn't think he was doing anything wrong. He was just having a great time.

Sam: Yeah. And Jason has a gift for staying in the moment.

Robin: Sounds like you do, too.

Sam: Me? Oh. Wow, thank you. I -- I mean, I don't know. I never used to. I spent so much time -- so much time on my own. And I was always mad at someone or something. And I was always thinking about what I didn't have and I guess I assumed kindness was for suckers and everyone had an angle. I never really stopped to look that somebody could give without expecting anything in return, you know?

Robin: Mm-hmm. But Jason did.

Sam: Um -- oh, ouch. I got pregnant with Sonny's child, and he went back to Carly. Jason didn't want the baby to break up their relationship, so he said that he was the father.

Robin: And that was your idea, right?

Sam: No, Jason came up with it.

Robin: Jason never used to lie.

Sam: Well, he still doesn’t.

Robin: Ok, but you just said that he said he was the father of your baby and that it was his idea to say so.

Sam: I -- I know what I said. But you know what? It was a really complicated situation and there are a lot of details that you don't know. But he was protecting Sonny and Carly’s marriage, and --

Robin: Yes, now it makes sense. He was protecting Carly. Some things never change.

Emily: Look, if this is going to be another warning about how Sonny's using me, I don't want to hear it. Nikolas, come on.

Nikolas: No --

Emily: It's supposed to be fun, so let's not argue --

Nikolas: I just want to know why he's on the train, so --

Emily: He's going to Sinclair Falls, ok? Carly's in a mental hospital. It's this place called Roselawn.

Nikolas: That's fine, that's fine. Why not drive? And why does he always have to be around you? I don't understand.

Emily: He needed to talk. He's going through a really rough time and he doesn't have anybody to help him. Jason's still sick, Sonny and Courtney aren't really that close, and no offense, Nikolas, but she's preoccupied with you. I'm Michael’s aunt. I love him and Morgan and, for their sake, I'm just trying to help Sonny get through this.

Nikolas: I understand. I understand why Sonny counts on you to care and listen and understand. Because that's what you do. It's who you are.

Courtney: I can't believe it's been a year since we settled our bet.

Jax: Yeah. You know, I didn't think you'd take me up on it.

Courtney: $10 million for my charity if I could resist sleeping with you for three months? Please.

Jax: Come on, it wasn't as easy as you thought.

Courtney: Well, you were relentless.

[Jax chuckles]

Jax: That's because you kept cheating.

Courtney: No, I didn’t.

Jax: Hey, running away is cheating.

Courtney: I just took a short vacation.

Jax: No, you went to Sonny's island, ok? You were trying to get away from me. If I hadn't paid off that pilot --

Courtney: Oh --

Jax: To let me fly the plane --

Courtney: And another attempt to control me.

Jax: No, I was attempting --

Courtney: You see?

Jax: I was attempting to get you into bed. And putting distance between us was not part of the rules.

Courtney: Do you remember the snake?

Jax: Of course I remember the snake. I also remember you tying me to the couch and leaving me there.

Courtney: Well, it serves you right.

Jax: Ok, you know what? You did -- you did win fair and square

Courtney: You know, immediately I wished I hadn’t.

Jax: Maybe we can get back to those feelings one of these days.

Reese: Ric, don't --

Ric: No, it's -- hey, I don't think you and I are done yet.

Sonny: Ok, Ric, I've got nothing to say to you.

Ric: Right, of course, I know you have nothing to say to me. Why don't you listen to something besides your own unbelievable arrogance for once, Sonny? I've given you every reason in the world, ok --

Sonny: Ok. All right.

Ric: Every reason in the world to cut me out of your life.

Sonny: Yes.

Ric: But Reese has proven her loyalty.

Sonny: Really?

Ric: More than you had any right to expect, and she deserves better.

Robin: Did -- did Jason tell you what happened between him and I? I mean, how I told A.J. that he was the father?

Sam: Yeah, yeah. He explained everything to me. Jason and I -- we had time. Last spring, Michael was kidnapped, so we spent a lot of time traveling together, so we talked about our lives. And, yeah, he told me.

Robin: A.J. was behind that kidnapping, wasn't he?

Sam: We didn't realize that till the end.

Robin: That is so sad and so unnecessary. You know, I knew A.J. since he was in high school. He was always saying the wrong things and throwing his money around. Drinking way too much, making colossal mistakes, and then not wanting to deal with the consequences.

Sam: I don't really know how he was before, but I can say that he got worse as he got older.

Robin: A.J. was always so jealous of Jason. He never got a break. And then, he made the horrible mistake of having a one-night stand with Carly. She never wanted him to be her baby's father. She lied to him from the start. And how she got Jason to go along with it -- I don't think I will ever understand that.

Sam: Jason loves Carly.

Robin: Do you ever ask yourself why?

Sam: Yeah, all the time.

Robin: Well, if you come up with an answer, I would like to know, really, because it doesn't make any sense to me. After the accident, Jason was the sweetest boy I had ever met. I mean, yeah, he took crazy chances, but he was so kind and generous and compassionate. And somehow, Carly got her hooks into him, and -- I mean, I don't think Carly has ever done one good thing for Jason.

Sam: Ok. Look, if you're waiting for me to defend Carly, that's not going to happen, because Carly and I do not see eye to eye at all. In fact, we tore a bar apart once fighting each other. But little did I know she was -- oh -- in the middle of having a nervous breakdown.

Robin: A real one or a fake one?

Sam: No, very, very, very real. She was committed to a sanitarium in Sinclair Falls, so it's real.

Robin: God, I had no idea. You must think I'm a terrible person.

Sam: No. Terrible for what? Being honest? Please -- I mean -- and if I hadn't witnessed myself that she was going through this nervous breakdown, I would think that she was faking it, too. I mean, she lies, she manipulates. She told me that she ran you out of Jason’s life.

Robin: That's not what happened.

Sam: Oh, so you think you and Jason would still be together if it weren't for Carly?

Robin: We were growing apart anyway and I was starting college. I wanted to be doctor. Jason was working for Sonny. I don't think we had much of a future. But maybe we could have gone on trusting each other. I would have liked that.

Paramedic: Ok, blood pressure and rhythm are stable. We'll start a line in the rig. Son, can you step back, please?

Michael: I want to go with him.

Man: It's ok. Michael, I'll drive you to the hospital, ok?

Michael: Don't let him die. He's very important.

Paramedic: We're going to do our best. Ok, let's go.

Ric: What happened between me and Reese was a one-time thing, Sonny.

Sonny: I heard that already about 50 times now.

Ric: I know you heard it, but why can't you just think about it?

Sonny: Think about what? You lied. Reese lied. What do you want me to do here?

Ric: Ok, if she had told you what had happened in the first place, you would have called that a betrayal. The fact that she didn't -- she lied --

Sonny: No --

Ric: You call that a betrayal. She can't win, right, Sonny?

Sonny: No, no, no.

Reese: Ric, it's ok.

Ric: No, it's not ok. Listen to me.

Sonny: What?

Ric: Reese has put her life on the line for you again and again.

Sonny: Yes.

Ric: You would have died, right, in that shootout at the Metro Court if it wasn't for Reese.

Sonny: Yeah.

Ric: You're not perfect, Sonny. Why do you expect everybody else to be? Find a way to forgive. Not me, I know. That's never going to happen, right?

Sonny: Well --

Ric: But at least Reese deserves your forgiveness.

Ric: You know what? If you don't find a way to take that step, God forgive you, because you're never going to be able to find forgiveness.

Reese: Ric -- you know what's sweet, Sonny? Is that deep down inside, Ric still believes in you. He believes that he can break through and make you see what's really going on. But I know better. And we've got nothing left to say.

Sonny: Maybe we do.

Courtney: Hey.

Nikolas: Hi. So, so much for a stress-free ride to Manhattan.

Courtney: Hey, look, it's not your fault. Jax invited himself. He brought his own railcar, no less.

Nikolas: You seem at least a little bit calmer about it now.

Courtney: Well, yeah. I mean, at first I was furious. This -- this is exactly what Jax does. But then I felt -- I felt kind of bad, because he reminded me, it's our anniversary.

Nikolas: Ok, you'll have to explain that one to me.

Courtney: Ok, well, um -- Jax and I -- we got together on a bet.

Nikolas: Ok.

Courtney: $10 million for my foundation if I could resist sleeping with him for three months.

Nikolas: God, I hope you won that one.

Courtney: Of course. Come on, I never had any doubt. But then -- I don't know -- I guess when we started reminiscing about how things used to be fun and romantic, I just -- I couldn't be mad at Jax anymore.

Nikolas: Hmm. I think I understand. I mean, once you realized you weren't angry with him anymore, you remembered why you got together with him in the first place.

Courtney: Are we talking about me and Jax or you and Emily? I mean, I'm sure that -- that putting together Lucky and Elizabeth’s wedding brought up all sorts of memories, you know?

Nikolas: Well, sure it did. I mean, I think Emily’s a great person and I can't just flip a switch and not care about her any more than you can with Jax. I mean, you two share a history together. You're carrying his child. It's -- I'm just afraid that he's going to take you away from me.

Courtney: That's how I feel when I see you with Emily.

Monica: Tony, how are his vitals?

Tony: B.P. dropped, his heart rate's tachy.

Alan: And the neuro check?

Tony: Pupils are equal and reactive, but he's not responding to painful stimuli.

Michael: You have to help Jason.

Alan: Don't worry, Michael, we're going to do everything we can. Why don't you wait over here with --?

Michael: I want to stay with Jason.

Tony: Well, Michael, I have to take him for a C.T. scan and tests.

Michael: I'll go, too.

Tony: Well, I'm sorry, but the scanning room's not going to allow you in there, but we'll be back real soon, all right?

Monica: We'll be right back. We will.

Lorenzo: Manny Ruiz dragged Carly out of here. I want you to check the exits --

[Phone rings]

Lorenzo: And question the staff. You understand? Have you found anything? Good work. They found him. Let's go.

Sam: I called Jason earlier and he didn't answer, so I'm going to call back. Sorry.

Robin: Sure, I'll give you a minute. I have to go get something from my briefcase.

Sam: Oh, thank you.

Max: Hey, let me get that for you.

Robin: Oh. Thanks Max.

Max: You got it. Here you go.

Robin: Thank you.

Max: You're welcome.

Michael: Hello?

Sam: Michael? Is Jason there?

Michael: He's really sick. I found him on the floor lying at dad’s. He couldn't move.

Sam: Ok, sweetheart, just call 911.

Michael: I did. We're at the hospital now. Dr. Jones is doing tests on Jason.

Sam: Ok, ok. You did great, Michael. I just need -- I need you to listen to me carefully, ok? You have to call Tony Jones. The number is on the fridge. Call Tony Jones and tell him not to operate on Jason. Please, whatever you do, not till we get there.

Max: Hey, I'll help you with that.

Robin: Thank you.

Max: You're welcome. There you go.

Sam: Jason had another seizure.

Robin: How bad?

Sam: He collapsed at Sonny's house. Michael found him. He called 911. He hasn't come to yet. What if it's too late to help him?

Sonny: You know what I'm doing on this train, Ric?

Ric: Well, I'm sure I have no idea whatsoever. You certainly didn't come after me.

Sonny: There's a stop at Sinclair Falls where Roselawn, Carly’s hospital, is.

Ric: Something happen?

Sonny: They want to medicate her. Carly's terrified. You know, the doctors are calling it paranoid delusion. Jason seems to think that Manny Ruiz was sniffing around.

Ric: Manny? I thought Manny was dead.

Sonny: Well, Jason disagrees, and I have to say, I'm starting to believe him or maybe I want to, because Manny Ruiz, I can fight. Carly's disease, I -- I've been thinking about a lot of stuff, Ric, all right, that's happened. And I know you -- whatever. You try to help, I appreciate that.

Ric: Don't do this.

Sonny: Don't do what?

Ric: No, don't do this. Don't -- don't -- look, if you're going to cut me off, cut me off. Don't -- don't slam the door in my face and then crack it open. What am I supposed to do, Sonny? Am I supposed to not only beg for your -- another chance to prove my loyalty to you?

Sonny: What's the point? We're too different, Ric. And I'm not just talking about your background, your education, or that I grew up poor, you had money, or I got to be with my mother and you didn’t. Those things happen. You get past it.

Ric: I thought we did.

Sonny: When you say trust, when you say loyalty, those words mean something different to you. You slept with Reese. You covered it up. In your world, that is a normal thing to do. In my world, you end up with a bullet in your head. You know why? Because you disrespected me. No, no -- hey, hey -- and I'm not talking about just how I feel, Ric. It's just how I do business.

Ric: How do you feel, Sonny? Why is it so easy for you to cut your losses with me and Reese? I'd think it would be totally different if you had found out that Jason had slept with Carly.

Nikolas: So I hear you took Courtney down a trip on old memory lane, huh?

Jax: And how is that any of your business?

Nikolas: Because she's with me, and I don't like seeing her manipulated.

Jax: Is that what she told you?

Nikolas: What, are you going to deny it? Come on, Jax, you're working her and you know it. She's pregnant with your child, and now what, now you want to stay married to her? Come on. You're leading her into something that you want but she doesn't and you know it.

Jax: Well, you claim that you know Courtney, Nikolas. But you honestly believe that anyone can control her?

Nikolas: Well, she's vulnerable right now, so maybe.

Jax: Courtney's as smart and perceptive as she's always been. The only thing that she responds to is the truth.

[Music plays]

Elizabeth: Wow. Very nice.

[Lucky whistles]

Lucky: Do you think Jax did all this to score points with Courtney? And do we care?

Elizabeth: Not in the slightest. Jax said we could come in here and have a little privacy. I suggest we take advantage of that.

Lucky: Well, may I have this dance, Mrs. Spencer?

Elizabeth: Oh, it'd be my pleasure, Mr. Spencer. Not to be selfish, but I hope Jax doesn't invite anybody else in here.

Lucky: Oh.

[Elizabeth giggles]

Lucky: And we're not going to think about all that drama out there, now, remember?

Elizabeth: That's right. It's just you and me.

Sam: So Michael said that Tony had taken Jason in to run some tests.

Robin: I hope Tony doesn't operate on him.

Sam: I know, that's exactly what I said. But I gave Michael strict instructions to tell Tony not to operate until we get there. I just hope that it's not too late. Max, can you call Sonny's pilot and have a chopper waiting for us at the next exit? And tell them get there fast. We've got to get to General Hospital as soon as possible.

Max: Yeah, yeah. Got it, got it, got it, got it.

Sam: And let them know we're going through the Glencoe Tunnel, please.

Max: Ok.

Sam: Thank you.

Man: What's that?

Lorenzo: Where is Manny Ruiz?

Sam: Excuse me --

Conductor: Whoa, whoa -- you can't be in here.

Sam: I'm sorry, but there's a psychopath onboard. You have to stop this train.

Conductor: Are you some kind of a marshal? A deputy?

Sam: No, no, but --

Conductor: A cop?

Sam: No, listen --

Conductor: Do you have a badge?

Sam: I don't have a badge, no. His name is Manny Ruiz. He is part of the Miami Mob. I'm telling you the truth.

Conductor: I'm not stopping this train without authority.

Sam: He is trying to kill me! Do you understand this? Call the New York authorities, Hawaii authorities. He is a wanted fugitive. Call anyone you want!

Conductor: We are in the middle of a tunnel. Even if I had the authority, there's nothing I can do right now.

Sam: Lives are at stake here.

Conductor: I'm sorry.

Robin: What are you doing?

Sam: I'm sorry. This guy is crazy. He's got to be stopped.

Robin: Look, at least just call the authorities, ok? Tell them Manny Ruiz is on the train. He's a threat to everyone onboard.

Michael: Jason, I'm here. I told you I'd stay, and I did. Sam called on your phone. She's coming, and she's bringing help.

Monica: Tony?

Tony: The test results are in. Jason's condition is deteriorating. We have no choice but to operate immediately.

Jason: No --

Michael: You can't operate. You can't do anything till Sam gets here. She's bringing help.

Monica: Tony, you said that Sam asked where Robin Scorpio was. Now, she's gone to look for her to find her. And Robin has some kind of a treatment. We should wait.

Tony: I'm sorry, but there's no time to debate right now.

Alan: Michael, let's go wait outside. Come on.

Jason: No surgery --

Alan: Come on.

Tony: Ok, you guys, let's restrain him, please.

Michael: No! Leave him alone! Sam's coming! She'll be here any minute!

Sonny: Jason slept with Carly years before I ever did. I'm the one who betrayed him, Ric.

Ric: And yet, you're still in business together, right? Nobody got a bullet in the head. What is it, Sonny? Is that how Jason proved his loyalty? By stepping aside?

Sonny: You know, I never even felt that way, but since you bring it up -- I mean, yeah, he did leave town about a month after it happened. Maybe he wanted some distance. But you know what? I never for once --

[Ric sighs]

Sonny: Doubted him. Now, Carly is a different story. She would lie like breathing. It was so natural to her; you didn't even know she was doing it. She would always have something, you know? Always have some kind of plan. She'd drive me crazy. I'm going to miss her. I'm going to miss her a lot.

Ric: Well, maybe we should have had this conversation months ago. I mean, Reese and I would have been able to accept the fact that you're just not available. Jason's your brother, not me. Carly is the woman that you love.

Sonny: Well, a lot of good it did Carly. I think the best thing for me to do is, if Carly gets better, just to let her go.

Ric: Yeah, right, you can try, Sonny. You can try. You can be with other women. Hell, you can even marry one someday. But it's always going to be Carly for you.

[Music plays]

Elizabeth: Well, it worked. The rest of the world just faded away. It's just you and me on our honeymoon.

Lucky: I have an idea.

Elizabeth: What's that?

Lucky: Why don't we just dance all the way to New York?

Elizabeth: You're such a romantic.

Lucky: Of course I am, because I just married the love of my life.

Elizabeth: Everything is so perfect. I just wish it could go on forever.

Conductor: A woman came in the cab, said that there was a fugitive aboard, that he was wanted in New York and Hawaii, so I think it's worthwhile running a check on it. Check it --


Lorenzo: Where's Carly? What's Manny done with her?

Woman: Manny isn't here.

Lorenzo: I don't think you heard me. Where -- is my wife?

Woman: It's too late. She's dead.

Sam: All right, where did Manny go?

Robin: I don't know. Do you think he could have gotten past us?

Sam: I don't know. Max -- Max is in the back checking the -- I --

Robin: Ok, we're going really fast.

Sam: Yeah, way too fast. There's something wrong. Come on, let's check up front.

Jason: Just get away from me.

Tony: Jason, I'm trying to help you. If I don't operate on you, you're going to die.

Jason: No, I don't want surgery.

Tony: You're not thinking clearly right now.

Monica: Well, I am. And you are not going to operate on my son until Sam and Robin get here.

Controller: Jack, do you read me? For God's sake, answer.

Robin: He's dead.

Sam: We need to pull the throttle back.

Robin: Ugh. It's stuck.

Sam: Here, hold on. Come on!

Controller: Damn it, Jack. Jack, you're headed right towards another train!


Sam: No!


>> On the next "General Hospital" --

Man: A commuter train just crashed in the Glencoe Tunnel. Sam and Robin are on it.

Robin: Ugh. My legs are pinned.

Sam: Somebody help us!

Elizabeth: Oh, my God. Help! I need help! Can anybody hear me?

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